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Blonde to Brown Ver. A By Draconatedz -- Report

On a certain beach, on a certain person's island, as far connected from hidden agendas and secret plots as they could be, two women sat together. Just kicking back and enjoying the good life as a pair of friends, basking in the tropical island's beautiful and vast landscape while catching some rays. Tina Armstrong sighed as she finished another ice cold beer, stretching her well-rested muscles as she felt a slight buzz beginning to form from maybe having one too many. She glanced over playfully at her companion, Lisa Hamilton, who had on dark shades as she laid back in her chair peacefully.

"Y'know, shugah, you really don't need to work on a tan. Don't think y'all could get much darker than ya already are!" Her thick accent rolled into one of Lisa's ears and out the other. Lisa merely shrugged, far too relaxed to react to her friend's teasings. "Worried I might overtake ya with a dark 'nuff tan? The guys are really into that kinda thang these days, ain't they?" Tina lifted her swimsuit top to check on her progress. She had noticeable tan lines after three whole days in the sun on this tropical wonderland. With a little more effort, she could probably match her Latino friend's naturally dark complexion, something she was really looking forward to.

"You should have went topless the whole time if you wanted to match me, dear. Tan lines can't compare to an even, flawless complexion that covers the entire body." Her friend finally spoke up, lowering her shades to taste Tina's body with her eyes. "Though, if it's any consolation, if I were a man, I'd be all into you right now." She drove her point home with a playful lick of the lips, looking over every scrumptious part of her childhood friend's sexy body.

"Aww shucks, you're jus' sayin' that, ain't ya? You ain't never looked at me like that before!" Tina responded with a blushing giggle. She was feeling tipsier and tipsier by the minute, as she guzzled down another freshly cracked open beer, fetched from their personal cooler. "You ain't goin' gay on me, are ya? C'mon, spill the beans, we've never kept secrets between us before!"

"Well, it's not sexual per say, but I have started seeing women in a new light after a certain kind of… indulgence." Lisa took a swallow of her own can of beer, burping after deep gulp. A bad habit she picked up from her friend, but one she couldn't resist since they were so secluded on their own out here. "You know Christie, right? That vile assassin who often entered these tournaments alongside us?" Tina nodded, remembering a particularly painful encounter with the gal that left more wounds on her than she was willing to admit. "Well… what if I told you she was right here with us? Closer than you might think..." Tina blinked at the notion, completely lost now.

"What in tarnation are ya talkin' bout?" Closer than she might think? What did that mean? Lisa laughed at Tina's visible confusion, grinning as she gave her body a nice rub down. Her hands slid over the mounds of chocolate flesh that protruded from her chest, all the way down her wide and overflowing hips, halting for a moment so she could squeeze her impressively thick thighs. Her hands slid back up to her flat belly, which she gave a pat, leaving Tina scratching her head even harder now. "I don' get it." She gave up, she had to know, "Where the heck is she?"

"She's right here, silly. I ate her." Lisa casually revealed, still rubbing her empty tummy. Ate her? What? Tina stared at her friend's belly, imaging a woman as thick as that Christie gal fitting in there somehow. It seemed downright impossible! "You look like you don't believe me." Lisa smiled, the kind of smile one should be weary of. But Tina didn't know fear, especially not when it came to her best friend.

"Course I don't! How could you eat her? You just sound like one of them weirdos now!" Tina emptied her can, crushing it with her hand before quickly reaching for another. Lisa jumped up and snatched it from her, dangling it before her face like a naughty child. "Hey, that's the last one!"

"Want it? Then come and get it." Lisa stuck her tongue out and stretched her mouth wide. Tina watched with bated breath as she brought the cold object to her tongue, and easily pushed it inside. It slipped past her flawless teeth, entering her esophagus and squishing inside with only the use of the Latino woman's powerful throat muscles. She swallowed the cylinder without ever closing her mouth, utterly entrancing her friend who was watching with bated breath. The can formed a bulge as it squished all the way down her throat, and was quickly dumped inside her belly. Lisa leaned back in her chair, and gave the object a pat through the tight skin of her toned belly. It was visible even through so many layers of flesh and muscle, just sitting there in her tummy, taking up space. Tina hadn't ever seen anything like that before, and just sat there kind of dumbfounded, unable to say anything.

