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An Incident in the Forest By The Saint of Ravens -- Report

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In which a party of adventurers get eaten by Hikaru. Enough to streeeeetch the segmented plates of her lower section with the squirming, struggling girth of the silly prey things as she daintily covers her maw to muffle a very unladylike belch. The giant bug having seen the ill-prepared group leaving town to attempt a night run of one of the local dungeons. It looks like this is one quest that the adventurer party won't be coming back from...

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Posted by DanzoLegend 5 days ago Report

I am really really liking her. And im not even a big bug guy. She's super interesting.


Posted by Gelenor 5 days ago Report

Saint just makes good things. Even if you don't normally like it you like it cause he did it.


Posted by Duke1911 5 days ago Report

How does she dispose of prey?

The Saint of Ravens

Posted by The Saint of Ravens 5 days ago Report

That will be revealed in a future pic ^^


Posted by Duke1911 5 days ago Report

I’m looking forward to that pic.


Posted by DrashaTheImmortal 5 days ago Report

oooh love the face imprint on her gu


Posted by thevoremorpher07 5 days ago Report

This reminds me of God complex vore, when you deal with that chick whos a centipede. I end up choosing the vore option on her. so satisfying lol


Posted by ScaryMottersters 5 days ago Report

you draw the BEST onomatopoeia


Posted by yEeTbOi 4 days ago Report

Yeah I have my doubts on this party completing that quest, let alone surviving it.


Posted by 157and493 4 days ago Report

I need to send this to my friend, he loves centipede girls more than anything.


Posted by Willingtobeprey 3 days ago Report

guess you could say they are exploring a different dungeon now...hehehehe