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Mushroom Kingdom's Shining Tyrant: Part 1 By hibbyjibby -- Report

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Funny how the most interesting Nintendo character is one that's not even canon. Atleast we smut artists can do almost anything with her and get away with it. No copyright strikes here.

But goddamn it must be hot in that suit. Latex does not breath at all.

So 2 weeks, wooh. Started out as muscle anatomy practice, only to turn into latex highlight and shading-blending practice. Also backlights, those're new to me too. General laziness, new stuff intimidation, and that explains the slow work pace. Whoops.

Still, I wanna thank my friends that put up with my pestering. I also wanna give thanks to some anons on /d/ who gave me some suggestions, especially the one that drew an outright visual aid for me. Some struck me as personal pref, but I still appreciated the help there as it had me try a few new things. Boob squish is far too fun to not do considering the end result.

So, my best piece as of yet I feel, here's hoping the follow-up is even better.

For those that prefer a more dark-skinned, red headed Bowsette, I gotcha covered.

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Posted by 10younameit 5 months ago Report

Just let you know hibbyjibby the bowsette meme is dead since the release of new super mario bros delux this year sorry I have tell you this


Posted by hibbyjibby 5 months ago Report

Memes never die. For memes just become dreams.

Also big tiddy blonde girls who are domme or assertive are always popular. Forever.


Posted by 10younameit 5 months ago Report

Except bowsette is not a girl it's a dude dressed as a girl her real name bowser and yes memes can die like the uganda knuckles meme did so yeah bowsette meme is actaully dead


Posted by hibbyjibby 5 months ago Report

Been awhile since I checked my anatomy book, I might have to see if guys have tits or not again. Hmm.

As for a meme dying, judging by your responce I kinda know what/who I'm dealing with here. Hooh boy oh boy.


Posted by 10younameit 5 months ago Report

Now hold your horses I know what memes is it's an internet joke.
2nd I was just telling that bowsette meme is dead because no one has been talking about it on youtube not even the internet the whole internet is still furious on what peta said that steve irwin deserveds to die on twitter look I am sorry for causing trouble okay and yes boy can breast via fake breast inplant or females can have dick via fake dick inplant


Posted by Transformerfan33 5 months ago Report



Posted by DraconicKitsune 4 months ago Report

It's nice to see more Bowsette, especially Pred bowsette.


Posted by hibbyjibby 4 months ago Report

You'll see a follow up to this pretty soon, so keep an eye out for that. And in the future after this sequence too, because I also like Bowsette.

Any big tittied, assertive blonde lady really.