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Full-Body Cleaning By Asaneman -- Report

“You should’ve just paid the fee…”

Mmmghf!” cried the quadrupedal Lycanroc nestled beneath the humming Braixen’s rump. The scantily dressed maid had difficulty feeling sorry for the wriggling client. After all, he’d refused, multiple times, to compensate her as dictated in her carefully-worded contract. She briefly wondered if the rocky mutt even bothered digging through the details at all, since, if he had, then having her foxy rump grinding against his muzzle wouldn’t be such a surprise. The nearby discarded agreement, with a dark paw print serving as his signature, made clear his obligation to pay for a breach of contract, allowing the vixen recompense of her choosing!

And after a full day of busily carrying out her duties, she quickly arrived at the perfect idea. “As per our terms, sir,” the Braixen daintily began, firmly rocking her hips back and forth atop the growling canine, “I, the maid, Amber, will exercise my right to acquire compensation from you. I have given my body up to be a tool to fulfill what has been asked of me…” she continued with a light giggle, bouncing in place as her mind raced ahead of her mouth, “…and have decided that you should emulate my sterling example and give up your body as a tool for me~

Squish! Amber let out a warm “ooohh…” as the Lycanroc’s nose found itself wedged deeper between her cheeks, now pressing against her tailhole. He must have tried smacking his head against the floor to escape the inevitable, the maid calmly thought, giving his head a hard squeeze to let him know he was merely ushering in his fate sooner. He stopped making noise… how rude. He had the energy to boss her around all day, brag about how lucky she was to be working for him, but a few minutes of earnest struggling was suddenly too much?

Just thinking about the matter hammered on her patience. She moved a hand down to the disobedient puppy’s neck. The stones jutting outward were smooth to her touch. “Ah, so you were a pampered little boy, huh?” she asked, squishing her anus against his muzzle. “Works for me. I could really go for some pampering of my own right now… and you’ll make me look more attractive for future clients!” The vixen cleared her throat. “Sorry for the rambling. Uuuuuup you go—ahhhh!

Her composure fell apart alongside the forceful shove, sending the Lycanroc spelunking up the reverse end of her intestinal tract. “That’s a good boy…” she whispered, caressing the whimpering buttsnack while the stones adorning his neck dug into her chubby ass. “Give you new mistress a nice, deep cleaning…”

She let him twist any which way he could manage; how could she deny him, when each and every turn sent shudders straight through her core? Between her warm, fuzzy imagination and his frantic squirms, she could vicariously see the complete darkness, feel the oppressive heat of her bowels, hear the unrelenting symphony of her squishy winding tubes. She wanted to crow about how fortunate he was… after all, she so very rarely permitted her meals the back entrance. But that didn’t prevent her toned ass from sucking up the puppy with nary an effort beyond powerful flexes of her rumpcheeks, performed in time with his best attempts to pull himself out.

A shame, however, that her meal gradually ran out of open space to truly squirm how she liked it. Before too long, he was securely nestled within her hot, pulsing confines, an unfortunate by-product of Amber’s experience in ingesting prey. “It was too quick,” she lamented, feeling the Lycanroc’s own jiggly ass sticking out of her own, his legs weakly kicking in defiance. “I really should remember that the next time someone doesn’t want to pay up like you did.”

She made half an attempt to stand up, only to purposely fall down on Rock-type’s hind legs and send them schlurping up her rump, followed by a soft pop! as the last outward indication that anyone spent the last few minutes stretching her hole out disappeared. “…Oh, right, I should probably cover that up.” Amidst the excitement, the Braixen nearly forgot the oh-so-important panties and stockings, key to the outfit’s appeal, discarded nearby to avoid being taking on too much damage. She snatched them up all at once, aggressively tugging on each individual article to reaffirm they’d be up to the job come tomorrow. The fabric stretched quite far, just enough for her satisfaction, and she deftly slipped them all on without too much difficulty. Thankfully, the Lycanroc was too far up her intestines to endanger them… at least for now.

Her thoughts received a sharp interruption in the form of a muzzle squelching its way into her stomach, transferring the crotchward lump up into her growing belly region. The irregular shapes of the Lycanroc’s body gradually smoothed themselves out as the puppy exited the tight tubes and slithered into a much slimier chamber, where the maid’s stomach was happy to put itself to good use: punish the buttsnack for violating the contract… get him ready to work for her, instead…

Amber blushed. They were well and truly at the point of no return now. Her prey earned some quality time with her hungry guts, and he still had hours to go before his end of the bargain was fulfilled. The vixen sighed and leaned back against her tail, unable to resist stroking her little pet for being so very good to her…

“…Mm, morning already…?”

