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Hail Primus
Copyright 2008 Scotty Scholl
For all those friends I have and will have
Table of Contents
1. Primeon
2. Mountain Caits
3. The Ezens
4. Dreams of the Silver Stream
5. Michi Gimiguchi and the Vore Clinic
6. The Vore Casino
7. Ziyvuris and Gryphonsense
8. The Ziyvur Temple
9. The Gods of Vore
10. Camlopticus
11. The Crow Ordeal
12. The one called Blae
13. The Trece Band
14. Jyiri and the General
Dictionary and Encyclopedia
Chapter 1 Primeon
 I woke up to the chirping of the birds and a warmth caressed my face and body. The wind lightly wafted about and beneath me. I felt a soft prickly feeling. I opened my eyes with a start, and recognized my surroundings. The tall redwood trees stood to my left down the side of the slight mossy knoll I laid upon and to my right, moss amidst grass. I sat up and looked to the left under the trees. They were crowned with bright green fanning leaves, that cast most of the forest floor in shadow onward north west, west, and south west there. To my right, the next thing to the rocks were giant stones protruding from the earth, covered in some bits of moss. They also went on the way up north east, east, and south east the yet blocked the view farther eastward.
 I looked down at myself and saw that I was naked and saw my hairy body with orangish pink skin. I continued gazing down to the clump of hair near my dick and the bits of hair around my paunch that was what I called big, but was indeed fat. The fat continued down to my thighs down till below my knees where it became scarce at my feet. My feet about made the standard foot length in length themselves.
  I hugged myself around my pudgy and hairy belly pressing my fingers into my flesh feeling the fat and skin and contour of it. I liked my belly even though it wasn't big and only extended a hand length and a half from the line of my spine. I touched my belly and hugged it, the joy welling up in me as I now stood on Pranoke.
 Sko, the ghostly translucent mirror match of me appeared in full form and I suffered my mirror reflection that I felt when I look in the mirror. I gazed down at his belly, and it stuck out much differently than it looked when I peered at it from above. It stuck out probably the same length and a half of the hand but then went smooth protruding in a curving shape until its circle of a belly button. The other features I paid less attention to were my head which I could not see much of except for the mirror. He looked blankly at me with his brown eyes nose and mouth, all small compared to the forehead and brow, which my brown medium short hair sat atop the circular shape of my head. Other than that, he wore the small glasses that I did and that did not to magnify his eyes.
 "I did it Sko, finally came to Pranoke. Oh, the things I want to go do now!" I spilled out on Sko my excitement most prevalent on my voice.
 Sko joined in with a smirk that made me shake my head, "That story you wrote about Ias. Are you going to fulfill them to that scenario point?"
 I snapped away from my joy and looked around, "Oh no! I'm going to miss my cue."
 I ran down the path and sighed relief as the carriage of the merchant was pulling away down the dirt path as I emerged from the path leading up to the knoll.
 "Sidge should be here in twenty seconds," I said to Sko who floated leisurely from up the path to the knoll. I moved out onto the road and looked down it as it twisted around the trees and disappeared.
 I turned to Sko as he floated a few steps back and something ran into me. It didn't upset me and all I felt was a tap yet the creature toppled a few feet away from me unconscious. It seemed to be a cow and yet upon closer inspection it was a dragon crossed with a cow retaining all the dragon traits except its front paws had talons which were more so into a hoof shape. His legs were hinged to move as an animal and its belly was big and almost barreled and a half. Its snout, tail, neck, and overall length were much shorter then a dragon, making his overall length to be almost a tree length. In width, he was about the size of the road which was almost half a tree in itself.
 I approached the dragon and knelt beside its neck and head with the head about half my size. I picked its head up and gandered down across its snout into its closed eyes with a pity mixed with care, appreciation, and a nervousness.
 "I can't believe it," I breathed softly and moved in close. I drew my hand along the side of the furry creature's belly gently caressing it and feeling its soft curves, size, and flesh.
 I laid my hand at the top part of its chest feeling its heart beat and lungs fill up with air, and Sko spoke, "You are going to do this again with Sidge?"
 I nodded my mind fully on the feelings of deep appreciation and anxiety about the creature, "Let me have the ruby."
 Sko handed me the shiny red ruby which glowed upon my touch. I held it before me and Sidge's head removing my hand from the creature's chest. I brought my hand to hold the ruby as well.
 This ruby would bind to the creatures stomach never leaving it and causing a sort of discomfort. I hoped that it would cause the creature to seek me out. It was a gamble but I wanted the creature to come back to me and I to try to establish more of a friendship with it. I knew the creature had no reason to like me or to stay with me as it was now.
 I stuffed it down the creature's throat easily. I opened it's lithe mouth and moved my hand and deposited it back into its throat and closed it tilting its head back. I felt him swallow whereas I quickly moved my hand and felt it move down its throat, my passions aroused as with touching its belly. I moved my hand along with it down until it was inside its huge belly.
 "Ruby Activate," I said making an upward motion with my hand and looking to the sky and an erp came from the creature. I passed my hand through the air around his head as I set it to the ground, then I got up and took a couple of steps back. Outstretching my hands I hummed and said softly blissfully, "Revive my creature."
 As expected, it came up groggily yet slowly but as it took in the situation it went bounding off into the trees away from us. My spirits dropped yet I had a feeling he would be back.
 "Are we to go on?" Sko questioned and I nodded just as a carriage started thundering in the distance from the mountain road. I quickly ducked up the path to the knoll and came back onto the road when it passed. With Sko in the lead, I followed him down into the mountain path.
 I did think about what just happened as we moved through the mountains along that road. I had somehow taken the place of Ias, one of my characters, and I was acting out myself what I had previously wanted him to do but I realize now that I shouldn't reveal too much to let you, the reader, know about who Ias was, just read on.
 I was exhilarated. Here I was on Pranoke, it was a dream of mine to come here and after all, Ias was what I was modeled after. Yet, as I was fully playing the part I would tell others I was Ias. I didn't dare tell them my real name.
 I knew what my dreams were if I'd ever become the Altimentor of Ias and Ias was an Altimentor. Ias was given the world of Pranoke to exercise his higher abilities of the Gods yet still be a mortal. However, he was limited to Pranoke and there were many other worlds to visit, which he could, but at the price of being powerless on them. Then, if he died, he came right back to Pranoke and could go right back to the world he died upon.
 As a result, his position brought many concerns from everyone who knew what he was. Demons hated the idea of a mortal ascending to a higher form without dieing first so set out in vain to try to assassinate Ias. Ias could not see them coming until they moved upon him because his mortal mind could not process omniscience. Ias figured ways to loop around it, creating Sco who was Sko now to be able to capacitate the information.
 I was somewhat different from Ias yet originally the same. I originally wrote him as one who wanted seclusion and writing in the Fortress Primeon, where I was currently headed through the mountains. Yet, I was different and I didn't mind going to other worlds.
 I knew that I had only two things I could do for sure on other worlds, and that was either get killed and return to Pranoke or sometimes I could transport back if I wanted. My abilities depended on the God of the world I was visiting. I could even end up with half the abilities I had on Pranoke. There were many worlds whose Gods hated the prospect of another one even talking about being God. The things I saw in store for me and everyone, gave me goose bumps.
 Sko had led me down a path and into the first bend around the base of one of the great mountains, with its crags and peaks jutting outward on the levels of it.
 Stopping and looking up I said to Sko, "This is my cue." He nodded so I continued, shouting up at the mountain, "Yo creature I collided with. I know you are up the mountains. Please come down."
 I sensed the ruby from high above me, active enough to give the creature some stomach discomfort. Yet, it did not answer and I winked at Sko and blinked out reappearing on a higher peak . I overlooked the path, and there the Cow-dragon was, near the edge.
 As I appeared, I sensed the ruby loosening its grip. The creature gave a sigh and reoriented itself, spreading out its wings. Just at once, it snuffed the air and immediately arched it's neck and oriented it's head on me. Then with a growl, it moved it's head and neck forward and took off across the mountain air, the ruby already beginning to grip it's stomach.
 I nodded and reappeared back beside Sko, "He is almost under the impression that to eat us is to satisfy the hunger pangs it's sending off and how it grips and shrinks it's stomach sending the double message as well."
 Sko laughed with a smile and watched the creature in the distance swoop down, "My cue to vacate will be soon."
 "Yes," I said and looked onward down the path around the bends of the mountains and I counted each of them and said to Sko, "You can go now if you want."
 Sko nodded and vanished so I hurried down around the three bends of the mountains. Near the fourth bend, I stopped and looked up, then walked leisurely. As I passed around the bend, and walked into the inward curve, several hooded and cloaked persons with cloaks colored to match the dirt, leapt out from hiding. A few others standing overhead had cross bows aimed at me, while the others before and behind me had swords drawn. The one in front of me balked at my nakedness and looked at the two others aside him just as a screech sounded from above.
 There was the cow-dragon, and it landed clutching on to the side of the road's edge and the sheer drop there. It made a threatening growl and moved its forelegs between me and the bandits, glaring up at the ones with the crossbows. They all fled quite quickly and Sidge in the mean time moved onto the path and I faced him, my heart pounding and myself griped with the anxiety.
 The creature took me and shoved me into its mouth, and tilted its head back, which made me slide down into the hole at the back of its mouth. I passed down the slippery pulsating and warm tube of its gullet, gooey and rough and pink, and overly it was an odd shape. Its throat muscles pushed me down toward a watery gurgling splashing sound. Ahead, I saw an opening which was closed in an overlapping circle and was the same pink color as the creature's throat. It closed and opened revealing an additional flap beyond it, which also opened slightly and closed but went into a wrinkled orifice. The smell was strong and acidic but not so much for me and I ignored it as it came from the whole orifice.
 The sounds were a low squishy gurgle as the opening opened and closed but soon I was against it and pushed through it and the second opening closed over my cock arousing my sexual senses. I fell into a blissful delirium as it was a fetish and a dream to have such happen to me. I could have slept on touch alone of all the surfaces on me but I didn't. The ejaculation came abruptly and surprised me but I did it in the opening and this caused me to slip through into the stomach, a sac folded chamber with green goo at various parts about it.
 A clear liquid oozed in from the walls of the orifice itself. Also, the whole orifice contracted narrow abruptly and I fell along its rough and pillowy and ribbed surface, whereas I dragged my body along it. I ejaculated again and stood up almost slipping and immediately saw the ruby laid right at the near middle of the stomach. I treaded lightly ducking down as my movement and the peristaltic movements of the stomach itself shook the orifice. I picked up the ruby the cavern of a stomach expanded a bit. Then water started rushing in for a few seconds from the top opening.
 I was thrown down and flopped around again, evidently caused by the creature moving around outside, flying about. This flopping took my stomach away, then finally it stopped and I lay lengthwise reflecting on how blissed and uplifted I myself felt. I almost drifted off to sleep in it but I didn't and stood up. Leaving the ruby where I found it, I smiled as I knew Id probably be here later, and blinked out transporting myself outside of the creature. I then teleported back to where he swallowed me saying, "Sko."
 Sko blinked in and nodded, Yep..
  "Primeon is a wreck, isn't it?" I asked.
 "Unfortunately, Ias. The libraries are a wreck and there are left over inhabitants. Large bugs, large worms, monsters, chaotic humanoids," Sko replied.
 I sighed looking down then back at Sko, Well, lets see what I can do. I need to get Primeon back up to par.
 Sko led the way as sort of my protection, he didn't really show much emotion at times as he wasn't supposed to, yet I appreciated him and trusted him.
 The way to Primeon I knew would lead us to Mt. Belone, and looking up and down the mountains we were passing around, I saw the lower bulk of Belone disappeared as it extended upward into the mist and fog. I wasn't surprised when Gryphons started appearing circling above us. I looked up at them stopping and saying to Sko, "I have a feeling it gets worse."
 Sko nodded turning toward me. I looked at them circling around us again and one swooped down at me and smacked right off me and went falling down into the ravine. Several others swooped down at us but I held up my hands and they froze midair. The ones that were left circling still continued swooping at us and I leapt out of the way down the path and was picked up by one of them in their talons. I touched it's feet with my hands, burning them and the creature screeched dropping me and I alighted at the top of the mountain. I did not want to hurt them more than I hurt the one that picked me up yet they were angering me.
 "I know you don't want to hurt them so lets fly ahead away from their nests," Sko said flying up to me so I floated across a gap between the bends in the mountains and to the next one, espying a few trees growing on the side of the mountain I passed by first. Yet, not one of them followed when we got past the first bend. I heard distant screeches behind us as I settled to the ground.
 "Not too far now," Sko said floating off the side of the cliff and looking down the line.
  "What else has settled here that I should know about?" I asked.
  "Those," Sko said pointing at the mountain we were near and there were small cat like animals with a human or monkey gait and build. They were clothed in loin cloths and looking at me completely focused on my moves.
 "Mountain Caits, right?" I questioned.
 Sko nodded, "Not as much a threat as the Griffins."
 "There goes my hopes of getting to Primeon without incident. And that quarry ahead of us is perfect for ambush if the goblin tribes still have a hold over this section," I said looking down the path and the next bend. It was indeed not a bend around a mountain but around a quarry of cluttered jagged rocks.
 "Look there," Sko said pointing at the mountain behind the rock quarry and I tuned my vision zooming up and saw a thick white furred and hoofed creature.
 "Hey, a mountain goat," I said and I noticed we had more Caits watching so I bade Sko on. He then led the way on around back on the line of and up around the quarry. I could sympathize why we did not meet many merchants on the way through here. I saw though with relief that a few more mountains separated us from the base of Belone.
 Then I turned to look down into the ravine and there was a dolphin with gray flapping wings. It did not emit a sound when I looked at it until when it swooped around flitting about the air with a few high pitched clicks. It was joined by other dolphins from below and down into the river I saw them emerge and dive into from time to time.
 "Amazing! Now all we need are a few other creatures and we're all set," I reflected and looked back at the quarry and found myself staring into the eyes of a large beast probably nine or more feet tall. It seemed to almost be a lion, as it had a sort of mane and face like it. The creature was dressed in a crudely stitched vest which draped down to it's knees.
 "Um we were just passing through," I said to it with a smile though I felt a bit uneasy.
 It gave a grunt and tromped away down the way we came and I let out a deep sigh of relief, "How about we get to Primeon before something else happens?"
 Sko nodded looking after the big creature and we started off, thankfully reaching Mt. Belone without much more incident. Although, I did see a few goblins with pikes upon the top of one of the mountains. There was also screeching near another one.
 The entrance to the tunnel which would lead into Primeon was slightly obscure because several stones had fallen afore it. I didn't need to move them so we started into the cave. The mouth of it was large indeed and just inside we could smell a musty smell of dirty compressed hot air aged from inside the mouth. Then, inside the mouth was circular and smooth brown stone yet had a few bumps and cracks at some points. At the craggy base of Belone, the path came by at a straight and widened line and continued off into the mountains. Then suddenly, I sensed the old cow-dragon creature some distance off and closing.
 "He is coming Sko, make haste, we need to lure it inside," I said looking up into the sheer rise of the mountain into the gloom of fog toward the sky.
 We passed into the mouth and down an incline until we were level with a passage of stone blocks lining it all around. The passage was dull white, with many of it's stones chipped and fallen to pieces that added some piles of rubble here and there. We arrived at a gate which was a stone wall that met the walls of the cave all around except at the ground, where the portcullis and double wooden door met there in the center. Sko made a lift motion at the portcullis and it rose with a loud screeching metal upon metal sound. Yet the screeching continued after it stopped and I looked behind and the screeching came down through the tunnel.
 "Release the demons. Take it," I cried and several devils of all sorts of shapes and sizes appeared in a crowd at the entrance end to the tunnel.
 Sko had meanwhile got the first gate opened and bats started spewing from inside. I gasped as the smell from inside gave way to me with thick air. There was human and non human remains strewn between the next part of the tunnel and the next gate.
 The bats must have come from the higher up windows of the gates where the guards of old would watch the tunnel. I thought of what other creatures inhabited the mountain. Then something knocked me over and I immediately sprung back up. I saw swooping around was what looked like a cross between a hawk and a dragon, yet retaining the outward shaped of a hawk. It was longer, though, in length as a dragon and having a long shinny feathery tail.
 I did not have the time for this and I heard loud multiple screeching from back up the tunnel so I gestured at the dragon hawk and yelled, "Paralysis!" It dropped down to the ground with a thump, twitching.
 "The door, Sko," I told the Masprit and Sko made a lifting motion at the next gate and the portcullis lifted but stopped halfway, the mechanism stuck. I ducked under it and willed the inner door unlock and open, which it did. I rushed, as the wind, into the tunnel but was immediately stopped ahead by several large rodents sleeping in the way between some rubble.
 "I don't have time for this," I shouted waking them up and I stormed through them stepping on one making it squeak. They all scattered away from me as I passed up to the next large double doors. I didn't hear any screeching coming from down the tunnel as I had heard and I turned back to Sko saying, "Hold him while I get into the Sky Room.
 "Ias? You're going to need to confront this anyways," Sko called to me.
 "When I get to the Sky Room," I called back and turned my attention onto the door and willed it open whereas it cracked and burst open. In return, a heavy stagnant air assaulted me and I stood face to face with a ball of energy.
 "Stop!" I cried at it and it froze as I went by the crumbling stone hallway with crumbling tables and chairs along the sides with four doors evenly spaced on each side. A few tattered faded cloth banners hung from the top but I didn't take in anything else and oriented on the far door at the end of the hallway. Before I got to the second set of hallway door blobs of goo rose from the cracks into the ground and confronted me shaping into human shapes. My frustration and anxiety caused me to unleash my wrath upon them vaporizing them into the air.
 I made for the door at even pace whilst I heard faint screeches become more sheer as well as louder and closer. Then, I got to the door and flung it crashing open. It was quite a large door taking up half the wall, and I entered the circular room that extended upward to the top of the mountain. I immediately turned around facing the splintered door and backed to the center of the room and said in a whisper, "Let Sidge come Sko."
 I saw something move down the hall in the tunnel and everything was quiet. Then I saw the creature enter the hallway huffing deeply and it looked down the hall and saw me and immediately screed. With a lurch, it was bounding toward me and as it reached the door it took a leap and was instantly on top of me.
 I was swallowed again and subjected to a bout of sexual bliss again over the bumpy yet squishy smooth descent into Sidge's stomach. I immediately stepped over the folds of his stomach and picked up the ruby which glowed as I picked it up. Concentrating, I set up a barrier on the exits out of the sky room and sent my thoughts to the creature, "Sidge? You can't escape this room Sidge."
 I sensed the creature's thoughts such as how does he know my name and what does he mean I can't escape, whereas I felt an abrupt jerk and whirl o the stomach. The whole of it started to jiggle and jerk me around a bit but suddenly stopped followed by waves of shock starting around me and from outside the creature and above. I could hear a gurgling scree. I attuned my senses outside seeing through the creature's eyes. I was faced with the doorway it crashed through and the creature now smacked an invisible barrier because his claw ricocheted off the air there. The creature's thoughts were hostile and his stomach bubbled and gurgled all around the folds straightening and the whole slowly expanding and contracted slightly.
 "How would you like contentment for the rest of your days?" I thought to him. The thoughts resounded back to me as: I want to get out! I want to get out!
 This slightly put me off, but I knew the creature wasn't going to learn this time so I teleported outside it and sat down at the opposite side of the room from the door I crashed through. I watched the creature's belly sway and jiggle in amusement as it slammed and swiped the barrier and grunted and screed at it. Then there was a gurgle and it whimpered.
 I lifted the barrier and the creature butted the barrier with his horns. He found it gone so exited bounding away, and I looked down the passage and went down it and toward the second inner gate.
 "Sko?" I asked and turned my attention to him as he appeared.
 "Yes, Ias," Sko said.
 "I'd give him five or ten minutes," I said.
 "The demons?" Sko asked looking at the exiting dragon.
 "Didn't notice them but now that I think of it they were not there. Given that they are not physical to eat per say. Come to think of it, I didn't pay attention to what he has eaten yet the ruby is supposed to dissolve and reanimate whatever he eats isn't it?" I explained to Sko.
 He shrugged looking back at me, It seems it would be but honestly all this to get him as...?"
 "Pseudo Dragon, a pet. He needs to be trained that our relationship is mutual. I'd give him a few more times, I'm hoping," I said to Sko.
 Sko nodded, "Sort of a Mascot?"
 I grinned at Sko, "I've kind of liked to have a dragon as a pet still."
 "For belly and stomach purposes," Sko said indifferently to me.
 "Perhaps, yet a familiar isn't too bad," I replied but as I said that I realized how fruitless I was being and I looked at Sko with a smile.
 "What?" Sko asked.
 "Register my thoughts," I told him and I thought about having Sko as my familiar and had pictures of the creature Sidge in my mind, giving him further details.
 Sko laughed, "A solution good enough?"
 "Just a pole that I might climb from time to time," I told Sko and I outstretched my hand toward the passage and leaving dragon and said, "Acqio Stomach Ruby!" Immediately a red ruby materialized in front of me and I gripped it identifying it as the stomach ruby that was inside of Sidge.
 "True, after all this is pure experimentation and speculation," Sko commented.
 I turned to him still holding the ruby and I looked around thoughtfully considering my surroundings, "No, it's not necessarily that. It isn't entirely make believe anyway. But down to business and have fun with my angels later."
 "What business should we attend to?" Sko said to me. I looked at him with an indifferent expression and decided to let him have a say,
 "You are my assistant or, well, that may be still subservient so how about my partner. Anyways what do you suggest," I said smiling as Sko balked at me.
 "Well... I... I..." Sko sputtered back at me.
 "Assume form at will," I said and Sko nodded and became a foggy translucent humanoid form before me.
 "What do you suggest we do?" I posed the question again.
 Sko looked around the Skyroom and made a motion with his head to the right and said, "Here's a good place as any you haven't been here in a while."
 "No I haven't," I replied and I examined the dark Skyroom seeing it went up and up into the darkness, "Illuminate," I said.
 The whole of the room nearest me responded by erupting into light. The Skyroom seemed to be in bad shape with water drops falling down from above where the illumination ended. The walls had spots that had missing blocks of whole crumbling sections. Along the ground, were piles of rubble and earth and the storm drain at the center had half the grate bashed in and rusted over.
 "What should be fixed?" I mused aloud.
 "I will start on the walls," Sko said and floated off the ground and to the wall where the section had started to crumble.
 "I'll join you in a second, let me sweep the floor," I told Sko and went to work at it. After I had fixed the floor, I joined Sko in fixing the walls. I was more focused when I thought while I worked. I pondered over the dragon, Sidge, who had left us and the turn of events. It was but for lust that I wanted him as a pet but I already had a familiar in Sko and quite a familiar he was.
 I had a notion to assume Sidge's form and see what it felt like. I'd assumed serpent forms as well as dragon forms before but not like this. I was out of practice as well.
 I was a little concerned as to what we would find here as we cleaned up the mess. I was the prospective mortal immortal but it was these thoughts that reminded me of my still part of mortality. Yet, I was half breed and I knew neither would or probably could fully accept me. It seems I only had Sko, for what it was worth. I realized a point in that I didn't consider Sko much, yet he was an independent familiar who had stuck with me and came to me and performed admirably. I felt obliged to give something back to him but what?
 "Sko," I said.
  "Yes," he replied from on the opposite wall. We had risen quite a ways above the floor. The illumination followed us and the walls didn't look any better on the way up.
 "If there's anything I can do to give something back. You've been beyond good to me, it's indescribable," I told him.
 Sko was quiet so I went back to applying the metagic and restoring the wall at it quickly restored before my eyes.
"Demons..." Sko suddenly said making me jump.
"What?" I asked with a slight uneasy smile on me. I turned around and my smile vanished and my heart dropped out of my body. Sko had assumed a dark misty shadow in the light, a typical demon form
 "Am I a demon? It's what you fear isn't it?" Sko rasped.
 I looked at the shade for a moment then I realized that this was his own doing so I smiled heartily and said, "Behemoth is a demon. No, I don't mind demons. I told you you could assume anything you want."
 I turned away and sighed and continued to work on the wall whereupon after a few minutes Sko said from behind me "Don't worry, I don't need anything. I will stay with you till I am no longer able."
 I looked over my shoulder and saw he was back in his previous form.
 "Thanks," I said looking back to my work.
 We finished the Skyroom, after to what my guess seemed to be an hour. There was a large stone boulder blocking the way up but we removed it, and the night sky opened up above us. We were soon at the top of the mountain, at the top of the battlements of the tower ring. The view was breathtaking to me. There expanding in all directions was a sea of clouds nearest the mountain and ringing the base some ways below, finally ending in a sea of green.
 Then from the clouds shot a dark patch which ascended up straight for the tower. I immediately ducked and it flew right overhead and off the other way.
 "What is it Sko?!" I said.
 Sko looked at it as it came closer and as it made another close brush with the tower Sko said, "You know that boulder we destroyed?"
 I felt my limbs go cold, "Oh no! It had a nest atop it."
 "Yep," Sko replied.
 I jumped into the hole and enjoyed the fast free-fall, alighting just as I reached the bottom settling gently down.
 Sko joined me soon after, "I put the boulder and nest back."
 I sighed relief, "Thanks Sko, and for the foresight. Ugh. What next? North South West or East passages?"
 "How about we go to the entrance and repair the doors and passage tunnel there?" Sko suggested.
 "Ah... Good idea," I said, though I was starting to feel tedium at the task.
 We made our way, opening the newly repaired south doorway. We were met by a creature that was one of those large rodents but it squeaked and ran the way into the tunnel and hid behind one of the stone piles. I slowly moved on and to the stone piles and saw a hole near it. I tapped the rubble on both sides and it vanished, so I turned my attention to the state of the stone bricked tunnel. It was covered in grime and tarnished, bits of white did show through but I was only worried about the broken and crumbling parts for now.
 "We have no need to repair the hole at the bottom," I told Sko.
 "Only the damaged parts." Sko said.
 "Don't cover up any holes up above or anywhere here. Next will be the doors and only to repair hinges, door itself, and the outer frame in such a way all down the tunnel until the stone passageway ends," I explained.
 We set to work repairing the crumbling passageway and the gates. Ere we got through the inner gate, the Dragon Gryphon swooped at us again. We backed into the section before the main entrance and repaired that instead of going on.
 "I don't want to upset the animals that are already here," I said to Sko.
 "Maybe if we go invisible we can repair around it. There must be a nest or the thing is protecting it's home," Sko replied and I nodded so we went invisible the rest of the way, repairing the first gate and the tunnel between it and the inner gate.
 As we moved up the tunnel toward the entrance, I could hear thunder echoing outside, "It's a good thing we're inside."
 We finished the tunnel and returned to the Skyroom.
 Primeon consisted of several floors which I knew about even before awakening the Altimentor in me. The floor we were on was the general convening floor and had four rooms square in each corner of the fortress between the halls. Each end to the north, west, and east gave way to a tower and stairs, which gave access to the other floors. In the old times, the groups of the four rooms were labeled block A, B, C, and D and given such by designation and this was the floors in general.
 The floors underneath the first floor started with a floor dedicated to training and experimentation and included a set of labs. The next two floors included the stores both of weapons, food, clothing, etc.
 The floor above the first one held barracks and command posts for the soldiers which once guarded the fortress. Also, the southern end opened up and had double reinforced stone tunnels, which lead down to the two gates into their interior posts.
 The Third floor held libraries, studies, and record archives as well as a block section for special archives.
 The fourth and final floor held bedrooms, private offices, and other rooms of that sort. The stairwells on the north, west, and east ends continued upwards into towers which had combined posts, stores, and barracks themselves for the sentries which would be posted there.
 A stairway started above the second floor at the south end and made its own turret.
 The only differing floor is the fourth basement floors. This floor was a dungeon and had at each block one single room with three smaller blocks having cells while a fourth one is the jailer's room.
 A secret passage led to the rooms of the top tower. The top tower itself held the bedroom of the commander of the fortress. It was beside the bed and was a movable part of the wall accessed by pulling at a brick. It had a passage that led down and to an escape route to the mountain's base. Another passage from there also led up above the keep, circling around the Sky room into the tower rooms section.
 The reconstruction of Primeon while being careful not to disturb any resident creatures took several weeks and had several incidents. Yet, the stories I have of those incidents are tellable anytime.
 There was one room upstairs in the bedroom which had a pendant in the shape and resemblance of an emerald green dragon eye. This pendant of the dragon eye had a unique summoning ability. It was a summoning that put the summonee into a state of forced intimacy, a summoning love potion.
 I knew exactly who I wanted to summon for such a duration. I also considered the potency and duration and found that I could use the summoning Gem an unlimited amount of times, being an Altimentor. I could also increase it's duration but I decided to leave it as it is. I found the main duration of intimacy to be one day with potential lasting effects that depends on the summonee.
 I was going to summon Sidge yet not in the bedroom. I moved down into the Sky room and bringing the gem above me and calling at it, "I summon Sidge."
 A great green light burst forth from it and showered down to the ground forming the outline, then the form and color of the dragon cow Sidge. I took the gem and let it down and looked at the creature.
 It looked at me and immediately came up to me and nuzzled me at my side. I took my free hand, and holding the gem in the other, caressed the rough yet furry top of it's head.
 "Was you mother or father a cow?" I asked the creature.
 "I don't know about my father. My mother is a dragon so I am a dragon." The creature hissed softly.
 I didn't doubt that fact and the fact his form might not go over well with other dragons, "How do you like other dragons?"
 The creature snorted at my side, "They had fun with me at first, sort of a play of youth. Then when you get older, females just don't come near you and I don't feel entirely right around them either."
 I felt slightly guilty at the summoning love spell and I almost cast the gem down the grate in the room. Yet I snapped my fingers at the creature and moved away as it was released from the spell. It looked lost for a moment then gave a grumble upon seeing me and backed up against the wall looking at me warily.
 "I will get you a mate," I said stamping my foot at the creature.
 It looked square at me and I felt a wave of understanding from it.
 "When?" It hissed and I blinked surprised at such a quick response.
 "I'll start now, there may be one on this world," I tried helpfully and the creature moved a few steps from the wall toward me. I unfortunately knew with hardly even using my senses that one did not exist there. Then, from what I knew of animals, a mate may not want to mate. Animals, at least some, choose whom to mate with.
 I looked at Sidge and squarely told him, "None on this world. Yet . . ." I looked at Sidge already my form was changing, incited by me. I willed myself like Sidge in form only yet not in mind.
 The female genitalia additions challenged me slightly. Sidge being a dragon cow had several stomachs of a cow, yet had the one large main dragon stomach that let into the other stomachs. The bulk was heavy and my abdomen bottomed out and I moved on all fours to gain slight balance and tried to sit back on my butt and toppled right over. I felt my tummy and it was ruffed fur and my paunch was two times flabby and dense to the touch and feel.
 I played with the bulk of it enjoying myself, finding it to be quite jiggly, almost a balloon filled with water. My demeanor and my state stayed the same and I was immune to the hormone change which would take down my ferocity yet increase my susceptibility and feeling.
 I in fact got up onto all fours, the knowledge filling in and walked not so wobbly up to a wide eyed Sidge. I pushed my body along the side of his and taking his face by my two paws and looking at him and his unsure expression saying, "Hi, Sidge, how are you?"
 I gave him a light swat at the side of the face and laughed. He chuckled back uneasily, so I put my paw on his neck and on his bulk and brought him down to the ground. I pressed my bulk smoosh onto his and licked him on the muzzle giving a grin, which I imagined was a toothy one.
 I had to arouse his organs and relieve him of his surprise but his instincts finally took over. He wrestled me into submission sort of lightly locking his jaws on my neck. Then, the cow-dragon gave me a penetration yet the genitals were for show, though the penetration was indeed a new startling thing. I jumped and felt like a warm wet object was inching quickly back and forth in me.
 He broke away after a while and rolled slightly away but still looked at me and finally said a light hiss of thanks. I nodded slowly and looked up into the dark Sky room quite unsure of myself but I smiled and shrugged looking back over at Sidge. I rubbed my hand or claw as it was over his rough yet dense bulk of a paunch and he hissed with a satisfaction. His belly was rough yet it had a slack quality and was all in all a warm jiggly pillow.
 The experimenting labs and that whole level of Primeon had some interesting devices, one which I found the most interesting. It was a sort of dragon compass. On the top of a metal pin sat a figurine of a dragon. One placed the tip on a metal dish with the figurine in the air . Then the whole pin would move toward any dragon with the figurine floating atop the dish pointing to it. The compass could even flip upside down leaving the rest of to tip over the whole way without leaving the center.
 Ere I took this out when Sidge was near, it lined up with him. I got too close and the pin flipped upside down floating still a line with the pointed tip stationary and the dragon figurine pointing at Sidge. The whole thing couldn't be more than the size of my hand.
 The dragon compass was just one of the many items of the fortress experimentation levels. The compass stopped pointing at Sidge suddenly and flipped over snapping toward the south door of the Sky room then back at Sidge. Multiple dragons, I sensed that one just flew across the sky over the mountain.
 I turned my attention back to the experimentation level. It was fixed with many wards and traps. This did explain the fact that, even though everything was coated with dust, it was largely undisturbed. In a small side vault in one of the rooms, I found one of my favorite items I like to carry around. It was a rod of silver slightly larger than me. It's power was almost too great for a mortal soul to handle and it almost had a life of it's own. I arranged to have Sko embed himself to this Silver Rod giving it a double ethereal glow.
 A medley of other trinkets were synth imbued weapons and armor. Although I didn't mind going naked, I selected a heavy blue robe with light blue embroidery along the edgesin a sort of square line square pattern. This robe had almost extreme protection yet the feature that I liked the most was that because of my presence near it the robe near absorbed anything touched to it. It had two inner concealed pockets which I put a few other trinkets in. One was the trinket I summoned Sidge with, and the other was a dragon repellent gem that when invoked would generate a shield against dragon and dragon breath. This was called the Dragon Bane Rithem.
 The piece which made me move relieved and anxious was sort of sliced in half blue triangle gem, with faucets too numerous to count that gave it a type of rise on both sides. This gem was an attempt at accessing dimensions from Pranoke and suddenly many dimensions opened up before me. There were rooms unused in Primeon. I wondered if I could take one room and use it as a dimension, yet I decided to hold it off for now. There was many a thing to be done on Pranoke itself. I put the dragon compass parts in the pockets.
 I had stories of adventuring around Pranoke yet I still had Primeon to consider first and it's adventures.
 Sidge had five Stomachs and the fifth one took up a great section of it's abdomen. Seemingly, it was a type of overgrowth that was somehow mixed from his mother and father. I speculated that Sidge's father was bovine and some type of bull. I wondered how that bull had forked such a potentially dangerous creature as Sidge's mother was.
 Yet, Sidge had a natural pot belly and I considered him a special breed called Pot belly dragon. I liked it and Sidge. The creature was quiet yet sensible. It took up residence in the Sky room and kept it quite neat and deposited it's wastes down the grate. It did not constitute to a smell being the drain went too far below the keep at a substantial straight drop. I only worried that the grate would collapse so I reinforced it with synth and steel.
 Being the hybrid creature that it was, Sidge had a voracious appetite soaring upwards to near and sometimes greater than near a ton of food.
 Feeding time was interesting, and I say this because I like such thoughts about stomachs and the upper GI tract. I find it quite a sexual and personal fetish. Coupled with the idea that I was fat, and that I liked the creature's large abdomen, I usually awaited Sidge's feeding time with an instilled anxiety close to exhilaration.
 I fed him royally and made a particular bread dough with an odor and taste of meat, mixed with grains to satisfy both the dragon and the bovine side.
 Usually, I would become the feminine form of Sidge and carry a gigantic platter topped with several pounds of this stuff and set it down beside where he laid. He usually was laying around about this time, though. I let him wander as he pleased, yet he was usually on schedule. Then, as soon as he got there, he was standing waiting. He immediately laid down because I laid down right in front of him parallel, and made sure my stomach and belly pushed comfortably into his. I would put one arm around his abdomen for leverage, and whilst he had his head up, he looked at the dish I fed him with smiles of deep infatuation.
 The globs of dough were about half the size of his head and I presented him with a glob and watched how he ate it and swallowed it. I make a point of rubbing his belly a few seconds after he swallowed it at which point he rumbled and closed his eyes as I rubbed for a moment. He then would opened them, accepting another morsel. It wasn't the same steady process all the time. He would belch, he would rumble he would lick his chops, he even without warning sometimes regurgitate some of it. Though it rarely made a bit of mess, I figured such was a bovine reflex possibly happened at occasions when I wasn't even there or which I didn't notice.
 Usually he'd get full to a certain respect and his stomach would become firm enough that his belly would rub up against me and push me away a bit. I had to retreat, shifting back as I knew it was uncomfortable.
 The feedings were at intervals throughout the day and I was usually back later feeding him more. I loved it continuously and I rubbed his belly with full enjoyment and affection.
 Rarely, there would be a role reversal as such whereas he'd feed me but it has happened once or twice ere he wasn't too drugged with the food. He told me a couple of times when I was to feed him that he loved the baked dough because I did bake it.
 If he would feed me in turn I sort of took it, though I was a little reluctant the first time. The second time I just pushed up against him and faced him with my talon-hoof around the bottom back of his neck.
 He'd feed me at a slightly faster rate than Id feed him and my stomach in mockery would feel fuller quicker. Then, as a result, I didn't need my body organs sending me the contented blissfulness that I seemed to feel from a full stomach. I felt them otherwise. It was a sensual dream of it's sense but oh a good one. Sidge did not rub my belly and even pushed against me making it quite uncomfortable. The first few times were quite awkward but we soon became deeper and more intimate, telling each other bits and pieces about ourselves. Sidge dreamt of meeting one like me and I told him about how I had wanted to be intimate with such a big bellied creature.
 Sko and I descended the steps into the darkened passage of the experimental floor, the first time we'd ever descended into it. I wanted to get a good look at it. Yet ere we descend the stairs and came into the main hall, we were stopped by a triangular faced and bodied cat-like creature. It had drooping swords for ears and a cape over its back. We were invisible and using a low level one yet the creature saw us.
 "Uh welcome sirs, it has been eons since we were last visited down here. I represent the head of the guardian protectors of this level of Primeon. We protect Primeon and especially this level. The others you may meet, I protect this level especially. Yet your power is great . . ."
 I interrupted, "If we are interrupting what is naturally in place then we will return to the upstairs." I turned to leave.
 "No, we yield to your power. I am Debacho, a Sprite Cait. The Dragon-hawk you met at the gate is called Vigaush. Gesh guards this level, he is a troll, and old dangerous yet gifted weapon maker. The lower two levels are guarded by Elaejia and Nellms, two Cadis Draks. The whole compound is protected by reigning masprits totaling five. These few more so defend us from magical interference and general assault. We have had many guardians perish from age or they have deserted. We have tried recruiting others, including those giant rats you seen at the entrance. We have a bat rat upstairs called Redalis whom wandered in here. She's more an alarm than anything being as small as she is she is a natural enemy of Vigaush," Debacho told me.
 "What about that black bird at the central tower?" I asked.
 "That is a Grouyver and it has nested there for the season. Very large night hawk type bird. We've tolerated her because she defends her nest," Debacho responded.
 "Anyone looking after the meeting room level?" Sko asked.
 "I was, you haven't really looked at it though," Debacho pointed out.
  "No, we have decided to look at the state of the other levels. I can imagine how the meeting room looks," I replied.
 "Well then..." Debacho struggled.
  "Ias," I replied.
 "Right, Ias, our new lord, we must have you meet our other guardians. As you realize, there's not many who wish to be inside all the time like this," Debacho said.
 "No, yet Ill find some mayhap, yet I'm only going to improve damages, no more so to improve the state in general. The natural balances of this world are merely in place yet who were the guardians that are gone?" I replied to Debacho.
 "There was an old sorceress by the name of Karen Kavenshire, somewhat of the Maginean race. Very Knowledgeable and a great record keeper. She used to look over the library. Eckstal who was akin to a neat tidy intelligent race. Eckstal kept up the upstairs quarters." Debacho explained.
 "What about the guards?" Sko asked.
  "The entrance is from the second floor and includes the main command post. Also, there are barracks or siege barracks at the four towers and the two gates," Debacho said.
 "Thanks, Debacho, lets go meet the guardians then," I said with a smile.
 "Will do," Debacho said alighting into the air, and turning away, floated down the hallway choked with an unkempt air. It had an old rotting flesh smell that I imagined would turn the stomach of much else.
 We skirted around the center of the hallway where the hallway circled around the supposed lower level of the Sky room. Then we were in the eastern hallway, dotted by two sets of double doors on each side. These were equidistantly positioned to each other evidently leading to four rooms off of the halls.
 Debacho floated up to the far right double door and they swung inward from him and he passed inside. Sko went before me and we went into a room covered in soot over stone brick. In the center was a large forge with a large heat hood hovering over it. This gave way to a pipe which vented to the far east wall and into it.
 Elsewhere, hanging on the walls and littering the floors were weapons and devices of metal. Several metal chairs were in between the trinkets about the room. Beside the billows was a trough about the size of the stone forge and hanging about the forge were hammers, billows, and other blacksmith tools.
 On a chair aside the forge, leaning up against it with one elbow to prop him up, was Gesh. He was asleep and snoring audibly. He was a pudgy creature, big and green, his skin rough and gnarled. His legs were long and so was his nose. He had gray hair and a few warts on his face. He wore a loin cloth around his waist and which stretched out to his knees yet I could still see his dick under there. He was dirty as well as old, lightly coated with ash which made him look a darker green.
 "Gesh," Debacho said.
 I nodded and said, "Gesh, Troll weapon maker. Has made weapons for mentors, kings, and warriors alike free of charge as long as one has many raw ores and rare metals and celestial metals available to him, also makes armors."
 Debacho stared full on at me, "How?"
 "He does know everything even though he is limited linearly. He just likes to keep silent for the audience," Sko explained for me and I nodded.
 I turned to Gesh and sang, "Wake up Gesh."
 The troll woke up and stumbled to his feet, "What the slivers?!"
 "Gesh, we have new masters," Debacho said.
 I didn't wish Debacho to get away with that so I became visible, "No, Debacho. I'm not here to disrupt per say. Primeon is almost a lost cause. I'd best direct the powers that be to revive this. Anyways, you Gesh and the rest are free."
 Gesh bore his eyes into me, "What?!"
 "Gesh, this is an Altimentor, Ias," Debacho told Gesh.
 The troll became wide awake at this, "Forgive my sluggishness, I was unawares."
 I was impressed with his new attitude, "Maybe I could put you to some use. I'd make my own grounds outside. I'm not sure how I'd use your skill."
 "Whether or not I see my products in use I am happy to make any and everything if I have the materials and they are raw enough... And I gotta' shit!" The troll said and went out through the door we came through and to the right. The last part caught me off guard and I stared out the door after him.
 Debacho hovered up and faced me, "I'd still like to stay with you if I may?" Debacho said, his expression imploring at me.
 I looked at Sko and he looked at Debacho, "Yes, Actually he was going to band together his old team if he can find them. There's some that won't necessarily stay in the Silver stream all the time. Explorers and helpers a like. It's up to you if you want to help with such a task?"
 "Yes, of course," Debacho said with a nod.
 "Then, I'll give you a task. I need you to tell the others what has happened. Sko, you resurrect Zeck and Slas and inform them. I need Nellms and Elaejia and Redalis, Vigaush, Gesh on my team. I will get Sidge myself. There remains the task of Alvin Abernous, Wovelmlos, and Eckstal which I will talk with all ere we get everything started.
 "There are more, no doubt, yet those for now. Don't worry about talking to Gesh, I'll explain things to him ere he gets back. And, oh yes, there is a full dragon of whose name I forget... Sedas!" I conveyed to them.
 "Then I shall see to it," Debacho said and vanished.
 Sko winked and was gone himself.
Chapter 2 - The Mountain Caits
 The Silver stream was an endless stream of a sea of silver cast upon its own dimension. Walking upon the Silver Stream, the Sky would be mirrored above and below me as I myself would be. I would also float upon it and the stream itself walking on the liquid silver it was. The liquid silver that would invariably swallow up any other creature that set foot upon it. That is, unless I myself allowed the creatures to walk upon it.
 I kept the Silver stream inside of a glass orb inside my robe. The glass orb itself looked to contain mercury but had a shinier luster that was true liquid silver, less dangerous, and would slosh around when I would shake it. Then, by touching it I could go into it, meshing into it. Thus, the only homing link the Silver Stream had to keep it grounded was Pranoke Moon itself, and Primeon being a secondary antenna aside from Pranoke.
 The Silver stream also had another trait and which was, besides being a dimension, it was a dimensional plane, linking to other worlds. Through it, I could better come to the worlds I hoped to visit eventually. I could also create structures and implements, even creatures from the Stream itself. These creations would rise from and be shaped from the Silvery Liquid. Yet, when drank, the Silver Liquid from the stream gave immortality.
 I stood tossing the Orb up into the air and caught it amusing myself slightly in that it shimmered each time I threw it and caught it.
 Meanwhile, Gesh returned as I was about to toss it over my head again and he stopped at the doorway, "What is that you got there?"
 "The Silver stream," I looked at him grinning slightly.
 "That? What is the Silver Stream, really?" Gesh pointed at the Glass Orb.
 I gripped the orb and held it in my fist at eye level, "A time as well as a place."
 "Wow, you are a master craftsman yourself," Gesh revered coming into the room and before me.
 I looked him over a glance again, "You know, I have the capacity to take on any form."
 Gesh went aback, "Not a troll now, I couldn't stand competition."
 "No, this world has plenty of human and furry anthropomorphic. I have been a human for most of my past life before I died and was an incarnate, and had ascended to this. Since a Fox is so popular and mostly elusive, part of the Weasel Family...," I relayed to Gesh.
 "You would," Gesh looked at me gaping.
 I spun around in place for a few moments not getting dizzy one bit. My hairy humanity swirled around me, and bristles of a coat of fur replaced it already collecting additional warmth. Then, appeared my appendage of a tail, uniquely different but not unusual, if it weren't for becoming a Female Cow-Dragon for Sidge. My face elongated to a muzzle and my nose went wetter. My ears picked up to a point, and moved up over my, head filtering in more dimensions of sound than human capacity could even do without other aid. Claws and Paws, padded feet made up my hands, my feet still remaining larger than my hand paws, but both went even more sensitive to touch. This gave me some comfortable cushioning feeling even better than humanly cushioned feet and hands. I stood upright shakily at first when I stopped spinning in place, then gained my confidence to stand straight tall again.
I had shapeshifted completely, physically to a wood fox fully furred with brown fur and short brown hair on my head. The hair trailing down to my mid-neck at the back, but kept up otherwise around the other sides of my head and really receded at the front. Then, it was replaced by my brown fur there on my forehead. Here, I kept my brown eyes that were now keen to sense and colors as my surroundings.
 All around me, detail now filtered in more vibrantly and rich, with natural detail. My ethereal skills being an Altimentor, filtered in to me again, opening the Universe up once more.
 "Ah," I merred, licking a paw with my roughened tongue and brushing my tail-tip bringing it a shinier brown. "Now, I'll see what this stuff can really do," I exclaimed in the regular tongue so Gesh could understand me.
 "I do admit, you do look slicker. Not all that slimier though," Gesh made a remark pointing at my paunch which was still sticking out as usual on my abdomen.
 "Oh well, I don't consider that I am fat... anyways... let's not stand around here. Were to meet the resurrected. You got to look nice," I jibed at Gesh.
 He folded his arms across his chest, "Look who's talking, if you weren't furry, you would be naked."
 I looked down at myself and saw that the robe had fallen off in a heap around me feet. I picked it up and promptly put it on and looked back at Gesh with my hands on my hips. He chuckled so we went out and back upstairs at the stairwell on the side nearest the armory. The closest meeting hall to the south west side of the main floor of Primeon. It was just a movement down the hall toward the Sky room, and out into the west or south hallway before going into the doors to the meeting hall.
 Sidge was slightly awake there though his eye lids were nearly closed and he was situated, leaning back up against the near wall as we came in. His billowing paunch went up between his legs and trailed out onto the floor.
 "It's Ias, Sidge," I told him as he was giving me a long stare 'ere we opened the door and walked in.
 He sighed with a wide toothy grin and nestled back against the wall linking his claws across his belly, A mess of bats came down from above and I just about caught all of them."
 He belched as he finished his contented statement. I saw indeed that swooping about aimlessly were a couple of them, black bats, flying back and forth. They were trying to find a way out and screeching in vain. This is what concerned me, as how they got in from above, but I knew it must've been through the vent windows near the top of the Skyroom. The nighthawk that nested there must have bothered them.
 Sko formulated in the room looking exactly the same, in all foxy form as I did.
 He said, "You have the ability but you don't have the experience and experience is much more prevalent than intellect because you have as much intellect as you want."
 "That's why I didn't know about the influx of bats from above. Well in any event let us go to the meeting room," I relayed to Sko.
 "Heh hey," Sidge said sitting up.
 "Oh there I go again, where's Sedas anyways?" I asked Sko.
 "Look down," He said and I looked down at the dusty stone floor then through the huge grate in the middle. A claw slithered up through the bars and waved at me. Then another claw came and gripped the grate pushing it up and over on low hinges.
 A bronze dragon about the size of Sidge yet scaly and lither came up slowly slinking through the full opening the grate hole provided. She came up and aside the grate, and in a smooth motion threw it closed with a shrill shrieking clang.
 "So, it's true, got a live one here," Sedas said and shot a forearm and claw out and grasped hold of me, bringing me right up at the end of her snout.
 "What?" I stammered while taken quite aback with her action.
 "So, another intruder, good thing I got up here when I did," Her heated breath blasted me ruffling my fur to stand all up on end making me look jagged.
 "N... No, wait Sedas!" Debacho shouted materializing beside her head.
 "Oh... yeah. Just a minute, Debacho, I'll have this done," Sedas glanced over at Debacho saying and up ended me, throwing me into her mouth, and swallowing me whole. Her throat gripped and slid me down quickly making my fur wet and matted against me. I passed over a throbbing section of her gullet where her heart was. Still, it was warm, wet, and slippery and if I wasn't slightly startled from the quickness of being swallowed whole, I might have been ejaculating about then.
 I got stuck at the cardia inlet above her stomach entryway going feet first, the pair of cardias closed around my feet slightly massaging and tickling me. Then I was up to my waist in the cardias. I slid through and the cardia was closing and opening on my penis quickly arousing me but short of ejaculation. I slipped into her tummy rolling over in her stomach, through the various clear and white pools of goo and digestive juice. I fell over the folds to rest in the midst of her stomach. As a whole, her stomach was narrow on each side not filled with anything else to inflate it.
 I listened outside and suddenly her stomach shook tossing me into the air and back down onto the same spot. Then gurgling ensued above and then a furry creature's head poked through the cardia and I knew it to be Sko.
 "Is she crazy?" I said smiling and bringing my arms behind my head propping my head up as I laid against her stomach.
 Sko was quickly deposited upon the folds and ended up on top of me. He got slowly up and sat down next to me with his arms around his knees and looking at me, "What are you doing?"
 "I think I'm going to go asleep. Safe and secure, like in a mother's womb, 'cept this is in her stomach. Why did she swallow you?" I asked closing my eyes feeling the rhythm of the pulsating vessels and muscles of Sedas's Stomach, which caused juices to rain on me off and on. I listened to the gurgling and slurping of the opposite entrances of the stomach moving around, opening and closing.
 "Same reason she swallowed you evidently. She noticed me when I said, 'You don't be wanting to do that', so she says, 'Ah yes, another one. Indeed I do want to do that, It's sort of my job.'," Sko told me.
 Debacho materialized floating slightly above me, "Sorry about that, Ias. I explained things to her."
 "Haven't you been listening," Sko asked me.
 I threw up my hands, "I could've but I didn't." I looked past Sedas's Stomach and Body to the outside and saw that Gesh was standing by Sedas. She was near the opposite side of the room from Sidge, curled up resting her head on her fore talons looking not the least bit disturbed to me. I found this amusing considering what Debacho may have told her about me.
 "Well, alright then, we can do this anytime," I sat up confessing, disappointed at the same time.
 "Just going to phase through her to the outside?" Sko said.
 "Teleport?" Debacho asked indifferently.
 "No. Reverse action," I said giving a slight smirk looking around at the pink folds.
 "You mean," Debacho extorted wide eyed and immediately disappeared.
 Sko nodded at me and vanished as well and I struck the Dragon's stomach with a paw. The effect shook the whole organ with a quick rippling effect. Immediately, starting at the bottom the sides came rolling together and toward me catching me and propelling me upward. The cardia opened quickly to allow me fully through. Then her throat caught me and propelled me back up. I was shot out the top of her throat through her open maw and deposited in a pool of goo before her.
 Sedas coughed and gagged behind me and some more goo dripped from her mouth. As I stood up and shook myself off, she regained her composure breathing and coughing at first, then slowing down.
 "Ghagh, don't ever do that again," She gasped between coughs.
 "Sorry, I didn't want to really do that. I could've stayed inside. You don't ever know a dragon until you visit it's insides," I told her.
 "Ugh..." She emitted then dropped her head again to the ground with a sigh. Her whole body collapsed beneath her, sprawled out.
 I summoned some wind to dry myself off and brushed my fur down. Then I looked at Sedas, and clapping my hands together I shot revitalizing energy into her and she got back up shakily, "So it is true."
 "True enough," Gesh resounded and I looked over seeing that he was standing beside Sidge with his arms folded across his chest. Sidge, in turn, was laying on his belly with one foreleg propping up his head. He looked at Sedas with a smile and I could see a little twinkling there but I shrugged and looked at Sedas, "I guess we can have the meeting here."
 "Oh that," Sedas mused coming up to a sitting position and looked up and down taking in her surroundings again.
 Debacho and Sko materialized beside the grate to the west side of the Skyroom, "We told them."
 The doors behind Sko and Debacho creaked open and in came a small dragon pushed along from behind by another small dragon, trying to walk at the same time and stumbling all the way in. These two were very small versions of Sedas, except green scaled and chubby, especially the one of the two that was pushed in. They came to probably about six feet in length and four feet wide by three feet tall.
 "Oh yeah, we're here," The one pushing the other said.
 "Slas, I was going quick enough," the small dragon that was being pushed along protested.
 "Yeah, but at the rate you move, Zeck, you should just stay downstairs and sleep," the other dragon retorted coming up alongside the one it pushed into the room. I took in the knowledge that these were the twin Dwardras, Zeck and Slas, Male and Female.
 A set of what seemed like more twins came in. I recognized these as Cadis Draks Elaejia and Nellms, Female and Male, the forms of which stood close to seven feet tall. They were white rough and scaly as well as round and oval. This physique was not just totally oval but oval in sections separated by thin connecting flesh and bone, except for the long whip-like tail they had. Thus, this represented a cross between the different gene pools of dragons, experimented with by the dark elvish Drakknights to be used as steeds. The Knome scientists employed by the Dwarfs that built Primeon continued experimenting to perfect them. These two were the current unique Cadis Draks in the Universe as far as my knowledge spanned.
 Vigaush flew in landing on top of Sedas who looked up but didn't mind it. Vigaush, was a feathered dragon or a dragon-hawk about two feet in length by about a half foot in width and almost a foot tall.
 Redalis came slowly, warily in next, she was one of the giant mice, two feet tall standing up and about a foot wide, that I came across coming into Primeon. Apparently, she was supposed to be a bat but I saw that she had the ability to become either one.
 Then Eckstal, and I almost started toward her as the sight of her was of a clean fresh air running about the room. She hit the cross between a white furred donkey, horse, and dragon meshed up into an anthropomorphic mix with a certain perfection. She had blue hair that trailed down slightly below her shoulders. The blue hair tufted in her ears and blue eyes twinkled as she came in, about as warily as Redalis came in, trying not to meet anyone's eye contact. Her body was covered in white fur and her feet were hoofed. Her hands were in five fingers while her tail drooped to the ground almost dragging along. It was draconic with a white crest atop it.
 Abruptly, ten additional creatures piled in behind Eckstal startling her to take a few quick steps forward looking back at them spitefully. These creatures were all mirror matches of me and I looked at them.
 "The Sprites... oh... confusion," I said sighing and Sko nodded so I suffered a chuckle.
 I looked at Eckstal for a few moments, and I had to snap back to attention as everyone was looking at me except her.
 I gave a quick glance around blushing, "Okay... welcome. But really, I don't need to really sit here and tell you all what to do. Go ahead and go your own ways if you want."
 Eckstal looked up at me and tilted her head to her side. I couldn't help but smile at this and try to look away from her so I explained, "Primeon, unless it has interest from the Mortals, or unless I am going to make this a temple as I had considered in the past, is not going to be worth keeping up by me or anyone."
 "What Temple, why do you need a temple?" Nellms protested.
 "No particular reason. Really you all don't need to stay here at all. Primeon needs protection from itself rather than protection from those outside of it," I confided to them.
 "Oh no, I can't go, I know the library here inside and out. It's the last refuge of Karen Kavenshire's books, ones which might have been lost if it wasn't for those who are and were protecting it," Eckstal said.
 I picked up that it was more than her protecting Karen Kavenshire. The library was once a refuge from... and I stared at her shocked. The images of her screaming as she was being raped by dwarfs and other humanoids flashed through my mind. No...
 "Ah! I..." I exclaimed and closed my eyes looking down bringing my paw to shield my face.
 "Ias," Sko said coming forward to me and I held up a paw at him and looked back up again and around the room.
 "Um... I couldn't now," I said weakly.
 "You're reconsidering?" Debacho asked floating a little forward with his face aglow.
 I turned toward Gesh, "I take it this world could still use your exceptional art as well?"
 "I would appreciate the opportunity to see," Gesh responded with a similar glow to Debacho.
 I shook a paw at Gesh, "Time to see, then."
 Time wasn't very long in refitting Primeon to it's newness. All that it took was a few fittings here and a few fittings there, reinforcing the stone with new mortar and replacing a few sections of stone itself. Coupled with Maspritic help, I was able to engineer the repairs without troubling the protectors.
 I turned next to redo the synth sequences and renew the enchantments over Primeon. I had to scrap the previous enchantments to allow the new ones to take hold. Suddenly, as soon as I took the enchantments off, I felt a shudder in the whole structure. Then, I sensed what sounded like a hard bam upstairs and additional crashing.
 Then, I extended my senses upstairs and toward the west side where the feelings were coming from, and my heart beat faster and faster. Eckstal was up in her library and a giant worm had broken through the wall. It now threatened her, cornering her against the bookshelves at the north east corner of the Library.
 I shifted places, teleporting and was right there before the worm and her. It was dark brown and rough skinned with spines in rings around it all the way down it. It's bulk went through the library over the now many upset shelvings, into a big jagged hole in the big stone brick and dirt of the wall. It was about four feet in diameter up and down it's tubular body. At the front, it's face had no eyes and came to a rounded point. Four lines that started a little back from its front, went up to meet at the rounded point. This point made it's closed mouth.
 Eckstal cowered in the corner shaking and she let out a scream when the worm moved closer to her. Then it opened it's mouth dribbling saliva all over Eckstal. She suddenly squirmed and tried to crawl away but then a pink whip like portion darted out of it's mouth and wrapped around Eckstal. She was hoisted by it's tongue and it brought her up kicking and screaming into it's mouth, then closed all four flaps to meet in a point. The worm turned around at me and opened it's mouth again.
 I tilted my head to a side curious as I stared down the large tubular smooth gullet of the worm and saw the hand of Eckstal vanish down into it. I shrugged and took a good leap catapulting myself into it's mouth and slip slid down into it helped along by its throat muscles. I pushed along with my hands and feet to gain momentum to catch up with Eckstal and soon was just about on top of her. She was quiet now suddenly composed but still wide-eyed as she looked down ahead of her.
 We slipped through a narrow opening and fell slightly down with a bump, now in the Worms long tubular stomach. Around us, were piled full of various clumps of muddy dirt, taking up the half of the creature's stomach.
 Eckstal panted heavily and quickly, gazing up at me as she landed with me up toward the top of the stomach. She was a few steps down into it.
 A moment of silence ensued, and then she emitted a shaky response, "You know..."
 I looked down upon her and was surprised to find that her shock and fear looked to be loosening on the features of her face, "Now don't tell me you like this.
 "No, not like that but it's interesting. Interesting to be in a worms stomach and not dead or digested yet," Eckstal said looking around at the smoothness and dripping juices from about the orifice, as it moved slightly in rhythmic peristalsis.
 "Aren't you forgetting?" I reminded her.
 "What?... Oh no! The library. We must stop that worm from wrecking it. The combined information is worth worlds," Eckstal exclaimed.
 I raised a hand saying, "Freeze 'em."
 The Peristaltic movements stopped and in fact, the whole worm stopped. I looked beyond the worm unto the outside and teleported both Eckstal and I back out.
 "We all really got to keep from getting swallowed by things around here," I commented grinning, then made the worm slither back up into the hole it made, and reassembled the bricks and dirt back into the hole. I turned when finished and made the books right themselves.
 I looked down in and around Primeon and anxiety hit me as I sensed two other worms ready to crash in, one toward the bottom, another toward the middle. I stretched out my abilities and put the protections back in place around Primeon. The worms circled around Primeon a couple of times but could not breach it.
 "Okay, now how about we both be careful next time," I suggested and Eckstal nodded solemnly.
 I looked around at the various books and looked right upon a book called Alterr World Atlas and promptly extracted it from its place on the shelf saying, "Ah, homeworld."
 "Alterr? Really? Where from?" Eckstal inquired eying the book I had.
 "Ladolis," I promptly responded with a grin opening the book and thumbing through the pages.
 "Ah, the large island in the mid Tyonic Sea? Highest technologically advanced. You've probably seen just about as many marvels as are in the Library," Eckstal responded warmly looking at me.
 "Yes, Transers and Comcrys? They were widespread," I commented looking through the book but not taking much in.
 "What are you going to do here?" Eckstal looked at me straight on.
 "Pranoke? I don't know, haven't had much a plan otherwise for it. With my last scenarios with it I could recruit Blae as a priest," I told her putting up the book.
 "Blae?" Eckstal asked.
 "A human, farm hand. Lives north of her in north east caprice. Works in his uncle's farm. But it doesn't matter. I'm thinking against it currently. Don't see no reason, and you probably wouldn't want a human running this place," I told her.
 "If he's to be a priest then this is to be a temple?" Eckstal pointed out.
 I realized what I had done, "Oh no, I don't want this to be a temple by any means. I'm not looking to be worshiped. I mainly wanted this place as a stopping ground for me."
 "You're going to leave?" Eckstal responded.
 "Sometime, I'm sure. I plan on completing the scenarios of Alvin Abernous at least," I confided to Eckstal.
 "Alvin Aber... now that's a name. You're going to help him out. He really doesn't need help. He's out there healing and helping others on Abelbi himself," Eckstal informed me.
 "He will need some help eventually," I said and paused looking around the library and then back at Eckstal smiling.
 "What?" Eckstal asked following me looking around.
 "I know what I want to do now. I'm going to fulfill the picture here, making Primeon what it once was when it was young," I told Eckstal.
 "Wow, the Utopia, Center of the Universe?!" Eckstal gave a wry smile.
 "If you want to call it that. How I am to do this I can foresee as an arduous task, but I would make the best of time by going to each race and talking to their leaders," I explained to Eckstal.
 "The only problem... here follow me," Eckstal said and I followed her.
 We made a trip through the library aisles between the shelves to the opposing end and she picked out several books. Then, when she'd picked the books out, she went toward the center of library and set the stack carefully down on the table. Eckstal reached out and took a few books off the top and set them aside the stack to make it less than large.
 One of the books was a large blue tome with Pranoke in gold letters on the front cover. She opened that huge book up upsetting a volley of dust around the front cover onto the table. Then she pawed through a couple of pages and I chuckled.
 She stopped with a grumble and looked up at me, "What's the problem, now?"
 I wasn't expecting such an abrupt protest from her,
 "I know about the different 'interest' groups: Michi Gimiguchi, The Durizuit, Saynajaus, Jyiri, and the Pranoke Gykes, just to name a few. Other than the anthropomorphic Bats, Dragons, Gryphons, and Mountain Cait tribes, if I undermine the interest groups then the governments should be much easier to convince after that.
 "Michi should get along with me. The Gykes will be easy if I can show them that I can control what happens on Pranoke too. The Durizuit, Saynajaus, and Jyiri are bitter rivals so that will be a little more difficult. I may have to have them take each other out. Wow, I may be worshiped by the time I get through with the Gykes, they're more than likely going to take up residence here. Blae is a Gyke descendant though living in North Caprice where the Jyiri Monarch is, they're pretty powerful, natural priests and druids. The Thousand Priests of Primeon," I explained laughing toward the end.
 "Ugh... too many people here. If the Gykes weren't so respectful this would give me a reason to leave Primeon," Eckstal commented.
 "Oh... but do you know what happened to them after Karin left for Hale Forth?" I quizzed Eckstal with a devious grin.
 "Oh no, now what?" She moaned.
 "You know the Ezen tribe that borders them in South Caprice?" I continued.
 "The anthropomorphic timber wolves? ... don't tell me they actually... they did intermix, ha, I can't admit that I am too surprised. If their physical makeup was the same, they'd be too indistinguishable from their behaviors. I have to admit, Ias, if you'd gain their allification, you would be able to go forward confident that your back was well looked after. They'd be hard to sway away from you," Eckstal said giving a cackle that took me aback.
 "Yeah., I can only hope," I responded laughing her sudden cackle off.
 "I'll go if you need me to," Eckstal replied quickly and I regarded her but nodded.
 "You, Sko, Sidge, and me though only. I don't want to deprive Primeon anymore than I have to," I added.
 Eckstal shrugged so I moved the both of us right to the Skyroom. We beheld Sidge laying on his side sleeping with his large sac of a belly billowing out, providing a natural pillow on his abdomen. I strolled over to his head and neck, which laid in an arc out from his body facing toward the center of the room.
 I stroked his head lightly saying, "Sidgey, time to get up."
 Sidge grumbled and groaned turning over to face the opposite way with a minor water sloshing sound coming from his stomach. I poked him a few times on his back but he only made a slight squirm and didn't move, so I turned to Eckstal with a smile. I made a gigantic slab of beef, two times the size of me hover in the air above him. The steam poured off it, the cooked aromas wafting to his nostrils and dribbling down juices on top of him.
 Sidge stirred, then shot up quickly biting into the beef and hanging there in the air attached to it trying to engulf it in one bit but I whirled him around to me complimenting, "Here you go Sidge, just stay awake for a little bit."
 Sidge came up upon the beef more and I released it and it slid right down inside his throat. He swallowed with a big long lump protruding in his throat moving and disappearing into his abdomen. His belly slightly increased in size.
 "Have I got your attention?" I questioned Sidge and he looked at me with saliva dripping from his mouth.
 "More," He demanded.
 "Eventually, maybe even juicy and living," I told him and his head perked up more.
 "Warm and wiggly, yeah I love when they wiggle around inside me," Sidge hissed with more saliva dripping from his mouth. He sat down with his belly overlapping his lap, bowling out like a balloon.
 "Sko," I called aloud into the air and Sko appeared hovering before me.
 "We're going somewhere?" Sko asked.
 "Yeah, up north," I told Sko.
 "What's that got to do with eats?" Sidge asked.
 "Possible opposition?" I relayed to Sidge and he grinned.
 "How about we ride you?" I inquired of Sidge.
 "Suits me, I won't have to keep up with you all walking around. Why don't you just move us all there wherever you're going?" Sidge conveyed.
 "Just because those we come across and impress upon now will matter this time," I told Sidge.
 "What if they're not impressed?" Eckstal asked.
 I felt a peculiar sense of compression and suddenly I felt a presence outside of Mount Belone at the first gate. I tuned to the gate and saw that a group of Caits were scouting it.
 "It seems we were followed by the Caits from the west," I announced.
 "They've done that before. Call Vigaush, he loves to scare them away," Eckstal sighed.
 I didn't need to because Vigaush had just came out onto the gatehouse. He squawked at them and they fled crying back up the tunnel out and away west.
 "If they'd be twice as tall, they'd have more bite than meow," Sidge chuckled.
 "Laugh now, but they're much more aggressive to the east, and we're going to there next," Eckstal said.
 "Y'know, I have actually caught a couple of them before, they're not bad, if you like cat," Sidge reminisced liking his chops.
 "Then you have no problem with devouring opposition?" I grinned at Sidge.
 The double door opened slightly and Redalis came in squeaking, "You're going, where?"
 "I don't think you'd want to go Re'd," Eckstal told the giant mouse.
 "Why?" She squeaked.
 "Caits?" I said quickly and she cringed at my mentioning of their names. She then shifted with a pop to a bat screeching, and flitted about the Skyroom squeaking. I noticed Sidge eying her with interest while Eckstal and Sko exchanged a glance each with me and each other.
 "Redalis, you'd better wait here and look out with Vigaush," Eckstal told the bat.
 Redalis the Bat came swooping down alighting on the ground before me shifting in a blur back to a Giant Mouse but with the addition of large black bat wings still protruding out of her back, "Okay, I'll take your word for it."
 She took off flapping her wings and circling up and up and up quickly into the heights of the Sky room until out of sight. Abruptly, as she flew up and out of sight, Gesh came bursting in the east side of the Skyroom flailing his arms about holding a large worn brown leather satchel, "Hey, wait a minute!"
 "Calm down Gesh," Eckstal told him.
 Gesh slowed down to a walk breathing hard commenting, "I thought you'd be gone by now."
 I shook my head and looked at his satchel, "What have you there?"
 "I thought it was interesting, and Eckstal could probably tell you more, we need an alchemist," Gesh emitted between breaths.
 "Okay, Gesh, let me have it," Eckstal said grabbing the satchel and looking inside it.
 I came over and looked into it as Eckstal reached a hand in and rummaged around. The sounds of tinkling glass emitted from it then she came back out with a large bottle of green liquid, "Odd, all bottles and very few with any labels. These are from the laboratory?"
 Gesh nodded, "I didn't move them, they were in that locked cabinet we couldn't get into, since the old enchantments kept us from prying into it but since they were changed."
 "Well, without labels or the notes from the library, I can't tell them from just looking at them," Eckstal responded and put the bottle of green liquid back in and came out with a small bottle of blue liquid.
 Eckstal went wide eyed as she read it, "Stomach Cleansing Digestive?"
 I took the bottle from her and saw that indeed etched on a gold metal label that was set into the bottle were the etchings 'stomach digestive cleanser by Michi Gimiguchi' so I commented, "He's been here?"
 Eckstal took the bottle back, "Michi? Apparently, or this was acquired from him."
 "What else did you find in there?" Sidge asked the troll.
 "That was the first thing I saw so I grabbed it and ran up here. There are larger bottles and small boxes and papers in there," Gesh replied.
 Eckstal snapped to attention at Gesh when he mentioned documents but I intervened, "We'll look at these en route. Did you want to go with us Gesh?"
 Gesh tilted his head from one side to another thoughtfully, "Maybe, if you needed physical protection. I doubt weapons are going to help you out."
 I drew a straight vertical line in the air and my driveway marker rod appeared hovering there which I snatched commenting, "Other than this."
 I pondered this myself a few moments then I shrugged, "It's invariably up to you, Gesh. I can't say you wouldn't be of any use."
 "What's that supposed to mean?" Sidge growled.
 "Weapons for war when you are trying to make peace?" Gesh responded spreading out his hands.
 "How much did Debacho tell you?" Eckstal asked him perplexed.
 "I think i'll go with you," Gesh conjoined looking at me squarely.
 I nodded, "Then..." and I felt my senses highlight an area of the Fortress above and toward the gatehouses.
 Debacho blinked in just as I attuned my vision to it. All I saw was Vigaush but he looked fatter especially in the belly. I looked further into him and saw Redalis curled up in his stomach, "Uh oh..."
 Debacho nodded so I turned to Sko, "Come with me."
 I immediately transferred right to the second gatehouse. The gatehouse was a long rectangular room from west to east with two chain hoists in both sides of the room. There were a few pine tables and chairs there that I'd just recovered from decay. Vigaush was resting on the west side below the window toward the front there snoring. I came up beside him and scratched my furry head and twitched an ear as Debacho and Sko joined me.
 Debacho came in close and put a sword ear up to Vigaush's bulging feathery belly. Vigaush woke and jumped up knocking Debacho back upsetting the table there.
 "No, you're not cutting her out of me," Vigaush screeched and made to jump onto the window.
 I made a double dismissive gesture with my arms at Vigaush announcing, "No no, he was listening."
 Vigaush regarded us then looked over with a sigh squawking, "I was having the nicest dream too."
 "Why did you...?" I started.
 "She is such an irritating nag. I was trying to sleep like I was just now and she comes in squeaking for me to wake up. So ups I jump and slurp gulp," Vigaush reported with a grin and licked his muzzle with his lithe red tongue. A gurgle issued from his belly followed by a faint squeak.
 I bent my foxy ears to Vigaush's belly and inquired of it, "Redalis, are you alright?"
 The result was a faint couple of squeaks that made out to be, "Can hardly breathe?"
 "Okay, hold on a second," I said loudly to it.
 "What are you going to do?" Vigaush looked at me warily.
 "Quick and painless," I said hovering a paw below the center of his belly and holding another paw before his muzzle. I may a quick motion around his belly and Vigaush belched followed by a gurgle. With a sloshy squishy sound, Redalis shot out Vigaush's muzzle explosively and I brought both paws to quickly grab her. She squirmed in my grasp slipping almost out of it, being so wet. I brought her close to me and walked a little away as she trembled in my arms.
 "How about we all cool off for a little bit?" I suggested and transported back to the Skyroom with Debacho and Sko appearing soon after. Redalis wouldn't let me put her down until Eckstal came up close. Redalis jumped to her and buried her face into Eckstal's arms and breasts whimpering.
 I shrugged remarking with a smirk, "I would've liked it if I were you."
 "Shhhh," Eckstal scolded me so I retreated over to Sidge.
 "Vigaush swallowed Redalis?" the Cow Dragon asked in disbelief.
 "Yeah, he's part dragon, his jaw can go wide like yours," I told Sidge and he nodded.
 Eckstal walked over toward us and whispered, "Maybe she could come with us."
 Redalis looked up at Eckstal in terror then squirmed free landing on the ground squeaking shrilly, "No no!"
 She jumped up and took flight flying up and up again until she was out of sight above.
 "I guess not," Eckstal commented with a slight smile, looking after Redalis as she flew away.
 I realized that there was a shortcut using the underground caverns that resided beneath Primeon. These caverns had been the downfall of the Drakknights and even Dwarfs when they had once owned the Fortress. This was mainly because of the creatures of the underground, and not just the Giant Rock worms that Eckstal and I had encountered or the various rock dwelling insectoids. There were demons that gathered below there as well as some of the dragon population. As the whole underground caverns connected to the whole Belly Mountain range, just about everything that could live underground could live there and sometimes did.
 Farther down, deeper into the Earthen crust of the depths of Pranoke directly below Primeon there resided a circle of gateways of old. The gates were set up by the Drakknights to connect from their natural homeworld of Garbondego to Pranoke and from Pranoke to other key worlds. Yet, the Drakknights didn't realize the exceptionalness of Pranoke to drift from one orbit to another orbit around various worlds of the five Scadelia Cluster Systems. Thus, the Drakknights abandoned it leaving it to deteriorate. Only a few gates were left working to date but were largely forgotten and barred at their destination worlds. I could understand as they allowed the Drakknights to continue to secure their invasions. Yet there were a few that were still hot spots of Drakknight interest. I let them deteriorate, never the less, because I didn't need them. The orbit of Pranoke would eventually brush past these places anyways.
 I turned to Eckstal, Sidge, and the others that were still in the Skyroom with me, "Two routes to the north. So, do we concentrate on the surface or underground."
