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Nope, it's the next morning! By soline -- Report

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I feel like this one really speaks for itself doesn't it?

Claire sprawled out fast asleep, in her own bed. Happy and satisfied. Oblivious to her buzzing phone, the streaming sunlight...and a heavily muffled car horn and the thud of fists on glass. Whatever could have lead up to this moment?!

A direct sequel to The Missing Blank series.

No bulge alt this time. Claire is canonically a hammerspace pred (specifically because I love scenarios like this where the prey is just...gone ) and I'm simply not talented enough to get this kind of scene down with a whole car and more included

As usually happens, I followed the hollywood trend and instead of a fresh idea found myself contemplating a third 'finale' (*cough*disposal*cough*) part. Would anyone be interested in seeing that too? Or something new?

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Posted by Fiercefawx 7 days ago Report

Looking great as always! Hammerspace preds are awesome! Glad to see you’re still here and drawing


Posted by soline 7 days ago Report

Thank you! Glad to still be here :p motivation comes and goes but I very much like when it comes!


Posted by Fiercefawx 7 days ago Report

Well keep up the great work!


Posted by UnknownGamer21 7 days ago Report

Oh, so Claire is canonically hammerspace pred... makes me interested in just how much prey or creatures she shoved up into herself, or how she manages to get some things back out


Posted by soline 6 days ago Report

Mmhmm, she's my go-to for getting all that absurdity and 'discreet' public vore out there. How much? Who knows! Claire doesn't seem the sort to keep count does she?
As for getting things back out, I mean those toys have survived intact....though maybe she just values them more?


Posted by UnknownGamer21 6 days ago Report

Or maybe her more valued toys... the umm... more lifelike ones stay up inside her


Posted by ShadesofBlack 5 days ago Report

I mean, based on the girlcum all over most of them and dripping from her, I'm guessing she used them in a different spot than her apparently bottomless bottom, while enjoying the movements and such in the back. She probably goes through toys quite a lot unless she's able to eventually, sometimes, get something back out of herself. In which case I imagine her prey in this case just got added to her quite expansive "toy drawer."


Posted by Justsomeone 7 days ago Report

I'd love to see that third finale!


Posted by Slimshod 7 days ago Report

Not too many hammerspace preds on here so this is interesting. Can't say I'm interested in the third act though. Not a scat kind of person.


Posted by supersaiyango 7 days ago Report

Yes disposal ending is made of win!


Posted by BaseKing 7 days ago Report

This is awesome I love Claire and really wanna see that third part


Posted by soline 6 days ago Report

Thanks! It's looking like the third part will definitely happen sometime in the future!


Posted by BaseKing 6 days ago Report

You worked turned me onto hammer space vore. The idea of just having so much up there and none of it showing to the outside world is hot


Posted by ShadesofBlack 5 days ago Report

I whole-heartedly agree. And I think same, I think soline may have been where I first got really into that as well.


Posted by Winny 7 days ago Report

Would love a disposal finish~ Good work, love casual vore. <3


Posted by soline 6 days ago Report

Thanks! It's a definite love of mine. Largely why I like hammerspace too, it's so easy to be casual when you don't even need to carry around a belly afterwards!


Posted by Winny 6 days ago Report

Specially when the predator continues doing their routine~ Like their meal is stewing away and digesting meanwhile no one knows. And maybe the predator even forgets? little foot note to their day while they entertain themselves with some toys.

Meanwhile the meals already on its way to the end~


Posted by UnusualTwo 7 days ago Report

would def be interested in seeing the next....movement of the series!


Posted by onyxlion 7 days ago Report

a disposal finish?


Posted by deej1011 7 days ago Report

Personally, I'd love to see a disposal end <3


Posted by JustSomePrey 7 days ago Report

How about something new. Like Mike finding his phone and trying to call out, maybe even sending photos and video from inside.


Posted by JustSomePrey 7 days ago Report

Jackie too, obviously.


Posted by soline 6 days ago Report there's an idea. (Damn you! part 2.5 maybe? XD)


Posted by JustSomePrey 6 days ago Report

I'm more for a non-fatal ending.


Posted by HungryAL 7 days ago Report

I wanna see what that ass did to the car~


Posted by soline 6 days ago Report

Oh, naughty, wicked terrible things no doubt! ;)


Posted by Mortaven 7 days ago Report

@[email protected] Yesplease for third, disposal ending! <3 Love Claire and her hammerspace bowels...and her glorious paleness [email protected]@ Genuine curiosity as to how well her tummy handled all that~


Posted by soline 6 days ago Report

Hah, duly noted! Glad you like her, if motivation keeps it's head up there's quite a bit more of Claire in the pipelines too!


Posted by Mortaven 6 days ago Report

X3 Excellent! Interested to see what else finds its way into HER pipelines as well, ehehe.


Posted by testuser 7 days ago Report

Hmm maybe try a new alt finishing method with this girl, maybe she could get thiccer temporarily or something from the prey she noms?


Posted by Randomness 7 days ago Report

Disposal ending!


Posted by Rothar 7 days ago Report

Wouldn't be a true ending if we didn't get to see Claire pushing out all the stuff she got stored inside of her in one nice compacted log. Go for the disposal ending!


Posted by soline 6 days ago Report

Snrk~ well that's very true! Seems like disposal is the will of the people!


Posted by Frakass 7 days ago Report

I Love this serie, and of course I would be happy to see the afternath of all these events :-P

I could even draw it myself if you don't do it! :-P


Posted by soline 6 days ago Report

I'm delighted you love the series, I'm a huge fan of your work so it means a lot! :)

Oh my! You would be more than welcome to draw it yourself if you like!


Posted by Xabab 6 days ago Report

Well, maybe some aftermath something like that guy sitting in slime covered car with a PTSD-face?


Posted by ShadesofBlack 5 days ago Report

As funny and awesome as that would be, my vote would be Claire's cousin giving her a HUGE stink-eye in the morning while she looks casually embarrassed and the two room mates are frantically making out in the slime-covered car (either eventually turned on/bored, or not yet realizing that they're free and not gonna die).

The spoken dialog would probably just be Anna saying something like "... AND his phone, c'mon!"

Ultimately though, I look forward to whatever Soline comes up with or decides to put out there, sequel to this or no.


Posted by Apostolos 6 days ago Report

Huh wonder if there’s anything she can’t process out of what she took in


Posted by ShadesofBlack 5 days ago Report

You know, I've always wondered about (especially in a casual, nonchalant pred) how it would be if this was the case, but reversed of usual. Like instead of just clothes and effects, or just jewelry and metal, etc, People taken in wind up being fine, but pretty much EVERYTHING inanimate melts.