"Believe me now?" Lisa's question snapped her back to reality.

"Yeah… and you did that to her?" Lisa nodded, still rubbing the cold object trapped inside her stomach. "But what... what happened to her?" It was a question with an obvious answer, but she had to ask it anyways. She needed to know for sure.

"Tina, baby, I know you didn't pay much attention in high school, but this is common knowledge! Do I need to give you a lesson on the digestive system? What do you think happened to her?" Lisa teased, licking her lips again as she carefully chose which words to put emphasis on.

"Digested…?" Tina's eyes went wide, "No way. A whole person? Yer kiddin' me! That'd make you fatter than a cow!" She hopped out of her chair to get a closer look. Lisa raised a brow as her friend inspected every inch of her mocha-toned body closely. She even went as far to reach her hand forward to feel, but hesitated when she realized what she was doing. Lisa boldly grabbed her hand, and guided it to her chest boldly.

"Go ahead. Feel every bit of her as you like. She really went everywhere, didn't she?" Lisa guided her other hand to wrap around to her massive butt. Tina didn't resist. She squeezed and felt up every inch of the wonderful chocolate booty meat stretching her sling bikini bottom. The blush on her cheeks had become fiery before she knew it. She was feeling all that was left of Christie, nothing but patches of soft fat spread across her friend's sexy toned body. Before she revealed this, it was just her friend Lisa's same old sexy body. But now there was a secret hiding inside it. A whole 'nother woman packed into her curves. Just thinking about a girl as big as her being broken down and turned into nothing but fat like that sent shivers up the southern belle's spine.

Her body rubbing was interrupted by a sharp gurgle between the two of them. Tina looked down to see her friend's stomach just as flat as it was before she'd swallowed the can of beer. Had it been digested? Already? No way...

"Would you look at the time… it's just about time for lunch. What do you think I should have, Tina?" Lisa asked sweetly, pursing her lips as she pulled her friend even closer.

"E-eat? Um… gosh, I dunno, what're ya in the m-mood for…?" Tina stumbled over her words, desperately avoiding eye contact. Lisa's breath washed over her, heavy with the scent of booze. Oh right, she must have gotten a burst of a whole can of beer in a few seconds flat.

"I was thinking someone tall, blonde, and delicious. Know anyone that would fit the bill?" Lisa huffed, squeezing Tina's curves herself now. The blonde squirmed in her grasp, knowing there was no way she could get away. Not that she wanted to, as crazy ad that sounded.

"I, auhm, think Helena's on the island somewhere. Maybe that Marie Rose lass? Though she ain't that tall… more of a snack for someone as hungry as ya, huh..." Tina teetered on the edge between loving and hating this. On one hand, it was beyond sexy that she was capable of something like this. Swallowing someone down and making them a part of you… that was really something else. Her mind wandered to melting and joining Christie as a part of her dark curves… but at the same time, she wanted to keep on living! Agh, this was too much to take!

"I really had my heart set on a cute blonde girl named Tina Armstrong… but I won't make you. What do you say? Can I dig in? Do you mind?" Lisa's words were like poison to her friend's clouded mind. Was she really about to do this? Just let herself become food, just like that? Was her entire life really just leading up to her feeding her friend? Tina shuddered, her entire body feeling like a furnace blazing with an endless supply of coal. "Tina…" Lisa licked the side of her friend's neck. All the way up her cheek. The southern belle finally turned to look her straight in the eyes for the first time since this madness had started. That did it. The dams of her resistance had broken. She was as good as her food now, whether she liked it or not.

