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Submit By HipHugger -- Report

He hated it when Amber opened her mouth. Her interruptions distracted the class with gossip and self-centered nonsense. Every word hung in the air like apples on a tree, his classmates visibly yearning for a piece of fruit to fall into their laps. But today was different.

Today she was on top of him.

Now, staring up at her, Miguel couldn't help but wait for her lips to part—and they didn't disappoint. He was instantly overwhelmed by the warmth and moistness of her breath. Her tongue rolled out in greeting as laces of saliva begged him to get wet. The void of her throat beckoned him relentlessly and tore every ounce of resistance from his body. It was as if her emptiness begged to be filled and he was just the right fit. He could fill her and it would be perfect.

He loved it when Amber opened her mouth.

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 4 months ago Report

Good Lord, that description is amazing.


Posted by TimeToRun 4 months ago Report

This is just wonderful, I love how dominant she looks in this scene. Well done. Hopefully he is going to fill her up :)


Posted by Omnium51 4 months ago Report

Love everything about this! Amber is so sensually dominant <3


Posted by BigJohnHagerty 4 months ago Report

Ah yes wonderful to see amber again


Posted by Art$avage 4 months ago Report

You can feel the weight in this one. It is good.


Posted by lialketta2 4 months ago Report

Is Amber unable to get pregnant she seems to have sex a lot


Posted by HipHugger 4 months ago Report

No, she's not human and her body is set to "intake only"


Posted by lialketta2 4 months ago Report

A shame! How does her species reproduce then? >.>


Posted by Paradox 4 months ago Report

Just woke up to this, its a good morning. :)
Even better seeing the final colored version.
Who wouldn't "Submit"? ^^


Posted by Vilanda 4 months ago Report

That’s my secret. I already submitted.


Posted by Belloc 4 months ago Report

Really gets the point across. Great work, Hip.


Posted by Makemeyours 4 months ago Report

I submit!!! This is really hot, I love how Amber makes her victims want to be in her.


Posted by Mustbebetween 4 months ago Report

Niiiiiice. I love Amber's character, and it's always a treat to see what she's getting up to. :P Also, cool description! :)


Posted by innertrack 4 months ago Report

"The void of her throat beckoned him relentlessly ..." Holy crap, that's hot!!

I'd love to be in his place - and submit, of course.


Posted by curlytom4637 4 months ago Report

This is like a dream come true as this is the perfect position.


Posted by Bright 4 months ago Report

Love the posing here.


Posted by ShinjiIkari 4 months ago Report

The sex we wish we had


Posted by Monopolus 4 months ago Report

10/10 description, that guy a very lucky piece of meat~


Posted by Zoku 4 months ago Report

i wouldnt mind being her meal hehe ;3


Posted by corbett666 4 months ago Report

So hot! This is amazing!