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Zuzana's mistake By javitinkfizz -- Report

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Never underestimate a goblin~

Preyslut Zuzana belongs to  BIGBIG

Zuzana's prey:

Non X-ray:

Art drawn by: ber00

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Posted by VelveteenDreams 2 months ago Report

I don't know - it feels more natural for our Gobbo to be churning in *Zuzana*. I guess the green little thing got to her first eheheheh.


Posted by mthekiller362 2 months ago Report

I don't know what I prefer. I don't like Zuzana being prey, but having a smaller pred is amazing.



Posted by BewitchedTwist 2 months ago Report

What goes around comes around!


Posted by komaru 2 months ago Report

I do enjoy a size difference luke this kn vore, and adorable goblins make for the best preds!~


Posted by komaru 2 months ago Report

Like this in vore*
Not used to typing on this phone yet XD


Posted by brandon14 2 months ago Report

Talk about karma!


Posted by Nekochow 2 months ago Report

I think people complain too much, Zuzana ends up as prey all the time, great to see Pixxy finally get her down


Posted by Rowigrath 2 months ago Report

I see Pixxy's new year's resolution is being extra pudgy and gluttonous this year. I most certainly approve~

It'll just make her more delicious and filling for me when I get to gobble her up again!


Posted by Razgriz 2 months ago Report

who's in zuzana? :O i can see the pic, but curious on their names~


Posted by Twinkle 2 months ago Report

Dunno the blue one, but the Green haired gal is named Jade. She belongs to me :)


Posted by Twinkle 2 months ago Report

Just sayin'. Jade (the green haired girl in Zuzana's belly) totally didn't get digested. She used her hearthstone just in time and teleported back home safe and sound! :>
You can't prove otherwise >:3


Posted by night22 2 months ago Report

Hell yeah, I love seeing Zuzana as prey


Posted by EnderDracolich 2 months ago Report

I like small pred stuff! It does feel odd ton see Pixxy, Zuzana, and Jade (one of Zuzana's prey) all in the same picture. It's like one of those TV crossovers nobody expects.


Posted by Larkspurdiblock 1 month ago Report

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