"Y'all better put me to good use, y'hear? Because I'm gonna make you irresistible…" her predator chuckled, but said no more. She merely yawned her maw open, giving her food a good look down her damp, seemingly endless throat. Tina's body locked up as her vision went dark. She was already being swallowed! In the blink of an eye, Lisa had slyly slid her hands under her prey's American flag bikini top, using her hands to feel up her meal's pale, overflowing chest while she slurped on her adorable face. Tina couldn't help but instinctively squirm and resist, even though she had resigned herself to her fate. It was only natural that fresh food struggle, after all. Lisa didn't mind, the movement of a meal was stimulating, and she had come to enjoy it, from a willing meal or not. Tina was so soft and thick, everywhere her friend tasted her, she could already tell this was going to be an unforgettable meal~

"Mmmphh! Mmm… ngh!" Tina's weak moaning could be heard through Lisa's bulged out neck, but even that was totally silenced by another swallow, as the blonde's impressive rack was crammed into her well-packed cheeks. Lisa took her time chewing and savoring the fat lumps of sexy meat, really drawing out as much flavor from them as she could. Her tongue flicked across her hardened nipples, as she playfully gave them a bite. Tina's body writhed, her burning sex already drooling nectar. Lisa chuckled at the thought of how proud her friend was, of not only her body, but these giant tits, too. She used to brag and show them off to any boys or men she fancied. Not anymore~ They were all hers!l now!

Tina's chest bulged out Lisa's throat even bigger than her head, before squishing down just as easily. Tina's sexy toned tummy sat in her lips now. She licked and teased the hardened abs, which were surrounded by the softest hint of creamy pudge. Heh, must be from all the relaxing they had done the last few days. No matter, Lisa would make sure to burn off every unnecessary pound once this trip concluded, from both her own body and whatever was left of Tina's~

Tina's belly didn't make much of a bulge going down, but that was okay, her massive hips and meaty ass were sure to make up for any shortcomings~ Lisa herself couldn't help but moan in delight as the taste of her dear friend's butt washed over her taste buds. Tina's tush had more than simple fat to elevate it's taste to something truly special, it had experience! Tina had a habit of using her buns to literally smash into an unsuspecting opponent's face, usually knocking them out with the sheer force of impact alone! The hardness of the muscles mixed with the creamy meat that covered it, making for an ass that melted in Lisa's mouth!

Swallowing this lump actually gave pause to the beautiful scientist. She braced herself as she gulped Tina's lovely ass down, feeling her pale meat stretch her throat to the absolute limit. It finally passed, leading to the wrestler's long legs to continue sliding inside along with it. Lisa slurped her thighs and legs through their descent, her eyes closed happily in total pleasure. When her feet reached her maw, she stopped swallowing, long enough to tease her friend one last time.

A mischievous finger drug across her heel, gently stimulating it. Tina's entire body began to squirm, damn it, she knew how ticklish she was! But the poor girl had so little wiggle room, she couldn't move much at all! The intensity increased as Lisa started using her entire hand, and then her other, her brown fingers dancing across the pale landscape that was Tina's defenseless feet. She teased all ten digits too, knowing how much of a reaction she'd get from her final prank. Just as Tina was about to burst out with full on laughter inside the cramped confines of her friend's belly, Lisa abruptly swallowed, sending the last bulge of Tina Armstrong to stretch out her neck and reunite with the rest of its owner in her tummy.




And that was that. Tina's consumption was complete! A chocolate bulge sat in her lap, nestled nicely between her orange sling bikini. She could trace each and every little curve of her blonde friend, as she weakly squirmed in the bubbling sac. She could even make out her position, her limbs most likely sprawled out to her sides, like a fish freshly pulled out of the water in a net. How cute~

For a while, Lisa just sat there, not a word being exchanged between the two of them. She happily rubbed Tina's belly bulge as she burped periodically. Her friend had made her quite gassy, but that was alright, no one was around to be offended. She downed another beer, the cool liquid pouring atop her stewing friend's head. It actually felt good to the wrestler, who was beginning to feel the heat of Lisa's digestive system. Just as Lisa was about to doze off with a well deserved nap, two unfamiliar people approached her, their shadows cast over the stuffed woman.

"Mm? Can I help you?" She asked, using her hand to shield her eyes from the intense sun, so she could get a better look at her visitors.

