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Nope, haven't seen your... 7 (Bulges!!!) By soline -- Report

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Claire might be pretty new to the nightclub scene, and she might be a bit weak at the pick-up game, but there's one trick she knows how to do really well....

annnd of course here's the logical, bulgy conclusion! Now the only question remains...can she get a ride home?


So this only began as a simple 'quick' idea to get myself drawing again; "Have Claire 'steal' someones phone"

Then it just sort of spiraled out of control thinking about what could be stolen and how, bulges or no, so now here's a multi-part series of older Claire hitting on some guy she fancies...the best way she knows how.

I was thinking of doing a little flash-animation stringing the pictures together but honestly this has taken so long, I wanna do other things now.

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Posted by martyr 1 year ago Report

Well he found all his stuff, in the end! Or in *her* end...? Either way. >////>


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Mmhm! Though it's very dark up there, and his feet are probably smushing right through that kebab first so it'll be awhile before he realizes that hard lump is his phone ;).


Posted by NotBatman 1 year ago Report

not the kebeb though...:(


Posted by deej1011 1 year ago Report

Well on the plus side he's probably so drunk he won't remember this tomorrow?


Posted by nnn4463 1 year ago Report

A delectable conclussion


Posted by Omnium51 1 year ago Report

Very hot series! I love the slow buildup to Claire finally stuffing Mike inside of her with all of his belongings that she stole during the night. I particularly like the way she bound and gagged him with the fishnets under her shirt. Nice work!


Posted by soline 1 year ago Report

Thanks! And well I mean when you've already got his stuff up there, it just makes sense really!


Posted by AlastorVincent 1 year ago Report

I wish I could ride in her ass.


Posted by Bright 1 year ago Report

Lovely end of this night out.


Posted by Suneater 1 year ago Report

Love this series my friend! Like the versions to each one like hammerspace and bulges too, hopefully this ends with the boy getting pooped out as nothing but bone filled waste and everything else she stole >:3
Really love how it's coming along Soline, keep up the great work!


Posted by soline 9 months ago Report

Thank you kindly! And well, he's awfully deep up there to really have much chance of /not/ winding up rather...wasted. ;)


Posted by Suneater 9 months ago Report

Np! And indeed~


Posted by blackmichi 11 months ago Report

very nice!


Posted by UnknownGamer21 11 months ago Report

I wonder how things go from here... regarding the budges, I mean. If the Roommate notices it, or the muffled sounds. He's probably gonna get stuffed up there very soon... and she won't get a ride home


Posted by soline 9 months ago Report

I'm actually finishing up a little sequel to this but....ultimately it's your call. Maybe Roomie's clever enough to pretend not to notice and avoid being buttgested?


Posted by testuser 11 months ago Report

Really wanna see more of this girl and her non-scat but very stretchy adventures.


Posted by soline 9 months ago Report

I have soooo many more ideas for her! Just gotta write them out -_-


Posted by soline 9 months ago Report

or draw, I meant draw and said write instead xD


Posted by testuser 9 months ago Report

Heh makes me wish I could commish or request yah but in any case i'm eager to see more of this girl and you in more 'anal adventures' *snuggles the feline*


Posted by MetaKitsune 9 months ago Report

So will help survive? Honestly when her thought bubble said I'm going to do you s hard,i thought she was just eating his stuff to get alone and fuck


Posted by soline 9 months ago Report

Up to the viewer!
It definitely seemed that way didn't it! Makes you wonder how a girl got from 'wanting to fuck him' to 'fucking his entire being' :P


Posted by MetaKitsune 9 months ago Report

Either way she's cute, I'm a sucker for painted nails for some reason, but luring prey through looks is just cheating