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Teamwipe! By maniacalfork -- Report

Another stream pic from last night: An inkling taking out the enemy team in a very unconventional way. All her enemies are now just squid fat.
 radmann wrote a short story to go along with this, be sure to check him out!
An echoing belch rocketed around the now almost completely deserted splat zone, one victorious, and incredibly full Inkling sitting right in the center of the arena. The smiling, cyan haired squid rubbed her shaking gut, a look of victory curling on her lips. Just a little bit ago, she had been in the plaza of town, getting ready for the days gooey battle, but changed the routine by telling her teammates that it would be better if they stayed home this round, a small chuckle and hungry flash was the only response they got upon asking her why that was.

The battle had ended in under 5 minutes, with the aggressive rival team making faces and rude hand gestures at the lone squid, thinking this was going to be a piece of cake for their side. Little did they know they would end up being the sweet treat in only a moment. The first to drop down the solo squids gullette was a cocky purple tentacled Inkling, who didn’t even have a moment to react after getting too close, and immediately being gulped down like the seafood snack that she was. None of her team had seen what had happened, as they were too busy inking up the rest of the territory to notice. This was going to be way too easy, the voracious and hungry lone pred thought to herself, licking back a little bit of drool that had escaped. One down, three to go.

The next was a yellow hime cut squid, camping in the same place as she sprayed her team's colors all around the field. Little did she know that a bumpy looking plop of ink trailing to her was a hungry mouth waiting to feed. Again, the yellow Inkling had no time to react to what was about to happen, as in a split second, a blue form materialized around her, sucking her body in before she could even let out a scream. “Wow, these guys are supposed to be champs?” The ever growing inkling cooed to herself in her vibrating dialect. Her gut was now home to two, struggling and crying pieces of tasty calamari.

Right below the high perched pred on one of the lower levels was a green, school uniform wearing combatant who was trying their best to sneak. A quick high dive face first down, resulted in easily the quickest meal so far, as the blue Inkling changed into her ever fatter travel form, and went off in search of the last part of lunch.

The last member of the opposing team was starting to get worried. Not only had she not seen the rest of her team for almost all the match, but she also hadn’t heard any commotion from weapons. A shriek of horror escaped the red orange cap wearing squids lips as she looked upon the out of nowhere, bulging gut form of the only other person on the field. Tears started to swell up in the last preys eyes as she saw the horrified expressions of her friends try and claw their way out of their now starting to burn prison.

Inside the gut was absolute Hell, with the slowly roasting squids colors pooling into the murky green and blue digestive fluids. The purple squid to have been chowed down first was the one to have lost the most of their form, their lower body just a gross bright colored goo, while her face was slowly melting. Although she was the worst, her friends weren’t much better, slowly starting to fall apart, howling their high pitched screams of pain. Their screams were cut short when the latest victim was slid in, a permanent look of horror on her face as she silenced her friends screams and pleads for freedom with a quick, and messy squelching splash.

Another equally noisy burp sent a disgustingly moist and near burnt up hat flying out of the reclining squids mouth, drool leaking from each cheek. She could already feel her form filling in quite nicely, and she knew all the other squid boys would like what they see when she got back. Nothing like an afternoon seafood squid snack, and one quick slap to the tum ended the match proper.

Green team wins!

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Posted by Perestroika01 6 months ago Report

Oh lawdy, a story to go with it too? Thanks again dude, this is just too awesome!


Posted by maniacalfork 6 months ago Report

Of course! It was a great idea you had


Posted by MillyBonnet 6 months ago Report

As someone who just got Splatoon 2 for her birthday, this comes at a convenient time.


Posted by Despacito20 6 months ago Report

Belly burp and booty


Posted by 157and493 6 months ago Report

I love vore that results in burping and weight gain. Thank you.


Posted by ShinMegamiDerpy 4 months ago Report

Advice change the word roasting to the word stewing or melting.


Posted by radmann 4 months ago Report

Honestly I feel that roasting is the cruelest and darkest out of all those three words, so that's why I used it in the story. The other ones I also use quite frankly, but I was feeling a particularly nasty streak when writing this, so BAM, roasting is the word I used.


Posted by ShinMegamiDerpy 4 months ago Report

Sorry I was thinking, that you wanted to keep the story more realistic & accurate.