She yawned, not covering her mouth. At some point, she must have rested her hands on her lap… and even through her sleepy state, she already knew plenty of time had passed. Her tongue slipped forward, running into a deep dip between her newly-bloated breasts. The maid snickered at her perky chest; that dog kept her attention so focused on her butt that she nearly forgot about her twin prizes farther up. Her hands latched onto the squishy undersides, drawing a delighted sigh as her fingers tapped their way across the stretched fabric to the fluffy white mounds pushing out of her top… so soft, so warm, so firm. A testament to the quality of her most recent meal.

But she had more to test, and her hands crept back down her boobs and onto her belly, sinking into a substantial layer of fresh, squishy belly chub—not terribly deep, but certainly an improvement over yesterday. Even a light tap set her puppy-pudge to merry jiggling. It was a fun distraction, muttering nonsensical statements about how cute her minor potbelly swayed to and fro, but she knew the real prize was still waiting for her approval.

So, she tried standing once again. And almost instantly, she knew her former client did his job with flying colors. Without even looking, she could feel the lower half of her body struggling to catch up. Her thighs and ass were easily double… no, triple their previous size, maybe even more, from the hearty helping of Lycanroc slurry pumped through her bowels and delivered almost exclusively to her bouncy hips.

Amber couldn’t help herself. With a hint of blush springing to her cheeks, she looked down to appraise her engorged rear assets and nearly bit her tongue at how perfectly they came out. Her right hand moved of its own will down to her rump and grabbed at the flabby substance too airy and bubbly for her to possibly feel the muscle underneath. The fat molded to her touch with absolute submission, whether it be a gentle squeeze or a hard dig to see just how much she could make the hand disappear into the beautiful assfat.

Even more delightful, her scandalous clothing somehow remained intact. The panties in particular were actually pushed to their very limit, and dug into the chub so tight that the fluffy gains folded over the outer edges of the fabric. Below the clear curve of her expansive hips, her stockings held the fort down just as well, if not a little more easily than their sister garment above.

She gave a delighted hum at the results, not a single thing she could complain about… except perhaps needing to find a larger set of clothes, because that Lycanroc pudge wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon. “Eh… that might be a problem, actually,” Amber nervously noted, realizing she probably wasn’t paid because her employer didn’t have enough money. “Hopefully the next one won’t be so stingy…”

Her legs and breasts wobbled mightily as she tried to take a step toward the exit. “Or maybe they will. It would be so very discourteous of me…” She reached down and gave her ass a nice, hard smack. “…To leave you all alone down there, now wouldn’t it?”


Overdue trade with  PoncoCykes on FA, he wrote the awesome story to go along with! Go give him some love!


Braixen, Lycanroc © Nintendo
Amber ©  PoncoCykes

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Posted by Codygaming 1 year ago Report

Let me smash

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Posted by hibbyjibby 1 year ago Report

You sure do draw the mammal/canine-styled Pokemon well, thick is best. Maid outfit a damn fine touch, though sad it's not shinier or more frills. Really sell the maid part.

Think her torso is a bit forward, trying to line up her back/spine with her legs, or her ass is just that big. Arms're real stubby, from such massive thighs it looks like.

Either way, this is the kinda maid I'd go for, and I'm not even into Pokemon. Though I suspect I wouldn't survive the ordeal. Worth it? Probably.

[ Reply ]


Posted by Asaneman 1 year ago Report

Hey hibby, I love it when you critique man, but the stuff you listed is pretty intentional, the oversized ass especially.

[ Reply ]


Posted by hibbyjibby 1 year ago Report

Ahh figured it was intentional, but better to speak up and hear your input than keep quiet, right?

Next time I see one of them big asses you enjoy doing, I'll be a lot more sure it was intended and point out other things then.

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Posted by Darksider110 1 year ago Report

Is there a prequel to this?

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Posted by Drvictorwkatnik 1 year ago Report

random dude:asaneman is a overrated guy his art is good but not that good


me wearing full body medival armor staring daggers at random dude:bold words for someone in crusading distance{draws sword]

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Posted by JamKat 1 year ago Report


I really enjoy that lil story you got going there!

And that nice body fat pushing over her stockings adds a nice touch for her curves! So good!

[ Reply ]