 Gesh returned from his quick trip downstairs to get ready when I attended to the mishap between Vigaush and Redalis, "Underground or the Surface, we stand at a pivotal point here in this fortress."
 "Without either, you can't really say you've dealt with it all," Eckstal commented.
 "More dwells on the surface that has any say so over the mountains, anyways," Gesh responded.
 "True, mostly, the wilderness is more under the mountains than above it," Eckstal pointed out.
 "But, you said those above will matter more in time," Gesh reminded me.
 "Especially those in Hale Forth or Senger Lor," I added.
 Eckstal nodded but put in, "Don't underestimate the mountain powers though."
 "Well, then, my original goal is the Gykes, as I told Eckstal, and I may be wise to avoid the Caits, but the Caits are not to be easily impressed. If we cut their numbers down...," I told them.
 "The ones to the east have infamous poison blow darts and arrows, even Sidge can't resist them," Gesh warned.
 "I doubt Ias will let me be poisoned, not when I can get a free meal like this," Sidge grinned toothily from ear to ear and I followed it up with a grin of my own and a chuckle.
 On the way out, there wasn't much incidence, no other guardian, not even Zeck or Slas came up and bothered us. I was slightly disappointed but I shrugged it off as we rode on the back of Sidge. He lumbered down the tunnel and out onto the mountain path. The easterly trek was up and down paths around sharp and smooth paths beside the foot of the largest of the Belly mountains, and was uneventful as well.
 Then when we were close to the bend at the Navel and Hesson Rivers and gorges. There was some commotion below in the ravine and suddenly a Sonair flew up flapping it's gray rubbery wings, before it shot back down into the ravine beside. Then a Shyke, a big flying Shark, flew up just after it.
 Instead of pursuing the Sonair, the Shyke oriented on us and caught Gesh in his mouth. It flew right across Sidge's back and made a vertical loop back toward the ravine. I shot right off Sidge's back after it, flying down and orienting on the Shyke as it slowed in its loop up. It was about to arc down and it did but I arced up I came up into it's mouth.
 Shark's, Shykes, and fishes had their mouth, throat, and stomach in one place without closing them off with Circular Sphincter flaps like in animals. As a result, I found Gesh was free floating slightly backward into the circular sac of it's white walled stomach. I saw the creature stomach was oozing out juices but barely missing him as they would at best cause his skin to peel.
 I grabbed Gesh and put on more momentum so I shot back out toward the Shyke's closing mouth. I scrapped off of it's teeth, which did not hurt me but caused the Shyke to close it's mouth more. The Shyke couldn't bite through me, so it just remained clamped over me. I couldn't do anything to move physically at the moment and soon we splashed down into the river. The water filled the Shykes mouth getting my lower body fur wet. Gesh looked at me, his surprised features went a paler green.
 I brought my paws down on it's mouth and forced it's jaws open and placed my foot paw on the jaw and left one hand to hold onto the top part. The water was past me and Gesh into the Shykes gills and we all were underwater but the Shyke was moving very far under. So, with my other free paw, I hooked Gesh and dragged him out barely just scrapping it's teeth but only leaving a scratch.
 Then, I threw myself back from its jaws, and grabbing Gesh, I shot up and out of the water flying back up the rocky light brown crags of the Ravine, until I was right behind Sidge and Eckstal. The two of them were looking into the Ravine after us. They turned around immediately as we came up and Eckstal ran up to us, My Gosh, are you alright?!
 Gesh fell down from my grasp and coughed up a bit of water, "Ack."
 I flicked and shook the water from my fur and some of it splattered onto Eckstal who scolded me. Sidge was chuckling at the whole ordeal, "That did look like fun."
 "You're insane," Eckstal shouted at Sidge.
 I looked back at the Ravine feeling something wrong and there was another Shyke coming flying up. Sidge noticed it this time and brought up his wings as it came up, and as the Shyke oriented on us again, Sidge shot out with its mouth open and went right through the Shyke. This was what it looked like but then when Sidge came flying back around toward us, the Shyke wasn't there and Sidge's belly drooped down more than before when he touched down. The Shyke was about a little under an eighth of the size of him.
 "No," Eckstal emitted her mouth dropped open.
 I looked over at Gesh who was sitting down and looking up at Sidge with wide eyes and half a smirk. Sidge let out a loud belch and settled down lightly and slowly onto his belly letting out a light erp and grumble.
 I came over and hugged the creature across the neck, "You're so good."
 "Thanks," he murred.
 "I don't think we're going to be moving for a little while," Gesh commented.
 "Don't be ridiculous. Just give me a few minutes," Sidge guffawed belching again.
 "But more may be down there," Eckstal protested giving a quick glance at the Ravine.
 "Ias'll get em, Eckstal. Besides, I have a... a..... Ias, how many gallons did you say my tummy could hold," Sidge said rubbing his belly which was now bulging here and there moving even though Sidge was still. I sensed it was from the creature squirming around inside.
 "About seven thousand gallons?" I said bringing my paws behind my back smiling.
 "...whatever. So, that creature probably takes up what?" Sidge continued.
 "A little less than a thousand," I responded smiling at Eckstal who shook her head at me with a smirk.
 "Yeah, well anyways, that doesn't take up much. I don't feel full, I'm just getting my bearings back. You try and swallow things like that, see how you feel," Sidge pointed out snapping at Eckstal with his last sentence.
 She was taken aback, "Sorry."
 Sidge shrugged and ruffled her blue hair with a paw, "Don't worry."
 Eckstal pushed his paw away and adjusted her messed up hair back behind her ears.
 "Ugh. I think Sidge can move on, I don't want to go through that again," Gesh reported standing up.
 "Yeah, and I need to save room for the Caits," Sidge snickered standing up himself.
 We all mounted his back and Sidge took over moving quickly over the terrain. He moved down a slight dip in the path beside a mountain and up to a higher point. Yet, when we moved back down into another dip, this dip had a large anthropomorphic Lioness sitting in the middle of the road.
 She had black hair braided down to the middle of her back and the rest of her fur was golden brown, except under her chin down her neck was white, continuing down the front of her belly and to her tail. I couldn't see further with regular sight as she wore a brown leather vest that came down to her legs, and were tied there by leather strings.
 Sidge was getting ready to charge when I warned her not to and I dismounted and went over to the Lioness, "Miss."
 The Lioness looked up and stood up coming to a slightly taller height than me, "Yes."
 I looked at her and could see that tears were still wet in her eyes and her face was pale and her fur there was matted, "What's wrong?"
 She put her head in her hands and sat down again sobbing, "They killed him."
 "Who who," I replied squatting down and looking at her.
 "My... my mate...they they killed him...with their darts" she hardly said between sobs.
 "Caits..." I said more to myself.
 I walked back up to Sidge, "Caits killed her mate."
 "Why didn't you say..." Eckstal protested and squirmed off of Sidge and went down to the Lioness sitting down beside her. We moved closer down the road to the dip where they were and Eckstal put an arm around the creature.
 After a moment the Lioness suddenly stood up and roared in the direction the road went, "I'll kill you. Kill all of you." Then she started to storm off and Eckstal went after her as did I. Eckstal caught her arm and I grabbed her by her right shoulder.
 "Please Don't," Eckstal begged her but she threw us off and continued moving up the path. I then alighted into the air and called for Sko who appeared floating beside me.
 "Let's go quickly," I said to the others and Eckstal went back to remount, Sidge and us took off and started moving quickly north along the path until we caught up with her, and we were already into the Cait territory. I could see Caits looking out at us through the crags at the lower parts of the mountain, and through stones close to the side of the road. They again were anthropomorphic and half the size of the Lioness, coming up to her waist and were mostly earthly colors, which matched the rocks.
 Then Suddenly a brown furred Cait came out behind and between us with a long tubular blow pipe and placed a dart inside it. I swooped in quickly and grabbed her while moving away and came onto Sidge's back. She started to protest while trying to squirm away from my grasp but I held her fast before me on Sidge.
 She continued to squirm so I shouted at her, "Be still, we'll get 'em."
 "No no," She protested, trying to get out of my grasp and away again. I turned her around to look at me and eyed her sternly and she stopped immediately.
 "Hey, Ias," Sidge arched his neck around to look at me saying, then he went back down again. I looked around the Lioness and she turned on her side and looked ahead. The Caits were amassing above to our left with pipes and darts at the ready.
 Then I saw the Lioness slide down the right side of Sidge out of the corner of my eye. I let her go this time, hanging my head with a shake.
 She rushed ahead of Sidge and the darts started flying at her. She jerked to a halt writhing, then slowly slumped down to the ground and collapsed in a heap. Eckstal screamed both at her demise and at the darts that were now flying toward us. I weaved a blue barrier around us and the darts smack off of this barrier harmlessly and fell all around.
 "Aye, my turn," Sidge grumble laughed and took off at the mess of Caits standing ahead of us, on the road, blowing darts frantically. These new darts had the same effect on us as the last ones.
 Sidge seized one of the Caits at the front of the pack of them and the one seized dropped his dart and blow pipe and started to squirm frantically, crying. In response, Sidge upended him into his mouth and swallowed him with a bulge in his neck issuing and moving down into his body. A muffled scream emitted from the lump until it was a low echo inside Sidge's tummy.
 More Caits gathered behind us blowing darts frantically while the group ahead of us started to move back, but stood their ground and kept blowing darts. Sidge meanwhile snatched a handful of five of them in his claws. I warned him to get rid of the poison darts so he shook them until all of them had discarded their darts.
 Sidge stuffed his mouth and swallowed the claw-full that he had, "Mmmm... They squirm so nice."
 Soon after as Sidge grabbed another handful there were little bulges that started appearing and disappearing from inside Sidge's tummy. I poked some of them without a protest from Sidge as he was busy eating.
 By the time he had eaten the second handful, the Caits started fragmenting scattering, but Sidge moved and grabbed two pawfulls of ten of them. The results only left fifteen more, which seven of them tried charging us but smacked themselves silly off of the barrier.
 Sidge stuffed the whole twenty of them into his mouth and their hands and feet bulged out squirming and kicking until he swallowed them. A large squirming lump went from the top of his throat down to his belly with a mesh of louder but still muffled crying coming from the lump.
 Then, more bulges started appearing and disappearing on his belly in a much faster frequency. Sidge gave a satisfied sigh and grabbed five out of the ones that were still left at the front attacking the shield. The rest vanished back inside the mountains.
 Sidge swallowed the ones he had whole licking his chops and he rubbed him tummy, "Ahhh."
 I bent down and put an ear to the top side of his soft furry belly and amid the gurgling and sloshing were intermittent cries.
 "Turn around Sidge," I instructed the Cow Dragon and he obeyed and we came to face the rear group of Caits.
 Sidge was quick to finish those off and got about thirty of them and I could hear the sloshing in his tummy as he moved around, followed by the muffled cries.
 "That's it?" Sidge complained with a couple of burps.
 "Doubtful," I replied to the creature rubbing his neck and poking his belly and he grumbled gurgly in protest but came about and continued on down the path to where the Lioness laid slain.
 I came down off of Sidge and came up to and knelt down by her. Eckstal and Gesh also dismounted and Eckstal came up to where I was and knelt down too, "What are you going to do?"
 In answer, I placed a paw on her head and her breast and looked up at the thick white line that was the Spindle Pillar, the only daytime light in the sky. The Spindle Pillar stretched from the horizon up overhead and to the opposite horizon is a thick white glowing hair thin line that lighted everything rather well.
 As I looked up at it, it glowed even more and suddenly a ray of light arced from it and covered the Lioness, glowing even brighter so that Eckstal and Gesh Shielded their eyes and Sidge looked indirectly at it.
 Before our eyes, the Lioness moaned and the darts sticking in her disintegrated, falling to dust. She darted her eyes around and seeing us hovering there she moaned and sat slowly up.
 "You see, we got them," I told her pointing at Sidge's belly as it moved and bulged in and out in random places.
 The Lioness stared at Sidge then looked down with a sniffle, "Gilges..."
 "What?" Eckstal asked glancing at me and I met her glance.
 "Gilges, he..." and she made a quick sob sigh.
 "Oh...yeah..." I remarked.
 We waited a few moments, Eckstal and I looked upon the Lioness as she looked down at the ground away from us.
 "What's your name?" Eckstal beat me in asking.
 "Gia," was the lionesses reply.
 "Well, Gia. Lets go find him," I said.
 "What..." She looked up at me tilting her head to one side.
 "Well, I can bring him back too," I told her.
 She looked at me her features and eyes widened and she jumped up, "Can you?"
 "Of course, but lets find him. Where is he?" I quizzed Gia.
 "Down the path some ways," Gia informed us, her expression becoming more relaxed.
 We all mounted Sidge again and continued but Sko still floated overhead. After a while moving down the path, it started dropping slowly down and evened out for a while but the path became narrower. I abruptly sensed something funny in the air suddenly and looked up to our left and saw a big mesh of stones there. The Caits were all around them prodding them in certain places with sticks.
 "Ooops," I responded still looking up and the others followed my looking up and Sidge stopped.
 "How far away are we from his body?" I asked Gia.
 She pointed down the road a little distance as it dropped off becoming a little narrower but then finally wider again. I saw the outline of a body of a lion there, with the same fur colors of Gia. The difference from Gia in looks was a brown mane of hair around his head that went down to the back of his neck.
 "Run for it Sidge," I shouted at him while strengthening the barrier still glowing around us.
 Sidge took off bounding away and I enjoyed the way his belly swayed and jiggled in his quicker movement and the bulging from the Caits still inside had not slacked off. Sidge moved fast past the rock slide the Caits had set off, but it started as he neared the center. We were nearly out of it when the rocks hit the barrier, knocking Sidge and us out and over the path.
 The Cow-dragon spread his wings and caught the wind wobbly, allowing him to soar around about the Navel Gully to our right complaining, "Ugh... this is a little more weight than I'm used to."
 "Ahhhh," Gia screeched looking back at the edge of the rock slide and I saw protruding underneath the rocks there the paw of Gilges.
 Sidge swooped around ahead of the rock slide and set down on the road again. I closed my eyes and moved the rocks away, bringing his body up and right behind us. Then, dismounting Sidge, I ducked under Sidge's belly being the path was too narrow and enjoyed a couple of gurgles. I jabbed it with an elbow making Sidge give a grumble. Then I repeated the similar procedure that I did with Gia and the light shown brightly from the Spindle Pillar, and repaired his broken body, which brought it back to life.
 "Fragile are bodies of any type, unless they are of stone themselves," I remarked to Gilges.
 He sprung up quickly, taking in the scene around him. Yet, once he saw Gia he made for Sidge and Gia came back and dismounted off the back of Sidge. The two came in for a long embrace whilst the Spindle pillar glowed evenly around them as they stood in the middle of the path.
 "We are almost out of the main Cait territory. So, lets get going before they decide to come after us," I told the two from behind them and Gia looked at me looking much happier and nodded, so they both mounted Sidge and I did as well.
 "I'd rather have you all inside my stomach than onside my back," Sidge complained.
 "Well, actually..." I started grinning but Sidge started moving quickly along before I could say anything else.
 We moved along the path coming lower then leveling off, until I could see the forest up ahead.
 "The Ezen territory should be here pretty soon," Eckstal warned and Sidge stopped. I nodded and Sidge continued on and down into the foothills of the Belly mountains.
 Abruptly before we reached the edge of the territory, I sensed all around that something was up. Then, I saw the Caits running down from the mountains and in front of us and behind us and on the side of the mountains to our left. To our front I noticed a gray colored Cait to the rear of them standing like a statue, and holding a rod with a Cait like head set on it's pedestal. It wore a gray robe and had a flowing white beard.
 "Their shaman?" I remarked.
 Eckstal stood up and went on her tip toes to look over at the special Cait, "That's not good is it?"
 Before I could answer, the Cait raised his staff and a bolt of lightning struck the barrier around us weakening it but I concentrated replenishing it. I made it extend it in an arm like protrusion from the barrier. The protrusion extended from it into a hand shape at the Shaman picking him up and bringing him back to me.
 I grasped the little creature from the air and the extension went back to normal in the barrier. I looked at the Cait and for an old thing he was quite a cute little Cat like creature. I hugged him to me as he squirmed and hit me with his staff to no effect, and made little jabs of lightning strike me only really warming me up.
 "Fine you crazy thing," I said and stuffed his head into my mouth, at which point the creature dropped his staff and freaked out making a cat howl in my mouth. It was a good thing I didn't need to breathe because I tilted my own head back and pushed him down until he slid slowly but surely down, expanding my throat as I swallowed him down. It took time and he bulged out my throat considerably. My sexual as well as my endorphic senses went into overdrive, with the introduction of food and the thought of swallowing a creature myself for the first time.
 My dick jutted out growing hard and I made a slight laugh as the creatures kicking feet nipped it. Yet, I pushed the creature down into my stomach closing my eyes and enjoying the blissful feeling, as he was past my cardia inlet and into my stomach expanding it.
 I kept pushing him in until his kicking feet were only protruding out of my maw. I pushed them in and gave a final swallow making the Cait Shaman move finally down and in expanding my stomach even more.
 I looked down at my big paunch now, over an arms length from its original half arms length before. I grabbed my belly with two paws, and closed my eyes again as the creature moved about. The motion made my belly throb and move slightly from side to side in me. This made me go almost delirious with a heightened sexual sense. I cummed right on Sidge and immediately dispersed and cleaned it up apologizing to Sidge and the rest.
 Everyone except Sidge were staring at me shocked and Sidge made a loud growl commenting to the others, "Dammit, haven't you ever seen a creature swallow another creature before!"
 The Caits went in hysterics, bumping into each other, and scattered back up into the mountains wailing in defeat. They were soon gone from regular view.
 "Gosh damnit!" Gesh exclaimed, suddenly, his mouth in a big 'o' shape.
 "Gah," Gia said at the same time cringing and looking away.
 Eckstal had actually fainted when I swallowed the Shaman and laid right on the path next to Sidge's left. I dropped down and picked her up, putting her back up on Sidge. Then I came back up and gave her a light slap and she woke up clawing at me and stopped apologizing. Then she saw my belly throbbing and shaking in place hanging over her. I gave a grin, and she gave a startled cry as she backed off into Gia choked up with a mixture of feelings.
 "Aren't you worried about him being killed by your digestive juices?" Sidge asked.
 "Does he have Digestive Juices?" Sko asked flying down closer with a grin.
 "What... are you going to do with him?" Gilges asked as Gia talked to Eckstal to calm her down.
 "Keep 'em of course. I'll need him later," I responded.
 "But, you're going to walk around with a gut like that," Sko pointed out.
 "I like a gut like this," I responded and gave it a pat and it moved it around and shook. A muffled sound came from it.
 "What?" I asked loudly of it bending my head down toward it.
 The muffling came again and I tuned my ears to hear it as, "Let me out!"
 "No, no. Sorry, you're going to be in there for a while," I responded beaming at it and gave my huge furry paunch a rub and ruffle of it's fur grinning.
 "Onward then," Sidge echoed and Sko drifted a little more into the air and Sidge started off down a narrowing road again. It diverted, moving away from the ravine, moving into it's own rocky pass. Yet, even though it started narrowing too much, Sidge could grasp the rocks and move himself along above the path. There were a few sharp bends not letting much to see around each Side being that the rocky edifices were still high enough to block the view.
 After a few bends, Sidge stopped as there down in the next bend in view stood a line of various colored furred anthropomorphic Wolf-like Ezens. They held spears at their side and several had crossbows that dangled from their belts.
 They were there guarding the path and immediately came to the ready upon seeing us, holding their spears before them backing a little ways off. One Ezen in their midst had a bull horn he put to the tip of his snout in his mouth and gave a quick shrill but steady blow on it. Just as quick, there came a huge flock of more Ezens up the path. Many others suddenly appeared around and on the foot hills above, behind, and to the sides of us.
Chapter 3 - The Ezens
 I liked weight gain and eating, but I especially liked a big belly, which was part of the reason why I had taken the vore of the Shaman of the Caits. I hadn't eaten anything since I awoke as an Altimentor, and I didn't need to eat. The ingestion of the Cait now awoke the old natural feelings of eating of before, when I was completely mortal.
 I was now basking in the feeling of having my belly going from small to huge in a matter of the seconds, from when I got the Shaman till when I had him in me. The sudden stretching of my belly felt similar to when I would use my abdomen muscles to push out my already fat paunch before I took the vore. The exception being I wasn't using my muscles and I couldn't pull them back in. My abdominal muscles stretched themselves out, but I could no longer push my belly out again as I had before. Yet, that didn't matter to me, I didn't need to anyways.
 The Cait, in the meantime, had desisted his throbbing unfortunately as though it may have been a discomfort to any other creature, it was arousing to me. He now laid in there and my sphincter muscles kept him trapped and my stomach keep him pressed in so he couldn't really get hands free to scratch. Yet, even if he could, I concentrated and made my stomach just about impervious for him to claw out of.
 The Ezen beside me poked his spear lightly into my belly, which tickled me and made me giggle and twitch my tail, but he responded, "C'mon, move along."
 I remembered where we were, and saw that all of us, even Sidge were being escorted at spear and crossbow bolt points down the mountain. Sidge was having a tough time keeping along the path, as it was too narrow for him, so he braced himself and moved along the sides of the foot hills again as before.
 "Stop that, there's a Cait inside," I responded with a sly smile looking half at him and half at my belly, rubbing it with a hand.
 The Ezen stopped and looked at me with his hazel eyes. He was a fair built, black and brown blotched fur showing on his arms, legs, head, and neck. He wore a leather tunic over a leather shirt with a leather belt, from which hung a crossbow dangling over his leather trousers and uncovered furred foot paws.
 "You're joking?" He laughed.
 In response, I poked my belly a couple of times and stood still; it shook slightly, lightly, swaying on its own with a muffled protest from inside.
 "What are you doing Jarges?"A gray furred Ezen asked from the crowd that fanned out to continue past us.
 "N... nothing...Corporal..." Jarges said and lightly gestured ahead suggestively with his spear.
 I walked on with the rest and we all were more so separated by the crowd around us. I couldn't make my way to get closer to the others. I looked back at Sidge not really sure how he was being forced along. Then I saw that they kept their distance and moved quite well along and atop the rocky edifices. Their crossbows pointed at Sidge from many of them, were enough to take him out quickly.
 The Barrier I had made was stretched too much and had collapsed from farther back. I wasn't worried, as Ezens were nicer than the Caits were. I felt they more than likely would take us to their commanders, and then escort us out of the territory to wherever we were going. Yet, I was here to see their leaders and see if they wanted to join the cause to bring Pranoke back to the order it was when it was first born.
 Ezens, as I had established before to the others, were quite superstitious and jumpy at anything strange happening, more than Caits were. They didn't have Shamans, they had Geln Priests and Priestesses and these were similar to the Maginean Druids. The Ezens just lived in the forests toward the edge of the Mountains.
 In fact, that was where we were headed, toward the fields between the foothills and the forest edge where their mountain town was supposed to be set. It was highly strategic so was kept mostly under great guard, especially to support the Patrol which stayed along their Southern Border.
 Yet, the path we were on now was narrowing much more allowing Sidge to gain better footing and move along overhead of us. He did this but sometimes caused a few rocks to tumble down harmlessly to us. A couple of times, he dislodged a few of the big ones. The Ezens, however, were no pushovers and moved us and them out of the way quickly.
 The path gave way to a short field of rubble between us and the field where the mud and straw buildings of the Ezens showed. Then Jarges I was with was very wary now and sniffed the air with a grunt. I felt it too, a sudden new presence all around, and I turned around suddenly and looked up. There above I saw a great flurry of bats coming at us from the south east.
 "Ooops again," I confessed shaking my head and turned around before Jarges was about to urge me to keep going again.
 Ezens started pouring from the Village in similar dress of the other Ezens that escorted us on, filing in around the already large group amid us. Sidge was the last of us as well as the flurry of Ezens guarding and escorting him. They were in an anxious mode, trying to make Sidge go faster but the bats came upon them.
 The bats were anthropomorphic bats either having a brown, black, or gray fur and flying madly. Despite this, they made a formation where one line of them dropped and attacked us, and lifted back off to leave a second line room to swoop down and attack them. Then several more lines would repeat the process; the lines that attacked before would come around and attack again.
 Some of the Ezens were hurt, and a few even got slain at the attacks. Sidge was clawing at them madly and catching some of them in his mouth and throwing them down. He caught one of them and threw it onto a sharp pointed rock, which split through it's chest spraying blood everywhere. Meanwhile, the masses of them were thickening and the Ezens escorting Sidge was all about depleted.
 I rose into the air leaving the Ezens around us howling and merring in surprise. Then I quickly shot to Sidge and rose in the air above them. I came back and threw a ball of fire at the nearest Bat that swooped at me, catching it on fire. The bat burned right to a crisp in midair, dropping down to the ground in cinders.
 I jacked fireballs at several others but the flock was surrounding me. I drew up torrents of winds of fire, which whirled around me on all sides. The flames burned many of them to ashes which piled on the ground around Sidge.
 Sidge meanwhile had caught several bats in his mouth and had swallowed them whole. He turned on the others and caught more, and finished off quite a few. His belly bowled out more below him and swayed, moving with the movement of the bats inside of him. The rest of the bats, being depleted down to only several lines, took to retreating back into the mountains.
 "I haven't eaten this much variety before," Sidge rumbled giving a long belch.
 The Ezens ran to us after the Bats had started retreating, but stopped a fair distance away. Eckstal, Gilges, Gia, and Gesh ran past them to us while the Ezens approached, creeping closer yet warily.
 "That's some awesome fighting," Gesh exclaimed with hands over his head, fists clenched. He put his hands back down normally to his side just after.
 I looked over at the Ezens and saw they were now groveling on the ground, rising up and coming back down in worship. I came right between Gia and Eckstal standing there and addressed the Ezens, "Don't do that! Get up."
 Several of them quivered while the others stood up. Jarges came forward slightly with his head lightly bowed, looking at the ground, "My my lord, what respect can we give."
 "Oh look at me regularly Jarges," I said laughing at him.
 He looked up with his wolfish eyes and smiled, "I knew there was something special about you."
 "What, from my paunch?" I chuckled.
 He chuckled as well and I put my arm across his shoulders, bending down with him. We went along down the path, "Now, I would like to meet your commandants. Would I be able to?"
 Jarges was looking at me wide eyed when I put my arm around his shoulder. He came with me uneasily looking me straight in the eyes warily, "I...I... yes sure."
 "Okay, lead the way then," I told him taking my arm away from him. He immediately took off and I followed. We went quickly into the Village, which only had one main road that came from the mountains. The road went through the village with the village and houses huddled around one another, totaling 70 houses around a central larger house. Sidge had to wait outside the village, while the rest of us all came up to the large square house, which had square windows cut out with wooden shutters. The windows were to the left of the wooden door there, which had it's own window at the top.
 Eckstal tried to come with us, but Jarges closed the door lightly on her emitting an additional apology. She came right to the window as it wasn't shuttered, but another brown furred Ezen came between her and the view to us.
 "Jarges, still on the crusade to defend us?" The female Ezen said in a calm dreamy tone with her eyes still closed, but as she finished her sentence she opened her eyes.
 She was beautiful to me in respects to Ezens, Blue furred with black stripes down her body. If she wasn't wolfish, I almost could've confused her as Cat-like from fur alone. She wore a light gray brown cotton dress that was spread out around her, with leather strings tied on her waist and wrists of the dress. She was on her knees with her paws in her lap. Her hair was deep brown with two braids spreading out and down her back in different directions. Then it was tied in several places by yarn on each of the two tails. She wasn't pudgy but rather little built and frail seeming though she had strength not on the surface.
 "Hello, I am Geln Priestess here. I could see you in my meditations attacking those Baidofs. I knew we were safe," the She-wolf said reverently bidding us to sit down and we did before her cross-legged.
 "I am Zamae titled Third Order of Merstra'. I council this small village when times are rough and I heal the sick and wounded, which I will have much work to do in short time here. If you could help me with your Metagic we may save more lives," the she-wolf continued.
 "Of course, Zamae, I would help you out," I replied in a definite resolve and started to stand up.
 "They will bring them in, no need to get up," Zamae responded and I sat back down flicking my tail out of the way so I wouldn't sit on it. I still wasn't used to it and hardly paid it any attention and the neglect was showing. I brought it about on my lap and Jarges stood up and opened the door, and Zamae had me move beside her facing the door. Jarges helped another Ezen carry in a hobbling Ezen with a broken leg, which was snapped to the side in its break. The wound was bleeding from the protruding bone.
 Zamae hummed a reverent tune bringing her paw up with white light on her claw tips and brought it down on the broken leg which cauterized the bleeding. I did the same thing making the same motion and white energy appear on my paws and healed the foot completely making it whole as if it'd never been broken and Zamae looked at me shocked, "Who are you!?"
 "I'll tell you when we're done," I responded to her and the Ezen we healed bowed to us kneeling down and kissing each of our paws. He walked out with a limp though I knew his foot wasn't sore, he was just still in shock from the injury.
 There were Ezens in worse shape one with several breaks, some with all that and a cracked skull, some which had been slightly impaled on the rocks, and others with good scratches and gashes. Zamae and I worked as a team with her stopping bleeding or paralysis or the worsening condition and I set the Ezen totally whole again.
 There were many and we set them all right and when we were done the others except Sidge and, of course the other Ezens, were allowed in. Yet, even though we were at the center of the village, Sidge came around and stuck his head before the front window and looked in at us.
 "Hi, Dragon, how are you?" Zamae asked him grinning.
 "Hungry?" Sidge said licking his lips and Zamae stared at him for a moment then shrugged, though uneasily, looking back at me, "What are you?"
 "Altimentor, Madame Zamae," Gesh told her.
 "Yes, but I'm not familiar with that," Zamae responded.
 "Nuignatri," Eckstal told her and her features drooped and she went forward groveling on the ground before me.
 "No no..." I dismissed her actions bringing her back up by her shoulders.
 "That... you..." She breathed and I thought she looked faint.
 "Don't faint on me now," I said lightly to her holding her up by the shoulders. Then I had to hold her like that for a little bit to keep her from falling forward as she sat there with her eyes closed breathing hardly at all.
 Then finally she snapped out of it and looked at me with what looked like a pained expression, "How can I help you?"
 "Let me talk to the leaders of your people. I want to bring Pranoke back to what it was once fabled as," I told her plainly.
 Zamae only got her pine staff with feathers placed on it's top dangling on all sides of it when we were preparing to go. I wanted Jarges to come along with us but he could not as he had to get back to his mate. Though I suggested that he bring her along, he respectfully declined but said he would see us to the end of the field.
 Gia and Gilges were visibly at odds out of what they had said was their 'used to' mountain range. They had come from a small anthropomorphic Mountain Lion tribe slightly to the north of Mount Belone and had been bitter neighbors to the Caits.
 As we started to emerge from the central house I asked them, "What were you doing there anyways?"
 Gia looked down abashed and Gilges grinned, "What do you think?"
 "Throwing caution to the wind, huh?" I sent back at them chuckling.
 Gilges shrugged, "Seemed like..."
 "A good idea at the time," I finished before he did and he went quiet so I turned away from them and to Eckstal.
 "Have you had a look at those documents?" I asked Eckstal.
 "You gave them back to Gesh didn't you? I can't very well carry them," She said and making a sweeping motion with her hands over herself. I diverted my gaze as I looked right at her brimming breasts and nipples.
 "Okay, yeah, I'll get them," I said quickly and turned to Gesh who was sharpening the short sword he carried with a knife while walking out the door behind me.
 "I should've brought a crossbow. Didn't think of it because you came with me. You've been a pretty good aerial battery," Gesh remarked.
 "Take mine," Jarges said and unfastened his from his belt and gave it to Gesh with the small quiver at his side.
 "Remind me to make you a multi shot one when I get back to the forge," Gesh said to him.
 "Multiple shot?" Jarges asked.
 "You'll love it, it'll be a surprise," Gesh grinned deviously.
 Jarges nodded and Zamae came out from her house closing her door and said, "I can only direct you for so long, then I must get back here as well to where I'm needed."
 "I understand," I responded nodding.
 We went outside of the village on the continuing mountain road. I could see the rest of the field better from the other side and I saw some farms clustered around to either end with mostly livestock sheep and other cattle.
 Then a group of Ezens from the town in the garb of the guard that had escorted us to town met up with us, and came with us to the border of the field and edge of the forest. The path from there continued outside into a dimmer outcropping of the trees all around it, The border of the forest stretched out to either side from there and looped back around the far edges of the field.
 Jarges was the only one who left us on the edge of the forest but the others came with us as well as Zamae.
 The trek into the forest was a downhill descent mostly as the path darted in around the trees with respect, the Ezens mostly to blame for this as they didn't cut down more trees than was needed.
 The canopy of the pine treetops filled the air with the ominous sent of pine, which overpowered many things making scents harder to detect. Their needles blocked out much of the Spindle Pillar's light, making it much dimmer than the bright open fields. It also was still as brisk as the air of the mountain downdraft here making it rather chilly, though with our furs, clothing, and Sidge's bulk, it wasn't as intolerable.
 I turned to Gia and Gilges after we had went into the forest some ways "I'm surprised you two are still coming with us. You don't have to."
 Gia looked at Gilges and she looked back at him and shrugged, "The least we could do. I don't mind going back to our village if that is where we belong. But, our elders did see an omen in the sky not about several weeks ago. We should've listened."
 Zamae in the lead stopped pausing there for a few moments and turned back to us, looking distressed to me and inquired of Gia and Gilges, "That omen. What was it?"
 "A shooting star fell down and scored the horizon is a dazzling multitude of a silver light, very brilliant and some of us could swear shadows of things were cast into the sky, but since then the Elders warned anyone from straying too far, saying they sensed events afoot both good but a little bad.
 Something about this piqued my attention because I had a good idea about who it was, though I wanted to see what they thought.
 Zamae was less for the wear on that description and she looked at me, "That Omen?"
 Gesh and Eckstal were the only ones who didn't seem to see into the whole thing one way or another, and I knew it was because they for one didn't look outside of their tribe. Sidge did wonder for a second and looked at me.
 "You haven't been here for very long, have you, Ias I' Ney," Zamae said.
 "I haven't. But I knew of this place before I even came here," I said to them.
 "Are you the Nuignatri?" Zamae asked me.
 "What is that? Can I ask?" Gia asked of us both.
 "Nuignatri is one of the Sky, the One that moves the World and brings it to Still. The One who brings our people to the place under the great mountain, the one who brings the world back unto itself," Zamae explained.
 "The Zolimer?" Eckstal told them simply almost cockily with her hands to her hips.
 "Zolimer? No way! I mean, I thought he was some high priest from the north, come to help me," Gilges confessed.
 "You wouldn't say that after what I saw," Gia said to Gilges from his side.
 Sko alighted beside me making the Ezens with us drew back in a flurry. Zamae held up her staff in defiance at Sko shaking it, "Harm us not!"
 I intervened, "No, Zamae, Sko is not a demon. He's with me, he's my counsel."
 "You most certainly are the Nuignatri. No one has a Sprite appear to them as such," Zamae reverently declared moving her staff back beside her.
 Sko made a dismissive motion, "I was going to interject and tell you that he is indeed what he is."
 "I believe he is too," Gia said though she looked at Gilges who had a more skeptical impression so she grimaced at him.
 "Well," I said turning to our path ahead and up at the canopy of the nettle tops at a gap there, and there was an anthropomorphic Falcon there. It had dusty gray and brown feathers, and was looking down on us. It dropped down swooping in from there and came to alight before us touching lightly down. The Ezens filed back in around us, crossbows drawn and bolts loaded but crossbows not pointed at the new arrival.
 "Ezmur and Dimzeg wish me to ask of your departure, and see to report to them your arrival," the falcon squawked calmly.
 Zamae came slightly before me on my left side with a lightened expression, "Oh, great, they are aware of our..."
 I came before her putting a paw on her snout-tip to quiet her and I looked at the Falcon tilting my head to my side. I knew this wasn't no ordinary Falcon and I smiled recognizing the creature, "Lord Power? Why you old deity! What brings you here?"
 The Falcon made a wide grin on his beak blinking his eyes quickly remarking, "Couldn't hide myself for very long, could I?"
 "Ha, hoo?" Zamae protested starting to move forward.
 The Falcon came to her and laid his fore talons on her shoulders saying to her softly, "My dear, do not be overcome too much. Sign of the lesser power. Accept things as they are. But, now, I still need to report back to your High Geln Priestess and The Maejer Aokmor. I'll see you both there."
 The Falcon took his hands off her shoulders and left her stunned as he took back off through the canopy as he'd arrived.
 "Who... was that?" Gia mused.
 "I... I... don't know..." Zamae emitted.
 "Well, we'll find out when we get there," I told them.
 Sko disappeared and I looked down the path and started down it followed by the others. It soon lead us down into a small gully where the Navel River met up with the path and stayed on it's right side. Then the river came up and out of the gully, aside the mossy wet rocks and trickling springs that came down off of the rocks to our left. It joined the Navel river as it spilled past us running back toward the south in a quick rush with rapids and large glistening rocks thrown here and there in the river as well.
 Zamae came up next to her while I was walking, "Do you still have that poor shaman in there?"
 I did a double take and stopped, "Oh, the poor thing. I forgot. But if I let him out now, he's opt to get back at us somehow."
 "He was bound to anyway. Maybe he won't," Zamae suggested.
 The others had stopped by now and stood behind us. With a quick movement I pushed my abdomen up and in. I went rigid as I kept pushing until the Cait started coming back out through my mouth all gooey. I slipped in my attempt when I grabbed him to pull him out, and he started squirming. I tried to get a better hold on his feet, then I did get it and brought him right out with a gurgly pop. I felt like my insides were being slightly brought up with me, but that passed when he was about out and it felt like a void was now in my stomach.
 I put the Cait gently down and dried him with my robe as he coughed up stomach juice.
 I knelt down and said to him gravelly, "I don't expect you to forgive me. But, the end I was trying to achieve was to convince you and you fellow Caits to live in the old Utopia of Pranoke that once was."
 The Cait was swaying as he was moving here and there, well disoriented and was choked up with shock. The creature could have almost died from it, so I put my hands on his matted furry head between his ears. I radiated soothing waves from them and the Cait went quiet, closing his eyes.
 "Ooooh, what happened," He moaned, his voice a light merr and he opened his eyes and looked at me and stood up with a hiss, backing away.
 "C... Calm down creature," I pressed my palms out at him in peace.
 "Ekk," He protested, disgusted, shaking the juice out of his fur and started to preen himself.
 "Now, that you have heard me out, what do you say. I don't want to hurt your people I want to help them," I explained to the Cait in a soft tone.
 "How can I trust that when you come and kill us and eat me?" The Cait stopped to complain and continue with his preening seemingly uninterested.
 "I let you go. Now, if you will trust us, maybe you could come with us. You'll see how we're going to help you all by bringing this world together for Pranoke again.... You must understand I don't want to cause any more harm to your people or you. This was the only way I could get their attention," I spoke candidly at the creature.
 It looked me long and hard in the eyes and features, moving it's head curiously looking around my own features. Despite it's beard and old features, I couldn't help but smile as it was cute looking. I liked Cat creatures the most, though I wouldn't tell the Ezens that.
 I looked at it too for some time and it stood up and came over and brought me down squatting before him. It put his paws on the sides of my face lightly and looked all around my face curiously. It took my arm and paw and looked around it and let it drop. The cait moved around me looking at my back and stooped down to look at my feet, then it felt my robe before he came back around and stood there. The Shaman tilted its head from side to side looking distant.
 "Yes, you are. I may see it useful to go with you. I will need to appear to my people in dreams so they are not completely lost. I will go with you, to be where you are for a while. Then I will go back to my people," The Cait Shaman mused.
 "What are you called, Mr. Cait?" I asked and it looked at me it's eyes half closed for a moment.
 "Wain," the cait merred simply after a pause and continued licking himself and getting himself drier until he was cleaner and drier and I waited squatted down but stood up when he was done.
 We continued on emerging from the small gully and came out into a low lying area with trees all about, in the middle of the path as well. The river cut into and right through the rise ahead at the far end moving through it rather than over it. It brought the rise down with it into a V shape that was coming on a U shape as well, because of the path alongside it still. The rise, after we started moving through it was slightly steep, except the road which was dug in and level but still had trees in the midst as the paths moved around it.
 Essentially, after the pass, there was another set of gullies and foothills spread more out still with trees on either side of the path, in the path and even on the river. The rapids, and the white and gray stones protruding from the water and onto the road in some cases. We came across a creek which cut slightly into the foothills to the east and met with the Hesson pouring into it. I noticed then that Sidge wasn't behind us.
 Then as we mounted a small rise he was right there ahead of us engulfing a few white tailed deer he'd caught, with them emitting a shrill bleat sound when swallowed, that was to be heard for some distance.
 "How much do you eat?" Eckstal scolded him.
 "Enough," Sidge snapped back.
 "Those poor things, why do you have to eat them," Eckstal protested.
 "Oh all right," Sidge grumbled and with a few heaves, regurgitated several of them in succession with a pause in between and they scampered off like lightening in every direction.
 "What am I supposed to eat? You?" Sidge responded getting up and coming toward Eckstal.
 I came in between them and went up to Sidge whispering in his ear, "Here, I got a good one. Though I hope you won't miss the food passing through your mouth and throat."
 "What do you mean?" He whispered back and, instead of replying, I told the others to stay put. I moved up the east foot hill disappearing into the trees until we came to an area that he could lay down in. I made him do that belly up with his belly pancaking smoothly out in one large black and white blotched part overlapping his abdomen itself.
 "I'd like my mouth to be filled though with stuff and I like to swallow stuff. So what are you going to do," Sidge asked.
 I came up to the top part of his belly on his right side and poked it lightly making Sidge squirm slightly giggling, "I'll just fill up your tummy for you. Fill er up using metagic."
 "Ow... how?" Sidge inquired slightly rolling over on his side toward me.
 "Just a quick movement and you're full." I said simply spreading my hands out and back behind me.
 "I... I dunno. I would rather eat things regularly," Sidge said laying on his back again.
 "Maybe I could give you that doughy substance I usually give you, pinkish dough this time, laced with meat and oats again, balanced but tastes different and I'll do it with a continuous feed," I told Sidge.
 Sidge was drooling, "How with a continuous feed, won't I suffocate?"
 "I'll let you breath. The best thing to do is be calm. Take it nice and even pace, I'll make sure your throat muscles don't swell or get overworked," I told Sidge.
 He shook his big head," I don't know now..."
 "At least you'll be swallowing the stuff?" I responded deviously grinning.
 "Okay, I'll close my eyes and you feed down into me then?" Sidge said ending in a lower soft voice closing his eyes and putting his fore talon resting beside his belly.
 "Here I go," I replied and went to the far side right at the top of the hill before his head and he laid his neck back and I stood aside his head as he laid completely back looking up resting his neck and back of his head on the ground.
 I pulled at the air and made a thin large narrow gooey pink mesh a little smaller than Sidge's head and throat come down out of that point and as I kept pulling at it more came out so I brought the tip down and touched Sidge's lips and he opened his maw to a V shape and I looked with renewed arousal at his throat hole as it flexed moving together when he swallowed much larger than me. I brought it down more into his mouth until his throat and he started swallowing it and I moved my other hand quickly to touch his neck diverting his breathing so he wouldn't suffocate, to the outside of his neck through metagic.
 I numbed his neck so he wouldn't feel the passing of the mass down his throat so much and he opened his eyes wide, looking up at it, as he swallowed. The mass of it slightly ripped out of my hands and moved down into his throat moving slowly into it at a slow space that would intermittently stop. Then, I grabbed it with both hands and started pushing the continuous narrow mesh down into his throat. The cow-dragon's throat made a swollen protruding size and stayed there as I pushed it into his tummy which remained the same size.
 I continued pushing it down in and Sidge grabbed his belly pushing the mass up a little bit to get his talons under it and gripped the sides of his abdomen massaging it. I kept pushing it down in. He breathed regularly, and to help I made an extra diversion so he could still breath through his nostrils which he did.
 Some time passed until the rolls of flab on his belly that overlapped onto the ground around his abdomen started picking up off the ground. His belly, I saw, became firmer.
 Sidge gulped the large doughy string consistently, his eyes closed and he clutched the top sides of his belly with both hands. Then after a while his belly was starting to push up slightly making a particular arc and his overlapping fat not even hovering above the ground when I stopped the flow and let him swallow the last bit of the stream of doughiness. I ran a paw over his stomach and he erped after gulping down the last bit and made a gurgling hollow loud belch and rolled over onto his legs with a cascading sloshing sound coming from his abdomen.
 I returned his breathing to it's proper place and he drew in a deep breath thankfully and with no problems. His belly as well was just hovering off the ground, "I hope we don't go over any big rocks. Can I ride you please?" I pleaded looking at him with sad eyes.
 "Aww sure," He replied distantly almost dreamily.
 I hopped up onto his back and shapeshifted my form to a respective Male Ezen with Brown fur, wearing my robe as usual and still sporting my chubbiness in my abdomen and body. Now my sense of smell was the keenest thing and I noticed Sidge gave quite an odor but I ignored it. We then rejoined the others.
 Zamae gave a double take at me as I road in on Sidge, "Ias I' Ney?"
 "Yes, I am your kind to better talk with your leaders," I told them.
 "Well, I will continue with you. Our escort is going to continue as well. It's not very far, just a couple of gullies," Zamae said.
 I nodded and Sidge nodded and I laid down with my back looking at the canopy of the trees and blue and white sky peeking through it. Sidge started over and up the path at a steady path followed by the others. He went up the mountain foothill tilting me slightly and I had to grip him with my paws to my sides as I laid sprawled out still. I enjoyed the sloshing action and heard an audible mumbling from inside and I summoned Metagic and passed my head inside like Sidge's skin and fur were water and looked over Sidge's organs. His spleen, liver, lungs and heart and his stomachs I saw lined up in an upper right slant but bolstered out because of their fullness. I came in more until my shoulders were passed inside his main stomach and poked my head into his stomach bracing my hands on the outside and kicking my foot paws and legs into the air till I was straight up and down looking into his big stomach.
 Amidst the mesh of doughy pinkness that I just fed him were huddled the groups of Caits he had swallowed from long ago, shivering. I took pity though I felt a wave of ecstasy as they were inside and I was outside. I pulled myself wholly inside plopping into the doughy mesh amidst the big rabble of Caits whimpering there. The juices that covered them were taking the fur off of some of them already and placing it within the mesh they were floundering and sinking into of the Dough. I started sinking steadily but overall slowly into that mesh.
 There were quite startled when I came in and most recognized me and cursed at me but I held up my hands, "Sorry, I had to resort to this. Here, how about we have an eye for an eye and I'll change places with you. Your Yetshar Wain is outside and would love to receive you out there rather than knowing you're sloshing about in there," I told them in spite of my tongue flopping around out of my mouth as I was in dreamy ecstasy and almost an orgasm.
 Most of them were nodding ascent almost convulsively at me and I grabbed the nearest Cait and took him up to the circular flapped cardia of Sidge. I moved it open and shoved him up into the Cardia Orifice of the two sphincters. The Cait was propelled gurgly up with the flaps closing behind and everything shook for a moment and I felt Sidge stop.
 "Ias, what the hellz are you doing!!" I heard a gurgly cry from up above me.
 There were several other sounds from outside as Zamae and Eckstal and the Ezens and I looked past Sidge. I saw them all rushing at Sidge who was on the sides of his fore talons while his back talons were still up at the top of the hill over the gooey Cait he had just threw back up.
 Wain came over to the Cait who started to gain his composure slightly though he was quite disoriented. Then the Cait looked up at Wain and stood up and bowed to him.
 "Could Ias at least just teleport them all outside if he's going to do that?" I heard Gilges say though it was more of an underwater voice to me.
 "Yeah, please, Ias!" Sidge exclaimed coughing and gagging slightly shaking things around the stomach sloshing the dough mesh and us to and fro.
 "Okay, I'll just whisk you all back out there," I announced.
 "Wait wait!" A Cait protested and it came up out of the dough as it was floating in with its head just about the mesh. I saw that it was a she due to the set of six filled out nipples she had on her chest and across the upper part of her belly in two vertical rows side by side. She also had lost her fur completely up to her head and this for an odd reason got my notice more than usual. I looked at her up and down crotch to legs to chest to head.
 "What would you like?" I said to her.
 "Please, I like it in here... fantasy of mine... let me be for a little bit," She merred almost mirroring my dreaminess.
 I shrugged though she was now very piqued in my interest that I kept glancing at her. She looked away for a second but then saw me and winked. I turned my attention to the others and whisked them out making the stomach as a whole less full.
 "How about we come back in her later? You can come back to Primeon and we'll give his tummy a good exercise," I told her laughing lightly, aroused even more.
"Awww..." She protested and bobbed up and down with a quick sigh and slow low ahhh.
 I teleported herself and I outside of Sidge right to his left side off the path with us leaning up against baby twin pines there. Gesh was the first to notice and he came up shaking his head not very amused.
 I went up quietly and whispered in Sidge's ear, "Sorry for the discomfort." I then placed my hand on the side of his neck and the side of his belly and radiated soothing waves. Sidge loosened up and calmed down.
 Wain ducked under Sidge followed by several Caits that followed and the rest came around either side.
 "Umm..." I replied giving a guilty smile.
 "We must of lost Jaze in the belly of the creature," Wain announced looking at me indifferently.
 "No, I'm right here," the she Cait that I teleported out with me announced waving, still leaning against the tree looking still dreamy.
 Wain ran up to her, "Oh Jaze." He picked her up cradling her so the others couldn't see her near unfurriness. She squirmed and dropped down to the ground and came back up brushing herself off and ran over and hid behind me. Wain advanced two steps forward and scratched his furry head and stroked his beard.
 I turned around and touched her on her shoulder with a paw despite gasps from the Caits surrounding me.
 Her fur grew back then and there to a dusty gray and brown patches about her body. She was a very slim creature, not chubby but jittery as she kept changing positions to look around my left side and right side at Wain.
 I turned to Wain next, "Your people here may want to go home. I could transport them again."
 Jaze stepped from behind me rubbing her furry paunch which Wain frowned at so she stopped and spoke shyly, "Yetshar Wain, if it pleases, you should take our friends back and I will stay with Ias."
 "Oww... Owww... Out of the Question!" Wain protested immediately.
 "B...B...But!" Jaze protested back with a skeptical look.
 Wain looked at her then suddenly to me. I went wide eyed but did nothing other than stand there and look again at each of us in turn. Wain then put a hand to his chin and rubbed it and suddenly gave a small grin, "Yes, I may do that. It would be beneficial for all one way or another. Yes... yes it would indeed!"
 Jaze stepped forward stomping her foot, "Now wait now, you..."
 Wain made a dismissive motion, "Now you'd be better off with him than us, well with the anthropomorphic Bats and Shykes. No, you'll stay with him for now. I'll telepath to you later."
 "No no... I didn't mean..." Jaze still protested on her own then she turned away from him, quite ticked off, and went past me and sat right underneath Sidge's top right part of his belly. Sidge made a grumble and moved his neck and head till he was looking underneath himself.
 I turned to Wain, "Now, I know exactly what you're up to. But, I'll give her a little instruction on our way. She'll be a good first emissary between us and everyone else."
 "It's what I hoped. Just remember, she is special, she's going to be leading all of us Yetshars of the Caits someday anyways. She was under my eyes and I was teaching her my ways. She will now learn your ways." Wain responded with a nod.
 I nodded back and Zamae spoke up from toward the front of Sidge behind the Caits gathered there, "Now, you don't know about those bats. I'll send my own escort back with you to see you safely to the mountains."
 Zamae turned to our Ezen escort and begged of them, "Now no prejudice. See them safely back, please."
 The forefront of the Ezens nodded and Wain went toward them skeptically. The great group of Caits followed them, with most, only then, starting to clean themselves as they walked. The whole of the group that left went down into the small gully and up over the other side and down well out of view.
 Sidge made a startled giggle and I saw that Jaze was pressing up on his belly in slow but steady movements, letting the mesh drop down each time. Sidge had bounded away from her and slightly up the path again, which went up and over the next rise larger than the previous one. It crowned with a thick mesh of Pine that was intermixing with maple and oak trees and getting very thick with the floor. It had less of the luster and more of a bare nettle and twig covered mesh, still with a few large bits of big shrubbery here and there.
 I went up to Sidge and he turned toward me. I caressed him on the muzzle and crawled up on his shoulders and he brought his neck up a little higher and looked up. Eckstal, Gesh, Gia, Gilges, and Jaze came to Sidge and Sidge turned around to them and let all but Jaze get on him without too much of a protest.
 When Jaze came up he grumbled and moved slightly so she couldn't get on. The result was that she gripped her claws into Sidge making him yelp and started bounding forward several paces. He eventually stopped and tried to brush Jaze off him with his hind leg.
 "Jaze you're hurting Sidge. Please come up, move onto his back," Eckstal scolded her and Jaze came quickly up with a big grin on her face though she was trying to look innocent, though it didn't work for me. Jaze took her place beside Eckstal and Eckstal went close to behind me. Gia sat in front of Gilges as usual and Gesh with Zamae had the rear.
 "Okay, Sidge, not too far now," I told Sidge and he grumbled and sighed but kept going up to the top of the rise which was starting to get steep.
 As we were going up Jaze snuck up and jumped right on my back wrapping her legs around my midsection and leaning against the back of my head with her arms dangling down. I was startled but looked back up at her and whispered to her, "Would love it if you were fatter?"
 In return, Jaze lifted a paw and struck my head with a devilish grin. Eckstal came closer and commented, "I don't think Ias wants you on him either."
 "Yes, he does," She merred looking back at Eckstal with the smuggest smile I have ever seen on anyone.
 Eckstal came back to her original seat taken aback and I turned to her shrugging, "Someones you gotta' put up with her stuff, and I know I'm going to have to."
 "Yeah, alright, go ahead... I understand," Eckstal waved me off grimacing.
 I grimaced at her as well and turned around shaking my head and Jaze wrapped her arms lightly across my chest leaning over my right shoulder. Then I heard a muffled gurgle from Sidge's lightly lapping sloshing stomach. Jaze caught wind of this sound and dropped right down behind me between Eckstal and I, and laid right down sprawled out. Her right ear was pressed up on his back as she listened and was soon snoring, asleep, her face a glow of contentment and devilishness.
 I looked back at Eckstal as we neared the crown of the larger foothill and she shook her head, "What is she in Cait years, Five?"
 I shook my head, "Twenty."
 "Well, she acts like Five," Eckstal responded indifferently.
 I looked ahead not really concerned as I was to get to know her quite well, even more than Eckstal and most of the others would probably like. I came to additional attention as Sidge brought us up at the crown of the foothill and stopped there. I dismounted and came to his front and beside his head looking out through the tree trunks at the dense forest ahead. I could distinguish a break in the canopy slightly and smoke rising from it, which made me think so I turned and addressed Zamae,
 "This is why your people should move out of here. The anthropomorphic bats and many else, minus the Magineans of Hale Forth would not care to use fire against you here and burn the forest around you, killing many of your people."
 "Tha... that's why you're here?" Zamae said and I liked that reasoning so I nodded as well.
 The Falcon as Lord Power came to us again descending through the crown of trees over head and coming beside Sidge. The cow-dragon moved to look at him with me. This time the Falcon was a dark storm gray almost a dark green.
 "Ezmur and Dimzeg are just about here. They insist they must see Zamae and you, Ias," the falcon squawked.
 "Oh Lord Power, what are you playing with this Falcon?" I exclaimed soft heartedly at the Falcon.
 The Falcon smiled warmly but shook his head, "You'll see." Then he took off again just as there was a soft howl, and two plain dark green cloaked came in sight. The Ezens wore yellow ties around their waists, that didn't cover theirselves with their movement. They came running up to us and stopped quite a ways down from Sidge staring at him with a big unwariness.
 Sidge and I came over and I squatted down on my knees with my arms on my knees looking down on them with a smile and Zamae came over to my side and stood looking down at them.
 "Zamae!" a chunky faced Ezen exclaimed. Of the two, she had short blonde hair and tan brown fur over the rest of her head and white fur under her chin and the underside of her legs and her arms.
 The second Ezen gave a yip and a smile and came running up grinning and tackled Zamae. He was a green haired, which was in a ponytail at his back, and completely red furred Ezen much more well built than any of us. Zamae, when he tackled her let out a happy yip herself and wrestled him around. The other she Ezen came running up looking warily at Sidge and nearly knocked Zamae over hugging her.
 I stood up and looked up and went wide eyed as a small flock of anthropomorphic crows that were zooming right at us from the east. I took off myself bursting through the trees, and spinning around in place, sent a great gust of wind their way which startled them enough to drop down out of their advance.
 When I set back down with the others the two new Ezens were mind-blown and stared at me. Zamae broke the silence by pointing out that the female was Ezmur. I gave her a wry smile but wiped it off for a more blank nod and Ezmur blinked at my expression and change of it. Zamae broke that moment by introducing the male as Dimzeg and then she asked bluntly, "What did you just do?"
 "There was a flock of crows on to us," I told her.
 Zamae looked up and around and Ezmur broke in, "Ugh... they always try to get whatever they can scavenge off of travelers, Ezen or not. But, they must not've seen this... this... creature here, this dragon."
 Sidge shook his head frowning and looked at me and I slightly shrugged, so he looked around at other things and Jaze took this time to wake up groggily. Gia and Gilges with Eckstal and Gesh had come off and joined us at that time and Sidge broke the silence, "I don't think I need to carry you all down there. And I'm feeling a little hungry so..."
 "Oh hungry dwaggy," Jaze exclaimed overjoyed and crawled quickly along Sidge's neck right up to his head and onto his mouth trying to pull it open but Sidge shook her off and she dropped down on top of me. Instead of stopping she stood on my shoulders and tried to continue to get at Sidge's mouth. He moved his head out of the way and backed off and I grabbed Jaze to keep her from going and she pushed and tugged at me to be released but I shook my head at her.
 The newcomers stared at this turn of events and I gave Jaze to Eckstal who took her reluctantly and I took Sidge aside, "Sorry, Sidge. You don't have to worry, um... I could morph you into a hudra and I'm sure they'll feed us."
 Sidge stared at me and tilted his head to his side and didn't say anything, so I sighed laughing and placed my hand atop his head. He glowed brightly and shifted into an anthropomorphic cow dragon with long white hair atop his head and a very big paunch.
 "G... g... goodness," Dimzeg commented to the change a reverence in his voice.
 I brought my arm around his shoulders and walked him forward till we were with the others. Eckstal let Jaze go and Jaze stood there folding her arms across her chest. I noticed she still wasn't clothed so I went over to her and licked her on the forehead and stepped away, and she had a deep violet flowing robe on with a thick silver string tied around her middle.
 Jaze made a protest tugging at her new robe then looked down at it and stopped and I told her, "Save a respect for you and..."
 I turned to Sidge who was quite bare himself and I tapped him on his forehead with my paw and he became clothed in a white cloak tied at the waist with a wide black thread looped through loops made there specially for it. Jaze looked at Sidge not sure what to make of him so I turned to Zamae and her two friend Ezen Geln Priests saying, "Now, we're set to go."
 We descended the hill and I saw the river was well diverted to the east swinging far and burying itself between foothills there. Then we came into a slight clear seated in a good sized run there. The clear rose in the west and dropped to the east flattening out there for some ways before continuing down to the river. The creek in the middle of the run was a pretty good size but small compared to the Navel River.
 There, in the midst of the run almost center of the valley was Ezen central, with only one other village that I hadn't been to in the small but sure Ezen nation. This one was just about a town, though built very similar to the mountain edge village, it had several streets ,most inlaid with brick themselves and cobblestones. The main street met the mountain path we were still on, and continuing on up the far rise of the foothill at the other side of the valley run. There were small farms on the outskirts, ringing the large village and far sides of the foothills of the runs but these were mostly obscured by trees and bramble on the way, though there were some foot paths and small roads out to them a few inlaid with brick, most regular dirt.
 At the midst, I could see the huge several roomed feat of the central most building of the Ezens. Yet, while it was not two story, it still was a big shaped mud house with great quantities of straw on the roof as well as small windows cut at the top with little shutters. This house was seated right along the main street. The streets themselves were a good twenty five arm lengths in width and had many Ezens with large sacks flung across their backs, moving to and fro past us as we moved into town. Along the main street, we moved past smithies, which of course made Gesh stop and almost go over to them. We stopped him and went on past other workshops and buildings of more importance.
 Our presence certainly attracted a good deal of attention. Many an Ezen did a double take but most politely tried not to stare and some nodded and continued slightly hurriedly along their way.
 One building in particular we came across was the only one that was bothered to be painted and was painted white and had brown markings of various symbols all around the outside. This building was more elaborate too, having several outlines for rooms visible in the outer architecture, and windows present on the juxtapositions of the rooms.
 Ezmur, Dimzeg, and Zamae tugged me to follow them, spoke to the others respectively to stay put, and they led me to the big house. They pulled open the door and came inside with me into a well lit room by the window light. Several Ezens in white robes sat there cross legged and one in particular had gold embroideries on her robe. She was well aged, and her fur was faded and a light brown and her hair was gray. She looked up with me, her eyes seeming to sparkled and I sat down before her before anyone said anything and looked at her with interest saying nothing.
 The Ezen bowed her head at me slowly solemnly and spoke a thin airy aged voice, "Gracious and Honored I am to behold the Avatar in Light, that has come to us to save us, I have seen."
 I bowed to her and let her continue and she did pick up her speech again, "We must not lose time, the unforgiving Baidofs keep pressuring us all. They will soon make their way up here again and try to destroy us. Let us go to Maejer Aokmor and plead with him the case now. He will listen to my warnings now," the elder Geln Priestess told me standing up as she finished with the rest of the Ezens including Zamae, Ezmur, and Dimzeg. We all filed outside and all Ezens around outside stopped completely and crowded around us all.
 "We are to see Maejer Aokmor, please let us pass," the elder Ezen Priestess announced and a way was made through the Ezens as we filed down the main street.
 Sidge made his way up to me, "What are we doing?"
 "Going to see the Wizard," I whispered to Sidge upbeat.
 "A Wizard?" Sidge exclaimed and I hushed him down scolding him.
 "No, he's more a Wizard by office, he's the main say so. They use a council of Elders, though, as it pleases them and our head of the escort here is on that council. We're going to see here and now whether the Ezens are to come with us. I am confident we don't have to worry," I explained to Sidge and he dropped back slightly in his walk with us. I, meanwhile, could see a big crowd building around us from Ezens coming out of their homes. Some were even dropping what they were doing to join the crowd.
 There wasn't any guard or much of anything in front of the grand house, it was just where the selection of the ruling council of the elders and the Maejer resided at. They counseled their fellow Ezens and made decisions on disputes, a system forgotten mostly by the larger societies, even the one I came from. The Ezens I admired as well as respected for this. Respectful as they were, they also respected themselves as best as they could and the world around them even if it meant they had to live simpler. They were a small nation as they were, only intermixed and planted for a little over a decade as Eckstal had those records mixed up in the library because that time had passed when they were even more scattered in two separate tribes. The council was really formed when they both came together.
 As we approached the door, I expected us to go in, but I was amiably startled when eight elder Ezens four male, four female opened the door and filed out. They were dressed in regular tunics, shirt, and trouser garb as the ones back in the village we came from were dressed.
 One white haired Ezen with black fur stepped up and knelt down before me and I immediately squatted down level with him. The Ezens around us went ablaze with startled sounds and growls, and I looked up around then back at the Ezen softly saying, "Maejer... Maejer...?"
 I stood up as he stood up and he responded, "Yes, I am Maejer. What, sole Avatar of Light, brings you to our people?"
 "I've come to help, to bring wide peace and reckoning to this once great world. I've come to help you and your people. I offer you my great home to come and live and hold vigil to help me if you wish to go to the world around us," I announced to him.
 "Away from the Baidofs?" Aokmor responded calmly his eyes a glow with deep reckoning.
 "Away, safeguarded," I told him firmly.
 "Hear that," Aokmor turned to the other Elders saying and they nodded.
 The Elder High Priestess that escorted us spoke up, "It is how it has been told and how it is. My dear Aokmor and counselors, our words have come back to you from before. The vision is well fulfilled."
 "Then we must see to some celebration here, let all Ezens hear and come to this celebration. For the time past and the now great events to take afoot," Aokmor announced brightly.
 "Finally, some eats," Sidge replied from behind me and I heard him lick his lips.
 "Where shall we have the feast?" An Ezen from the back of crowd shouted.
 "We could have it at my place," I told them and Eckstal looked at me rolling her eyes.
 "No no, we'll have one there when we all move. Consider this feast to be one of the last celebrations we have here. May I ask a few runners to pass this news to the villages. See I would but I doubt I would last very long," Aokmor addressed us all in high spirits.
 Zamae chuckled and stepped forward, "No, actually, sir, I will be going back to my village. I will deliver the announcement."
 "Dear, not alone, I cannot let you go back alone," the high priestess told Zamae firmly.
 "We'll go with her, Merstra' Miya," Ezmur responded and she and Dimzeg stepped forward beside Zamae.
 The High Priestess Miya nodded so Zamae bowed her head to me and Eckstal, Gia, and Gilges bid her goodbye. Jaze, Gesh, and Sidge didn't seem to mind either way.
 The storm gray Falcon who was Lord Power came flying down out of the Sky startling all but Jaze and the Priests. Then, Power landed on the top of the house lightly and looked down upon us and hopped fluttering down in between the council and us and spoke to me nodding, "Ias."
 "Lord Power," I acknowledged him with a nod.
 "The Baidofs get anxious by day. A whole migration of these people could not come at a better time," Lord Power told me.
 "Who is this?" Merstra' Miya asked of Power.
 "I am no one really, just a guardian," the falcon as Power squawked.
 I shook my head at him, wondering what would happen if they knew they were in the presence of one of the elder gods of the universe, but I didn't dare tell her. Only, I needed to ask him about his situation.
 "I was hoping to ask you before if I had permission," I asked Lord Power smiling.
 "Yes, you had already or you probably wouldn't have come this far without being challenged," Lord Power responded returning a smile and he turned to Maejer Aokmor talking to him,
 "May Ias I' Ney, and his companions talk with the council."
 Aokmor nodded and the other Ezen elders moved into the still open doorway and the Ezen crowd around us started to disperse as Lord Power went in with Aokmor. Then I followed them in flanked by the remaining priests and Eckstal, Gia, Gilges, Gesh, Sidge, and Jaze came in with us.
 The first room was a large meeting room which several large rugs in the midst as well as about the room. The council with Aokmor sat down on a big large rug and we sat down opposite them pulling up respective rugs.
 When we were all situated Lord Power stood up addressing the council, "Good, I fear time is already passing during this celebration. There may be some losses during your exaunt, there's just more of the Baidofs and less of you. With the Caits on our side and considering that Ias I' Ney and I are here protecting you, you could actually live here peacefully."
 "But the visions seen among all of us show us in a place in a mountain. Is this mountain what our Lords are talking about. If we leave we will be out of our territory, if most of us go then those left behind may be attacked. If none of us go then we may still be attacked. Can it be said that our options are better in this place under the mountain?" A Female Elder Ezen of the council spoke out.
 "Tay, you are good well beyond your years already. I must disagree though, if Lords Ias and Power are to guard us then we could either half go with him, half remain here, or we all stay here or all go with him," another female Ezen of the council responded.
 "True Iola, we have all of our options open to us still," a male Ezen beside Aokmor pointed out.
 I stood up and spoke, "The Baidofs, in the end to make Pranoke what it once was, Pranokalis, either must be at peace with everyone else as well as open to the others. I will not kill any race or kind of creature here to obtain peace all around us. There are key factors in each place within all the tumultuous races here that keep them tumultuous. Thankfully, all the races and creatures here have it in their hearts to be tranquil with the others around them. Even that small tribe of Goblins in the mountains."
 "What what...!" Eckstal stood up exclaiming to me.
 "Yes, sorry, Eckstal, I'll help you update your records later," I told her solely and she sat down and I did as well.
 Miya stood up next and turned to me, "Please... either way, I beg of you to at least take our Vicars with you and instruct them. You can better show them things we struggle to."
 I nodded warmly, "Of course, but be warned that this will not be of your people only. Jaze is a pupil of the Cait tribe's Shaman. I will be instructing her too."
 "Oh of course, we don't mind. We hope this may bring us allies of the Caits, too," Miya nodded smiling warmly at Jaze who gave back a wry smile and looked over at me shrugging.
 Miya sat down and Aokmor rose, "There will be some of our ambitious youth and some of us curious old timers that may want to join you. If it pleases..."
 "Of course, have them come at the end of the celebration," I told Aokmor whole heartedly.
 "Then the council is in agreement," Power asked and the council nodded each on their own.
 Power smiled, "Splendid. Now, were we to prepare for a celebration. I haven't really been amongst a crowd of Ezens at a celebration for a few years."
 "Not much to be proud of," Aokmor responded and most of the rest of us with the council stood up and leisurely went about the room.
 "We'll have to see how our fellow Ezens respond to this change in affairs," I heard the Elder Council Ezen Tay comment to Iola and the other council members as I went by her and up to Power.
 "Oh, my little Ias! How are you now? You've not been on Pranoke very long. How do you like it?" Power exclaimed coming to me.
 "It's a dream, Lord Power. Better than I could ever imagine," I told him enthusiastically.
 "Marvelous...marvelous... lets go see the rest of the village, then and talk," Power responded warmly and I went up to Gesh and Eckstal who were standing next to each other.
 "You two are probably wanting to see some of their sights?" I asked of them.
 "Those forges, especially. Is there a library Eckstal?" Gesh responded and his expression seemed to draw an anxiety from Lord Power.
 "They don't look like they'd have a library, only records. I might..." Eckstal started to say absent-minded and then saw Iola and went up to her and she was small talking with Sidge who I could sense was stifling a grimace at the delay to the feast.
 "This is Eckstal?" Sidge responded grinning.
 Eckstal tilted her head to the side at Sidge and Iola turned to her, "Why, my dear you are a beautiful one!"
 I looked over the Elder Councilperson Iola and she had a short gray hair and wore the ordinary garb that most Ezens we saw did, in some variation. Hers was more drab, faded, whitened, but loose around her and she wore a deep green cloak over this draped around her shoulders though it wasn't cold, she evidently was because she kept bringing the cloak about her.
 "What material are your tunics and other garments?" Eckstal asked.
 "Wool. Very finely combed. Doesn't look like it does it?" Iola responded proudly.
 I shook my head lightly, though she was thin she was furred and I couldn't understand why she'd need so much garments on.
 "Ias, were we going to stroll around," Power whispered in my ear and I jumped and turned to him and nodded so we went out of the room outside of the house.
 Right in front of it in the midst of the town, Ezens male and female were bringing in big heavy woolen mats and fair sized cotton or wool rugs from houses down the streets. All the Ezens would jump and help the next bunch carry out the mats and several more carrying out various rugs, and even Ezens would help others carry in the rugs. They didn't seem to mind it and they even sang some gruff songs. This made Power and I grin but we started down northward toward the edge of town talking along the way.
 "Iola is a Vicar. Oh wow, she's going to be cold at Primeon," I remarked chuckling.
 Power joined in though he dropped to a whisper speaking and coming closer to me, "These are such a nice people, I've watched over them for years. I only made sure though that the Baidofs didn't take over their land. But I am the Elder God of Pure Power...."
 I looked around as he trailed off and we were near the edge of town. Suddenly, I saw there in the middle of the road an Ezen sprawled out leaking blood from big gaping wounds across his body. Everything seemed to go gray around me and I knelt down beside his body getting a little tensed up myself. I radiated warmth on him and closed his wounds and cast the light from the Spindle Pillar down upon him to revive him. He groaned moving his head slowly about in the dirt and suddenly came up quickly looking over me.
 Power didn't kneel down but he reflected on me, "Little Ias, you care so much for these creatures."
 "Why not? I love any creature, especially when it's so awesome as Ezens are," I looked over my shoulder saying to Power.
 The Ezen came slowly sitting up and looking around sniffing the air and shivering but I brought him up to stand and asked him, "What happened?"
 "Crows..." He whimpered shivering.
 "This is where our differences come. I am essentially a God of War. There are plenty of Gods into healing like you. You, Ias, must make a choice rather than just a healing God, you are Altimentor," Power said softly behind me.
 "That is yet to be seen," I told Power and let the Ezen go and turned to Power speaking again, "That's why you wanted to talk to me now. But I've already had an idea what I want to be."
 "Oh? Strange... in fact too strange I didn't know this. Is there something I should know?" Power looked at me slightly distressed.
 "Well, you know I want to bring Harmony back to Pranoke. You know why?" I told Power trying to stifle my grin.
 "Back to what was near the beginning of all of it... Ias..." Lord Power now regarded me very wide eyed and took a couple of steps back.
 "Shhh shhh... the audience is made to not know about this. Anyways, I'm going to be the God from the Moon. I'll go visit various worlds making Pranoke drift into orbit around them," I explained to Power.
 "Hmm... that has a perspective of being my interest. Well, I'm one of the Last Elder Gods to be interested in this place but I'll be behind you. I had better get some last few Wars out of this place before I'm done and you go ahead with this. Really, if you're so... you know... why don't you just redo the whole world as you see fit?"
 "This is my plan, Lord Power, I don't want it to be given back. Now, the Magineans I probably don't need to bother with too much. They're probably actually going to be the easiest. Now, I hope I don't need to banish the Duorgnaks. Maybe if they left on their own free will. I'd rather have them though here," I told Power.
 "Why the Magineans at all when you have the Ezens?" Power quizzed.
 "Well, that's too bad, that's how it was. Things aren't going to be perfect. Besides, it's about the moon, so the closer we are to the heart of this earth the better. The Duorgnaks are still mine as much as their ancestors as well did foresting the other half of the time. Their Technological advancements are what sets them apart from both." I explained to Power.
 "Yes, I know all that. Either way, you got the Ezens and Caits. Not a bad start. The Magineans and Duorgnaks, yes. Why don't you get Michi while you're up here?" Power suggested.
 "I plan to and Jyiri and with Michi, the solution to Jyiri could be unique. But, at this point, the ways I'm going to do this is to start really using my abilities. I need to meet with those I am to show in Metagic. After the feast, it's time for their first lesson," I responded to Power.
 "That... I don't understand about you training the select people in Metagic. Why not leave them on their own with their own people," Power responded.
 "I'm not going to give them any really special powers. They want me to train them. So, I'll train them. I will only train one per race on this world. That way, they can help to keep the peace," I explained.
 "I believe I will start with this one, he'll be the one I train." I told Power turning to the Ezen who had regained his composure. He was standing listening to us and piqued up upon hearing me refer to him. I came and game him a big hug and he gave a startled merr and when I detached and looked upon him he gave a smile.
 "What's your name?" I asked him.
 "Wovelmlos," the Ezen said.
 "Come with me please, I will talk to Miya about you and you can tell you compatriots about your ordeal," I told him and Power and I started back down the path. Wovelmlos hesitated. I turned around and looked at him, stopping, he scratched his noggin and came up to us and we continued back toward the large main house.
Chapter 4- Dreams of the Silver Stream
 The Celebration of the Ezens in lieu of the revelations of Power and I, was a party of special magnificence. The Ezens, sparing no bird or game. They were accomplished butchers and hunters. Seemingly with Lord Power and I's protection, that we had assured them they had, may have made the once respectable Ezens have a falling out with their previous faith of respecting everything. The Ezens had not believed they had a Guardian Deity or any God looking over them. In truth, it was Lord Power all along.
 Now, they did not realize that I was about to take over the reigns. I would have help and I regarded Wovelmlos as this help. To live in harmony, I told the High Geln Priestess Miya in an aside, would bring about the best peace. A people, when they deal with certain anomalies candidly that pop up in their society and break with tradition, are much closer to harmony with the world around them than those societies and peoples who stayed the same throughout the ages.
