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This was all wrong! By all accounts, she, Malura, and Piam should have been congratulating each other on a job well done and celebrating by cutting the tail off the fox's corpse as some sort of grisly (but admittedly enormous and fluffy) trophy. Instead, Felini found herself staring outwards at a rapidly-fading world, one that was slowly but surely being replaced by fox. Her entire world was already almost entirely comprised of the fox's body - the tight, hot, saliva-slickened grip of the fox's throat was like a velvet vice, so smooth and silky and yet so unyielding, seemingly only willing to stretch enough to fit her within and not a single inch more. It clung to her from her ankles to her shoulders like a glove that was several sizes too small, conforming to her like it was made for her. Around her ankles, the tight little ring of muscle that led into the fox's stomach felt almost painfully tight, and yet nothing could compare to the actual sensation on her feet, already encased inside the fox's stomach.

It was hot, humid, and soft - Felini could feel the almost velvety walls of the fox's stomach against her feet, tiny bits of a slightly thicker fluid than her saliva already squelching between her toes. Digestive acids...oh gods, digestive acids! It was unlikely the fox's stomach was exceptionally powerful...but that hardly mattered. Trapped in the stomach of a predator, utterly at the mercy of those digestive acids, it mattered little if it was strong or weak...given time, it would still digest her. Digest her, Piam, and Malura. The brush of something slimy against the soles of her feet made her entire body jerk - something solid! It was one of her companions! Still alive! There was some small part of her that had, moments before, wanted to save them. To cut this fox open and extract them, slimy and gross but very much alive. Now? She didn't care at all. Piam or Malura, whoever it was, served as little more than a brace, something to push against in an effort to keep herself from being swallowed alive.

And push she did.

Both feet almost instinctively found their way to the top of whoever's head that was, and she pushed. Pushed for all she was worth. For a second, her downwards journey paused, offering some miniscule measure of hope. Sure, it might suck for Piam or Malura, but right now, she honestly did not care. If she could save her own life, they would simply have to be sacrificed.

'Nggff.....!' Grunting with the strain, Felini desperately tried to brace her legs, preventing her from traveling any further inwards, into that hot, slimy stomach where her two former friends were trapped. For a moment, it almost seemed to work...until the person beneath her started to struggle, desperately trying to push her feet off. The struggle itself could not have lasted more than two or three seconds, but it felt like a lifetime, an eternity of trying to keep her 'footing' if it could even truly be called that, of trying to keep something solid beneath her feet to brace against. Then, just like that...two hands grabbed her ankles and jerked her feet forwards, and her 'lifeline' was removed. With nothing solid to brace against, nothing to stop her from being swallowed at the fox's leisure, she felt herself sink in another half-inch...


The foxgirl was not even swallowing?! Even in her increasingly panic-stricken mind, the noticeable absence of 'gulps', of that powerful throat rippling across her body, tugging her inwards, was at the forefront of Felini's thoughts. Had the fox given up? Was she actually too full?! A soft 'Mmmm' welled up around her, a sound that welled up in the foxgirl's chest (and was subsequently muffled by her body) and made the tight flesh around her vibrate softly. A...moan? The realization struck her every bit as powerfully as if the foxgirl had physically hit her. She had stopped swallowing not because she was full...but because she was enjoying the feelings of that little internal struggle, the sensation of movement brought on by her own attempts to brace herself, and the subsequent struggle to maintain her footing. A feeling that was fleeting, a feeling that was over...and already, she felt the fox's throat tensing up around her, preparing for yet another swallow.

"No...YOU CAN'T! I'M NOT FOOD! YOU...YOU CAN HAVE PIAM AND MALURA! I WON'T SAY ANYTHING! JUST LET ME GO! YOU CAN HAVE--mmmphhhh?!" Her plea fell on deaf ears, and was soon muffled by another swallow, squeezing her head into the hot, slick embrace of the fox's stomach. Her eyes peered around wildly - before her, the fox's tongue, lazily curling over her forearms to taste her, to savor her. Above, the slightly-ridged roof of the foxgirl's mouth, a single strand of saliva dangling from it down onto her arm like a gossamer spider-web, and even as she watched, the little strand stretched and snapped, leaving a thick dollop of foxgirl saliva in the crook of her elbow. Even further beyond, the glistening white teeth, shimmering with a sheen of wetness, so sharp and dagger-like, a stark contrast to the soft, almost 'cute' pinkness of her inner-cheeks. Beyond that, soft, kissable lips that even now teasingly closed around her wrists, briefly blotting out even what minor amount of light filtered past her outwards-stretched arms. For a single moment, she was plunged into almost complete-darkness, save for what tiny bit of red-tinged light managed to still filter past the fox's lips and teeth.

