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A HUGE Sleepy Nyara Birthday By DanzoLegend -- Report


The main noises heard outside of a bunch of muffled voices, chirping, moans, complaints, barking. all those noices eventually going away and being replaced with a Looooooooooong ~Buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuurp~ and the many many loud digestion noices. The stomach of the water fey was at a point bigger then herself. moving quite a lot with the shapes, faces, and movements of a sun elf, a phoenix, a lighting fey, a dragon knight, and a doggo within it. though after a while of digestion... that gigantic belly rounded up quite a bit. the energy needed for it however made the sexy water fey need to take a nice nap. her hand upon that sexy soft belly as she sleeps. the massive mush of meat, and cake within her belly just gurgling and digesting away as she slept. slooooooshing wildly throughout the day.

Later on the shadow fey lover of her's would arrive with his gift to her, however seeing her asleep like that, he just let her sleep. looking so very sexy after the massive meal she had. he may have had questions on why there was a crown and necklace on her stomach and covered in saliva, but He seemed to not mind that at all. also his gift seemed to have been wanting to break free in the background, but with the wonderful Gelenor rope (Still available today! buy now and get Rose's book of delicious prey half off today!) it seems Beatrix will just be within that box until nyara has space for more.

(Yaaaaaaaay..... i did it *flop* i really really tried my absolute best to make this as good as i could! wanted a very cute, but sexy as hell follow up to that last pic! i think i did good! Remember to give Nyara all the happy birthdays you can!!!

also - Nyara belongs to  Maximumimpulse
Dal belongs to  Dalthios
Pudgelice belongs to  Felicekitty
Assenor belongs to  Gelenor
Itisha boobfodder belongs to  SoliliaFirestarter
And both Fatzo and Sun elf thigh fat belongs to me. and special guest Beatrix belongs to  Tyrion13 hope you all like it!)

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Posted by nbe21 1 year ago Report

Nyara is very cute!


Posted by DanzoLegend 1 year ago Report

indeed. and she needed more rest, so here we go!


Posted by dalthios 1 year ago Report

Amazing work~ And Dal will be sure to help her work that belly off when she's more awake~


Posted by DanzoLegend 1 year ago Report

Thanks XD and I have a feeling Dal will. could take some extra 'work'. lots of carbs to work off after all ;P