 Miya was disappointed to say the least about my choosing a non-vicar to be an apprentice of mine. But, I had my reasons. Wovelmlos was Jaze underneath in near obsession with the arduous tasks of being ingested by creatures of larger or small or of mid size to them, yet he diverted after that point to having a deeply buried fetish about the plumped abdomen, and I caught him stealing glances down at my own. Yet, his preferences being so buried inside him were prevalent not in public with his other Ezens, so otherwise messed with the Goddess Psyche's harmonious governance over himself.
 And when I hugged the creature I headstone done it out of pure acceptance of himself, a love, as he was, and a slight bit of earth burying his inner self had been cleared from the tomb which encased him from his accepted self. He wasn't overly bold with it, and wouldn't be until I kept unearthing those feelings bit by bit. To be an Avatar as I was promised to train him, by myself as a gift to the Ezens and as a gift unto myself. The harmony, in my view, was mostly set in stone.
 The Celebration meanwhile was kicked off by a speech by Aokmor as he stood on the platform that was the stage that was erected for the celebration, not the best quality craftsEzenship I had seen yet. The stage was risen on four huge mats with a large rug set atop it.
 All manner of Ezens came, from inside as well as out of town and crowded around, there being enough mattings for all to sit at. Then, the Ezens who came brought mats and rugs of their own to add to the mix. Jarges even came and I happily greeted him. Most had large bags slung over their shoulders, filled with already cooked goods and various breads and vegetable dishes in large pots of large quantities. They threw these on a big fire in a large dug out pit laden with stones, before the stage, to warm them up.
 The total assortment dishes were of a grand variety, venison, lambs, pigs, cattle, turkeys, rabbits, chickens, and various meat dishes. Then breads loafs of different shapes stacked up on one large matting. Then many pots of stews and soups. Cheese wheels, halves, and bits, from cheddar to mozzarella, all quite fresh. Vegetable dishes from corn and cabbage to beets and potatoes and mixtures and casseroles of those types. Apples, peaches, pears, grapes, melons, and various fruits stacked on another matting.
 The beverage of choice for celebration from Ezens was a red wine made only by a select few grape growers in the small but sure Ezen nation and, again, only made in large quantities for celebrations. But there was a few apple growers so good quantities of Apple Cider and a small quantity of Ale as well for those who didn't care for the wine so much and of course the staple, water.
 "I would like to thank all who have journeyed near and far from out Sister villages. A Welcome to all Ezens here as well as our guests, and an extra special welcome to... our extra special guests. I hope this feast will be as enjoyable to you as to our guests and I hope that you will mark this occasion of a good fortune that has befallen our people and possibly this world as we know it. Now, enjoy the product of the labors of our talented cooks that have prepared this feast. And thanks again, to all," Aokmor spoke to all.
 Eckstal came up to me holding the documents that Gesh had found in Primeon, "Thought you might be interested in what I've found?"
 "The Pranoke Gykes used to trade with old Primeon," I said grinning at her.
 "You're a smart ass, aren't you," Eckstal scolded me slapping me across the face with the bundle of papers.
 I could become one," I retorted grinning even more broader.
 Eckstal shook the papers at me, "No! Now, these are mostly lab reports and intake of goods for lab experiments. Doctor Michi Gimiguchi made himself into a quaint dragon form long ago, he's taken the Bue Juice, seems that was the reason... or well Gimiguchi has done some weird experiments. Seems to be specialized with the digestive system... well... you'd get along with him. But you know that he made the Bue Juice. Makes you immortal. Now how do you explain that. There's only a few items of legend that would do that. Delmrosia, for one, and that's just about mythical. If you're going to... find this..."
 Eckstal went on explaining but stopped when Wovelmlos came up beside me and he stared transfixed at Eckstal and there was a moment I felt I could pass a paw in front of their eyes and it wouldn't even stop their transfixed stare.
 Wovelmlos was a lot like Eckstal except he was a wolfish, but he had white fur and chestnut brown hair and a slight beard on his chin that came to a point below the center of his chin.
 "Oh oh..." I said smiling looking from one to the other and that broke their trans-fixedness.
 Power came walking up with a metal cup, almost a small goblet of wine that was at the half way point, "Oh yeah, you two. Heated... heated..."
 "Um..." Eckstal emitted and retreated turning away and retreating to where the elder councilpersons Iola and Tay were, she glanced back over at Wovelmlos though with a blank expression.
 Miya came up to me again her hands clasped together before her waist. She came close to me and whispered, "Please, Ias, for our sakes, take someone who has more knowledge in the matters of Synth. It will be a lesser burden on you to train Wovelmlos in the full arts."
 Wovelmlos was still standing next to me and was listening to the whispering and Miya only realized this after she said it but Wovelmlos spoke to her, "Merstra' Miya, I agree with you. I have no abilities in this."
 "Believe me when I say, Merstra' Miya, that what I will show Wovelmlos won't be anything you would ever know. In short, I will retrain those who know it who come to me. It will be beneficial to all," I told Miya.
 She sighed and went by me toward the stage and where she was sitting remarking, "I hope the end..."
 I turned to Wovelmlos who was now gazing over at Sidge who had tried sat down on one of his rug and had successfully been able to sit semi straight up though he sat slightly slouched.
 He had gathered a big assortment of dishes though to the amazement of the Ezens sitting around him. I realized his appetite would take some time to adjust to his size as he had taken a whole twenty five pound turkey and a few whole chickens and piled them on the table along with a little Cheddar and mozzarella cheese wheels and several whole loaves of bread. He was attempting to fit the whole turkey in his mouth and was actually succeeding which was why he was receiving such attention.
 Jaze was sitting next to him, laying down with her elbows on the ground to prop up her chin in her paws. The smaller cow-dragon kept pushing and shoving until he had gotten that turkey halfway into his throat making his head and upper throat bulge. Then, Jaze stood up and helped push too with a nod of thanks from Sidge. This helped the effort and though it was slow and Sidge was starting to turn more blue than green, they got it inside his throat, a gigantic bulge. He swallowed again the bulge went slowly down and met with his chest and into his stomach making his belly larger jutting out; his belly from his abdomen an arm length and a hand.
 Jaze still stood there next to him and his belly a distant look on her face though still smug, looking at Sidge, she started to move her paws to Sidge looking around but I shook my head when she looked at me so she shrugged with a frown and backed off coming slowly over to me whispering, "You don't ever let me have any fun."
 "You can catch a few buzzards or something later and cook them up and repeat it," I said chuckling.
 "Ooooo I love that dragon now, I didn't think I would when you turned him like he is," Jaze said.
 "I know," I said and went over to Sidge and he looked at me with a loopy overly satisfied expression and closed his eyes and drooped his head and shorter but lithe neck forward onto his chest. I then looked over at the Ezens who were sitting at the table and they were all transfixed, looking at Sidge curiously, being three of them, and each had one of the whole chickens and held them up looking at them each in different angles unsure.
 Wovelmlos had came up next to me slowly and I caught him staring at Sidge's brimming belly and I looked at him as he stared and tapped him on his shoulder and he jumped and looked over at me with a guilty grin. I grinned back at him more deviantly commenting, "Ah yes, I know about you just a little more than you want. Just a minute, I'll show you something." I looked around the around the vicinity of the feast at everyone else. Gesh was standing near the middle of the whole setup conversing with Ezens who were rather brawny and a few had aprons on, so I guessed them blacksmiths. Then Gia and Gilges were at the farther side of the gathering talking with a few other couples, with them all sitting in a ring of rugs.
 Only those Ezens that were near Sidge's ring had and were still paying attention after the event of Sidge swallowing the turkey, slowing to glances over at him every now and again. I looked at the Ezens who were sitting at the ring with Sidge, a red furred female and two tan yellow furred males, all slightly husky. They all were still, contemplating the chickens. I sat down on one of the two rugs to the left of Sidge, and Jaze came over and sat down on the other one and I pulled up a rug next to me and had Wovelmlos sit down and I whispered in his ears, "Dear, don't be too ashamed that you need to keep these feelings down deep. I would like to take this situation and use it to teach you some of the new art I'm going to teach you but I need to instruct Jaze and you away from the ears of most creatures."
 I switched the volume of my voice to a regular conversational level and turned to the Ezens, "Go ahead and swallow those chickens before they get cold. Sidge's once seven thousand gallon tummy is more like seven gallons now stretched out to probably seventy, give or take. You folks can feel free to swallow those things whole."
 Power came over to the table and stood by me and the Ezens looked at each other after my statement but now looked at Power and he commented, "You're corrupting these poor things."
 "For Power?" I suggested.
 "Perhaps," Power shrugged.
 Sko appeared on the other side of me making the Ezens next to me jump almost out of their chairs. They looked ready to get up and back off and regarded Sko with a reserve close to flight but Sko broke that moment and talked, "Ias, I agree with Power."
 "See, fun's always broken," Jaze echoed.
 "You are all right. But, Jaze, and Wovelmlos, your lesson will come soon. Sadly, that may not really be until we get back to proper sanctuary of my own. But, maybe I can instruct you a little bit... and... Sidge?!" I explained.
 Sidge awoke with a snort and looked at me groggily, "I'm wha... do you want?"
 I made a dismissive motion at him, "Sorry about that."
 Sidge nodded and went right back to sleep snoring very soon after. I turned to Power instead and shrugged before standing up saying, "Well I'm going to mingle." I looked at the Ezens motioning at them to continue and they started picking at the chickens piece by piece. I asked Jaze and Wovelmlos along with me and they followed and Power sat down beside Sidge and the others setting his cup of wine on the table.
 I went over to Gia and Gilges's table and they stopped talking when I came over and nodded to me and Gilges said, "Come join in, we're discussing why we wear our vests here."
 I sat down with Wovelmlos and Jaze sitting down Jaze rather disgruntled.
 Gia spoke, "See, we're just used to it and the mountain air is a little drafty. Jaze here wears her own piece."
 "What.... well yes, why wouldn't I wear..." Jaze started responding but looked around at the Ezens who were around us and I did with a balk as they weren't wearing anything baring what genitalia and Tits, in the case of the females, normally with no apparent concern. I looked around at the others and saw that a portion of them did or did not wear any clothing.
 I threw up my hands, "Oh well, I have no problem with it. I mean, when I came to here, I wasn't wearing anything for a while, and I was human then."
 The Ezens at the table all looked over at me for a few moments not saying anything and Jaze spoke breaking that silence, "A human?"
 "Yeah, that was my form before I died and came here," I responded shrugging.
 "Oh you poor thing," Gia commented.
 "Well, being a human isn't all that bad. I see your point, I was just used to it," I told her.
 "What forms have you became so far?" Wovelmlos asked.
 "Ah... I became like Sidge over there, then I was a fox, and now I'm an Ezen," I relayed.
 "You became like Sidge?" Jaze said slightly dreamily.
 "The creature that swallowed that whole twenty five pound turkey?" The Ezen sitting across from me asked. She was deep blue furred Ezen and very slim, wearing nothing. The brawnier brown furred Ezen to her right looked to be her mate and he looked back at me through yellow eyes.
 "Yes, that's him," I replied with a slight grin and turned around and gave a glance in his direction.
 The Ezen gave a slight grimace, "I don't think I could do that."
 I was still looking over at Power when the Ezen said that and he was motioning to me to come over so I excused myself and went with Jaze and Wovelmlos following me toward Power and Sidge's and the rug ring of the other Ezens. I diverted my path to the food tables up front to grab some wine and when I was up there there were some Ezens with some instruments sitting on the Edge of the stage totaling three deep green furred Ezens with what looked like stringed instruments like guitars. Another golden furred Ezen came and sat down beside them with a similar instrument and they all started strumming up a light yet rolling melody.
 I took a cup and dipped it into the barrel of wine, filling it up and went back to the table with Lord Power and sat opposite from him while Jaze and Wovelmlos filled in beside Sidge.
 "That's good. Some Gods enjoy feast with mortals. I'm one of them. Most of us demand sacrifices more-so to the benefit of trying to start one," Power commented.
 "They're not bad. Very Nice, even though I'd know some who would freak out and almost kick out Sidge for being so hasty with his stomach," I gave a big smile saying and ended up by glancing at Sidge's belly thoughtfully again and back at Power.
 "I for one would just like to..." Jaze started saying moving a paw for Sidge's belly and the Ezens still across the table stopped eating and stared curiously and I reached and blocked her paw, as she sat to my left. She looked over at me with a frown which turned to a smile as she moved her paw over and onto my belly which wasn't nearly as big as Sidge's but was at an elbow length protruding from my body. I moved my hand so she couldn't touch it though I was smiling the whole time. Then her other paw came up and onto my belly so I took the other hand, moving it off, and she backed off with a slight whimper.
 I leaned over to her ear and whispered, "Later."
 "Then... then how about we find..." Jaze protested mildly looking over at Wovelmlos and taking my paw by the wrist and made me stand up. Then she went over and took Wovelmlos the same and when we were both standing she moved down slowly along the tables taking a look around, then moving inside the line of tables until we were by the table with Gesh now sitting at it have a hearty discussion about smithing with the other smiths there.
 I nodded at Gesh holding my ground as Jaze tugged at me and I addressed Gesh, "How's blacksmithery these days?"
 "Well, other than the wear and tear and fixing the door hinges and cart axles, it's not much. We all are put to our uses but not as much use as some of us would like. But, I have no right to complain, aye..." A light gray Ezen right in front of me commented.
 "True, but I've well ran out of Ore so I've just melted and reworked most of my forgeries to keep up my skill," Gesh responded.
 "That's why I've offered for you to come over and help me with that Cart order," another Ezen black furred a few chairs to my left spoke.
 "Ias," Jaze responded tugging on me so I went on with her and she dragged Wovelmlos and I along with her glancing quickly at each of the tables and when she was at the far end at the edge of the tables she stomped her foot-paw at the ground with a whine.
 "Well what did you expect. Wovelmlos is your best bet," I told her.
 "There's got to be someone here who is a glutton and has a big..." Jaze complained drawing a wide arc from her belly side and back to the other side of it.
 I looked outside of town up the street and there was a raccoon there, anthropomorphic and hobbling into town and farther up into the sky above the trees I saw some Baidofs retreating over the tree tops at the far foothill back toward the mountains so I ran up to the Raccoon with Jaze and Wovelmlos shortly following me.
 As I came to it's side the creature practically threw it's arms around me and looked back at where the Baidofs were retreating. Then it collapsed onto me fainting. It was a Raccoon of gray and black stripes up and down it's arms and legs, bushy tail, and chest up behind his neck to it's face. Below it's chin and all down it's front it had a gray coat of fur. And it was a she with rather filled out features and quite pudgy.
 The news that the southern village I had come from earlier in the day had been heavily attacked by the Baidofs made the celebration not worth continuing on. I now stood at a decision of several choices of ways to continue on to Michi Gimiguchi's place to talk to him, to protect against the threats to the pleasant Ezens, and to reach the Baidofs. Protecting the Ezens from the Baidofs by going to the Baidof leaders would coincide in itself to being a solution.
 Besides, the big prevalent choices, there was the training of Jaze and Wovelmlos and looking after Gia, Gilges, Eckstal and Sidge. I had several solutions in mind but I would start out with Jaze and Wovelmlos. Now, we had went separately in helping the Ezens put away their tables and chairs. Since the Southern Village was heavily damaged, not completely damaged thanks to the soldiers and Zamae with the help of Dimzeg and Ezmur, who stayed in the village with her for the time being, many Ezens from there that had come to the celebration now were temporarily homeless. But, the ones who had homes in their head village we were in thankfully reached out and allowed them to stay in their homes with them.
 Miya, meanwhile, insisted that the beginning training of Jaze and Wovelmlos take place in the back rooms of the Geln Priests House so we both went there leaving Gesh to help with the repairs, through metalworking, of the South Village. Eckstal had retreated to the council building in the center of the town to look over the records. Poor Sidge was awoken from his nap when they wanted to put the table and chair away that he was sitting at so Sidge was offered a place to sleep by the Ezens that were sitting at the table watching him eat the whole turkey.
 Thus, Jaze and Wovelmlos came with me though I almost had to drag Jaze away from going with Sidge so she pouted the whole way into the right rear room which was made for deep meditation and training. Miya tried to come in with us but I told her as polite as I could that she must not hear what I was about to tell the two.
 "Now, I am going to put up guards so no one can hear anything, other than Lord Power or any other God that know what I am about to reveal to you," I explained to them looking around the room. It was very plain having several red wool square rugs set in a circle at the center of the room. I sat down on one of these and bade Jaze and Wovelmlos to sit across from me and they did so.
 "Wow, this information must be rather precious. What have I gotten myself into?" Wovelmlos commented with a groan.
 "Oh, it's probably nothing more than a signature move he does with his metagic," Jaze responded.
 "That would be easy, Jaze, if it were true. I'd really need not train you on anything..." I started to say and hesitated pausing for a time looking down at my knees.
 "Then what is this information, that's so sacred," Jaze protested finally.
 "Quite simply. You have the ability within yourself to be as Power and I. You have the ability to become God," I told them.
 Wovelmlos stared at me but Jaze shook her head after a few moments, "But that's simple, almost too simple. People can become Gods physically and with their powers otherwise."
 "Yes, that would make even better sense that way. But folks have their abilities. They access them at a time or two. Priests, Metagians, and Synthicians are the ones who devote themselves fully to this. But anyways, that's the quick philosophy. Now, onward with your training. Wovelmlos! Since you haven't been around magic or received any training I'll start with you. So, what would you like to do to start out?" I told them.
 "Hang on, he can't do everything, I can't even do everything," Jaze pointed out.
 "Yes indeed you both can do anything, even more-so when I allow it or any other God. Now, those like Power and I can come up with ways to deter you to not use the art, the Godening ability within you, but you can push forth and come out shining. Some Gods fear it, some Gods accept it. Mortality is perishable, beyond mortality is not. Death is no longer a concern for us, though competition is for a good portion of the Gods. But, this is the philosophy again. Now, Wovelmlos, what are you going to do?" I fired back.
 "I... I... don't know. I don't have anything to do..." Wovelmlos said weakly.
 "Nonsense... I'd rather you choose something than have me do it," I told him.
 Wovelmlos looked around shrugging then looked down at his rug with a smile, "Maybe make these rugs more cushiony?"
 "Go ahead, make it cushiony," I told Wovelmlos.
 The Ezen blinked at me and looked down at the rug, "How?"
 "Oh, just do it, no God is going to counteract you here," I told the Ezen.
 Wovelmlos looked down at the rug and just a second later it blew up slightly becoming a bigger rug, "G...G... Goodness!"
 "Oh I know who I want to do that on," Jaze said clapping her paws together and looked down making her rug get plumper as well.
 "You guys are pretty good now. You can actually go off on your own back to your people now but I strongly would want you to stay with me for some more time, especially you Wovelmlos, until you get in touch with your deeper self. Now Jaze, you are actually quite able to..." I started to tell them and all the while Jaze looked thoughtfully up and suddenly she disappeared.
 "Ooops... let's go to where Sidge is," I said standing up.
 "Wait wait... how do I do that," Wovelmlos interjected.
 "The same way you did the rug. This time, go where Sidge is," I told Wovelmlos and teleported to where Sidge was and he was in the house with the other three Ezens sleeping on the floor on carpet with a few pillows around it and the three Ezens were sitting on a small three rug ring playing some sort of card game. The room of their house had many cupboards and shelving units and also a few countertops, some were unfinished. Most of these were not of wood but of mud and I was very curious how they could do that with mud.
 Wovelmlos teleported in with a white light attracting the attention of the three Ezens who dropped their cards and stood up gazing at us suspiciously. Jaze was hovering over Sidge, who was laying on his side away from her. Just as Wovelmlos came in she laid right over Sidge's side placing her hands on his belly. Since she was smaller than Sidge his belly to her must've been even larger.
 Jaze scooted over and beside Sidge cuddling up next to his belly and him, just about burying herself into it and snuggling a ways into it pawing it and she was soon asleep as well. I sat down where I was shaking my head, "Y'know I was expecting worse."
 "Hey Wovelmlos," the red female Ezen said to Wovemlos.
 Wovelmlos waved at her and looked back at Sidge and Jaze with curiosity, and I could sense a longing from him. He sighed and turned around going to the ring of rugs with them and they all sat down and dealt a hand to Wovelmlos. I watched them for a bit laughing and talking about their cabinetry and Wovelmlos talking about building a few new houses and a small bridge over near the western village.
 I looked over to Sidge again and I gave a slight cry jumping up. Wovemlos and the Ezens stopped and looked over toward us and jumped up themselves as Jaze had started climbing up and into Sidge's throat. This woke Sidge up, coughing, and he grabbed her around her ankles and yanked her out quickly with her moaning with disappointment but was surprised to see Sidge was the one doing it.
 "Oh can I please," She begged Sidge trying to move back toward Sidge's mouth but Sidge shook his head setting her down beside her.
 She gave a quick merr and instead jumped onto his belly hugging it with a purr and Sidge made a move to push her off but stopped shrugging and laid belly up and went back asleep laying his talons on the Cait's head and torso drifting off to sleep. I sighed shaking my head but with a grin and went over to the rug ring with Wovelmlos and the Ezens. They sat down and I watched them play. It was basic rummy and Wovelmlos had the most runs and pairs. I shook my head grinning and announced aloud to Wovelmlos, "I do appreciate you practicing your newfound abilities. But do your friends know about it."
 "Oh... oh yeah... I didn't realize. I think I've been cheating on you folks with this metagic I'm being taught," Wovelmlos told them hanging his head.
 The Ezens burst into roaring laughter the one male of them saying, "Oh Wovelmlos, I was wondering why you were doing so good."
 "Nix nix, don't worry about it," The female Ezen said.
 "Anyways, a good stopping point because I need to take you both back to the deep meditation room," I told Wovelmlos and teleported Jaze and him back to the room.
 "Now, as I was saying..." I started explaining.
 "Hey, why did you do that, I was taking a good nap," Jaze snapped noticing she wasn't hugging Sidge anymore but the floor.
 "Hey, I need to make sure I've told you everything I should tell you to start out with. Now, each of us is born under the guardian deity of our peoples. Wovelmlos was born under Lord Power who took most interest in the North. You, Jaze were born under me formerly Lord Itheone.
 "Listen now, this is important! Your mortal shell prevents you, as I said, from obtaining the peak of your powers. Don't go out and commit suicide, I won't allow it. But, death, allows you to emerge forth from this cocoon and become much more powerful than you can become.
 "See, Gods still have some say so over the mortals because of resurrections and raising the dead. Gods choose their servant deities carefully, and those who die under a God either has to serve that God after death, creating an Altimentor as I have been, or be let go to be full God. But, I am an Altimentor allowed to do what I want on Pranoke but I can bend the rules on that by interdimensionary interlink with existing places and by Pranoke itself coming to other worlds.
 I as Lord Itheone cannot even interfere with this because of the Universal Protection of Ultinity.
"Either way, you two are able to do things that no other Metasynth using person could dream of. Given that I don't put limits down on your abilities. Right now, you can do about all I can do except do wide worldly scale Metasynth or beyond," I narrated to them.
 Wovelmlos nodded, "Everything but the washbasin. Right. But can't I do the same that you can, use that loophole and interdimensional link."
 "No, mainly because you are full mortal. I'm only partial mortal," I responded.
 I looked over at Jaze after I made my last statement and she was playing with the small tassels on the rugs and suddenly Sidge emerged fully from the rug, laying belly up as we left him. Jaze was picked up by his belly emerging and she cuddled upon it giving it a big but gentle hug again.
 "Aye me... I don't know how I'm going to manage you, Jaze," I pronounced.
 She moved up slightly to look over her shoulder at me giving a shhh and went right back down on Sidge getting comfortable in his fat folds and was soon snoring. Wovelmlos meanwhile was looking at Sidge then down at the ground and I gave a look at him and back at Sidge and shrugged saying to him, "Ezens and the Caits value fatness as a sign of fertility, do you not?"
 "I... yes... we would, I think... errr... no," Wovemlos stuttered getting slightly flustered.
 "Well I know you do in some way. Now, there's some tasks you can help me with and these are sending dreams and visions and visiting others from afar.
 "The link with the Silver stream here is a good place to link up. I would like Jaze to help but anyways, here let's crossover. There's some interesting happenings in here that we could most certainly do here and it would help you in your training. In the Silver Stream we don't have to worry about harming things in a large scale. While, other Gods wouldn't mind wiping the slate clean as it is. I think these things are okay in another place. Anyways. Let me take us there," I explained brining up the glass orb I kept with me that was full of Silver liquid. I then held it aloft and it rose from my paw and as I watched it it glowed bright silver and everything seemed to change instantly.
 We were now in the Silver stream, at least Sidge, Jaze, Wovelmlos and I. It had a mirror reflective floor that extended in all directions meeting the sky which was blue with white puffs of clouds in it that reflected overhead. The ambient light from above and what reflected from the floor was soft, neither too dark nor too light.
 Jaze and Sidge snoozed on not noticing the change but Wovelmlos turned around taking everything in and looked back at me with bigger eyes.
 "See, there's where we were," I told Wovelmlos pointing down at our feet and between us, and there, many times smaller, was the straw roof of the Geln Priest House we were just at flanked by the street, houses, and trees all around until the image ended soon after by the line of the silver mirror that encircled it.
 Wovelmlos jumped away from it with a yelp but I held up my paws in peace to him. He slowly came back onto it, testing his footing on it first, and when he was before me I wiped the image away, leaving the stream as it was before.
 "Don't worry, we are still on Pranoke, we are just in a different existence on it. This is how I'm able to have more abilities as an Altimentor. Anyways, I've really brought you here for a type of rehearsal. To be able to do this dream, we're going to have to loosen you up," I instructed Wovelmlos.
 "Why? I don't understand..." Wovelmlos whimpered.
 "Michi Gimiguchi's dream will probably be more of the elaborate ones. He's like us, he likes things swallowed whole and a big abdomen to show for it, like Sidge, he'd love Sidge. Unless you just want to watch me do that one. There's also the Baidofs and I need to have a dream for a pregnant mother, Shaydya. Her son will be an apprentice as well of the Baidofs," Shayda will be more of a vision or waking dream.
 "Yeah, you probably don't need my help," Wovelmlos responded.
 I sighed, "Either way Wovel, maybe I need to crack your shell a little bit. I hope you don't turn out like Jaze, though..."
 "Crack my shell?" Wovelmlos was perplexed.
 "Here, just a moment," I told Wovelmlos while rummaging and withdrawing the satchel that Gesh had found in Primeon. I opened it up and felt around inside with my paw withdrawing all the vials and setting them down until I found a big gooey syrupy filled clear bottle of liquid. I kept this in one paw between my arm and side holding it there while I placed the other vials down. Then I made a pile of plush pillows rise up from the Silver Liquid behind Wovelmlos.
 "Now, sit back, don't worry, relax, and take this," I told Wovelmlos giving him the bottle while indicating the pile of pillows.
 The Ezen looked behind himself and back at me. Then with a sigh he took the bottle and sat down with a sigh, "Okay."
 "Drink some of it. Don't worry, it won't hurt you," I said gently to him smiling.
 Wovelmlos regarded me curiously then glanced down at the bottle. He momentarily removed the cap on it and after sniffing it he took a sip and gave an mmm and started to drink it quickly enough that I intervened when he had about downed half of it, "Phew... don't drink anymore. That was Michi Gimiguchi's draught. Now just lay back and relax yourself."
 Wovelmlos regarded the bottle longingly and looked up at me skeptically but put the bottle slowly down beside him and laid back. I quietly and slowly came to his left side sitting on the pillows and looked down upon him. He brought his hands behind his head remarking, "That stuff relaxes you, y'know. It tastes so good, like sweet nectar or honey. I couldn't stop drinking it. What was it, really?"
 "Good that you didn't drink anymore, you might have not been able to get around. This will bring those interests and loves deep within yourself to more of a surface bearing. That draught of Michi Gimiguchi's makes you quite fatter," I said softly.
 "Wha What!?" Wovelmlos woofed trying to sit up but stopped just as he moved trembling visibly and couldn't get up, so went on his back.
 He started to turn over but I held him there, "Stop stop... it's a little discomforting if you... look... just forget about your self consciousness and just let yourself go for a bit, let the buried things within you come out. Don't concern yourself with what others think," I told him calmly soothingly.
 Wovelmlos whimpered but sighed laying back and looking up putting his arms down by his sides. He still looked uneasy but after a few moments
 I talked to him glancing at his still slim abdomen, "Should be starting now. You'll feel a warm sensation... should start in your stomach... ah..."
 I stopped as he was sighing and nodding putting a hand to the upper left side of his abdomen under his ribs.
 I continued, "That sensation should continue on throughout your belly by should stop there and get a little warmer."
 Wovelmlos nodded looking up now dreamily and sighed and started lightly panting. I laid a paw on his shoulder and my other one lightly on the midst of his abdomen and he was indeed warm, almost hot. Then I felt his Belly pushing up at me and his fur was rising up there moving up and up and out and out pushing out and up until it was almost the size of Sidge's belly.
 The Ezen looked down at it and went wide eyed and looked at me and back at it and gave it a light poke with his paw and his furry paunch jiggled in response. He laid his head back again with a warm sigh and put his paws up on it. I gave his paunch and rub with one of my paws, "Not bad for half a bottle of this stuff, imagine if you would've drank the whole amount."
 "Still, I doubt anyone will recognize me among my fellow Ezens should I got back. Is there a way to reverse this," Wovelmlos said gravelly.
 "Of course, you can do it yourself. But now, you are immortal. Won't really matter, I think. But, have it your way. Remember, though, what you like," I told Wovelmlos a little disappointed.
 Jaze woke up with a light dreamy moan and when she saw Wovelmlos she slipped right off of Sidge waking him up with a grunt. Sidge looked around and stared at Wovelmlos now.
 "Now, the vore, stuff, as I promised Jaze," I told Jaze and Sidge.
 "Oh... I'm tired now... oh okay, what did you have in mind?" Jaze responded yawning.
 "I'm going to try something unique, maybe... Oh Wovelmlos, can you stand that way," I turned to Wovelmlos.
 "I think," Wovelmlos said turning over on his side and I did a double take on how appealing that his belly was with all the folds of furry fatness now cascading pancaking when he went on his side, then his belly dumped down slightly over lapping over his pelvis as he stood fully up wobbly and nodded at me.
 "I was just checking, here. This will be unique," I said to them and with a wave of my hand there arose from the Silver stream what resembled a big silver bubble more in an arclike protrusion. Then a circle and colors filled in to make it a pink skin covered mound of a big fat abdomen but much larger than Sidge's and Wovelmlos just about the size of the grassy knoll I woke up on in Pranoke the first time. I went up to it and sat atop it it's warm cushiness and right next to it's belly button.
 I turned to the belly button and it suddenly opened up to a slight hole and showing what looked like rough pink insides. I stuck my foot paw in there into a warm wet gooey-ness and then my other foot paw inside and the opening closed around my feet and started sucking me inside and I moved to look at the others as I sunk down into it, the opening moving to adjust. This continued until I was up to my head and I looked down inside what resembled a gullet as it was tube shaped yet fit me inside the inside rubbing against me tightly but snugly to pull me down in and with one more pull I was taken inside and I slid down, helped down by it's pulling action and past a cardiac orifice much like Sidge and Sedas' yet smaller and it took a while to squeeze me down but the sensation and being pulled inside of the belly put me into a new bliss over the whole thing and aroused me quickly.
 Then I was over the folds and into the narrow, large tube-like unfilled structure of it's stomach. It had no pylorus, outlet valve at the other end, so that helped with the worries of being taken further in. The pulsating and peristaltic movements were on cue and all the more hypnotic and rhythmical along with the seeping juices that came in from the sides and above.
 I called up through the opening and closing cardia, "Come on down!"
 It took a little bit but they all came down, with Jaze first who was having her own arousal.
 Sidge was taken away by the whole thing being this his first ingestion and he was trembling but aroused in a unique way caressing the rough yet smooth sides of the stomach orifice we were in.
 Wovelmlos looked like a little Ezen kid at a big surprise birthday party for him. Then he curled into a fetal position and cummed right in front of us an elated look on his face and Jaze laughed but I was more thrilled that this produced that effect, a sign that part of him was coming out, and not just the sperm.
 Sidge was satiating his curiosity at the cardia by poking it as it rolled in and back up, then he would poke the folds. He eventually sat down against the far upward arcing wall from us looking up in his own wonderment, "Oh wow... I could... I never..." He stretched his arms and claws up above him over his head and lightly rubbed the folds sprawling out his legs, baring a big hardened pink penis of his own.
 "Well, Jaze," I said to her and she sat down leaning up against the wall beside me a sleepy smile and look on her face with a hand on her chest over her hardened sets of nipples and she looked at me with that expression.
 Wovelmlos sat up and the juices had washed away the residue about him. He sat right underneath the cardia leaning up against the smooth small section of stomach wall there, "Ahhh... awesome..."
 "Well, glad you all like this, folks, we're going to take the silver stream route while we're in here. We will be going to the Belly Mountains and into the Baidof caves. Then we're going to visit Shayda in a dream, if you're up to it. Of course, I could just visit her myself, then we could all go in person to Michi's clinic. You'll all like it if you likes this and what happened to Wovelmlos. He has machines that can see down inside you without you having to be swallowed inside. And he makes the Bue juice and takes it himself in small amounts so is practically immortal, if a little pudgey," I narrated to them.
 "I'm for staying in here for a while, and you go and talk to Shayda," Jaze said sensually shifting lightly from side to side rubbing up against the walls and closing her eyes.
 "Sidge, Wovelmlos," I asked them both at the same time.
 "Ahhh.... I think I'll stay for a while," Wovelmlos whispered audibly and slowly.
 Sidge looked around at then at me and went into a fetal position like Wovelmlos yet turned away from me toward the wall lightly shaking and lightly grunting rhythmically.
 I came to the Baidof caverns flying in invisibly and came into their sleeping cavern and they were all hanging from the walls and the ceiling wrapped up in their wings. I oriented on the farthermost and highest wall under a crevice where a few bats were and to the far left of them was a black furred back with her black hair dangling down through the the top of her wings. Then, protruding from her middle on the one side was her full abdomen that had her son inside.
 She was sound asleep as I drifted up right next to her turning upside down and planting my feet on a jutting of new stalactite formation there. I moved down till I was close to her and crouched down next to her abdomen and placed my paw right on the middle of the protruding part feeling its firm soft furriness and then I put the other hand on it lightly rubbing it.
 I shift changed to a brown furred Baidof and entering her sleep I started with a misty replica of a Cave and spread my wings flying in with just her and a small short black haired boy Baidof child hanging beside her both awake and wings unfurled at their sides. They regarded me curiously exchanging a glance. Then she turned and saw the child beside her and gave a startled squeak whereas the child held out his paws that were separate from his wings due to his anthropomorphism pleading, "Mother, don't worry, I'm your son, or at least I will be."
 I came up and hung upside down next to her and she backed away from me with a screech but I held up my paws toward her with an open gesture, "I am not here to harm you. Please listen."
 The child came up to her giving her a hug, "Oh he's not here to hurt us mom. Please. He can harm us if we don't listen."
 "Who?" she squeaked.
 "Your leader Xeipo," I told her and she took a startled step forward but stopped.
 "No... what is he going to do? He wouldn't would he..." Shayda's voice trembled from her.
 "Your son will be a threat to him because of his abilities, far intuned into the whims of the Metagic he will be..." I told her.
 "A threat... how am I to escape him. He'll put a spear through me killing my baby and I. It's his son," Shayda whimpered.
 "I won't let that happen. I will protect you," I resounded softly advancing and squatting up more into my hanging perch, I hugged the Baidof Boy and he looked at me with a slight smile.
 "What will you do? He'll kill you too," Shayda complained in a downcast squeak.
 "I doubt it, I've already died..." I said to her and she looked upon me wide eyed.
 The boy turned to and gave Shayda a hug again. But, suddenly he made a quick move and went right up into her kunt with a dull slock and squish sound. Her belly expanded as he came back inside her. The dream was broken there with her waking up screeching startling the Baidofs hanging near her. And I, still invisible had floated a few steps back, becoming an Ezen again. I drifted back to her as she wrapped her wings around her putting her paws to her belly, cradling it. I reached up and brushed her hair back between her wings there and she jumped, and I whispered so she could hear, "Remember."
 I teleported back to the Silver stream before the Belly Throne that Jaze, Sidge, and Wovelmlos were in. I caused it to fall back down to the Silver stream just leaving them sitting on the Silver stream. Since they were all leaning up against the stomach they all almost fell backwards onto the Silver stream.
 "Aww... I was starting to get to a nice snooze," Jaze moaned.
 "No snooze now, there's things to be done," I told her promptly.
 "Is there?" Jaze grumbled standing up.
 "Here," I told them and waved my hand over the silver stream and the whole part of the Silver Stream around us rippled and a wide pillar rose up and made a big flat panel next to us and the side of the panel to us glowed white. Then the panel displayed an image of a wide hangar type bay with crates all about one end and at the other end. Yet, in the midst there were several silvery metallic tables and devices of different makes.
 At one particularly gigantic table in the middle was a big dragon on the tabletop. The panel zoomed up to the table on another smaller creature.
 This creature was dragon like yet his body was pear shaped with a narrower chest and a big pudgey body ending at big feet which he walked upon solely, his arms looking too small to really be of any use to walk upon, so he waddled slightly when he walked swaying his large fat dragons tail.
 He was smooth and scaly with green scales along his back and sides up to his head where his white horns came forward at an arc like Sidge's did, thus being like a bull's horns. Down below his short snout that was close to the size of an Ezen's snout, his scales turned more velvety colored down his big belly which drooped down and forward brushing the ground as he walked before meeting the underside of his tail.
 "That's Michi, folks,"I told them pointing at the small dragon.
 "Oh, I see what you mean," Jaze said absorbed in his image grinning as well as speaking dreamily.
 "Wow, I love his body shape," Wovelmlos commented big eyed at the panel.
 "Okay, then, when do we get to see him," Sidge asked clutching his own belly looking at the panel with great intrigue.
 "I was wondering whether we should just go to him or gradually introduce ourselves to his little nation," I responded to them.
 "Well, can you go right to him," Jaze asked slightly annoyed.
 "Yes," I replied simply.
 "Then let's not waste time and go," She said.
 "Suit yourself," I told her. But just then I heard a calling from all around of my name and the silver stream reacted and the screen slammed back down explosively dissolving down back into it and a full figurine in the image of Eckstal came up in it's place, filling in first a silvery image with little features, but then becoming the full colored person with all features.
 "I wish she was a little more into our stuff," Jaze remarked smiling at her.
 I shrugged and gestured at her and her image glowed and she went rigid looking around in the direction away from us. Spreading out her hands palms down at the Silver stream she remarked, "What am I doing.... errr what the seven moons of Elbeido...!?"
 "You interrupted our transfer. We were about to goto Michi Gimiguchi's place," Wovelmlos told her and she spun around with a startled eehahaha sound. Then she let out a big sigh.
 "Oh him! Why didn't you tell me? Let's go," Eckstal perked up though still looking around uneasily. Before I could stop Jaze, she ran and jumped up onto Eckstal's back piggyback but in a full embrasive hug.
 Eckstal regarded her over her shoulders, "No Jaze, that's not why."
 "I still loves ya' Eckstal," Jaze sniggered detaching and I immediately shot forward though I was interested in what this would do to Eckstal as Jaze picked up Eckstal and dumped her into her mouth pushing down and down quickly and Sidge, Wovelmlos, and I were right there and Sidge with Wovelmlos tugging the opposite way at Eckstal's upper body that was still protruding but I stopped them.
 "Ias... Ias..." I could hear Eckstal screaming from inside Jaze's throat and Jaze tried to speak but it came as a rumble from her throat and caused her to choke but she closed her eyes and kept pulling Eckstal inside.
 "Jaze!" I said sternly at her but she shook her head. So I hung my head and jumped up into the air.
 I jackrocketed right into Eckstal's kunt, passing slippery but surely headfirst through her clit into her vagina and when inside her vaginal tract I phased into her bloodstream and followed it until I was near her stomach so I phased back into her stomach at my original size making a tight slippery wet squeeze inside her with her stomach walls brushing up against me massaging me, extended but taunt. I would've stayed there but I felt the walls of the stomach starting to compress me as I could see past Eckstal that Jaze was pulling that part inside her so I shot upward up Eckstal's throat and came out head first fast into Jaze's stomach as well, the different being that Jaze's was pale. Then I stood up inside her stretching her stomach well beyond capacity out her front-side and I sent telepaths to Jaze, 'You still want to swallow her!'
 "To the Surface of Fice to this?!" Jaze gulp screamed and I felt her pull Eckstal out and let her fall to the ground with a thump. Then she came down to her knees poking me from outside. In return, I phased into her being taking full possession over her. I looked at Eckstal with a wink.
 Eckstal tilted her wet dripping matted head askew at me as Jaze but came back up shaking her head and looked over at me again. I padded the residual flap of skin that now hung from my belly as a result of being extended so I pushed that back inside me making that and my stomach back to normal.
 "Right," I said nodding and I jacked back out of Jaze's being and stood next to her as my original Ezen form.
 Jaze shook her head tipping to and fro looking almost ready to fall over but she didn't and stared at me instead so I grabbed a hold of her, bringing her onto my back in a piggyback and gave her a big fish.
 Jaze dropped the fish and fell over my shoulder out cold overwhelmed by the ordeal so I set her down before Eckstal and gave her the fish.
 "What do you want me to...?" Eckstal started but when I started to look at her with a definite grin she backed away shaking her head.
 "Hey! Turnabout is fair play, isn't it?" I asked her.
 "I've never forcefed anyone before..." Eckstal mumbled.
 "Oh is that all. Well if you don't want to do it then... Wovelmlos!" I said and Wovelmlos and Sidge who had stepped a few steps back came back up to us.
 I stooped down and placed my hands on Jaze and cast energy back into her and called soothingly to her, "Wake up Jaze, we're going to Michi's," I said to her and she woke up quickly with an oooo but gripped her stomach with an ugh.
 "Eat this fish, then," I told her and presented the fish to her, it being almost double her size.
 "I'm not very happy with you, Jaze," Eckstal scolded her but I gave Eckstal a glare and she apologized.
 I made a motion and Gia and Gilges popped up out of the Silver Stream.
 "What happened... ugh..." Gia replied making her ugh as Jaze up ended the large fish into her mouth and down to her stomach making her belly, almost in a quick rhythm, come almost out close to an arms length by her arm measurement.
 "Hey, cheer up Jaze. When we go see Michi..." I started to say.
 "Ias, you're getting us all hyped up about Michi and bring us down," Wovelmlos complained.
 "Who's Michi Gimiguchi?" Gilges asked.
 "Well we're going to give him a dream here see when he goes to sleep." I told them.
 "I don't like the sound of this," Lord Power spoke materializing before us.
 Sko materialized as well, "Michi is retiring to his office for his afternoon nap."
 I summoned the big Silver Screen again from the Liquid stream and it showed Michi moving down a white hallway out of a four way junction to the west until a door along the southern wall and went down from there into a larger bay with some similar machines that was in the first bay we saw him in but some here were of a unique shape and design. And though the whole bay was high ceilinged and came up to an arc, some oversized versions of small versions of some machines came up to touch the top.
 Michi waddled as he walked making his abdomen sway in an almost hypnotic motion which I loved every moment of it and as i looked over at Sidge chuckling as he swayed from side to side while watching Michi move past the machines. The Draconic Doctor creature moved to the farther end of the bay to a smaller door there and passed inside and came into a large den-like office room just the size for him, having a large bed in one corner and a brown painted oaken desk.
 This room had a long ruffed red fibered carpeting with various rugs in shades of dark brown set about the room. Behind his desk was a large wooden chair made in a way to allow his large tail through there. Before his desk were two smaller chairs and an end table between them. Then, his bed which was a four post green sheeted king sized bed set up in the corner. Yet, other than the bed there were bookshelves lining the room and the mantle over his fireplace. The walls were partial wooden up to the mid-line of the wall which came to full wooden. Then various paintings of models of various types of digestive systems were strewn about and some pictures of chubby creatures other than him with a few in erotic suggesting poses. Overall, this den, bedroom, study place was dark except for the electric lights on a chandelier type light hanging from the ceiling into the top middle of the room.
 Michi went right to his bed and threw himself right upon it sprawling out with a deep grin on his face and closed his eyes. The whole structure of the screen slurped down into the Silver stream again.
 "Here we go folks, I think some of you might like this," I said.
 "What's it going to entail," Eckstal asked warily.
 "He's going to swallow us," I said.
 Gia and Eckstal made to flee in different directions so I said, "Come on, give it a try. What do you want?"
 "Not to be eaten," Gia told me wrinkling her nose.
 "Okay then, Gia, Gilges, and Eckstal are out of it. So lets go," I said and Sidge, Jaze, Wovelmlos and I drifted stationary along the Silver stream away from them until we came to a similar bed with none other than a Michi Gimiguchi sleeping sprawled out on that.
 Jaze was first on Michi as the Silver stream shapechanged to the middle of a thick green forest leaving hardly any room for the bed and all of us so we all had to stand around the bed.
 Michi stirred and woke up. Jaze suddenly was in what looked like a thick white dress with golden embroidery designs on it and I smiled as she blinked looking over it.
 "When's the last time you've swallowed a Cat," Jaze cooed laying beside Michi cuddling up next to him brushing her paws massaging his bowling big belly and lightly buffing his snoot.
 Michi smiled and sat up, "Wow, I haven't had an eager crew like this before."
 He got up and went between my view of Jaze and me and his shoulders went up as with his arms and a few more movements happened I didn't look to see followed at last by a gulp and what sounded like a giggle and scream of joy and Michi turned around with a larger belly and Jaze's paw waving at us out of his jaws. Michi moved his head and neck and the paw passed inside and he gave a good swallow followed by a billowing out of his neck and the final slight more extension of his belly.
 From inside Michi's stomach I could hear a muffled sentence to the effect of, "Halleluiah, I love this creature. Oooh ahhh I love em'."
 Michi turned to Wovelmlos and I smiled at the look on Michi's face as well as the curious look on Wovelmlos' snout and eyes. Michi then beckoned with a claw sitting down on the bed and Wovelmlos went quietly over sitting down on the bed looking at Michi slightly smug and panting slightly visibly trembling. Then Michi laid Wovelmlos down and at first started to stroke his slim abdomen poking it lightly with a claw point commenting, "You've never taken vore before have you."
 "Na no," Wovelmlos responded in a slight glee sounding voice sitting up but Michi lightly pushed him back down and opened his mouth and Wovelmlos looked inside Michi's maw with a new smiling expression so Michi closed his jaws and went down to the lower end of Wovelmlos grabbing his penis with one talon stroking it making Wovelmlos shiver with a growl of arousal and Michi opened his mouth and brought it down over it and sucked for a few moments making Wovelmlos make more growls of ecstasy. Then Michi went to the feet of Wovemlos and licked them with his forked tongue and suddenly before Wovelmlos or I knew it his feet were inside his mouth and up to his thighs and just as Michi came to his pelvis, Wovelmlos spurted off barely missing him. Michi continued starting to humm a rhythmic melody. Wovelmlos closed his eyes eventually and only opened them again to look down into Michi mouth when he got up to the Ezen's neck.
 Before Wovelmlos was in he moved his chin and snout up and gave an ahh with an extra bulge going out in the already big bulging protrusion in Michi's neck.
 Michi slurped him up his stomach issuing a gurgle an bulging out even more so he laid down straight on his belly, his own penis going hard the other way. He turned lazily over to us and said, "How about you, Ezen swallow that Hudra for me?"
 I looked at Sidge and winked at him.
Chapter 5 - The Clinic of Vore and Gluttony
 The Ezen south town Loursout was eventually attacked again while Sidge, Jaze, Wovelmlos and I were having our dream with Michi Gimiguchi. I solemnly went back to the world and alighted outside the mountainside of the village. The town was nearly burnt to a crisp and the scent of charred mud was distinctly prevalent. I walked down into the village though, and could not sense a life as the Ezens that were left after the last attacks had moved further inside to their main town.
 I came to the remnants of Merstra' Zamae's house but it was literally broken in half missing it's roof, crowned by jagged burnt black edges. I departed her place solemnly and ran into her to my surprise.
 She was spattered with smoke and had lost her staff but seemed okay. She greeted me upon my arrival though quite solemnly saying, "The aftermath of yet another attack. Everyone's gone except me. I will stay until either I'm dead or the Baidof Invaders do not attack anymore."
 "Move to your main village, Shelour, there's nothing more you can do from here," I told her.
 She didn't say anything or move at all momentarily but eventually responded, "The great Primeon."
 "What do you know of it?" I inquired.
 "Old tales, strange things, stories of a pit of devils that eat travelers even if they're passing by. Evil Spirits that possess creatures, make them do terrible things," Zamae responded unwillingly, grimly.
 "Well, maybe before but not now. Gather up the remnants of the Loursout troop and I'll whisk you all away to Primeon and you can be a new add-on to the defenders," I told her and she brightened up a little more.
 "Far safer than here but I am sad to leave my hometown in shambles," Zamae confessed downtrodden.
 "Maybe..." I said and reached up toward the sky with my palm of my paw up and on it came a snow globe, with those white specks that float around in water to simulate snow. On the base of it's bottom was a small remnant of the original Loursout as it was when I last left it.
 "What sort of Metasynth is this?" She breathed.
 I handed it to her in answer, "Just shake this and reminisce and you may find yourself back in the home town you remember more than the one you are now."
 She brought the small globe down before her curiously and gave it a shake. The globe glowed and her eyes grew big and she looked around and started walking around staring at everything in disbelief. Then, soon she was smiling at everything and she looked down at the globe again and gave it a shake. The glow receded and was gone leaving her with a frown.
 "Wow, I was walking around in town and..." Zamae said staring at the globe and looking at me and I nodded.
 "That will only take you back to reminisce. If you so wish to stay here then I will bring back the town to what it once was but remember, it truly is gone lest we go back in time and bring it back," I tutored her.
 Zamae nodded solemnly with a sigh and gazed down at the globe again, then she put it away in a pocket on her charred cotton dress, charred to a point to reveal parts of her cunt slightly through burn holes around it.
 "No, it's gone and I will go with you," Zamae responded.
 "Then let us go and get those who used to live here. Jarges?" I asked.
 "Jarges? He went back west to Aebjen," Zamae explained.
 "How many went to Aebjen?" I inquired.
 "About half I think, other than those who went to Shelour originally. The Baidofs blocked us from going northward," Zamae explained.
 "Then to Shelour we go," I told her and clapped my hands together and white light expounded from everything filling in all features of our surroundings and we spun around and around covered in light and then slowed down stopping our spin. The light receded to leave us in the middle of the council meeting room of the council meetinghouse that had no one in it. Then from the doors to the rear of the room I heard snoring coming from the left door and room and a low murmur of conversation came from the right door and room. I beckoned to Zamae and we went into the door at the far left.
 This new room we were in had nothing in particular and was more so a large sleeping quarters with Maejer Aokmor cuddled up next to Councilperson Iola, who faced him, even with Aokmor snoring quite loudly. Neither of them wore their tunic garb they wore before but were in the furry buff at our feet.
 "Oh wow," Zamae commented in a whisper and I looked over at her curiously smiling. Then Aokmor woke up and nearly jumped out of his fur giving a yelp.
 Iola was stirred out of her sleep with an oeek and the noise brought the four remaining Elder Ezens in from what apparently was a record room as Tay had a few leaflets of what looked like a type of light orange parchment.
 "Oh it's you, I was just talking about you," Tay said as Aokmor and Iola got up both a shade redder than their regular furry colors and stood before us.
 "Sorry about that Maejer," I confessed giving a slight bow.
 "Oh no, d-don't be. We should've been up and about. You know how it gets with being old... or maybe you don't..." Aokmor hastily replied.
 "Heh, where's Eckstal by the way, I was wanting to talk again with the poor thing. I think she's holding back something. I'm no head doctor but the many years go by and being a counselor I can see she isn't all what she seems," Iola came up to me solemnly quizzing me.
 I leant in and whispered in her ear about her being violated by the humanoids and her expression went to open mouthed and she came back staring at me and shook her head so I nodded solemnly and she grimaced and turned over to Aokmor who was clueless and went over to stand beside him again looking back at me.
 "What did you find," I turned over to Tay.
 "Oh, this? It's about Michi Gimiguchi," Tay returned.
 "Oh really, what about him?" I asked.
 Tay glanced at her papers and shrugged saying, "Cast out of the Maginean Nation, Hale Forth, for his pursuits. Came to the Dwarven Knome Mines of Primeon and did some experiments but these got him yet another ticket out of there. So, he came to our old Gyke Nation. We took pity on him and gave him a good strip to the northwest where he now has his... um... Casino... then when our Ancestor Gykes combined with our Ancestor Ezens we gave him the slack with redoing our borders and he set up a small nation with those Stonitions as guards."
 "You gave him a good quantity of land. You know what he does?" I asked them.
 "Mmmm... yes... he's a stomach doctor and owns his own casino. I went to him myself. He's had a bunch of people go to him, even Magineans. Supposedly he's got some of his gadgets from the Duorgnaks," One of the male council members offered.
 "I didn't know you went to Michi's, Kif?" Tay remarked.
 "Yeah," the Ezen who was Kif, replied. He was a silvery colored Ezen, quite close to the original Timber Wolfishness of the Gykes though still carrying the hearty extra furriness of the old Ezens.
 "Who's this," I inquired of the last Ezen who was more the light brownness of the Ezen ancestry than Gyke ancestry.
 "I'm Jarges' father, Medj," The Ezen replied giving a nod.
 "I should've known, you looking like you're from the south," I commented.
 He nodded smugly, "Yeah."
 "I'm his mother, Ceila," The last Ezen council member who was not introduced, spoke, caramel and white colored, more Gyke than Ezen.
 "Honored. I just love your son, you should be proud," I reminisced.
 I looked around and up at the ceiling thinking about bringing everyone back from the Silver stream so I said, "Hold on a minute."
 I turned around and went past Iola, Kif, Medj, and Ceila to their side looking into the larger meeting room. I outstretched my paws and arms ahead of me reaching out and up. Several silver blobs started up from the ground and came up into the air forming into Gia, Gilges, Sidge, Eckstal, Jaze, and Wovelmlos.
 "Howzit uh..." Eckstal started forward looking around and the others were quite unawares as to where they were now either until I caught their attention by dropping my paws and arms down by my sides again.
 "Hiya' Fellas," Aokmor greeted the new arrivals.
 Wovelmlos turned around and smiled, "Hiya' Maejer."
 "Let's all sit," Iola asked gesturing toward the midst of the main room.
 We all sat down in the room I making sure I sat down beside Sidge and Jaze sort of reaching out taking their paws in mine in which the both looked at me weird so I just looked at each smiling and dropped their paws.
 Eckstal spoke, "So, what are we doing?"
 "We were talking about Michi Gimiguchi, right?" Ceila suggested.
 "Oh were you," Eckstal interjected.
 "Yeah, thanks to Ias for bringing you in on this," Iola said.
 "What do you have to add, Eckstal?" Tay asked.
 "What do you already know?" Eckstal questioned.
 Iola told her what we had already established and Eckstal shrugged pointing out that the basics had been laid out already.
 "Well, time to go." I said standing up.
 "We can't all go there can we," Gia suggested.
 "Yeah, it would look rather odd," Kif joined in.
 I went over to Sidge and rubbed him on the muzzle asking him, "Do you want to go?"
 Sidge yawned, "I want to sleep. That turkey still has its effect on me."
 "I'll go," Jaze interjected jumping up and I smiled at her and nodded and looked over to Wovelmlos who had locked in a stare at Sidge's belly lightly and slowly shaking his head which rested upon his paws.
 Jaze went over to Wovelmlos ducking out of his line of vision and reaching around him gave a rub on his similarly still big paunch and the Ezen jerked with almost a squeaky eep.
 "You going to go with us," Jaze said to Wovelmlos drawing her hands and self back.
 "I...I don't know," Wovelmlos said dazed and Iola gave a slight giggle.
 "Well I'm going to change my figure again," I said and spun around becoming a corpulent deep brown Jackalope.
 "Ooooo," Ceila exclaimed.
 "Jazey?" I questioned her and she balked behind Wovelmlos and started to come over toward me whereas Wovelmlos stood up assenting his wish to go.
 I transferred us teleporting right into the big bay we had seen Michi in. He was right there ere we came in and attending to a large brown scaled dragon laying belly down whimpering steadily in between breaths. Michi was applying a large metal disk to the side of the dragon's belly then he stopped and went around the table out of view for a moment so we filed in around the dragon, out of the creature's sight. Michi came around to the front of the dragon and espied me first as I was closer to the front and asked, "Could you come here a moment, creature, and help."
 "Gladly," I responded giving a wink at Jaze who put her paws on her hips whipping her tail about in discontent.
 I joined Michi at the dragon's head and mouth and he was at the back of a large gun-like contraption that had a large spindle for the barrel. The barrel overlapped itself in a shiny metal sheath and made an over small size even wrapped up as it was. Michi instructed me to stand by him and looked at a glass-like panel embedded into the station that the base of the gun came from. This station slanted toward Michi and was bolted into the table. There were several large ball handled levers below the panel. The panel itself was glowing and showing an image of the dragon as it moved in real time.
 The large creature seemed in visible pain to me with its eyes closed and turned on its side breathing hard.
 "What did shi swallow?" I asked already knowing the answer.
 "The porcupine didn't want to pay its dues at the casino and thought it could get by because it was a porcupine. My stonition bouncers couldn't touch her so Sandis here gobbled her up knowing full well what she was. Now, the Porcupine thought she was a clever little girl until she got lodged in the gastric fundus and caused some hemorrhaging. I've been able to get Sandis to be still so the hemorrhaging has stopped and clotted but it's going to cause an infection. So, I am going to do an upper gastric tract opening and cauterize it and clean out hir tummy," Michi put the explanation forth looking rather roused to me when talking about getting into the dragon's tummy.
 "Shit... shit... Ias I hate you. You get the best times," I could hear Jaze softly swearing.
 Michi ignored it and leant out from behind the panel and addressed the dragon Sandis, "Dear, open your mouth, please."
 Sandis shakily obeyed and Michi directed her to come up level, even with the metal barrel sheath, shi still trembling.
 Michi pulled on a green knobbed lever to the rightmost side and the whole device above the base pivoted on a round circular pivot point embedded into the place. Michi tugged lightly down at another red lever causing the whole gun to come down slightly into the base more. I could see through the base down the dragon's throat which made me snap to attention taking in every aspect from hir teeth, tongue, long mouth down hir throat whole through the long smooth rippled pink flesh tube of hir gullet. I even caught a slight view of hir opening and closing cardia down inside, slightly inflamed red from the Porcupine, but not bloody.
 The dragon-like doctor, Michi, had only two more levers to pull on. One was blue knobbed and vertical slotted, standing to the right of the green one. The next one to the right of the blue one was a red one and was fitted into a horizontal slot, currently to the far left. Instead of using either one, Michi turned a big white knob below it that had numbers on the base around it with a black line on the knob itself to line both of them up. There were three more knobs to the right of that one that were already turned. When Michi turned the knob he looked at the screen and only left it turned up a little bit from the off position at 0. The knob now rested at twenty and the whole base made a deep whirling sound before erupting into a hissing sound. The hissing sound soon stopped and the blue lever started to vibrate a little bit. There were three small circular gauges atop the glass screen with black needles that started picking up going to various numbers imprinted around them in their circles.
 Michi mainly concentrated on the left most gauges with the left most gauge having only quarters around the whole gauge labeled. The first point was fifty, the second a hundred, the third a red hundred fifty. The gauge itself had the words pressure to mass printed on the bottom of it on the circular interior.
 "Michi, why don't you just crawl down in her," I asked him grinning.
 He grinned back remarking, "I'd love to. But I risk hurting hir more than I want to. I'm a doctor you know, I try to look out for those I practice on."
 Michi looked at the screen once more and satisfied, pushed up on the blue lever quickly. There was a pop hiss and the whole sheath part of the gun on the base shot forward forming a fat long pole into the dragon's throat far into it so quick that it hardly seemed to move. The reaction from Sandis was not surprisingly a choking heaving effect. Yet, the sheath was embedded deep, preventing it from coming out easily and Michi calmed her laying a paw on her head telling her to breath regularly. Eventually she did calm her breathing though she whimpered every so often.
 "What do you need my help for?" I asked though I already could guess.
 "Just a moment," Michi said as his screen went blank and he threw the black lever to the right slightly and the whole pole seemed to expand into a big metallic tube making Sandis whimper again. The change to a tube also lifted her into the air slightly but only slightly.
At our end there was a hole that appeared at the bottom, big enough for Michi and I to fit through separately. Michi gave a nod of satisfaction and reached beside the base to get a big long thin rod like device that had several knobs on it itself and a small ball set at the other end.
 "You first," Michi told me.
 I blinked at him but looked up into the hole that was gray and metallic. Michi handed me a glass ball that had a glowing liquid in it, Illume Liquid, and bade me go up into the hole and into the tube. When I was in I could hear an echoing gurgle and the light showed down into her wrinkled up stomach that I was renewed in pleasure at the sight. Michi interrupted me in my bordering dreamy state that was building itself again. He was poking the rod up into the tube and asking me to take it and I did while he climbed up into the tube with the other end. Overall, the tube was smooth cool and metallic and there were gurgles and sloshy sounds echoing metallically from the other end again.
 "Slide down," Michi told me and I nodded and pushed myself off and slid surprisingly quickly down into Sandis' stomach whereas I feel upon the gooey warm folds of hir stomach right over a large object. Michi sent the rod device down and I caught it. He then followed me down inside. I took a look around and saw under where the tube jutted out of the cardia, there was the porcupine shivering, it's quills stuck into the dragon's pinkish juice dribbling stomach. The juices were starting to erode some of the quills off. The rest where they were embedded erupted in reddish tint in the walls.
 I looked around toward the far end to the pylorus as the peristaltic movements made O shapes that compressed to the smaller O pylorus and began again. I watched it hypnotized and got quite piqued up but Michi slightly broke that crashing down beside me.
 He stood up and quivered, "Oooo, I've missed being vored."
 "How many things have you been vored into?" I asked laughing.
 "Seventy I think. It's been so many. Almost been digested completely a few times. Now I look back on it I feel I might have been dreaming, "Michi explained with beaming then grabbed the poll and went to the porcupine.
"Hey!" The porcupine squeaked through dehydrated lips at Michi as he came up still quivering.
 "Why you little?!" Michi said shaking a claw at her.
 "Michi, I thought you gave me credit," the porcupine protested.
 "No," Michi said simply and brought the rod up and turned a small knob toward the ball tip and a sizzling sound started from there and white electricity started sparking from it making it glow. Michi took the rod and proceeded to cut the porcupine's quills. This work took some time but Michi soon finished and saw the porcupine up the tube and turned to me and literally broke the rod in half sliding them apart producing two smaller similarly designed rods.
 Michi gave me the rod saying sternly, "Precision. Turn the knob there and the cauterizing electrode will start up. Each touch to the stomach wall must be worthwhile. Each time it's touched the muscles will convulse and might throw you."
 I took the rod wide eyed and turned the knob again and the tip started sparking and glowing a blue. I knelt down beside Michi and he lightly pressed the tip quickly but gently on a red area. The walls seemed to jump but the folds around the wound smoothed out then came back in quickly roughly rocking us. I took my tip and lightly pressed another red area just after it stopped and the same thing happened. We both alternated until the area was dark red rather than a blood red.
 Just as we stopped I caught out of the corner of my eyes the metal tube retracting up through the cardia and the cardia gurgly closing shut above us. Michi saw it before me and made a leap, missing the tip of the metal tube as it closed and slipped falling down toward the Pylorus as it did it's contractions pulling Michi farther down and he looked back up at me with an groan so I leapt down to Michi and grasped his outstretched talon and teleported him and I right outside the creature at the base of the contraption again right behind the anthropomorphic porcupine as she was there letting go of the lever that drew the tube back. Jaze and Wovelmlos had come up beside it and the porcupine and jumped as we both appeared.
 Michi brushed juices from his scales and turned to the porcupine scolding her but she just laughed at him, "Almost had you. Then I could've taken over the vore casino."
 "Gretchen, you rat, you're better off as one. If I could get my hands on you I'd..." Michi snapped at her.
"Oh you wouldn't..." Gretchen snapped back taken aback.
 "Wait a minute how'd we get out of her," Michi said holding up a paw at her and turned to me.
 "I'm sorry. I'm magical," I said smiling and throwing my paws up and letting them fall down to my hips again.
 "You look like a... Jackalope?" The porcupine remarked.
 I changed back into the Ezen I was in Michi's dream and he just about jumped out of his scales and regarded me slightly a paler shade of purple and green, "Yeh... you!"
 "And me," Jaze waved at Michi.
 "Oh you," Michi smiled back and started traversing closer to her.
 "Hey what are you doing?" Gretchen protested and Michi stepped back and regarded her and taking his rod in one quick movement flipped the knob and zapped her quickly. Gretchen flew backwards up against a flat panel of another machine that was an upright machine with several bars on hinges and straps that were all open. As she touched the panel the bars and straps seated themselves over her keeping her up against the upright board panel. Michi motioned for us to come closer to the machine and around back behind it were the backbone of a narrow metal suspended clump and two panels of a glass type of box on an arm that came from the backbone.
 Suddenly the arms and the panels of glass in the box came forward swinging in front of Gretchen and lit up with images. The left panel was an enhanced picture of the inside of her throat and the right panel was of the inside of the end of her throat into her stomach.
 "What are you going to do to me?" Gretchen quivered.
 "You? Nothing. See I can't vore you in the usual manner. Maybe we can find a rock golem or some creature that has a tough stomach. But, since I usually do an eye for an eye, I will have to have you swallow something in the other case. Mayhap the usual stonition," Michi responded looking at both of the screens.
 "No, not a stonition. I won't swallow anything you give to me. Don't try it," Gretchen shakily told Michi.
 "Hush, creature, I am adept at force vore." Michi scolded her with a smirk.
 "No need to do this on my account," I told Michi.
 "Oh no, it's expected. A little vore never hurt anyone," Michi said and vacated the room through the double flap doors to the west side of the bay leaving us to look on Gretchen.
 "Hey honey, hey, I'll be happy to go inside you if you want," Jaze told her poking her slim exposed belly whereas Gretchen squirmed.
 "Oooo, I don't want any creature squirming around in me," Gretchen whimpered.
 "Why go to a vore casino and try to take over it?" Jaze chuckled.
 "Not for me, for the Kingdom of Jyiri," Gretchen grunted.
 "Oh what?" Wovelmlos mrred in.
 "You know what I mean?" Gretchen snapped.
 Wovelmlos grimaced but turned the frown the opposite way responding, "You know Ias, maybe she would look better with a bigger aftervore belly."
 "Okay then. Here Gretchen I'll prep you with some creature. What'll it be?" I told Gretchen.
 "None, I'm a vegetarian," Gretchen squirmed reporting.
 I smiled and outstretched my paw toward her and a bushel of grapes came to it but the grapes had a life all their own and had two antennae, six feet, six arms, a tail which was it's leading stem, and looked to me to be an insect except it was a bushel of grapes. I came up to Gretchen and brought her up chin up and opened her mouth despite her tries to avoid me. I introduced the living grapes into her mouth and the grapes at first tried to climb back out but I got them to squiggle down into her throat and with a quick massage and slight push the natural reaction caused her to swallow all of it. I looked on the monitor and there it was being pushed down into her throat. It came into her stomach and started to crawl around.
 Gretchen was staring ahead stock still and wide eyed and only when the living grapes penetrated her stomach did she try to squirm. Then the grapes started to crawl around poking into her stomach folds and she stopped and I could see minute free movement on the outside on her belly as the grapes started moving around quicker. Gretchen stopped and tilted her head to her side with her mouth dropped open.
 "Wow, that's that's truly unique, I could get used to vore... Let me try it," Wovelmlos surprised me saying and conjured himself a walking head of lettuce very similar to the grapes yet it was moving sideways and seemed like a crab to me.
 Wovelmlos gobbled that with a little help from Jaze as to the proper way to swallow living things bigger than oneself. The Ezen rubbed his tummy after that and conjured some carrots then over to cauliflower and broccoli and downed them until his tummy was a bigger mesh of freely squirmy furriness.
 "What can I do that's not vegetables?" Jaze asked.
 Michi returned before Jaze could get to do much and stopped dead when he saw Wovelmlos. Beside him walked a very small creature a little smaller than Jaze that had no fur but was all pale gray skin. It has arms with very small set spines on the back of them and legs and stood upright. Its openings on its body were non-existent except for an opening in the midst of it where I imagined its head to be.
 "What have you been doing?" Michi asked eying Wovelmlos and his belly, almost in a way I picked up as hungrily.
"Eating. Is there anything I could have? I want to do vore the other way now. I'm inspired," Jaze requested of Michi coming up and looking at the little creature with him interestingly.
 "I think poor Gretchen will learn her lesson," I said indicating the monitor and the still crawling grape bushel in her. Gretchen hung her head and looked down and her belly as it moved slightly, wide eyed.
 "Oh, you did it already," Michi said perking up and the creature beside him went up to Jaze.
 "I'm Hews. I'll feed you," The creature said in more of a unified sound from its mouth.
 "What are you?" Jaze started to look a little on the skeptical side.
 "I'm a stonition. Let me show you," Hews replied and hugged Jaze inching his way up and she gave an ooo in response but cheered up as Hews went into her mouth and down into her throat almost in one smooth motion and was soon quite a big slightly mobile protrusion in her belly.
 Jaze knelt fully down when he settled down into her and looked up at me cloudy eyed slightly swaying back in forth and gave me a big smile and fell right over on her side her belly moving slightly afterwards.
 Wovelmlos came to her and poked her belly and gave a chuckle as it moved more in reaction.
 Most creatures sought shelter to live in many different places, beneath a tree, in a cave, in a house or building. Yet, some creatures seek shelter to live in places that other creatures wouldn't live in in their wildest dreams. Stonitions were one of those creatures that lived in a particular place. This place was in the stomach. The environment was acidic and Stonitions lived ideally in an acidic situation or in a vat of acid, as was Michi's temporary solution until a more suitable living situation could be found and the only possible natural solution around Pranoke and many other places was the stomach of some creature.
 Stonitions were parasites because they fed off their hosts. They would sit in the stomach of some creature and suck the acidic juice that the stomach would emit and sometimes they would eat food that was ingested if the food was acidic enough. They could become quite big and engorged from the juice as an earthworm does from the dirt of the earth. Otherwise, the byproduct waste of the Stonitions was sustaining to the host through the metabolism that the stonitions excreted through their spines on the back of their arms. Thus, they could stay indefinitely inside their hosts. I couldn't see why a stonition would be all that bad, though Michi suggested that the metabolism of the host creature becomes lax for a time and the host creature ends up a little sluggish and sometimes disoriented at times. Michi added though that the creature becomes more used to this over time and can still eat and usually do after the stomach has adjusted average size to accommodate the stonition.
 "How does it feel?" Wovelmlos asked Jaze who was standing up slight teary eyed and slightly wavering.
 "Oooo fine... I feel funny but... it's good," Jaze responded in full swoon.
 "Care to take one with you, we have many Stonitions who want to live the Stonition dream inside someone," Michi suggested to Wovelmlos.
 "Hey, I do not. You're just flattering me. It's just a cat's stomach. You'd probably be more impressed with a big creature's stomach," Jaze responded to her belly after a muffled sound came from it.
 "Yeah, a big creature's stomach is like a mansion to them. But they're grateful to have anything," Michi explained to Jaze.
 "I was wondering. Is this thing the kid size of its type?" Jaze asked at length.
 "No, that's the adult size. They don't become larger," Michi responded.
 I looked over at the machine Gretchen had been strapped to. Michi had let her go and she went away rigidly clutching her stomach with an uneasy expression on her face. She then took off fleeing for the doors and out of the bay.
 "Well, I have people to doctor. I'd like to ask you to stay around if you want. I have many helpers but sometimes they're at my Casino or the temple," Michi said to us becoming upbeat again and started to leave.
 "Michi, one second," Wovelmlos interjected, going after him.
 "Oh, okay," Michi asked stopping and turned around.
 Wovelmlos came up and blushed but poked Michi's belly, "How many of them do you have in you?"
 "Two. Believe it or not, my bulk is mostly from a substance I made called bue juice, Michi said grinning.
 "Wow, I took some of that to. Ias gave it to me," Wovelmlos responded grinning himself and patting his belly.
 "Whoa... now wait, I'm the only one that has access to that... unless. Oh yeah, maybe you could've . . . ," Michi turned toward me surprised.
"Michi, are you going to visit with your other patients," A corpulent pink and yellow colored anthropomorphic bunny in a white gown and hat came in through the west double doors saying.
 "Oh oh yeah, if you'll excuse me. I'll be back soon, I imagine," Michi said and left with the anthropomorphic bunny that I looked after her especially taking in her pudgy bunny legs.
 "He's wonderful," Jaze said dreamily and sat down on the table beside Sandis who was resting soundly from her ordeal where she was when we came in.
 Lord Power blinked in in a blaze startling all but me and said sullenly, "Ias? The Baidofs?"
 I nodded solemnly, "What of 'em?"
 "They just sent an emissary to the Ezens offering Peace and a Pact. When asked in regards to, they said Shayda, wife of the King Xeipo. Seems Xeipo had an accident, a Nasty Fall in his sleep, no less?! The unborn Dylen in Shayda was named next in line as an heir but since that baby is a long while from the age, Shayda takes over the reins until then. She's ordered non-aggression pacts... Ias I'm just pissed off the next apocalypse. I couldn't have anymore fun?" Power seethingly gruffed out becoming a black furred anthropomorphic boar with steam erupting from his nostrils.
 "No, I won't take all the fun. Pranoke needs to be War free. No all out hostilities here on my watch," I repeated to Power.
 "This was one of my favorite places to work out frustrations," Lord Power went on.
 I pressed a paw palm down through the air before him and brought it up in a gesture toward him, "It's okay, Lord Power. How about you take out the Saynajaus or the Durizuit?"
 Lord Power regarded me for a moment thoughtfully and looked around at everything before coming back and reporting, "The Durizuit? Yeah... the Duorgnaks haven't been into any battles for a while. I'll bring some of my cute little Eliusers. Sort of an assassins job. We'll demand ransom. The Saynajaus? Well... I could make the Durizuit think the Saynajaus was doing it or vice versa. The Durizuit and Saynajaus would likely take out one another but the rest of Pranoke with it. Are you sure?" Lord Power mused.
 "How about you just go get one? The Durizuit and leave the Saynajaus to me. Just create tension in the Durizuit, a civil war maybe. Then leave mostly the younger generation afterwards. Then the Younger generation will be more concerned with peace. Don't worry, your Eliusers will be in Action with you. In fact I'm planning a movement after I'm done here on Pranoke. You might want to stick around," I enticed Lord Power.
 "The way you say it makes me all the more intrigued, Lord Ias I'Ney. This design does balance itself out, I take it," Lord Power responded.
 "Of course, I'm an Altimentor. The Ultin heritage requires me to balance it in the end," I told him.
 "Good. I'll be off then to ready my Eliusers to battle," Lord power explained and vanished.
 Sko phased in and I addressed him, "Are we ready to go?"
 "Where are you going?" Wovelmlos asked.
 "Seeing the facility. Really we're going to find Michi," I told him.
 "Didn't he ask us to wait here?" Wovelmlos suggested.
 "I'ma going with you, then," Jaze interjected.