"Mm! MMPH mph...!" Felini's voice was muffled even to her, shouted directly into the fox's esophagus, and yet that hardly seemed to matter. Nothing she'd said so far seemed to even give the fox pause, much less actually stop her. Again, those soft lips parted and flooded her with light once more, allowing her one last glimpse into the outside world beyond those sharp, white teeth. A world framed by soft lips and a long, slick tongue, a world her arms still stretched towards light she might very well be able to grab onto it. Once more, she felt the fox's throat tense up, squeezing tightly around her, and her eyes widened in shock. No. She couldn't swallow! She can't! She...she had to be too full! Two elves was plenty, three was too many! Again, she screamed into the fox's throat "MMMMPMPHHH!" But just as before, it was ignored. A single ripple, a single swallow...and her head sank completely into the stifling heat of the fox's body with a soft 'Slrch', the sound of saliva squelching wetly around her neck and head.

Gods, it was tight! The soft flesh of the fox's throat melded to her face like a second skin, and only during the rare moments a swallow rippled across her body was she able to suck in a quick gasp of air, fleeting though it was. Had it not been for the imminent fear of being eaten alive, it could have almost felt nice - it was so slick and soft and warm, and the way it kneaded every inch of her body was almost exciting in a way, and yet that excitement paled in comparison to the raw terror of being swallowed whole. The sounds of the outside world were slowly replaced by the sounds of the fox's interior - the excited beating of her heart, a steady *thub-dub* that slowly rose in volume, then started to fade away above her. The soft squelches of her own saliva-soaked skin being kneaded and massaged by the fox's throat as it tugged her ever-inwards with tiny, peristaltic ripples, only to be contrasted by the far stronger, harder *gulps* that occasionally jerked her downwards with ever-increasing voracity. Another soft 'Mmmmmm' of pleasure and delight that sounded so loud around her, utterly consuming her senses and making those tight walls vibrate lightly around her once more.

Little by little, that tight little ring of muscle worked it's way upwards along her legs and across her rump as she sank ever-deeper, sandwiched between Piam and Malura. No...she...she'd done it. The fox had eaten her...!


So delicious!

With delicate precision, Ryla curled her tongue around the elf's fingertips, gently pulling them between her lips. A tiny quiver of excitement rolled through her body as she felt those fingers desperately grasping at her tongue even as they sank ever-backwards to the back of her mouth and her eagerly awaiting throat. Eyes closed, Ryla settled backwards and tilted her head straight up in the air, gently pressing a fingertip against her throat to feel the bulge of the elf's head as it sank ever lower, her tail flicking in pure, predatory delight. delicious, and much like the first two, this one was a squirmer! For a moment, she tensed her throat, squeezing it around her third course just long enough to roll her tongue over the elf's fingers one last time, enjoying one last bit of flavor before it was lost forever to her tummy. One final pass of her tongue...and she swallowed.


Even to her sensitive ears, the sound was so soft, barely audible. The effect, though, was anything but subtle.

Finger still pressed against her throat, Ryla followed the trail of the elf's head as it descended down her neck, past her collarbone, and eventually disappeared completely behind her breasts. The wonderful weight of the elf's arms slowly followed the same path, and in but seconds...she was gone, just another growing lump in her midsection, another pleasant bit of weight in her tummy. "Ahhhhhhh....." Mouth open and tongue lolling out, Ryla exhaled a soft little breath of pure delight, another tiny shiver of predatory bliss coursing down her spine as she felt her third and final course squeeze completely into her tummy, filling it so pleasantly full. Having to take her food 'head on' was always a risk, but this time it had paid off in spades...she was so full! It felt so good! The pleasure was only just getting started, too - she got to enjoy each of their unique, individual tastes already, but now came the real fun...the feeling of them squirming inside of her, the shifting of weight, the inevitable stuggle for one to get atop the others, or use them as a brace to try and get back up her throat. Useless, sure, but they hardly knew that...and ugh, it always felt SO GOOD!

