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1 - Something About Amber By HipHugger -- Report

Two brave young men find themselves in a precarious situation when they attract the attention of the beautiful Amber Adams. They know she's trouble - but they could never have imagined just the kind of game she's playing...

This is a story I commissioned by the remarkably talented  VaguenessIncoming and currently my favorite piece of vore fiction. He portrayed her so beautifully to how I envision her. I seriously can't even.

Please check out his work, he has a store called Snakethroat Books!

The thumbnail was created by  MinaHyena

Wordcount: 9,376

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Posted by NeyNey 1 year ago Report

Yah it's a really good story. Love Amber's dialogue.


Posted by HipHugger 1 year ago Report

XD I know, she kills me


Posted by Narkotic 1 year ago Report

Whoa! This was just amazing! I love how Amber manipulates and hypnotizes her prey. It's just so good!


Posted by HipHugger 1 year ago Report

Meee tooooo @[email protected]


Posted by Umhuebr 1 year ago Report

"Amber let out a small hiccup. Ah, memories..."
Amazing story! Hyper talented writing! But, that part, ohh, that part just sells it for me


Posted by HipHugger 1 year ago Report

VI and his nuanced details!


Posted by NightRoller 1 year ago Report

This is the level that I wish I could write at.
I particularly like how ruffled Amber got at the boys' resistance. I only wish that it had been more of a battle of wits and that they'd lasted longer with sentience.
'Tis an excellent (and lengthy) story. I think I found another person to follow.