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The big hand on the Big Ben in London hit 12 am, it was midnight now and the creatures of the night are coming out to play. A young drunk women stumbled through the street into an alley with a more older looking women. The older women looked to be in her mid thirties with long dark hair and small breasts. Her drunk acquaintance had short blonde hair and was giggling like mad man.
 "Oh god you saved me from that weirdo, I'm Karen" said the drunk woman
 Karen finally got a look at her savior and noticed she was very pale and had red eyes.
 "I'm Karmen and that night has only begun" said The pale woman
 Karmen pushed Karen up against the wall and started to makeout with her. Karen didn't fight it with pushing her tongue into Karmen's mouth. Karmen parted her lips from Karen then went to her neck. Karmen kissed Karen's neck a little and then grew two fangs and bit into her neck. Karen moaned as Karmen fed on her, Karmen started to drink up Karen. Then the faint sounds of footsteps come into the alleyway which makes Karmen turn to see another women. She was also blonde but her bangs covered her forehead and went down to her neck, she wore a blue police looking uniform but it had a strange symbol on it. The girl raised her head and her red eyes beamed toward Karmen. Karen slid down moaning and confused to the ground
 "Who are you" hissed Karmen
 "I am Seras Victoria, and you are disturbing the peace and in the name of the Hellsing organization I will deal with you my way" said Seras
 Karmen chuckled and rushed at the other vampire girl but wasn't expecting to be caught even with her speed.
 "I would just shoot you but I'm feeling a bit hungry and I think my stomach will love to have you" said Seras
 Seras held the struggling vampire in her hands and using her more overpowering vampire strength she was able to contain Karmen with ease. Seras licked her lips and then brought Karmen in closer, Seras stuck her tongue out and licked Karmen's face. They were so close that Seras's big breasts were being squished by Karmen's small boobs.
 "Time to eat" said Seras
 Karmen closed her eyes waiting to be drained by another vampire but didn't expect her head to be in a wet area. Seras engulfed Karmen's head whole, Seras's fangs scratched against Karmen's neck but didn't plunge into her. Seras gulped making the vampire women's head slide into her throat. The confused face of Karmen bulged on the outside and a still drunk Karen could barely see what was happening. Karmen felt her shoulders be encased in the other vampires maw.
 "Lady what are you doing this isn't what vampires do" said Karmen
 Seras couldn't really answer her so she just giggled and kept her meal going down. Karmen's flat chest entered the wet maw and immediately was soaked in spit, Seras closed her eyes and really started to enjoy her meal. Her tongue wrapped around the women's breasts and Seras could hear her moan in her gullet. Seras loved when her meals enjoyed being eaten as it did bring her a little sadness when they died. Seras reached down to Karmen's booty and found it to be quite round unlike her breasts which were going down the gullet.
 Loud wet swallows sent Karmen's belly to the throat and her head started to bulge from the hellsing unifom Seras was wearing. Karmen's hands and lower body was still hanging out but Seras was ready for this beauty to fit in her belly. Seras gulped in the lower fun area of Karmen and made sure she licked her thighs and pussy before having it go down as well. Seras tilted her head back and with a few wet gulps only Karmen's pale feet remained. Seras slurped up the feet and put a hand on her expanded gut. Seras closed her mouth then looked down to see most of Karmen's form. Then Seras took the final gulp and poor vampire Karmen balled up and was shocked that she was eaten and not drained. Seras's belly had bulges all over it with the signs of Karmen, they bulges moved around making Seras moan.
Seras belched and stuck her tongue out in pleasure of it.
 "A good ol vampire always was tasty, now what to do with you" said Seras
 Seras looked over at the young women Karmen was trying to feed on and didn't really know what she was supposed to do with her. Seras knew she couldn't let the women go as she might turn into a vampire or tell others about what happened.
Seras looked at her squirming belly and knew she could fit another one inside.
