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Tail-Throat By Scaylid00d -- Report

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A Cybele is an endearing sort of ambush predator. They spend most of their day hanging upside-down by their tail. This is done from the roof of a cave, a cliff overhang, tree, anything that supports their petite frames.

Never let their lazy snoozing fool you. Like an Arachne, they have a keen sense for approaching prey. The moment you find yourself passing below one, they excitedly unfurl themselves, swooping upon their prey, pinning you down in place. That's when a Cybele's tail is free to swallow you at its leisure.

They are curiously affectionate creatures. Once at their mercy, they might lick, nuzzle, maybe even tease you by only slurping you up half-way. Their insides secrete a slick, purple slime, which slowly numbs and subdues prey. This slime is reported to lull your body into a relaxed state, while significantly amplifying your skin's sensitivity. Considerable sensory overload is understood to occur in one's erogenous zones within less than a minute of exposure.

Once a Cybele is done playing with you, she slurps your helpless body down through her tail, and up into her abdomen, where you leave little more than a pleasant, squirming bulge ❤ If you ever find yourself this deep inside a Cybele's tail, there's no chance you're ever coming back out again ~ ~ ~ ✿

✿ ✿ ✿ ❤ ✿ ✿ ✿

Drawn during a previous livestream, with the color just recently added \:D/

Cybele is a monster-girl from the game "Echidna Wars DX". The red-head isn't based on anyone specific, she's just nutritious monstergirl-food now anyway >:3

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Posted by mirrormind101 7 months ago Report

I saw the animated sprites. Pretty cool.


Posted by Drakira 7 months ago Report

Is cybele supposed to be based off of the monster hunter monster gigginox? because that's what she reminds me of. Regardless love both her and the monster.


Posted by essedess 7 months ago Report

I thought it was kezu (not sure how it's spelled) I am actually not sure which is which really having no experience with monster hunter before world.


Posted by ToyHaunter 7 months ago Report

Khezu is shaped more like a pale, naked turkey with no eyes or beak, just a mouth. Gigginox has bigger wings that it walks on, two big eyes like in this pic, and a similar tail maw it uses to drop egg pods full of Giggi ready to start sucking on you.

The Gigginox also likes to use its tail to hold onto the ceiling as it drops its whole head over you for a full-body sucking.


Posted by vintious 7 months ago Report

Cybele also makes an appearance in the MGQ Cecil fan side-stories, that D-gate also did.


Posted by AnotherAnon 7 months ago Report

Oh my word, I just LOVE that you're doing more Milia Wars art ^^


Posted by deej1011 7 months ago Report

These sound pretty neat :3


Posted by yEeTbOi 7 months ago Report

I've always liked these preds bc tail vore .w.


Posted by taito 7 months ago Report

I love the way you draw hair...especially red hair. If I ever decided to have someone draw Miss Jacksons final demise it would probably be you. ^_^