 "Then I'm going to. I want to see what this facility is capable of. Um... maybe we can 'help' like we did before," Wovelmlos concluded.
 "Maybe, unless you want to view these instruments," I responded going up to a near machine that seemed to be a large chunk of metal bent in a wide 'S' shape, but was the size of Wovelmlos or I.
 Before I could go any further with the machine, Michi came in slowly guiding a caramel colored she-weasel creature with a rather large belly. Michi brought her right up to the machine I was looking at and had her lay belly down on the machine putting her belly into the dipping portion of the 'S' bend. Michi came up right before her opposite me and I came up beside him as he worked on a pane of glass embedded into that side. The image showed a close up of what looked like a caramel brown fox creature inside an orifice that I knew was her stomach.
 "No, Zeiji, he's tucked away alright. Did you need help removing him?" Michi looked up at her as she smiled and looked at Michi dreamily preoccupied. She swayed from side to side humming what seemed to me as to a musical tune.
 "Maybe I could try for my Eogor title," Zeiji merred tugging slightly at a metallic looking belt that was around her waist. I could see there were a few images stamped and grafted into the belt on either side of it.
 "Now Zeij, you'll need several more willing participants," Michi warned her.
 Zeiji rolled over to her side and her belly moved with several protrusions appearing and disappearing around her belly at various times such as arms and paws and foot paws and even a bit of a muzzle. Zeiji rubbed those spots as they appeared humming a soft tone. She rolled off of the contraption and Michi guided her out the way they came in.
 I glanced at Wovelmlos and Jaze and they exchanged a glance at each other and Jaze shrugged so I explained, "There's not only a casino. Eckstal would be interested to learn that it's now somewhat of a sport and even a slight religion here. As a result there's been a temple constructed to the south of this clinic and the vore casino. They compete for titles. There's apprenticeships, they have competition. They sometimes fight against the other Nations on Pranoke. You guys would love it."
 "Oh yes," Jaze responded gleefully grinning and slightly tugged at her belly and I looked at her curiously.
 Sko held a paw up to his ear on what looked to me to be an ear bud, a small speaker that fitted into an ear. He said to no one in particular, "Right."
 Sko then turned to me, "Ias, Sidge is looking for you. Eckstal is too..." Sko told me and paused again.
 I could hear the faint mumbling of speech from the ear bud and Sko responded, "Um... Eckstal says as long as she doesn't get swallowed or has to swallow anyone else, she wants to come and talk with Michi Gimiguchi.
 I didn't respond because I heard a grunt and looked over from its source and saw the Dragon Sandis stirring and trying to get up. She moved her great neck and head and looked over toward us mumbling, "Some water, please... someone."
 I looked about the room leisurely and espied a large crate with the words twenty-gallon water jug. I moved toward it fitting my own ear bud into my Ezen ears. This was equipped with a microphone that was longer to compensate for the position of my ears and to be able to point toward my mouth.
 "Sidge, I think you might want to come down here. Eckstal, you can come too, I can't guarantee anything though. These creatures have it here as a way of life," I spoke into the microphone.
 I got over to the crate as Sidge's voice came through the ear bud to me I looked over toward Sandis as he spoke, "What now, Ias? What's up?"
 I looked over Sandis. She was probably overweight as far as dragons go, very rotund and with a belly that slightly reminded me of Sidge's. I smugly answered back, "Just trust me."
 Eckstal's voice resounded in, "Ias, please, I don't want something to eat me."
 "Eckstal, you're going to have to take the risk. Don't come here with that attitude, they're more than likely going to eat you up for saying that," I said levitating the crate up and over the instruments and machines in the way and lowered it down beside the big Sie Dragon. I willed the crate open and it went into splinters revealing a big white long thick plastic tank with a small nozzle at the far end. In comparison to the dragon it seemed to be the size of some prey shi would swallow.
 Wovelmlos and Jaze strolled over as I levitated the large water tank up and toward the head of the dragon. Jaze leant over the table of the machine Sandis was still on putting her paws on the flat surface and looking the dragon over thoughtfully. Wovelmlos looked at the jug to dragon ratio and gave a snigger but moved out of the way as I tipped it up making the water pour out and into the creatures mouth. Shi moved up and onto the nozzle and gulped it down and Wovelmlos went over to Jaze who was leaning into Sandis with her ears and quivering and smiling. Wovelmlos leant into hir as well putting his hear up to hir and smirked looking at Jaze who looked back smiling.
 The contents of the tank took not long to disappear inside the behemoth beast and shi licked her lips and settled down again with a gurgle issuing from her insides. Wovelmlos and Jaze both made an ooo when this happened coming abruptly away from hir. I put the tank down and turned around right into the face of Sidge who stood there now, slightly startling me. I caressed his muzzle and he gave a rumble and continued looking at Sandis who would be slightly larger than Sidge in his natural size.
 "I seee," Sidge rumbled looking up at Sandis with his mouth agape. He went up to her and grasped the tip of one of hir horns lightly with his teeth and tugged back on them and released them. Sandis opened hir eyes and glanced at Sidge.
 "Ugh... not now..." Sandis mumbled and closed hir eyes and was soon snoring loudly, her bulk moving remarkably as she breathed.
 Sidge placed his fore talon tips on the table but came back off of it abruptly and turned around to me again. I looked behind him and Eckstal was standing there looking around at the machines alertly and came walking fast over to me followed by Sko.
 "Ias? These machines..." Eckstal remarked uneasily and just as, abruptly, the far giant garage door of the bay came up and Michi came in with a light brown and white furred Anthropomorphic buck with brown hair between his antlers that trailed slightly down his neck. The white furred portion of him was mostly on his belly up to the tip of his furry tail. The only other thing about him was a special metallic belt the she-weasel Zeiji was wearing except it had a multitude of colored symbols stamped onto it on the left side. It was quite large in circumference, mainly because the stag had a gigantic belly that moved and swayed with various shapes and sizes of justifications from inside and mumblings coming from it. The only differing thing was that his belly was slouching a bit to the right, giving it a neat but odd appearance to me. I tilted my head to my side and came back up noticing that just about everyone else had tilted their head to their sides except Wovelmlos who was mostly intrigued by the fact of that the stag's white furred belly was ten times the size of Michi.
 The overstuffed stag treaded lightly on his own until coming to a table near the far end that was half the size of Sandis but was just slightly smaller than his belly. Michi put the stag that looked very out of it loopy but at the same time gave a delirious looking grin with his tongue hanging out. The creature flopped his head and neck back onto the table giving his fore and hind hooves a couple of light kicks letting them fall down by his sides.
 Michi opened a drawer in the base of the table and brought out what looked like a stethoscope and pressed the listening end to the belly of the stag moving it around. Then he reached into the drawer and put on blue glowing goggles and looked at the stag a few moments shifting to different angles going the whole distance around. Then he nodded at the creature smiling and took off the goggles. After he had returned them to the drawer and closed it, he shook the left hoof of the creature remarking, "Excellently done, Carn, you've most certainly got the Vorifor title."
 Carn nodded lightly and Michi helped him to roll over and onto his hooves again and guided him slowly back out through the large bay door closing it behind them. I turned to Eckstal who was looking at the bay door all the more uneasy looking.
 "I think I need to sit down," Eckstal said faintly and sat down on a larger version of the table that Zeiji once was on.
 Lord Power phased back in looking skeptically back at me, "Ias, the Durizuit do fund Michi, you know?"
 "Aye, yes, I thought you knew?" I told him.
  "I did, I thought you did?" He responded.
  "Yes," I came back.
  "Then why have me create a civil war?" He asked.
  "Just to give you something to do." I explained.
 "Now wait, Lord Ias... Okay, that's it is it? I'm coming with you for a while, then. Always thought vore was quite brutal enough for my tastes. Then, when the time comes I'll deal with the Durizuit. I take it you don't want me to go really ahead of it." Power told me.
 "Of course not, but whatever you want to do. You know full well I'd like to keep a mildly peaceful solution with everyone. You know how sacred this world used to be," I responded.
 "Yeah yeah. No go then, I guess Vore for now. Hey Eckstal?" Power said smiling at her but she brought her arms in and out in a big dismissive motion.
 "Lord Power?" I asked him.
 "Yeah, maybe a little out of my jurisdiction. Okay then, I'll be down south. When you make your way down there I'll have things warmed up for you?" Power responded shaking his head and vanished.
 We waited some time after that with not much going on so I took Eckstal, Wovelmlos, Sidge, and Jaze with me and we went through the double doors and into the stretch of hallway before the Junction and came face to face with a pair of creatures, one a she horse anthropomorphic morph and the other a red she squirrel anthropomorphic morph. They both wore a white gown with embroidered lettering to the upper left breast pocket saying Vorephilia and Corpulence clinic and regarded us slightly alarmed and the squirrel spoke up, "What are you doing in here?"
 "Waiting for Michi, but he hasn't been back for a while. Is he done with his Patients?" Eckstal asked.
 "He's going to take off in a while to go check up on his casino. Hasn't he had a look at you?" the she horse asked looking mostly from Sidge to Jaze then back to Eckstal.
 "Oh most assuredly he's had a look at us," Jaze gave a smug expression at the horse who looked back at her with a grimace.
 The busty bunny rabbit that came after Michi in the bay we met him in came bounding in from the south doors and immediately exclaimed flustered to the two clinic helpers we were talking to, "What are you two doing? This is becoming a busy day for the temple and the casino and you two know it! Where's Michi?"
 "The east bay," the squirrel suggested with an eye roll whereas the bunny frowned but went to the other door and I followed them while Eckstal and Sko came after me with the other two clinical persons.
 "What are you doing?" Eckstal called after me.
 "You," I pointed at the bunny rabbit.
 "What?" She looked around at the others uncertain.
 "Come ere'," I responded and she reluctantly did.
 I pushed in the flap doors to the east bay and looked into the bay. It was a replica of the eastern bay but while the west bay was more focused on the digestive and vore side, this bay was oriented with giving bulk and plumpness. There were a few pudgy creatures sitting or laying at odd machines human and furry alike. There were also large machines in the room but all unfilled with creatures at the moment. Then on the far side were doors that led into another hallway and large bay sliding doors with smaller doors set into them there. To the south, were two smaller double doors as well rather than bay doors that led into Michi's office.
 Sidge meanwhile had crept up with Wovelmlos and Jaze and beheld the deal over my shoulders. Michi was sitting at a small desk in the northern right portion of the room flipping through folders and stacks of files which mostly had filing cabinets in that corner as was the mirrored situation in the eastern bay except to the northern left corner of the room. This portion was mostly obscured by common sight in that bay because of the crates positioned there.
 The Horse watched for a moment until she came by me running into the room exclaiming, "Michi, stop it. I'll get it for you."
 Michi stood up and smiled politely, "Oh no Tili, don't worry about it."
 "I'm not worried about that. It's about organizing the mess when you're done," Tili scolded Michi.
 Michi kept his smile and scooted out of the way, "Okay okay, I need Mrs. Qoinick."
 Tili thumbed through the files and located the proper file and gave it to Michi.
 There was a loud single sound that chimed through the corridors and the bunny cursed and turned to me, "Whoever you are, I'm going back to my place."
 I watched her leave before filing into the bay with the others and the squirrel and I stepped toward Michi who looked up at me remarking hurriedly, "I hate to be shrewd but could you use your abilities and help out. Then maybe we can talk later after we close for the day."
 Sko put a paw up to his ear bud again on his Ezen ears, he changed with me when I changed into an Ezen, "Right... Hey Ias, Gesh, Gia, and Gilges want to return to help the Ezens. I'll go with them and help."
 I nodded so Sko vanished.
 I wasn't ever really rated as a doctor or anything close to it. In my past life I was nothing short of a library helper and mostly interested in the Comcrys devices other than my offhand Creative Writing I did. Yet, because of my increase in abilities since then I was more than some creature that could cure ailments. Reflecting on what I did around Zamae of the Ezens, I could mend wounds to the extent they were only a memory. I wasn't limited there, of course, but in the sense I was in now it didn't really matter.
 Michi Gimiguchi, the once Elvish Maginean, now a pear shaped draconic form was a genius in the sense of some creations he had made while not being a full ascended form. Only first forms were unique to my eyes if maybe a little odd to folks such as Eckstal.
 The prospect of swallowing creatures whole appealed to Michi enough that he had a casino and a temple dedicated to such pursuits. But Michi was an established doctor in terms that he attempted to heal or to make sure everyone got a fair deal from vore. Thus being, the temple, clinic, and casino only focused on the softer sides, or vore for vore's sake, not vore for fully digesting one another.
 The inverse, thus, was the bay I now stood in which had overlapping purposes was one of Michi's interests as well. The bay mainly had to do with the simple deal of gluttony and a larger body size. This was otherwise known as becoming fatter. At the same time, it was not equipped for the purposes of dealing with creatures in other creatures that were separate with the east bay.
 Yet, Michi viewed this bay in several ways as he later told me. One part of the bay had to do with becoming larger instantly, becoming larger gradually, or offish vore. Offish vore was nothing short of stuffing with some object or another. A synonym of gluttony in some senses, I reflected it could also spill over into Pica of sorts, or swallowing of unusual objects such as stones, marbles, coins, paperclips, or other things in consistent or inconsistent quantities.
 Aside from the two main differences, the clinic in general acted as a general clinic if someone got hurt or sick. Michi had provisions in the bay past the west bay to the north to take care of such mishaps. The primary interests of the clinic still remained at the vore and gluttony, the title being: Michi Gimiguchi's Clinic of Vore and Corpulence.
 Thus, when Michi asked me to help out I shrugged and went to the nearest creature that was there to my left on a metal table with drawers of various sizes up and down its sides. This creature was a big red fox laying back propped on his paws extended behind him almost purposely jutting out his big roundish abdomen that sagged in regular flabby fashion full of fat. I looked over at Sidge, Jaze, and Wovelmlos and saw them amply stealing many glances.
 "What do I do about you?" I smiled gazing at his abdomen and at his chubby furry face.
 "I'm not new here," The fox responded.
 "Well from the looks of it, you look well enough. What do you want us to do?" I asked of him.
 "I don't know, surprise me. Make me bigger," the fox looked lightly at me reporting.
 "Wovelmlos. Consultant Wovelmlos? What do you suggest?" I motioned for the Ezen to come over beside me.
 "Does he like a full stomach?" Wovelmos threw out pointing at his abdomen.
 "Course, who doesn't," the fox said back lying back a little more.
 "Well do you just want to be fatter," Jaze suggested coming up to him.
 "Well right now he's roundish. I like his shape," I responded.
 "I'll take care of him," Jaze said reaching in and touching him lightly on the top of his belly.
 The fox sat up slightly again slipping a little on the metal of the table and gave Jaze an intrigued expression.
 "Do you know what you're doing?" The fox quizzed Jaze seriously.
 "Do I?" Jaze looked at me.
 "Check the drawers," I said simply and she did bringing out a book and started looking through it whereas I went to the next table not surprised that it was a red anthropomorphic grizzly bear with brown hair atop his head in a slight wave. He was skinny compared to the fox so I rolled up the fur on my arms and went toward him.
 "I'm new here," His answer seemed nervous.
 "What do you want us to do?" I asked of the bear.
 "Well I have this fetish for fatter furries and so does my girlfriend so I was wondering if you could make me bigger possibly," He proposed.
 I materialized an informational form on a clipboard similar to the ones Michi used for new furries, "Where are you from?"
 "Northward in Caprice," he responded and I wrote it down below the location heading.
 "Do you eat a lot of items?" I asked.
 He blinked and gave his tummy a rub replying gruffly, "No, as you can see."
 "Well how about stones or objects?" I asked offhandedly.
 "What?" He went wide-eyed.
 "Never mind. No tendencies to gluttony or pica," I said writing down below the gluttony subheading.
 "Name?" I asked.
 "Vern," he told me and I wrote it on the name heading.
 I read the next few paragraph parts aloud below the gluttony subheading and marks I made, "If patient has no gluttony tendencies or bias toward eating more and more fattening foods then the patient has body expansion needs. Being cosmetic in nature, the probability of breakdown of expansion and unnaturalness may interfere with desired results. Measures will be taken to increase expansion to fullest potential. It is advised that the patient be informed that natural measures produce overall better overall results."
 "No, that's sort of the reason," Vern told me.
 "Okay then, lay down," I told him and he slowly did.
 "Arms down by your side," I instructed him and placed both my hands on his abdomen with a smile and white energy gathered below them highlighting his abdomen. I started pulling my hands up and his bulk gurgly followed and Vern giggled and went through a jerking reflex reporting it tickled. I finished expanding it until it was a little over an elbow length in extension. After I let it go the extended fur came back rippling from the added flab underneath. The glow receded from my hand and I gave Vern a nod and he stood shakily up and felt his abdomen with an intrigued expression.
 "Gravity isn't doing its..." Vern commented and I looked at it and saw that his belly was roundish and didn't drop down to his lap, as it naturally should.
 "That's something else, now with the bulk you have we'll discuss the shape. Roundish is what you have now, and then there's droops and rolls and overlaps. I could average it with gravity. Some like it some don't," I told him and he nodded so I went with red energy around my fingers and moving my hands around his new abdomen made it flex and droop and flab as it would naturally and he gave a nod of approval and left the bay without saying much.
 I sighed marking off a few extra things on the clipboard and teleported the paper over to Tili who was startled to see it suddenly appear but got it and looked around unsure before starting to file it away in the drawers.
 Wovelmlos and Sidge were taking care of a raccoon and a possum while Eckstal had wondered quickly over to Tili and was helping her out.
 "Hey you," I heard a creature's voice call at me and I turned and next to the table Vern was at was a tan gold and black anthropomorphic lady cheetah with white belly fur laying belly up and munching on various items laid out about her ranging from breads, to meats, to cheeses, and to desserts like cheesecake and pies. From the apparent effort of stuffing her belly was big and over ovalish extending out of her sides in overlap and down over her legs slightly.
 "Coming," I went over to her smiling and she gave a curt belch when I came over and engulfed the piece of pie she was eating. Then she grabbed me by my still big paunch making me come to smug attention quickly liking that touch by such a busty creature.
 "Sir, do you have any water or something," she requested mirroring my expression and I nodded and went to a cabinet next to the doors leading into the west clinic helper dorms and got out a big jug of a type of berry juice, and I knew it was very rich by the smell it gave off.
 I brought that over and handed it to her and she graciously accepted it with a smile and looked up behind her moving her head up and looked at the goat on the table next to her who was doing just about the same thing.
 "Nothing much with the stuffing lounge. We need more folks to bring us food stuffs," the goat responded. He was near the size of the Cheetah gal except he was a gray gruffness with black gray horns. He lounged even more open and sprawled out than the cheetah did.
 The cheetah stood up and put her feet out over the side and putting the jug down stood right up and grasped her abdomen between her paws which was much to large to grasp fully and remarked to the goat rubbing her belly and I stared in longing and ecstasy, "How far along are you?"
 "Three hundred twenty, you?" the goat responded.
 "Almost four hundred," She replied sheepishly and took the jug and chugged it and laid back down with a gurgle and slosh coming from her belly and I couldn't help but stare and take it all in many times over.
 Sidge poked me from behind and I turned around greeting him. He then looked at the cheetah with renewed intrigue and the cheetah looked up at him Sidge being larger than her in belly mass.
 "Wow, what a draconic cow creature... wow...hey come down and sit by me," the lady cheetah tugged at his talon and Sidge sat down on the table Vern laid on.
 Michi poked me in the back with a talon point and I spun around quickly, "Oh Michi!"
 "You are something special mi friend. Let's go into my office while we can so I can talk to you in private away from your companions for a moment," Michi whispered in my Ezen ears.
 "Oh yeah," I remarked shift changing back to the anthropomorphic Jackalope form I was before.
 We went into the study, office, and quarters of Michi from the south end of the bay and closed the door, making sure no one was paying attention to his departure. He went and sat at his big chair behind his mahogany desk. The desk had a big ink blotter in the center and writing utensil holders around the outside with small paper holding shelves around those in the corner. I sat in the comfortable plush red wooden chair that was the set of two with a mahogany end table between them.
 "Now are you a type of Synthician or some sort?" Michi asked me bringing his talons together to touch the tips before his belly that was a big sight on this chair compared with the rest of him.
 "No, I'm an Altimentor," I said matter of factly.
 Michi stopped cold and stared at me with a slight droop of his head and muzzle staring at me out of the top of his eyes. I made a low quick laugh when a growl came from his stomach that broke the silence. He shook his head with a grin, "Well, you could either be telling me a lie or not. I guess I will have to trust it. Here come over her for a second."
 I got up inquisitively and went to his side and he took my rabbit paw and put it on his belly and I was slightly surprised at this but also I was very taken in by it and could only smile awkwardly. The pulsating rhythm that I felt from his belly wasn't unusual but I felt it anyways until he let my hand go.
 "Thanks," I responded with gusto.
 He turned a paler shade of green and replied slightly choked up and looked up at me swiveling in his chair as apparent that it could do, "I can't tell a hundred percent. I know a little Synth. I of course knew something odd when you looked exactly like that Ezen and brought those people with you. Even that Hudra, as I remembered. I don't rather like people invading my dreams though."
 I took his small talon in both of my hands and placed it on my furry belly that was half the size of Michi's saying, "I'm sorry."
 "No no... dreams are in the realms between controlled and uncontrolled, far as I've known and have been told," Michi replied softly almost a whisper.
 "Oh okay, how about I bestow you with my blessing, Michi. I do have some formal matters to talk about," I replied putting his talon back down on the armrest and retreating to my chair.
 Michi rummaged around inside the drawers of his desk and pulled out an overfilled manila folder and set it lightly on the desk with care remarking with equal care and reflection lounging back in his chair, "Hale Forth, it used to be called Hail Primus when I was a Maginean. You probably know that right? Well, I was a doctor so much as I am now or physician as they were called then. Thanks to the Durizuit being sympathetic toward my isolation from the Maginean nation and the Saynajaus, I have come to appreciation that the Durizuit are advanced and the Saynajaus are Late Medieval. You want my loyalty don't you?"
 "Hopefully," I responded.
 Michi began drumming his belly lightly then rested his talons on it continuing, "You don't want to force it either? Though, I'm more concerned what your plans are as far as the Durizuit is. They've been good to me giving me my technology as you've seen without questions. They even offered me land on the borders on the condition that I don't involve their culture in my practices."
 Lord Power appeared immediately in the other wooden chair as his falcon form, "Oh no, not this. I can't do away with the Durizuit at all!"
 Michi jumped right up and placed his talons square on the desk looking right at Power, "Now don't just barge in here..."
 I stood up indicating Lord Power, "You heard of Lord Power."
 "Barely, I still worship Lady Dream and Lord Explore. I don't believe in Lord Power's causes," Michi snapped at us both.
 "Pathetic," Lord Power hissed becoming a dangerous looking Hudra in full war armament standing up drawing his sword.
 "Lord Power!" I demanded of him indicating the seat.
 Lord Power gave a curt nod and sheathed his sword sitting down but became a mirror likeness of Michi.
 Michi sat down giving a deep frown, "You did have plans for the Durizuit."
 "If it's going to damper the peace in the long run I don't want it," I explained.
 "War is inevitable between the Saynajaus and the Durizuit. The Saynajaus are going to lose miserably unless Lady Explore helps them out after all these centuries. I don't know why you want to do away with the Durizuit. If you want my cooperation I won't allow this," Michi said with a sigh.
 "Ias did not think he would be able to make peace with them because of their isolationism," Lord Power told him.
 "They're not as isolationist as you might think, just wary. They are extremely powerful people both individually and united. The corruption levels are very low. Everyone is content. They don't want to spoil themselves over into other lines as their ancestors did. That type of paranoia. Some day they may change their mind and go into other races. Either way, they are overall a nice people, you don't need to worry about them, they are not a war race, they are an intelligent race," Michi candidly spoke.
 "Lord Power, there's still war. You have the Gryphons the Saynajaus and the Jyiri. The Saynajaus will be an intriguing counter spying operation to undermine. The Jyiri will probably come to Assassination. The Gryphons may be all out war," I told Lord Power and he shrugged but still held his grimace.
 "You're the one who wanted me to start something with the Durizuit?" Lord Power threw back.
 "You notice how I changed my view though from what I originally told you?" I reminded him.
 Lord Power threw up his hands and vanished in a ball of flame that burned itself out on the chair leaving a scorch mark.
 "I can't help you unless you spare the Durizuit. If you do I'm sure I can talk to them and set up a get together. They'll be all the more fascinated with you," Michi put forth for me moving the folder over toward me.
 "What about the Magineans? I'm surprised, they worship any other Anthropomorphic Creature, especially ones like Eckstal and Wovelmlos," I put forward.
 Michi looked at me curiously, "We don't have to worry about that. After the Clinic is closed for the day we'll stop in at the Vore Casino, then at the Vore Temple. Then we can make plans. Tensions are tight but not at the breaking point!"
 I nodded, "Of course."
 Michi sat back down in his chair giving a greater sigh and took a small vial of clear liquid and swallowed it. I recognized this as his Bue Juice but he drew attention away from his maneuver asking me, "How do you like my clinic so far?"
 "Very well. I mostly know of the layout of it but you could show me around," I offered.
 "Well if we go to the Vore Casino and the Temple then there's not much time. Maybe some other day," Michi proposed and got up and came over to me motioning me to come along and I came along with him back into the bay and we instantly witnessed several new sights. Jaze had apparently gone well with her fox because he wasn't there. Sidge and the Cheetah were laying each on a separate table next to one another and stuffing themselves, helped along by an enthusiastic Wovelmlos who brought them new foodstuffs from the cabinets.
 The goat was still there as well as a purple female anthropomorphic Hippo and a male tan anthropomorphic anthropomorphic Rhino both a little less in bulk compared to Sidge and the Cheetah. They were eating mostly grains such as breads while watching Sidge and the Cheetah guzzling and chugging things. There were also three humans and a bobcat. As we stood there, Sidge and the cheetah were increasing their bellies with food before our very eyes.
 I went over to Sidge and Michi came over to the Cheetah and they gave us similar overly content sluggishly dreamy expressions and Sidge chomped on a bushel of apples in a basket while the cheetah took in a whole side of beef. Then Sidge countered by a whole loaf of bread stuffing it into and swallowing it with a big lump into his neck, following with a few heads of cabbage.
 Jaze came up with a clothing tape measure and measured Sidge's abdomen followed by Deyzy's abdomen reporting, "Three Arm Lengths Sidge to Four Arm Lengths Deyzy."
 "Care to keep going," Deyzy taunted licking her lips drooling.
 "I haven't even begun to stuff myself," Sidge responded and scrambled and got in several more whole breads loaves. He then switched to big mozzarella and cheddar wheels followed by several slow roasted whole chickens, and finished it off with draughts of a soupy mixture and the syrupy berry mixture Deyzy had eaten before. Deyzy fell behind coming to a little over half of that and Jaze measured and reported that they were just about even.
 Sidge looked over at Deyzy with a devious expression and she looked back at him quickly engulfing several bushels of grapes and a few whole watermelons. Sidge looked at Wovelmlos and told him lazily, "Get me the milk."
 Wovemlos returned with a jug of milk near half of the size of Sidge and he upturned it and chugged it letting it drop down onto the floor shattering and sprawled out taking in a few controlled breaths.
 Deyzy reached over and gave Sidge's abdomen a push letting out a giggle as it jiggled and made sloshing sounds, "Cute."
Chapter 6 - The Vore Casino
 "Okay, folks, here we are in the grounds. Quite elegant but functional in my opinion. The low cut hedges here that provide the natural railing to this path lead along the meshed pebble and cobblestone path to meet the statue of me there in the center of it. Now be careful. The Statue is a guardian who will eat people on sight. I had Odaira my Synthician sequence it. It won't chase after you so long as I'm here but it won't hesitate to eat you if you get any closer," Michi narrated to us backing up a little toward the statue.
 "What's so bad about that? Isn't vore in the name of this clinic?" Sidge proposed.
 "Well, the statue has a golem's furnace stomach. Fun to look at, probably not fun to be in unless you're immune to fire," Michi pointed out.
 The spindle pillar blared overhead a bright day light over the small garden-like grounds to the north west side of the exterior of the Clinic.
 I found the garden to be quite simple. Various colored wild flowers set in their own patches of flowers in squares aside of each of the hedgerows that were aside of the path. Tulips to roses, each patch had one flower kind per patch but that was of many colors. The resultant cross pollination I thought looked to make the many usual colors that were rarely found in such flowers.
The Cobblestone and pebble interlaced paths went in the four directions from the circular center of the path. On the paths set evenly were marble benches without backs. In the center was Michi's statue raised on a smaller grooved pillar standing with one foot paw raised into the air and looking on with a wave of the other hand. This statue was surrounded by another low hedgerow that Michi stood a little before.
 The paths came from the clinic assistant's dorms and offices wing and also went east to meet the large general purpose bay we hadn't looked at.
 The path to the west continued on into the thick tall pine, maple, and oaken forest that outlined the small plot the garden was in. Then to the north the path continued criss crossing out of sight through the forest.
 I sat down on the marble benches with Sidge. Wovelmlos and Jaze sat across by me as Michi stood talking. Eckstal had insisted to stay and help the assistants giving her reasons that a casino with a sole vore theme was not compatible with her.
 "... the westerly path from here goes out and around the clinic intersecting with the main road to the west and continues slightly south to the temple. North from here is the Casino and our destination. We'd better get going. Hope you brought some coinage with you," Michi narrated his tour guide spiel he told us he's given many times for new patients.
 "Coinage?" Jaze asked as she, Sidge, Wovelmlos, and I stood up.
 "You have your buddy there to stipend off of. You probably don't have to concern yourself with that," Michi added with a smile.
 "Maybe but I may not be into much vore this time," I told them and Jaze immediately frowned.
 "Oh yeah. You were telling me you wished to go to the Jyiri government next. There's a raccoon girl that comes here every so often. She knows the movements of Jyiri and General Hedin, being she works for them. While she probably won't tell us, she's a good place to start short of just appearing where they are which is up to you if you want to do this," Michi told us.
 Sko appeared in our midst as this was spoken making about all of us jump except me, "Ias knows about the movements of them Michi."
 "Well to move the plot along we'd better have some interests associated in this excursion," I responded.
 "Fice, Ias, why can't we just a have a little outright fun," Jaze demanded.
 "Yeah, take a breather from the plot," Sidge suggested.
 "But Michi was a part of the plot," I reminded Sidge.
 "Maybe we could hold off on the Vore Temple for some other time. So you can get to Jyiri sometime soon if you wish to," Michi offered.
 "Okay, then, that's the plan for now," I responded nodding looking over at Michi with a solemn shrug but I also saw Sko put his paw to his ear bud he being a mirror copy of my Jackalope form he had to have an ear bud to match.
 "Right... Ias you'd better listen into this," Sko told me.
 I put my ear bud in my ear but I already knew what it was about.
 "What's wrong?" Michi asked.
 "Oooo hooo, here's a plot for you people. I mean, I love vore but I love other things too. Prepare for war," I stated.
 "Be on alert! Intrusion on Primeon's western turret by Gryphons. Guardians alerted by Debacho. Masprit Guardians implementing counter intrusion measures," Sko repeated the ear bud's sayings for everyone to hear.
 "A welcome break from the same old thing," I remarked.
 "Oh?" Jaze remarked surprised.
 "What about the vore casino?" Wovelmlos remarked.
 "Awww c'mon Wovelmlos. You like a larger belly from chubbiness than vore. Maybe you'd better come with me," I communicated to Wovelmlos.
 "Then there won't be vore?" Jaze asked disappointedly.
 In response I picked up Jaze with a slight howl of protest from her and threw her at the Michi's statue.
 "No, don't do that!" Michi exclaimed running toward the statue and stopped.
 It came alive and started to introduce her to its stony gullet. I winked and running toward her jumped up and took possession of her. The next sight I beheld I remember particularly. I looked down into what resembled a long and very narrow clay colored stone cavern that went down at a sheer drop. Down at the bottom was what made me strain to get a better look at it myself as Jaze almost slipping further into the narrowing warm rockiness now coming upon me expanding nearest me slightly in welcome. At the far end of the long drop the cavern turned off to the right and from the right emitted a steady reddish glow giving the rest of the rocky gullet more light. Occasionally, a bit of steam came wafting up from there.
 Then I was pulled backwards abruptly until I was out of the creature's stony gray mouth and facing its stony eyes.
 "Put her down," Michi demanded and the statue set me down before the base but between the hedge and the circle of the paths which I reluctantly jumped over and stood beside Michi.
 "Why did you do that for...? Iasney.... hey!" Michi started to ask but noticed I wasn't there so started to look around for me.
 Wovelmlos and Sidge had a slight smile on their faces and Michi gave an uneasy half smile at them so they pointed at me as Jaze with Wovelmlos remarking, "He's done this before."
 "But I think I might stay with her for a while. I'm sure she wouldn't care. Especially being this is a vore casino," I remarked.
 Michi backed slightly away from me but I jumped up into his arms and he caught me quickly. I beeped him on the nose, "No Michi, be a dear and go to your casino. I can't wait to see it."
 "No worries about Primeon," Michi asked.
 "No no Michi, you know the guardians'll handle it. They've fended off attacks before from curious gryphons," Sko remarked and gave a nod before disappearing.
 I jumped down off of Michi and crawled piggyback onto Sidge's shoulders remarking, "Awww my favorite dragon."
 I leant over and pulled on Wovelmlos' ears remarking, I love you two Wovelmlos. Now would the two of you be gentlefurs and escort me with Mr. Gimiguchi to the casino?"
 Sidge and Wovelmlos exchanged a glance and a laugh and went with an uneasy grinning, walking around the statue carefully. With Michi in the lead, we moved up the North path and off around the thicket of the trees as the path twisted and turned around them. I went down onto Sidge's belly sitting on the top of it as it hung down and laid back onto his right shoulder and he looked down at me remarking, "You're pretty agile."
 I chuckled and stayed in this position for several paces before looking over at Wovelmlos who was beside Sidge and I and he was eying us every so often. I waited another set of paces and suddenly jumped over to him and sat on his smaller but furrier and still big and fat paunch. I went to the same position on Wovelmlos and closed my eyes feeling the jiggle up against my body.
 I noticed the Stonition in me was moving around slightly inside my stomach making it move out in one side, stopping, and moving to the other so I gave it a tap and it responded in muffled apologies.
 The path was quite twisted and slightly elevated a bit but came down again. Overall the trip wasn't very far and the path ended at a few offhand trees fully blocking the path ahead of us.
 "This is to deter the Saynajaus. They've probably tried to kill me seventeen times recently and many times in the past. They don't know much about the casino itself. We usually blindfold clients wishing to come in here at around the clinic or the temple before leading them in under secret ways from each place. If you try to approach the casino this way then you run into the confusing maze sequence put on here. The final trick is this," Michi told us and passed a claw in front of him at the trees ahead. Before his talon touched the tree, it passed right through it without resistance.
 "Hold your breath, you two," I told Sidge and Wovelmlos and they exchanged a blank expression with each other.
 Michi smiled and stepped into the trees disappearing from sight. I jumped down and removed myself from Jaze's person and she shuddered and wavered and looked at Wovelmlos and Sidge skeptically before taking in her surroundings and back at me. I had assumed a Jackalope form again before she saw me so she asked instead getting a bit uneasy "Did I faint or something?"
 I exchanged a glance with Wovelmlos who rolled his eyes and at Sidge who shook his head with a small smug expression so I shrugged replying, "Yeah, all of a sudden."
 Jaze pondered a second and stepped forward for a reason I picked up as an impulse and disappeared so Sidge and Wovelmlos followed her in but I hesitated and turned around and thought I felt a certain presence. Then I saw the glimmer in the air several paces back down from me and I adjusted my eyes to see through the illusion and there stood a pale white skinned pointed eared Maginean dressed in full hunters camouflage.
 When I stepped forward the creature reacted by bringing tail and fleeing down the path. I reached out and grasped the air and pulled it back and it brought the Maginean backwards kicking and scratching at the ground with a hand on his neck as I had gripped his neck. Then, as he came back I raised my other paw and said, "Amnesiate!"
 The creature went limp, its mouth and features agape and extended. Before it could regain it's thoughts I said, "Return!"
 The Maginean then vanished leaving no glimmer or traced other than the dirt clods it kicked up. I moved my paws toward them and they redid themselves with the earth and dirt to show no struggle. I turned around and entered the trees vanishing myself.
 The Vore casino started with the theme of the forest swallowing oneself up. Though I didn't think most creatures would take that up. The casino was otherwise something I would reckon as not for the vore faint at heart and not for those curious to vore or even slightly experienced in it. The casino was for the hard core vorephiles in the sense that if a creature didn't come out of the casino immobile or near immobile, then either the creature did not have a real taste of vore, or the creature wasn't good at gambling.
 Casino establishments I had been to in my previous existence before my Ultinity proved that I wasn't very good then. Now, if I tried to gamble, I would be cheating either way I looked at it, since I was advanced beyond the ability to gamble. As for Sidge and Wovelmlos, they had the make and the luck of getting some good intake of vore. Jaze had the lesser luck and since vore went two ways, I basked momentarily in the thought of her inside the reverse J organ of someone, or big O organ in case of Cattle-like creatures. Michi, the last, would be similar to me, though he could try his own gambling machines for the fun of the prospect; he knew which ones were set to pay off more. Michi did mess with the slot machines and other machines but he also pretended to mess with them to set their payoff. The Casino itself was not for profit.
 "The Coinage is really a play on words, as Ias probably could figure. It says vore on the outside but since vore and stuffing go slightly with each other, this can be a stuffing casino as well. Yet, vore is the main reason for it," Michi commented to us.
 I looked around the foyer we now stood it. The long corridor type room we now stood in was far as it was wide probably able to fit several of Sidge at his full size or four of Sedas inside without a problem. It was a white shiny room set with a red carpet on the floor and chandeliers hanging from the high ceiling. Then all around the walls were hanging draperies from the ceiling in a velvety red. Then at the front were three sets of gigantic slightly arched at the top, metal and wooden double doors. There were a set of creatures at the doors having the centaur style of creature in all of them though at some were not part horse but the same species of fur on top of the upper body of the same species. At the middle door we approached were a squirrel on squirrel-taur. The one next to it was a megishtaur resembling Wovelmlos and especially Eckstal but being different in its black shorter.
 I looked around the room once more and it was otherwise mostly empty except for a large handful of creatures before the middle and other two doors attempting to enter. I looked down at the far left door and saw a half bear half horse and a half wolverine on a wolverine. Then at the other door I blinked and grinned as I saw a Hypogryph and Kangaroo on Kangarootaur. These creatures that were species on same species weren't as big as centaurs but were larger on account of their slight anthropomorphism in their upper parts. Their lower parts were also larger than usual.
 The jingling and cascading of change caught my attention as I saw an anthropomorphic Beaver toward the front of the small crowd of us dumping a big sac of coins into the mouth of the squirrel taur. The coins jingled and cascaded as the squirreltaur swallowed them making faint tinkles inside her belly after a delay. Then, the megishtaur had stepped forward and was talking to the next in line of the beaver, which was an Ezen no less, and I indicated it for Wovelmlos and he nodded.
Taking his cloth sack full of bags, the gray Ezen upturned it into the opened mouth of the Megishtaur.
 "Doorpersons, with an entry fee of a bag of coins," Michi commented.
 "It does make their bellies take on a coin filled shape," Wovelmlos added as well.
 I saw that indeed their bellies sagged and the outlines of coins were all about it. Then, when any of them moved, the result was cascading coins and the prospect made me shudder but in a good sense. I found it all the more arousing.
 Coins were introduced to the doorpersons, making coin music that filled the entry hall. When the fur or creature was done emptying their purse into any one of them, the doorperson would speak to them for a moment before opening the door. The effect of more coins added at such an increased rate only made their abdomen's sag even more and their expressions became more relaxed and loopy. I stared taken away when the squirreltaur took both of her upper body paws and gave her sagging abdomen a quick movement and a jingling cascade followed. Then, her middle of middle sagged down even more. I wanted to go up and play around with the coin filled stomach of any one of them but I had a better idea I would try.
 I came up next to Michi and whispered in his ear, "There might be a problem."
 Michi turned and looked dead center on me, "Uh...what?"
 "The Saynajaus," I whispered to him and he immediately looked around and stepped out of line with me away from the center.
 "Where?" Michi's voice was wavering.
 "He was right outside before I entered. I saw through his invisibility and wiped his memory of here and what he was doing and sent him away where he came from," I whispered back.
 Michi gave a long sigh and leant his back up into the draperies against the wall there. He looked around at everyone skeptically, "I figured they would find this place eventually. Now, they're going to concentrate on here after they find their man with amnesia. Then they'll kill him... unless..."
 "Ias? Michi?" Jaze called at us and I saw that they were next in line.
 I stepped in front of Jaze who was looking at the creatures unsure what to comment or do. The megishtaur stepped up with a chink coming from his drooping belly. I smiled at that and he mirrored my smile inquiring, "Coins please?"
 The megishtaur was the male of that species with short black hair set in a mushroom shape about his head and the rest of his body white furred. The Megishtaur portion was almost draconic but a close cross between a dragon and a donkey, being more haunched up and almost as large as the Beartaur and the Hypogryph.
 I looked at the Squirreltaur who was a red brown furred squirrel with off white belly fur up to her chin and down to her bushy tail. Her pudgy lower part was a larger portion of squirrel with every feature except a head, and that part was doubly pudgy not just from the coins. She stepped up as well and asked of Jaze, "Coins please?"
 Michi came back over and they both took a slight step back, "Oh Michi, are they with you?"
I came in between them and commented with zeal, "Oh no, I'll still pay the fee. I love the sound of chinking change in J shaped orifices. Two times that as well. How much do you two usually eat?"
 The Megishtaur and the Squirreltaur salivated visibly at my mentioning of coins. The squirrel reached back and gave her belly a swish and jiggle and the coins reacted in a flurry of cascading jingles, "I've gotten up to almost two hundred thousand."
 The Megishtaur gave his barreled belly a hearty pat pat making the change tinkle quite audibly, "Today's been hectic so I don't think any of us have kept a count."
 I looked around and since we were at the end of the small crowd and the thinning crowds at the far doors I squatted down on the ground. Making swirling motions from the ground, energy came up from it to form four big cloth bags. I picked one of them up and beheld the both of them.
 "Trid, you were first," the Squirrel taur told the Megishtaur so he bent down slightly with his upper half and opened his mouth. I paused looking inside seeing that it was small until it reached his throat and that portion opened up showing an elongated neck and overall unusual shaped gullet. This figured to me since it was probably from the eating of coins and probably other objects than coins. I cascaded the coins in a shower of tinkles down into the waiting throat of Trid the Megishtaur and he gulped them down quickly commenting, "Oh, you're using Silver?"
 I nodded and the squirreltaur stepped up, "Silver is the best other than gold or other shiny metals. Copper is usually what we get and it's not bad but it's usually all we get."
 I smiled and got the next bag up, emptying it into the squirreltaur and her throat was just as elongated for the effort and she gulped it up quicker and let out a belch with a loud cascading coin sound resulting from both her belly and her mouth. In response, Trid let out a few smaller belches to the same effect.
 I emptied the last two bags in turn to each of them and they both jiggled their stomachs to let the change settle, their bellies a little lower to the ground than before and still lumpy looking where the coins settled. They both waved us on satisfied.
 We passed in to a much larger and longer lighted room, lighted from large Illume liquid orbs hanging from the ceiling making the ambient light resemble the spindle pillar light. The room was a pit with two rises and platforms to either side. The general decorations brought forth the theme of being inside an animal's stomach as it was all a reddish pinkish and had artificial folds up and down the floor, walls, and ceiling making the room appear to be in a circle. On the floor in various places were pools of a cloudy slow running liquid coming up from fountains that intermittently squirted the juice up and down to join the pool. I stooped down to feel the floor and came up in surprise as it was spongy, rough, and moist and felt just like being inside someones stomach. The overall sounds coming from the room were stomach sounds mixed with the sounds of slot machine clatter and music of video slots.
 The room was filled with both the table and machine of casino's and gambling, ranged from the one-armed bandits to the craps tables. They were set on the folds weighing the section down flatter that it was on. They were all spread apart well away from the center making a large path to the other end where there were large double doors. Many furry animals, even human as well, were scattered about pursing winnings upon the machines or losings.
 "Wha wow," Wovelmlos breathed his eyes big. Sidge and Jaze were clearly aroused and were slightly fidgety.
 "Oh this theme is just so realistic," Jaze remarked stooped down and touched the floor and came back up with a slow oooo.
 Trid came in behind us with Michi and started speaking so we turned around, "Just the rules and regulations. This is one on one. You win you eat the dealer or slot machine..."
 "The slot machine!" Jaze exclaimed agape.
 Trid nodded, "But if you lose, they eat you. Of course everyone can escape before we release them when the casino closes for cleaning in the morning, but it's really not acceptable behavior and we'll find you and eat you again until the casino closes. There's no hard rip-apart violence here and violators will be eaten as well as cheaters and the other sort. I will be at the Mixed Vore Wheel later if you want to see some more coin swallowing or of objects other than just creatures."
 "Thanks, Trid," I told him and he nodded disappearing through the door.
 Then in the far left bank of slot machines I heard an anthropomorphic bobcat scream as it was being eaten by the slot machine through an opening made atop the slot wheels and below the display for the title of the machine. After it took it in, the machine increased in size considerably larger.
 "Double level vore, you get a regular hit, you eat what the machine has eaten. You get the jackpot, you eat the machine and all creatures eaten by it," Michi told us.
 "That doesn't interest me much. I want to find some tables with dealers on the other side," Sidge admitted and wandered off up the nearest stairs to where the gaming tables were.
 "Count me in too. Especially if I find something I like," Jaze slyly eyed the tables up and to our right at an anthropomorphic sparrow, about two of her size.
 A billy goat not to far away on our right side just hit the jackpot as Jaze went up the stairs there. He grabbed the slot machine and jammed it down his throat at a slow even space and Michi lead the way down the path toward the far doors. As we passed the flurry of anthropomorphic animals, scalies, and birdies a small portion of them were at the slot machine. The most of the patrons were up on a table and I saw a red tailed hawk eating a spotted tan bob-cat who was a patron and that caused me to pause a moment but continue on.
 "I will admit, Vore is nice. Fun, to be inside creatures, eat drink and be merry. But, when you have the Saynajaus on you as I have, it's no more than bitter vinegar with each swallow and a sour stomach," Michi remarked.
 "Yes, too much to do. There's places for vore. So much more fun with random encounters," I remarked.
 Michi turned around and opened his mouth to speak but froze on the spot and Sko materialized beside him. I looked over at Wovelmlos and saw he was frozen. I peered at all the others around and so were they.
 "Omnipresence," Sko remarked indifferently.
 "It's quite simple of course. There's so much to do at one time. I am merely going to be in many places at once," I told Sko nodding.
 I phased in on a path through the pine forest ducking in between the rises and falls of the hills en route to one of the controlled entrances to the Vore casino. There were several Saynajaus stalking the path and watching the raccoon creature on her way down the path.
 She had a deep purple tinge to her skin and the naturally curly head of hair atop her head between her pointed ears, which drooped down past her shoulders and the usual mask-like furry face but in shades of deep purple. The creature was quite slim and wore a light violet vest with leather strings at the v on the breast portion to bring it together making it all quite firm there defining her cleavage well. Then her matching trousers tight knitted but just the right size and made for trudging through the countryside. Her ensemble was complete with a walking stick that was more a staff and had some unusual carvings on it.
 This was the Synthician Odaira, Michi's primary Synthician. Michi, in all the years of being in Primeon and about as well as living as a Maginean in the past had limited knowledge of Synth Use in him. Odaira was the original owner of the land annexed for Michi. It was her that had talked Jyiri to do it. Jyiri and the General Hedin weren't the wiser for what it really was. With the concealment from the public, they weren't ever to know.
 Michi had not mentioned that she was the Raccoon that worked for Jyiri and the one I was to talk to. But, I wasn't concerned that she was about to be attacked by those who were stalking her from the Saynajaus.
 The razor sharp arrows were notched in the crossbows but the raccoon continued on down the path, to the far destination of the obscured entrance to the Vore Casino.
 The first bolt was quick and was shot by the closest to her on the bough of a tree overhead but passed through her harmlessly. The Maginean that shot it did not say anything but couldn't do much of anything as Odaira had teleported behind him and had smacked him across the head causing the creature to drop its crossbow. Odaira grabbed picked him up and hopped down from the tree. She slung him across her back reaching up and undoing his belt that had his knife and bolts inside. This also provided a slight cover from the next bolt that flew at her. Odaira smacked it with her staff battering it down and brought the Maginean she knocked out up and down head first into her throat.
 Odaira vored the creature quickly but slowly and another bolt came down and just missed her head but nicked her ear drawing blood, and causing her to halter her swallowing of the Maginean. The Racooness grunted and raised her staff in the air and yellow flashes of light erupted from it and swooped out in a circular wave moving away from her in all directions. As the wave passed close to the hidden magineans, they both became invisible but didn't realize it at first.
 I knew there were two additional ones and one was aiming his crossbow so Odaira ran quickly toward the tree cover off the path, with the half of the Maginean she vored dangling out of her mouth. The Magineans were off both sides of the path hidden in the trees but in view of a good shot to the path. Odaira hesitated as the bolt burst through the trunk of the tree and dodged out of the way as it ripped through it and barely missed her. She whipped back around, mumbling something from around the Maginean she was trying to devour, then she jutted out her staff toward the Maginean and I witnessed the tree become slightly alive and club him on the back of the head with the branch above him. The Maginean wavered and fell over head down toward the ground, suspended upside down with a foot paw in between a fork in the branches and leaves there, knocked out.
 Odaira resumed gulping down the Maginean with an mmmm and her breasts were pointing out protruding slightly through her dress. She placed a paw on her belly rubbing it a bit as the other Maginean scrambled down his tree and fitted a bolt in his crossbow. Then Odaira almost unconcernedly whipped about and hurled her staff cleanly at the Maginean and the staff turned into a giant hawk. The hawk screeched and the Maginean shot his bolt at the hawk knocking some feathers off but not stopping it, and it pummeled into him knocking him over.
 The Maginean that Odaira was swallowing was nearly into her and I hovered closer phasing through the trees and fallen branches and tangle of thorns and moss. I gazed at her expanding belly that contoured the shape of the maginean until it was inside her and she made the final swallow. Then, her belly became double sized in total to mine own and took on a regular circular contour. Odaira came back and went right by me and tugged the Maginean that nearly fell from the tree until it fell into her arms.
 She devoured that Maginean after removing his knife and bag of bolts before moving over to where the hawk had hit the final one. The hawk had resumed its staff form and rested on the heap of the final maginean that had collapsed.
 The Raccoon Synthician gobbled the Maginean up as well giving a gurgly belch in Finale. I went up to her and stood several arm lengths away from her and appeared behind her saying, "You're an excellent Vorephile."
 She spun around and brandished her staff sending out a quick bolt of black light that I diverted holding up a paw making it shatter on contact, running it two directions away from me. Her eyes went wide and she took a step back and flew down the path moving her staff around her making her float slightly off the ground. She went quickly because of that and was soon at the far end of the path. There she waved her staff at the trees there and vanished inside the now open doorway into the vore casino.
 I teleported right in front of her as she came into the front room of the Casino moving my paws so that when she ran into me, her big bulging tummy made full contact with me firm but warm.
 Odaira made a startled erp bringing a paw to her muzzle stifling a hiccup. Then she saw who I was and screamed stepping back and almost back through the doorway into the forest. Trid came to the rescue but seeing the both of us only came up to our side eying us adding a slight tinge of red behind his white fur. The Raccoon made the first move, bringing her free paw and slapping me across the face and storming away fumingly commenting, "Fucking Bastard... ssstalking me."
 Trid looked at me and at Odaira as she went away drumming her belly and almost knocking the squirreltaur over at the center door as she went into the casino. I winked at Trid and teleported in front of Odaira again making smooth contact with paws to her belly again. She tried to stifle her startled giggle and smiled bringing her staff up and down smacking me on the head and pushing me off to the side.
 "Come on," She motioned at me and I strutted right up to her side and walked alongside of her.
 "I didn't know Michi had hired another Synthicist," Odaira commented after we had walked a couple of steps her voice changed considerably more lighthearted.
 "How do those creatures feel in there?" I asked offhandedly.
 She rubbed her belly, "You know with three... then your stomach stretches... but mine was already stretched so I feel like I've just eaten three big rocks and they're grinding together. You know that."
 "I... I wouldn't have described it like that," I commented grinning stopping allowing her to walk on.
 Michi and Wovelmlos were standing in the middle of the room with me as I was still there. I went walking with Odaira to meet up with them. My mirrored form looked over toward me until Michi and Wovelmlos started looking over at me, then he vanished. Michi looked at me then back to where my mirror self was just standing. Wovelmlos did the same and when they both didnt see me there, they immediately glanced back over toward where I was walking with Odaira and came quickly over.
 Odaira chuckled at them saying as I came beside her to regard them, "Michi, love, why haven't you ever greeted me this promptly before."
 Michi ignored her and turned to me, "What in the name of inferno are you doing?"
 I executed a move jumping over Odaira's Maginean full belly pushing slightly off it with my hands and came down to her right side and gestured toward her belly as it gave a growl in response. Odaira stared after me and looked down at her belly then at Michi who looked at me startled.
 Odaira spoke, "Oh yeah, Michi, I captured some nosy Saynajaus."
 "Oh wow, na... na... nevermind. Let's up and go quickly upstairs and have a talk with them," Michi swiftly offered and took up a fast pace down the last bit of paces to the still opened large doors.
 The next area was about the same except everything was built for large creatures such as dragons and oversized furs. There were several furs there, stuffed full off squirming assortments probably of other furs. This room, though, basically housed the high stakes machines and because of the size of the dealers and patrons at the machines, there was no room for two additional sides that the previous room had.
 Michi didn't really go through this room but turned and went to the wall beside the big double doors to an elevator lift. This lift had stomach colored carpeting and mouth shaped doors followed by teeth shaped inner doors. This elevator had two stonitions standing beside it that regarded us casually yet slight interested. One of the Stonitions to the right of the elevator doors reached out and pressed the only button beside it and the doors flung open.
 The elevator itself was rather large but just enough to fit us all in because of our combined sizes. I found an intriguing addition to this elevator was the gurgling sounds through hidden speakers in it and I couldn't help but smile and become quite intrigued in the random sounds that came from it. Michi and Odaira mirrored my smile as Michi pushed in a button of five buttons for the one marked two on the floor selection panel. The mouth and teeth doors softly closed and the elevator picked up and the digital display on the top center above the teeth doors eventually changed from one to th two and the doors came softly open revealing a large command center for the casino.
 Most of the room was made up of panels of monitors and various panels of particular displays for some video machines. Other panels were placed on desks with only a couple of monitors on them. Then toward the front, there were large windows set down in a slant. Down through the windows, the first room of the casino could be seen. The room itself was spaced in two vertical rows, with one row leading from the elevator to these windows. The Desks in the room were placed on the far right and left and panel banks in the center. Then there were three horizontal rows breaking the desks and monitor banks to space them evenly up to the windows. The opposite horizontal row at the other side of the room started on the right side of Michi's desk moving up and to the windows. The lighting of the room came from the panels and from several large hanging Illume liquid orbs that gave a bright warm glow to the room.
 Michi sat down at the desk nearest the elevator which was elevated in comparison to the rest of them and had only a few monitors on it to the right side but was otherwise similarly shaped to the one he had in his clinic. Then Odaira came before the desk to the big space between it and the first bank of monitors standing on the red and blue carpeting with several designs and embroideries of words such as: "Michi Gimiguchi's Vore Casino". I came up to Michi's left and Wovelmlos went slightly over toward Odaira.
 Odaira came up the steps to the front before the desk and leant forward placing her paws down on the front edge of it remarking, "Michi, they're going to be concentrating on this area like crazy."
 "Ahhh, yeah..." Michi rubbed his claws on the side of his head and looked at Odaira's belly as it hung below her arms and paws before the desk bumping up against it and down onto the steps.
 "How soon do you think they'll have us tracked down?" Odaira asked coming up to full height moving down several steps as her belly pushed well against the desk.
 Michi turned to one of the panels on the desk. It was a glass-like panel set on a black base which came up behind it and over the sides of it to keep it in place. The panel lit up with several images on a white background and Michi tapped at them on the screen with his claw tip and the screen changed with more images. He tapped at one of those and the screen changed completely displaying streams of tables of numbers and letters.
 "About by Dusknight," Michi said solemnly.
"We don't have much time, then," Wovelmlos spoke to Odaira and she shook her head.
 "Well, either you could come to Primeon with me as I'm due to return to it soon. Either way, you're bound to have them attack here more so in force than in your clinic or temple," I suggested.
 "Oh no, I'm not concerned. You don't know the power that we have with Vore. Odaira can tell you," Michi said bringing his claws linked together under his chin resting his elbows on the desk.
 "Oh I know what you can do. You've channeled synth through Voring creatures, other than by absorbing more than just physical energies. Quite a capability," I remarked.
 "Only some of us can do it right enough to be very devastating. It's a rather destructive art but it makes up many times over," Odaira responded and started rubbing her belly in a way that made it also sway from side to side. She continued rubbing while starting to humm a steady melody while closing her eyes. The motion sent her stomach into a gurgle every now and again. She kept her motions up over her belly and I noticed it starting to get smaller in size.
 Wovelmlos was entranced and even more so because Odaira lifted one of her paws while continuing to rub her belly with the other paw. She motioned at Wovelmlos and her body from her paw up to her shoulder, breast, and down to her belly seemed to shimmer and shine lightly but only at those parts. Wovelmlos became glassy eyed in response and moved in jerky steps toward Odaira and bowed deeply to her. Odaira flitted her paw around herself in response turning in circles and Wovelmlos started dancing about the raccoon in response with a loopy loose but still glassy eyed expression. Then she stopped rubbing her belly and moving her free paw around and the shine stopped leaving Wovelmlos shaking his head but otherwise looking around unsure.
 "I'm glade you came along," Odaira said to him giving him a gentle caress from his forehead to the back of his head before stepping away again to look at Michi.
 "Wha... happened..." was what squeaked out of Wovelmlos.
 "Now you see? We're pretty good. Odaira may be a separate Synthician but she's well versed in these arts. We've been able to easily fend off the Saynajaus for years," Michi told us.
 "I see..." Wovelmlos growled with a grimace.
 "Some of us are quite good. You'll be interested to know that Michi and I are not the most powerful," Odaira remarked.
 "The one large Karn for instance you saw me come in with earlier is quite a bit more powerful. The more you eat, the more you can do or the amount you can do for a certain time," Michi told us.
 "That seems a little hard, taking the life from one creature, though," Wovelmlos put forward.
 "We're predators. What are we going to do? Let them go. No, there comes a time that if we can put creatures to better use, we're going to put them to better use," Odaira told Wovelmlos.
 "Darn it. I love it this way. You got my vote." I said coming over to Odaira and putting a paw on her still large furry paunch.
 She put a paw to the side of her her shaking her head and removed my paw on her belly with her other hand replacing it by my side and giving it a light pat pat, "That's the fourth time you've touched me there. You must not get to touch many aftervore abdomens do you?"
 I smiled in response and I made a motion over my shoulder at Wovelmlos and telecast my thoughts to Odaira and she gave a smug grin closing her eyes slightly and went around me to Wovelmlos saying, "I think I can show you around the Casino."
 Wovelmlos stared at her but Odaira grabbed him lightly by the arm and led him gently but surely toward the elevator and smiled at us as the teeth shaped doors closed followed by the mouth shaped doors.
 I brought up a rolling chair from one of the desks and set it down beside Michi at his desk telling him, "It's time Wovelmlos should ascend. He sticks around so much. When he's The Belly he'll be something cute."
 Michi had pivoted to look at me with a reserved look, "Excuse me, what?"
 "Odaira will eat Wovelmlos and then give her tired belly a massage. Wovelmlos will be killed but he'll come back as one of my full Avatars. We're going to have some fun with him,"
 "Now wait a minute, Ias. That's almost needless," Michi protested standing up and looking toward the Elevator but back at me.
I sighed, "Come on Michi. It's for the better. Some day I may make you an Avatar of mine. Possibly The Vore or something like that though Jaze may take that spot to even the stream out. It's not needless. Its evening parts out."
 Michi sunk down into his chair remarking with a sigh of his own, "I'm sorry, Ias. I'm a doctor. I try to preserve life. It's with these Saynajaus, though, that I consider the judgment to always be in favor of being able to take their lives through vore absorption as they themselves have taken lives."
 "Then you can see where I come from. I am not destroying a person completely. I'm merely taking him to what he can be. He's not using his potential that I gave him. This way he can. He's not really dead," I told Michi.
 "Odaira's words are haunting me now. I'd never realized that our art would be used for such a purpose," Michi mused.
 "Oh Michi, don't worry about it. Let's go see your Casino now for real," I told Michi reaching out at giving him a light shake on the shoulder.
 Odaira brought Wovelmlos up through the elevator to Michi's Penthouse. The place was large enough for Michi making it slightly oversized for them. Yet, it had extravagances such as a whirlpool bathtub oversized. The bed itself was almost double king sized four poster and even bigger than the one in his clinic office.
 The room was five roomed with a separate bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, dining room, and living quarters. The dining room was larger than the smaller kitchen and had a large oval oaken table polished with dark brown tarnish and buffed to a mirror shine. The walls had little pictures of dragons painted evenly spaced about and up to the ceiling only set off by the white trim along the top and bottom of the room. The trim offset the ceiling and the floor from the walls situated at the top and bottom with a chandelier hanging from the midst of the ceiling. The carpet was a fluff all its own and soft to provide almost a second bed for some but otherwise was a long haired deep emerald green.
 Along the walls were situated several erotic paintings of creatures either in the process of being vored, having creatures inside their belly poking around to get out, or just fattened creatures. They were all both male and female and wearing no extra clothing. Then, along the right wall was a cabinet where the expensive table wares were kept.
 This was the first room, and the two moved into the next room to the left which was the living room and had all sorts of plush furniture in a cream colored room with still the dragon wallpaper on top of it all up and down the room. The only difference was that all the paintings were suggestive of vore and either had dragons with their mouths opened showing their inner mouth or were in the midst of engulfing something. Then there were depictions of ones full of creatures. The sofa took up most of the room and was almost half a bed in itself about the perfect size for Michi to sit down. A similar sofa took up the other side of the room and was spaced from the wall enough to allow access to the door to the far right side of the room. In the midst between the sofas was a large glass table set on a big black square base augmenting the square of the Sofa positions. Over the table hanging about several hand lengths over it was a large sparkling chandelier. The only other item in the room was an end table in the far left corner containing a lighted panel on a black base similar to the one on Michi's desk in the control center floors below.
 Wovelmlos was as innocent as he could be. He wasn't ever inside another creature at least into a female through her cunt with his dick. Odaira had no intentions to let Wovelmlos inside her that way. She knew full well this was what he wanted but she was not a whore, she merely used the suggestion to get the creature inside her stomach.
 They had proceeded into the next room which was mirrored off of the rest of the casino with the depiction of the inside of some creature. The bed was positioned toward the midst of this. Odaira had made Wovelmlos lie down commenting she wanted top. Wovelmlos' dick had gone hard when she had led him into the elevator. She had stayed close getting him farther aroused by blatantly grabbing his dick firmly and rubbing it. Wovelmlos didn't want that to stop but she did when the elevator opened into the penthouse and Wovelmlos was hot for it to start again, very aroused and anxious, almost shaking visibly.
 Odaira bounded up and onto Wovelmlos with an elated growl and Wovelmlos was taken in by this. Odaira brought both her hands onto his cock and had resumed stroking it sending Wovelmlos into the sexual bliss he wanted again and the bliss numbed him enough to miss Odaira rubbing her belly. He didn't pay attention when her shoulder, belly, and paw shimmered. He couldn't pay attention when her control was over him. He couldn't help it when he saw the inside of her mouth over his eyes staring down into her pink throat. Wovelmlos was helpless when he saw the tubular throat sides rub against his eyes. He didn't look down into the cardia as he was pushed down into her stomach.
 The sequence wasn't lifted. The synth took over. Wovelmlos afterwards told me he was glad that he was locked in the euphoria he was. The pain balanced itself out, playing him into a sea of fire. While the fire burned away his skin it only left the sensation that he was losing his fur and his skin and his insides were being absorbed into the searing heat. He only broke out of his swoon then before he was all over. Yet he was rigid and still the blissful euphoria seeping away as he sunk into the folds of her belly. He was cushioned against her pinked stomach, cradled soundly almost asleep, pressed on all his sides by it's folds the gentle caress and motions of it's processes moving him over. His mind only took in minute details as he was phasing out of his life there. He could swear he saw her, Odaira, waving at him from the outside passing her hands over the opening he could see her through.
 "You see there on that Screen Michi. She has him inside her. She's rubbing her belly getting that energy out. This is such a retrospective. Why does a fortune teller wave her hands over the crystal ball and get a glimpse of the future when she could rub it and know it for sure," I told Michi indicating the screen.
 Michi looked onto the screen and it showed Odaira kneeling on his bed slouched back to give her belly room as she rubbed the whole length of it humming in her own little blissful state. The state she only really reached from this type of vore. She wasn't so much a squirter or she would have squirted out of her cunt at her peak. She merely breathed deep her tongue hanging out of her mouth and her eyes cloudy as the highest wave of her arousal hit her and left. Then she went down to business and started spending all the energy coupled in her belly in those others and Wovelmlos.
 "Once Wovelmlos is completely gone he'll more than likely come back here a much different creature," I told Michi as he watched the screen with a grin as she kept massaging her belly, with it getting smaller all the time.
 "We'll be able to better protect the casino with this power she's getting. The Saynajaus do us a favor to their discredit when they come calling," Michi remarked coming unwillingly off the screen and looking at me.
 "I could've put my blessing to your effort. No need for the bolstering," I suggested to Michi.
He shrugged, "That's alright, thanks. We're used to our way."
 I nodded but suddenly two furry arms and wolf paws came across my belly and brought me back into a hug against furriness. I looked back and smiled as it was Wovelmlos. Michi on the other hand turned around to look at Wovelmlos and nearly fell out of his chair, "Oh it is true!"
 "Hey Ias. I see your ploy now. It looks like I'm an avatar for a while?" Wovelmlos merred ecstatically.
 "You can see? Oh good, welcome back Wovel. Now what would your official title be?" I asked him.
 "Well... what's yours?" Wovelmlos poked my belly looking at me.
 "I the One," I remarked.
 Michi had brought out a cage full of white mice from his drawer and presumed to swallow one whole just as I told Wovelmlos this. The words made him choke on the Mouse but he was able to get it down but coughed violently afterwards so I gave him a pat on his huge back.
 "No... Its okay... whew..." Michi said between coughs and ended it with a big hack cough.
 "Well the Cait's out of the bag now," I remarked.
 "You're that powerful?" Michi asked when he recovered.
 Wovelmlos shrugged but a large grin was now on his face, "That reminds me, I'm going to visit that cait Jaze and the coon Odaira. My title is The Belly."
 The Avatar, formerly an Ezen, patted his belly and winked at me before vanishing.
 Sidge had been swallowed early by a she-bear three card poker dealer. Michi and I stopped at the table and the she-bear smiled and gave a nod to us and her big wrinkled belly moved in response as well with muffled sounds from it. Her uniform she wore, was what all the employees were given to wear and it was either pink or stomach fold shaped or lined with teeth and mouths giving maw shots. The she-bear all brown, and a woodland grizzly, were corpulent enough without her tummy being full of the three creatures including Sidge. She wore the teeth and mouth vest over a white long sleeved shirt and slacks that mirrored the vest. The shirt was made for such a large belly.
 Michi pointed out the obvious that is was a part of the required attire, made in house.
 We came by Wovelmlos at one of the corner bars on the left side of the balcony. Michi was infuriated that he impersonated one of his workers. Wovelmlos didn't mind Michi's fury and offered him a drink laced with the Bue juice. Michi dashed the drink out of his hand snapping on Wovelmlos. The spilled drink fell onto the fabric of the stomach fold-like carpet and flooring making it become slightly larger.
 "Get out from behind there now!" Michi finished yelling at him.
 Wovelmlos was wearing the pink and stomach attire that matched most of the main room. He opened the side flap on the bar and came over beside Michi and removed his attire and gave them to Michi. The patrons sitting on the bar stools chided Michi for shoving off their bartender and demanded more Bue juice laced drinks. The drinks were small enough that they didn't make them noticeably fatter. Yet, they were coming along to the point quickly.
 Michi apologized to the patrons and called another bartender while he scooted off with Wovelmlos and me down the far right staircase to the entrance, "Now get out!"
 "Michi, is that anyway to treat your guest," Jaze came waddling up speaking. She waddled for obvious reasons as she was so full of creatures, her belly scrapped off the ground during her walk and had a life all its own, swaying from side to side. The extensions of the body parts of the creatures were evident on the outside. When she walked, gurgling and glomping played out from it. The amount of furs couldn't go up so it just went down and out. She probably had a total of seven in her all cooped up with the Stonition she still had in her. She waddled but had to hoist her belly off the ground with her paws as it was twice as large as she.
 "I see you've gotten the honorary title?" Michi asked indicating the belt she now wore. It was the same belt that we saw on the overstuffed creatures Michi brought in at the clinic.
 "Voreling, the beginners title. I can't think what an advanced title is. I've also been given a free lesson in Vore Synth Art at the temple. I'm anxious to see what that is about," Jaze spoke with a distracted humm in her voice as she tugged at her belt and rubbed her tummy with a smug look.
 "Lovely Jaze, I just love the way you look," Wovelmlos commented trying to box her in a picture between his paws.
 "Why are you going to throw him out, Michi?" Jaze asked him.
 "For taking over a position which he wasn't here for in the casino," Michi responded simply.
 "Michi, if it was that bartender, he's in here," Jaze said cutely poking the side of her belly.
 "Oh, I'm sorry," Michi apologized to Wovelmlos instantly.
 Wovelmlos put his paw on Michi's shoulder and bent over to whisper something in his ear. They both then went off together toward the double doors again.
 I looked at Jaze with a half smile and picked her up easily cradling her as well as her belly and the furs passing over to my grip inside her. She mewed, "Let's go to that Mixed Vore Wheel that Trid's running."
 "Well, how about we make our way over there and stop at the tables up on the right terrace before we do?" I suggested.
 "Well okay but I'm not going to play much more today. I'm stretched far larger than I thought. This is such a dream come true," She told me lounging in my arms stretching which made her belly arc up and back down when she finished a bunch of gurgling and various sounds coming from within.
 "Yeah, it is," I confided to her.
 We mounted the large staircase near the front entrance and proceeded up its half spiral. I carried Jaze the whole way until the first table we met. She then got down and let her belly touch the ground as she was near the closest table.
 The tables were setup in even rows and ranged from two person poker to dealer and player's three card poker. Then there were the specialized tables such as for rummy and other games. Then several roulette tables and craps tables. Finally, there were video slots and other video gambling games. The games ended on the far side with the specialized wheels and odd ended games.
 "Let's try this odd ended game for instance. What is it?" Jaze questioned the table and the dealer who was about the size of Jaze, a gray furred anthropomorphic she Capybara almost a Jaze sized Redalis.
 The table was a brown shiny pine table on a size middle pedestal with green carpeting on the top which had positions for players cards to be dealt and the dealer's hand. Then the cards and the shuffling machine set toward the dealer's side.
 Upon seeing Jaze, though, the dealer didn't seem concerned and I saw from the shape and movement of her tummy that she had a few encased within, "This is Cat and Mouse. The Face Cards are the Cats and the Mouse Cards are everything else. Face Cards beat all other cards unless your total adds up to ten and only ten which you play from numeral valued cards, face cards are 0. If the total adds to ten from the sum of numeral cards then they can be played as a Cat. Anything else is considered 'devoured'. However, if we only have cats, the highest cat faced card wins, ties go to the house. You play three cards and the one who has the most cats to mice or highest cats 'gets to devour'.
 "Next you get a final round called Last Chance. You show your hand regardless of what you have left. The cards are compared again and if the one who 'gets to devour' has any mice cards on their second hand they get to 'devour' them. If I have any mouse cards then you get them too but if I have any cat cards to play then I get your mouse cards per how many cat cards I have first before you can devour my cards. If you 'get to devour' and have any cat cards left after that can't be matched up with an opponents remaining cat or mice cards you win or get to 'devour' your opponent. Otherwise, it's a draw and the house wins if it at least gets to devour."
 Jaze smiled but I mentioned to her, "You see the strategy here?"
 "Probably best to keep your Cat cards if you can and don't play many of them the first round," Jaze suggested.
 "No, not really..." I remarked smugly.
 Jaze gave me a glance but shrugged commenting, "Let me try it."
 The dealer went into motion putting the pack of cards in the auto shuffler before dealing. I sensed the hands of both of them though I could visually see Jaze's hand. Jaze had a KQJ29 and the dealer had a 782AK. Jaze put her 2, 9, and Jack down and the dealer put down her 8 and 2, and her K down. The dealer got to devour and drew two new cards leaving Jaze with a 3 and the dealer with an Ace. Jaze had K and Queen with the 3 and the dealer had two Aces with the Seven. Jaze's cat cards could devour the dealer's seven but the Aces beat Jaze's cards and Jaze lost the hand.
 Without a moments hesitation the dealer jumped up and onto Jaze. Jaze shrugged wishing the dealer luck but the dealer put her mouth over Jaze's head and slowly devoured her. Jaze's size was many times larger than the dealer because of the furs she engorged before but the Capybara kept pushing and pulling her inside. Jaze slightly squirmed but her body went relaxed and her face was very prevalent on the outside as it went down the dealer's throat and into her belly. The dealer had her hands over her throat and belly and massaged her throat especially when Jaze's belly started going inside.
 I helped the dealer out by pressing down and the dealer didn't flinch though she did squeak a bit when the largest part of Jaze went in and down. Then, when all was left of Jaze on the outside was the feet protruding out, the dealer let out a great sigh. The Capybara then pushed the rest of Jaze inside and gave a final swallow and went to the corner bar at our side of the terrace against the wall and returned soon with water.
 "Do you want to play?" The Capybara asked.
 "Maybe some other time," I reported with a smirk and turning away from the table to look down the line. The small walk space between the table and the white painted metal railing there had intermittent design work to make up the base of the rail below the larger flat banister. Small tables and chairs were set there for guests and a few creatures were there sitting. I passed on by them and went to the far end past the tables and dealers who were either evidently carrying a few creatures inside or not. I came to the far end and there was a large space set up there before the other corner bar behind it.
 This space consisted of a wheel with a monitor above and below it and what seemed to be a chute that came from a round metal pillar in the midst which had a large game wheel put on the midst of it. The chute branched out overhead and went in opposite directions for a few sections before coming down slightly, the chute yawning open making a wide square. The chute in general came from the floor past the wheel and monitors in a round metallic pillar up into the branch. I noticed on the branch too there were two speakers hanging on either side.
 Trid was standing aside the wheel wielding a cordless microphone. He spoke into it, "Let's get going!"
 Two visibly stuffed furs, a red he bandicoot on the left with a she ferret on the right were standing under each chute. The wheel had stopped at 'wild'. The monitor below the wheel had several pictures on it with the picture of a 'dog' flashing. Below the picture on the monitor there was an increasing number with the word 'count' above it. The monitor above the wheel had a picture of marbles flashing as well as a count below it. Before my eyes the bandicoot on the left stood open-mouthed as dog creatures Ezen to full wolf fell out of the chute and into the opened mouth of the creature. They fell one after another, hitting and falling off of what the creature was swallowing and pilling up next to him. When he was done swallowing one creature he picked up the next before it got away.
