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Pantry (with STORY) By BIGBIG -- Report

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Written by Umbrelloid
He stepped through the door before it could swing shut – and looked around to make sure the coast was clear.
His throat wobbled in a nervous swallow as the colossal door BOOMED shut behind him. This was probably the
stupidest thing he’d ever done while high, but hey, he had the munchies, and everyone knew the teachers kept
all the best food in their apartments. Some of them were fifteen feet tall, with massive swelling guts that could be
heard gurgling from several rooms away, so of course they had to have awesome pantries. It wasn’t like they’d notice
anything missing, either: a three-course meal for a guy his size was like a single bite of a tiny snack for any of the teachers.

He walked deeper into the apartment, amazed by the gargantuan furniture. He felt like he’d entered a fairy tale world
inhabited by giants: even the fruit bowl on the dresser was big enough for him to use as a bath. Thankfully, the pantry
door was wide open: he couldn’t have reached the handle if he’d tried. Another cursory glance around, and he sidled quickstep into the pantry.

His jaw dropped. Shelves brimmed with food of all kinds: juicy meats and jars of candy and bottles of sauce bigger
than his entire body. A giant fridge hummed gently in one corner. Tubs of PTG products were scattered around – enough
to keep a girl growing for years. Even in his stupor, he suddenly felt very small and vulnerable.

Suddenly, he heard it: GrrrooOOOOOOoooo – the unmistakable noise of a belly hard at work. He went very still, sweat prickling
his skin as a shadow fell over him, and a sudden heat filled the cool pantry. He swallowed thickly…then, ever so slowly,
he turned and looked up at the teacher towering over him. “M-Miss Zeta,” he stammered, taking a step back. “I thought–…I-I thought you were–…”

Miss Zeta’s plump, pink lips curled into a smirk, and she mounted her hands on her titanic hips. She wore nothing
but a dressing gown and panties, the white fabric dug so deep between her big, sopping-wet pussy lips that her cunt
was completely exposed. Her belly churned away, jutting out so far in front of her that he was sure she’d eaten recently.
A-And…was it…moving? As though something was wriggling around inside the giant, overstuffed sac of her stomach…

“You thought I was going to take my midday nap, is that right?” she asked in silken tones, peering down at him
like a cat peers at a mouse. Her eyes narrowed, and she raised her voice to a commanding tenor as she said,
“What, exactly, do you think you’re doing in my pantry?”

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 7 months ago Report

The perspective is amazing <3 Really makes you feel like a tiny man looking up at her about to be a tiny snack~


Posted by JohnnyF102 7 months ago Report

oh yes


Posted by Lucky 6 months ago Report

I agree, this angle is killer.

I also love the detail of her face and her nipple. So realistic! What great painting, as always!


Posted by BIGBIG 6 months ago Report

I did forget to mention in the description. Its a technique that uses photos, collage and painting over it. Just like this one >