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Meat For sale (OCs) By BIGBIG -- Report

Might be a trap just to allure more prey ;3
Which one of them would you buy and why?

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Posted by crumplim 8 months ago Report

Love it


Posted by JackNoName 8 months ago Report



Posted by Zego21 8 months ago Report

me too


Posted by Shadow_Fox 8 months ago Report

Well I've got a sweet tooth for royalty, so I'd be tempted to take that princess~


Posted by Tilalumtar 7 months ago Report

You are a man of culture, my friend. So... me too :D


Posted by Raven5689 8 months ago Report

Random gorl she is cute and probably can't eat me lol


Posted by TakanTwins 8 months ago Report

Bye all, set them free, give them smooches and cuddles and then take them for a celebratory meal *nods*


Posted by Jacquelope 8 months ago Report

^^^ This!!!


Posted by Alienraptor 8 months ago Report

What a waste of good meat lol, id free the redhead but other 2 are dinner


Posted by Big_D 8 months ago Report

Buy them all, cause deamona's a greedy girl. Plus be a shame to seperate them


Posted by Olive 8 months ago Report

They do seem to be a little too... Happy, all smiles and not making eyecontact with anyone... My bet is it's totally a trap that Zuzana convinced them to try.


Posted by ABrinson27 8 months ago Report

I love random girl


Posted by Reiko 8 months ago Report

How much for one Zuzana?! @[email protected] I wanna be son engorged I can't move!


Posted by SamanthaLovesVoring 8 months ago Report

Atta girl! thats the spirit!


Posted by joe354 8 months ago Report

I would buy princess nadia personally, i really like her how adorble she looks


Posted by Hentai7733 8 months ago Report

For some reason I both love and hate belly button piercings


Posted by empatheticapathy 8 months ago Report

Hop down girl Random Girl's throat to boost her price.


Posted by MontyMiyagi2513 8 months ago Report

Zuzana if I wast positive shed ju swallow me instead


Posted by Vmaster608 8 months ago Report

All of them, but if I had to choose one I would go with the biggest because I like big and tall girls.


Posted by wiseguy288 8 months ago Report

Nadia. not to eat, I find tall girls sexy <w<


Posted by FanficFetishist 8 months ago Report

All of them. I like my girls chunky. Both as food and as bedpartners.


Posted by dagar 8 months ago Report

I'd probably buy the random girl. If it's a trap, that's going to be a terribly tight belly to end up in.


Posted by SkyTheDragones 8 months ago Report

Zuzana since this durg love to eat bug things, but i would mostlikely not digest her since i would rather be a friend of her and just use my second stomach to hold her ther (^. .^)


Posted by AnominableBreadman 8 months ago Report

I'd buy two, Princess Nadia is my number one choice because she is cute, sexy, has the perfect amount of proportions especially in the belly, and small enough at least to have some fun with~. The other would be the random girl cause she is cute and that outfit fits so well on her form.


Posted by Chaos 8 months ago Report

Zuzana of course. She might eat me or I might eat her, either way is a win in my book.


Posted by SenpaiVore 8 months ago Report

I'd probably by Zuzana, because she is a character I've been very fond of. I'm sure Carla would love to learn from her before she ultimately become food for the beauty. (Just a side note, I've got a huge family and wouldn't mind bringing her to my family reunion to help trim if not deroot the entire family tree -w-)


Posted by Ursa 8 months ago Report

this looks like a puzzle quest because the two other girls are chained to Zuzanna anyway.
i forsee buying her biggness will trigger some random event. or, maybe not so random.


Posted by F1reDem0n 8 months ago Report

As much of a fan of Zuzana I am, Nadia has some really floofy looking hair and a cute face. So I'd ask for her to be with me.

Even though it's clearly a trap, I'd still do my best to please and pamper her. In hopes she's choose to consider me a keeper. ^///^

One can have hope after all.