 At the same time the ferret had marbles half the size of her to less than the size of her paw dropping out with the same dilemma happening to her with the marbles deflecting falling right next to her. She scrambled to stuff them quickly into her mouth. Since objects were much easier to stuff because they don't run away, she came out immobile but the winner. Several Stonition bouncers came out of the mix of the fair sized crowd around the game to carry her along and down the stairs while the nearly immobile bandicoot waddled away with a tail hanging out of his mouth and a wobbling belly full of movement.
 Trid announced raising his left arm after exchanging the microphone to his left and lifting it up to his mouth, "We have a winner!"
 There was applause from all around and Trid beamed at the crowd then noticed me so came up and spoke to the microphone at me, "Hey, did you enjoy that!? Want to have a go?"
 I looked around at those who were standing beside me, a mixture of furs so I commented to Trid and through the microphone as he held it up to me, "I may eat you out of whatever you have here."
 Some of the crowd sniggered others gave jeers, and then suddenly Odaira was right next to me commenting "Not true, Ias, I painstakingly made this sequence to dispense infinitely as needed. Unused energy is converted back eventually, don't worry."
 "Well, I'm more worried about my competition. I might as well win or lose. It may be fair to lose but I'm no competition. I'm beyond it," I replied frankly to Odaira.
 The Raccoon giggled and her still full belly jiggled when she did. She didn't know that I was what I truly was but I looked at her big belly and back up at her, "Odaira, you still have them inside you though. I thought you were going to question them."
 "I already did. They won't talk yet. I figure I'll stack up a few others next to them when I go up against you," She coyly commented.
 I added a grin toward her from me, "You're at a disadvantage with Wovelmlos and the others inside you."
 Trid cleared his throat to get our attention so we turned to him and Odaira shrugged commenting, "My record on this game is close to thirty things. I hope to beat it."
 "We'll see," I commented as the red ropes were lifted allowing us to take our places with me to the right chute and her to the left. I turned around to face the crowd and I saw on the pillar beside me on my left two panels, one with a replica of the wheel on the top screen. The other panel below it was just displaying the words 'The Vore Wheel'.
 Trid spoke into the microphone while tapping both the screens on the front of the pillar in turn, "We have house versus the patron. Let's spin the wheel."
 The wheel I saw had pins on the end which the indicating pointer went down through. As Trid gave it a spin it chattered as the pins brushed it up and out and in between the next set. The wheel went around easily a few turns and stopped on Fish.
 The panel below the screen of the wheel beside me lit up and a digital three slot wheel replica showed up and started up. The first wheel stopped on a goldfish, the second a puffer fish, the third a drop of water. The panel then changed to show my slot wheels at the bottom and a new set of slot wheels entitled "opponent", at the top. The wheels rolled to rest on a gold colored salmon and the rest landed on the same.
 "Get Ready! Turn your head up, open your mouth, and prepare your stomach!" The screens flashed abruptly.
 I obeyed and a torrent of goldfish started pouring out with some missing my mouth but most crowding down into my mouth and gullet. I swallowed quickly with my eyes closed feeling the squiggly jiggly fishes flopping down my throat. Then the puffer fishes started pouring in suddenly and as they hit my mouth and throat their sizes increases making for expanding sensations and rough descents into my belly. The piqued sensation hit me when my stomach started expanding even quicker pushing out on my belly as the whole of the squirmy mass played on my insides making my head and belly swim with piqued sensation.
 The water that poured out next bloated me to a new extreme. I didnt mind the water but when I felt the fish swimming around inside of me my dick became harder than it already was when I started swallowing the goldfish. I near spurted out right there over Trid who was watching me with a half grin. He moved over to look on the other side of the pillar. I didnt need to adjust to the new found movement of the masses of creatures inside me so I looked around the pillar.
 Odaira was in a bad sort as far as vore goes. As I could imagine, three salmon had somehow wedged themselves together inside her throat and Odaira was slightly choking but slowly managing to stretch her neck to accept the new extension. Her belly was a sight to me actively swaying almost violently with the outlines of tails and fish heads evident. Her belly size itself well over-matched mine now and I paused noticing the puffer fishes were expanding and contrasting making my belly contort and reconstitute to new shapes and sizes. At first I thought I had a half moon itself inside me, then a beach ball, then a boulder.
 Odaira didnt falter, she was an adept so I wasnt too worried about her getting her self to far in trouble. I stared at her belly watching it move in the glimmer of the glow of the casino. She looked over and me placing her paws on the side of it and pushing her fur there and compressing it a bit, and gave me a distracted dreamy grin with her tongue flopping out of her mouth. I patted my own belly enjoying the sloshing water. I listened closer and heard the flip flapping of the fish splooshing about the water in me and the bloop as the puffer fish blew up.
 Trid came over the speaker, We have a tie, now the second round.
 The slot wheels that I had started up again as well as Odairas and mine landed on a Carp, a pike, and a largemouth bass. I did a double take as Odairas landed on three mermaids and I looked over at Trid protesting, Youve got to be kidding me.
 Mermaids are fish! Trid said to me covering his microphone.
Chapter 7 - Ziyvuris and Gryphonsense
 My head was up against something soft and cushy, throbbing and swaying. It was a large mass and had fur because I felt it up against the sides of my face. I noticed that the throbbing and swaying wasn't the only life about it. I felt parts of it push into my back, then my head all intermittently touching certain parts of my body. My eyes were closed; I was only feeling what I felt through touch.
 I heard muffled sound and a gurgle and my eyes went open. I remembered quickly where I was. Odaira had her own penthouse to where we had retreated after the ordeal. I was able to walk but she could not and had the stonitions hoist her up to the elevator. The Stonitions were strong creatures with their size.
 "Mmmm" I heard the sound come from her muzzle as well as down through her body. The gurgly contents of her abdomen were still squirming actively, slightly violent at times, but made for a great massage for me.
 I looked forward again at the darkened room and my eyes immediately adjusted without concentration. We were in her bedroom; on a double king size four poster bed with pinkish sheets and covers. I couldn't see directly forward because my own swimming tummy was in the way. The mass had many sensations enumerating through my body and since I had no need for digestion, they were trapped guests.
 They would slowly vanish, though not too quickly so as to give the full effect of digestion. They were mere illusions when down to it. Michi did not want to expend so much effort on living things and Odaira knew better than to make the effect everlasting. But, the living things were still for acquisition if wanted. One just ordered them at the bars or from the Servers that went about the casino getting drinks. The guests didn't know the difference with the illusions until it became time to deposit the wastes from the previous night's eating.
 Odaira was the exception for the spindleday and dusknight. She had Wovelmlos, and the four Saynajaus from the dusknight before but they were gone, absorbed back into the Art of Synth that was the Vore Synth.
 The official name was Ziyvur. The Synth was also named Ziyvur. The titles they each had when involved with the Ziyvur were both a title of accomplishment and of ability, sometimes followed by a degree. The amount of creatures packed in equaled the title achieved. The title's degree was relevant to the amount of energy stipend off what was engorged upon.
 Odaira moved onto her side which made her big belly move over and push me slightly over. I reached back over my shoulders and started massaging her belly. Odaira gave another mmmm in her sleep and brought a paw over her top side and to the lower part of her belly and left it there. I brought my hands back down and looked at the room again. It was very similar to Michi's bedroom except it was even more so enchanted to resemble the stomach of a creature. It even felt to sway visibly. The door to my left and the right of the far side of the room was the outlet sphincter, pylorus. The entry door to the opposite end was shaped to resemble the inlet. Then I looked in front of me and sat slowly up to see over my belly at the far mirror reflecting warmly on how I looked in it my brown furred paunch. At the other side of the bed and room from the mirror I remember was a large round table and chairs stained brown oak. Near the entry door was a slight armoire which Odaira hung her Synthician robes.
 I looked up and into her furry face smiling and I came and lay facing her cuddling up next to her. I made sure her belly pressed into mine and mine into hers and brought an arm up over her body and closed my eyes again, going into a meditative state. I didn't have any reason for sleep. Absolute forms really only meditated as I did. This was more so for the pure reason to meditate but was still not necessary for any function.
 Into the deepness surrounding the existence of things, there exists a profound place within. In this place, one's existence was defined separate from that which created such things. This spark, this light within each and every existing piece stood as a pillar against that which created it. Should the creator destroy that object of creation, the object is not truly destroyed. The object is different from what it was but still there just as that spark which was at the core of its definition.
 Time passed far along the stream with which it passes. There I was, same as I was, still with Odaira. She wasn't as large and as such was not stuffed with creatures but she was there still sleeping next to me but we weren't sleeping on anything. Then she woke up and sat up. Details filtered in again to stone walls, not pink and gray floor. There were shattered bureaus and chests of drawers along the wall and shattered doors leading in and out. We weren't on a four poster bed, we were back in Primeon.
 "What happened?" Odaira's voice was of the reserved bordering panic.
 I looked around, "I am going to talk with Debacho and the Guardians here. Then I'll be back and we'll go back to the Casino."
 "I'm due to the Ziyvur temple before mid stream," Odaira remarked coming a little out of her uneasiness.
 "Then you can practice here. Let me see about some Qizards," I remarked to her.
 She blinked, "Wow, those little things."
 A Qizard was the Gnome of Lizards in that it was no wider than two paws together and not much taller than a paw and a half. They had larger heads than bodies. The ones that were still in Primeon were designed as they were, biologically engineered constructs based on Gnome technology. These creatures essentially were crossed with Gnomes and Dwardras. The result was unique. Michi had taken several of them into his own care trying to keep them mostly away from the 'experiments' the gnomes and dwarves had performed on them. They picked up his Vore and Corpulent interests and Michi re-engineered them with his Stonition concepts to immunity from acid.
 When Michi left, he put them into stasis and they were not very happy about it. I had released them and they were very good creatures to patrol the place.
 Sedas did not take well to them as, while I phased back and forth to Primeon, they had been wandering around the big dragon down in the caverns and the one of them crawled into her throat. The others soon pursued and she had ten of them crawling about inside her stomach. Sedas took offense to them since they were giving her indigestion.
 Redalis, Zeck, and Slas thought well of them so coaxed them out.
 I had told them in advance I was going to come back in one of the bedrooms on the third floor. They had no names but numbers so I referred to them as Qizard, until I could name them or otherwise. I could tell them apart but Odaira could not.
 One found us then the others soon came and were jumping up onto the bed and talking with us. They were mature in their sense but knew not much about the world so came on as little children at times. Odaira was reserved at first but when I was getting ready to teleport downstairs, she had one sitting on her big mound of a belly. The others lounged around or against her or stood talking around her on the bed. She then had grabbed the one on her belly and brought it closer to her face. Just when I was about to teleport, the creature hugged her around the muzzle.
 I came into the southwest meeting room, unnoticed, during a meeting that was already going on. A shadow of a humanoid was floating on the top of the table with Debacho nearest it as well as a few other sprites. Nellms, Elaejia, Zeck, Slas, and Redalis were all there. I joined them sitting down in a chair and the shadowy apparition went on in a deep raspy voice:
 "The disarray that has ensued from the attacks by the gryphons have crippled our defense. However, an opportunity presents itself. There is a breach of their encroachment to the south. Our best efforts would be concentrated there to try discouraging the main force."
 "Define favorable outcome, Falderal," Debacho said floating up off his chair he was standing on.
 "They all die," Falderal's voice took an even lower octave with that statement.
 "That'll do," Debacho remarked with a devilish grin.
 I stood up grinning on my own, "No, that most certainly won't do."
 The assembly all jumped except the sprits and demon, Falderal.
 "Alternative?" Falderal asked me his light orbs for eyes, the only other feature about him, glowing fierce red.
 "Some may end up perishing. You will need to get to the leader's gryphon family. Then it'll collapse. There's really no central leadership other than that. Get Kuandi," I suggested.
 "Sem," Falderal said starting to fade out.
 "Alive, unharmed," I added.
 "Sem," Falderal phased back in to remark giving a nod while bringing his arm across his chest. He started to fade back out.
 "They are trying to come down into the tower," Sko remarked fading in beside me.
 "Where's Vigaush?" I asked looking around.
 "Heh, he's squawking at them, trying to make them think twice," Redalis chuckled.
 "There's really not much 'we' can do is there?" Zeck asked sluggishly. He looked tired to me but I knew it was oversleep.
 "Oh no, you two can go out the front and scout from the ground. Go walk around the perimeter. Watch out for the Shykes and the Gryphons," I told them.
 Zeck yawned but Slas looked about with gleaming eyes and alertness, mouth slightly open. I turned to Nellms and Elaejia and Nellms shrugged, "I figure we both could destroy half the force before we get taken down."
 "Oooo don't talk about it like that," Elaejia scolded.
 "Okay then, and Debacho," I responded coming to look upon him.
 "Yes," Debacho responded coming to strict attention.
 "I don't know what you're going to do." I said stifling a chuckle.
 Debacho gave a grimace, "Alright..."
 "He could probably help with the regular defenders," Sko said coming out of the group of Sprites already present.
 "Oh oh yeah, you do that Debacho," I told him.
 Debacho brightened at the statement and vanished so I turned to the Masprits except Sko addressing them, "You'll do the same."
 "Zeck and Slas," I turned to them and Zeck was dreamy eyed but awake. Slas was the usual, more attentive than Zeck.
 "Scouting, maybe," Zeck responded in an even tone with a sigh.
 "No, we're going to go see a gryphie," I reported upbeat.
 Slas snapped out of his sleepy swoon, "Oh really?"
 "Yes, we fly," I told them.
 "Hey I can't fly?" Slas vocaled abruptly after nodding in agreement at Zeck.
 "Ah don't worry about that," I told the two.
 "Wait, where are you going?" Slas asked.
 "I am going to visit someone. You two can go on outside," I responded remotely opening the doors and portcullises that lead to the outside of Primeon and Mt. Belone.
 "Who's this you're going to see?" Zeck protested.
 "A friend. Now get going, you'll see me sometime soon," I responded and phased out back at Odaira's room.
 The raccoon was in the midst of ingesting what looked like to be the last of the Qizards. She had her muzzle and gullet through her mouth opened toward me when she swallowed. The Qizard I saw down in the pink long folded gullet disappeared as her throat moved and the folds came over concealing it. The motion actively pushed up her belly adding to the big mound of fur that pushed up into the air from the bed.
 She looked at me giving a hiccup followed by a muffled 'wheee' from her belly. She patted it and looked over at me with dribble coming out of her mouth and slobbering said to me, "I ya... I ya... ha ha... I didn't think... ha ha heee heee... they would tickle me from inside like that... ha ha... they tingle... umph but it feels like a tickle... hee hee."
 "Are you having fun?" I asked her.
 "Eh... ha ha... mmm..." She went to massaging her belly for a few moments enough to be able to conjure up a big pillow which she propped up behind her head.
 "We will be returning to Michi's Casino after while," I told her, unable to keep beaming at her in a pleasant miasma.
 "Wasn't Michi going to the Ziyvur Temple soon though?" Odaira asked through closed eyes and an even sigh, opening her eyes at the end to look at me.
 "No, I took you back in time, we're way before we even went to the casino," I told her.
 She couldn't jump up quickly but stirred and turned her belly toward me. Additional sounds of sloshing and muffled rumblings and various round extensions big or small appeared pushing out from inside her belly. Her belly moved around on its own way visibly from the distance I stood. She stopped and made an ooo but spoke to me half languidly, "How is that possible... mmmm... what kind of creature are you? You're not just a regular Jackalope are you?"
 I stared at her with a smirk, "What do you think I am?"
 "Something great? Let me see..." She rubbed her belly as I said that and brought crackling power to a free paw and gestured at me. Nothing happened as a result so she poured on the power making one side of her with the free arm and paw shimmer. When the effort still didn't work she poured even more power making one side of her body shine brightly. Her belly was reduced to a bit of pudginess but she was no close to making me do what she wanted me to do.
 "Resistant to accelerated synth effects. I just thought you were a synthician sent by the Saynajaus. They are a little more respectful than the regular assassins," Odaira merred getting up off the bed.
 She patted her smaller belly with a disappointment. I made a small gray bear furry anthropomorphic doll come onto my hand and it came fully alive and real trying to squirm away. Odaira happily opened her maw and I fed her the creature whole. She swallowed it with the outline of it appearing in her throat until it met her shoulder line and came into her belly. Then I put my hands on her belly and felt it move slightly and it gurgled so we both chuckled.
 I teleported us up into the lower west peaks of Mt. Belone, settling into a slight depression of a basin between the peaks. Through the V in the outer peaks I could make out the smaller mountains below and the gryphons poised and flying around there. Some flew toward and onto Mt. Belone below which resulted in a group of shadows coming alive from the mountain and striking at them. Each time this happened, they retreated and circled while more came in to attack.
 "So, how shall it happen," I responded with red energy coming onto my left paw.
 "How shall what happen?" Odaira asked still dreamy.
 I raised the paw with power up and a flash of red erupted. When it cleared, several gryphons were below dead, dashed upon the rocks. The sudden action made the gryphons break off for a moment in a squawking frenzy.
 I brought more crimson power to my paw saying to Odaira, "The way I kill them is brought out rather than blinking and making them all dead. A certain preservation of life must be equated even amongst the total destruction, so thinks some first forms. In the field of police enforcement of this kind, we call this an attention getter. A few of the rest can dwell in your belly in the folds of your raccoon stomach. How does that sound?"
 "Do they taste like chicken?" The raccoon asked saliva dribbling from her mouth.
 I nodded with a smile at her and struck out my paw at a flying gryphon and lassoed it yanking back with a line of power. My yanking ripped it out of its flight abruptly knocking it into a daze. I just kept roping it in and soon took off the power because I had it between my paws vaguely dazed, jerking and wavering.
 Odaira came over and took the gryphon, easily the size if not larger than her and looked over at me commenting, "I have eaten bigger, you know."
 I smiled light heartedly as she opened her jaws onto it. The whole aura around us seemed to slow allowing me to take in every bit and piece of her ingestive action. First in her was the beak that oversized her mouth, and inch by inch, expulsion by expulsion, of the size of her gullet to her tummy. Her gulping made her tummy grumble. The air could've been full of pure energy around us, a higher sense which the Ziyvur gave made Odaira leap to a newer high in her awareness just through eating a creature that was average to the ones she had eaten. I could've joined her on that level but I was higher than it and far more elated by the vorephilia scene she was making. Yet, I could be happy for her as this was probably the best moment in her anthropomorphic Raccoon life as far as vore went. Though, it was still quite an elevated point for her in her Raccoon life alone.
 I snapped back to regular 1/4 time from 1/1 beat time as a mass of gryphons of various shapes and sizes and of various colors were pouring over us. Odaira was still in the midst of stuffing herself of the gryphon. She stared wide eyed at the mass and started to move to eject the gryphon. I motioned her to desist while I said aloud, "Where's Sidge when he's needed? This may outdo what he's done already."
 Odaira looked at me puzzled but I was already flying through the air at the next moment toward the mass of gryphons.
 "Time is similar to a crystal in that it had many faucets. From one moment to another each bit sparkles channeling the light from several focus points. The crystal does not completely sparkle unless full pure light is passed through whether it is from a star or from the Spindle Pillar.
 "The spindle pillar, yet, is a different matter for crystals. Here, anything left in view of the spindle pillar, purely exposed from Dusknight to Duskmorning will obtain the everlasting silver stain. Stain in this sense is either good or bad because whatever is exposed in such a way for such a time then obtains a celestial edge and may be used to destroy everything or to defend..." I was dictating.
 "Geeze Ias, how can you talk like that? I couldn't move or talk when I was a small portion of that size," Jaze interrupted.
 Odaira was sitting beside her laughing. Wovelmlos next to them, still all in the basin, at the lower west peak of Mt. Belone, was laying down looking up at me in his own utopia mode for the situation.
 I had ingested the close to hundred mass of attacking gryphons. My size was far larger than the basin we had stood in in the peaks of Mt. Belone when I first attacked the gryphons. A remedy for me was hovering in the air above me. Still, I was so large I almost could be seen from end to end of Pranoke weren't it for the clouds. I was even large enough to be seen from space a few jumplines away. Instead of settling down I had summoned Jaze and Wovelmlos to give them a lesson while I hung upside down speaking to them. I had cummed enough from the effort several times enough to rain onto the mountain. Odaira and Jaze thought at first it was dung from the Gryphons, but Wovelmlos and especially I knew better.
 Otherwise, the squirming of the mass wasn't nauseating to me, but I reckoned would be to any other creature. The sounds of muffled squawking and random shapes and stretching sizes and movements that my belly made were enough to draw the attention of the remaining gryphons below. The remaining mass went farther back in fright and flew around there leering at me.
 "It takes talent, Jaze, fortunately I have enough to give out," I snidely remarked.
 Odaira shook her head at this while Wovelmlos chuckled. Jaze just shrugged trying to brush the residual from my cum out of her fur, "Some talent."
 I flung back into my old form separating the Gryphons from me by teleporting them out of me. Then I sent them hurtling back toward the Gryphon Mountains and they separated and parted, barely catching wind individually as I settled down back in the basin between the mountain peaks.
 Odaira stood up wobbling as the gryphon in her moved constantly making her lose balance easily. It was a big extension of her furry paunch with the outline of the gryphon, beak wings, claws, and all, visible from the outside.
 Wovelmlos grinned still, "What lesson do I need when I can know what I want?"
 "True. There's really no reason for you to be here but you came to my summons," I confessed to Wovelmlos.
 The Ezen Altimentor grinned even more, "Well maybe I'm here out of enjoyment. Aren't you?"
 I sighed though keeping my candor, "Poor Wovelmlos, The Belly, at one point I can get pleasure out of my work and the work goes smoother. At another point, I just have good old fun. Then there's times when you just have to go do something and that something is a little more serious."
 "Yes, but if your mode beyond first form fits with yourself, then you're all the more great. The same way, Im just The Belly when I want to be and Wovelmlos any other time," Wovelmlos replied keeping his own candor and upbeat expressions.
 "Okay, then stay around if you want. The Belly or just The Wovelmlos," I finished.
 "Alright," The Ezen Altimentor agreed.
 I smiled and backed up to the edge of the mountain but they weren't paying attention to me as such except Wovelmlos. Then, I let myself fall backwards off the edge, paws spread out with my body stretched out. I heard them all cry as I did it but I fell down through the air through the cloud-line, with the jagged edge of the mountainside approaching fast. Then I twisted over and caught the air shooting back up slightly, evening out. At the same time I became a Phoenix Gryphon and caught the air with my wings and flew down into the misty and foggy mountains toward gryphondom.
 Sko appeared quickly, "Was this at all part of the plan?"
 "You would know just as much as me?" I told him.
 "Is it because there's only so much of Ziyvurism to show at the Temple," Sko asked.
 "Oh no, there's time. This is still some ways before the meet point for the Vore Casino," I told the Masprit. Sko shrugged and Falderal appeared beside me in the air saluting.
 "Encase me in shadow until I reach her nest," I told him and he flew around me at a quick pace making me blend into concealment with my surroundings.
 We coasted down around the peaks and valleys between mountainside to mountainside up over mountains and down the other side. Soon we were in a mess of gryphons flying about from peak to peak, from mountain top to mountain base and so forth. As was of the bird side of the Gryphons, they were nested on the exterior mountain secured under eves or on the top of various justifications of the rocky crags.
 The maximum number of the nests was extensive but mostly large, enough for several regular anthropomorphic creatures to make a bed to lie down on. It was one of these nests that I was interested in because of the one that owned it with her family. I located it rather quickly underneath an outcropping in the mountainside to make a slight cave.
 I came down inside of the outcropping and asked Falderal to drop concealment but to stay by. I looked around and through gryphon sharpened eyes saw that it was drafty as well as dim underneath. The Spindle Pillar couldn't penetrate here through regular sky. I could see her and her parents there amidst their nest of stone and what twigs and mountain plants that could be found though there were some ferns and large fronds of grass. I figured those portions were hefted from afar.
 They knew I was there the instant Falderal dropped the concealment shield and the parents went quite nuts. Yet, I shone brightly with that phoenix light and they shied back protecting the gryphon well the size of either of them. Yet, she had a visible handicap and that as she stood as straight as she could, her spine did not, going in a curve to her left.
 "I wish to talk to her," I said squawking as smooth as silver.
 "N... no...," was what the brown gray gryphon toward me chirped visibly alert but shivering.
 "D... don't do this... I'll come to him," The gryphon spoke unwaveringly like her parents were. They tried to encroach more upon her yet she pushed through anyways.
 "Determinant arent' you, fair gryphon," I commented to her smiling as best as a Phoenix Gryphon could.
 "What do you want?" She remarked calmly.
 "Aren't you Kuandi?" I asked evading her question.
 "Yes. What do you want?" She questioned again still unmoving. Though, as she considered me, her head did move quickly to different angles mimicking the birdlike quality.
 "What I want depends on how I address you?" I asked trying a ploy to see if she was as sharp as she seemed though I knew she was.
 "How you address me?" She questioned.
 "You aspire for the evident straight forwardness and ascension to something greater, do you not?" I asked her.
 "I guess," She said to me.
 "C'mon Kuandi, wouldn't you like your back to be straight?" I asked her.
 The ordeal did send some inner turmoil through her, it was evidently a deep nerve to be hit, "That can't happen."
 I turned away from her and she grumbled at this. I breathed deeply and extended my talon before me and straightened it out. A snap came from her back as it straightened out. Then, Kuandi made a screaming squawk. I turned around and she had collapsed on the ground and I quickly bent down to whisper in her gryphon ears, "Come to the largest mountain, Kuandi."
 Her parents quickly advanced screeching at me and I nodded at Falderal and he swept his shadow over me and I flew back out of the Alcove up and toward the spindle pillar and its bright light. Turning back down, the air whistled and swept past me in its brisk coolness as I flew over the mountains up high in the sky.
 Mt. Belone was still a tall edifice toward the Easterly horizon so I oriented on that and made it come closer quickly. Then I joined the others, still waiting for me. They backed away to give me room to land but I tried to give them a scare and still landed before them letting them scramble again even more to get out of my way.
 "What have you all been doing since I've been gone?" I asked instantly motioning for Falderal to stop clouding me and he came off and hovered there.
 "It's getting late now, I've been worrying if we should get back now to Michi's Casino. What were you doing?" Odaira protested coming up to me with paws on her hips.
 "I've been planting seeds. Things that will come to pass later well budding," I said nodding to Sko and Falderal whereas they both nodded back.
 I turned to the audience, "Still awake."
 "Are we going back, then? I'm anxious to see what my 'title' can get me into," Jaze commented. I regarded her belly as she said this. She had to let the creatures go all except her stonition in her belly. The result was her looking still cutely plump but not extremely large.
 Odaira had her belly still the same size as before though actively squirming and with muffled squawking intermittently. Wovelmlos still had his plump belly but mostly it was fat from his own self and not other creatures.
 "How are you able to catch the wind? There's hardly any air up here, it's so thin?" Jaze asked.
 "That is true, how did the gryphons get up here so easily?" Odaira asked.
 "Possibly because they gained enough altitude to get up here with regular momentum. It's still some ways up," Sko told them.
 "Take a look," Wovelmlos said hovering off the ground motioning down toward the cloud-line and I saw through it and saw the gryphons starting to amass again.
 "Amazing, that they are trying again. I suggest a major counter offensive," Falderal suggested in his deep raspy voice.
 "No, they're going around the mountain north and west. They're trying to surround it," Wovelmlos suggested his wolfish eyes completely white as he was seeing beyond.
 "Odaira, what do you suggest?" I asked her.
 She came to attention unsure, "I... I don't know ... err... maybe you could have me eat some but why don't you eat them again or have something eat them."
 "Jaze?" I asked her.
 "Maybe Lord Wain can help. Why don't you just blow them away?" She suggested.
 I put my hand on my ear piece and brought the microphone piece from the line of the ear piece hanging the wire over my antlers.
Then I positioned the microphone to dangle before my mouth and buck Jackalope teeth speaking into the microphone, "Sedas, we need some tank support."
 'Doing what?' The response came clearly to the ear piece.
 'Can you eat some gryphons for us?' I responded into the earpiece.
 'That's a negative, there's already several troops down here I'm trying to stop, sorry,' Sedas reported.
 "Well, lets all go and eat several of them," I said to those around me and jumped out and into the air of the mountain zooming down upon the gryphon groups around the mountain.
 "Seems a little angsty does it not, these gryphons were only looking for a..." Sko said beside me when a gryphon came at him and passed right through him.
 I grabbed the nearest blue green chubby gryphon and ate him hind first enjoying the ruffed feathers and contours as it moved my innards in accommodation for its size. Then, the creatures beak was sticking out of my mouth giving an inferno of a screech squawking until I gave it a final swallow saliva dribbling out of my mouth after wards as the wave of the expanding push out of my stomach came over me. Indeed they did taste like chicken.
 Everyone participated, even Wovelmlos, though minus Sko and Falderal. The sprite and the demon merely paralyzed or otherwise made it easier to catch the creatures. They still squirmed though but as to be the peak of the nature of voring, this made each of us have a thrill to our own individual splendor in the bout with the gryphons.
 Soon we were laying against each other to the right side of the entrance to Primeon against the stony justifications of the mountain, our bellies jutting out a ways before us in their own squirming mass. I found myself sneaking fondling Jaze and Wovelmlos bellies taking in the firm squirming mass of it as they sat up against the mountain next to me.
 "This is getting a little old isn't it? We eat some then we let some go. Then we eat some again," Wovelmlos remarked though he chuckled at my rubbing his belly still and put his hands upon mine and underneath the mass of it to push it up slightly.
 Odaira shook her head shrugging and rubbed her belly until she was glowing. She rose up flying up next to the mountain and zoomed away to the northwest away from Mt. Belone going above the top cloud-line around the mountains.
 "Here we go... time to make our way back to Michi's," I said offhandedly lifting off becoming a random creature and the randomness settled on a flying anthropomorphic Zebra. I let the Gryphons go from inside of me and Wovelmlos did as well without resistance though Jaze protested before releasing hers.
 Jaze and Wovelmlos, followed by Falderal and Sko with them flipped up into the air soaring to follow us. Odaira flew ahead northwest for some ways, though, orienting onto Michi's Vore clinic but we passed alongside the Vore temple and I partook of it.
 The main structure in the midst of the forest, took on a semi circle white metallic and strong stone dome structure arcing up and down, surrounded by a small similar semi arc for a wall which met up with the middle dome structure touching the middle sides of it. Next followed a square parameter that set off the main courtyard which I caught to be a white stone base with stone terraces leading up to the first semi dome arc to the main dome. The four corners were in the wall by circular towers. The outer dome and inner dome had turrets offsetting them, with three of them spaced on the outer dome orienting to the north. The inner turrets around the inner dome rose slightly up along the inner dome, though the inner dome was larger than the outer semi dome. They were oriented above the spaces between the turrets of the outer dome. The inner dome also was taller than the outer dome.
 Then in the midst of it was an active structure, a moving tower that was mostly the temple guardian and maintained by the high priests of Ziyvur that were interred there. The large main tower that rose above the temple from the dead center of it had flexible hinges where it left the dome and such geared mechanical structures to allow the metallic mass of it, which stretched up long and narrow like the other towers, except it was stone and metal, to move in any direction. Seated at the top was a metallic statue head and large mouth depiction of a creature with pointed ears along the side of it.
 If any creature flew over it or threatened it, such as a dragon being that the sheer size of the statue was the mass of seven dragons, they would be caught and eaten. It's stone and metallic eyes were closed, it seemed a permanent part of the whole building upon basic glance. Yet I could feel a certain living quality about it.
 I reflected, though, that it was only a portion for major attack defense, as could happen. To make non-major army assault on the structure required the army to deal with the powers of Ziyvur. The combined might of those Ziyvur in the structure at any one time well offset the defense capabilities that the large scale defense tower could offer alone.
 "That's the final test. One of which I haven't had the privilege to try yet," Odaira called back to me after we had arced away shying away from the mile range of the defense tower as it was commonly called by those interred at the temple. She had slowed down so I could catch up and we started to drift toward the sky above the clinic.
 "To be eaten by that large tower? How?" I asked though I knew the answer, I let her say it.
 "Considered the Ziyvur High Priest right of passage. They fly up and it swallows them. Then they have to escape. It's a natural maze of the mechanical and stone stomach. The creatures scattered inside the maze could even eat you and they don't let you go. Vore against vore. I might take that someday as might Michi.
"The high priests then maintain the maze and overall discipline and power of the temple from the unmoving part of the base inside of it," Odaira told me through the shrill rushing air past us that mostly took her speech.
 "The High Priests sit underneath the moving tower in the dome section then?" I asked.
 "Yep, that's right. We may get an audience with them. They sometimes counsel with Michi as Michi almost could get an honorary title as a Ziyvur High Priest," Odaira told me.
 "What about you?" I asked.
 "I'm Catament with the Degree of Eklekshion yet I use ulterior methods of Synth than the Ziyvur. In attaining titles you cannot do this. It has to be pure unless its honorary, say from the Casino. Honorary is never official and one with such a title is usually tested for the official one when they come here," Odaira explained as we slowly hovered over the northwest side of the Casino over the Dragon Statue of Michi.
 Odaira started to settle down slowly as the flying ability was temporary and had received the limits of its extension. The Statue had already come alive and was reaching out for her with stony grumbling tummy. Jaze and Wovelmlos with Sko and Falderal came in within shouting distance as I swept and caught Odaira as she almost went into the grasp of the statue and brought her down to set her in the safe distance from the statue. It still moved though and came at us, jumping down onto the ground with a rocky thud.
 Odaira confronted it and cursed, "My staff... I wish I had it... oh well the old fashioned way." The purple coon directed synth to freeze and reset the statue. It did indeed freeze but didn't retreat.
 "No no! Sem sekense metue," Odaira spoke at it but it still didn't move.
 "There's something else..." Wovelmlos remarked as Jaze, Sko, Falderal, and he came closer and were hovering above us.
 The wave of synth that hit us next was a well prepared thirty foot wave in power slamming into us. Maginean Crynicians and Shadow Assassins from the Saynajaus came from the path north and from the west. Odaira was the one most affected almost overpowered by the paralytic synth sequence, and left addled. Jaze was mostly made mildly nauseated by it. Wovelmlos, Sko, Me, and Falderal, especially Falderal could sit there laughing at the attempt as it had absolutely no effect on the rest of us.
 "Eck, less affect than I though. Now, tell us where he is or die from the exposure from the next one," The closest maginean spoke. She was one of the crynician from the symbols at her belt and clothed in light green and brown robe and wielded a small blade pointed at us.
 "Can you believe this rabble? Wouldn't it be befitting for one of you Ziyvurs to have some dinner?" Falderal remarked to Jaze, Wovelmlos, and Odaira.
 "Wovel, how about you do it this time. Got to love having something large inside you. I feel a little woosey," Jaze commented.
 Wovelmlos sighed, "I'm too much of a big belly freak. I really don't want to."
 "Shut up!" One of the other Crynicians snapped coming from the West.
 Then just as quickly with a blur of motion the mouth of a creature came over the speaking Crynician. I saw through slowed time at the quickness of several various creatures now coming at the groups of Saynajaus from the west and north portions of the forest around the clinic. The one that gobbled up the last speaking maginean was traditional demonic at best, though he resembled some large big bellied human wearing just a single almost sack clothed robe with a yellow string for a belt around his large waist. He was mostly demonic as he had horns coming from head and had a satyr appearance at the lower body. Otherwise, his hair was long and brown and his shoulders held his big frame.
 The rest of the blur of creatures were a blue anthropomorphic bunny, a brown she German Sheppard, a black panther that I saw earlier from the clinic, and a leopard spotted hyena each tackling the seven magineans on that side getting them inside their stomachs quicker than I'd seen creatures around this part accomplish it.
 On the northern side were two hudras blue and bronze scaled, a red groundhog, and a yellow duckbill platypus gobbled up the other six there.
 "You're lucky. They don't come in such groups. They must be concentrating forces upon Michi's Casino. Odaira?" The demonic satyr commented with an erp as his robe moved with the creatures encased within him.
 Odaira had shaken off the aftereffects of the numbing sequence and lazily drew her gaze over to him, "Yes... Oh Master Glug, I didn't see you there."
 "Could you go with me to get to Michi and get him out of there to Ovinuir? There may be more there waiting for the interchange of crew to finally pinpoint the location of the Casino," Glug responded and motioned for the group around him to vacate. They obeyed proceeding back down south where they came from leaving only the Duckbill Platypus and the Groundhog.
 "A Ziyvur Priest Escort. I take it Behemoth and Juir are going to escort us from the Casino to the Temple?" Odaira said lighthearted.
 Glug chuckled, "Yeah, but I made sure to keep Behemoth comfortable last night."
 "How's he trust you so much to let you eat him? I would think it'd be the reverse with being on High," Odaira chided smugly smiling.
 "Well If I'm to be the next one on high then I need some personal instruction," Glug sent back.
 "Ah ha ha... yes, maybe I could have a shot," Odaira said and upon a gesture of Glug toward the path, we grouped together and started down the path to the Casino. The Duckbill Platypus and the Groundhog stayed back and didn't join us until we were a little ways down the path. They approached us and I could sense them rubbing their bellies enhancing their senses to check for followers or any other Saynajaus that might try to take advantage of us.
 "How big is Behemoth and Juir now? Does Behemoth's belly still cramp up against the curve in the wall?" Odaira asked offhandedly.
 "Yeah, yeah, he was telepathing me last night even to put more heating texture on that side of it. There were vorelings on that side and they were making him look like a jello mold more than a pudding mold with their shivering," Glug reported.
 "So, how is Giyg and Izataul?" Odaira continued.
 "I think Giyg may not be cut out for much future. He started to cry and squirm inside Juir. Juir is subtle as you know with the Vorelings... oh that's right dear you there? Isn't that a new Voreling Honorary Title?" Glug started to say but turned to talk mostly to Jaze at the end.
 "Me? It's honorary since I ate about four with my Stonition?" Jaze resounded as we came around a bend and a drop in the path.
"Oh good! You like to be in something rather than swallowing someone," Glug asked her focusing on her with a budding smirk.
 "Yes please," was the answer she gave.
 "Then you will probably do well with the basic trials. We have both, and initiates have to do both. You must basically pass each one but after you do you don't have to stick to the ones you don't like. There's the one that go inside others as well as those who eat others. The High Priests of which we really have two, are the ones who are generally huge and love to do prey vore," Glug explained.
 "Oh wow, yes I do want to try these trials. I would love both the parts of them," Jaze cooed coming closer to Glug.
 "Well, we have to wait until we're at the temple to give the official trials," Glug told her and brought up a walkie-talkie and spoke into it holding in the button, "Any updates?"
 A voice crackled over the walkie-talkie, "Master Behemoth says that he can scry activity toward Hail Primus. They are getting anxious that they haven't heard any information."
 We soon arrived at the hidden entryway of the Casino. Lord Power was there in his anthropomorphic black falcon form, though, and he came up to me and Odaira with Glug backed away but I held up my hands to them to stop.
 "You know the difference between Synth and what us Ultins can do," Power said.
 "Easy, Lord Power. A Synth Sequence is impure, directed by power brought together from different sources. The difference is that Ultins direct it purely since the power is pure to them. It is channeled through the Maspritae but sometimes it is directed fully pure from the highest of Ultin power that outdoes Maspritae power. This is ultimately supposed to have its effect to balance the universe," Wovelmlos chimed to Lord Power.
 The Ultin of War nodded, "You know where I am getting, Lord Itheone."
 "The Xixzok. The opposition, heh, Odaira and Michi could join the dark Ziyvur movement with their ways at times," I confirmed with Lord Power.
 "I am... Ias how could you..." Odaira outburst.
 "Xixzok... are you Xixzok... Ultin... who are you two..." Glug was saying.
 "If you'll permit me. I won't hurt you," I bid of him and approached him.
 "I... I don't think so," Glug said.
 "Then," I responded and turned toward Lord Power with a shrug.
 "Well, war is war, power is power, balance is balance. You of all can bend it over and over again infinitely and the Universe would adjust to it. But I..." Lord Power continued.
 "Lord Power... go eat the Xixzok leader and bring him back here or go see to the Master war between your precious Eliusers and the Drakknights," I told him.
 "Ias..." Jaze put her paw to my side but I held a hand up to her.
 "No... you see who the Xixzok leader is..." Lord Power quizzed me.
 "That is why I suggested you bring him here in your belly, okay? I mean which way do you think this will go," I asked the Lord of War.
 "When you say that and there you are going along with this side of the Warring places, the tide cannot be turned the other way, one sided," Lord Power argued.
 "Lord Power! Come here..." I bid the Ultin over to me.
 He obeyed and when he was standing next to me I brought his talon over to touch Glug right on his Paunch. Glug grinned as well as everyone else except Power but I chuckled and let him take his talon back.
 "What about the Xixzok though?" Glug asked of me.
 "The Xixzok? The Magineans still don't like them very much and neither do you. Really the Xixzok are the same as you and you know this. They're not 'officially' titled. Rogue as they may be, if Lord Power is involved through his created race then I'm all the more for both of you. Lord Power, can you help this war of ours and bring the leaders of the Xixzok here?" I told them.
 "Okay, I guess you are still in a legitimate struggle. I guess I can call this a bargain, sir Itheone," Power responded and blinked out with a pop, disappearing.
 "Odaira, will you be The Vore?" I asked the raccoon in an aside, moving toward the entryway to the Casino.
 "Will I be what?" The Raccoon asked looking curiously at me.
 "No! Ias I wanted to be that," Jaze protested.
 "This is going to be a trouble ridden decision," Wovelmlos commented.
 Glug cleared his throat to get attention and bid toward the entryway, "Time critical, we need to get Michi and warn those in the casino."
 "Right, sorry," I apologized and went into the concealed entryway.
 The time we entered specifically was when the casino was down for maintenance for an hour and that the casino was closed for the duration. A day on Pranoke Moon was probably relatively four to five hours on a world with a 24 hours time scale day.
 The doorpersons were still there directing away those that came in. Once they saw us they all came to attention and the new sets of door creatures at the other two doors wanted to leave their posts and come over to us.
 Glug spoke to Trid and the Squirreltaur still with him at the main door, "Trid, the day that you never thought would happen has happened."
 "Ah... human shit," The Megishtaur cursed and joined us as we went through the door into the main area.
 Sidge was right next to the door sitting on one of the benches. I came quietly up to him and watched him and Jaze came up right to his left but behind the bench to see what he was doing. Sidge meanwhile was looking at a magazine which I saw was an erotic Hudra and Dragon Magazine called Draigonia Girlx.
 Suddenly the Hudra Cow Dragon said aloud at the magazine, "Oh I wanna' fuck you." He looked up to his left side directly into Jaze's face when he said this.
 His scales turned a pale green and he jumped up hiding the magazine behind his back apologizing to Jaze though with an uneasy smile and a deeper green tinge around his cheeks.
 Jaze came around and snatched the magazine away from him though Sidge tried to come after her. The Mountain Cait ran up and passed the magazine to me and flitted away back beside Odaira and the others. While she retreated I flipped through the magazine and found it to be quite excellent with She Hudras in the buff and Dragons both with sexually suggestive poses and some in the act of fucking guy dragons.
 "Entertaining. Here you go," I remarked closing up the magazine and handing it to an abashed Sidge. I made a motion with my head for him to follow us and started farther into the casino.
 Michi was down on the floor directing the cleaning crew in vacuuming the floor and helping the technicians check the slot machines releasing captive creatures. Then from time to time employees in uniform and un-uniformed creatures carrying clear containers of liquid would come up and ask a question. He saw us coming and made his way to meet us a quarter of the way into the casino.
 He quickly addressed us with concern though he laughed uneasily, "No good, not if you're coming here Glug especially now and like this. Can I guess?"
 Glug emitted a chuckle, "At least I'm here during the down time. Don't you think you ought to warn your employ?"
 "Yes, and quite quickly," Michi nodded and put pressed an ear bud situated on his dragon ears and spoke into the mic piece which came on a thin bar down beside his mouth, "Payl, could you make an announcement for everyone to gather around where I am."
 Hidden speakers all around the room crackled on announcing for all personnel to come to the main room to meet with Michi. Pretty soon a whole mess of creatures of many different shapes, sizes, and species were crowded in a ring around Michi and us.
 "Payl, are you okay?" Michi spoke while pressing his ear bud.
 A muffled sound and gurgle came from Michi's belly so Michi bent forward to listen to his tummy and gave a gurgling long belch and said presently to it, "Better." His belly swayed and jiggled momentarily in response.
 "Okay, everyone, we have a problem here. As you all know, the Saynajaus have wanted to kill me and this casino for some time now. I have been around for too long now to die at their hands easily. But, the time has finally come where they have found this place. They won't attack the clinic because it has more than what this casino holds singularly.
 "I must ask that all of you get yourselves to safety. This is not a test or a drill of any kind. I do not want anyone hurt. Do it calmly but please use the emergency exits and meet at the clinic or the temple if you need shelter or sanctuary," Michi announced for all to hear.
 He turned to me opening his mouth and positioning so I could look nearly down his throat, "Is my throat red?"
 I looked down and saw as his throat curved off into his stomach but only saw red down toward that end so I told him so. He responded, "Let me go get some cardia balm and you can apply it to my stomach."
 "Cardia balm... Michi what have you been eating," Odaira gave him a perked up glance.
 His dragon belly swayed and gurgled with a muffled sound coming from it. Michi put his hand to his ear bud and said, "Yes, Payl, they were asking about you." Michi patted his belly then and grinned at us all.
Chapter 8 - The Ziyvur Temple
"Therein upon a level elevation
 Upon the soil of Michi Gimiguchi Nation
 Swallowed by it's own glory
 The temple to swallow you" -ElnKrell
 The vore temple was well defined as to the outside. The interior however was majorly different. There were various portions of the temple dedicated to the various portions of Vorephilia. Yet, all united under the whole of the Ziyvur Temple, named Ovinuir.
 The main perimeter that squared itself around the outer and interior domes was mostly terraces that met the base which the outer dome was set upon. Then the inner dome was elevated upon yet another base at the center of the outer dome which rose even higher.
 The outer terrace was where the vorelings drifted and stayed in the dorms inside of the terraces. The vorelings being the lowest of the low titles mostly ate each other to get higher titles and were afterwards interred in the outer dome, a step higher upon reaching at least the Uinimer or Eogor titles. Any other title holders up to Nykaq are housed in the outer dome. It is mostly a rise around the outer sides of steps and elevators with larger dorms to accommodate possibly larger sizes. Then around the middle are fountains and parks fueled by artificial heat and natural spindle pillar sky lighting. There is also transportation for creatures that can't move from Voring in the outer temple. The transportation is a mechanical tram which goes around the midst of the outer dome.
 Above Nykaq titles are housed in the inner dome, which has a similar layout to the outer dome. However, around the four corners of the dome are large multi-floored square block housing quarters for Helvenarm to Ziyvur Priests with elevators and stairs along the outside for access. Otherwise, between the outer block towers are the inner gardens, sky lit or artificially lit from above. If one is housed in the inner section, usually a personal transport hovercraft is granted for the title holder.
 The middle tower has outlying stairs and elevators but is otherwise a large round tower in the center which eventually joins with the rest of the defense tower at the top of the dome. The High Priests, being housed in here were the largest creatures in the temple at any one time, with a record of seven hundred twenty nine creatures, mostly fellow Ziyvur, crawling around or lounging about in their tummies.
 "Have they ever came down from the Central Tower?" Jaze asked out of the blue while we were finishing preparing the Casino for an extended closing.
 "Yes, of course they do Jaze. They're only immobile when they have so many creatures in them from trials or defenses. All of us don't go around full of each other all day. We only do so when needed. Yet, I will be honest in that the farther inside the temple you get, the more you see creatures full of creatures," Glug remarked as he hefted a large cloth sack on his back, that one being from the draperies that they were taking down from the front of the casino. He paused in reflection and his eyes became open and he looked at Jaze speaking in a reverent candor. He came out of his slight trance and continued on carrying the drapery, with Jaze helping him heft it, into the main area. They were taking it to the far end of the casino where it was being stored.
 I watched them leave and looked at the draperies between the doors. I held up my paws and clapped them together a couple of times and the draperies rolled up in midair and shot into the main room toward the far end with the others. I then went inside the main area and watched as the slot machines were being taken one by one on two wheeled dollies toward the other end of the casino.
 They were all being moved to the far end and into the rear storage unit. Mostly, the Saynajaus were there to get Michi more than stop the casino. The result for them was the casino being shutdown temporarily but they missed Michi. Glug knew this and would rather have had Michi leave immediately but Michi wanted to make sure everything was put away properly to one day open the casino up again.
 Odaira was the only one who left to return back north to Jyiri to report back to General Hedin. The report she was going to hand over would be accurate to the spot but General Hedin did not have any position as to what she did or any care for Michi. My next destination was there before the Saynajaus. General Hedin was a puppet dictator behind the Lord of North Caprice called Jyiri. Then there way Blae for whom I needed to get into contact with.
 North Caprice, though, was a place that I did not hope to take by any political means. I knew that I may have to take North Caprice by force. Yet, I wasn't going to go there yet. I was going to talk to the High Priests, one of which I wanted to meet and that one was Behemoth.
 Lord Power appeared before me carrying what looked like to be a cross between a Kangaroo with its pocket but built like a shrew that was my height. He had a head of dark blue brown hair on his head. He was otherwise furred in white and golden brown blotches but wore a golden hooded cloak around that which had big pockets on its sides. I noticed around his neck hanging from a golden chain was a crystal about the size of a paw.
 Lord Power, still in his Falcon form stood the creature up on the ground. The Kangaroo Shrew creature turned immediately around and bowed deeply to Lord Power who nodded back deeply.
 The creature took a few steps toward me on its slightly wide Kangaroo-Shrew feet and bowed deeply at me before saying, "Lord Ias, I am Xixzok. I was told you wanted to see me."
 "Xixzok!" Glug shouted from the other end of the rear room of the casino we were in. Immediately, the Duckbill Platypus and the Groundhog darted forward toward us.
 Xixzok turned toward them and reaching with both paws into his pockets produced two crystals similar to the sight of the one around his neck. He held these in his paws almost into them but in a way that only those close to the two advancing creatures could look upon them.
 Suddenly, a red beam of energy shot from each of the crystals and enveloped the creatures in red energy, making them halt in their tracks. Then, just as quick they flew shrinking smaller and smaller until they were inside the crystals in suspended animation.
 "Let them go, Xixzok," Glug barked moving toward Xixzok but he reached in his pocket and Glug immediately stopped. All movement in moving objects through the doors to the far north corner east and west sides of the room, into storage, stopped at the scene which just happened.
 "Now. As I was saying... you wanted to see me?" Xixzok continued casually, brining his paws out of his pockets.
 "I am going to require you to make a pact with the Ziyvur," I spoke to him.
 Xixzok sighed, "I'm sorry, my lord, but we cannot just join forces."
 "Damn right. Who are you two with Xixzok? No one answered me before. Who are they?" Glug protested.
 "Glug, they are Ultins," A voice came from the doors to the room from the main casino. I knew it was Eckstal. She came and joined us.
 "Ultins... then it's a larger scope. We have outlawed Xixzok for a reason! He does not respect the rules and traditions we have endured since we knew what Ziyvur was!" Glug interjected.
 I turned toward him and nodded solemnly then turned back to Xixzok, "When the Saynajaus seek you both out, what are you going to do?"
 "We will manage, Lord Ias. With my Patron Lord Power's gift to Eliusers, we have a powerful weapon against them," Xixzok told us.
 I nodded bringing a paw to my face and rubbing my furry chin. I walked over to Glug and he spoke, "I'm sorry Ias, Ultin or not, with Xixzok with you, it is going to be improper to come to Ovinuir. I might be able to talk to Glug and Juir. They might forgive you for this."
 "Ha, they're speaking to you as if it mattered where you go," Power commented snidely.
 I eyed him with a grimace but shrugged and looked around the room. Michi motioned for his staff to continue and they did but with an edginess looking over at us once in a while.
 There were two high risen platforms on either side as with the main room. The difference between these and them was that they were hollow underneath, held up by posts and pillars. The risen platforms were a larger size to accommodate larger creatures. At the top of the eastern platform to my left, with the golden painted hollow tube railing, Sidge was sitting, watching everyone work below. He had pulled together two benches and sat with his feet propped up.
 I ascended the wide single set pinkish red carpeted staircase up onto the platform and came over to Sidge. He looked up sleepily at me and yawned in my face saying, "Why do they take so much fight over beliefs?"
 I chuckled and hopped over the benches to a long half an arm length away from Sidge. Xixzok and Lord Power ascended the stairs after me and came over to our position.
 "With what Lord Power tells me, you want to take out the Saynajaus?" Xixzok spoke to me.
 "What I wanted was to keep this whole little world here Sacred. I am not overjoyed with what is happening already. My second compromise was a non-aggression type pact with everyone. Then of course I come across the Ziyvur and you with your beliefs. Now, a problem with a different Category," I lectured.
 "You can't have everything how you want it, Ias," Xixzok suggested.
 "That is not the right take on it, Xixzok. I may rank my general considerations unto you to be of disappointment," Lord Power confessed, hanging his head.
 "I am sorry, Lord Power, I of all my Kind under your Long Patronage do no wish to offend you..." Xixzok was downed by Lord Power's comments.
 I looked over at Sidge as his tummy gurgled and he rubbed it lightly with a smile at me, "I haven't eaten much in a while."
 "Well we could remedy that," I told Sidge and went over to him. With both of my paws, I pressed moved and separated his fat folds on his belly.
 "I... wow..." Sidge commented, his demeanor swimming in comfort.
 I gave his paunch a pat pat and turned back to Xixzok who was looking at me with Wide eyes.
 "I think we should go to the Temple without them," I told Power and Xixzok.
 "With them scrying here..." Xixzok cautioned.
 "That's why Ultins are handy to have around," Power told Xixzok.
 "Sidge, do you want to expand your stomach with some Ziyvur?" I asked the Cow hudra.
 "Ias, I don't like to eat something and then you take it out of my tummy," Sidge moaned gathering up his belly defensively.
 "See, that's the main reason we split with the Ziyvur, they have a catch and release policy. Let me see... I remember reports about Shyke orgies in that when say a mesh of Sonairs or some other animal dies, they go absolutely crazy in engorging. Then, there's the sex because of the intoxication of a full belly of food," Xixzok told us.
 "Please, yes, I would love that. Belly fullness, you can count me in," Sidge dreamily told me.
 "I take it it's just us guys then. Maybe Jaze might want to get involved. Odaira would distaste the talk of such an effort," Power said looking over to Jaze as she helped out Glug take a bench down the far stairs of the opposite platform.
 I telecommunicated our efforts to Jaze. She came back quickly, 'You want to take over the temple?'
 'Not at all, Jaze. We want to get in and talk to the High Priests,' I telepathed back.
 'I don't know... Sheesh, you Guys have the extra Y chromosome so us girls have to ask 'Y' when a bunch of you get together,' Jaze's response came back.
 'I'm surprised, Jaze, that you don't want to go help with this,' I threw out.
 'I I'm just not up to it right now,' Jaze responded.
 "Yes... she's lost to Glug," I said aloud so only those near me could hear.
 Xixzok patted me on the shoulder, "Not to worry, quite a few of us are of a like mind where I live. That's why we stick together so much."
 "D... don't bring too many to go in first. Have them come in after us and gobble up the rest. Too hard to manage so many when we really want to get inside to see the High Priests," I warned Xixzok.
 "Well, then what's the problem if we just go. I mean, I've been inside there before. Only a few of us have and just about all of them wouldn't want to go back," Xixzok suggested.
 I sighed, "I really didn't want to kick up too much turmoil over this all. I will go myself and talk with Behemoth."
 Sko appeared before I could blink out saying, "She's looking for you."
 "Ah... that changes it. I'll go there first. I will be back quicker than I leave," I told them and blinked out to the Sky room of Primeon. Sko came in beside me and we moved into the west hallway. The stairs at the end of it would take us up into the western tower if we kept going up. We followed this path up through what were levels of the tower which branched off into sublevels of rooms. The regular stairs, though, started running up along the square rounding ascent up toward darkness.
 Finally, we came up against a metallic hatch. Throwing the hatch up, the air rushed in with a particular violence. Then we came up into the top roof of the tower between its square battlements.
 We faced the western range of the Belly Mountains and the Gryphon Kuandi that I had seen not too long ago. Debacho was already hovering there with her. She watched him with suspicion.
 "What did you want?" She immediately asked as we came drifting out of the interior of the tower.
 I swished the hatch closed, "Do you want to be great?"
 "I guess..." She chirped.
 "You guess?" I asked coming before her.
 "Are you pissed off about how your fellow Gryphons are?" I quizzed her.
 "Pissed off? It's just the way we gryphons are?" She responded.
 "Ah yes, well then, I must warn you, there are creatures here that really don't want to just give it to the gryphons," I pointed out to the wily gryphon.
 "I can't speak for any of us. You're going to just have to talk with our King and Queen of Gryphons," She told me.
 "Oh... right... King Aquler and Queen Fiodi," I repeated for her to concur.
 "Yes, they are a little down south west of the border for the Baidofs but into the mountain some ways, in Mount Quatern," Kuandi told me.
 "Let's get going then, we'd best speak to them," I conveyed to Kuandi.
 "Me? I'm banned from there. I've made them mad, though I grew up with Princess Audriy," Kuandi complained.
 "Kuandi, you don't have to go," I reminded her.
 "No, I'll go, they don't like me but they may attack you without me," Kuandi cautioned.
 "Kuandi, you don't have to worry about us. They should be the ones worried," Debacho sniggered.
 "Okay, let's go," I finished.
 We took off into the Mountain Heights, everyone but Kuandi and I visible. I became the Phoenix gryphon form again and kept up with her. Around and down, we went through the mountain peaks, along the mountain faces, and down to the mountain feet.
 Through the mist crowned mountains of the North Western Belly Mountains, the embedded mountain Quatern sat. We arced around the peaks and sides of mountains past the flying medley of gryphons and oriented on the old mountain. Gryphons were pouring from it, erupting every now and again from all sides of it. I wasn't concerned about the mountain itself, I only oriented on the base, toward the angular foot on the west side. It was raised off the ground a little higher than the other feet and the hugging mountains and passes around it were drawn away. The result was a noticeable gap between the foot and the jagged rock bottom of a shallow chasm.
 "That's the entrance, down and swoop right up in. Be careful, you don't look like you've done this before," Kuandi relayed to me.
 "Really..." I asked with a wry smile and flipped up and over toward the upside down entrance with the wind whistling shrilly around me. At the last minute, I came back up and caught an updraft past exiting gryphons and up into the mouth of the cave, alighting on the lip edge of the cave floor and the drop down to the shallow chasm. Kuandi and the others came swooping up and behind me and we beheld the entry tunnel.
 This was the ground floor of the mountain and went down a short distance to an inner cavern. The cavern then split up to make a narrow natural shaft slightly north east up but not reaching the surface. There was another shaft, which went down and toward the west but stopped again. The shafts were the only other extensions in and out of the cave though they weren't true exits.
 Before anyone of us could make a move to go forward, a few gryphons came toward us. One was brown furred and deep brown feathered gryphon with emerald green eyes. The others were a deep velvety furred and deep crimson feathered gryphon and a taller huskier blue furred black feathered gryphon.
 "Kuandi?" The emerald eyed gryphon squawked startled.
 The other two gryphons regarded me beaks open and the velvet and crimson colored gryphon remarked, "You look like a..."
 "Phoenix..." I finished for her.
 She nodded and the blue black gryphon came back to regard Kuandi, "What are you doing here?! If dad or the Sqreachers see you, we can't do anything."
 "Don't worry about that," I told them and gazed down the tunnel to the entrance to the main cavern. Several husky looking gryphons stood about the entrance there.
 I started toward them and they immediately crowded the entrance. I whipped my talons about pushing away at them and they flung back violently crashing into the passage walls. The thrust knocked most of them out but a few of them were only shaken and came at me. I reached out with my talon and caught the first one around the neck. My other talon I shot out and grabbed one other of them and threw them both back down the passage down the mouth and onto the rocks. The last gryphon not knocked out came crashing into me. I moved off and around it in a cloudy flash and with a quick smooth motion, filled my stomach with its whole mass.
 A large firm jiggly pillow in my gut, I proceeded again toward the cavern while Kuandi, the royal gryphons, and the invisible Sko with Debacho came after me. Kuandi and the royal gryphons were taken by abrupt surprise at the action I took in swallowing the big gryphon whole. I was about to put a fore talon into the cavern when I knew one of the gryphons that didn't get taken out by the throw out of the cave, was about to come upon me.
 I met him beak to beak catching him on by his sides with my talons so quick, the creature went from screeching to silence and froze slightly startled into shock. I looked at him dreamily and the creature looked back at me stock still with shock. I licked him around his beak with my mouth before his head was down inside my own beak.
 "Sheesh..." the blue black gryphon cringed slightly shielding himself.
 The gryphon fit in tucked well up next to the other gryphon making my belly oblong with outlines and contours, but sagging well down underneath me up against the floor through my fur and feather tummy.
 "Ahhh... unique solution to a simple problem," I remarked sluggishly to the others behind me.
 The velvet and crimson gryphon had her wings up above her eyes, an aghast expression on her face. She finally brought her wing back down as I remarked my last statement giving her own, "Eweoooo...."
 I finally made my first step into the cavern and came into what was a giant nest of many a various shape of stone and type of plant. There in the mesh at the center were two shiny preened gryphons. My belly was sliding against the floor so I reached down and adjusted it. The lady gryphon with fluffier feathers was a shiny emerald green. The sleek gray ivory gryphon laid to her left. They both snapped to attention and regarded me with tilted heads and open expressions.
 It was only when they saw Kuandi with the others did they nearly flying forward screeching at her. It was then that one of the gryphons in me started to squirm so I eased him back up and ejected him into a gooey heap and he lay there exhausted. This set the two aback.
 "Audriy, Qayalin, Strayve, get away from that gryphon. Sqreachers! Sqreachers! Get 'er... get the thing with her, get them out," The gray ivory gryphon screeched at me but noone much heard his screeching.
 "Eh... hi... your majesty. I'm sorry about intruding like this. I..." I started to chirp at him kneeling down as best I could with the other gryphon still in me. I figured either the gryphon was silent inside me or he was quiet as a baby.
 "You ate her... Deyli is still in...," The gryphon I ingested be ejected into the heap meekly chirped trying to move but being unable to.
 I heard a voice coming from inside me so I bent my gryphon ear to it and caught, "...surprised at how that felt... eaten... I'm fine Gur."
 "Her... oh okay," I remarked patting my gryphon belly.
 "Stop it... tell me what you want so you can get out," The gray ivory gryphon snap squawked.
 "I just wanted to ask you not to keep going toward that large mountain out there. I know quite well you don't need to," I spoke boldly to the King Aquler.
 "Ack... no we won't. We need to go there," the fluffy emerald green Queen Fiodi grumbled.
 "Well, If you'll permit me," I asked of them moving to come onto the main nest. The king nodded uneasily and I came up before him, kneeling respectfully again.
 I had to stifle my delight at having Deyli sway in me and a gurgle coming from my belly but I said, "The baidofs I'm sure would be more than happy to let you guys live with them. You are more than welcome to come to the big mountain if you'll settle around and in the west tower and protect those inside."
 "That would... Aqul... why not, this is an end to us getting pushed back again and again," Fiodi begged of Aquler coming up next to her.
 Aquler looked at Fiodi, putting his beak on her shoulder and bringing a wing over her shoulders.
 He looked at us, "Agreed."
 "I believe I have my representative with me already," I replied unable to keep smiling while basking in the thought of Deyli resting in my belly.
 Aquler chuckled then and came off of Fiodi and went about him until he found a firm leaf cupped up well hold a in a way that wasn't natural so I asked him, "Who did that?"
 "Anthony," Kuandi said.
 My Ultin sense was already far ahead of me but I still continued, "Who's that, a gryphon Metaphysica?"
 "Metaphysica? Oh yes... yes he's a sky mover," Aquler confirmed with me.
 "How did he come to do this for you?" I quizzed.
 "He does sky moving and helps us out with his abilities? He suggested we go east to get more places for us," Queen Fiodi explained.
 "May I taste some of that," I asked King Aquler.
 "Please," he handed me the cup leaf.
 The liquid in it tasted very warm and had a sweet nectar and flower seed taste. I sipped it and sloshed it around lightly in the leaf cup looking at no one in particular as I felt the effects take place. The effects of the seed nectar went through me more so for me to witness the effect rather than to affect me. The image was funneled over several mountains to the east and into a den in a cave niche in the side and down in. There, I saw a young thin human man with dark black hair and weathered skin wearing a robe made of mountain goat pelts. He looked back at me at stopping what he was doing on edge with attention.
 "Listen to me. Attack the great mountain. Attack it!" The Human intoned at me.
 Just as quick as he saw I was unaffected and still staring back at me he balked. Immediately he started to mutter and chant, trying to cancel the sequence and make me go away but I reached out with my talons and grabbed him. He fought frantically but I yanked him back through the image and tunnel and threw him to the ground before me.
 "What... what... why did you bring... why did you throw..." The gryphon king stammered.
 I dumped the seed nectar over him, "It's a ruse. This guy's making you attack the mountain. Rather good, you want to go east but he's making all of you go east whether you want to or not."
 "Is he?" King Aquler looked skeptic to me.
 "Tell 'em," I kicked the human forward.
 He fell forward toward them from his hunched over sitting position falling onto his stomach. King Aquler looked at him and the human stood up snapping, "No King Aquler. I would never do this. This creature wants you to stop going east, he wants you to overcrowd and die amongst yourselves. He doesn't care about you."
 I stepped forward unhurriedly handing the cup out to him, "Drink it then."
 "I... I... You can't believe this my Liege. You don't need me to..." Anthony stammered.
 King Aquler's demeanor changed from open to closed at Anthony now, "You don't need to worry about anything. You made this stuff..."
 Anthony looked at the leaf, his mouth slightly quivering; he sighed unevenly and took the leaf while running a hand roughly through his hair. He upended it and started to look away but stopped in place.
 "Wha.... what's wrong Anthony?" Audriy asked coming closer.
 "I am under the influence of my potion," He responded in a flat tone.
 "What influence is that?" Fiodi asked then exchanging a glance with Aquler in surprise.
 "I become under the control of whatever addresses me after I drink it," Anthony intoned.
 "Wait, how could you influence us then." Audriy's brother, the blue black gryphon asked inquired.
 "I would keep my senses out and open a sequence to talk to them from a distance," Anthony responded.
 "Enough... Now I can't trust you," King Aquler broke in.
 "Yes, you can't. I can't stop until the effect ends," The human told the King of Gryphons.
 "When will that be?" King Aquler asked.
 "Momentarily," The human said back.
 The king nodded and waited until Anthony was shaken from the effect of the potion. When it happened, Anthony shivered visible and sank to his knees and looked down. I reached down and picked him up by the mountain goat robe he wore and held him for all to see. He stared at me agape but I turned to Aquler.
 The King came up to Anthony and smacked him across the head with a talon drawing blood and knocking the creature out adding with gritted beak, "Don't ever fuck with us again."
 "Please, if you'll allow me, I am will feed him to a dragon that I know," I asked of the King of Gryphons.
 "By all means. I am curious though how Deyli is doing," Aquler asked me.
 My belly jiggled and swayed in response and I felt movement inside with the muffled chirping of, "No, I'm alright Sire. I would be honored to go amongst him representing you."
 I communicated this to him and Fiodi came up chirping, "My Lord Aquler, Deyli is almost a daughter to us as was all the Sqreachers."
 "I am sorry about hurting them.ere, I'll reinstate them," I responded reaching out my talon and turning to the direction of the spindle pillar. Light screamed through the opening and lit the bodies of the disheveled gryphon remnants around the cave entrance. Then, the gryphon I threw down and out the mouth of the cave came flapping and swooping up into the cave.
 They looked bewildered and came in through the mouth toward me. One of them espied me and started forward but Aquler stepped in the way shaking his eagle head, "This is admirable, my Lord Ias. I must ask what you will do next."
 I turned toward Sko and he spoke to the king, "We are going to escalate forces and energy mostly northward in search of Saynajaus and Jyiri."
 "I would let you have some Sqreachers to help you with your duties to the north, but you have shown to really be in no need of many creatures. I must ask, though you look Phoenix, you are more are you not?"
 "A Skymaster?" I asked simply.
 Aquler bowed by kneeling at his fore legs until I made him rise reproaching him softly. Fiodi mirrored the movements while the others chirped in chatter.
 "Quiet now," Aquler spoke to everyone.
 "What else do you wish of me?" I asked the King.
 "N... Nothing," His response came quickly back.
 I reached out and caressed his eagle head putting an empowerment on him, "Be as gilded as you can be until you hear from me again."
 Aquler trembled giving a deep ooo looking down with closed eyes. I took the opportunity to teleport through time and space back to Michi Gimiguchi's Casino with Anthony in my grip still and Deyli inside of me.
 Lord Power and Xixzok were still there talking with Sidge. I popped back in in the position I once left, but larger and holding something. Sidge was the only one that jumped. I presented the human to him, becoming my Jackalope form again.
 "Who's he?" Sidge asked with a half smile, mostly at seeing I had active content inside of me.
 "Awww shit," Lord Power cursed folding his big taloned arms across his big chest regarding Anthony with a poisonous look.
 "He's yours, Sidge, you like humans," I presented Anthony to Sidge who started trying to get away.
 Sidge jumped up and grabbed a hold of Anthony and fell back down into his laying position with a sigh, hugging him close. I settled down too and we watched Sidge. Xixzok put on a daydreamy expression. Sidge pulled him inside his mouth down his throat slowly, surely. Anthony put up the fight of his life, attracting the movers with the remaining objects to look up and grin devilishly from their duties.
 Sidge's stomach was in rapt anticipation and if it could move, it would have reached out and held onto Anthony securely. Lovingly as it regarded the encounter it had waiting for him. Its insides bubbled, its outsides quivered. It moved inflating a little and deflating, rubbing against itself, having its own little orgasm as the walls of digestive juice poured forth it's cum.
 Sidge's throat was eager to accept Anthony's body and sweated from the effort, its own lubrication adding to the mix. Sidge's stomach gurgled madly for the throat to hurry up. The mouth was already enjoying the taste of Anthony basking in its own delirium, overwhelmed by the sensations brought in.
 Sidge's mind, wrapped itself around the concept, sent impulses down through the rest of his body, bringing the shiver, not a shiver of cold but of an elation felt by every aspect of his being. This happened only for a moment, but the impression was there. The sensation, though, hooked into his dick and made the blood course there making it firm jutting out feeding on it's own sensations, especially when Anthony, in his screaming struggle smack it with his foot. Sidge made a gulp when this happened but he accepted it. His eyes were closed; he was enjoying it as best as he could.
 The cardia, accepting the head as it came, let it caress against its sides. The stomach's bulk was madly juicing itself up for the introductory and quickened, rubbing against itself again and again spreading the juice around. When the cardia opened, the stomach did as well demanding Anthony be brought inside so it could hold him secure safe while it absorbed and basked in Anthony's vitality.
 The throat meanwhile, was used to this extension but it always brought the lubricant as it sweated down. The stomach didn't mind as it helped it receive its new interrent and issued a gurgle glomp in thanks issuing a long belch of air it intook and the throat and mouth promptly let go of.
 "That was... the slowest I've ever ate something," Sidge remarked.
 "That Sidge, was also the slowest I think I've savored feeling something," I remarked with chills up and down my Jackalope spine perking the fur up all around me, standing it up on end. I turned into Sidge and he turned toward me and we pressed ourselves together exchanging the feelings of movement into each other from the source as it was inside each of us. I felt the safety and security all over again but this time it was between us.
 Xixzok lead the way boldly forward leading our little Entourage of Lord Power, Sidge, Deyli, and I. We had left Michi and the others to finish closing up and they were to come to the temple later. Glug had forbidden us to go to the temple but in the confusion of closing up too quickly, he forgot to tell the Temple Guards to be on the lookout for us.
 The guards were the fast hitting Ziyvur monks, capable of eating creatures so quick, the first form was usually rendered helpless before knowing what was happening. Glug was from the order and had risen to a Priest from Master Monk which was the degree associated with the Monk title. There were about seventeen regular Monks with twenty eight master monks. The Vorelings training to take the Monk path would take the path and be interred with the Monk dorms at the mid level of the terraces toward the first dome.
 South of Michi's Clinic and to the west down the path was a T Branch in the road. This led south into the foothills, through the forest, for a slight trek to the temple outskirts offset by trees but a good distance away so the trees couldn't be used to easily infiltrate the place. Thus, there was a good clear around making a grassy and gardened yard all around which the interrents could come out into when not within the temple.
 The stone and metal walls squaring the perimeter were a white concrete with rods inside and as posts on the ends of each section. The main gate stood before us conveniently styled with a picture of teeth and mouth on the front. A few monks were standing around the outside. There were guard towers all around with two offsetting the main gate, built square and in stone with metallic corners. From there I could sense them watching us.
 The Monks on the outside were dressed in a tan brown robe which was mostly one piece, almost a poncho type style of clothing, tied around the waist with a cord. The ones guarding the outside were anthropomorphic Furry Creatures, mostly forest fauna. I made them out to be a moose, a caribou, a raccoon, a white tailed doe, a red squirrel, a bobcat, and a brown fox. Xixzok gripped the pendant at his necklace as we approached the monks stationed there. They were moving around perking up my attention. One, the bobcat, seemed a little larger in the stomach than the others and the doe was wrestling the raccoon, and the caribou was wrestling the red squirrel while the brown fox was wrestling the bobcat. They wasted no time in the wrestling and the caribou had the red squirrel's foot paw inside its mouth and the squirrel was hopping around on the other foot paw trying to yank his other foot out, his hobbling making the caribou pivot to match his posture. The other had just started as we came in view. They all stopped quickly as we approached and the Caribou released the now gooey foot of the red squirrel.
 The bobcat came forward, "Eh... is there something you all need help with?"
 I was telecommunicating with Behemoth all this time since we left the Casino and our conversation went along the lines of him saying, 'I told you that there are still those interred here that would know Xixzok at a glance.'
 'Well then maybe we could just talk back and forth in our minds like this,' my response went back.
 Juir abruptly came in to the mental conversation, 'Ias I'Ney. We do not want to underestimate your abilities and as such we welcome you inside the temple at any time and we will communicate this with the guards. We are still considering the repercussions of letting Xixzok in at this time. It has only been less than a Pranoke year since he took the title of High Priest. The next day he left us and took a good group away from at least every title section. We are not in your understanding, you know this. We have no doubt you see through all this to our bruised egos but there are those here that feel so inept, that they will break themselves to bring harm to Xixzok. And Xixzok, even with his special enchantment, will bring a good number of us down inside his crystals there.
 'I realize and respect your wishes, I will ask Xixzok to leave but from my point of view, you at least owe Xixzok just one more glance inside the place he used to call home. Looking at it from Xixzok's point of view, and that view which you look at so dearly. You take being eaten, ingested, whether fully or just down to the stomach as dear. This temple feels to him to be one big creature that he's been inside. Literally he has been inside you two and some creatures even inside here.' I argued with them and this was back when could see the parting of the trees at the edge of the Temple yard.
 'Very well' Juir barked throwing up his bear paws, mentally shaking his head in projection at me.
 'You will need to be assigned an escort. We will prepare that for you before you get to the Master Monks at the front gate. They will acknowledge with the towers and let you in and the escort will come out to get you. Make sure Xixzok isn't seen until this time. They will recognize them and if we have some big fight on our hands, we won't be able to let you in until the reverberations die down. Are you clear on this, my lord?" Behemoth mentally asked me.
 'I am, thanks, Master Behemoth,' I relayed back.