"You really did zwallow 'er, didn't you…" the taller one noted, with her arms nested under her impressive bust. Her accent was incredibly thick, almost as thick as her voluptuous body. She twirled a lock of blonde hair with her fingers as she looked over the unbelievable sight before her, her excitement clearly rising. "Incredible. She fits our Intel to a tee, does she not, Marie?" The smaller girl next to her frowned, but nodded her head in agreement all the same.

"Yes ma'am, she seems to be fully capable of eating others, as noted by… this." Squatting down, this Marie girl poked Tina through the bloated mocha belly with her index finger, and marveled as the woman trapped inside responded with a moaning squirm. Lisa chuckled, not expecting such boldness from someone else on this beach. Were they approaching her as friends or foes? It was time to find out if she needed to throw these girls on top of Tina or not...

"Marie Rose! 'Ow rude! Pleaze, excuse her, she can't help herzelf sometimes. But where are my manners? I am Helena Douglas, current leader of DOATEC. I'm sure you don't need me to say more about zat, right?" Lisa frowned. Of course she knew all about that, but…

"Look, I'm not really interested in fighting with you right now, I'm on vacation and trying to enjoy my meal, so unless you'd like to join her, I suggest you make yourself scarce." Lisa put her sunglasses back on as Helena's underling scoffed, clearly taking offense from the threat.

"Do you have any idea who you're talking to?! Get up, I'll beat some sense into- eek!" Marie's counter threat was cut short as the busty woman behind her lifted her up, a wide smile on her luscious lips. "M-mistress Helena, what are you-"

"Tell me, miss 'Amilton," Helena ignored her maid, still holding her in her arms like a child, "Is my Intel correct? Did you eat and dispose of the assassin Christie, zome few months ago?" There was a glint in the woman's eyes as she asked her simple question. Lisa paused for a moment, before deciding there was little harm in telling the truth.

"I did. What's left of her is right here." The scientist squeezed her tit with one hand, and rubbed her hip with the other. She took great pleasure in showing off Christie to the curious woman, who seemed to be overjoyed that her suspicions turned out to be true.

"I see… Miss 'Amilton, if you would, pleaze open wide…" Helena plainly asked, her excitement continuing to grow since hearing what she so desperately wanted to hear. Lisa and the smaller blonde girl both raised a brow to this, but truthfully, this was getting interesting. Lisa did as she was told, laxing her jaw with a mouthy 'Ahhhhhhh' sound to drive home her willingness to play along. Before either girl could even realize where Helena was going with this, Lisa found her mouth filled with another blonde haired cutie! Helena had swiftly squished her underling into Lisa's waiting maw, and was actively feeding her to the hungry scientist, who was happy to have more tasty meat gracing her taste buds, despite her lithe body.

Marie Rose instantly began fighting back, even though it was her mistress who had decided to do this in the first place. She kicks and screams, to little effect, as her busty boss holds her tight little butt still while miss Hamilton slurps the weak girl down. Lisa looks up in-between her mouthy swallows, to see Helena's face painted with glee. She was enjoying seeing her maid being eaten by this near total stranger, licking her lips and whispering for her to enjoy more. Lisa was happy that such a surprise was literally being dumped into her lap, in the form of a bigger stomach full of stewing blondes.

Poor Marie Rose was deposited into Lisa's churning belly before she knew it, since she had relatively few curves to halt her descent. It was almost like slipping into a tight, fleshy waterslide tube. She pounded against the wet walls, already slick with stomach acids, and called out to be released, angry at her mistress more than the stupid girl that had eaten her.

"H-hey, are you listening?! Let. Me. Out!!" In her struggles, she felt something shifting below her. She assumed it was the stomach walls, but immediately realized otherwise. This soft body… it was the girl she had eaten before! "Hey, whoever you are, s-stop sitting there and help me fight back! We can make her throw us up!" She pleaded, patting that back of the girl's dirty blonde head to rouse her. Tina moaned, her senses dulled from her prolonged time in her friend's dangerous belly. She simply laid below the smaller girl, as she had no intention of fighting back or leaving. She was her food now, after all.