 "Thanks for saving me" said Karen
 Seras cringed as now she had to eat her as well
 "Um yeah about that I can't really let you go so I'm going to eat you as well" said Seras
 Seras frowned and rubbed her neck. Karen bit her lip as she was kinda turned on by it.
 "Its my fetish but can you get me up your ass only if you can though, if you have to swallow that is fine as well" asked Karen rubbing her nipples
 At first Seras was shocked but then a devilish smile propped up on her face and put her hands on the belly.
Karmen's clothes had holes in them and she was not enjoying the melting of her body. Seras stood in front of Karen and Karen watched the screaming face of Karmen bulge at her. Karen chuckled then slipped her clothes off and sat fully naked. Seras brought Karen to the middle of the alleyway and then slipped her skirt off and through it away. Seras sat her thick ass on Karen's face, then placed her hands on Karen's shoulders for stability and pushed as hard as she could.
 "Hnnnngghhhh come on get in their" said Seras grunting
 After lots of effort Karen's head was fully engulfed by the anus and was wrapped in the fleshy muscle inside. Seras let out a satisfied moan and with her teeth on her lip she looked back to see no head.
Inside Seras Karmen was still being digested of course and now her pale body was completely exposed though. The walls vibrated around Karmen's body and she couldn't help but moan as her pussy was vibrated as well. Seras felt her buttcheeks hit Karen's shoulders and knew the struggling was about to begin. Seras took some deep breathes and braced her asshole.
 "Alright Karen time to show my master that I am strong" said Seras
 Seras pushed down as hard as she could grunting and trying her best to eat this girl with her ass. Seras spit on her hand then rubbed her ass and Karen's shoulders for lube. After some spit breaks Seras's ass was shiny as well as Karen's shoulders and as if butter was used Karen slipped right in and the hardest part was over.
 "Nnnnghh oh yeah shove me up fat ass you got there" said Karen
 Seras smiled with the compliment and started to slide down the girls body. Seras moaned then let gravity take her down Karen's body, the large breasts rubbed the rectum walls and the slim belly slid in with ease. Took a minute but Karen's round booty was gobbled up with her thighs and Seras felt the cold ground. Seras got up reached around to feel Karen's feet. Seras bit her lip and then with a single finger pushed the rest of Karen up her ass. Karen disappeared behind the asshole and made her way through Seras's digestive system and reached the stomach with Karmen. Seras stood tall with a gurgling belly of 2 girls and felt some pressure coming.
A large belch came out and Seras chuckled at it, Seras rubbed her hands over the girls curvy bulges feeling them squirm around while they melt into mush.
 "Easier to get blood this way even if one of them is a vampire" said Seras
Karen and Karmen were so horny they started to actually make out and Karmen didn't try to eat Karen. The sounds of digestion threw them into a mood and the girls became fuck buddies for a few hours. They fucked while acid filled up in the stomach and Seras masturbated to them slowly becoming softer. The acid hit the top of the stomach and both girls passed out and drowned but it wasn't the end of their journey. Seras's stomach pushed their soft bodies together smashing them up into pieces making them all mushy. The curvy bulges left the outside of Seras and she smiled with her fast digestion. Bones poked out of the belly but were mostly melted down as well. Slowly Seras's belly shrank while her assets got bigger. Seras gained new breasts that snapped her bra but they fit in her shirt. Her booty spilled out of her skirt and Seras wasn't a fan of that.
 "A bit to much on the ass but that's alright, target neutralized" said Seras
 Seras let a big fart out of her ass and smirked a little. Seras took refuge behind a trash can and spread her ass cheeks. The tip of a bone speckled log slowly made its way out of Seras and to the ground with a plop. Seras grunted as her asshole was stretched so large turds could come out, log after log piled up in the alleyway with bones sticking out. 2 nice skulls one with fangs topped off the pile and Seras wiped using Karen's clothes. Seras hid her ass as much as possible but questioning on Integra's part was probably coming.
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Police Girl And Her Vampire Snack By Coolwoman -- Report

Another story I really wanted to write

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