 Xixzok was still leading when we came on to the Master Monks. When the Bobcat spoke his line, Xixzok had been secretly working some Metagic from his pendant and it was flowing out in an invisible wave toward them putting his self under an illusion of some other creature, a gold white blotchy furred buck. The Monks weren't using Synth at the moment from Ziyvur so weren't all the wiser to the trick Xixzok was putting on. That was, except the Bobcat who had a creature in him. Still, being around the Metagic associated with Ziyvur had instilled in them different senses to recognize. The only real thing that kept Xixzok from being found was that his Eliuser abilities were just barely more potent than the Ziyvur but only just a little more potent. The scene was far more intense than it gave credit to any other creature that would be bystanding to witness it outside of our groups.
 There was one creature that did know what he was and it was the river otter that was inside of the Bobcat and he squirmed and moved. I enjoyed how the protruding part of her belly came to and fro hitting up against the rest of her body when it came back. She placed her paws on it and looked up at us smiling in a cute delirious expression.
 Xixzok matched her expression and remarked, "We have been invited by Master Behemoth for an audience."
 "Well okay. Just a moment," The Bobcat responded with a giggle and an mmmm as the otter was pushing to her left and right making her belly move out to the left and right then right left and muffled sound started inside there but she hushed him and shouted up to the guard towers, "Do we have an audience with Master Behemoth with these individuals."
 I saw the face of what appeared to be a hawk and eagle peer out of the inside of the right guard tower and faces of a fox and a squirrel from the left guard tower. The eagle nodded followed by the others eventually. The Eagle brown and white furred, jumped out and flapped down inside the wall and after a few moments, the gates came open slightly. The 'escort' came out and were seven creatures. Then came in no particular order or form up to us and surrounded us.
 "Okay, lets go then," Xixzok started to walk toward the still slightly opened gate but one of the hooded and cloak creatures pressed his sleeve toward Xixzok to stop him and quickly ripped off his pendant and handed it to the bobcat telling her to hold onto it for the moment. Xixzok started to reach inside his cloak but the creature put his paws which were hooves to stop Xixzok's hands, then he placed his hooves and ripped off Xixzok's cloak he wore and handed that to the Bobcat and came around quick enough to catch Xixzok as he tried to flee.
 I had never thought a cloak could eat a creature, because if it weren't for the hooves, I could have seen it like this. Xixzok almost disappeared cleanly into the hood and neck of the cloaked creature, bulging it out where it had sagged and making the front end jut out eventually with the front end of some storm gray furry paunch. The mare then threw her hood back and revealed her black mane on the back of her head and her gray furry head neck. She brought up her hooves and smoothed back her mane with them in a quick brush which brought it back into slight order from what havoc the hood wreaked on it.
 I felt a tap on my shoulder and it was a dark yellow haired she hudra through the hood there. She was chubby even though she didn't have a creature in her. She had metal bands around her wrists and ankles shiny in the sunlight and her shy blue eyes shone back at me. She was breathing lightly but audibly enough that I could sense the tension in her as it was building up in me as well tensing up through my body.
 "You might have an idea. I was told I can't use Ziyvur on you. I guess you're just along from the ride. Ever been inside a hudra's stomach before," She asked me placing her smooth soft talons on my furry shoulders and steadying herself.
 "No, not to date, but I..." I stared to reply but my face was in her mouth and glancing down into her belly through her throat so I was speaking into her mouth. I gripped her belly with a squeeze of the soft fatness and used it as a brace to help steady myself as I went inside but also to take advantage of the chance of touching it. I had to let go so I settle on a level up on firm and good soft smoothed scaled hudra breasts. I loved the touch on both her belly as much as her boobs. The hudra made a slight giggle and eeep when I touched her belly just as my ears passed close to her voice box. When I touched her breast she made a startled mmmph but her voice both wasn't so near my Jackalope ears at that time.
 I hugged myself in wonderment as I was swallowed down. The narrowness of the passage down made hugging myself that much easier. Her stomach's cardia was quick and grasped me quick oozing me down inside pour juices all over me. Her stomach was well worn in extensions but still made a soft landing onto its foldedness. Her stomach pressed against me cradling me on all sides quite snugly and I swayed left to right and right to left as she moved.
 I put my vision to the outside of her, projecting my awareness to look around the vicinity and saw Sidge being swallowed by none other than a rat creature with a bit of difficulty since he was a larger size than I was. I pitied the one that swallowed Deyli as she was a much larger creature than Sidge and I combined. Lord Power didn't elect to have anyone swallow him with help so he opened the mouth of furry taloned and cloaked creature next to him and inched his way inside. This creature ended up being a dark feathered bird.
 Once everyone was tucked inside the party minus the bunch of the first master monks we met, filed back inside.
 The round terraces were even and spaced out and had dorm rooms etched into the base before each but before each room were stone troughs. In the troughs were various plant lives sometimes with edible fruits and vegetables. There were only really three levels and they started toward the inner side, away from the main courtyard between the outer walls and the first rise. A big wide stone staircase came between them on a path leading from the gate to the first dome set on the round elevated platform above the last terrace and the large curved sliding glass doors which opened and closed ahead of us being we weren't the only ones on the path.
 We passed several groups of creatures and persons of which I caught a conversation that I knew about but it renewed anxiousness and made me fidget, "I hope they don't hurt Odaira. I'm surprised they caught her, she was going for the Helvenarm title wasn't she?"
 Odaira was interred with the Saynajaus to the North West in Iqux. They had gotten the drop on her finally. She was wasting away in the prison there. My plans were not rescue at this time but I hoped to pass by there eventually.
 I snapped back from outer sensing farther away to near sensing as we mounted the stairs to go up because of a weasel swallowing an otter. While several others watched. I was surprised to see humans watching too and farther down the line to the left I saw a human versus what appeared to be an Ox. Then a hippo, cow, and bison in a three way vore take, to the right down the courtyard. Still more and more creatures showed the signs of having something inside of them; even others were gooey or slightly damp from being inside others.
 Behemoth suddenly came in to my thoughts, 'I hope you don't mind the escort.'
 'You did good behemoth,' I telecast back.
 'I must bring the bad news that...,' Behemoth started to say back.
 'Odaira got taken,' I finished for Behemoth.
 He telecast a nod and Juir started in, 'You know that there's over several hundred creatures interred here. Having had most of them inside me at times, Behemoth had them just about all inside him at once. We used to have well over seven hundred but we had leavers. Then Xixzok took almost two hundred with him. Eliusers have not had very good history with us because of their 'abilities'. Apologies to Lord Power if this is too harsh.'
 'Not at all. I will take the blame for the split. I am a Lord of War... turmoil... all those things,' Power added to the Telepathic stream.
 For some time there came nothing from anyone so I settled down to feel the swaying and the Hudra's stomach pressing and rubbing against me with juices being oozed all around.
 'Ha, they are on their way finally, but Michi wants to stop at the Clinic. It'll be much later. I am getting a little concerned about his safety,' Juir growled in the Telepathic stream.
 'Is he good enough to be a high priest?' I questioned.
 'Good enough to be a priest anyways. He's just our doctor if people get stuck and they usually do or, and the Silver Stream forbid, get hurt by digestive juices,' Juir commented.
 'You are on the tram now?' Behemoth asked.
 I looked outside and saw that we were in the fast yet large electric rail train that circled around the outer dome until reaching the other side where the entrance to the inner done would be. I responded, 'Yes, that is correct.'
 'Are you going to return to your realm anytime soon?' I asked Behemoth specifically making sure not to let Juir know.
 'When we meet in person, please, Ias,' Behemoth emitted carefully into the telepathic stream.
 'What are you going to do? If I may ask in advance.' Juir spoke to me telepathically.
 'Me? I plan on going farther north next and to contact Jyiri. Maybe I'll find out more of what happened to Odaira,' I said back.
 'Hmmm... yes we would appreciate it. But... something's been bugging me... in that... how do you feel about vore in general especially our establishment,' I responded.
 'I am okay with your lesser violent way of dealing with it. Have no fear that I'm going to destroy your temple or something drastic as such? But, I must ultimately side with Xixzok. He's more so for the purpose of Eating for eating, creatures in creatures because they were actually eaten whole. I don't mind being in creatures but it can end up being the same old thing unless possibly some different color is added to it,' I told him.
 'I can understand that... ah... looks like you're just about to enter the third dome.' Juir came back.
 The swaying resumed and I felt the folds of the hudra's stomach curiously, but looked outside again as we came out of the tram and into the arced sliding glass doors and into the inner dome. Then, after passing some creatures and peoples we rounded around the wide central tower and before large metallic double doors. The doors opened into a mostly bare inner room. When they had closed behind us we were brought carefully back out.
 Deyli was in a delirious way with all this but she also looked like she just woke up commenting, "Ah... riding coach..."
 There was a large grand spiral staircase leading up which we mounted without the escort. This staircase lead up into a large lighted room with another spiral staircase leading up from in far corner. Juir was leaning up against the wall beside it with the position of one leg with the knee pointed up and the other laid flat. Then his furry arm rested on the knee and the other on the ground as he watched us come up. He was a fat furry bear between red and brown fur. He looked up the spiral staircase as we came closer and he smiled at us and rested his head back up against the wall closing his eyes but still smiling and said at length, "Yes, we aren't super full right now as we are at sometimes. It's near impossible to come up in here when that happens."
 "Ah Master Juir, I do miss being inside," Xixzok announced and came over right before Juir.
 Juir got up and picked the creature up into an embrace and then came back and beheld him. Xixzok looked up and down him especially his belly and smiled uneasily remarking, "You still have something in there."
 "Nope, it's all me," Juir said chuckling and coming back to sit down.
 "Is Behemoth coming down?" I asked.
 "No, he's upstairs, and..." Juir started to say leisurely pointing up and looking up but then looked at Deyli.
 "You said Voreling, right?" Deyli chirped.
 Juir got up and came over to her still smiling, "You look even more prettier in person.Like being inside more than having those inside you?"
 "I... I haven't had any inside me," Deyli spoke tilting her head to her side curiously.
 "Eat me then for a test while Ias, Lord Power, and Xixzok see Master Behemoth. I am anxious to see the inside of a bird's belly, I haven't see one in a while," Juir brought his paws behind his back keeping his smiling demeanor while asking Deyli.
 We were ascending the smaller spiral staircase up into the next level and were greeted by Behemoth as we came up in there. He kept a smirk under his elephant trunk and backed away into the room he was in. He was an elephant hippo demon with a hairy round belly and big haunches and lower body with big elephant feet. He had big hands two, five fingered with long nails. He was otherwise a form I
could stare at all day.
 He had two plump bellied blue jackals with white belly fur flanking him. He sat down in the similar pose the Juir had except he leaned forward rather than back. The Jackals placed themselves next to him.
 "I will return to my realm of Lust and Gluttony. Glug is really the Patron of it; I just run it for him. Really, I call it the Realm of Glug. You know the Vore Casino is located there," Behemoth said to us when we had settled near him.
 "No, no one ever told me you were demon and from another dimension," Xixzok spoke disconcertingly.
 Behemoth turned to the Jackals at spoke looking at each in turn while he spoke,
"Bree and Inyg, could you make Lord Ias comfortable."
 The Jackals shuffled over to me and while I laid up against Bree and Inyg and looked up at Behemoth I felt Bree bring her hands up to the sides of my belly and lay them there. This made me feel not only comfortable but way more secured and sensual.
 "Now, since you're here, it looks like I can leave Juir in charge and return to my realm with Glug and my Jackals here. Don't you just love Jackals," Behemoth spoke to me going softer his eyes twinkling as Bree was rubbing her hands along the sides of my furry belly and Inyk was lightly playing with my belly fur over the top. I went more relaxed and regarded Behemoth through half open eyes.
 Juir came up eventually with wet fur but high spirits, "Ahh... I think Deyli is good material." He then sat down beside us.
 "This is a vore temple, so what'll be your vore, Lord Ias, Power, and Xixzok," Behemoth asked.
 "I haven't had live squid before," I remarked.
 "Giant Squid?" Juir asked with a laugh.
 "Crocodile, frogs, not had any of them. Although..." I eyed Bree over me and brought my paws behind her head behind her blue hair which was in a ponytail.
 Bree brought a water bowl full of live minnows over me and down beside me on the ground instead so I remarked, "Well maybe those others as seconds, what do you think Xixzok?"
 "I'll take some of that. Being part Shrew, we love to eat constantly," Xixzok agreed with an enthusiastic shake of his head.
 "As long as it's not worms, I'm not partial to live worms," I remarked.
 "Worms," Deyli's voice came excitedly from behind me and she came over to my right side. There was rustling coming from the stairs behind and I saw a large earth worm come out from below. It slinked, almost flying straight toward her and she opened her beak and went after it..
Chapter 9 - The Gods of Vore
 I had a fancy for Juir but I had kept it to myself. He was the most easygoing creature of the temple, one of the more caring creatures. He wasn't a leader though by any respects but he had the caring spirit. If a priest was supposed to protect the innocent and weak and teach them how to be better toward others and theirselves, maybe Ziyvur was a bad example. Yet, Juir picked up the upbeat, willing to help, even though he seemed easygoing, he would get up and shout if something was wrong.
 "Was this a way for Ziyvur to go?" I asked Behemoth between gulping the live minnows in water.
 "Juir?" Behemoth asked the bear.
 "Yes," The bear was enjoying the taste from the shell crabs he was eating.
 "Wha... won't those pinch your stomach," Deyli asked with the unnerving expression she put on since the conception was first introduced a few moments ago.
 "You would be surprised how our stomachs are," Behemoth laughed and he took a big crab and pushed it into his mouth and the crab lodged onto the side of his mouth with its claw. He promptly removed it and swallowed with the jagged outline of the crab moving its way to settle down inside his elephant hippo body.
 Deyli gripped a crab out of the pot which held them live and clicking inside. The crab promptly pinched her talon and she dropped it with an ow. She came over to me as I still had a couple of frogs on my big belly that was elongated and active from them inside. She took one and it slipped out of her talons.
 I gazed at her belly which was still full of the squirming rock worm she had eaten not long ago and chuckled whereas she remarked, "What was that for?"
 "You must be a hungry bird to be going after all this stuff. What else do you eat, Sonair?" I asked her.
 "Sometimes, and Shykes. We don't eat those whole of course. I was hoping for a gator," She licked her beak remarking and I poked her belly back as the worm inside jutted out enough to brush me on my own belly.
 "What about other creatures like the worms? Insects, or do you get mountain goats and some others?" I asked her.
 "I heard my grandfather catch a big rock snake once. It was enough to fill our bellies for a few days. If it'd be me now with you guys, I think a whole one would top this worm off. Umm... oh he makes my tummy feel funny," She eeped at the end speaking relaxed as the worm continued it's squirming. The body of it made extra folds on the outside of her belly.
 "I think I can call for a snake for you," Juir said and disappeared down the spiral stairs sporting a big swaying crab filled belly. Sidge was snoring next to me with his belly of crab actively moving. I turned from time to time to poke at them inside and watch the hypnotic but random movements of their outlines.
 "How have you been going now, my good Jackalope?" Behemoth asked adjusting his multi filled belly. He had dined on a gator, and then switched over to crabs. His belly was pushed out one way from the gators snout to tail and the crabs made up the other end with their jaggedness.
 My tongue was hanging out and I couldn't keep the slobber off of me as the creatures in my belly were making me get very peaked in excitement. Sidge's hind foot had brushed against my hardened dick and this made me cum out off on him but he still slept and even rolled closer in his sleep causing my dick to stop his rolling over momentarily. The crabs inside started rubbing up against it from inside and jutting out moving it around enough to cause me to flinch but to spurt off again on him. The lubrication now caused him to slide right on top of my dick. I made drying air move around the spot drying us both off. I moved upright letting him rest up against my side.
 Xixzok was watching the situation along with the others. Lord Power was chuckling while Xixzok had a more subdued smirk. Deyli shook her head stifling an awkward giggle. Behemoth just shook his head light heartedly remarking, "You'd be surprised what situations I've gotten into that are about as awkward as that one."
 Bree sniggered from her position lying up against Behemoth. Inyg had got up and was about to remove the glass pot of crab and the wooden pedestal it was on and looked back at Behemoth with his own smug expression. He removed the pedestal and pot.
 Juir came back up tugging the head of a large snake a quarter of the size of him and Deyli immediately came and helped him tug it mostly up. Then she sat up with her already large belly touching the snake and introduced it into her beak. I smiled at this and turned to Behemoth while Xixzok and Lord Power watched the scene as she had to wrestle it from time to time to right it.
 "Juir," Behemoth addressed him solemnly when he sat down.
 Juir regarded him lightheartedly, "I'm sorry. Variety right?"
 "No, Juir. Since Ias is here, I think it's time you took over the High Priesthood," Behemoth said evenly to Juir.
 "Heh, yeah right Behemoth," Juir chuckled more so to Deyli having the tough time with the snake. Then he glanced over at Behemoth and his smile dissipated.
 Behemoth nodded, "And... Michi will have to remain here or come with us. Ias will agree that temporary exile is better than here. The Saynajaus will run the temple ragged. They have had enough of trying and failing at Michi."
 "That bad huh? But why are you leaving. Are you going with Ias here?" Juir recovered some of his lightheartedness but kept his tone down. Deyli had half of the Snake inside meanwhile, her belly taking on a very elongated squirmy shape.
 "No, I wish it were that simple. I am going to go back to my realm with Glug," Behemoth's candor did not change.
 "Your realm?" Juir came back blinking.
 Behemoth looked him in the eye, "I'm a demon, Juir."
 Juir nodded, "Yes... well...I... hope you'll come back sometime and help me... do you have to go...." Juir got up and went over to help Deyli pull the last quarter of the creature inside. Her belly was over double the size of her.
 "I think he'll be alright, my lord," Inyg chuckled bringing behemoth a large covered plate and taking the top off revealed a mountain cait cowering underneath. Behemoth started to devour him when a big fat brown gold furred lady ox came up and stood before Behemoth.
 She waited until he was saturated with the Cait in his even larger built belly and she spoke, "Master Glug is here with Michi and a few others."
 Juir turned around and spoke excitedly, "Ah, yes. Have them come on up!"
 "Yes, this is why. He is just so upbeat and accepts everyone," Behemoth remarked.
 "Well, not everyone," Xixzok commented. He was in the middle of devouring ferrets, and humming to himself. The little creatures squirmed quite well against Xixzok but he kept ingesting one after the other of the seven he had left. They slid down easily because of their litheness. I pitied the ferrets though but there were enough ferrets about around Pranoke to keep up the surplus population. That and they were so hyper inside of Xixzok that his abdomen was soon a squirrelly mass.
 "No, I gave you a hug when you came up here," Juir added genially, now attentive to our conversation about him and not Deyli. Deyli was filled up and had fallen over to her side. She couldn't move now to see us so was complaining about the fact.
 "Still. If I remember correctly weren't you the one who kept telling me that the ones that accepted the founded rules were better accepted here?" Xixzok presented bordering on a scoffing tone.
 Juir held up his paws, his expression changed to a more solemn upbeatedness, "Xixzok. I don't want to start that again. We let you leave. We didn't stop you. We just can't let you back in."
 Xixzok shook his head, "Why am I here then?"
 Behemoth looked over at me and so did Juir so Xixzok followed his gaze and I looked over at them uneasy but I smiled the same. Xixzok shook his head but mirrored my grinning, "Oh okay."
 "So, be a little nice," Behemoth told him.
 "Lord Power?" Xixzok addressed his patron.
 The Lord of War came out of his meditative state. He had settled on the whole crabs and salmon and was out of it in his own elatedness. He was well aware of what was going on but came out with a gurgle coming up from his belly to his mouth but he stifled the belch. Deyli who had fallen backward big and sprawled out gave a grin out of her own gratified delirium. Lord Power chuckled as Sidge's tummy acknowledged him with its own rumbling gurgle ending in a belch.
 "Yes... umm... urp..." Lord Power mumbled in.
 "They're almost here, my lord. Should I be nice?" Xixzok asked him and Behemoth gave a grimace.
 Lord Power came wide awake, "I thought our intentions were clear."
 "See," Xixzok pointed at Lord Power.
 "Xixzok. Lord Power. You both aren't helping us here," Juir spoke.
 "It doesn't matter Juir," Behemoth spoke shrugging.
 "Oh come on. They have his gems. Lord Power, do you plan on going farther with this?" I asked them.
 Lord Power looked at me and his expression was clear. I reached over at Sidge and drew my paw across his snout and ended up on the middle of his belly. I teleported Sidge and I outside the temple back onto the road to meet the grounds. Sidge still snored at my feet as I stood up and looked back south. The temple walls were not visible from regular sight from here as we were down the road in the midst of the forest. I looked back up in the far distance up the road we were on. The dirt track dropped down to meet the run where the obscure main road from the clinic met the road which came south. I felt someone was watching us almost immediately so stared right at the creature which made it froze.
 "Come on down," I spoke to the creature.
 I could see the outline of its cat-like face from the distance but it didn't move still. From its point of view, I had not compromised its cover one hundred percent. I knew why the creature was there and it wasn't out of curiosity. This was one just loved to watch people from such an obscure point, it gave him a sense of security, and of power. I knew what I knew by reading his movements and I just knew about him because of my avatar sense.
 "Gibbens? Jacob Gibbens. I know you're there. Come on down, your game is up," I called to him.
 Gibbens felt less visible than I knew he was to me so he still didn't move. I turned to Sidge sprawled out on the path with his live belly in momentum with creatures encased within. Stooping down to him again I drew a line along his belly and pressed down on it making him do an eep. The action instilled him to return to his normal size that he once was and that which made me jump up on his side to avoid being pushed off the road. The place had been made wide enough at least a half a tree length so just fit Sidge. Full dragons or even partial ones such as Sidge didn't care for Ziyvur and seemingly neither did the Ziyvur. Vore for dragons was a choice and not a mandate. There were a few dragons in the Belly Mountains that could become Ziyvur and had enough mind for it to love Vore.
 I wasn't concerned so much about that but jumped down Sidge's left side as he was pointed toward the north and searched around the side of the path. I found a stone that was bigger than my hand, smooth and round. Selecting the thing, I jumped lightly back on Sidge and pitched the stone with huge force at the tree Jacob Gibbens was in. The shock caused Gibbens to lose his grip and start to fall out of the tree with a yow. He grabbed onto the tree branch but dangled almost a half of a tree off the ground, guaranteed to give slight injury if fallen from.
 I came leisurely over as he tried to scramble back up. He started to get his branch back as I got underneath him blocking my face momentarily as leaves and pieces of bark assaulted my face from above but I addressed him clearly, "Jacob? I asked you to come down."
 "Eoooo... what are you doing, trying to kill me! I was just watching," Jacob yelled back in a strained merr as he took his place on the branch again.
 "Watching enough..." I started to remark but Sidge was stirring with a hollow growl so I came over to him and stood at the upside of his head.
 Sidge opened his eyes looking at me and saying at the same time, "The crabs! They're... Oh it's you."
 "What about the crabs?" I asked bringing my paws behind my back and remarking innocently.
 "Well they were giving me some weird dreams... heh I can't feel them anymore..." Sidge reported but stopped looking down at his belly. Placing a talon on the middle of it, he quickly took a look around at his surroundings.
 "Yes..." I supplied.
 "I'm back to my regular size? Why now?" Sidge asked.
 I was a little disappointed but asked Sidge, "Do you want to go back?"
 "Oh no no... I'd get frustrated when I was really full. It's about time," Sidge admitted quickly.
 I shook my head but with a good sigh and turned back to Jacob who had wrapped his arms and legs around the tree. He was a chubby cat anthropomorphic with gray and black tiger stripes and a black or brown spot here and there. He had a caramel cream colored belly fur up to his chest and the start of his rear. He had five fingered hands and five fingered toes and wore some short gray and black striped hair atop his furry head that came down to a little down the top of his neck but remained short.
 "How did you make him larger? Jacob asked.
 "Well Mr. Gibbens, I can do such things when I want," I mentioned to the cat.
 Sidge had gotten up and was poking me with his fore talons on the side so I turned toward him and he remarked, "Those crabs take up less space now and..." Sidge stopped and was eying Gibbens.
 Gibbens got up slightly poised in alert but I shook my head and replied to Sidge, "Maybe back at Michi's Clinic we can find some caged animals or something."
 "Hey. If you're talking about eating, count me in. I'm starving," Jacob called down to us backing up toward the middle of the tree. He started to climb his way quickly down. We watched his less than graceful descent as he nearly took a tumble on the branches and several of them snapped off and he got caught up for a moment in a jumble of them.
 When he made it down his short fur was tussled up quite well and a little out of breath.
 "We may be a little bit on the lunch," I relayed to Jacob.
 "Why what do you eat?" Jacob asked.
 "Anything," Sidge spoke before me beaming a toothy smile at Jacob.
 "I eat whatever but I can eat anytime," I told Jacob.
 "Well, I had eaten a few birds but those usually only hold me for the morning," Jacob said pointing at his belly.
 "Why don't we just go to the temple?" Sidge questioned.
 "No, not the temple. Xixzok and Lord Power are going to renovate it," I informed Sidge and he looked at me unsure.
 "Ah not the temple, yes. They eat everything there. They had chased me away last time I went there for something to eat," Gibbens responded.
 "If they're renovating it then they still might have something," Sidge spoke and started to move but I held out my paws.
 "No Sidge. You don't understand. Xixzok is going to end up taking over. You can go eat there all you want but you'll probably get eaten or captured in a crystal. Besides, you've seen how the Clinic looks," I cautioned Sidge.
 The Cow-dragon thought only a moment but still looking back at the way to the temple spoke, "Well, I want to go back there someday and maybe grab a couple of those deer creatures. I like the deer meat."
 "Of course," I remarked and turned to look back toward Jacob and Juir was suddenly there in front of him giving a droll wry smile.
 "He got me first and I... he killed me using all my energy to stop everyone else. I didn't expect him to get Behemoth. But why am I here still? Power communicated to me to go see you so...," Juir spoke to me.
 "Juir, has Jaze been killed yet?" I asked Juir.
 "No, but she looks so frail in there. Ias, why am I still here why didn't I go away when I died?" Juir quizzed again his expression muddled though and his smile started to get less.
 I jumped up on Sidge and he gave a growl. I turned to Juir once more, "I want Jaze to be the Vore Avatar as she's been training for it. Lord Power is being snide in his usual war sense. You two are going to fight with God powers and the winner gets to be the God of Vore. I wanted Jaze to be it. I have too many Guy gods as of late. Wovelmlos..." I was explaining when Wovelmlos chose the moment to show up.
 "Jaze should be, you've been training her," He remarked with his paws on his hips and folded his arms sulkily and looked over toward the temple.
 "Hey who are you?" Gibbens eyed Wovelmlos who had appeared beside him making him Jump.
 "I don't see a reason to fight Jaze, Ias," Juir pointed out shaking his head.
 "...I'm gonna' fuckin' rip his head off the bastard, if I get my hands on 'em he's going be fa..." Jaze appeared in the middle of speaking looking toward the trees, then noticed where she was and turned to look at us.
 "Oh, you're dead now Jaze?" Juir remarked.
 "Dead... oh... hey Juir... you're dead to. We can really go fuck them up, let's go," Jaze announced to Juir and made a motion for the Bear to come with her.
 "Ah..." I said haltering her jump teleport back to the Temple.
 Lord Power appeared beside Juir and Juir dodged his gaze slightly but finally looked at Power with quick contempt, "Hey. I didn't want Xixzok to..."
 "They're both here now. Shall we have the tournament," Power said thus after.
 I shook my head but couldn't help finally cracking a smile and I sat down on the air as did Lord Power. Jaze looked at Juir and he nodded but she shook his head and looked over at us, "Juir? I don't want to fight him."
 "Behemoth has been training Juir with the same purpose of being the God of Vore. So beat her and get it over with. I haven't seen a direct fight like this in a while," Power said with relish.
 I hung my head and said to the ground but intending it for Power, "I want Jaze to be the Goddess of Vore."
 "Well, can't they fight, maybe just a quick flash," Power asked me and I met his gaze with a frown.
 "Lord Power, I'm going to take Juir with me and he's going to have to do something else. We have too many overlappings already," I told the Lord of War.
 "Maybe I could request Xixzok be the God of Vore?" Lord Power suggested grinning.
 "How about I have them see who can get in there first and make Xixzok a permanent fixture in the floor?!" I yelled point blank in Lord Power's face and he closed his eyes with a drawn out mmmm opening his eyes a few moments after I had finished.
 "Well, if it's a game you want. Listen up Juir and Jaze, if Juir wins, Xixzok goes away and Juir is reinstated and Behemoth is brought back. If Jaze wins then she gets to be the Vore Goddess but Xixzok stays and Juir is sent with Behemoth and Glug back to the Realm of Lust and Gluttony. Is that okay with Lord Ias and with you two?" Power addressed Jaze, Juir, and I.
 "Enough incentive to fight?" I asked Juir and Jaze.
 "It looks like I can be the Vore Goddess..." Jaze started to say back but Juir had grabbed her and started to hoist her up toward his open mouth.
 Jaze struck back throwing her paws in punches making white flashes of power erupt at the point of contact of her punches. Juir dropped her gagging and holding his abdomen where Jaze struck. Jaze jumped up to hit him on his head with the side of her paw and brought both of her paws together before bringing them on the top of his head. He collapsed fully down on the ground.
 Jaze looked over at us then she was down on the ground herself as Juir had yanked her legs out from under her and stood back up. Jaze kicked her foot paws out at him sending him back a few steps but he came quickly back and grabbing her feet threw her up behind him into the trees. She caught a branch and came thundering back down stomping him square on the top of his head from the air.
 The Cait landed softly slightly down the road and turned toward Juir. Her hair started standing up on end and she brought her paws up before her toward Juir and a vacuum of air started pulling him forward. Juir resisted it and first but then suddenly launched toward her with his mouth wide open. Then suddenly Jaze's head was inside of Juir's throat.
He picked her up and shoved hard. Jaze kicked and fought but suddenly she relented and Juir finished eating her whole and came back to us with a big bouncing belly with a Jaze outline on its surface from inside.
 Lord Power stood up abruptly when this first happened crying, "Hey they're cheating."
 "Don't fret Lord Power. You know what I want to do?" Juir asked.
 Lord Power gave a sneer, "Aye... well I guess I win then here."
 "Then you're going with Behemoth anyway and leaving this place to Xixzok. I'm surprised but I see your reasons. Ah, Ias, this turned out better. We had a little war and I get the spoils. You see why I'm in this?" Power was all beaming when he spoke.
 I nodded and Juir and Power vanished leaving Jaze soaked in a heap on the ground. She laid there for a moment blinking but floated off the ground and set slowly back down the air rushing in to dry her.
 "You're a Goddess now, our Mentoress of Vorephilia. How does it feel?" I asked her.
 Suddenly a large silver gray dragon came flapping in behind Jaze standing taller and much larger than Sidge. It took Jaze in its talons possessively against the middle of its belly. Jaze looked at us in a beaming smile and but her paws on its arms.
 Wovelmlos gazed up at the creature and her wide eyed and mouth open yet drawn in a wide smile, "You pick your abilities up quick."
 "Ias, what did it feel like when you were reborn," Jaze asked in a soft even tone.
 "Oh it was indescribable goodness," I told her with reverence in my feelings and voice.
 The dragon brought her up to his mouth and promptly swallowed her with a loud gulp but she managed to say relaxed and dreamily just before, "I'm feeling that way right now."
 The creature picked up flight and soon took off soaring into a streak of light into the sky above until she was twinkle. Then they were gone but her voice echoed down to us again, "I'm going to go make sure Behemoth, Glug, and Juir along with those not with Xixzok in the temple find a home and a new temple in the Plane of Lust and Gluttony. I'll be back later."
 The idea that ascended beings are perfect, doesn't sit right with me. The difference between first forms and absolute forms, as ascended forms could be called, is really very close. Absolute forms can indeed perform feats in an instant, yet first forms can almost match the absolute form's end effect over time. The first form's grasp on perfection seeks no end, a constant struggle to obtain it. The way I could see it, perfection is the least of an absolute form's worries. A balance is a natural effect, yet the absolute form doesn't have to be balanced at all.
 My attainment of Ultinity I had not meditated on very long. I gave the whole scheme a thought. Apparently, a creature such as Gia and Gilges would die and if none of us Ultins interfered, Gia and Gilges would have sought the path of least resistance. Then, they would have passed completely out of this existence and became incased in their own universal envelope. Some Ultins, such as Lord Power, brought creatures back from death to wreak revenge. He was very protective of his child race. I had no child race beforehand, being so new to Ultinity. I wanted to create a child race or sponsor an orphan race for at least the experience. I had no forward thoughts on what that might be. I found myself looking around Sidge's bulk.
 "Ias, we're almost there," Sidge told me and I saw from Sidge's back that we were coming right up to the front of the Casino.
 We scared several creatures traversing the road from either direction. Jacob was lying toward Sidge's back end whilst I was close to the start of his neck. Jacob had opted to come along at the prospect of easy food. He didn't fully trust us but he was interested in the prospect of places he hadn't been before and in easy food.
 "Where now?" Sidge asked.
 "Don't you remember?" I asked him.
 "No, you brought me inside from that Silvery place we were at," Sidge pointed out.
 "The Silver stream," I told him.
 "Yeah, but where were we?" Sidge asked.
 "Go down the road a little bit," I suggested and he went slowly down the road past the entrance.
 "Take a left," I told him and he stopped abruptly causing Jacob to glance into me with an erp.
 To the left, beside the entrance there was a lawn with a few fencing hedges right next to the road which followed the clinic side. They ended down the road at the tree line next to the clinic itself but opened up really wide toward the center to allow a dragon creature entrance to the giant bay. Sidge saw the large hanger bay door there and stepped over toward it. I dismounted from him when we got near but Jacob stayed on. I motioned up at the gigantic doors and they slid up and in with a low mechanical grinding sound.
 The bay was about how we left it. Even Sandis was still there. Sidge became interested and sniffed around for items to eat but every few moments looked toward the big moving bulk of the dragon. We found several crates amongst the crates in the far end, stacked around the corners as they were before.
 "Liquidis?" Jacob was reading the labeling off of one of the crates. He jumped up on top of the crates stacked next to it and inspected the lid. He pushed at it and the lid started to come off enough for him to reach inside so he did and came out with a metal jug the size of his head. He jumped down and I came over while Sidge was making his way over to Sandis sniffing and pondering at the crates along the way on the other side.
 "Apple flavor," Jacob read off of the bottle.
 It had a label on the back of it and I looked at it but didn't read it. I knew what it said anyways. He turned it around and glanced at the label then back at the front of the bottle.
 "Well, Michi's concoctions have their own life about them," I told Jacob.
 "It says to take it within thirty seconds of opening it and that's all it says," Jacob said.
 "You like apple flavor?" I asked him.
 "No, not really," Jacob commented and went back up on the crate. He replaced the jug and rummaged around until he pulled out another one.
 "What's that one?" I questioned.
 He hopped down grinning, "Whitefish. That's more like it."
 "The same stuff?" I quizzed.
 "Yep," Jacob finished and he started to yank at the stopper. It was Paraffin sealed on top and around the stopper so the seal was good but he managed to get it open. Jacob obeyed the instructions by chugging the bottle a little bit then downed it quicker. The time was well under thirty seconds. He handed me the bottle and started to look at the crates and I thoughtfully looked at the back of the bottle.
 I had warned him to be careful but he didn't check the back of this bottle. The label was more descriptive of what the contents were. It read: 'Liquidis: Please take within thirty seconds of opening. Contents will solidify and expand to twice the size of this jug. To be used as an internal stomach exerciser only. All other uses are impractical. Please contact your Doctor for more information.'
 "Jacob?" I looked up at him saying and indicating the label.
 "What's that? Ah... that stuff was good, are you going to..." Jacob started to say, taking the bottle from me and reading the label. He looked up at me confused. Then the bottle was suddenly knocked from his hands as his abdomen pushed out abruptly. He fell down with an oooo grabbing his belly.
 "Jacob, I warned you about it," I informed him.
 He trembled slightly gripping his belly as it bloated upward and out becoming a larger stiffened round edifice from him. He looked up at me his eyes open wide and he gritted his teeth for a moment but finally eased up and said to me in a shaky voice, "I... I see. I think I'm going to be okay. Oh I'm stiff! I just need to let it digest..."
 I nodded unable to keep my bordering mirth from showing at how the situation ended up. I turned to Sidge and saw him nosing in a crate next to Sandis against the left side of the hanger that had its lid off. I came over to him and he stopped and withdrew a big long vial in his mouth.
 "You'll love this," Sidge said and came over to Sandis's head and I followed him. The big creature was sleeping soundly. Sidge quietly but quickly got the vial up in hir mouth and tipping it and hir neck up got hir to swallow it. He came back and went over to hir midsection on the big table. I came over and got the vial from him. There was a big label and instructions on it:
 'Stomach Talker and massager. Taken orally. Used to loosen stomach up and juice causes stomach to become hyperactive and causes stomach to have vocal capabilities. Warning: Cardia and Pylorus will become swollen during the time. Should not be taken before meals or until five hours after previous meal. Effect lasts thirty minutes.'
 "What have you done?" I asked Sidge chuckling, well peaked to attention at the description.
 A gurgle came from hir abdomen suddenly answering me in audible tones,
 "I feel okay, still a little sore. Let me work through this stuff."
 "Wow, that didn't come from hir throat," Sidge remarked.
 "What didn't?" Sandis said groggily waking up.
 "Hi, Sandis. I'm just working here," Hir stomach gurgled to hir.
 Sandis froze up and finally said, "Did that just come from me? Who's talking?"
 Sidge and I came up and stood by hir face and I smiled as her tummy gurgled, "Yes. I'm your stomach."
 Sandis only responded in an ooo and then gripped hir talons into the base of the table in a coo making slight indentations on the base from hir talons. Then shi put hir talons back on the sides of hir abdomen laying fully down again remarking drooling, "Oh that feels so relaxing, what's inside of me?"
 "I don't know, but it's refreshing," Hir belly gurgled.
 "This is making me hungry though... uh nevermind," Sandis started to say but suddenly shi let hir arms and talons go limp at hir sides.
 Sie's midsection was visibly swaying now and growing slightly. It stopped growing after a moment but still visibly swayed. Soon, the big dragon was snoring asleep.
 "I might give Jacob that when he's done with his Liquidis," I told Sidge and went over to the crate next to the one he got the vial out.
 Removing the top I went inside of it and brought out a metal box from amongst the crate full of the metal boxes. The box was white with a picture of Michi on the top and below his face were words reading, 'animal pills'.
 I looked around and found on the back words printed on there reading, 'Guaranteed to give you an animal to eat in a few seconds. Ziyvurs and Vorephiles swallow the pill and wait. PLEASE USE CAUTION AND READ TABLE BELOW FOR WHAT PILL GIVES WHAT ANIMAL. For those who want to catch the animals and eat them, saturate pill with water and give ten to twenty seconds to take effect.'
 I turned to Sidge, "I've found your meal."
 Sidge pushed them away with his paw and looked back at Sandis commenting, "I'm not hungry."
 "Oh Sidge. You had better eat something. Try one of these," I offered him the opened box of animal pills.
 "Oh are these berries or something," He remarked grabbing a red one and popping it in his mouth swallowing it quickly.
 "Ack... Sidge, you're supposed to ask what they are," I complained but shrugged and looked to see what the pill was and saw that it was a red bear.
 "What?" Sidge asked but stopped and got slightly up on his hind legs and his fore talon and rubbed his midsection. Then suddenly the muzzle of a bear jutted out where he was and Sidge collapsed giggling though his belly wasn't visibly active. He reached up and groped in the box until he got a yellow pill and swallowed that. I sighed shaking my head and read the back of it to be a 'giraffe'.
 Suddenly Sidge seemed to shoot upwards but then I noticed it was his belly as he was lying slightly up. Then his belly evened out lengthwise to him but became stiffened and he lay there with his tongue hanging out and pawing the air with all four talons his stomach moving minutely visible. He grabbed another pill eventually when his belly became a little quieter though with some braying and growling coming from his tummy. The pill was blue and as I looked at the listing for it and stopped with one eye ridge raised.
 "Wetland surprise?" I spoke to Sidge and he upturned his neck to look at me just as curious as me. Then after the seconds had gone by, what looked like a big wave started moving up under his fur across his stomach, becoming bigger by the second.
 Odaira was behind bars, literally. The Saynajaus had the medieval dungeons but still bars enough to keep most creatures their size locked up for extended periods. They were small cells which had metal doors and bars set in a small window at the top.
 If Odaira wasn't kept weak, she would have broken out by now with Synth. They knew how to keep her weak though and came everyday to question her. They would ask her where Michi was though Odaira guessed they knew already. Their torture came next. It was medieval alright, though she didn't much mind it but didn't let on that. The torture still was torture, though, even if it was uncomfortable. This torture specifically was their mockery of Vore and Ziyvur, a water torture.
 They would pour water down her mouth, after forcing her to lie down on the table in the separate room down the hall of the jail cells. Her stomach, though, foiled the Magineans, being so used to the stretching. They did not have a tap for water so had emptied the three barrels of water they kept down there into her. Odaira would have generally sprawled her self out and let her stomach move it along. The Saynajaus became irritated and would then force her to cough the water back up and that's where it became more toward the torture side of the ordeal. Odaira found herself tired to an extreme after every ordeal. She couldn't understand why such a bunch of creatures that used to mirror the Ezen's in respect for all life, could turn so sour after the many years they existed. It was after Hail Primus became Hale Forth that the degradation was felt to all.
 Odaira whimpered though as her stomach gurgled and sent aches and pains up through her body from being overworked more so in pushing muscle than in pure force.
 The Raccoon didn't mind in the end when she first got taken forcefully by them. She hoped that Ias, the great creature from around the Mt. Belone Fortress would come and zap them all and be done with them. She kept up the hope for the next day and the next. Then she started to feel it. The torture they started again the third day made her really start to think. Despair now was bordering on her though she started to fight it.
 "No!" She said jumping up.
 "Quiet!" A passing Saynajaus guard snapped and started to walk away and Odaira perked up as there was a slightly muffled scream followed by the muffled sound of something being stuffed somewhere wet and narrow. Then something was before the door and Odaira braced herself thinking they came back for a second water torture that day. It came open with a slight squeak and Odaira started to let out a cry but the figure through the door put a paw to her mouth so Odaira stifled it and came over to the figure.
 The Vore Goddess Jaze, stuffed with three of them kicking and muffed crying Saynajaus guards was at the doorway. She couldn't enter because her size disallowed it and she had to move without turning down the hall and brushed the sides of it with her belly. There was a Ferret and a Badger in the adjoining cells from the Saynajaus and the Ferret was chuckling softly at what happened while the Badger was at her bars grinning at what happened.
 "Where's Ias? He's late. Damn it, Jaze I'm so glad to see you," Her tears were real and she tried to keep her choked voice down and she hugged the Goddess Cait around her big belly.
 "Well, we have the clear. I got your staff," Odaira said handing the Raccoon her staff. Jaze moved out of the way and Odaira set about unlocking the doors for the Ziyvur with a spot sequence she could muster now that she had her staff. She saw a few more cells with furs in them so mustered up a sequence to open the rest of the doors at once. The action made the two Saynajaus coming in freeze on the scene with all the furs. Jaze raised her paws up quickly before they could yell in alarm.
 She motioned for them both toward her and they came flying each in turn and landed in her mouth. She swallowed each of them and turned to the other furs, "Lets go."
 They made their way to the stairwell down the hall, left of Odairas cell. Jaze was almost too big physically to fit through but Odaira helped scrunch Jaze's belly in between the walls. They got to the stairs but even it was narrow going up so they had to keep scrunching her belly as they got up. Then they were up by a wooden paneled door with a barred window. Jaze pressed her belly up against the door and top steps and pulled herself up to look in through the door.
 "I'm still getting used to this," Jaze spoke to us in a low voice.
 "Shhhh they'll hear," The Badger behind Odaira responded. Odaira looked down behind the badger and saw the ferret and the several other creatures behind them.
 "What are you going to do?" the ferret asked. Jaze looked at her with a sly expression.
 "You can't eat them all," Odaira said to Jaze laughing.
 Jaze looked at Odaira still with the bordering smile, "I can eat them all."
 "Oh really?" Odaira questioned her.
 Jaze struck the door latch lightly and it obeyed by opening slowly with a squeak. Jaze looked back at Odaira again and Odaira frowned, "So?"
 The Vore Goddess strolled out and into the hall that bent to the left before another door across from us and down a straight shot to a window, branching twice into off hall ways. Just then a Saynajaus came into the hallway several meters from them. She was clothed in a robe and Odaira thought her a Synth User of some sort.
 She was going from their right to their left so Odaira just waited. Then she stopped and turned quickly to see them and dropped a book she was carrying and threw up her hands sounding a cry. Jaze yanked her forward through the air with her power and had her in her cait paws. She presented the squirming screaming Saynajaus, her screaming causing reactions from the Saynajaus all around.
 Odaira took her and started to move her toward her mouth. Her stomach almost gave with the aches so she shook her head. Jaze nodded solemnly and presented the now screeching creature to the Badger. She took her and began to shove her down her throat as the doors adjoining the hallway we were in all flew open and five more magineans saw us. Jaze made a move and the five creatures came flying forward. The first one came to a stop halfway into Jaze but she swallowed that one quick and the other two but sent the others behind us and the ferret took it in his belly slowly but surely. The final one came to rest with its head inside the mouth of a nervous cottontail rabbit that opened his mouth in surprise. He started to choke but the Badger turned around and helped him swallow it despite the rabbit trying to pull it out. When it was fully inside, he gripped his bigger white furred double ovaled belly with a wooo and held his paw to his mouth wavering slightly and started to fall over from the ordeal of taking vore suddenly. Odaira smiled having seen this reaction before from those who had taken vore for the first time. It was then when a person knew vore was for them in this way or not.
 The rabbit was overwhelmed and had to be held up by the other furs behind the fore group of them.
 The from behind, a few Saynajaus came in from the door on the left from the door into the basement and caused an alarm amongst the regular furs. The ferret and badger were not big but the hallway and the crowd of them was enough to keep them from moving to help those in the back. The Saynajaus had their hands on the hilts of their knives but Jaze whirled around despite the several Saynajaus appearing from down the hallways and advancing on them. The Goddess Cait threw them back against the wall and turned just as a Saynajaus grabbed her. Odaira raised her staff to strike but Jaze simply pushed him away. The effect was the Saynajaus running up smack against the wall causing Odaira to look on at Jaze in surprise.
 "Am I good or..." Jaze turned and said to Odaira just as two Saynajaus grabbed her. Jaze grabbed them by the scruff of their tunics and yanked them down to her level and ate the one on her left hand while the other one screamed, trying to get away but he was soon added to the works. Jaze was well wedged into the hallway off the ground because of her belly so plumped out and squirming. The squirming made her seem to actively shift through.
 Odaira was well piqued to that attention and gingerly touched Jaze with her voice strained at the sheer elation she had at seeing Jaze so full with movement, "Do you need some help through there?"
"I... ha ha... hey they're poking at me. Odaira please get around there and get them. I'm wedged where I can't see. Give me a second I'm still getting used to this.
 Odaira sighed and her stomach started to ache, telling her no but Odaira almost spoke aloud to it that she had to. The Raccoon Synthician climbed over Jaze's furry mass. She didn't take in how it felt as she was struggling to get over the top. Once she did she saw that about four more magineans were trying to yank her out. Odaira jumped down landing on the ones to the right side of Jaze and took down another maginean. She mustered up her nerve and overcame the pain she felt. Odaira remembered what she'd learned about taking vore quickly and put this to use ripping off the Saynajaus's clothes, to make it easier to go down, and then bringing the creature into a hug over her breasts. The raccoon shifted the crying screaming maginean, started taking her head first inside pushing and synchronizing with her breathing. Her old feelings came back as was her stomach, the synchronization, one breath, slightly into her stomach, the next, her stomach expanding, then onward.
 The Saynajaus was inside quickly despite her stomach's protests. Odaira felt queasy as if she'd only taken vore for the first time. Instead of waiting for the creature to settle, she flew over Jaze who was just about pulled into the first branch of the Hall. Several Saynajaus had joined the fray and were still pulling. Odaira tackled two and started rubbing her belly quickly and yelped throwing the stunning power into one of the magineans as she started trying to get the other in the position to strip off excess clothes and weapons and to try to swallow him. Then Odaira moaned as another maginean came out of a doorway down the hall and started to run toward her unsheathing his blade. Then, as his figure became larger in the hallway as he neared, poised to strike, a brilliant flash of light and energy erupted and he fell forward with a smoking back.
 There behind him several paces down by the door stood the Jackalope Odaira knew. She forgot eating the Saynajaus for a moment and stood up still with the Saynajaus. Her emotions were fluxed and she didn't know whether to eat, chuck her staff at Ias in anger, or just stand there. She ended up just standing there and then remembered the Saynajaus and started to eat them. When she looked down the hall again, the Jackalope was gone.
 Odaira remembered Jaze and looked back seeing just a big round furred ball wedged in, coming from the back hallway, with different justifications poking out from the inside, actively squirming. Odaira went and got to the scorched but still living Saynajaus and ate the creature, noting how the crispness made the creature taste. The raccoon found she was starting to get tight inside the hall and looking up didn't fancy she could get over the gap off top the cait's belly now. Odaira went cautiously down the hall. She threw the three doors open in succession, turning quickly with difficultly to poise herself and her staff between the door opening. The rooms were clear. Then she got to the end of the hall, and her Synth sense picked up immediate danger.
 A flurry of action happened before her. She saw a Saynajaus come from the right, almost upon her. Then a green blur came crashing in from the window ahead and took the Maginean down and knocked Odaira back to go down onto her tail.
 The Raccoon pulled her tail out from under her and arched herself back in slight discomfort as the creatures in her jumbled around in her. Then she got up with difficulty. The green scaly creature looked like the maginean except he was brawnier and taller. He was in light leather and reminded her of General Hedin's bodyguards in full armor with cross bow and sheathed sword at his belt.
 Odaira got to her feet as the creature did and she looked him over as he dusted himself off and glanced down at the Saynajaus he knocked out. He then looked back up at her smiling for a moment and adjusted his helmet before turning around and looking back through the window. There through the window were several Wolfish Ezens in similar armament to the green creature. They started stepping inside until there were five of them behind the green creature.
 "I think we've gotten her just in time. Where is Jaze?" The green creature spoke in a gruff voice.
 Odaira pointed a paw over her shoulder and the creatures all squeezed past her. She turned to the right way down the corridor there and moved down it and met Ias along the way.
 "I've sent them to rescue you," He said to her but she nodded and started to walk past without saying anything. She didn't want to talk to him but she knew he would persist.
 "This area is right on the border town of Hale Forth. We should be able to go right back inside North Caprice and take you to General Hedin," Ias came back alongside of her saying.
 Odaira gritted her teeth and looked down for a moment. She stopped and turned punching Ias across the face glaring at him for a moment before walking on, feeling better but still a bit bitter. Then she heard him walking softly but quickly up to her and she stopped, feeling fatigued of his candor.
 It wasn't him though, Odaira turned around and froze. The creature that was moving toward her was a creature Odaira had never seen before. It resembled a Maginean but its ears pointed down and its eyes were coal set into the middle of a white eyeball. This was not a maginean, and all her instincts made her want to run, her hesitation was mostly disbelief on her part.
 "Just eat it, Odaira," a voice came to her sounding like Ias's low tenor voice. Odaira didn't want to listen to that suggestion either and she backed up. The creature kept on coming.
 "I can't oppose these creatures at the risk of war. Realize how limited I am with infinity at my fingertips. This is the highest politics, at least until I get more support from all my Elder Mentors and most of my Mentor Ultins. Eat him, hurry. He is resistant to most magics even Ziyvur, but not from the inside and not stomach acid for that matter. Now that Jaze is Goddess, Ziyvur is as powerful if not more powerful than they are," Ias spoke once more and all was silent except the activity down the hall and the approach of the creature.
 Odaira backed off even more and her surroundings seemed to go slower. The creature came at her slower, sullenly. She didn't have time to think, and her sense of flight argued with her sense to confront. She didn't even have time for that as the creature was right before her. It grabbed her around the neck and lifted her into the air, just about choking her breath.
 Jaze's voice filled her head, "Odaira, you don't need my help. No matter how this place broke you, pull through. Get him now, eat the hand, eat his hand first."
 Odaira groaned and with weakened tenseness slipped her paws up between her throat and his hand breaking contact. She moved forward plunging his whole hand and arm down inside and brought him up close into as best hug as she could get.
 "You can do it, keep going," Jaze's voice came through again.
 Odaira hardly heard it as she was so intent. This time it felt different, it was the same arousal but the warmth that came out when he was brought inside adequately matched her fear of him. The creature's free arm moved around hitting her but as his shoulder started coming inside, it moved to grip her around the waist and Odaira through it all, enjoyed the touch, her mind lightly making the comparison between him on the outside and inside right next to each other.
 The creatures arm on the inside of her through could hardly move and Odaira felt it make an extrusion from inside in a hand shape to her throat. She him down into her again after reflecting a moment and found she enjoyed it fully again. Her stomach bubbled a little bit though, as it still ached from the pressure it was put through during her captivity and the other creatures still in her.
 Finally the feet and Odaira swallowed and pushed hard until her arms were like jelly so she just swallowed with her throat muscles. She felt the welling pleasure that took over the pain of the creature expanding her stomach even more. Her senses became numbed for the moment but then Odaira almost choked on the feet of the creature, which was still slightly protruding out of her mouth. There was another of those creatures moving on her from the far end. It had long black hair that danced from one side to the other and was shorter and fairer in the dark coal eyes. Odaira gulped faster forgoing the pleasure as she knew she was about to get double it with the one approaching.
Hail Primus Part X - Camlopticus
 The creature was unlike any I had seen before becoming an Avatar. I was walking toward the Navel Lake, near central Caprice. Then there it was a she my avatar senses picked it up. There were a few others near me I noticed, not all of them were furry. Some of them were humans, but she was not. She was an anthropomorphic, not a creature. I first reckoned a lake otter, but not lither as a ferret was, yet she wasn't what I would call lithe, she was full out. I saw the flat tail and knew she wasn't a full otter. I saw through the water that she was a crossbreed, with a beaver tail. Her four front teeth weren't so buck teethed though they did protrude down a little.
 My senses drilled down to the bare bones, all her history and implanted it in my mind. I knew everything, every little piece, nuance, flaw. I put my information aside and went toward the lake past the two humans sitting there. They weren't paying any attention but were talking amongst themselves looking toward the road into the forest. One was an older man and the other was younger, maybe a teenager. I didn't use my sense on them, though I picked everything up. I otherwise ignored them and went toward the lake.
 I felt a need to get into the lake and go out there. Then I noticed there were a few other creatures enjoying the lake. A crocodile, anthropomorphic, then what seemed to be fish creatures and crustacean anthromorphs, crawfish anthromorphs. There was an otter otherwise, but he was on the other side and a few humans walking around far across the lake on the path there. I saw a few frog morphs moving in and about the water and a lizard morph. I ignored them as well and jumped in with my red gold clasped robe on.
 I came past the others in turn and past her. The water was cool but pleasant and the current was lax except when the Navel River entered and emptied with it. I came out on the other side of path there. I picked up a unique sense from the south west and knew I had a short time to meet up with the target of my sense there. I did not want to attract too much attention by blinking out entirely at first so I looked around.
 At that side of the lake I came out of was a changing house so I walked in and started to remove my robe and was holding it out rushing air around it when she came in. I knew this was going to happen so at the split second she came in I hesitated and she closed the door behind her and looked at me.
 "Hey, what are you doing?" My exclamation came out as startled as I could make it sound.
 She didn't say anything but looked at me indifferently and then went about to pull off her purple one piece suit. I pondered at the indecency factor here but I knew about it and saw it wasnt more public as it was common practice behind any closed doors as such. She didn't seem to care and removed her suit completely and had her bare furry body there. I balked at her body, between chubby and firm, almost perfect, good sized breasts, round belly, chubby thighs and chubby face but all held the chubbiness firmly but enough to put a great jiggle to her step. She looked in no general direction and started to wring out her bathing suit.
 After wringing it out pretty good she stopped and looked at me and smiled. The moment passed by awkward at first but, after a few moments, became less. I didn't expect this at all. I could surmise that if I was human that particular situation was all the more awkward.
 She turned toward me squarely giving all the more liveliness to her form and started wringing out her suit again letting the water splash on the slotted matting. I chose not to speak to her yet. I knew that the matters would come later, the seed was planted.
 She went past me and picked up the bundle of her clothes and started to don them. These were consistent of a white shirt with a tight read partial blouse underneath that came up to the tops of her breast and down to below her navel. She put on a light white dress below that and started for the door but stopped turned toward me for a moment, "Maybe I'll see you in town."
 "Hmm... Maybe..." I remarked and put back on my robe. When she left and my robe was again dry, I blinked out teleporting away.
 General Cv'ince Hedin acquired the complete control of most of Caprice several years ago when Jyiri was eighteen. Hedin was the North West lord of Caprice, one of five. The method and terms of which he did it were that Jyiri was to 'seem' to remain in control on the outside. Hedin had taken up residence in the beautiful Palace of the Grass plains forty five skylines south of Duorgnak territory. He wasn't a weasel, he wasn't a fox, he wasn't a rat, he was a duck, called the silver mallard because of the shine of the feathers in the moonlight that otherwise shown light gray in the daytime. His specific markings of his species of mallard were very rare and his sight usually brought awe to all but the strongest of minds. On the other paw, stealth wasn't his best quality during the evening.
 King Jyiri was a king not by inheritance. In fact, Jyiri was the king from the beginning and a puppet used by Hedin. The way this happened was a story in itself but came in the more prominent end of his Lordship over Indalor. Hedin came to Jyiri's poor palace in his more northerly land at the Caprice Estuaries. He stayed at Jyiri's palace for several weeks. Then suddenly messengers went to the remaining three lords. Nothing was heard of for another further weeks and sudden rumors of civil war started to break out. Then the lords came to the palace and Jyiri was coroneted by the High Synthician Qamnihan. Hedin then stayed at the Palace incognito and left his concubine to look after things in his homeland.
 The land flourished, but the breathing room for everyone diminished as the laws of a Dictator came down upon everyone. While the silver mallard wasn't the typical dictator, speaking out against him remained one of the core laws for harsh punishment. The people, except his concubine and Jyiri and those closest to them, were the only ones who knew Hedin was what he was.
 He was allied with the Saynajaus of Hale Forth and this provided all the military backing to keep the Duorgnaks from declaring all out war, and anyone from rising against him on the inside. The result was spies and assassins and General Hedin had his fair share and all were put to a quick death. He did not care for or against Ziyvur and Michi Gimiguchi and as such did not hire assassins himself but harbored the assassins the Saynajaus used to hit at them. Hedin would provide the transportation for them through the neighboring Lord of the land south west, Veirn of Reuai.
 We were at the south east part of that land at the moment, a few Skylines north of the border to Ezen Land. I had put forward a light request amongst Odaira and Jaze along with the others. The takers were Gesh, Eckstal, Sidge, and Jacob Gibbens along with Odaira. Sidge convinced Sandis to stay as well though I couldn't say I wouldnt be able to use her. Jaze chanced to go ahead and return back to get Michi back to his Clinic from Xixzok. I had instructed her not to make Lord Power mad by eradicating Xixzok on sight, of which she agreed.
 "What about Odaira?" Jaze asked me in an aside.
 "What about her?" I knew what was going to be asked but I played along.
 "She is probably the best all around with Ziyvur. Can she be a goddess?" Jaze asked.
 "After Hale Forth," I said to her.
 She frowned but her frown stopped as she reflected on something distant and obscure looking preoccupied in thought, "Make sure Sidge doesn't swallow Camyey too far. Oh that is cute!"
 "Shush shush," I put my finger against her Cait snout and she snapped at it with a mewl causing me to withdraw my gesture quickly.
 "Could you give Michi my apologies and offer him to be taken to where the others are? Of course, after you do that offer him to stay with my promise that he can go back and forth and I won't harm him much anymore. Tell him Lady Explore and Dream won't like him to come to general harm as they love him too much," I told her and she gave a warm Cait grin.
 She twitched her tail and ears and bowed at me in a slow cute bow before vanishing.
 I came up to Sidge and Sandis, "I want to see more of Michis devices someday."
 Sidge chuckled and Sandis nodded, "A stomach pump actually is enjoyable if it's from him."
 "Really?" Sidge asked hir coming closer and shi looked at him then back at me.
 I walked away to Odaira and Eckstal who were talking with each other. Gesh was over against a tree using a sharpening stone. He wore a leather tunic over a leather coat and tight leather trousers.
 Jacob Gibbens has climbed his way up on a sturdy oak a few trees away from Gesh. I looked around the vicinity we were in. It was a good few tree lengths away from the road that came down around there and branched off to narrow and head down into Ezen country or widen out to make its way back up toward Navel Lake to the south where I was earlier.
 We were waiting for Jyiri's carriage to come around the road there. We were in the gradual job into a small semi gully to the south called Donrein. A little Creek ran through here and widened out to make a little waterfall.
 "Ias, did you actually eat that much?" Eckstal asked and she was taking notes with pieces of charcoal on a piece of parchment.
 "Yes, about several hundred gryphons," I told Eckstal and she scratched on the parchment.
 Gesh chuckled and I came up to him and he looked up and he handed me the small weapon that ended up being a throwing knife. Then south of us a group of ground squirrels came walking in toward the other end and saw the gleaming object and stared at me. I handed it back to Gesh and he kept sharpening it. The Squirrels diverted away trudging through the forest to the east of us and I looked at Gesh and he got up and went down to where they entered and looked after them, his hand on the hilt of his sword he carried. He came back up to me fast and I held up my hand to keep him from speaking and I added, "They are getting away pretty quick huh?"
 "Is there anyone around here to alert," Gesh asked.
 "There is. The border patrol. Hedin likes to distribute them along the border so he can gloat about it, though he doesn't care about this area, they are more than likely with Jyiri," Odaira reported.
 "And they don't climb as much as their other family. Sidge?" I pointed out and turned to Sidge.
 "The trees are the problem," The Cow-dragon responded.
 I looked thoughtfully up at the road a ways up where the small bridge spread across the creek there. I started walking up there and looked down the path. On down to the west it trailed on and came around the side of the hill there. I could hear the horses tromping on the road from far away. Jacob crawled along the trees and whispered down at me, "They are coming."
 "You are a well in-tuned feline creature," I spoke up to him.
 The road was only a little bit forgiving of space that could fit a carriage and was otherwise much too small for anything else, probably able to fit a little over half of Sidge down it. There upon the road that came around the bend was an actual carriage flanked by a group of twelve creatures in leather armor like Gesh was in, jogging in march-step a few leagues behind them. The carriage had carved wooden designs of polished spruce off of all the points and otherwise was mostly off-juttings of duckbill shaped carvings along the lines and general contours of the carriage. Then, the sides, top and bottoms solid planks of the carriage were polished spruce. These had carvings of ducks and anthropomorphic ducks in around their sides, even all up the doors. The horses were non anthropomorphic and seemed well brushed with shiny coats and took the corner and came with a steady but unpressed space. They still came with a brusqueness which had them move up to us pretty easy. The driver was a bright red fox with yellow eyes in a brown vest over a white shirt that had puffed up shoulders and was puffed out wider around the cuffs of the white shirt too. He wore blue trousers with gold threaded embroideries around the bottom of the pant legs, and gold thread came up those to his leather belt. There at the belt was a smaller dagger. In his hands he held the reins as he sat at the top of the driver's platform on the carriage. He pulled back sharply on the reins.
 A Moose Head with a duck bill beak and antlers darted itself out of the side window on the door of the carriage. It looked around and saw us and withdrew itself. The door came open and the creature came out. He was a head shorter than the driver but he was dressed absolutely the same. His snout had half the moose elongation about it but came up to a yellow duck bill. He had blue eyes and waddled as he walked. He had hooves on his feet and five fingered furry hands at the end of shorter arms. He reached out of those hands slightly shakily and did flinch just a little when I reached out and took it and when I gave it a shake. He became steadier when he withdrew his hand.
 "Good to see you sir. Do you need a ride? I'm going up the road. You look like... Who are they?" The Moose Duck creature started to speak. His voice was a rough tenor low voice and he spoke with wide expressions to what his duck bill would give him but twitched his moose ears and let them hang loose on the top of his head. When he looked over and saw the others his ears perked up.
 "We are resting, my Lord Jyiri. Our way takes us east. We would like to take your invitation but the dragons there would probably not fit," I relayed to Jyiri.
 "Wow, what creatures," Jyiri looked at the creatures amused.
 "What creatures?" A voice came from the carriage and a gray donkey head poked out. Then an anthropomorphic Donkey hopped out of the carriage. She was pregnant, very pregnant. Her round belly jutted out through her blue dress. She came out rather steadily and Jyiri turned to her in concern.
 "Xeliva, it's okay. You're going to get too exited. Why don't you go sit back down? We'll be leaving soon," Jyiri spoke softly to her.
 Xeliva put a gray five digit paw on the side of her belly and came in to Jyiri to nuzzle him, "He kicked."
 "Okay, well if he's getting anxious then you'd better settle down," Jyiri said and turned to me as Xeliva slowly got back into the Carriage still holding the side of her belly. The Moose Duck turned to me and looked behind us at the trailing guards who had just stopped their jog and were standing behind the carriage at attention, "Do you need some help getting to town?"
 "No, thank you, Lord Jyiri, we know where we need to go?" I told the Moose Duck.
 "Then, we'll see you there," Jyiri said with a nod and a smile and got back into his carriage. The driver gave the reins a slap and the procession came by us and went up the road. When they were out of view I came back in a semi brusque pace and came up to Sidge.
 "Can you find your way up around the path?" I questioned the Cow dragon.
 He peered up through the trees and bushes at the edge on the side of the path saying, "Nothing I haven't been through before. I should be able to. I think I can fly up out of here."
 I hopped up onto Sidge as he flexed his wings out. I turned to Gesh as Jacob came down the tree near the path. Odaira, Sandis, and Eckstal came up, "You guys can probably ride Sandis and catch up with us in a few minutes."
 Sidge flexed and started flapping his wings in full range of motion. The dirt and dust all around came up and battered everything causing everyone to cringe and shield themselves, even Sidge and I at length. He started to gain altitude though laboriously because of his huge size and bulk so I started radiating power to his wings and not soon after he was up above the trees and soaring along to the north east.
 The path was easy to find but I cautioned Sidge, "Wait until they're out in the open somewhere, but not out where all eyes can see."
 "Right. Did you do something? I haven't been able to take off vertically as quick in a while," Sidge said and I nodded looking down the path through the trees ahead. There, far enough down the way, the trees opened up considerably for a few tree lengths.
 "Yes, I did enhance you. Now, when the soldiers come into the open down the way there, land behind them. Then, you know what to do," I told the big creature.
 "Do I get to keep them in my stomach?" Sidge inquired. I came to lie across his back and put my ear to his back. Through his hearing I differentiated between sounds of his lungs and heart and of his stomach. I detected some defined gurgling from it.
 "Are you hungry?" I questioned leisurely.
 "Yes. What are you doing?" Sidge responded.
 "It sure sounds like it," I replied bemused and came up to look over at him and saw he started to swoop down toward the clear.
 Sidge dropped right in the middle of the jogging soldiers. They were about a few leagues steadily marching behind the Carriage, their footsteps a rhythmic quick step upon approach. When Sidge dropped down between them the rhythm was more than broken. The first instinct of most of them was flight but Sidge brought them in quickly and I helped to disarm them instantly, dropping everything, even their clothes. Sidge gulped as many as he could get a hold of, trying two to three at once, three being a mid mouthful. Then he had four and finally took the whole mouthful at five at a time.
 I had jumped off to the side of the path into the trees when he landed and came back to help and witness. I saw the five as they were wedged in his mouth but didn't see them much more afterwards when they disappeared inside. They were twelve of them in all and I had to catch the last three for him. When I came back with them hovering and squirming, suspended in the air to Sidge, I watched in rapt enjoyment as he put them all in there at once. I was especially intrigued to see how they did disappear when his throat got a hold of him and how they gripped the slick sides of his mouth and throat. Sidge gave a rolling belch with a trailing edge of a cry from the creatures inside emitted from his mouth, barely audible.
 I turned down the road and the carriage was alerted to our activities soon after we began. The driver had since brought the horses to a mad gallop and they were now quite a ways down the road. I put my paws on my hips considering the distance, and then I stretched my hand out in front of me. In perspective, I aligned my hand with the dirt right next to the carriage, following up behind it as I moved. I brought my paw backwards quickly after grasping the air and we suddenly moved in place closer and closer until we were no longer where we were but right up behind the carriage.
 The vehicle continued to move down the road even though we were right there. The driver looked back and saw us and gave the reins another slap, whereas the horses whinnied from the extra labor demanded of them but started to increase pace.
 "Poor creatures," I conveyed and snapped their reins and harness causing them to break away from the tongue and dart away in the same general direction. The carriage in result came to an eventual halt. The driver started to scramble off but I was right there when he started to jump down and jumped down into my arms.
 "You drive extremely well. Can I keep you?" I reported to him amiably with an appreciative smile.
 "No! No!" The fox driver cried at me kicking and squirming. I held him tighter and started back toward Sidge.
 "Help me please, don't feed me to the dragon," the creature cried.
 "I'm not going to feed you to him," I told the creature sincerely, at ease and smiling at him.
 He hesitated in his struggling looking straight at me, "You're not?"
 "No," I said to him and just as quick took his head into my mouth and stuffed his furry self into me removing his clothing as I ate him. I patted my extended belly, moving with his outlines and jiggling here and there as he squirmed inside.
 Sidge was staring at the carriage and I looked over and saw a furry head disappear inside. I recognized it as Jyiri. The carriage started rocking slightly and then the door opened and he jumped out of the carriage.
 "You! Why are you doing this?" He exclaimed after me.
 "Do I have your attention?" I questioned him.
 He didn't say anything so I looked at Sidge for a moment and motioned my head over toward Jyiri whereas Sidge remarked with a big grin, "Gladly."
 Jyiri held out his hands in peace backing away, his expression elongated and wide eyed. Sidge got him quickly just about when he started to turn around and stowed him away for safekeeping in his stomach.
 I approached the carriage and looked inside. The Interior was plush red and I saw Jyiri's wife Xeliva ducked slightly down. I came up on the footstep and looked down on her. She was shivering in anxiety but felt the movement I brought on the carriage so looked up at the windows to the doors until she met me. She cried out until she recognized me and stood up. I came back down off the step and beheld the carriage as she swung open the door. I took her hand and she took up her dress and stepped down the side of the carriage. I stole a few glances and her elongated abdomen in good relish and smiled off to my side so as not to show her.
 Sidge crept up as best he could but she saw the dragon and tore away and started running. It took Sidge a few moments to catch up but he hand her in his claws and came back to me.
 "No, I'm pregnant, please don't!" She cried.
 "Sidge will be gentle, won't you Sidge?" I asked the big cow-dragon.
 Sidge turned her around to look at him and she squirmed screaming but he addressed her, "I will be." He put her in his mouth and swallowed with a loud gulp and an ahh commenting, "She went down easy."
 "Your throat must've been slicker," I pointed out.
 "From all those creatures and she felt really hot, I think she was quite horny," Sidge remarked grinning. He sat back up again the carriage gathering up his huge belly in her arms. He moved it around causing a medley of gurgles and muffled cries to come from inside. He then came down laying on his side with his belly coming toward me in its big pouring mass looking at me.
 "Still hungry," I asked him.
 He licked his lips, "Yesss...."
 I looked down the road where we came. The interments in me started to kick and cry again and I watched the internal movements play out on the outside as elongations and impressions coming out from the inside and going away. I looked down the road again and above it and saw Sandis flying in to land a tree length from the carriage, hir larger bulk of a belly most noticeable compared to hir overall size. There was no one else on hir so I stared at hir belly enjoying what I saw and exchanging glances at Sidge.
 Sie came down to the ground and came over to Sidge and gave him a big dragon hug pressing hir belly up against Sidge knocking over the carriage. Sidge just laid his arm over the top of his upside draped across his belly and propped his head up on the elbow of the other arm.
 "We gotta' love hir, Sidge, she fits in quite well. Were you hungry dear?" I asked hir.
 "Still hungry," Shi expressed looking on Sidge striking the mirrored pose. She was larger than the cow-dragon a little under half larger than him.
 Sidge looked on hir skeptically, "That would take a while."
 I came closer to them as Sidge spoke his last sentence whereas Sandis responded, "We have time, don't we?"
 Sidge shifted in line, his belly emitting several sloshing gurgles and a few additional muffled sounds from the internments and he smugly beheld her.
 I looked into Sandis' belly through her flesh and muscle until beholding her smooth blood vesseled stomach. I waited her for a moment, partaking of the organ that I could see from my current perspective and saw the movement of it from inside and outside. I looked inside and saw the others situated throughout there underneath the caved in stomach walls it wasn't hardly bloated at all. Odaira was lounging back, snoring asleep there away from the others at the lower end as it sagged back and down slightly. Gesh had his weapons sheathed but sat there indifferent though apprehensive. I sensed impatient though not very likened to the fact he was inside her gut. Eckstal looked at the less and huddled next to Gesh shivering and this left Jacob, right next to her curiously apprehensive to his surroundings and situation.
 I sensed a disturbance suddenly north east and North West. I addressed the dragons as Sandis was shuffling closer, "I will need to have them back, of course from you both. Sandis, I will need one from you now."
 Sandis stopped shuffling abruptly turning to me to say plainly, "Go away!" Sie shuffled until her belly was pressed well into Sidge's belly again and she cooed and shivered when the activity from his stomach playing on hir belly.
 "Sandis?" Sidge reproached hir.
 "Quiet you big dolt," Shi snapped back.
 I sighed though I was building a second course of action, "Can I at least feel them inside you?"
 Sandis mumbled giving Sidge a lick on the side of his neck and then drawing her tongue going across his belly, "Okay, but if you get squashed it's your own damn fault."
 I went to and mounted Sandis' belly leisurely remarking with good interest of the squishiness as my feet sank into her flab. I looked where I had come from and smiled as I saw Jaze and Michi standing there. Michi was amused looking as I saw him from there and stepping amongst the marshmallow cushion of Sandis' belly sinking in and dodging her play with Sidge as she pressed closer and closer and her neck, head, and arms were all over him as his was. I was nearly trapped in the play but I stood on the midst of hir gut and plunged one paw into her belly.
 The dragon rolled abruptly over to hir back going rigid, then relaxing with a shake and big grin on hir mouth, then going rigid in delayed rhythmic waves sending shockwaves amongst hir flab and especially on hir belly that I found amusing to watch and the effect was vibrating me almost soothingly so I sat down amongst it.
 "Oh what happened!?" Michi cried out rushing forward as Sidge stared in rigid concern with an edge of disappointment.
 I held up my paw toward Michi and glanced at Sidge, "Don't worry, each convulsion is a jolt of euphoria, shi'll be okay."
 Michi stopped abruptly at my motion and sighed at the end of my sentence and tipping slightly forward, "I thought shi was suffering aftereffects from her injury or some other ill effect."
 "No, I needed to break this up as Jaze may have told you. I have no problem going back in time and splitting my presence up more to do this but I want to get it right the first time," I relayed to the bulky Hudra doctor.
 I leisurely peered at Sidge and saw him with his elbow propped up on the ground and his head in his claw, "What's wrong, do you want some Euphoria?"
 "I wanted to get it on with hir," He complained.
 "Do you know what I had happen to her?" I asked the Cow-dragon.
 "No," He snapped.