"Ngh, are you stupid?! She's going to d-digest us!" While Marie Rose fought in futility against her gurgly fate, the two women that still remained on the beach stared at one another, their eyes completely locked. Lisa licked Helena's hands, taking in the last bit of Marie flavor they had to offer. Helena smiled, seductively pulling her fingers out one by one, and bringing her saliva covered hand to her own mouth for an indirect kiss. Lisa cooed at the sight of this, feeling her hunger rising.

"Care to explain yourself? Or would you rather we just skip to the part where I eat you next?" Lisa didn't mind if she got an explanation, but she could tell, this woman desired to be her food next, more than anything.

"So perceptive. I like zat about you, miss 'amilton. Very well, before we continue…" Helena sashayed her large hips over to Tina's empty lounging chair, and reached over to fetch an unopened container of booze before plopping down. She opened the can and gave the common beer a sniff, giggling to herself as she realized how cheap it was. No matter, it's not like she would be around much longer to begin with, what did it matter how cheap her last drink was? She took a gulp and exhaled, leaning back in the chair to get more comfortable for her story.

"Eliminating Christie haz been my obsession for quite some time now. She killed my mother… zeeing her fate as your fat? Well, it might be the most erotic sight of my entire life. I waz thinking that I owed you, everything really. Waz Marie to your liking?" The mature woman asked, reaching over to give the chocolate bulge a generous feel. Lisa chuckled, allowing her to feel to her heart's content.

"She was scrumptious, but hardly filling enough to be called dessert. More of an appetizer for what's to come." Lisa tasted Helena with her eyes. She was even thicker than Tina. Her tits were massive, nearly bursting out of her gold swimsuit top. Her elegance and beauty made her as appealing as the highest priced dish in a top-of-the-line restaurant. The kind of meal you order and don't think about the price until after all was said and done. Only, this was a free and willing top-dollar steak, cut from the highest quality cow~ She could hardly contain herself, despite having already eaten two tasty blondes, she couldn't wait to dig in to the third...

"Well 'zen, we 'ad better do zomething about zat…" Helena leaned in for a kiss, and surprisingly found their lips locked! She had assumed Lisa would just swallow her on the spot, but instead she found herself making out with this beautiful dark skinned woman! She began caressing her lover's body, feeling the weak girl's bulges trapped inside, wrapping her thick, pale form around her heavy, hanging belly while the embraced. It was very passionate and spontaneous, and unforgettable for both women. A deep churn and gurgle broke their lips, as they both stared down at Lisa's greedy belly.

"I'm ready…" Helena whispered, biting her lower lip. Lisa smirked and opened wide, ready to give her exactly what both of them wanted.

Eating a cow like Helena was almost as special as Tina. She had so many more luscious curves to chew and suck on her way down. She did not squirm much at all, making her journey to the center of Lisa a pleasant one for both of them. Her ample chest, those soft and squishy hips, her chewable ass… Helena was the perfect food. Her scrawny maid was naught but an appetizer to prepare her for a real meal. She did not opt to tease her feet, instead Lisa just swallowed them down smoothly with her long legs, marveling at the feeling of being truly sated and satisfied.

Before her sat a massive gut, the curves of three distinct blonde girls evident on the edge of her tautly stretched dark skin. *Glurrrn* *klshhhh* her stomach made loud noises as they shifted about, clearly uncomfortable all tangled up together inside. Helena was clearly still on top, her head and ass bulge unmistakable. Tina was most likely still at the bottom, probably nearly digested at this point, which left sweet little Marie Rose sandwiched between the curvy gals. Lisa took another swallow of a freshly cracked can of beer, as a hefty belched rolled past her lips right after. She squeezed Helena's head bulge in a way that she was sure she'd enjoy, taking pride in dominating the powerful former leader of DOATEC.

"I can't say I was expecting all this, ladies. You blondes sure know how to treat a real woman, don't you?" She taunted them with a chuckle, wondering if they could even hear her through all the intense digestive sounds.