Posted by Apostolos 8 months ago Report

Buy them, slim them down to their original figures then slowly but steadily feed them people to regrow their forms, repeat


Posted by Monkiko 8 months ago Report

Zuzanna, im a sucker for big gals and shes the biggest of the 3.


Posted by KaZe_DaRKWIND 8 months ago Report

I'd shove both of them in the random girl


Posted by kater2000 8 months ago Report

zuzana for sale?
its a trap


Posted by VincentShadowScale 8 months ago Report

well it's only a trap if they can actually manage to not get eaten ;3


Posted by Despacito20 8 months ago Report

Id buy Zuzana so I can gut her like a fish

No offense but I just fucking hate Zuzana


Posted by BIGBIG 8 months ago Report

Whats the reason?


Posted by Despacito20 8 months ago Report

She's a pretentious fatass that's why, her face also makes me angry


Posted by EnderDracolich 8 months ago Report

Zuz would probably be a little too big to fit in my house. So, Nadia?


Posted by EnderDracolich 8 months ago Report

Mind you, she's not for eating. Just for... "security?"


Posted by Leika 8 months ago Report

I'd buy Zuzana to use her AS a house!


Posted by JohnnyF102 8 months ago Report

ooh lovely i would buy every last one of em because why the hell not


Posted by averyhillpeak 8 months ago Report

Princess Nadia because that Halloween comic was adorable and she seems like a fun choice to have around XD


Posted by Crash 8 months ago Report

I like nadia. Not too big but big enough to make me feel small compared to her. And I like her curves more.


Posted by electricalsnake 8 months ago Report

pfhoh jeesh...definitely Zuzana, y'know...ahem...tall, red head, (t-tall again), and she's the best kinda meat. Gropable, kneadable, and god damn thick. mmph.


Posted by TheLulzDK 8 months ago Report

Random girl is cute and fits well with me preference for same-size, but Princess Nadia is super cute too and mini-giantess is fine by me at her height.
Still pretty sure it's a trap thou XD


Posted by Furanz 8 months ago Report

I'd buy them all, in need of a good feast!

Also, please do more art of Random Girl! She's adorable!!


Posted by blankfish 8 months ago Report

Their expressions are all super cute. I might need to take out a loan, though...


Posted by lynne 8 months ago Report

Can we get more of random girl?


Posted by linthia 8 months ago Report

The Princesssss ! Really cute !


Posted by Vdiem 8 months ago Report

RAndom girl is super cute.


Posted by MrQuarantine 8 months ago Report

I'll buy all three and feed the smaller two to the big one.


Posted by Demonking44 8 months ago Report

Well now, what do we have here? It appears to be three lovely ladies for sale!

Now the pervert in me, would love to buy all three ladies as the common man of Eka's Portal would.

But the shrewd buisness man in me knows that, if I do I could become subject to being devoured by at least one of the girls and end up as fat one their bellies.

Ooooh but the prey in me quivers at the thought becoming fat on one of these girls.

But the entrepreneur prefers not to be innovated by sexual desires that might jeopardies my decision.

So I must exercise willpower and finnese.

I will take the random girl to fatten up please.


Posted by Birichino 7 months ago Report

"I paid you a fortune!"
"And this gives you power over me?"


Posted by Larkspurdiblock 7 months ago Report

Zuzana and Nadia, because I have a huge thing for much larger subs/meals.


Posted by Ezio45 7 months ago Report

trap chained together? of so thay are working together. or do so that the other cant eat them easly. but u have to go with priness Nadia face an ear. are charming. an dear I say ah loreing.


Posted by Vorelover23 7 months ago Report

Not Zuzanna, that for sure. Unless you bigger than her, like maybe 40ft 5 inches bigger than her, and even then it is likely to be circumvented, She would eat you up like a pig in a blanket... Gulped down whole. the medium and small ones... medium might be praticed, but then again she might be a big eater. Small one, she might be pregnant. All "if's" though, just know Definitely not Zuzanna.


Posted by Cowrie 7 months ago Report

The three of them would make a nice little snack.