 I outstretched a paw toward him and a golden beam of light leapt in a straight column and struck him on the head. His hand went out from under his head and he came down to the ground with a big wide grin and distant dreamy look on his face. He closed his eyes and hummed a light melody and put his claw over the side of his belly caressing it.
 I dismounted Sandis who had slipped into a calmer euphoria and went up to Michi, "Do you want some?"
 "Euphoria on demand. I am tempted but no. I use this on my patients but I have discovered some thefts of the drug," Michi communicated.
 "And he has me," Jaze came in beside him giving the side of his belly a light poke.
 I looked at them both and suddenly Wovelmlos was leaning on Michi's shoulders with his arm looking disappointed, "That is some awesome play they were getting into."
 "I promise we will have a time for that later, a great time. I will bring the others out," I explained and the others appeared from inside Sandis only, not soggy or wet.
 Eckstal took off in reaction as did Jacob but he stopped before she did. Gesh stood up and waved a finger at me, "I was waiting."
 I looked down below him and saw Odaira on the ground. I nudged her awake with a foot paw. She sat up abruptly coughing and opened her eyes sleepily.
 "Odaira, will you be Jyiri's Wife?" I questioned her as she got up sluggishly and disappointed after realizing she wasn't in a stomach anymore.
 "Who, the Pregnant Donkey?" Odaira peered at me skeptically.
 Odaira and I sat in the carriage as it rode semi smooth, the horses the transformed remainder of the team, Jacob, Michi, Gesh, and Eckstal, toward Navel Lake Town. Sidge and Sandis went west and north through the denser part of the forest to await the Town Militia that I would send to investigate.
 The interior was a plush red seat with satin and gold curtains along the windows and a red carpet underneath. Then overhead were mahogany compartment. I had searched under the seat and found compartments as well. Inside the top ones I found Jyiri and Xeliva's Wardrobe and in the bottom compartment I found food parcels, jewelry, and their crowns.
 I transformed myself into Jyiri, wearing what he had on last and Transformed Odaira into Xeliva complete with her blue dress.
 "Ooo..." Odaira remarked clutching her suddenly bloated stomach, twitching her donkey ears.
 "What?" I asked her staring at her belly in enjoyment of its new size.
 "Am I pregnant?" Odaira responded looking over her belly and back at me concerned.
 "No, do you want to be?" I asked her grinning.
 "It's just that it feels firm. I'm not?" Odaira asked.
 "No. You just have firm flab there," I told her.
 "It reminds me of when I've swallowed someone," The Donkey remarked smiling at her belly, giving it caresses with both her paws. I came over and sat beside her and she looked over at me grinning.
 "I must apologize for not rescuing you sooner," I said to her.
 Odaira's expression changed to a blank expression and she looked ahead but not at me saying, "Yeah."
 "Well, it doesn't make any difference; you're here now, right?" I relayed jovially, moving back to the seat opposite her.
 She looked out the window, "Yeah..."
 "Odaira, would you rather I had left you there," I stared right at her.
 She met my stare looking dumbstruck, "I... no no. I hated it there."
 I sat back looking at her slyly, "I have a feeling there was some parts of it you would have enjoyed."
 Odaira only stared to the side of me so I continued, "Once we get Camlopticus, we will go against all of them."
 She perked up curiously, "Who?"
 "Camlopticus. You will meet her soon enough. Don't you know who she is?" I quizzed the Donkey.
 Odaira gave an uneasy grin, "Why would I... um.... I..."
 "You know who she is don't you?" I came back at her grinning.
 Odaira looked even more dumbstruck, "I... How do I know? I never met"
 I came back over to sit beside her and looked her straight in the eyes, "You don't remember do you? The Drakknight?" I asked her gently.
 I could feel the wave come over her and she shot up to her feet in the Carriage, "What! I was... oh no!!"
 I came up and putting my hands on her shoulders had her sit reluctantly back down and she was quivering, "You were killed violently, often times the realization comes slower. Calm down!"
 "I do remember!! I do!!" Odaira screeched in pure Donkey voice.
 I held her firmly in the steadiest hug I could, "C... Calm down Odaira, it's over. You should remember it but only when you are calmed down."
 She turned right to me, "Why?!"
 "The Saynajaus are backed by the Drakknights. This is going to be nastier than your death by the end! I can't directly war against them politically and galactically. Dear Odaira, you died! Everyone dies someday; the ultimate balance of the universe provides this. You're dead!" I spoke to her dreading that I was being too brash.
 She moaned gripping the fur on her head in anguish but dropping her paws in despair, "Awww Shit! I thought we got out of that alive!"
 "I reanimated you. You were dead. Now, that you realize this, I must quickly offer the choice, one of which I don't usually accept the first answer but I ask it of the individual who died. Do you want to leave this universe?" I said to her easily trying not to upset as best I could.
 "What?!" She plainly asked me unbelieving what I was asking.
 "You're a pretty headstrong raccoon girl, you know what I mean, just think about it," I pointed out.
 "I don't know what you mean," she spook seething through gritted teeth.
 "I will take your decision when you give it to me on that. Do you still want to be the Donkey," I asked her.
 "I resent the reference," She spoke indifferently still with an edge of pain at the edge of her voice at what was just revealed to her. The Donkey closed her eyes and bowed her head.
 I retired to my seat opposite her, "You see it don't you."
 "I want to leave." She interjected calmly.
 The whole of the situation flooded me and I frowned but I saw the end, "You can come back but only when I allow it and how I want you to come back," I told her stern as I could be though I was inept downtrodden.
 She stared back at me with solemnly, "I accept that responsibility."
 "Who am I going to get to take your place?" I mused aloud.
 "Probably that Camlopticus," She reported.
 I smiled, "That's harsh. She's not supposed to be mine."
 Odaira leaned forward on her big paunch, "Oh really."
 "No one is really, not even you were," I leaned forward to look right at her face.
 "I see," She said and I gestured toward her. The result was her erupting into a brilliant light which ripped the carriage in two, shining a moment before dissipating. The horses continued on for several gallops pulling the other but stopped. I was deposited cleanly but harshly on the ground but got up and transformed them back and Michi was the first one that turned toward me, wide eyed, with the halter still in his mouth.
 "You look cute," I called to Michi whereas he spit the halter out in disgust.
 "Holy Shit! What the hell just happened?" Jacob remonstrated removing the halter and slipping out from the now lax bounds on the harnesses and the tongue axle of the carriage.
 Gesh was rolling on the ground laughing but got up commenting, "Oh that was fun. Being a horse is awesome."
 "Yuck," Eckstal retorted after she spat out her halter.
 "Why did we stop? Ah..." Jacob spoke out before seeing the wreck.
 Eckstal rushed forward, "Odaira! What happened?!"
 I held my paws toward her in a calm-down gesture but she didn't stop and ran right to the other half of the wreck left behind, "Odaira!"
 I rushed up behind her and said softly, "She's gone, Eckstal."
 "No..." Eckstal shook her head in disbelief at me.
 "She has, Eckstal. I saw it happen. She was brought back by Ias. I guess this means she has went on," Gesh remarked solemnly coming up to us.
 "She has ascended. Why didn't you tell me?" Eckstal emitted stricken and walked away from us to sit down by the wreck.
 Gesh turned to me gravelly, "We have ruined our entrance. Their suspicions will be elevated."
 "I don't think so. Sko!" I responded to the troll then looking away from him.
 The Masprit appeared mirrored in my likeness as a Jackalope, "You know the turmoil your ordeal with the Drakknights and the Saynajaus caused."
 "There are many tales that bring the downfall of civilizations on account of love and desire," Gesh spoke offhandedly.
 I did not enjoy the point but I surrendered because of other plans I had, "I may have compromised the pact. Lord All is probably going to show up on account of Glite setting him to bear down here. He won't show up when he's being spoken about, that's not his way. I will be standing her amongst you and he will tap me on the shoulder or some similar gesture and pull me back to his side to talk. I surmise we will have an elder convention on this old world. Don't worry, though, I have the manner under control. This instance will soon be a very old memory."
 "And Camlopticus?" Sko asked.
 "You see me more than I do. We are going to see her soon. Gesh, would you enjoy being a Pregnant Donkey?" I asked the Troll smiling wily.
 He was taken aback by this visibly uncomfortable but before he spoke Eckstal came back having retrieved her pack of materials from the wreck, "I haven't been up here in a while. Are we going to Navel Lake town?"
 "Eckstal!" I announced suddenly with paw raised up and she jumped but I kept on smiling.
 "I can only imagine how Odaira would have fitted into the role," Gesh commented walking away from us to look closer at the wreck.
 "What did I miss Ias? I do want to see the upper parts here. They have been a fascination more than Primeon and even Hail Forth has been to me," Eckstal explained.
 "We are going now," I told her.
 We gathered what was left of the wreck and as everything wasn't too damaged from the sudden splitting apart. The pace was quick as I wanted to make the impression that we were running.
 The town of the Navel Lake was one of the premier towns on the border but also was very small, having the bare necessities of inn to market and library to town hall. The middle of the town was set up in a plus overlay and had most facilities huddled around the center with cobblestone paved streets. The town was placed in the midst of the foothills causing houses to be on top of hills and up and down them. The main position of the town started at the lake and went down around where it hugged the eastern side of the lake. The main road crossed the lake to the east side before and after over constructed bridges.
 We came past the changing shack I had met Camyey at and we crossed the bridge over at the north side there and pressed on east to the other side of the lake already passing many houses. I was specifically looking for the city militia but they found us before we found them. We stumbled across one of the captain of the guard, a big ox of a creature burly and deep brown with a mane of hair of his back around his horn and ears. He was very burly and I could sense the pure strength in him, almost super strength. He wore similar leather trousers and tunic and had a sword sheathed at his side.
 "Lord Jyiri!" He remarked with a bow and was extremely surprised as I was supposed to be due already and in a carriage. The captain of the guard, Cein, didn't know Jyiri very well but enough to know what he looked like.
 I addressed him back making my voice and expression strain in fear and grabbing him by his big shoulders, shaking him, "We were attacked by dragons! They got Xeliva!! Please..."
 Cein nodded his features set on concentration, whereas he looked straight at me, "I will go at once!" The ox left me, though I made sure to entreat him further, and he met with another of the guards that were standing by and spoke to him. He came back to us and motioned us to follow him.
 "Where are we going!?" I adamantly spoke to him.
 "We can't have anything happen to you my lord. We must go to our town hall at once. You'll be safe there," Cein told us and bid us go ahead of him.
 I hesitated then I hung my head moving along behind him with the others.
 The Town Hall was nothing but a one story building having a bell tower at the top but was otherwise indeed a hall with chairs along the sides of it and a large rectangular table surrounded by chairs in the center. This was where Cein left us and posted several guards outside and promised he would search for Xeliva and the others. I noticed two rooms leading off to the far end though north and south as the hall went from east to west. The whole room was darker as it was entering dusknight and the light was fading outside but I could see the few paintings inside and the blue draperies along the windows.
 I sat down in one of the chairs and Gesh sat down in a chair beside me, "What are we doing now?"
 I stood up, "You can come with me if you want?"
 "Why, where are you going?" Eckstal asked coming up.
 Michi stood at the window looking to the south, "Was it Camyey, the otter beaver?"
 "Yes," I said to him.
 He turned toward me bringing his arms behind his back and jutting out his huge belly, "I had treated her once down at the clinic."
 "What about?" Jacob asked.
 "I am a doctor, my little Cat. I don't divulge confidential information to those who aren't the patients," Michi replied.
 I slipped out from the town hall invisible and went across the side of the town hall and back away into the yard between it and the library. There were a few houses south and I went off toward them. I crept up against one house and peered directly through the wall into it and didn't see her. I extended my senses and turned to the North West and went that way passing invisibly phasing through several houses and came up to a house closer to the lake that I met her at. I looked through the walls and saw her inside working at a loom.
Camyey was an artisan, not very prominent but she was well enough off with her good skill at clothing to set her off from the clothing made by regular households. She had made the blue dress that Xeliva came to wear. The dress was an elaborate piece with a rich deep color. The dress, however, came through a third exchange of hands amongst the lady of the lord of the south land and the daughter of the lord of the east land.
 In the town, though, she and only another provided the local clothing. This made her very busy so I waited until she was at a stopping point before I knocked at her door. I saw her get up from her chair at the loom and continue to the door.
 When she opened it she smiled at me and bade me in with a wave of her head. I stepped beyond the threshold of the door and she closed the door behind her and immediately took off the deep brown robe she wore to expose the rest of her brownish beaver otter fur. She was otherwise the same as I left her before in the lake and the changing house. I took my robe off myself and followed her into the room and she came back to sit next to her loom in a blue velvet chair and bade me to sit opposite in a matching one. I put my robe across the back and sat down. She looked at me and caressed the strings on her loom with another paw. I glanced around the room and saw though it was small, there was a small table next to the loom and two other matching velvet chairs sitting parallel to it and facing toward us.
 "I'm glad to see you came back. We don't usually have many visitors to the town. Would you like me to make you something, some sweater to keep out the cold nights? For a short furred one, you could find some use of them I think," She said looking back at me though she left a paw sitting on the loom.
 "When do many furred creatures such as ourselves really need it?" I asked.
 "Quite? I sell them to our Ezen friends down south. They are the thickest furred of them all around that region. Don't tell me you couldn't use anymore other than that flimsy robe," Camyey remarked indicating my robe. I shrugged and removed the robe from the back of the chair and handed it to her. She grasped it gingerly and immediately glanced up at me for a moment and back down at the robe eagerly. The Beaver-Otter caressed the material of the robe and moved it around her paws eagerly.
 "Priceless. Unprecedented. I can't identify this material. I've seen many from Senger Lor to Hale Forth and from up north but nothing of this kind before. I can see the gold clasps and embroidery but the material is finer than the smooth light maginean spun of Hale Forth but isn't as sophisticated as the bulky but functional of the Duorgnaks of Senger Lor. I give up," Camyey remarked.
 "Try it on. Maybe then you will give you a better idea," I suggested with a grin.
 She stood up and brought it up and around her and fashioned the clasps together. I could see and feel that it was too large for her but it was that way for a reason, but it wasn't to match my size. Her eyes lit up however, "I do see, it is warm yet is cool, just right. I apologize it's..."
 The Beaver-Otter stopped as she was sinking to the floor and her arms through the sleeves were coming in more. She started to struggle crying out, "Hey, what is it doing... it's... it's sucking me in! Whah!?"
 I stood up and came over to her and saw the robe writhed all around her covering her fully, her arms disappearing inside leaving only her head as it fitted around her bloating out in a wide circle around her.
 "What are you doing, help me!" She cried out and two points protruded out toward me.
 I nodded and made the robe release her. She burst out of it and threw it down coming right up to me but turned around to see what had happened to it. After a moment I grasped her by her shoulders and said, "I'm surprised how you could get tangled up in clothing so much."
 She spun around and spoke, "There's no way that I was tangled up in that. Whatever it is, it's alive. Is it enchanted? It must be."
 "And it is," I said grinning.
 "So you let it almost pull me into it," She scolded.
 I held up my paws but chuckled, "Oh no, Camyey, I wasn't going to let it eat you."
 "Oh really, were you? Hey, how do you know that name?!" The Beaver-Otter backed up slightly until she turned around and saw she was almost stepping on the robe and took a step back, spinning around to see me again.
 "Here," I said and outstretched a paw and the robe flew up and over to me and situated itself on my back with me putting my arms through the sleeves.
 "Who are you?" Camyey tilting her head to a side asking, taking a step back and sitting back down as I did.
 "I am no one you need to know. Not yet as the matter is," I told her.
 "I must know who you are," She spoke back disturbed visibly.
 "What you want to know about me is not important. You will need to make a cloak such as this one. Are you capable of this?" I questioned her.
 "Wait a minute. A cloak like that, I cannot, I refuse. And for whom do I make this cloak for. You say 'like' but who will this cloak for?" She asked.
 I stood up smiling politely, "Why don't you just make it for yourself?"
 "Hold on just a moment, Sir! You come and visit me and then you act so cryptic. Are you trying to mock what hospitality I've shown you?" Camyey demanded standing up.
 "Sit down a moment then, and I will make the situation clearer," I told her.
 She sat down as I did, "Go on."
 "I am curious about a couple of aspects of you," I conveyed.
 She tilted her head a little to the side toward me, "What aspects?"
 "Why at age sixteen you went to Michi Gimiguchi's clinic?" I asked.
 She looked to her side stretching a paw toward me a moment before resting it on her knee, "By the Ultins, how could you know that?!"
 "I know a little more. Camyey, for the sake of having this be some sort of overly depthful chat, why don't I just tell you why I'm here," I leaned forward speaking.
 Sko appeared then and there standing back behind Camyey's chair and I stood up, "It's her?"
 Camyey started, almost leaping away from the place that Sko was standing as soon as she saw him. He was in his ghostly form and I could sense Camyey strict startlement. She came over beside me and crawled around the chair to the back of it, all the time peering after Sko. I came down and brought Camyey up to stand in one motion and she stared after me as I left her go. She made as to run and I brought a paw in front of her holding her with my ability and said to her, "Don't worry, you saw the robe and what it can do. This sprite is my partner he won't hurt you. No one wants to hurt you."
 "I don't care, get it away! I can't stand the sight of them," She tried to squirm away but I kept her from moving and motioned to Sko whereas he became my mirror match in the fur. I put Camyey down on my seat and went over to Sko and looked on him still half regarding Camyey,
 "She can be a guest goddess and thus the rules apply, let her in as the Goddess of Ziyvur. She isn't more powerful than Jaze but bring her here too so that she can meet Camyey," I responded to Sko.
 "Will do!" Sko said turned around and bowing to me before vanishing.
 I squatted down before Camyey's chair and told her, "I hope you will forgive my rudeness. I am what I am. I was really hoping to ask you something big and profound."
 "Ah, what is that?" Camyey asked uneasily glancing around.
 "I have this cow type dragon that has no kind such as his. I had been able to provide him with myself as a cow-dragon for now. I can tell you, he is quite a lazy creature, he is chubby and loves to eat much more than his stomach wants to hold," I relayed to the beaver-otter.
 Camyey looked at me long blankly then went agape, "You are... What sort of creature are you to come and suggest such a thing?!!"
 I saw Odaira had appeared behind Camyey's chair full raccoon as she had been left but much looser almost casual and smiling brightly. Her fur was shinier, her tail floated behind her straight upright, and her eyes had the gleam of the Ultin. She leaned down to put her paws crossed over her arms right behind Camyey, "Dear, he is much more than he looks like. I for one know quite a bit more than he would probably want me to say. Snap out of it, Camyey," Odaira spoke abruptly.
 Camyey's fur stood on end and she flew off the chair causing me to step back to avoid her movement from smacking into me. She turned to face Odaira dumbstruck and turned around to see me before looking back at Odaira. I sensed she was one more tick away from knocking down the front door to run away.
 "I am seeing too much odd occurrences today. Really, whatever you are, more than your deer horned rabbit exterior, I don't know," Camyey said to me.
 Odaira came around and sat down in the chair Camyey had just been sitting in, "Ias, the reason I'm back or do you know?"
 "You submit to my extension again while in my universe except I can't keep you here when you die. I know why you're here. You couldn't stay away could you? You don't have the same place in this world. You may be able to fool others, but you're really apart from this existence except how I have you," I described to her.
 "Besides that, Ias. I was curious to see what you were going to do. Sko also said you wanted something else. I can guess but I don't have the highest ability to know things here," Odaira spoke.
 "Camyey, you may find this interesting," I responded indicating her seat on the chair behind me. She sighed and plopped down at her seat eying her loom again and started adjusting parts of it but turned back toward me. I stood off to the side.
 "Well, you're the Goddess of Ziyvur but you already knew that. I will reduce your teleportability to the world and the Realm of Glug where most of the Ziyvur are in until I trust you enough to let you run around the entire universe. I hope you would stay and talk with everyone else and with Camyey here. She is going to be the next goddess I hope to make. Sidge and her are going to be the Ultins of the Cow-dragons," I explained.
 "Little clothes for little cow-dragons... what!!!?" Camyey was saying off-handedly starting to continue weaving the shiny brown cloth that was emerging from her loom. She ended after I had gotten in the midst speaking about her nearly falling off the chair and slightly lurching toward me stumbling to stand up.
 "Why don't you let her think about it? The dragons are getting engaged." Sko phased in saying.
 "Maybe I could give you a dream, a sensual one, to let you see the whole of the picture for what I am asking," I explained to her.
 Odaira came up to her and bade her sit down, she sat next to her on the edge of the seat saying calmly to her, "What he wants to do, don't worry about too much. You went to Michi's place before but he wouldn't let you see about the others. Don't worry about those parts either. We are sorry to have disturbed you."
 "Think about it, Camyey," I asked of her.
 Camyey nodded solemnly looking away from us but past her loom, "Go ahead then and leave." Odaira looked back at her but I shrugged and Odaira started walking toward the door followed by me.
Chapter 11 -- The Crow Ordeal
 I held up my paw and stopped with Odaira stopping as well. She sensed the feeling as well and went invisible with me. We waited and then a mink anthropomorphic with snow white fur underneath, a tan gold tunic, and tan trousers came up to her door from up the lakeside and knocked. I recognized the creature as Lord Power in another guise of some creature, holding high sense of elder power so that Odaira couldn't see him for what he was truly.
 Camyey came to the door and Odaira whispered to me, "What is it, I can't see it for whatever it is. It's not a mink?"
 "Indeed it isn't," I whispered back.
 We watched the creatures go inside and I closed my eyes hearing their conversation.
 "What happened?" Camyey entreated him her voice edgy and nervous.
 "Jyiri," the mink said back calmly.
 "Oh what happened?" Camyey's voice was even more edgy.
 "The news is that he has been attacked, his wife and most of his escort was taken," the mink responded.
 "By the Mentors..." Camyey said back trailing off.
 "This does put a dent in our final planning. It works out though in the end," Lord Power, as the mink, related.
 "Yes. Will we be able to get to talk with him, and make the first step?" Camyey responded and I could hear her sit down.
 "That depends on what we have to offer," the mink spoke still near the same place he stopped in the house.
 "What do we offer? Hey, I get the feeling... do you know something?" Camyey started.
 "I know where his wife is. We have that much going for us," Lord Power told Camyey.
 "If he is that powerful then why doesn't he see me at least," Odaira whispered.
 "I have you in my shroud of obscurity. Just wait a few minutes now, my Raccoon," I responded to Odaira.
 "Why are you telling me to wait a few minutes?" Odaira questioned.
 Camyey spoke, "What would the plan be then? Where is she?"
 "She is with the Crow brigands westerly. The plan is to wait for a ransom to be put out," Lord Power related.
 "I see where you're going. Blackmail. When did you think that would ever work when we've tried it twice before? They'll have us caught before we can make a move in there," Camyey said offhandedly bringing the shuttle back around on her loom and working the threads around.
 "If we exercise the right skill and discretion then what's to stop us?" Lord Power returned coming onto the other side of the loom to look through the threads at Camyey.
 "Whatever it takes then? I'm not sure I trust what you're doing. But, several of my cluttered Shrouds then?"
 "Cluttered shrouds?" Odaira asked me.
 "User your insight. They're enchanted cloaks and robes. Nothing more than what we are using," I instructed Odaira and I glanced down her front and noticed she was a bit chubbier, but I didn't do that. I came back up at her as she was watching the inhabitants inside.
 She looked at me, "What?"
 "I'll tell you later. Ah watch out," I said to her and we saw Power come out the front door again, then he hesitated a moment and looked around blankly. Odaira went still, and then looked up at me but I was watching Lord Power. He looked ahead again normally and we watched him walk away out and up an embankment toward the inside of the city.
 "Why didn't you confront him?" Odaira asked.
 "Why would I when I can in a few moments? Besides, I would have probably blown him into many different shards. He is not taking to my wishes to tone down the war effort very well," I remarked to Odaira.
 We floated down the embankment after him into the level stretch of the main section of town and onto the streets, us still invisible, but Lord Power was not.
 Dusknight was over far before when we left Camyey's place. The Spindle Pillar was in its first phase of high glow where it would stay for one portion of the day before entering in peak glare. A direct stare into the Spindle Pillar at an exact point in the day at the exact middle of the day when the Spindle Pillar reached the very tip of the glare was enough to kill any regular creature. Most of the time, no one was out during the later part of the second glare and the first part of the third glare. The best thing to do was to get part of the sleep that the dusknight did not usually allow.
 We were all out during that time. Those who saw us nearly yelled at us to be careful but most others felt despair for us for being so reckless and passively watched us walk through the streets. We reached the Town Hall before Lord Power did and came back inside. Gesh had left to find vendor outlets to sell weapons and just to wander around. He was sure to attract attention, but we passed too far south of the market to notice him, and high glow was over. I didn't sense he was caught peak glow. I needed him as somewhat of diversion for the town not to poke around while who they thought was Jyiri was there.
 Eckstal, the only creature who didn't mind the mid day traditional sleep time woke everyone else up with a cry as we took off the shroud and she saw Odaira. She embraced Odaira and Odaira laughed beaming back.
 "I thought you were... how did you get back?" Eckstal asked.
 "I was dead, and the heavenly host that Ias is let me visit us," Odaira reported smiling.
 "From where?" Eckstal asked matching her smile uneasily.
 Odaira bade her sit down and looked over at me. I came up to the table and we all sat down. Odaira stretched out her hands before you, "I don't want you to go ask Ias to kill all you. Dieing isn't very fun, and I didn't even realize it when it happened, it was so much of a shock. I was a ghost.
 I couldn't figure out what to do. I was in some vast darkness. I don't know how many years of your time I wandered around just thinking. I eventually started experimenting, and I made a place like this. Well, not like this. General Hedin had control around here but he was a King and not a dictator, a very nice guy, and I was with him..."
 "Not a dictator and nice, ha ha, you have some vivid trials Odaira," Lord Power's voice resounded in the room as he appeared, still a falcon, not mink as he just was.
 "Lord Power! You heathen bastard! Look what you did to the poor Ziyvur," Michi hissed at him glaring.
 Lord Power ignored him and I shrugged, "I know about what you're doing, Lord Power. I just wish you would have let me address Jyiri and Hedin as I'm doing now. You went out and did it anyway. Are you wanting a different outcome?"
 Lord Power looked sourly at me, "You should know."
 "Okay then," I said looking around at everyone.
 "It's time for lunch isn't it?" Jacob meowed looking over at me.
 I looked at him as thoughtfully as I could, "Yes it is. What'll you have?"
 Jacob laid back on his chair to my right of the table and said relaxed, "Oh anything. You're Ias right?"
 Odaira snickered behind me and Michi made as if to get something out of his eye so looked in a different direction. Eckstal merely looked over at my direction blankly.
 I hesitated because Jaze was instantly back behind him rubbing his shoulders which he became even more relaxed and she said calmly, "Anything?"
 Lord power had since sat forward eagerly, "I bet you want to be stuffed." I glanced over at him and back to Jaze and Jacob when he spoke this grinning myself.
 "Yeah, come to think of it. And where are we going right now?" Jacob mewed sleepily.
 "Ah, that's the idea. Anything?" Jaze spoke.
 "I bet you could eat some crows couldn't you," Jaze almost whispered.
 I knew where this was going from the start but Jacob assented, "A whole mess of 'em."
 They both disappeared, startling everyone else except Odaira and Power. Odaira immediately stared into the wall to my left a distant expression on her and disappeared with an, "Oh!"
 Lord Power had taken the opportunity and slipped away without anyone seeing. Eckstal said at length, "Something about Crows. Didn't you say...?
 "He did. Well my Lord Ias I'ney. Shall we pick up the pursuit or sit this one out," Michi spoke at length sitting on a wide seat off to the left wall of the hall.
 I shifted in my seat and looked over the table, projecting my vision of what was going on with Jaze and Jacob. The vision clouded over and then became clearer than daylight. Jaze was feeding Jacob whole having him sitting leaning up again a tree, the Goddess of Vore at work. I took in what was happening, enjoying it gracefully.
 She had indeed been feeding him crows. Jacob wasn't accustomed to full vore but he was half awake and asleep watching Jaze dreamily, under her induced trance. She was feeding him regular two hand length crows and pushing them into his mouth. Each time she did this she tipped his neck up tickling him in the neck until he swallowed, coughing a few times and staring at Jaze even more in wavering unbelief, but he still looked at her gratefully after it passed. He turned on his side laughing a few times and his mass wobbled and wavered as the crows moved around on the inside. He eventually became aroused, very aroused,
 I stared at him taking it all in as Jaze was putting a few more crows in one by one a little more faster. Jacob bent forward as best as he could over his round shifting expanding belly. He succeeded in planting a lick on her paw. Jase put a foot paw on his hardening dick and sauntered up the one side of his belly and laying a paw on it she laid another paw on this side of his face looking serious but smiling intently into his face. He opened his mouth to lick at her again, and Michi made a small laugh as she was pushing her head into his mouth and scrambled to push herself in. She used her powers well as a goddess and slid inward so smoothly that there was a squishing gurgle, but not before a big lump and slight struggle by Jacob. He pawed at her, succeeding in pawing at her hindquarters. When his tongue was freed, it came across his rear end as Jaze kicked her feet a second time, the first being when she was just inserted, and an abrupt gurgle sound emitted and the giant extending protrusion in the throat shifted into his stomach.
 He immediately tried to sit up clutching his stomach trembling all over, his eyes closed and his tongue between his teeth. He groaned between his now heavy panting, "Oh Jaze... oh Jaze..." His stomach went into involuntary swaying from side to side and I pushed the vision forward and her gleefully wild giggles from the inside. The cat's belly had swollen to a largely extended paunch before him, sagging all outside of his sides slightly, contouring wildly to the inhabitants inside. He brought his hind legs and paws and shifted over to his side whimpering slightly, but suddenly stopped whimpering and instead turned back upward, his arms and legs sprawled out and his dick doubled in size.
 "Stuffed," Michi said softly.
 Eckstal had meanwhile retreated to the benches along the side of the wall to the other side. She tried not to look and responded, "Force feeding him like that, with animals whole. I'm ashamed at what she's done and you did Ias. I've always been apprehensive about it."
 "It's what I do. I don't expect you to come around. I don't expect Jacob to either. He's just satisfied for the moment and will be satisfied for some time," I shrugged to her.
 "Ziyvur has been a subject as well as related subjects I've never touched very long, as well as many others," Eckstal remarked folding her arms across her chest.
 "Ias, while we're looking out around, might I ask a favor?" Michi broke in.
 "What is it Michi?" I asked not really concerned about an interruption.
 "Sandis and Sidge, was it? How are they doing?" Michi asked.
 I looked over at Eckstal and she shrugged so I spoke, "The crows know they're coming around their south western base. They have halfway houses in many of the towns and bases wherever the terrain permits, whether in the trees as this one is or in the ground. They prefer the trees being Crows."
 "Oh the Tyan Pact of Crows. They're a bunch of marauders, thieves, and bandits," Eckstal said, unfolding her arms and letting them fall to her side.
 "Sidge and Sandis have eaten some along the way. They already took care of their base south of here in the south most tip, close to the Ezen border. The crows were responsible for killing Wovelmlos, you know," Ias told Eckstal.
 The image shifted to the two dragons weaving in about the trees, making their way north. The image split into a separate image of Odaira who had appeared before the sprawled Jacob.
 Her voice came in clearly to us sitting around watching the image, "You're very fortunate, Tiger Cat," Odaira said upbeat.
 He shook his head, his tongue flopping out of his mouth. He groaned and stirred lightly shifting to the other side and groaning. Odaira stooped down and picked him up onto his feet in one quick motion remarking, "Now stand up. You don't realize you have a goddess in you. You have unlimited power. This is a perfect time to use Ziyvur."
 Jacob quaked wavering back and forth with a groan but Odaira kept him from falling over. She lifted her hand and smacked him lightly on the head. He came immediately awake rubbing his head and brushed his ears, twitching them.
 "I don't feel so good," He breathed airily.
 "You will in a moment," Odaira remarked bringing a paw to his belly.
 "Whoa," Jacob responded startled and batted away her paw whereas his belly moved and he groaned whimpering and growled.
 "This helps, just put your hands to the sides of your belly and close your eyes. Think soothing thoughts. Then think about those inside you becoming a part of your mind. Easy?"
 Jacob took a few moments to look at Odaira but brought his hands to the sides of his belly slowly and placed them there. After a few moments his whole self seemed to shine more in the light of the spindle pillar amongst the interspersed trees.
 "Open your eyes for a moment and pick a focal point. Then throw your mind at it, use your paws if you need to point and focus better," Odaira instructed.
 A few moments passed and Jacob finally looked out ahead and a crack resounded all around making him jump with a start. The image drew back to show a smoking splinters of a remaining tree stump, jagged in the bottom half of what was left of the tree.
 "If you want to defend yourself say, just draw it into your mind again but push it lightly outside of you," Odaira continued.
 Jacob nodded, less glassy eyed as before when he first stood up. He pushed his hands out to his side after a few moments, paws facing out, and a slight flash of light showed in the air around him for a split second but disappeared. Odaira stumbled away from him regaining her footing but was now standing several feet away from him. The flicker also caused the nearby trees to visibly bend away from him.
 "Good, now your test," Odaira replied and she was instantly standing back beside me leaving Jacob looking around bewildered as to where she went.
 "I felt you were looking on us," She remarked causing Michi and Eckstal to jump realizing she was there.
 We all looked back on the image because Jacob was wide eyed looking one way off the image. I shifted the image to see a dozen life sized anthropomorphic crows flying in from the north.
 "Sah... oh no," Jacob remarked and looked about quickly. He shrugged eventually and turned toward the advancing crows.
 "Oooh, I can't believe you just left him," Eckstal scolded Odaira.
 "He's gotten over the swooning effects of first vore. He should be alright," Dr. Michi Gimiguchi remarked.
 "He'll be alright, he's in good hands," Odaira remarked, lounging down in a chair next to me, staring contentedly away from the image.
 Meanwhile, I looked over at Sidge and Sandis' images. They were slow going, there were so many creatures still inside Sidge that Sandis had to nudge the Cow-dragon on. His involuntarily squirming belly brushed the ground as they descended down a slope, splashing through a mini creek and mounting a larger hill. Sidge panted hard and Sandis had a tougher time with the crows she had stuffed inside herself sometime ago.
 "It serves them right," Sandis remarked flatly with a burp and an oomph. I had the image zoomed in slightly on her and her belly was active with the crows fluttering and pushing around inside.
 The dragons mounted the next hill and from there they could almost see to Jacob's position through the thicket of the trees down the double dipping slopes and small hills that led down to it.
 "I hear that," Sidge hissed lightly, whereas Sandis met him with a nodding glance.
 She pawed the ground in front of her, scrounging up the dirt and grass, "More of them. Oooh, them moving in my stomach and more of them approaching makes it feel so much different, so much better,"
 "I'm sure I'm going to have to stop after this, it's getting me full, very full for me. I'll let your stomach lead the way," Sidge panted, his tongue hanging out.
 Odaira looked up at me still not watching the image and calmly reported, "How about some energy for poor Sidge?"
 "Later, later, much more energy to be given," I batted my paw at her and continued looking at the image.
 Jacob had just had his first crow swoop at him, out of the mass. They all came at him. He make a howling meow trembling and backed away stumbling back over a root and fell against a tree, one paw on his belly front, one paw in front of him. The shimmer of the shield came in front of him, they all thwarted themselves off of the invisible shield just before but regrouped a little ways away circling around in the air around and above him.
 Jacob had meanwhile noticed this and frantically waved his paw at them. The effort knocked many of them aside but did not make them back off. His belly suddenly shook. He bent down his cat ears to it.
 "He shouldn't do that. There they come," Odaira said now watching the image drowning out the sound that came from his belly.
 The muffled trailing edge of it did emit from the image, "and knock them out cold or you could just eat them and I'll deal with them."
 Jacob shuddered but quickly looked back at the crows and meowed shrilly as he was picked up in ones talons abruptly and taken through the air. Then, just as quickly as he was picked up, he was dropped.
 Sidge and Sandis surrounded him, Sandis had leapt and plucked the crow out of the air and the next instance, with the second image, was the crow's feet wriggling kicking up and down, a muffled chatter erupting from inside Sandis's mouth, before they disappeared in a barely noticeable lump down hir long neck, until meeting her abdomen.
 The Crows were no longer in the images, and the cawing of them had gotten a bit lighter but was still closer by.
 Jacob knelt down holding his belly again stock still between the two dragons. Sandis moved hir head and neck right beside Jacob. The Cat made a startled yow as he was looking at Sidge.
 "Jacob?" Sidge asked looking back at him moving his head as well, beside him.
 "Oh... Sidge isn't that you," Jacob said at length his features easing up.
 "What are you doing here?" Sidge remarked and was looking at his belly moving.
 "Um..." Jacob remarked wincing, he indicated his belly with one paw and eye open, his mouth tightly closed.
 "Who's in there?" Sidge asked moving his head to one side close to the side of his belly.
 A muffled mumbling came out. Sidge perked up, "Jaze, is that you?"
 "Well, anyway Sidge, I don't think we should leave him out here, and we can't have him riding us," Sandis said brusquely looking ahead of them. I expanded the image to see the crows not to far away up in the branches of the trees, quieter now and looking down at them. The mass of them made the trees they were in look darker. There were more than a hundred of them much more.
 "Oh... ah... okay I'll put him away for safekeeping," Sidge eyed Jacob. Then, Jacob went stock still, the image looking over his head at the closing in open pink mouth and throat of Sidge.
 Eckstal had winced and appeared to me stricken with horror, open mouthed. She looked away at this with an mmmm. Michi stared on, a claw under his chin, propped up on an arm on the table. Odaira just chuckled. I watched intently, sitting forward. The cat passed down into Sidge's stomach giving me nostalgia and wanting to go inside myself that way once again. The muscular tubular make of his pinkish throat showed enough light in the image there but was otherwise dark ahead, until his meeting Sidge's Cardia, and Jacob being momentarily halted but finally being squeezed struggling through and inside the dark orifice of Sidge's stomach.
 The outside image showed the larger lump of Jacob descending down in, as he up ended his throat. A noticeable lump extended on the top of his belly, sitting there not moving. Sidge moved a paw, his neck still up in the air with his head looking straight up. He pushed and prodded the lump moving it farther inside until it joined the rest of the intermittent protrusions along his belly commenting, "Now settle down in there further, ahhh yes. Umph... not on that spot there. Ahhhh much better."
 "You need to give them a good shake, they don't settle down and make spots sensitive then," Sandis told Sidge.
 The second image stirred over Jacob's head, there were outlines of creatures moving about which I could plainly see but not which others I agreed could see.
 "Turn that image off Ias, I don't want to see it," Eckstal protested.
 The main door to the town hall and our room creaked. I wiped out the images and turned to the door, it was Cein with a tall orange red fox dressed in the same garb as Cein except fitted more for his less bulky size.
 "What news," I implored him in my most desperate tone looking from one to the other of the two.
 "We think she's still alive... but the dragons who attacked you... they look to have went down south. We're still tracking," The fox informed us at length.
 "Then I want to go! I want to go help..." I started to demand but Cein lifted his hand at a nod.
 "The bandit crows were seen going in a flurry... we can't risk anything else happening. For all we know they're the ones responsible. They have gotten dragon help before. Just sit tight my lord, we'll have her as soon or we'll search until our muscles fail us and even further," The fox disclosed, and bowed himself out. Cein followed suit and closed the door behind him.
 Then the door opened again and Gesh came in carrying a few different weapons and stopped taken aback as everyone was watching him. He shrugged with a weak laugh,
 "The weaponry they forge up here is remarkably different than mine, I'm going to study it." He sat down sighing and took out one of the short knives he brought it out and started examining the angles of it.
 A small bell sound emitted from atop the table and the image opened up again with a nod and acknowledgment to appear again. I let one image open. Sidge and Sandis were pursuing the crows and jumping to try to get the up in the trees but were met with cackling and chitter from the chirping cawing installed mess above them. Sidge tried spreading his wings and going up overhead, but was smarted by the trees and dropped down ripping the tree bark out with his claws. Sandis had tried bashing the trees along with Sidge to knock them off, but if a tree went down then they shifted to the other tree.
 A voice came at them from behind, "Wow, you're big dragons. Do you need some help?"
 They looked over to the sound of the voice and the image rotated behind their heads. There behind them, stood four free-floating Kedeshmut. They were short yellow orangish spindly furred creatures, with small hardly evident snouts, increasing in height from smaller to a bit increment in size. They were all in general around a hand length and a finger tall, and resembled a small little anthropomorphic mountain goats but then a bit more like humanoid but their ears were atop their heads bunched more together as a Cats ears were out to the side. Then on their foreheads to the front they had a set of single horns to each side sprouting out. They indeed did vary in size, two had extra hair off the tops of there heads. They each had a little extra hair, the smallest had brown hair ending in small curls at the tips, the next tallest was red short spiked hair. The next largest had black hair dropping down to her shoulders but not curly. The last one had short curly brown hair and added fuzz to his furriness around his face.
 Sandis spoke, "Sure, you look like you could go up there, but you're so little."
 "Small? Oooh... you just wait there ya' big Dragon," The red haired one snapped shaking his hooves at her and shot flying upward. The black haired one reached out her three fingered hands for him but the brown curly haired one just said softly, "Let him go. He's getting a better head, you know."
 The black haired one nodded. The red haired one, as the image tipped to show behind them all, had launched into one tree. The crows scrambled away but one of them was knocked cold out of the air. It fell and into the waiting jaws of Sandis. Shi stretched hir neck and angled hirself so that the creature slid softly and quickly into her mouth and throat. Sandis made a slurp and a belch.
 The smaller long haired brown one of them giggled and went up after the spiky red haired one, followed by the other two. They went about immediately in a chaotic fury disabling or making the crows flee. Some of the crows tried to stand but the synth the creatures held coupled with their quickness left the crows bewildered and flapping around in every direction.
 Many of the crows got disabled, and descended down into the waiting jaws of the dragons. Jaze eventually appeared outside of Jacob and the Sidge jumping from dragon to dragon cheering them on. The portion of twenty crows that were left after the whole ordeal were sent flying away. Jaze had at least two crows in her small belly and laid back on Sidge closing her eyes. Her influence, though, caused each of the Kedeshmut to eat one of the creatures. They floated back to the ground, their bellies each overextended to double their size, well displaying the outlines of the crow inside. They shifted constantly, each being slightly moved around by the shifting struggles of their prey.
 "Oh we don't usually each other creatures," The black haired one said.
 "You came just at the right time. What do they call you," Sandis asked through a sigh, her own tummy showing very active extensions from inside.
 "Cerisenajindasaylinazoeli," The black haired one sighed.
 "Cerisenajin... how about we just shorten it to Cerise and the other longer haired brown one you can call Gail. I'm Elan and the red haired one is Elki. We were just returning to our tree over there," The curly brown haired one said indicating a tree with a knot ahead.
 "How would you fit in there?" Jaze said.
 "Now or before? We do change size you noticed," Elki reproached trying to cross his little arms over his belly which resulted him in coming up very short.
 "Oh they tickle," Gail emitted abruptly.
 Cerise made a slight giggle, "Just keep shifting."
 Sandis had just gotten through a shifting movement, "That's what I say."
 Odaira had since vanished leaving us in the room still watching the image. The creatures rested with their packing full quivering bellies. Then Odaira was walking up to them remarking, "Too bad you couldn't get the rest of them."
 "Did you have fun with Jacob?" Jaze said sleepily looking over at her.
 "Too bad he got put inside," Odaira said coming beside the belly down Sidge and patting him on the side. He shuddered with a groan but didn't move too much more.
 "Up north," Jaze remarked stirring and getting up slightly.
 Odaira looked up north and winked at Jaze after saying, "Oh yeah."
 The blue furred ferret lady in a red colored shawl and wearing a thin light blue dress strolled along the path not directly toward the dragons but was within view. She noticed them eventually and turned around toward them heading in between the trees and made her way slinking toward them preoccupied and humming to herself.
 "What are you doing out in the open you little precious gluttons?" She said laughing and grinning.
 Jaze perked up and look preoccupied with the ferret lady, "Try it sometime."
 "Young lady, I practically helped invent it. Now, you wily little creatures, come follow me, we'll get you out of the dusknight. Haven't you noticed it's almost on you," The lady ferret warned them with dismissive paw and strode back the way she came.
 The creatures hesitated but when she stood there with her hands on their hips they reluctantly lumbered forward with their full bellies, increasing rather than decreasing in involuntary momentum by the entrapped ones inside them. They were taken east back toward Navel Lake Town. Their journey had them meeting about three remnant crows which, despite their swollen size, the four Kedeshmut's sprang into action, knocking down or disabling the crows which Sandis, into her visibly stiffened ye yawing belly, gulped down.
 The ferret lady slowed down to talk to Sidge at one point who was slowly keeping up the rear, after indicating they should go slightly north east toward the eaves of a roof poking out from the trees. "Ias was wanting to ask if he could have Michi, Xelivi, and maybe his guards back."
 Eckstal gave me a glance eventually with the words Michi and Gesh. Sidge kept walking on not saying anything for a while. His step was met with shuddering. At length he spoke with a glance down at his belly freely dragging on the ground, "The sooner the better. Id like a little relief from them."
 They kept going on not saying anything, the Kedeshmut's were lounging on the backs of either dragons, Gail and Elki on Sidge with Jaze and the other two on Sandis.
 Dusknight had just started its short interval, as they were making such slow progress, and the distance should have taken more than half the double tree-length. The homestead that the Lady took them to appeared lived in, everything fresh and well kept up, to the paint and all. There was a large barn big enough for the dragons and a house a half a treelength to its east.
 "You're such big dragons, youre going to attract a bunch of attention, but you must be exhausted from such an ordeal. How about go ahead and lie down inside the barn there? I'll be out to see you after I get these ones settled down," The ferret lady told the two dragons walking up the barn and opening its big doors.
 "You know, you're someone higher than me," Jaze mentioned offhandedly as they parted company, and the ferret lady came back to them.
 "Good girl. You can call me the Lady of Dreams, and as far as I'm concerned, of relaxation and idleness. You'd all best be doing this for now. General Hedin's going to be much more alert now," the ferret lady explained.
 "Oh. Umm... why is he so... concerned?" Cerise nearly breathed out as her belly was rocking around still actively on her.
 Lady Dream came up to Cerise and they stopped, Jaze carrying Elki over her big bloated wobbling belly, in her arms, and Gail was gliding along the ground beside Elan who was sluggishly trailing behind her. They were approaching a light blue house that was about two stories square and having a brown roof. The brown roof arched over the windows near the top. There was a wrap around porch with a white banister and white paintings on it's plankings. The porch wrapped around to one brown door with a window set in it on one side and duplicated up the stone steps to a door facing them.
 Dream touched Cerises belly saying clearly, "Calm down."
 The Kedeshmuts belly drooped down in her floating position above the ground and now touched the ground with the rest of her floating off it about a half finger length. She went to each of the Kedeshmut's bellies who were shaking a little less noticeably but enough to make them sway from side to side in the air.
 "What Hedin wants is something my brother Power would not mind. Hedin doesn't want to listen to anything, take in new ideas, give people a break, or like my sister Explore, says, to go anywhere," Lady Dream explained looking around with a grin when she mentioned her brother power, then she led the way on.
 They mounted the steps warily and she had them sit down on the plush chairs out on the porch just beside the doors.
 "Have you had anything to drink, do you want something like that? Oh hi Ias,"
 Lady Dream said and I had teleported to their location. I looked up around at the dusknight and walked toward them up onto the porch.
 "Hi," I said to her, taking a seat next to Jaze, between Cerise, followed by.
 Gail, Elki, and Elan on separate chairs lounging sleepily.
 Lady Dream motioned down toward Elan and the last chair next to him which flew up off the porch around and planted itself behind her.
 She sat down with a grin, "Well, why didn't you bring Michi and Odaira. It looks like Odaira got what she wanted, of sorts. Hey, I bet Eckstal is squirming to come get a look at me."
 "Of course, but we're going to need Jyiri, you see. Cein's back about that time," I told her.
 "Ah, what does time matter. We have time," Dream responded.
 "Certainly, a bunch of time!" A voice exclaimed from over near the barn. Lord Power, in red falcon form came walking over followed by another other creature I knew by my own sense. This one was a black furred Jackal, dressed in white short pants and an orange yellow shirt.
 The front door of the house beside where Lady Dream sat in her chair came immediately open. A green furred fox came strolling out munching on a cherry tart. She closed the door and sat down on a chair which immediately vanished and appeared underneath her from the near corner of the wrap around porch.
 "Now what is this, the elder's club meeting? I just thought I was visiting my sister," The green fox remarked.
 Lord Power and the Jackal stopped and the Jackal remarked in a cool calm voice,
 "Yes, all of us are here now. I thought we were going to see just our sister Dream."
 "Well Lord All, if our patron there, the Jackalope would let us to perceive our brethren here, I could have known all who were at hand," Lord Power told the Jackal.
 "Yes, it seems ironic to me how Dream and Explore are at this same place, half of the Maliband of Crows are... wasting away tucked inside the bellies of the dragons in the barn there," the Jackal remarked with a grim smile.
 "While we have lemonade and blueberry pie with our Lady of Dreams here," Lord Power commented grinning.
 "Boys play nice. Lord All, I've let you and Mr. Power have a free run here since I don't even know when. I thought this was our relaxing spot?" I reproached the Jackal.
 "Here?" Lord Power blinked agape.
 "Well, I'm all about endings and everlastings, whichever way doesn't concern me. Except... that my good son Glite got this promise from me that I would give him a portion of the everlasting part to him for... well... whenever he wants to quit. You see what position I'm in. I will go fetch him if every other local mentor doesn't notice us all here in one spot already?" All informed us.
 "Of course, we're all friends here," I put forward.
 "Good friends..." Lord All echoed blandly in monotone and looked to his side.
 "What is it?" a creature very much resembling a drakknight in a storm gray robe, appeared.
 "You know Jyiri and General Hedin right," Lord All started talking to him as if he'd been there all along.
 "Hey, my Master All, I know exactly what's happening here. I've been attentive to some gathering of known crows here, in the bellies of some dragons. And one of them is a dragon I... Oh I'm going to have to put a stop to this," the maginean responded.
 Jaze was right beside him tugging on his robe, "Now, Mister Glight, you can't deny these poor creatures some mere sustenance, can you?"
 Glight looked down at her with disgust, "Ah, the supposed Goddess of Vore. Well, it is already stopped, but Jyiri and even some of his crows are nice to my Drakknights. See that I don't find them too much more in the gut of those creatures. As for you all, Jyiri is a good to the Saynajaus and Maginean nation. I'm not going to be very considerate of any uprisings."
 He stood up straight and vanished from in front of our view. Jaze was right next to me again her belly grumbling and moving. I glanced down and at her, and she gave a wry smile and a shrug.
 "By your leave," Lord All vanished as well.
 "How pointless!" Lord Power said through gritted beak.
 "Ones indecisive and the other one would rather have it his way. I can say I admire the kid. I will go with you Ias. You're not looking to destroy anyone outright, your just going around just to go around," Explore said to me.
 "I would rather just stay around here and watch over the dragons. What point do I have siding with you Ias other than to go after Jyiri? Why don't we let Jyiri and his band go, now." Dream said with a grimace over at Lord Power still standing there.
 I met Lord Power with Dream and Explore with me and we went to the barn. Lying atop Sidge's shifting and inner shuffling belly was Wovelmlos to my acknowledgment. Jaze had appeared in as well and was beside him sitting up with her belly still overfull.
 "Can we borrow Sidge for a second?" I asked them.
 "Oh why, we like him like this," Wovelmlos replied calm and even.
 "Well, then, how about this, if you want to get your desires as much as his, how about you eat some things and he eats some things for every creature we take out. There's just going to be thirty three," Dream responded to them, her hands on her hips.
 "Nooo... how about half?" Sidge groaned abruptly, shifting himself, his mass of a belly double wobbling.
 We set about shifting the contents, bringing Jyiri and his band, outside of Sidge. Sidge immediately sighed relief. Jaze and Wovelmlos were utterly disappointed when he wouldn't take anything else in. He said he would later. Sidge's features around his abdomen were less but still jumpy, mounds, dimples, an pop outs of his cow fur appearing and disappearing all around still.
 Wovelmlos instead started to drop creatures out of the air into Jaze, a rat, a mouse, a rabbit, a cat, a frog, a lizard, birds, and a medley of smaller creatures, not the full sized anthropomorphic creatures. Jyiri and Xelivi with the foxen companion and his thirty plus guard, as there was a little more than thirty, shakily realized their interment inside Sidge was over came slowly out of that reverie in the meantime.
 Jaze's belly grew from the two large masses of the two crows to a mass somewhat smaller than what she was when rescuing Odaira from the Maginean stockade.
 I watched this with amusement and then made my way by Lord Power asking him, "Shall we talk to Jyiri."
 "He won't be very happy with your previous attention. Is it wise?" Dream remarked overhearing me.
 "Well he must be or he'll go back into Sidge right?" Lord Power said.
 I ignored them two and went over to the well swooned and disconnected Jyiri next to Xelivi. I knelt down and looked at him. He stared at me blankly so I said, "I doubt what I did can be forgiven. I did it for a reason though. We needed to get your attention."
 "Get my attention? Yes you did! That was disgusting. Couldn't you have thought of something else to get my attention. Ugh! What kind of creature are you? Why are you being so abusive, just to get attention? You're being a big asshole. What did you want? Oh don't tell me, you want me to give up my crown right? You have to be kidding, I don't have the crown, I don't really have it. If I did you had every right to steal it. What do you want?" Jyiri burst out sitting up straight against the far barn wall, near the corner of the entrance we came in.
 "I don't need a crown. I could have gotten you a different way, any way I liked, I just chose this way," I explained smiling guiltily.
 "Well it was not the way I would have done it you know! I would have left Xelivi out of this. I don't know what else you want. You got me. Take it all, whatever you want, just leave Xelivi out of this crap...." Jyiri yelled.
 "Jyiri give it a rest, we're out now at least. I would have rather not endured that but we're out. We can go out and be on our way if they'll let us go. Will you?" Xelivi spoke up looking slowly from him to me.
 "If not I would have left you inside his gut. I would like to ask if you can help us out, I promise it will make the ordeal in his stomach worth it. You like being King don't you," I responded.
 "Yeah, well I do I...?" Jyiri started but stopped peering at me.
 "Lets walk around outside away from everyone else if you'll trust me," I said outstretching a paw toward him. He looked at it with a frown and instead got himself a little shakily up.
Chapter 12 -- The one called Blae
 I was largely disappointed with the way the proceedings were working out. Jyiri and his band had joined ours, but I was more disappointed by the prospect of what warpath we ran along. Lord Power, Lady Dream, and Lady Explore had very well assented to the idea to go to General Hedin. I had wanted to go and talk with him to determine in person what threat he was and to have him face everyone. I didn't want to attack him. I realized though, with the force we represented, the outlook was changed to a narrower tunnel. The idea to confront him and to take him down, with Lord All undecided and Glite backing Jyiri up, was approaching as the additional guests were.
 Lady Dream and Lady Explore were still for the ousting of Jyiri but not by force, but Lord Power had taken over and brought Amaze, along with Jarges and a force of Ezens. Gia and Gilges had come with a small bunch of Lion tribe warriors. Jaze had returned to her father Wain and he had sent Warriors and they had just arrived. This coupled with Jyiri's guards, Michi with Juir bringing some Ziyvur fighting monks, and several other contingents that were being discussed to arrive, and we were going to have a considerable army.
 We were loading a convoy of carriages and carts down with items and people. I came over to Lady Explore who was wandering about, jumping up to look around carts, she had started moving out of the edge of town and came back and had started discussing with Eckstal in depth about her in depth knowledge of the region, Eckstal was feverishly trying to make notes on the side of a nearby carriage with regular quill and ink bottle.
 Jyiri and Lady Dream were having a laughing and joking conversation about any particular topic. I came up to Explore first and she stopped and I beckoned her to come with me and went over to Dream. Dream saw me come up but kept talking to Jyiri and Jyiri back with Xelivi breaking in talking a moment to Jyiri seeing us approach and Jyiri went walking off along the front cart.
 "Can you tell me if I'm the only one that minds this much force? I thought we were going to negotiate with him first," I asked Dream and Explore in front of them.
 "Why? We are still going to negotiate with him. We aren't going to senselessly send everyone in, of course," Lady Explore said.
 "I want to hear him in First Form time make his intentions really known. Besides, Explore here wants to go show her friend Eckstal everything there is to be documented about this," Dream resounded and looked after Jyiri.
 "You don't really care about Jyiri," Explore said.
 "He has excellent appreciation for himself. That is all that concerns me and does not constitute to a war in this way. I told you all before Beliefs, Dreams, Wisdom is the only part that concerns me about others around him. This is the only reason and a great reason for war for us to approach him. We need to talk to him, tell him about it. He does have the ability to apply what he has learned, everyone tells him he needs to loosen up his grip," Dream explained.
 "And he has learned only to continue with the ways he knows work. The information is there he can seek the Knowledge, explore the possibilities but he does not. Maybe we can convince him," Explore said.
 "All of us, leaving this region unaccounted for?" Lord Power asked coming up to us.
 "Ah, you're the cause of the war," Dream told him.
 "This war is mine, I will march on Hedin and take him out of this area, annihilate his existence," He made an image of a map of the area appear in the air in front of him.
 I spoke, "We are going to go ahead and talk..."
 "Don't stop me now, we have so many creatures and nations lending their abilities to this. Even my Eliuser tribe and Xixzok with the newfound Ziyvur knights," Power complained.
 Lord All appeared next to us bending in to listen to our close group we formed now, "The end has been planned. Glite is not happy. I again have assured him he will continue. However, I did not say with Hedin. It's time to put him to an end."
 Odaira pulled me aside with Jaze and said to me in a whisper, although the remainder of the Elders could hear it and paused to do so, "Hedin finds full harsh vore to be very entertaining. He has Ziyvur on his call too."
 "Of course my Raccoon and Cait. Hedin is a well learned creature," All said.
 I felt a wave of changing energy and looked around for Sidge. He was not with us and I had noted that for some time. Lord Power looked around as well and then stopped and laughed outright. The rest noted this in turn what had happened to Sidge.
 I could only smile as I found out where he was and I turned to Dream who responded with a smile, "A little love can give two creatures undying fervor."
 "Oh but really, the audience loves the events to have a bit of vore in it," I responded.
 "Sidge and Camyey will meet each other as planned. I see a little snacking involved," Lord Power said laughing.
 "They will? I'm not pissed off, but I am angry with that idea? I don't know your plan but I can guess down to it. Is this cow-dragon species so worth it?" Explore complained.
 "I think it will be divinely pleasant. The warm cooing pleasure of it. They will make such an outsiders mismatch, though. They will be adorable at everything else, at the bit of bright new love that I desire to enable every creature to have once," Dream said absently looking up toward the sky.
 "You're not seriously considering? Oh Ias I'm getting upset you're even considering this... this blatant force. Dream? Oh no, she's even..." Explore started to protest but paused noticing her sister was gone, she crossed her arms and went back over by Eckstal glaring back over at me.
 "It starts," Lord All grinned shrugging and vanished.
 I joined Explore and Eckstal and Power came with me. I turned to Eckstal and nodded. Explore and Power looked at me then Explore surprisingly at Eckstal.
 "Mr. Ias has given me the balanced scrolls of Hail Primus for my keeping until I read them and will turn over Karen Kavenshire, Ms. Explore. This is witnessed by Alan Cein, Mr. Power. The original balance was the five regions which were designated by keeping of the five powers, Dream, Power, Explore, All, and Itheone I' Ney, Mr. Ias. I already have affirmations with Yaslin Ian Juin Bin, Mr. All, and Ms. Meln Tene, Ms. Dream. The remaining affirmation I have with Power and Explore, Mr. Ias has included the deferment of at least one of you two are in agreement. Lady Dream and Lord Ias have entered in a sub-agreement to the central lands respective to the parent agreement, of the Belly Mountains.
 The scrolls of balance in summation say that each region is independently governed by the designated region holder, Lord Power to North, Lady Explore to the South, Lord all to the west and east. Lady Dream has deferred again to the Central Region, Ias has deferred to this region as well. Is this reconfirmed?" Eckstal dictated, as she moved over to a nearby cart, and retrieving a golden embroidered scroll from a red leather satchel she unraveled it.
 "It was in Primeon all this time. Why didn't you ever let me see it?" Lady Explore spoke snatching it out of a surprised Eckstal's paws.
 "Seriously, I gave you all the benefit of the doubt to your ability to keep to yourselves unless you wanted to share. Lord All and Lord Power had allowed each other to go between the lands and Lord All had let Glite have this opportunity while he went elsewhere. Lord All has deferred and agreed in his usual way. Now, Lord Power, because of Lord Power and how he is wants to have his North Land back just for the battles that will result," I told them.
 "Exactly, and I affirm so unless Lady Explore has something drastic to admit. Let me get on with my war," Power stated raising his wings up and out and back down.
 "Not at all, I want to add another chapter into the study of my brother here: What makes a clock explode?" Lady Explore retorted.
 "I had agreed to let you go 'talk' to him. I will give yooouuuu... three pillar passes to meet and talk with him," Lord Power grumbled.
 "Three pillar passes? I was intending to take some of his subjects to talk with him, mainly Jyiri. Can I have seven?" Lady Explore said.
 "Ahhhh... fuck! Fine, seven, but that's it," Lord Power snapped.
 Dream had drifted over Sidge and Sandis as they were outside of town rolling around with each other, secluded below a bank in the forests south and east of town. They had been made Hudra versions to be in line with the place as there were no overly large creatures in town. Dream shook her head as she hovered over them, invisible to their eyes. She drifted and settled over Sandis, taking control of her.
 "Hey Sidge," Dream as Sandis spoke bringing her paws over and under his flabby brimming bulk, full of squirming shifting creatures of what rodentae and other creatures they had snatched with their winged adaptations. Sidge himself had gotten several squirrels quickly from the trees, currently making their nests inside him. He had chuckled at the suggestion but I came slightly out of his thoughts as I hovered farther above more invisible than Dream was.
 Jaze had appeared next to me invisible as well, "Are you doing this?"
 Sandis had gotten back up using her paws to brace and stand herself up on his belly. She went about to pushing on his belly a full pushes until they had be set in frenzy inside and Sidge made a grumble at the sudden feeling. Their squirming showed on the outside well defined, the outlines of their forms slinking by under his scales making their forms inside become clearer and vaguer on the outside from within. Dream as Sandis gave his big round soft paunch one final push and said, "Hey, come here, I want you to meet someone in town here."
 "Who? I want to let them settle snugly inside like they usually do. It makes it feel better later." Sidge said sleepily.
 "I promise we won't disturb them too much, here," Dream said and held out a claw which Sidge took and she pulled him up quickly and he stared at her for a moment.
 "You're getting stronger," He remarked at length.
 Jaze drifted down closer to them as I did and we followed them up around a bend in a minuscule creek through the forest which eventually had them right at the south edge of the Navel Lake. Dream tugged Sidge along as he held his belly with mixed expression as to its internal movement from time to time.
 I went back and joined Power and Explore as they stood on the side, moving in and out to help organize and assemble what force was there. I passed by Gia and Gilges, even Merstra Zamae with her order and Jarges and some of the Ezen guard with him.
 I called Gesh and Eckstal to me and explained to them anxiously, "Gesh and Eckstal, history is in the making. But I want to get Blae. Sidge and Sandis are not going to be able to go. I want to do this myself with a little help. Are you interested?"
 "What are we going to do with Blae?" Eckstal asked skeptically.
 "When I'm not fully at Primeon, I want him to watch over it," I said flatly.
 "How is it you know him? Why him so sudden?" Gesh asked.
 "Really, we're about done here. There is nothing but a war path left. I selected Blae from sometime ago. He is a farmhand. He has done everything on the farm taking care of every part of it. Why not him?" I responded.
 We went with ourselves, taking no carriage but taking direct teleportation thusly. The farm was out in the plains of the north, outside of tall wheat fields, and in the distance was a weathered house, and farther back, a barn. Working in the fields around us, they were all humans, in full heavy dress for the work because they hacked at the wheat stalks with full scythe and it was a farther brisker temperature there. I approached the nearest one. He stopped and regarded me unsure.
 I asked him, "May I speak to Blae?"
 He grimaced and turned around and called out into the field, "Hey Blae!"
 A rustling and footsteps came from the field and out of one corner came a big stocky man, dressed in a tucked in gray wool shirt and gray trousers. He came quickly up and regarding us surprised asking, "What?"
 "Can we walk over there?" I asked pointing away from the fields toward the road.
 We walked on the way and I spoke to him, "What if I asked you if you would want to go away from all of this and do something else?"
 Blae stopped and laughed, "I would say you were up too early. What's your name?"
 "Ias. And you're Blae. Listen though, we have troops ready to... take the place of your leader General Hedin," I told him.
 His eyes went wide and he looked back over toward the fields putting a hand to his eyes to his forehead to block out the light from the spindle pillar above.
 He looked back at me, "Ias, you must have been out in the sun all day."
 "What I was wanting you to be was the high priest down south. There's a place called Primeon at Mt. Belone. You've heard of it?" I explained to him.
 "You're what?" Blae asked drawing back skeptically.
 "Why don't you show him, Ias," Lord Power said walking up with Dream, Michi, Juir, Michi, and Sedas.
 "Yes." I said as Blae stared mostly at Sedas being the giant size she was.
 Sedas reached over and picked him up, placing him stricken, pale, and stock still, depositing him on her back where he nearly fell down but held on. Blae's cousins and his uncle's farmhands that the rest of the field workers were saw Sedas quickly and a cry was raised.
 "Why is it I'm causing such a stir?" Sedas grumbled but Juir came up to her side and she leant down her head to listen to him as he whispered something to her.
 "I'll ruin my reputation... oh okay... Yeah, I would like to try them out. I haven't had any since I can remember," Sedas responded lightly and I saw Jaze invisibly appeared from underneath her belly in the sitting up position the Dragon was in.
 "Ias, how is he...?" Eckstal said and she stumbled forward cried out but then I saw a flicker around her and Odaira's form fitted over her, leaving Eckstal there but now possessed by Odaira.
 "I'll possess her, don't worry," I said and we switched places so I was now possessing Eckstal.
 "Go ahead Sedas," I told her and Juir smiling beckoned her on.
 He remarked, "Be nice with them though."
 "Right," Sedas remarked and she shot off after all the field hands who had already started to run away. She stuffed herself well full of each of them. Gesh went off upon Power suggestion to hold the ones from getting too far that he could.
 Sedas returned with Blae shaken but attentively watching what happened. He dropped cleanly as Sedas set herself down beside them. He came up to me and exclaimed, "What the fuck?!"
 "Calm down Blae, it's as Ias asked you," I said as Eckstal.
 "I was going to say yes, but we're you going to have this thing eat me?! What's going to happen to everyone?!" Blae reproached.
 "Sedas. No 'this creature'," The dragon told him with an audible gurgle and sprawled out, the now twenty content of her belly hardly making a significance, well stored inside the creature.
 "No, we weren't going to get you eaten. I knew you were going to accept. I just wanted to make sure your fellow workers were not going to report us as being strangers to the Jyiri Rural Guard," I told him.
 "Cruel and unusual yet exotic. Hi Blae," Michi remarked ending in waving at him.
 Blae peered at him, "You're that... hey I remember you, from when I was little."
 "Since you were quite little. Don't be alarmed by our techniques. We came up here as soon as we thought one of your cousins might reveal our location," Michi told him.
 "So, you're going to take an army against King Jyiri?" Blae asked.
 "Well, not really like that. Maybe Ias could talk to you about that," He said indicating me as I had before ejected from Eckstal leaving her sitting on the ground bewildered.
 "Seriously, I was wanting to have you take care of Primeon when I'm gone," I said to him.
 "How would I do that? Why? When?" Blae asked uncertainly looking around at everything, then settling at Sedas as she laid there drifting in and out of sleep, her eyes closing and opening every now and then.
 "Out!" Dream said and a mesh of humans and a few furry anthropomorphic creatures, including a deer, a groundhog, and a bull appeared in a heap beside Sedas away from us. The pile of twenty moved and soon the goo slickened mesh separated into the Cousin's and co-workers of Blae on the farm, even his uncle was among them. They all came up into their senses from being inside the dragon gradually.
 "I remember this before," Jaze said with a sigh. Blae looked after her in response and then at those once inside Sedas. A few of them had came to their senses and started to try to get away.
 "Stop!" Power shouted, his voice echoing thunderously.
 Each on of them froze and turned around slowly to look at him.
 I said to Blae after this, "I will teach you how to do that. Just come with me and I can train you how?"
 Sedas had urked out of her sleep and looked around and balked at those who were once in her, "Am I dreaming?"
 "Are you still hungry?" Jaze asked grinning.
 "No, I don't feel any different. Even a little more full," Sedas remarked with a belch.
 "Well, I replaced those with some of the local border patrol,"
 "Dream, why did you do that? They're going to start looking for an explanation," Power scolded her.
 "Not if we go get them first. How long since you've taken some vore?" Jaze remarked and vanished.
 Power shrugged after this and vanished too. Dream laughed lightly and tugging Juir and Michi with her she walked down the road and vanished with them. Odaira waited as Jaze jumped up to the top of Seda's head and draped down hanging off her snoot saying, "Eat me please."
 Sedas grumbled by grinned toothily and opened her mouth. Jaze swung in and she swallowed her with a load gulp dabbled with and edge of Jaze emitting a gleeful, "wheeee."
 Sedas then laid down again and instantly vanished. Eckstal finally stood up from her seated position. Gesh came back beside me from his walk around the perimeter I had sent him on. I turned to the very unsure group with Blae and said to them,
 "I'd appreciate it if you could keep quiet about this ordeal to the local guard, just until we reinstate Jyiri and have General Hedin step down."
 "What in the name of the Ultin's are you talking about?" a burly man who was Blae's uncle asked.
 "Yeah, maybe you could start out by telling us what the hell you're talking about, reinstating Jyiri?" the anthropomorphic bull asked.
 Blae shrugged exchanged a glance with me so I shrugged as well responding, "Okay, time is no object."
Chapter 13: The Trece Band
 I have to admit that the elaboration of vore in the further sections originally did not match up to what was told previously. This is mostly because I left the final parts up to Eckstal. Then, I felt bad about not including more vore details so I went back and put in some spots more details about the vore. The other details, which I thought I could do better justice to.
 Sidge had been introduced to Camyey by Dream who had unpossessed him, leaving a bewildered Sandis. I went back to Camyey and when inside her house with Sidge and Sandis, I started to speak to Camyey. Lord Power came by and interrupted us before I even got started relaying one word.
 He came as his mink form with Lady Dream in her Ferret form.
 Camyey immediately stood up and went to them. Lord Power looked at us and at Sandis who sat right beside Sidge in a wicker made chair. They both were still quite full and the remainder of the squirrels still squirmed around inside of them.
 "Could you come with us Sandis, Michi wants to check up on you?" Power told the herm-dragon.
 "Oh, Michi?" Sandis resounded and stood up.
 Sidge did too standing up but Lord Power came over to him waving his paw at Sidge stating, "No no, Michi wants to see hir alone."
 Sidge stared at him for a moment then sat slowly back down. There was a knock at the door and Michi came in with Blae, Jaze, and Odaira, "Sandis? I want to see how the healing is going with your stomach before we march on," The Doctor said in a solid tone and waved at Camyey who waved giving an unsure grin at him.
 Sandis joined him and they all left after that, Jaze giving me a wink and Odaira a wave at Camyey and me in turn. Once the door was closed, Sidge sat back further in his chair placing his hands on his enlarged belly with a sigh laying his head back. He gave a belch.
 Camyey had gotten up when the door closed and was putting her recently finished garments and many extras into several sacs she had gathered around the loom. She was going to come with us as part of the newly formed, fully surfaced resistance movement against C'Vince Hedin.
 I went right over to Camyey and said flat to her, "Camyey, I would like you to come with the small band who are going to try to meet with Hedin before sending in the full force."
 "Okay," She said at length with a small smile.
 Sidge was looking at us and Camyey noticed this and continued with her gathering task and I sat down with a sigh in the chair beside her loom. I looked at Sidge who was leaning back again. I vanished from view from them but stayed there and watched them. I did feel they had some connection and didn't think I needed to cultivate it anymore.
 "Whoa, he's gone," Camyey said and sighed herself and continued to pack away the clothes.
 "He tends to do that. Um... do I have to wear those things? I never wore clothes before," Sidge asked sitting up.
 "What about them? You've never worn clothes before. Why not?" She asked stopping and looking on him and she put a paw in the front of her snoot and I saw her stifle a laugh before she dropped her arm back by her side.
 "I'm several times the size of this usually, I'd probably take up the bulk of this place," Sidge told her.
 "Ah, so that's why you look so big!" Camyey said her voice much more calmer and clearer.
 "Well not really. That and I ate about twenty squirrels with Sandis back there," Sidge responded casually.
 She balked but made as if to brush something out of her hair. I didn't see it as a balk of disgust though. Sidge sat back even more massaging his belly. Camyey started to sit down on my chair I was at and I floated backwards phasing through it and behind it standing behind it. I passed over until I was behind Sidge's chair, looking down on his belly
 "I've never shared this before," She said slowly and stopped.
 "What?" Sidge asked but Camyey didn't respond but stared off to the side away from him.
 "Hey, that's okay. C'mon, what is it? I can't stand secrets," Sidge said.
 "Well, Michi... you know?" She said.
 "What about him?" Sidge asked plainly.
 "I... I went to him once. I was probably seven years old," Camyey said.
 Sidge bent forward again, more fervor on his voice as he asked, "What did he do?"
 "Well, he didn't want to do anything. He said it was best to leave it be. But my mom wanted it out. She couldn't have her little girl like to eat the muskrat. She didn't want me to go with that group who would more than likely end up at the evil Ziyvur temple near Michi's," Camyey explained looking down at the ground uneasily.
 "Ah muskrats? That's nothing. You should try some squirrels," Sidge said on the edge of his seat fully grinning.
 Camyey had picked up a bordering ascent into a grin, "It was peer pressure at the time. They all did become Monks at the Ziyvur temple, except me. I did try some more muskrat's down by the lake when I could catch them. Then my mom found out and went down on me so hard, I didn't dare try it again."
 "I see why they wanted me to come down around here. Oh! Those son's of bitches, they wanted me to meet you," Sidge said rocking forward and leaning fully back into his chair, his paws and arms raised above his head.
 I appeared back above Sidge and gave his belly a good slap grinning, "Very good!"
 "You! You didn't leave. You spy," Sidge said clutching his belly laughing as the squirrels shifted around.
 Camyey was stricken and stood up, "Um..."
 "Oh Camyey, don't worry, I knew this before the fact," I said to her.
 She looked around, "Well, you could have warned me. Oh get out!" She had an uneasy look about her as she ushered me out but before she got me to the door Sidge started calling after her, "He knows more than that. Ah, Camyey, it's okay!"
 She sighed dropping her hands by my side and went back into the room her arms crossed in front of her. She started picking up the clothes again. I smiled, and opening the door, I passed outside. Odaira met me there. I put my arm around her and we passed Jaze who was standing with her back off to the side.
 "Don't make it too hard for them," I told Jaze. She nodded and sighed, still looking ahead toward the front door and into the hut.
 "If the burnout happens over time, for the audience and us, then what newness could we introduce?" I asked her.
 "What newness? I'm a Ziyvur Goddess? You need to be asking Jaze?" She quickly offered back.
 "So, Ziyvur does not have anything to do with vore," I asked her and facing the lake I summoned a large trout from it holding it squirming in my hands. Odaira looked at me oddly and I stepped toward her and gave the wriggling fish to her. She summoned a small badger, an otter, and a few mid-sized lizards the size of my hand. I summoned a raccoon and she stared at me as the animals she summoned squirmed in her arms.