"Oh my <3 Yez~" Helena responded, her entire body consumed by pleasure. Her giant breasts rested on top of her servant's head, who was gritting her teeth fiercely, regretting ever pledging herself to such an utterly insane woman!

"Rrghh!! L-let me… No!!" The slim woman shouted, unable to wedge herself from being stuck between the two melting buxom blonde bimbos.

"Mmph… N-nngh…" Tina moaned one last time, before becoming completely silent and still. Her soft body was already growing mushy underneath Marie Rose's hands, and it didn't take her long to notice. The hot acids were rising, and making it hard to even breathe.

"M-mistress… Helena…" Marie whispered, her head spinning as the loud *glorps* and *glurrrrns* of Lisa's powerful digestive system overtook her world. Of course a small girl like her wouldn't last as long as the much thicker cows. The cute little girl broke apart, joining Tina as nutritious chyme pumping down into Lisa's greedy and well-packed intestines. The only one left somewhat solid was Helena, who didn't have much longer left herself.

"Take me! Make me yourz!" She cried out, desperate to join those below her as fuel for her goddess. Lisa smiled as she placed her palms against her fat butt bulge, and shoved down roughly. Helena was thrust into the pit of the cauldron, where the intensity of the singing stomach acids broke her to rapidly disappearing chunks almost instantly. Her life was snuffed out gloriously, as Lisa's stomach smoothed out into a heavy, round orb full of fattening blonde mush. She gave her stomach a loving pat, before rising to her feet. Her stomach felt like it weighed a ton, hanging low between her sling bikini, but luckily her drunken shamble to the beachside lodge wasn't too far.

She didn't say a word to her food as she collapsed in her soft bed like a sack of potatoes. She was snoring logs before she knew it, as her immense chocolate mound rose and compacted down with every breath. The bulge eventually began to dwindle into the night, as her assets began ballooning out with once pale white flesh, now a part of her mocha complexion as soft, laden fat. Every bit of her body plumpened out, from her breasts, to her hips and ass, all the way down to her thighs and legs. The blondes were treating her right, giving everything they had to make her extra sexy and thick. She dreamed of fighting on stage with Tina one last time, a dream that would become a reality once her friend was permanently locked into her body as delicious dark-skinned fat~


A week later, and Lisa Hamilton's vacation was over. She had her first return match scheduled for that night, and she couldn't wait to show off herself or her girls off to the packed crowd waiting in the audience below. Donning her mask, Lisa Hamilton transformed into her flashy alter ego, La Mariposa, the bodacious luchador! Only this time, she was going to be bigger than ever before…

Struggling to pull her outfit up over her massive wobbling tush, Lisa could only chuckle at where the blondes had decided to settle. Her ass was a shelf of jiggly chocolate pudding, the tastiest ass she had ever seen that greeted her every morning in the reflection on the mirror. It was so soft and round, so packed to the brim with formerly pale blonde meat, her ass filled her mind with fond memories of her former friend and her chest with swelling pride of utterly claiming them. Lisa had been practicing adding Tina's moves to her performance, specifically that now doubly effective hip check. She couldn't wait to slam her Tina filled tush into some loser's unsuspecting face~

"You three are a part of the show now. I'm ready to showcase my new moveset, Tina~" she offered her ass some encouraging words. It jiggled mindlessly in response, as she finally finished getting her attire settled.

"You're on in two, La Mariposa!" A stagehand shouted into her fitting room. A low gurgle rippled through the room, reminding her that she had skipped breakfast and lunch in preparation of her match. Now, what was she to do about that? Normal food just wasn't cutting it for her anymore. She craved more tasty, fattening blondes to further fill out her sexy brown body, and she was just about ready to give in to that gnawing hunger…

"Come to think of it, isn't my opponent a blonde wrestler? Rainbow Mika, or something like that?" La Mariposa licked her lips while squeezing her empty, greedy gut. Perhaps a little on stage reward for her victory could be showing off just how she gained all this sexy chocolate weight~


A pic I commissioned from Redblackntac over on tumblr of Lisa Hamilton making short work of the sexy blondes of DOA, with an accompanying story by yours truly. I hope you enjoy!

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