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From Valeria, With Love [F/*, Stuffing] By Indighost -- Report

From Valeria, With Love
Written by Indighost, 2019 [email protected]
All characters © Indighost, 2019

"The realization hit Petunia’s heart with a hot and heavy weight. *I'm inside....her stomach. Her tummy...* The mouse shivered all over, and snuggled herself deeper between the heated, plush, pink folds of flesh that cupped and held her. *Without her consent. She swallowed me, and doesn't even know it...and her stomach is so gentle and mild...and it's working to do its business around me..."

An innocent young hippopotamus just trying to get home. Two dogs, one sweet, and one cruel. A pair of cocky stallions. And thirty-one mice just trying to squeak by. When these forces meet, a struggle of epic and ridiculously obscene proportions takes place.

♥ Much love and be well.

* This is an extremely fictional pornographic story written for fetishists.
* Setting: Cartoonish Anthro Furry World. Modern+.

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Posted by Brenden1k 1 year ago Report

Unlucky kyie, he almost lived.


Posted by Indighost 1 year ago Report

Just like my d&d players xD


Posted by Anashi 1 year ago Report

Absolutely blown away! A stunning read from start to finish! <3


Posted by Indighost 1 year ago Report

Thanks, love bunny. ♡


Posted by randomentity777 1 year ago Report

Wow. Words fail me, this is epic


Posted by Indighost 1 year ago Report

Thanks dude! It's fun to make this stuff when there's a good idea ready to go


Posted by Foxgut 1 year ago Report

I'm happy to see you posting again.


Posted by DoctorDischord 1 year ago Report

Generally speaking I can’t bring myself to read especially long stories on this site...but your work is always an exception. Great work, and glad to see you back


Posted by Indighost 1 year ago Report

Thanks! While I may not always have time, I always have a lot of good ideas, and will keep working on them