 "No way, you're not going to feed him to someone," Odaira complained.
 I put the animals down and they were squirming away but looked past me and were sucked away past me through the air and into a waiting crystal Xizxok had raised.
 "Saving something for later," Xixzok said and came up to us putting the crystal into a satchel bag he had across his back. Odaira approached him and presented her creatures she got and he sucked him in with another crystal.
 "Just in time, you can be on the Thirteen person Trece band we are taking to see General Hedin," I said to him and walked past.
 We joined the rest of them and Dream came to me, "Sidge is eating Camyey."
 "Yes," Jaze said appearing.
 "I will check on with them after sometime. Elders and others alike, we're only taking thirteen. I will go, Xixzok, Juir, Blae, Jyiri, Sidge, Camyey as tank support just in case. Jarges and then Doctor Michi which leaves four more," I told them.
 "That's not very fair as we can't be included because we can always be there. Are you denying that?" Lady Explore pointed out.
 "If I don't include myself then there's five more. How about ol' Deyli, Mr. Gibbens, Eckstal, Gesh. I'm not sure who the thirteenth will be?" I told them ignoring Lady Explore who didn't protest.
 Jyiri had been listening next to Dream while whispering to Xelivi who had especially started to speak to him when I finished with the names, "No, Xelivi, I don't want to see you get hurt, especially with our one on the way. How about we have Deivon come along. He is such a handy porter and driver. We'll need a driver for a carriage right? Deivon is good, he even installed those little holders for you to put your goblets if you have a drink. He also did the paintings on the side of the carriage, did you know that. He's a good tracker too, when he puts his mind to it. You should have seen what he found out that one day, remember Xelivi when we found that old odd chest off the side of the road. That was that scarf you got out of that. Yeah, that looked good on you..." Jyiri continued on aloud toward us.
 Everyone had turned toward Jyiri and slowly came back to me, "The fox driver. He is still addled from being eaten by me. He is still under your service Jyiri."
 "Hey Deivon! Come here for a moment. Deivon! Yeah... yeah... bring those sacs with you so you can... yeah. Okay! Come here!" Jyiri shouted across the assembling caravan and army sprawled out around the north side. The whole of it had blocked most traffic from the north in a way that they were being asked to move out of the way by Cein.
 Deivon the red fox driver I had eaten before, dressed as he was before in his brown vested, white shirt outfit joined us and though gave a few wary looks at me I waved to him, "Here he is. Um... despite what I did before. We do need one more person to go with us and since you would be the best, will you come with us to Caprice Castle?
 "As long as you don't eat me without asking first?" He said outright causing Power to laugh outright and draw a few sniggers from Xixzok and smiles from Odaira.
 "I won't." I said raising my paws above my shoulders and back down.
 "May I have some thought from you," I felt Lord All telepathically communicating to me.
 I looked slightly away from Deivon and to Michi and Lord All was beside me and said to me, "You are aware of Glite, how he is now your enemy?"
 "Is he? I have a fair mixture of them in certain places. Does he know about me?" I said to him as the group we were in broke into side conversations. I moved away with Lord All along the lake. Odaira was left looking after us and I didn't see her after a few moments.
 "I told him, of course, you should know. He is my favorite. I told him he needs to know his boundaries, what is his end and beginning. You know all this. He is going to be sending things after you," All told me matter of factly.
 "I welcome it, you see. He can send whatever he wants at me. This will give me a chance to show what it is to be Altimentor, what happens when he gets his own verse as Ultimentor, how the balances must be kept. Besides, the opposition from the Drakknights are going to be centering here for a while," I told Lord Power. Then I was aware of a sudden movement and a clamping grip around my waist.
 The snake had slid into the lake on the northern side. It had been sent by Glite to get me and eat me. The snake made quick work moving it's coils around all points of my body, it's sinews rubbing around in a curly circle while it's diamond shaped head with diamond black eyes looked deep into mine.
 The sinews came even closer tightening me into what would have been a death grip to any other creature not meant to die as was what I was. This crushing grip was no more than a tight wrapped hug. My arms down at my side, my warm body all limber, not tightened. The snake I could feel moving even tighter, I sensed it was quite sure of itself as it's mouth came open slightly, giving me a glimpse of the inside of it into an orifice of a pink tunnel. Then I was transfered smoothly into it's mouth and beyond inside into warm rippling surfaces of bumpy shrivels of the inside of it's sinews. They were closer, it's mouth opening wider.
 I could hear calling from the distance drowning out as an uproar at the scene came from further away. The giant snake's mouth was quickly on me and sinewy grip gave way and up in a quick motion that which sensation took my own stomach away, then I slid down into the pink, warm, soft, and snuggly tight circular trail into the snakes throat. The throat muscles pushed me further inside, the insides of it's throat pushing me just further into it's circular flapped cardia, sooner than most animals, and into it's tubular long ribbed stomach.
 I was very snug and comfortable as I got pushed further down inside. I was cradled and very secure. I could sense though, at the same time this happened also did Camyey move around inside Sidge's own insides in his belly. She was still taken aback and very surprised, moaning and groaning and nearly sobbing at the suddenness of it all.
 I liked Dragons and being inside them more but being inside the snake was anew to my own senses and as the insides rubbed me on all sides, I was very horny. I could not help in the mesh of being peaked in arousal and even cumming inside the snake. I was glad that it did generate the same feelings of being inside Sidge and other dragons. I thought I was going soft in my take of vore, softer than what my paws caressed in the inside of the snake.
 The snake had been moving as everyone was alarmed at the snake's sudden appearance, except the Mentors and Ultins already with their main presence in the area. Jaze's musings came in and out of my own perceptions upon how nice and fitting I was inside the snake. She, Odaira, and Wovelmlos were in front of Sidge talking to him and he was dreamily musing back to them rubbing his belly as his arousal was enough to make him aroused by what sensations he was giving off.
 The snake's stomach shifted from side to side, ahead what I could see moving and curving back and forth as the snake slithered onward to the other side of the lake and on. I reached out and touched the insides rubbing my hand upon the smooth moistness of the stretched out stomach.
 I was moved slowly forward and back with the snake, shifting in such a way and aroused in sensation as a result that I couldn't help but drift into a loving bliss. The snake's stomach was stretched out. It was quite an anaconda. I would provide for it for a few months, if it could digest me. I grabbed a fold ahead of the snake's stomach to keep myself stiller as the muscular contractions of the creature's stomach pressed me along with it's body's outer movement.
 The rhythm of the snakes movements played on me. Lord All's voice came drifting too me, "Lovely fitting to it's end. He's going to bring you to him, you see."
 I had shifted along with the rhythm, arousing me more and I stopped a little put down saying, "Why not? I like this. He can have creatures eat me anytime. I would beseech you not to inform him of my like for this. I hope he doesn't figure it out on his own."
 The stomach of the creature moved me a little further with the slinking of it's body in the S patterns, the stomach's tubular symbols still following this pattern ahead, across me, and shifting until behind me. The snake was making it's path slowly but steadily. It was tired and satiated. I decided to check on suggestion and I emitted some thoughts of what the snake could be doing. The snake was being guided back by Glite so I backed away from that idea.
 Jaze's voice came to me, "Ah look at that. They're so good together. Her inside him. I wonder if they will switch around. Are you going away inside that snake... named Cevil?"
 "In time, yes" I mused back to her as I was pressed further into the snake's belly, settling in the larger portion against the wet warm insides. The trece band I communicated to Blae to continue on toward the castle. This was where I was being taken to I could see.
 The snake's stomach began shifting around and up for an interval and then around and down. I could see through the snakes eyes it was because of a hillside. I was a quarter way to the distance. Blae had taken over the Trece Band, as it was what I wanted to happen. They moved along the path to the northwest, then they were almost at the central land, meeting no one of interest other than t. I kept getting moved around as the snake did, adjusting it's coils.
 We went like this, from what I could sense, down the mountains off the usual path, even following a stream at one point and then a river through the start of the plains, in the trees. We went further, until we were at the castle on a mound raised into the plains. The Fortress of Caprice, where the four rivers of Pranoke met. I noticed we didn't enter the citadel directly but entered a ridge in the plains in a minimal copse of trees. The Snake's thoughts were scornful along the way. Cevil wanted to lounge about in the warmth of the daytime pillar light. He had to report back to Glite and I could hear Glite's influences. They were intoxicating to his Snake senses, a wafting feeling and desire of a greater reward if he came. This was the reason he did come.
 The cave went deep underground and he was once swimming through the water of a high and deep underground river for several treelengths before coming up onto the shore at the other end and opening to a length of stone steps to an iron door, just wide enough for him with me in him.
 The door was closed and Cevil hissed very impatiently there. He could taste the smell in the air of the guard at the other side. Then the door came open showing the way into the darkness and light at the end of a long tunnel of rounded stone.
 Cevil made the way quickly and emerged into a long room, through another door and looking up to the right he saw the Mallard anthropomorphic Duck with the leather pants and chain armor they wore. He saw ahead of him the cells to the left and the two pillars in the middle of it. He slithered his way up this way and through another door at the further end. Ascending another double staircase up and back, he came into an open area with a fireplace there at the far upper wall with a long and wide red area carpet sprawled out with the edges of the stone still peeking out. There upon it was red plush chairs around a long brown stained oaken table. On the far walls were cabinets and desks and shelves of scrolls and books. There sitting in one of the chairs was a silvery feathered mallard anthropomorphic mallard duck. He wore a silvery robe with a slender velvet vest which was open in the center and had two clasps. He was pudgy looking but had a careless look on him, as far as I could judge as he just stared ahead at the far wall tapping the table lightly with his feathered talon.
 The snake's entry had little effect. Cevil however didn't appear to notice he wasn't being ignored. Instead, he went right up to the table and I felt a hard pushing on my head, and I was then sliding quickly back up through the snake's stomach with a slick gurgly sucking sounding force. The light started to appear around me until I went through the snake's mouth, between his fang's and dropped to plop onto the table wet and still warm. I landed on my side and I laid out for a moment but before I started to move I heard another voice, I recognized as Glite's.
 He came around to Cevil and me and I heard him say, "I hope Lord All will accept my asking to take him to his hells and leave him in the worst of it for a while."
 "Are you sure he is completely dead?" The Silver Mallard inquired in a calm, even, light voice.
 "Very Sure, Hedin, I can't feel any signs of life from him. Cheer up," Glite told him.
 "It's not that my Patron Lord. I don't see any recollection why we needed to concern ourselves with him," Hedin said.
 Cevil was looking at Hedin expecting some compensation after lobbing up a nice big meal. Hedin didn't seem to care at this and neither did Glite so he laid his head down on the floor and slithered around impatiently.
 "I may have not made that suggestion but he was mounting an attack on your areas. They had already taken over the southmost," Glite responded.
 "No no, you both are wrong on that count," I said sitting up to a shock surprised Glite and smug surprised Hedin.
 "I knew there was something about you. Wow, maybe you should join my ranks. You have extreme resilience," Hedin remarked still smugly.
 "How in Lord All's hells did you survive and I didn't know you did?" Glite protested.
 I smiled at Glite, "That was a tough way to get my attention. I just wanted to talk."
 "That is a lie. A lie!" Glite growled.
 "Really? I wanted to talk to Hedin and you. What would you be willing to do to retire from here, and go to some place better?" I directed mostly at Hedin.
 "Oh, I like it here," Hedin said.
 "There, that's your answer. No go!" Glite said blowing a full wind gust at me at full force, slightly moving the table and stirring up the books and papers on the shelves everywhere.
 "As is your call. I must warn you that there is some warriors and others wanting to advance on this area and reclaim the land for Jyiri," I told Hedin.
 He gave a grimace and waved a wing, "Let them come. With Glite here on my side, they won't have a chance. Even if they did overcome me, I'll retreat to the Saynajaus. I'm sure they're more powerful than some. Maybe even the Durizuit would send aid."
 I nodded, "I had considered that course. They have no particular quarrel with that part. They just want their land back. Maybe exile would be best for you."
 "Ias. You plan for too much. I don't want Jyiri back in power. Now, they won't be able to take this area for themselves again. You won't be able to help them either," Glite said with a wave of his hand.
 Hedin motioned toward the far door, opposite the one I came from in Cevil's stomach. There stood two of the mallard guards. One of them knocked at the door and it opened revealing two more guards. They advanced toward us.
 I smiled at Glite and in turn at Hedin and transported myself to the Trece band, sitting right next to Blae, in the plain carriage he traveled in. There on the opposite end was Jyiri and Michi.
 "Wow, we thought you'd come back in a snake at best," Michi remarked chuckling after his starting at my appearance.
 "No, but our next move may see all of them inside our stomachs," I said back to him smugly.
Chapter 14 - Jyiri and the General
 There we were, all of us. I had communicated back to Power reporting that there were no negotiations to be had. Lord Power was ever more zealous to march forth at my suggestion. They were still some time behind us, though, and I expressed my wishes that he did not accelerate the time. Again, I was disappointed that we could not come to terms. I didn't want the turmoil to be carried throughout Pranoke for more than it had. There were other places that had just as much turmoil, there were other places that the elder mentors and I had. Those had their own sorts of creatures, and were out of the first form Particle Universe. I had made up my mind with the rest of the remaining elders that the original agreement we made was broken, even though Lord Power allowed me to do what I wanted with the North land.
 I had no quarrel with the Drakknights themselves. I could see down the road where this path was taking... but I won't reveal too much about that. Whether for good or bad, this is the way I wanted it to go. There were ways I hoped still to get on General Hedin's side one way or another, even the side of Glight, even if it took an eternity. I didn't want to bother myself too much with that venture but I spoke to Sko separately before I phased back in the carriage and the others in the carriage with me when I did phase back in.
 "The path here goes in a wide wind, down a plain side, toward a gully and up toward the village set up on the hillside. Are we going toward that village?"
 "We had better as it is a border patrol's outpost. Juir's group..." Jyiri started to say when there was a knock at the side door.
 Michi opened it up to reveal Gesh who spoke zealously, "There is a patrol up front."
 "Well that's not good. The element of surprise," Blae remarked.
 "Surprise? They know we're coming," Michi said.
 "Would you like tank support with the Cow dragons?" I asked him.
 "No, Juir's group," He said grinning and closed the door.
 Blae shrugged and Jyiri smiled. Michi laughed, "A little Ziyvur."
 The carriage then started to shake, followed by a halting jerk and I remarked,
 "Ingestion outpouring." I then opened the door and swung on top with Jyiri, Gesh, and Eckstal with Deivon driving. The band of Ziyvur Monks went forth augmented by Behemoth and Glug, well matching the amount of thirty patrol members.
 The barrage abruptly burst forth in front of us. The amount and color of stunning light that erupted from the Ziyvur fighters bathed our surroundings into a momentary glowing colored haze. When it disappeared, Behemoth had kicking webbed feet sticking out of his mouth, which he slurped in, making the transitioning outline augment his already distended elephant's belly. It shimmied even from the distance violently with the new occupant inside. Thus, the compliments of the border patrol were taken inside. This was what I remarked as the last thing the happened until the town of Nuark, a ten skyline stretch south of the Castle of Jyiri. Mostly, Jyiri was able to buy us safe passage further on up passing by the village of Yagen. The had heard an amassing of an army behind them in southern province of Yor and Jyiri did not quell these rumors. There were volunteers to aid him to overthrow general Hedin but he politely declined them in favor of the subtle smaller approach we were trying.
 The path curled around hillside after grassy hillsides, all dusted with a cool gentle breeze. This was the remainder of the forest and the trees were starting to thin out. We penetrated the larger province of Indalor and were not met by any border patrol. I knew it already but the others, even Jyiri were surprised.
 I got together with Sidge and Camyey and sent them in different directions up the border along that area and set them to meet us at the town of Nuark. We kept going along the flattening terrain dotted by creeks and streams in many places. The wind was picking up more now and fanning the tall prairie grass with flowers and the jaggers, taller scraggly bushes here and about.
 The town of Indalor was augmented by the fact that it was within sight of Castle Jyiri, set in the flatter part of the plane. It was a sizable town for the country of Caprice, remarkably large, two stories, wooden and stone housing. The largest were toward the center and the smallest on the outside but they were skinny housing, some well built, some mostly a shack. The main route took a gait to the east and met the street toward the center where it continued toward the castle walls. Therein was the amiable castle town about half the size of the town we were in and then the large castle fortress itself.
 We were met by a number of town guards themselves, at first there were just two. These were a human and a duck. The duck addressed Xelivi who was toward the front of them.
 "Hi, Sir. Just a few regular rules, don't you think. First, we won't have the capacity for you in most shops. You are not fitting to the accommodations. And... oh... lords..."
 The duck now stared behind us and I looked back at the two cow-dragons who had rejoined us. The human had his hand on his sword hilt. The duck looked very sternly at Xelivi and then to Mr. Gibbens and Eckstal who were next to Xelivi. He at length addressed us all adding a increase volume at the end,
 "Unless you are able to have some synth for capacity, we won't be able to let you in town. We had better take this up with Mayor Hildon. He is around the other side, one of the number of houses out of town. If you will follow me!"
 We joined them and then were notably joined by other creatures human and mostly winged hawks, crows, sparrow types. They were either human or winged animals. The path outside of town led us slightly south and to a mound of dirt at the side of a stream I recognized as the one entrance I was taken into the castle inside of the giant snake.
 The path dipped down further into the ground before it met up with a road and outside of the various fields of wheat, barley, corn and other vegetables sat a large white and blue pained house with a wraparound porch very similar to the house that belonged to Lady Dream. There sitting on an oak rocking chair was an old crow. He was staring intently at us as he rocked back and forth. He wore a loosely clothed white shirt with a few buttons at the top and brown trousers with black leather boots.
 He stood up and came over slowly and put his hand on the post at the top of the stairs and the end of the railing to our right side. I noticed that the front door opened and out stepped a similar crow in a blue and white stripped dress with a white apron tied on the front. She came beside the opposite post near the railing on the opposite side.
 "Well... what have we here. Wow, I take it you aren't in the capacity to enter our town, are you? Well how about that," The old crow remarked.
 "Should I get anything dear?" The other crow spoke as we stood before the foot of the stairs to the place.
 "No, that's okay. Could you wait inside though, please?" The old crow said back.
 She shrugged and went back through the door and shut it behind her. The old crow beckoned us up to have a seat, so Jyiri, Xixzok, Juir, and Michi ascended to take the chairs nearest to the rocker he settled down into. The crow Hildon rocked back and forth looking out into the horizon toward the town where he faced. He kept this up for some time before turning to us and speaking,
 "You do realize we have a strict policy. If we can't facilitate creatures of such size then we just can't let you through. If you let us know what you needing in town and where you are going, we might be able to help?"
 "We are traveling toward the Castle of Jyiri of course. I don't remember you being here. Did Feldig pass away? I'm sorry if he did. Could you have your wife make us something as I'm hungry? You know it's me don't you? I'm surprised your guard didn't recognize me. I would appreciate if we are back on the road soon. I would like to send for my wife as we have been traveling and... there were supposed to have been people on the way that came through the patrols somehow," Jyiri narrated to him.
 "Yes of course, my lord. Just Please follow me inside," Hildon abruptly spoke and got up, giving a curt bow to Jyiri, he opened the front door and went inside.
 I got up with the remainder and we started to file through the door. I stopped and turned toward the cow dragons. I tried to shrink them down so they would fit through the front door and I ended up with the right size. They had snapped up an equal twelve to fifteen persons in their way as well as some of the border patrol along the edge of Indalor. Camyey was now on her side and Sidge was belly up, both wriggling from their tenant's protests, pokes, and inner to outer extensions from their limbs inside. Their stomachs were the better of a double arm length size in addition to their regular double arm length size. Camyey looked over at me indirectly with a placid expression. Sidge stared up at the sky with a half sleep on his eyes.
 "Wow, that didn't work, ha ha!" Deyli remarked and squatted down cuddling up next to Camyey's belly who peered at her with a non concerning look.
 "Sorry guys," I called to them.
 "That's okay," Sidge said with a tongue hanging from his mouth.
 I turned around and moved through the doorway to a waiting grinning Michi and Blae who just joined us. We were now in a kitchen, which Hildon's wife was waiting in, mostly all polished wood pine, to cypress counter tops, cabinets. We took a left into the next room from there. The dining room was next with a table that was a light stained oak polished to a mirror shine, positioned before a long double paned glass window, on a red carpet having a china cupboard in the corner, chandelier, paintings, a light yellow painted wall and trims all around every corner.
 "Please sit down. Keela will bring us some stew, I think, and I will be back," Hildon remarked gesturing toward the seats. He then left the room and went around the corner into a room further on from the front door I had seen.
 We gave each other curt looks and sat down. Blae was looking out through the window and didn't look around at everyone. I turned to him, "Do you have an idea then, sir?"
 "They're not too hospitable. One association and you're all out of town. He is probably going to tell General Hedin. When was the last time you were here Lord Jyiri?" Blae reported.
 "I haven't been here since the tenth from succession. Well, he had better not while I'm here. Although, I'm sorry, I wasn't supposed to come back. Hedin was going to put me down, if you know what I mean. I shouldn't have come back. Now Xelivi is going to be all alone without anyone. They'll throw us into the torture pits, have us inside the bellies of some unknown horror of beasts. I just can't think of it but we got to move on soon. The border patrol isn't going to be missed. There's bandits, thieves, just the regular rogues who have been waiting for such a move. We're likely to be less popular," Jyiri instructed.
 Xixzok, Juir, and Michi exchanged glances, and smiled at each other at the mentioning of 'unknown beasts bellies'. Blae looked over at the entrance to the kitchen from the dining room where we smelled what scent was a fresh corn and bean waft of the stew that was being made.
 "The cow dragons are just big, right?" Xixzok pointed out.
 "Hey, they're about the same as me. I think it's just the entire company, and how we look," Michi interjected.
 "I would think that I..." Jyiri started.
 "Sorry Jyiri. Even with you, we don't seem right to them," Juir said.
 "Even so, the cow dragons, they saw them at their regular size. That must of done us in. Let's send them around the city," Blae suggested.
 "Or maybe..." Jyiri started again but Keela came in carrying a covered metal pot of stew the size of any half of us, although not as big as Michi's two elbow-length long belly. She set it right in the middle and then went back away to return with big bowls a hand length deep by a hand length wide.
 "I eat this stuff like I'm drinking water, folks," Hildon announced, joining us from the opposite doorway from the kitchen. He sat down at the head of the table there and was given a bowl and big metal spoon by Keela who sat beside him and Jyiri.
 "...pulling our tails. We're vore experts. Our stomachs are truly physically larger than their heads right now," Xixzok was whispering to Michi next to him.
 We commenced what turned into being a large feast. There was the stew, and it was heartily stocked with corn, red beans, green beans, black beans, potatoes, cabbage, tomatoes, in a very thick broth. Xixzok and Juir had large bowl after large, bowl, alongside of our hosts at an even pace. They were not racing and took their time but Jyiri and Michi, I found, were looking from one to the other in their off conversations after the twentieth bowl. I just calmly ate as much as I wanted, while still making sure it was enough to not be rude. The warm soup collected into my stomach expanding it, radiating it's warmth through my belly an into the rest of me gradually but gently. The stew was indeed very filling with each serving filling enough for just a few servings that I ate. The crows, along with Xixzok and Juir were doubly bigger in the belly and smugly so, relaxed down.
 Keela fetched a new refill each time as well as some plates of bread and I watched her do it, more so than the rest. She had a small smile on her face each time. They were not even done yet.
 I looked over at Hildon and he smiled back at me and said, between bites at portions of his stew to everyone but focusing back on me, "I haven't seen many of you around here before, really especially you. And don't doubt I have seen many people in these parts."
 Michi laughed, "And undoubtedly you will meet any other quite like him."
 "Don't tell him who he is, really, Michi?" Blae said strictly.
 "And why is that?" Hildon asked back equally as stern, crossing his arms.
 Blae put a hand to his forehead and said, "He is a Synthician."
 "Really? Then why did you have to come out at him like that? We have several in town. You certainly keep a large quantity of creatures and person's with you. We still can't let you in through the city. I also can't believe you are just passing through. We like things to be a certain way around here, we just don't like you're kind here. I don't know where you from or really who he rest of you are," Hildon told us.
 "We told you who we were and where we are from," Xixzok said.
 "No you didn't. No c'mon, tell us," Keela said with a smile.
 "I'm from down south," I said.
 "I'm Dr. Michi Gimiguchi, I have a clinic down south west of the Ezens," Michi said and Keela and Hildon regarded him.
 "You're that... that... witch doctor," Keela remarked.
 "What?" Juir spoke wide eyed.
 "Well, I get called that sometimes from the aborigine tribes," Michi said.
 "Who are they?" Keela asked.
 "They are probably those wolf-breed far south, or maybe those Caits. Well I am going to take care of a few errands. I'd like you to stay. Keela will get you anything else," Hildon told us standing up and leaving the room. Keela had gotten up and started removing the dishes from the room and went into the kitchen.
 Blae laughed, "He's going to gather some people together to get us."
 "He must," Juir said.
 "Well, in the meantime, I could show you a trick," I said.
 "Aren't you worried about what could happen?" Blae asked.
 "Yes, but I have faith in those around me. Now pick any color of the rainbow." I responded holding my paw up. A ball of light starting swirling above my paw and it began to change colors slowly.
 "What? I don't know. Green?" Blae said sitting back sighing.
 "Green," I said and the light of green took over the ball of light. It collected and writhed, shaping into a figurine with no features other than the basic outline of a person with a round head, arms, body, and legs, not more than a stick figure except it had a wider body, legs, and arms. It leapt up out of my hand onto the table and ran across the table but stopped by the remnants of the stew pot and came back and leapt in with a small splash.
 "Wha' what is it doing?" Xixzok strained in his chair to see.
 What it had done was make the stew disappear. Now, instead of a thin body it had a big D shape in the one side of it as it laid down moving around trying to back up but then just laid there.
 "Hey, I might want to use some of these," Juir said chuckling and had reached in and picked up the green creature.
 "Can I have one too?" Xixzok said.
 "Sure," I said and threw a ball of green light to him which quickly shaped into the original duplicate figure before.
 Xixzok quickly stuffed it into his mouth and swallowed it squirming and kicking and Xixzok commented, "That's minty."
 "I figure everything deserves to have a flavor," I said and Michi laughed.
 "Here's another trick," I said to Blae and brought up more light and turned it to red and made it goo over my paw. It plopped into my hand and grew a few bits every few seconds and moved and squiggled on its own. I had to take two paws to hold it up.
 "Wow," Juir commented.
 "What is that stuff?" Blae asked.
 "Just watch. Sorry Juir," I reported.
 "What?" Juir said as he had the green figure on his paw and was watching him try to turn over to get up, chuckling.
 I hurled the goo at Juir and it draped right over him. He made an oomph after that and then a raised augh gurgle sound. The goo slicked around and then reduced it's size smaller and smaller toward the front of Juir's head and finally revealed that it was draining into his half opened mouth. Juir had since slunk back against the chair, his eyes going wide, then half open.
 "Soothingly warm," Juir cooed and emitted an ooo after that.
 "Wovelmlos was actually telling about this idea before. It's sentient alright. I'm sorry we had to take a slight borrowing from the Stonition. However, this is a stomach blob.
 Michi strained toward his belly listening to it as a small sound came out of it and then looked up at us chuckling, "My stonition said it sounds like a Stonition's pet."
 "Nice. Well, these creatures swell as they slurp up stomach juices, preferring the lower juices outside of the stomach too, but mainly staying on stomach acid," I told them.
 Juir was looking at us distantly. I saw his stomach was a little larger and rounder than it was with the blob inside and it grew even few seconds.
 "Well, we had better clean things up before they return," I said and returned them back to their original size with less than two blinks.
 "Well, I'm sorry, I have decided not to let you through the town. I also have an obligation and can't let you go any further without being properly escorted and detained," Hildon reported returning and sitting in his chair casually.
 "This is what we thought. Well, then the sides are drawn. I was hoping to wait until our destination but I'd imagine it start now," I said putting my spoon down into my bowl and standing up.
 "Hildon, what are you doing? I can't see why you are so against us. Wow, if I was the real leader of this country, I wouldn't let people like you be a mayor. You take us in here and feed us and then tell us the same thing you said before. What are you planning? I know I'm not the best pseudo-king but I can at least tell that you're not for anything changing. I think I'm right in what I'm going to do. If only Hedin would realize what's happening around here..." Jyiri spoke.
 "That's enough!!" Hildon screeched in the middle of Jyiri's speech.
 The screech was echoed but another shrill cry from outside. Everyone gazed out the window except Hildon and I. Juir bolted for the outside immediately after he looked toward the window.
 I said, "No, you don't have any idea what's really happening. I'm sorry for that."
 I moved toward the door and I heard him get up quickly and move. I turned back around expecting him to be right by me but there was a flash of light from and back to a crystal Xixzok now held. It was a emerald colored crystal, nearly as round as an orb. He chuckled to himself and then rubbed the orb on his robes, making it shinier and tossed his head back, throwing the orbish crystal up to land into his mouth. He made an loud audible gulp followed by a large lump traveling down his throat. He then belched and a green light shot out of his mouth and back in followed by green smoke wafting from his nostrils for a few moments. His belly jumped in size with the outline of Hildon showing on the outside and it writhed around violently that Xixzok sat down in one place and was soon being moved around the floor by Hildon inside him even though he was sitting stationary. He had a wry smile on him all the time.
 "Oh that was the best I've had in a while," Xixzok commented rubbing his snout and his whiskers.
 "I didn't know Lord Power made those type for you," I added.
 "I have an indulgence," Xixzok said smugly.
 Keela had since ran out of the room through the way opposite the kitchen. We hurried outside the way we came in to meet an impressive near hundred mass of creatures mostly surrounding the remainder of the band left outside.
 "Oh this should be simple," I said drifting off, floating steadily into the midst of our group, joined by Blae, Xixzok, Jyiri, and Michi.
 Yeah really, you just stand back, Juir said grinning.
 Oh you think so, do you? You all are going to find the Dungeons in Hedin's fortress to be , just give yourselves up, A deep brown furred stag in the forefront shouted unsheathing a sword.
 As you will have it? Juir said and gestured toward those of his Monks at his side.
 The Ziyvur Monks obeyed standing around in a circle and encased most of the army in free floating bubbles. I saw that the stag and a few others of the army didn't get caught in the bubbles. They instead started breaking those who were in the bubbles. Then suddenly, there was an enormous light eruption after the remaining army broke out and the battle was joined flashing by us at a high rate. They ran about freezing or impairing the nearest creatures with their abilities and downed them into themselves quicker than seven blinks.
 We saw that the cow dragons were trying to be herded in by several of the group and the stag, but the dragons ended up thrashing through them. They ended up coming over to us despite being shot at by several of them with crossbows. Gesh, still in the carriage with the other personal guards for Jyiri made a stand and shot back with his own crossbows. The Cow dragons stayed over by us but they advanced toward them. I started laughing and the group of them stopped.
 Camyey, try to get all of them in one swoop, I said with grinning fervor and threw and arc of power at her. Camyey glowed all over and sprouted up becoming a giant.
  I cupped my paw to the sides of my mouth and yelled up at her, I'm going to have to start calling you Camyeylopticus!
 Camyey was stock still until she took in her surroundings and the creatures at her feet. Then, saliva dripping off of her mouth, she stopped and swooped her giant paws down and took nearly all of the group of guards. Sidge ate the remaining ones who dropped off of her paw while Camyey had upturned the group into her mouth.
 Odaira appeared suddenly and grabbed one of the ones left who Sidge missed. She turned him headfirst and pushed him into her mouth and down into her stomach so quickly everyone was looking at her by the time she was finished. I shrugged and bent down to listen and rubbed her belly with relish as the creature moved inside.
 That was a very good move, Xixzok remarked.
 Still... you don't have much texture on your belly, I said saucily.
 Odaira stared at me and zipped out behind the house and came back with the stag from before. He was wrapped in a bear hug in front of her and she soon had him up and into her mouth feet first. Then, she was soon finished and I bent and saw the horns sticking out as two large extruding points on her belly. I touch and rubbed her belly around them feeling their points and laughed.
 I turned around looking at my surrounding satisfied and we went back into the house.
 Jyiri warned, "You know they'll be back. There are a lot of guards around here. We shouldn't waste time and should go right to Hedin and take him out. We should be enough to overwhelm him. We have enough might to be able to take them. If we stay around here for too much longer, they are going to send reinforcements, don't you think. I mean, were you waiting around for something or were we going to go. I don't want to wait around here for them to pounce upon us. This house isn't the best fortification against them. How about we go in town? I don't want to get caught out here. Don't you?"
 "They are likely on the way. So we might as well stand our ground until our regular force arrive. Are you okay with that Ias?" Gesh asked.
 "Yes, I don't want to push the march on more than it has been," I told them.
 I followed Gesh and Jyiri as they went beyond the dining room and mounted the stairs. We went into a large bedroom with a giant bed and full furnishings, large white curtained windows, even a large armoire. Jacob Gibbens and Eckstal followed us. The rest of them stayed in around the dining room and kitchen and a large living room beyond the kitchen. We stood for a few moments. I then telepathed to Lord Power and he appeared here with us.
 Lord Power, have you been watching?
 Yes, that was excellent work, He responded looking uninterested.
 I would like us to bypass the town and go right to the castle, I responded.
 What?! He shouted.
 We should go around.... I started to say.
 I heard you. You are starting to take the fun out of this. Ah... it's strategically unsound, but I guess you had just taken out about half of the able city guards. Well I'm going to accelerate everyone as we are about halfway here. That the only fair move in payment I would like. Power grumbled.
 Yes, accelerate your group. You'll be here soon. I think Keela will have the rest of the guards after us very soon, I said to him and he nodded frowning and vanished.
 Suddenly I felt a rumbling in the ground and everyone else around me felt it to so we went back outside. I got out onto the porch first and called for the others to meet me. We saw coming from the North around the town a mesh of Cattlemorphs from Moose to Oxen.
 "Sidge! Camyey!" The cow-dragons responded and swept in, Camyey using her gigantic paws and Sidge swooped in and gulped one and gulped the others one after another. They were joined by what Ziyvur monk's or Knights could move. I saw several crossbow bolts being fired at them and kept Gesh from firing back.
 "Ias are you crazy, they could finish them off quicker," Eckstal protested.
 I looked at her smugly, "This is a little more of a natural way to vore."
 Eckstal looked at me eyes squinted, "That's not fair. You don't mean?!"
 I nodded and we watched the seventy contingent reinforcement battalion get gobbled up before too long. The steer were all gone quite neatly with no one leftover. The result was an impressive mass of creatures with over extended wobbly bellies with some full enough to show the outlines of those inside.
 Jaze appeared just after this and Lord Power's group we saw was just a few tree lengths down the road running toward us. They finally reached us and most of them hesitated seeing the full bellies and the size of Camyey. Jaze gives me a hug as she had Glug, Juir, and Michi.
 Sandis was with her and headed over to check on the Ziyvur monks and Knights. Juir and Xixzok came back to me and stood beside me, not too immobile to walk. Xixzok was the bigger out of the two and stood there, the prey inside him bumped up against my side several times as they pushed out from inside. I laughed pushing and prodding back.
 Odaira appeared and pressed her snout up against Sidge's belly as he laid belly up, his eyes closed, "You're caught. Whoever wants out the quickest had better switch sides and we do mean now."
 She did the same to everyone else similarly until Jaze protested, "Just stop it, none of them are wanting to switch sides."
 I visited each stuffed creature and stopped at Sidge. He rubbed the side of his belly and looked at me with his eyes half open and his tongue just visible through his lips. I pushed on the side of his belly and I saw something in the shape of a paw push back out at me. I put my ear up to the side of his belly and amidst gurgles and glomp sounds I heard muffled cries and shouting. I pushed my paw in the side a few times more and got a response.
 I went up to Sidge and asked, "Do you have enough room? I know Odaira just asked but I want to ask some of them myself."
 "Unh? I think I'm full enough, but sure" Sidge said but opened his mouth.
 "Maybe I could just look in. I haven't been inside of you in a while," I said looking into his mouth. I could only see back through his pink mouth and teeth. I could not exactly see down Sidge's throat so I had him angle his head and leaned in further until I was nearly able lay inside his warm mouth to look down his pinkish smoothly lined throat. I had him swallow a few times and watched his top throat muscles close and open back up but could no better see down. Then I brushed his uvula and he moved quickly causing me to slide forward back into his mouth. His throat muscles close over me and moved me in. I didn't mind this much and just waited as I wanted a better look.
 My head was gone down past his upper throat quickly and I was soon sliding through his slick throat, pushed in at all sides snugly as his throat went through it's wave motions to push me down inside through the thumping bumping portion where his heart was down into the hotter interior farther down into his throat into his belly toward a gurgle and rumbling from him stomach, and pouting from the creatures. It reminded me of going down a slide with a tube around it but in that I was cushioned around all sides by a wet slick warm material to where I slide down. The blood rushed to my head quickly as I was face down but it was worth it. I ended up down at the circular flap to his stomach and watched in strict amusement as a paw or hoof poked it's way through his stomach trying to get a hold on but the orifice closed up quickly. When I was close enough I could see through the opening into his ribbed wrinkled stomach and the creatures gathered there.
 "Outta' my way," I said with a smile and was squeezed into the slicking smooth pink orifice and plopped into the upper part of his stomach. I partook of the J shaped of it filled with a bunch of creatures. The lower end of it moved in and out in a circular closing a opening movement toward the exit at that side. Sidge's stomach was not packed full but there was a crowd of the creatures there. The side that most of them stood at caused that part of the stomach to yaw in general direction away and down to the left.
 I got up slowly smiling, "I represent the army that just swallowed the most of you. I'm sure this isn't the way the half of you want to go out. Well, the way we can guarantee this is to ask who would want to come with us to our side."
 The results was many grabbing hands at me and then I was pinned down harshly onto the stomach's folds. I smiled and phased back out through the stomach walls to the daylight outside. I was just underneath Sidge beside where he was laying down. Then suddenly his large writhing belly tipped over and was on top of me. It wasn't crushed but it was heavy and pillowy soft and the creatures inside still moved around tickling me and almost giving a bit of a massage. My dick went hard and began pushing back into his belly. I slipped out tightly from under Sidge and went around front.
 Sidge put his head and neck down to the ground and I said, "No, they don't want to get out.
 "All the better for me," Sidge said with a yawn.
 Odaira, Gibbens, Gesh, Jyiri, Blae, Lord Power's army, and the rest who were not immobile or resting headed west. We then went north around the city and then north along the short distance on the road to the Castle. About half the way there we were stopped by a few soldier patrols. They were thirty five and we outnumbered them well with Lord Power's army.
 "Stop and don't advance," A panther remarked moving forward. He said this with a tinge of shakiness. He had a leather armor garb and had both sword and crossbow with him.
 We had to call in a fresh contingent of Ziyvur. I had Lord Power ascent to move them forward along with some of Merstra Zamae's Priests backing them up with the Ezen's and their crossbows. The soldiers were soon running away from us. There was another advancement further back we could see but they saw what happened and quickly retreated back to the castle.
 Sidge and the other dragons soon caught up with us from their rest being not totally full. I sent them on ahead to the fortress. The whole perimeter was surrounded by a big concrete wall but the dragons flew over and into it storming the perimeter.
 The castle was not really a traditional stone and Keep Castle, persay. It had a big full concrete wall with many ornamental shapes and lines etched into it. The top of the wall was battlements shaped and there were towers at eight points the whole way around, which the guards that were there walked across, some gathering to look at us and then a few trumpet blasts sounded out. Then on beyond, we couldn't really see anything except the large regular wood, stone, and brick buildings shaped in square patterns toward the midst of it, the tallest in the off center stuck up a few treelengths above the wall perimeter. A double stone etched door was the only way in and out at the front of the wall.
 The perimeter wall was easy to take down. Camyey reached down and smashed the front door easily but carefully so as not to destroy the wall. What guards were there only shot at most a few crossbow shots but eventually scattered when Sandis, Sidge, Camyey, and a few gryphons and baidofs took some away screaming away into the air.
 We continued on through the gates into the castle town slowly. It had four main streets going up north to the main buildings and three cross streets cutting west to east. The left center street and the right center we paraded up and heard the closing of many shutters and windows of houses. This took some time to make our way toward the center as we converged on everything. There were mostly closed up shops and deserted marketplaces toward the big buildings in the center.
 Camyey, Sidge, and the others attacked the main buildings of the keep when we got there, although there wasn't many and much they could attack except to grab a few guards or an unfortunate creature who peered out an open window. The buildings were indeed a general light color of pale cream stone and brick with white lines along the edgelines and the window lines. The glass windows on each of the seven floors went all around and were square mostly except being circular and smaller toward the top. There were ornamental etch sculpting work and other sculpting design all around the building up to the top where the designs were splurged into many various curved shaped and sides eaves.
 There was very little resistance. What guards and soldiers did meet us were dispatched leaving very stuffed dragons and creatures laying about the battlements and up against the side of the buildings. The leaders of the Baidofs, Ezens, Gryphons, Lord Power, Lord Wain of the Caits, Blae, Gesh and I entered into the tallest building and passed down a small marbled hallway with benches along the sides and plants hanging everywhere from the ceiling as well as candles for light.
 There were doors off to each side with some showing into a sitting room and others showing into other hallways or a small storeroom. We looked down them all and kept going until we reached a double door. We continued into this and into a large marble room with light cream colored floor and two round large pillars to the each side nearer the wall. The room was zig-zagged in the wall shape from the sides toward the back with doors at the strict south west and east side. Then toward the back of the room at the end and in the middle of the zig zags, were a few stone steps up onto and ornament pedestal and a throne of sapphire and gold. There were white long draperies behind it but no windows. There were quite a few grand chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and side wall holders along the wall with candles set all about them and lit to set a soft glow.
 "I was expecting him to be here," The Ezen contingent master, a black and brown blotched furred creature said.
 "I wasn't. He's a coward," Lord Power said and I shrugged but nodded.
 "Maybe we could start up then and have Jyiri take his place back and take his place on that throne there," Wain instructed and we looked back the way we came. The doors were open and we could see back to the outside as the front door were opened as well.
 Gesh was standing closest to the door and yelled, "Please ask Lord Jyiri to come in to talk to us.
 We sort of disbanded throughout the city, and took up residence, not finding General Hedin or the rest of his guard anywhere even after a second sweep. Jyiri's wife joined us in the main building palace for the time being. We went to release the soldiers and guards inside the creatures. This time most of them immediately pledged themselves to Jyiri again from the bellies of the beasts.
 I perused the town and checked through some of the more quiet ones of the town, checking up on the residents in general. Then in one modest house off the main street, with white and blue edging around the windows roof and base had a door open, which was unusual while we were around so I went inside. I came up into a front hallway with a long skinny carpet and a few stands and a coat hanging stand toward the door. I saw down at the far end a streak of someone and flew down the hall and into a living room with several chairs and a sofa. There was a coyote of sorts staring back at me but only for a moment as he went out the door at the other end of the room but just as he stepped outside he flew backwards across the room into a chair, breaking it.
 Blae stepped in smiling, "I think I am ready for this priest work. Who was he?"
 "I think he was an assassin seeded her by Hedin to try to secure a return," I said looking out a window in the room.
 We found a few other traces and tell tale signs of this sort but mostly not inside as it was either houses, small residence buildings, and mostly long abandoned storefronts. One particular general store, I meet an old anthropomorphic horse with a mule friend helping him out.
 "Are you done holding this town, we want to go back to our regular lives, it's bad for business," The anthropomorphic horse said from behind the counter.
 We will be done soon when King Jyiri has a secure place to live, I said back with a salute and a curt smile.
 Just take what you want and leave, The mule said staring right at me so I shrugged and left promptly.
 I found a big fat Jackal Food Shopkeeper whom I met earlier in Michi's place that knew a trace of Ziyvur. He showed me around the various meat racks, breads, fruits, and vegetable assortments in barrels or on shelves and tried to sell me something. He was munching on a piece of jerky beef when suddenly a small arrow bolt caught the piece of jerky hanging out of his mouth and pinned it to the wall. I turned around and saw a gay tail vanish out the door. The Jackal vendor went quickly after the culprit and I went outside onto he cobblestone streets where everyone had stopped or came out of the neighboring shops or homes to witness what had happened. The assassin was another coyote but was in the arms of the Jackal kicking against his big round belly and growling.
 "How is this for an ample punishment," the Jackal commented with his snout beside the ears of the Coyote looking at me with a grin.
 Then the Coyote's head was inside the Jackal's mouth into his throat followed smoothly but without too much extra squirming by his shoulders and chest, belly, thighs, legs, and feet. His already fat stomach bowled out more into a squiggly paunch.
 The Jackal wavered and sat down so I went over to him whereas he remarked while I helped him up, "I haven't done that in a while, oooo."
 I helped him inside and into a chair at the back of the store. He had me bring a few buckets off the shelf and put water into one bucket and a few elements of oil, molasses, and another couple of ingredients, until we had a second bucket of cloudy ickor. He drank the water and then followed by drinking the ickor. After the ickor I watched with peaked interest as his stomach went firmer and the kicking was less noticeable. He slunk down in his chair with an ahhh. I was peering at his belly a few steps away so he bid me over and pointed to his belly. I felt it and while it was nice soft and furry, it was quite firm, almost a bit of light rubberyness.
 "Get a chair back there and sit down," He breathed smiling. I looked around and went back to fetch it with a grin myself.
 I was set up with a room in the castle's upper level. Jyiri sent for me close to a day later by a message from Odaira, Eckstal, and Gesh. We then set about trying to find Hedin and it was very straightforward. I went back and talked to Jyiri in the audience hall and he introduced me to a short stocky beastly anthropomorphic creature crossed with a lion, oxen, wolf, bear, but half mostly dwarfish which Hedin captured to be the guardian but had defected during the fight. The creature showed us the way down into the basement through the vore pits of various large beasts, including the snake I had ridden inside, to a secret tunnel leading outside. This was one of several ones I had been brought in inside the snake. So, I headed then back and gathered the dragons, a regular sized Camyey, Odaira, Eckstal, Gesh, Gibbens, Blae, Hedins's familiar, and a healthy contingent of soldiers insisted upon us by Jyiri and we headed off toward the west and Hedin's land.
 We met the border defense force into Hedin's land soon then afterward and made short edibility of them. I made Camyey into the gigantic anthropomorphic Camlopticus and she helped considerably. The first village on the way was a farming town. We dispersed trying to be quiet and some of us came to the inn and I brought the dragons down to size so as not to scare the inn but the low profile was found out. We were summoned to the town hall and the village elders tried to delay us until the remainder of our force gathers to get us out. Finally Chaos broke out and the dragons, with the others that could and would, ate or fought against the many people and soldiers gathered there. With the Dragons stuffed to immobility, we left them there and traveled ahead to the track toward Hedin's palace and met his elite guards. Odaira came in again but this time brought in some latent Ziyvur monks and they well matched the others and with the help of cover from us with the soldier force, we succeeded at dispatching the creatures.
 Marching onto the castle we are assaulted by a remaining group of the crow and coyote assassins, the last of the crow bandits of south west Caprice. Odaira finds herself quite large as does the Ziyvur so we have to leave them but Jaze follows us. From then on it was a magic and arms fight with a few intermixed vore help from Jaze herself and me. We penetrated into the palace interior and made our way into the high keep but didn't find Hedin again. We do find his concubine of Eckstal's race though crossed half with fox. She tries to seduce me but I ended up eating her with relish.
 We took spread out around the castle and let the guards out into the countryside to secure the remaining forces. The harmless citizens and repentant soldiers are released from the dragons and the gigantic Camyey whom I then reduced back to Cow-Dragon form. A latent attack comes from a last stand force on the castle but we make a quick meal from them.
 The information gathered from Hedin's concubine and the guards who switched sides left us to know that he had fled to Hale Forth. I telepathically got in touch with Jyiri but Jyiri wished us hold the land Hedin had there. So thusly, the ends to a means was met. We said our goodbyes and Sidge, Odaira, Jaze, Eckstal, Gesh, Blae, Camyey and those who were wanting to go back to their home, followed us back south. We met little adventure and mostly talked about what happened and partook in what playing around we could to pass the time. One time, Wovelmlos challenged Blae to vore or an eating contest. This ended of course one-sided to Wovelmlos's favor. Blae was not very happy and walked in silence for sometime but eventually lightened up again. We finally got back to Primeon.
 I got together with Gesh at the end of it all and took him aside with Sko who appeared and I started out by saying, "I stayed as you requested. Was this what you wanted?"
 "You did this for me?" Gesh asked rubbing his arm with his left hand and smiling.
 He had just taken off his armor and we were inside of the lecture meeting hall to the north west room in the main floor of Primeon. The room was long and a somewhat wide side and had two square tables at the large end with a large backed chair raised up on a level by a large long stone slab amongst the further end. We sat at the table away from the west side to the other side. The room was mostly all red plush, even having red draperies more for. Then on the mantelpieces behind the big chair to the raised side were swords and some trinkets of silver, stone, or other type of jewelry or art piece. There were faded pictures of the old dwarfish miners and other owners, even Michi, all around between the draperies. The doors that led out of the room were to the east and south side center of the room's walls there. The tables were chestnut stained oak. The plush red back chairs had studs along where the plush met the wood. There were hanging candelabras along the ceiling of the room with some of the candles lit to give the room a brighter glow, it was a soft not so bright light.
 "I did not," Sko said and looked toward the east side door as Odaira and Jaze came in with Wovelmlos. Eckstal followed them as did Blae. Odaira draped her paws over the chair and gave me a hug.
 "I have so much writing to do," Eckstal said.
 "Are you going to help write my part first?" I asked her.
 "I wonder why you started this story with such a quick end to everything. Didn't you want to start this story with an end to everyone as you did with the beginning of it?" Eckstal asked.
 "You don't understand, Eckstal. This is not the end. We will be going on, toward the higher places and onward throughout the universe," Sko said.
 "I will be coming back here eventually, I plan on it. I will be talking to Blae whether awake or asleep," I said to her.
 "Could I talk to you about that later?" Blae put in.
 I nodded to him and turned toward Sko, "I guess we have to put it better in a way. Eckstal and Jaze probably know better than anything about how things work around being an Ultin or a single centered high being. How about we just explain it to everyone Sko?"
 "I don't have any problem. All but a few of them don't understand this," Sko said.
 The door opened and Camyey with Sidge came in in their hudra cow-dragon forms and Sidge said, "What is it? Everyone started to drop off and we found you here."
 Debacho with the rest of the remainder of the Masprits came to join us as did Zeck, Slas, Nellms, Elaejia, even a smaller sized Sedas came in soon after them. They were mostly all seated and Eckstal said, "We could have done this in the main hall with more room."
 "That's okay, this is more of a side away from the real purpose. Many of the people with purpose won't seek to come by here that are doing their regular day to day tasks. It is off to the side and out of the way of the main traffic areas with all that's going on," I said.
 "I hope all of you are accounted for," Sko said to them.
 I stood up and spoke, "I didn't really want to make such a big event out of my leaving and just leave a message with Blae that I was going to go. I guess I'll just do this the long way then and talk to you about a few important things before I go."
 "What's wrong?" Blae asked.
 "It isn't so much wrong as it is more of a parting sentiment," Sko returned.
 I continued, "Blae is going to be sort of in charge of what I was as well as Primeon while I am not at full presence here. That aside, this and what has happened is not what it seems."
 "Do you know about Metaphors?" Sko asked.
 "Something that means something else," Eckstal said promptly.
 "Yes, although allegory might be the proper term. But, through allegory and possible metaphoric means, this is what it is. Although on the surface it is fantasy and by all means it is to those who read it, it is meant to be something far greater.
 The average audience who reads this will take it with a grain of salt. They have every right. That is, until I present them with a point that it isn't all so much fantasy. That said then, this in itself is a set of ideas and beliefs that were put into this story. It is also a combination of what was and is a part of several years of fantastic planning. It was only put here and now, at such an unplanned timing, to be what it is. It was brought together, not by particular coincidence but a unification of what was and what it is. All of the ideas and concepts are now unified into one whole piece. It has basis on my past life as it was. I am very surprised onto how it turned out. I am very satisfied on how it turned out.
 I don't mean to force imply terms on any particular person. That what should really be gotten out of this is a few terms. I have said what it is to me in the story and everything I believe it is with true life and the secondary afterlife. What should be taken away is just determine and use your own power to pave your own way.
 ... With that... I say goodbye!" I narrated to them and vanished into the Silver Stream.
Story Statistics
Story Completion 1,000,000
Story Coerciveness 20000
Vore Power 150000
Vore 20000
War 150000
Synth and Magic 120000
Unbirthing 1000
Stuffing and Gluttony 700000
Fatness and Furriness 650000
3 smiles 1200000
Light Speed Theory 2700
Gods and Goddesses -1000
Deus Ex Machina -15000
Quick Ending -10000
Characters and Believability -100000
Num Nums! -10000
Let's wrap it up! 100?
Total 3877800 Experience Points
Ias I' Ney is gone for now but he will be be back in his next adventure:
Dictionary and Encyclopedia
An excerpt from the Encyclopedia of the Great Council of Ultins pertaining to the worlds of the Candle Star
Absolute Form or Ascended Forms- characterized basically as a form which does not need to enter a Metasynth State because the form is already there. The other characterization is that the Absolute Forms cannot exit out of a Metasynth state. Otherwise, absolute forms are indiscernible since they can be anything they choose and are beyond chronological time. This makes them mostly unintelligible.
Alvinists- they are any individual, entity, etc. that follows the work and ways of Alvin Abernous.
Alvinism- the ideas and work of Alvin Abernous
Altimentor- Refers to any first form that has the abilities of the Ultins up to and possibly including an Ultimentor. (see Iasiney and The One)
Alvin Abernous- Human Synthician who specialized in general and deep therapy by Synth. He made major breakthroughs and contribution to his world. He was utterly fascinated by helping, healing, and therapy on anyone and anything for any reasons, "made insane by it" one critic of his work said. He started a movement with his works toward a more peaceful world. The movement caught the attention of everyone but soon disagreements broke out and the Synthician community frowned upon his work. There was a great effort to ban him lead by Salina Solidos and succeed. He was forced into exile but made a small community of his followers in a supportive country on another land. This was later routed out and Alvin imprisoned for supposed terrorist conspiracy. He spent the rest of his days then on in prison (or so everyone was lead to believe).
Anthropomorphics- Form of study from any particular race anthropomorphic, humanoid, or sentient that study Anthropomorphic societies or Anthropomorphism in general.
Anthropomorphists- Those who study Anthropomorphics.
Ascention- Changeover from first form to absolute form but with inability to change back.
Bue Juice- Created by the rouge Ultin The Belly. This liquid, when ingested, embeds to the body like fat and increases size. The liquid is not harmful to the body as fat and with slight synth suggestion the Juice can be induced to increase the size of certain buildup of the body. The liquid actually prolongs life but with the cost of a bigger body size.
Council of Mentors- The highest of the Ultin Councils and treated as an overseeing council (see ultin councils).
Crynician- Mid-High level of Synth User. Rather disciplined and can command some impressive forms of Synth Power.
Cryston- Sub structure of every existing being is imbued with this particular subunit. It is so microscopic that really the cryston is only a myth. The cryston has been studied by some first forms as well as secondary forms. What is known by them both is that the cryston helps with Synth.
Cryston Power- When the cryston in anything is agitated or invoked, various fields around the Cryston become sensitive. With a particular process, the fields then can be manipulated.
Durizuit- Ruling Clan of Sengor Lor of Pranoke having political ties in with the main representative government and responsible for the isolationist attitude and for cutting off mostly all ties with the outside world and clans or governments they didn't trust.
Form Synthicism- developed by Alvin Abernous for use specifically with finding out if a person is Otherkin. The way he did it was to first generally inquire into any surface possibility of Otherkindness ranging from simple questions aimed at trying to quickly narrow down the other form by seeing what the person 'identifies' with or believes to identify with. The final step was to verify it by linking minds in metasynth and to search specific areas of the person for otherkindness. If the results matched then the person is otherkin. The process is delicate and time consuming. If the results of surface to depth don't match it does not mean that the person is not otherkin. The use of this technique had the greatest frequency and was most recorded done both by Alvin and several followers, mostly when Alvin was in his middle ages and onward.
Ias i'ney- Great Myth amongst even the Ultins. Ias was or still is supposedly an Incarnate of The One though many of those he came across he while he was or while he is in this incarnate phase knew or know not his true identity as he forbade them looking beyond, though he uses most of his abilities as Highest God as this incarnate which is why he is suspected being incarnated as such.
Illume Liquid- Naturally and sometimes artificial liquid which sparkles and illuminates. The brightness can be controlled with as low as a minutian level of synth discipline.
King Jyiri- Name of the government of North Caprice which was mostly styled as a monarchy by King Jyiri and Queen Xelivi, it was really a puppet dictatorship of General Hedin who was in league with Jyiri, forcing him to follow his rule..
Keynician- Mid most level of Synth User. Commonmost in first forms, these ones can do a few remarkable synth events.
Minutian- Lowest level of first form Synth User. Mostly everyone and everything that has Cryston in them are considered a Minutian.
Metasynth- The parallel existence where masprits live. If one wishes to use synth they must enter metasynth first. They then negotiate with the masprits there as to which synth effect/affect is desired. Meta is beyond and synth is to bring together; literally synth is bringing together of beyond forces.
Myth of the One- First form belief that gained ground enough to be a religion in most places and even a guild in the Candlestar which is The Guild of the Mystics of the One. This myth is that an Ultin who had power beyond all other Absolute forms and first forms combined created the Universe and Named it Pelelope. The One then created synth as a silver stream that flowed out from the Central Spindle in the center of the universe filling all things with Cryston or Maspritae. Among Absolute forms, they know better (see The One).
Panthenon of the Many- Part of the Synthicism belief system in that there exists a great council of Ultin Mentors who direct the universe and everything that happens in it (see Ultin Council), especially Synth.
Quanician- Mid-Low level of Synth User. More disciplined and can do a few bit of interesting tricks.
Rpjion- A myth held in some select first form legends. It stems from an ancient society where Animals were greatly revered and worshiped by the society. During one of the festivals of the year where each person dressed up as their favorite anthropomorphized animal, Power and Dream came to them and caused their flesh to embed into their costume, thus causing them to become totally different creatures, hybrids of their animals forms they were wearing. Some of the beings left unto a new world unpopulated by sentient forms that they were originally so they named the world Rpjion. This is how and why there are anthropomorphic animals in the universe.
Saynajaus- Ruling clan of the Maginean nation of Hale Forth. Once the clan took over most of the government, the Land of Hail Primus was renamed to Hale Forth. Quite deceptive and ruthless. Has a hate for Michi Gimiguchi and seeks to wipe his and the Vore and Gluttony movement he started. Attempts at assassination of Michi are usually carried out by them.
Synth- Any of the various processes used to manipulate Cryston Power. Commonly used to refer to anything involving using Cryston Power. These processes include anything similar to meditation, hypnotic suggestion, daydreaming, sleep, et al. but involving a parallel state of consciousness where the user enters Metasynth. There, the user's physical and mental perceptions are increased; the mind, body, reality, etc. et al. are literally linked. Studies suggest that the buzzing of the crystons allow the user to enter metasynth. How outside forces are so manipulatable from then is due to Maspritae which are masprits in their usual form.
Synthician- High level of the first form type of Synth User. A synthician is usually specialized and has the most complex knowledge of synth otherwise. Alone, one Synthician can perform near-catastrophic Synth Events if willing.
Synthicism- A discipline which studies synth and contributes to a knowledge base of formal synth use.
The One- Universal Master, omnipotent, omniscient, constant creator of the Universe as it is. Started the Ultin Council and is the head having the title UltiMentor
Ultins- Any of the various interuniversal beings that have ability to command infinite amounts of Cryston Power in and out of themselves, so are really the highest Synth Users of all in the universe. Seen as a reclusive race of entities in the first form myths, Ultins are indeed real and not just anyone is an Ultin. Only an interplay of various factors can guarantee Ultinity. Since all first forms perish only a perished first form can become and Ultin. Otherwise, the perished first form becomes another ascended form. Ultins can only be made by Ultins and usually either by reproduction with other Ultins or with other forms. Ultins have a knowledge capacity of extended sense and perception into surrounding space. Abilities are various and range with Cryston Power. Called the caretakers of the Universe there are many Ultins, and some form councils to keep track of each other. To equalize with each other, some Ultins adopts a specialty. Some Ultins are unaccounted for so the councils in their whole are not totally balanced and sometimes specialties overlap.
Ultin Councils- Collaboration by some but not all of the Ultins in the universe into councils that's collective collaboration directs the universe to some extent but usually they have to content with Rogue Ultins and other Secondary forms. The One is the overseer of the council but doesn't get directly involved with it. The highest overseeing council is the Council of Mentors or Elders (see Council of Mentors).
Ziyvuris- Usage of Synth by sapping the energy of creatures that are eaten before full digestion occurs.
An excerpt of the bestiary of the worlds of the Candle Star, authored by Karen Kavenshire, Ultin Council Recordkeeper
Baidofs- A Race of Anthropomorphic Bats.
Cadis Drak (Cade)- Hybrid form of a dragon bred by Drakknights. Usually is described as a small ovalish like draconic form in white skin the size of a human with the head and horns of a ram, a long and lithe neck, an ovalish body, no wings, and a whip-like tail. Eyes are blue and besides other minute similarities, it is hard to distinguish one Cade from another. Very powerful in strength and quite smart, they usually have innate synth abilities. They can fly without wings and can move so quick they appear invisible or in a blur.
Cait- Mountain or Plain dwelling, they are a cat-like race
Charzen- absolute form which is usually seen as a freefloating grain of sand or bit of earth. Immortal and they command interesting variations of Cryston Power on climate and atmosphere.
Demon- any of the various parasitic absolute forms which usually prey on first forms although they do not always need them to survive. As with other absolute forms, they are immortal and command some substantial Cryston Power.
Diberd- Half human, half bird.
Dragataur- Half Dragon, Half Horse.
Dragon- generally considered a mythological beast represented usually as a huge winged serpent which could breathe fire. Many variations exist but this is the general considered form.
Dragonbird- small bird sized flying dragon.
Drake- Half human half dragon creature which can project fire from openings in their wrist instead of mouth.
Drakknaught- Half Maginean, half-Human. Vary remarkable form having both a balance and unique synth skills.
Drakknight- humanoid and very similar to magineans except are much more malicious as a society and their ears come down to a point toward the bottom of their heads instead of up and they also sense changes in fields of synth at this point on their ears. The Drakknights were conceived by Glite whence he was still a maginean first form and he used synth to manipulate his offspring genetically altering them. The Elder God Power sensing a threat to his superior race The Eliusers (see Eliuser) assassinated him but this was the wrong thing to do as Glite rose as an Ultin, not nearly as powerful in scope as Power but burning with revenge. He trained and altered his offspring further until they were nearly immune to the Capturing Crystals that the Eliusers used. Thankfully for the Eliusers that there existed other forms to manipulate, they soon became bitter enemies and seemingly everlasting conflict ensued between them. Yet, in folklore of the first forms it's better to be captured by an Eliuser than a Drakknight as Eliuser eventually let their captives go alive after they have used them to a certain point.
Duorgnaks- The result of interbreeding between Drakknights and Dwarves resulted in the Duorgnaks which are taller than dwarves but shorter than elves, between slender and stocky, they are almost perfectly balanced light greenish blue tinged skinned creatures, one hand length smaller than humans and magineans. They appear naturally isolationist and don't interact with other races very much, and rarely if so. They are otherwise extremely intelligent and imaginative, having otherwise crafted many remarkable devices overrivaling the Drakknights and the Eliusers in technological advancements but never shared the technology with anyone else. Lady Dream, who has fancied this race cites several times where they have helped out other creatures and races.
Dwardra- sometimes called a wyvern, this form is a dragon that is miniature in size to a regular dragon.
Dwarf- Short stocky humanoid form. Some can possess low level synth skills but are usually miners with a very good sense of the underground. The only one to surpass them are knomes.
Ezen- tall creatures with the head of a dog/wolf and body of a human, the are loyal to all who honor them and are very capable fighters.
Eliuser (pronounced Ellie Ooosah)- The Eliuser was a race conceived by the Elder God Power. He created a race of creatures about four feet tall born without heavy fur, more-so short furred, and resembling a sort of muskrat crossed with a marsupial type creature that was bipedal. Then he presented his creatures with a single gem that could fit in their usually three inch four digit hand. This crystal could trap anything that it was exposed to, minus the Eliusers themselves, and thus the Eliuser could use the energy off of whatever they trapped, whether it was pure energy or a living creature to fashion near catastrophic events. As a result the Eliusers advanced quick and conquested much and are a great rival of the Drakknights. (see Drakknights)
Eshmutai- Sometimes referred to as fawns, they are small light red furred cousins of anthropomorphic mountain goats, who had once crossed with mountain knomes. They are about two elbow lengths in height though some vary slightly in size either taller by a finger length or shorter.
Fairy- absolute form possessing innate wild cryston power. Unpredictable, they usually sometimes protect lakes and streams and are avoided by most first forms except Maginean folk and their cousins which are heard in some stories to be able to strike up co-existence with them.
Giant- Used to refer to anything large but usually an oversized human reaching heights of over twelve feet tall. Rare but definitely formidable.
Goblin- Small shrewd green skinned humanoids. They usually are elusive, sometimes cave-dwelling creatures looked down upon by many first-forms since some tribes of them are deceptive and mischievous. Only the Magnineans, drakknights, and drakknaughts don't seem to frown upon the goblins. Thus, some have been able to dwell in their lands and have established themselves well in their societies.
Gryphon- part eagle, part lion. Wild and usually ferocious.
Hippogryph- part eagle, part horse. Much more wild and ferocious than gryphons.
Hudra- dragon which is similar in size, makeup, and a little in shape to a human.
Hydra- Considered to be a multiple headed dragon.
Human- adaptable first form with tendencies either toward good or evil. They are usually upright standing, various toned skinned forms with heights from five to six feet tall, arms shorter than legs, legs are hinged to provide them smooth running abilities, usually have hands with five appendages or "fingers" good for grasping objects. Bodies are equal in size to legs and able to bend with spinal column in back, neck is short and head mid sized and circular shaped. Face is usually ears to the side of head eyes toward top nose below and mouth and chin below that. Very common due to adaptability and equally skilled when needed with other forms except absolute forms.
Ifrit- Also called a genie or djinn. An ifrit is any absolute form with considerable Cryston Power that usually inhabit an object and grant the requests of any form which bears the object they inhabit.
Jackalope- A Jackrabbit that has horns. Very rare, not likely to get out in the public eye but tales are told of these creatures uncanny cleverness and quickness not to mention the spot of useful wisdom they give when any good conversation is made with them.
Jakel- Anthropomorphic (human-like) Jackal.
Kellsdracontai- Superior form of a dragon which could almost be a dragon style of Ultin. Only one recorded by first form myths is one in the Landolai lands. Different from Ultins because of a superior wisdom that may signify that the form was around even longer than Ultins, one single one single one having the power of three ultins combined. They are also characterized by indirect synth usage and really only use their synth through their breath e.g. having maybe at one time a fiery breath and then at the other times an other cryston powered breath.
Kedeshmut- Thrice crossing, combined fairy and Eshmutai, these creatures are short haired yellowish orange skinned creatures usually a finger length taller than knomes, but with ears centered up atop their heads and horns sprouting from their forehead, sometimes making them a little off on the hearing. They can float around through the air as their Fairy cousins but without wings. They usually take up residence close to well traveled spots where they can live comfortably because of their size. They sometimes follow travelers curiously and most of the time try to strike up a conversation with them. They are bit more synth intuned as Faries and as capable of producing synth. They are mythic in first form tales to throw boulders around, uproot a patch of trees cleanly, and even to blast meteor sized holes in the ground. Other tales have them traveling as emissaries or traveling around with other races, sometimes boring them to death with constant chatter and lectures. Lady Explore has helped and taken in some of this race, and does outright acknowledge these creatures as her favorites.
Knome- Very small nimble sub-humanoid form sometimes called imps. These usually hand length tall creatures possess some acute wild sub cryston ability but only usually do mild tricks with them. Their main skill is in mining and they are the best at it with dwarves coming in second.
Maginean- humanoid form with fair skin, upward pointing ears, and light skeletal structures which makes them nimble. They have unique abilities with quickness and are naturally adept at Synth ability. They also have remarkable natural tracking and forester skills and are usually tied close to forests as a result.
Masprit- sometimes called sprites or even imps, a masprit is any of the various sub cryston absolute forms that command a substantial amount of wild cryston power. Very unstable and are seen as translucent barely distinguishable forms. Sometimes though they assume clear distinguishable forms but are still unpredictable. They are considered the collective of an infinite number of Maspritae. When one enters metasynth then a masprit is who is usually negotiated with to enact synth events. Masprits and Maspritae are sometimes referred to Synth themselves by first forms but most absolute forms call them Maspritae.
Maspritae- Undefined constant sub cryston absolute form. They are always invisible (see masprit) and cannot be perceived but are believed to exist by first forms to exist as a subliminal silver river stream flowing around everything. Absolute forms can perceive them and direct their flow depending on what type of absolute form they are.
Megish- Part dragon, donkey, wolf, tiger, and human. Very deceptively kind when you look in it's eyes. I find that I am drawn to this creation unlike any other. They are like an odd but beautiful furry nymph. I made these things have some acute wild synth power. I've also noticed that they remind me of Cadis Draks though the cades are more ovalish in form.
Olomoon- Red tail tipped, flighty creatures, about a hand length longer than a mouse and able to form speech understood by most creatures. Called Imp Rats derogatorily because of their usual habit of stealing people's food right off the plate and their resemblance of rat. They in truth are not related to any species directly and can stand and walk on their hind legs as flawless as any bipedal and appear anthropomorphic, but then can walk on all four legs on the tip top of their three toed paws so lightly, they appear to be gingerly caressing the land. They are as wily as Fairies and sometimes guard their territory with as much ferocity. They have an acute wild synth sense which mostly lets them avoid trouble by increasing speed and locate and scavenge food before giving them an real offensive qualities. Jackolopes are found around these creatures sometimes and vice versa.
Orc- sometimes called a hobgoblin, these are intelligent human sized cousins of goblins that are usually leaders amongst goblin tribes. Sometimes manipulative and calculating enough of others that some first form leaders shudder at having to deal with them.
Otherkin or Otherkind- diverse creatures characterized different due to their ability to changeover between two distinct or non-distinct forms but can only change between those two forms. A limited type of shapeshifter but Otherkind can also be classified as between an absolute and a first form because they completely change souls and personalities when they shift having a distinct duality, a separate existence and form in the same space of form. Otherkin may or may not know when they shift or not and also may or may not be able to control it. Thus, anyone or anything no matter what other special traits they have, that is at least a first form can be otherkin and not know it. There are many examples of otherkin types thus of which include but are not limited to: human to dragon and the reverse, goblin to gryphon, and the reverse. Otherkin can be forced such as a disease or deficiency, or inherent such as being able to shift from birth. Being an absolute form of course does not count because they cannot be constant.
Spilor- creature with the head and body of a human and the body of a giant spider.
Sonair- dolphins that have added wings of bats. Basically just a flying dolphin and are just about as social and curious. There are both salt and freshwater kinds.
Troll- tall, disheveled looking humanoid with remarkable strength but possessing a short temper, and sometimes possessing some synth abilities. They are cousins of fairies but are still first form. They have not established themselves very well in most worlds.
Ultin- See Ultin Council Encyclopedias
Excerpt from Ias's experimental creature log
Gludra- A form of dragon which constantly hungers, being genetically altered to have great cravings for sustenance In experiments however, they usually ate until burst and so died. I will have to alter the genetics to allow them to stop before bursting
Homenbluer- half plant half human with siphons and sacs around the body which the siphons attach to. The sacs can expand pretty to pretty impressive sizes.
Lumpa- Big round sand dwelling creature with many stomachs that moves through the sand waiting for a meal to fall into her open mouth.
Pot Bellied Dragon- As the name implies so it is, there is only one I've created named Sidge, Sidge's children are also inherant of the PBD form.
Stonition- A parasite type of creature being extremely small but I've given it some capabilities to increase size if wished. Also, the parasite can telecommunicate. It is really a stomach type parasite and dwells in the stomach and puts its larvae there which move through the digestive tract and into the feces where they are born.
Wolfdron- Taking a wolf, I created a wolf having no hair around it's belly and it's belly being more-so pot-bellied and fatter.
Phedra- I plumped up the hydra and gave it a few stomachs but as a result had to take it's fire. Still has wings though. These things I have made them able to eat metal!
Ijikel- My version of the Jakel. Naturally plump and fat with two bellies on the front and back. The result gives it double genitals, pelvis, double joints, double legs, and double feet starting from the belly and down. The double part really starts at halves so looks like feet start to make two but stop. Adds more power as a result, don't let these things get the upper hand with their lower end.
Ligor- Version of the manticore, usually darker fur, left the stinging tail, put a little bit of monkey in the face, leave the batwings, tone the lion body more-so to coyote. Ripped it's back fur down to darker skin and bowled out the belly, hippo belly combination making the fur dark purple. I have tried Anthropomorphic versions with success.
Hegtish- Take a part Megish and Part zebra. Result is a Megishtaur with white fluffy wings with black and white strips about them. I love riding these around the sky. Anthropomorphic versions of course look similar to Megish but with hooves and a more standing horse lower body shape.
Shruvore- more-so an idea taken into food consumption as Sidge has inspired me. This is a type of shrew that is the size of a capybaya or the size of a large mouse and can it ever eat. A little bit of snake charm around it's jaws and a better capacitated stomach and...
Shepvore- Half Shruvore, half sheep, much more fluffy version of the Shruvore.
Special Tables and Measurements
Hand Length= Five Inches
Elbow Length= One Foot
Arm Length= Two Feet
Tree Length= 50 yards
Half Tree= 25 yards
Skyline= 100 yards
Horizen= 1000 yards
Alctitude= One mile
Jump Line= A Light Year
Titles of Ziyvurism
 Titles are measured by the amount of creatures successfully swallowed and residing in the stomach. Title attainment is measured in ratio of creatures to ingesting creature's size. Degrees are measures by the ability to absorb and use synth from all of the ingested creatures of current title. Degrees are not given or encouraged from the Ziyvur temple.
Voreling is to Three Creatures. Cetem is the Degree.
Monk is to eating five creatures at least the same size of them within thirty seconds and still being able to move. Master Monk is the Degree.
Uinimer is to Seven. Belgindarm is the Degree.
Eoger is to Ten Creatures. Oqid is the Degree.
Vorifor is to Seventeen Creatures. Hujukm is the Degree.
Camber is to Twenty four creatures. Janum is the Degree.
Zempre is to Thirty six creatures. Oosarnim is the Degree.
Nykaq is to to forty eight creatures. Vinian is the Degree.
Catament is to Seventy Creatures. Eklekshion is the Degree.
Helvenarm is to ninety Creatures. Aslestial is the Degree.
Ziyvur Priest is to one hundred thirty creatures. Ziyvur Vicar is the Degree but has not been broken because of the power it requires and because of the politics of the position.
Ziyvur High Priest was first recorded at Seven hundred twenty nine creatures but the minimal barrier was set to anything over three hundred creatures. Ziyvur Eckomensor is the Degree of which no High priest has been able to break because of the immense power that is channeled and because of the politics and ethics of the position.
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Here's my novel. Vore, fat fur, stuffing, and other themes are about in this. It is over 300 pages and includes an index of terms toward the back. It is pretty large, 2mb.

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