"So yummy...! Elves really are the best! You three came along at JUST the right time, I was really starting to get hungry!" Gazing downwards at her plump tummy, Ryla idly roamed her finger along the vague shape of one of the elves within, exhaling another little groan of delight. Ugh...there really was little like this! Squirmy food, tasty food, and most of all, FILLING food! Best of all, now she didn't have to hunt! The rest of the day could be spend lazing around and just enjoying her food...and tomorrow, she could continue on her way without worrying about food for a few days! Mm...but right now...just enjoying those squirms was perfect...!


WHAT'S THIS?! ANOTHER PAGE?!?!?! Well, I could hardly forgive myself if I did not post SOMETHING for 8/8! Admittedly, IRL has been busy lately, thus my lack of uploads...but I found both the time and desire to get another page written up and posted! ^_^ I know alot of you have been waiting for this, and I certainly appreciate the patience, and moreso, I hope it does not dissappoint! There's about 8 or so more pages left, and hopefully I will get those up in a more timely fashion! x3

HPAPY 8/8 everyone! ^_^ Enjoy! <3

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Posted by Rowigrath 6 months ago Report

Oh my goodness, an upload! 8/8 has been saved!

It's nice to see you back again, CassyInko! The story included with this page is marvelous, and a very full and satisfied Ryla is always lovely to see.

Keep up the awesome work, and hopefully IRL cuts you a little slack so you can relax and enjoy yourself a bit!


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Goodness, I hope so! :3

Super glad you enjoyed though! ^_^ This page honestly took me FAR TOO LONG to write and get up, and I should have really had it done sooner. Hopefully the remaining pages will not take me quite so long! >.>

Thanks so much, and have a happy 8/8!!!


Posted by Aqualite 6 months ago Report

Honestly, this was always one of my fave stories on this site. Good work as always~


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Thanks alot! ^_^ Hopefully it does not take me a century for the next page!


Posted by CMvoreroom 6 months ago Report

Wow! Another page!
Great work with the story description onces again, you truly have your way with words.

Have a Happy 8/8 (Vore) Day Ryla! ^U^


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Aww, thanks so much! <3 Hopefully I can finally crawl back around a bit now. >.> Gotta respond to stuffs in my inbox, I see!


Posted by Cowrie 6 months ago Report

Lucky fox. Three delicious, squirmy elves!


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

10/10 meal, would nom again!...well...not these, but others! These are already nommed!


Posted by ifdre 6 months ago Report

Well, I already asked on the previous page, but how many pages are left for this series?


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

I think something like 8? I have not decided if I am going to upload every single one of them...but I might! According to how the story turns out, honestly! Whatever ends up fitting best, but at least 5 of them will be posted! ^_^


Posted by ifdre 6 months ago Report

Alright! Thank you for answering!


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Most welcome! ^_^


Posted by DrakentheBlack 6 months ago Report

This is why I love swallowing prey feet first. It lets them watch the outside world disappear, and viewers can see the fear and despair written all over their face as they are enveloped by the final gulp. Ryla looks so happy with that belly 'full' of squirming prey!

Happy Vore Day, we're happy to see you again!


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Me toooooooo! <3 Feet first is great!...But I also like...well, all kindsa ways!

Also, may finally have a lil' gift for you soon! ^_^ A 'thank you' for the comic you did! Just gotta kinda...have some free time IRL! x3


Posted by DrakentheBlack 6 months ago Report

I'm looking forward to seeing it! But I totally understand that life comes first - whether we want it to or not.


Posted by Gabriel0813 6 months ago Report

Oh hey your alive thought ya died


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Naaaaah, just IRL stuff kinda took me away (and likely will for a bit), but...had to come post SOMETHING for 8/8!


Posted by Gabriel0813 6 months ago Report



Posted by Thighworshipper 6 months ago Report

Glad you got another page of this out! Great job again on the story and art!! Happy vore day!


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Thanks so much, and happy vore day! ^_^


Posted by linthia 6 months ago Report

Nice story~ ! And nice to see the sequel, thought it was the end though until I read those last lines !
Though looks like her breasts really grew in the last pannel, is this intended ?


