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Chirin, Kimille, and Lumine are just a couple of friends tackling the most popular MMORPG of the twenty second century, Shards of Lucidity!

Only, instead of going on quests or working on their crafts, it seems Kimille and Lumine have come up with a rather peculiar way to cheese the game! Now the harried healer Chirin must endure their most ridiculous scheme yet! Will she make this her group's first successful strat, or will she suffer a humiliating fate?

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Posted by Fabhar 6 months ago Report

I really enjoyed this! I hope you post stuff of similar quality in the future!


Posted by VividLucidity 6 months ago Report

A nice story. You've got a good writing ability. Keep it up!


Posted by MidoriHime 6 months ago Report

Thank you very much! I'm glad you liked it, and I definitely plan to write more in the future!


Posted by DHCPMigrant 6 months ago Report

Jesus fucking Christ. It took my 5 hours to find you. Had downloaded PDF on phone but lost the thread and site name.

Anyway, loved the story. Was more so interested in the premise. You write pretty damn well. Hoping to see more similar stuff in the future.


Posted by MidoriHime 6 months ago Report

Thanks for the compliments, my next story will be a different concept, but I hope you'll like it once I put it out!


Posted by OsmiumOrchid 6 months ago Report

This was really good! Fun, unique concept, and the execution of it was great. Loved the descriptions of her being packed in with other food, as well as the health updates. I'm a sucker for healthbars in vore, and this is the first time I've seen it done effectively in writing, so good job!

If you're looking for critique, the only issue I picked up on with one read through is during the part where she's struggling against the food being stuffed in with her. You reference the concern of taking drowning damage in essentially the same way really close together. It may just be because 'drowning damage' is a pretty specific phrase, but it stuck out to me while I was reading.

Looking forward to more from you!


Posted by MidoriHime 5 months ago Report

Good point about the drowning damage thing, my bad! I must've glossed over it in editing.

Still, thank you for reading, and I hope you'll stick around to enjoy my future works!


Posted by Skeiron 3 months ago Report

This was a fun read. Well done!