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I Can't Believe It's Not FLEX TAPE By hibbyjibby -- Report

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Seems like Iowa's become the spokeswoman for a product she's trying to push. A rubbery sealant that's affordable, versatile, and keeps you (and whoever else you wanna include) warm on night missions along with making you look pretty sexy? Bound to be a successful product, I'm sure. I'd buy THAT for a dollar.

And it seems she's got Katori here to help her sell this product, even taking one of her spare glasses. Shrewd businesswoman, I gotta give her that.

Well, another lesson in not delaying your artwork when your style and knowledge keep changing. The left image was done months ago while the right one was a lot more recent, and it might show clearly. I'm just happy to end the year with my last officially drawn-with-mouse image, and move onto greener pastures.

AKA I got myself a tablet, and I wanna move onto trying to use that properly. Like a real artist would use, right?

Anyway, expect more Kantai and possibly other gacha game girls in the future, and hope everyone seeing this has a great new year n' likes what I make during that new year!

Edit: In my haste I was being a dummy, and forgot to turn on the background layer for the weight-gain part. WHOOPS

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Posted by Azuris 1 year ago Report

Love how snug and shiny that ship rubber looks (as well as the resulting blubber) Dunno why she'd wear a bikini top on top of it, but I'm not overly familiar with the character. Looks great overall!


Posted by hibbyjibby 1 year ago Report

Ayy thanks. Ironically for how good the rubber looks, and the weight gain, this was all kinda last minute, yet delayed at the same time. So, in the future, I wanna do even better. Both the visuals, and eh my work ethic.

As for the bikini top, it's just cuz it looks good I think. Also she's a very AMERICAN girl, and a flag bikini with good ol' red white n' blue always looks good.


Posted by MugenNoSaga 1 year ago Report

Loving it!!!! Iowa is a really good spokeswoman that I'm almost convinced into buying one of these, but there is a minor thing I would like to know Miss Iowa, thanks to Katori-sensei I can see how much this Ship rubber can resists but I'm intrigue on what is the max capacity it can do.

Anyway jokes aside, thanks for this and happy new year!


Posted by hibbyjibby 1 year ago Report

Max capacity eh? Well while this company did rigorous testing, user reviews are highly valued. And encouraged.

But hey thanks for the comment, and happy new year to you too!


Posted by MugenNoSaga 1 year ago Report

My ship girl who wants to know prefers to stay anonymous for the time being has a fetish for her sisters and they are quite a lot, she wouldn't mind giving a good try but is unsure if this product can resist that many ship girls, the other brand she bought couldn't handle 4 and it was already giving up when the third one was inside.


Posted by Makazawa 1 year ago Report

Love how your imprints prey struggle in pred belly


Posted by Dillybar12345 1 year ago Report

Anyone else here actually live in Iowa?


Posted by ShadowRayquaza 1 year ago Report

I'm just curious, do you have a textless version on hand, by any chance?

It looks awesome btw


Posted by hibbyjibby 1 year ago Report

I mean I suppose I technically do since the text is just a layer I do at the end of the image


Posted by ShadowRayquaza 1 year ago Report

Sorry, I think what I should have asked was "is there a place where someone could find the textless versions of your images?" If not, that's cool, I was just wondering.

Also, thanks for the quicky reply.


Posted by hibbyjibby 1 year ago Report

Ah, I getcha. Nah I never posted it anywhere cuz, I mean without the dialogue the whole 'advertising' thing isn't as apparent (shame on me for now going further with it but heck this was lucky to see the light of day)

Speaking of quick replies, this one? Eh, whoops


Posted by Mostamazingofbaboons 1 year ago Report

That's a lot of damage!