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Thanks! ^_^ Glad you enjoyed it!, not super intended! It's a perspective thing, but was likely done a lil' wrong!


Posted by ProudVWriter 6 months ago Report

Great to see another page, keep up the good work!


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Thanks! ^_^


Posted by Vorelover101 6 months ago Report

Happy Vore Day to you cassy! And an even happier one to Ryla it seems :P never a dull momemt with this girl~


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Yaaaay, happy 8/8 to you, too! Hey...foxes gotta eat! x3


Posted by Kasra 6 months ago Report

Ahh, yes, meal complete. The writing is delightful; trying to use one of those already eaten to fight her way out, the resistance to being used as a rock, the squelching of digestive juices between the toes...that final gulp as the lump sinks lower and the final relaxed breath, excellent work.

Little does Felini know that those "soft, kissable lips" have a bit of a reputation at the kissing booth..


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Glad you enjoyed the writing! ^_^ I spent a lil' extra time on this given how long it's been since I uploaded a page (and, honestly, I feel like I could have spent more and done better now that I've read it a few more time. x3 ), but glad it was still a fun read!

And hey! Ryla TOTALLY tried at the kissing booth! She almost managed a kiss! Maybe next year! >.>


Posted by Kasra 6 months ago Report

Ah, but you can ALWAYS do better. This is excellent as it is.

Practice DOES make perfect! We'll have to wait and see.


Posted by UnknownPerson9876 6 months ago Report

Awesome! I was wondering when this would come out!


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Hopefully I'm a lil' quicker with it in the future!


Posted by martyr 6 months ago Report

A very foxy 8/8! And what a story you've brought for us! Dunno what we could ever do to repay you.... >w>


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Heee. >:3 MOAR NOMS!


Posted by chuchin 6 months ago Report

Niiiice :3


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report



Posted by Alfa 6 months ago Report

Such a greedy lady~


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Nooo, this is the daily (or maybe weekly?) recommended fox calorie intake! It takes alot of energy to fox appropriately!


Posted by Vermono 6 months ago Report

Why did her boobs grow so much when she ate them? They definitely weren't that big in the first couple of pages. Is that just something that happens to her when she eats because the elves seem to still be squirming in her?


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

It's a lil' mistake with perspective! It'll be fixed in the next page. I likely could have fixed it here, but...meeeeh. XD


Posted by neko1992 6 months ago Report

I think me and you would be good friends ryla. Loved the story missed your posts "and leaving comments on wanting to get in your pants even though your naked half the time" also seems your breasts grew from first squirming elf to last


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Yeah, little flaw in perspective! Will be fixed next page!


Posted by Haysack 6 months ago Report



Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report



Posted by Arianisus 6 months ago Report


>about 8 or so more pages left

Holy shit yes


Posted by CassyInko 6 months ago Report

Around there, yes! There's actually 10 pages left, but I am not entirely sure I will upload every single one of them....maybe I will! I know the majority of them I for sure will, but...just not entirely sure if I will ALL of them!


Posted by joeburp22181 6 months ago Report

Well written and executed, the art to go along with it to match a great description.


Posted by MetaKitsune 6 months ago Report

I do like Ryla she's super sexy but a bit of a sadist, can't help but feel bad for the elves too but it's survival of the fitest I suppose


Posted by Biacknightmare 6 months ago Report

Dam that’s just.....
Wow I have no words but for sure Ryla is having a good time

Amazing btw ✌️


Posted by SuperheroFood 6 months ago Report

Great to see another part of this. It's by far my favourite story of yours. Really hope you find time to write the conclusions someday. Personally, I'd like to see all the pictures you've done get posted with quality detail like this, because it really is something wonderfully wicked, and wonderfully fun to read.


Posted by JamKat 6 months ago Report

YAASSS! More updates to the story!? Oof, this made my day. Your stories are so good! X3


Posted by GassyBlossom31 6 months ago Report

I think I'm in love.

Not only that, your squirming tummy would make a fine pillow.


Posted by snowkid0011 6 months ago Report

Thank you very much, it was amazing:)


Posted by Brenden1k 5 months ago Report

Now for digestion or release.