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Caught in the Lamia's Den By Aesir -- Report

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Have a doodle from like Feb that I didn't post cause I'm not very confident in. I was trying to see if I could do some cool stuff with a big blanket dark shadow, but it seems I'll have to keep trying.

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Posted by bellylov3rs 9 months ago Report

I think it looks great and a great attempt at something you're not used to doing! :)
You're always so godly good at facial expressions it's one of my favorite aspects of your work, everything else is of course amazing as well, love the various angles going on in this scene and just how unabashedly the lamia is enjoying herself in everyway.

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Posted by Thatdude8 9 months ago Report

I like the concept, but it makes the drawing come off as dark and foreboding. Dunno if thats the idea or not, but I think its cool you’re trying out new things with your drawings

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Posted by Aesir 9 months ago Report

Ya, 'bad end' is the vibe.

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Posted by Thatdude8 9 months ago Report

Well in that case I think you’re being too hard on yourself with this pic. You nailed that vibe pretty damn well for something you’re only trying out for the first time.

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Posted by Firstfate 9 months ago Report

Well I for one enjoy the "big blanket dark shadow" you have over this picture, gives a very "bad ending" vibe to this picture :) That gives this scene more of a gloom and doom feeling, like Aelia is enjoying the spoils of a battle against some intruders in her lair, over her having just gone out to a tavern to recruit some horny girls to bring home for some fun and a meal :)

I think you should keep trying to figure out how to make the cool stuff you were trying for work when making a picture like this. Although, if you were to want to try to blanket a picture in shadows, I would suggest darkening the whole picture; with only what you "want" to be seen being visible through the "blanket", that way your viewers will be able to use their imagination for the rest that is unseen :)

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Posted by cloudrunnerteeny 9 months ago Report

i dont know who im more jealous of

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Posted by PrismaticAria 9 months ago Report

I, for one, really enjoy this. The facial expressions are just perfect, especially Aelia's.

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Posted by Kroel 9 months ago Report

I like Aelia's expression. She looks so lewd and satisfied.

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Posted by SolAStarPlat 9 months ago Report

It's really good, dude! I like the apparent dark vibes to it!

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Posted by HitomiBoy 9 months ago Report

Looks great. I think it's a great first attempt!

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Posted by Dulahallan 9 months ago Report

*giggles to herself* I love it. Well, I always love seeing new things from you. ^^ Will Aelia spare her new prisoner (read: pet)?

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Posted by SherlokKiril 7 months ago Report

It is so hot when pred is having sex with someone, while digesting prey. Great drawing, love expressions !

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