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“...and thanks again for the meal. Now I know that this is how you treat your guests I'll have to visit more often!” Ember rubbed her belly, reminiscing about the pony that was stuffed inside it not long ago.

Twilight laughed “Of course, as dragon lord we want your stay to be as pleasant as possible. And we'll be sure to have another 'meal' lined up for your next visit”

“Actually....” Ember said, suddenly looking uncharacteristically bashful “That last meal was SO good I don't think I can wait that long, would you mind if I had one more? Y'know, just for the road?”

Twilight put a hoof to her chin contemplatively, thinking for a second before responding. “Sure,” she smiled “you can take Rarity with you.”

“What!?” Rarity yelped, alarmed at the suddenness “W..why does it have to be me?”

“Uh.. why not?” Twilight responded, turning to face Rarity “I figured you'd be pretty tasty”

“Well, yes I suppose that's true... I doubt there are many ponies who would make such a sumptuous meal as myself, but...”

“Then that settles it!” Twilight interrupted as she turned back to Ember, satisfied that the brief conflict was resolved. “Rarity will go with you.”

“Awesome!” Ember licked her lips as she eyed Rarity “Honestly I was expecting you to just give me another random pony, not one of your best friends, but I gotta say she looks absolutely delicious.”

“Don't mention it!” Twilight beamed “But don't go getting any ideas now...” she glanced side-ways at Ember who was still staring fixedly at Rarity. “We're happy to gift you the odd pony now-and-then, but as tasty as we are, please don't just start coming to ponyville to grab snacks. There'd be nopony left before too long!”

“Yeah yeah don't worry Twilight. I value our alliance enough to control my hunger”

Rarity mumbled under her breath, “Not enough to leave without ME though apparently...”

Ember continued “Um.. so this is kinda awkward but could you.. uh... wrap her up or something? I don't think I could carry her back to the Dragon Lands like that..”

Pinkie suddenly sprang onto the scene carrying a large burlap sack that she had apparently pulled out of thin air “Right here!” She shouted gleefully as she lowered the sack and held it open in front of Rarity “Climb in, you'll be like a goody-bag!” she giggled.

Rarity sighed, but slowly lifted one hoof off the ground and pushed it into the large sack. With Pinkie's help she quickly found herself fully encased in darkness as her tail slid in behind her and Pinkie tied up the opening with some rope she apparently also managed to find somewhere.

Ember walked over the the wriggling bag and hefted it into the air, eliciting a short squeal from it's contents as she effortlessly swung it round and hung it over her shoulder.

“Welp, thanks again for the wonderful visit guys. I better be getting back” Ember said as she turned and began walking out the room, waving behind her as she did so.

“Take care!” Twilight said

“Yeah, come back soon” Spike continued

“Bye Rarity, nice knowing you” Rainbow said, unable to hide a slight smirk

“Yeah,uh.. bye Rar” Applejack joined in a little awkwardly, not really sure what to say given the circumstances “Hope you have fun, uh.. digestin.. or somethin...”.

Rarity rolled her eyes and grunted. *Well, at least she tried* she thought *Nopony else seems to even care that they'll never see me again*

The rest of the congregation waved as Ember disappeared out the door and leapt into the air, gripping the sack beneath her in her vice-like claws as she flew into the sky.

When they were gone Spike turned to Twilight and asked “Did you REALLY have to give her Rarity of all ponies?”

Twilight gasped “Oh right! Sorry spike, I forgot you had feelings for her... but Rarity is providing a very valuable diplomatic service. She'll serve the alliance much better as meat than she could any other way”

“Yeah, I know...” Spike said looking downcast for a moment before shaking his head and turning to follow Twilight and the rest of the party as they walked back inside.


Rarity grunted and groaned as the bag was jostled as Ember flew back to her home-land. *This thing is so uncomfortable!* she thought grumpily *Although, it's probably not as bad as the 'sack' full of acids that I'll be occupying later...* she still couldn't quite believe what was happening *and it happened so suddenly! It's like Twilight didn't even give it a second thought before sending me to my doom... I guess she just thought I would make better meat than anypony else* she mused. *Not like it matters anymore... I've been 'gifted' to the dragon lord. I'm now her property to do with as she wishes.*


A while later the bag jolted again as Ember finally landed on solid ground, and Rarity winced as she was again hefted over the dragon's shoulder. She felt ember take a few steps and then the light from the sun was cut off once more as Ember walked into a darkened area.

Suddenly the bag was opened and tipped upside down causing Rarity to tumble unceremoniously to the floor of... a cave? She slowly rolled over onto her front and sat up, trying to get her bearings.

“Welcome to my home!” Ember said “It probably doesn't look like much to a pony like you but it's fine for us dragons”

“Riiight...” Rarity said, brushing herself off as she stood up to face the blue dragon “So.. I guess you're going to eat me now...” She glanced at the floor dejectedly but to her surprise Ember just laughed

“Well, not right now no. I've just flown a long way carrying you and I'm pooped!” she walked over to a pile of rocks and then laid on top, closing her eyes and attempting to get comfortable “I need a nap first, then I have various things I need to take care of. Also I want save you until I'm particularly hungry so I can savour you properly. I'm sure you'll keep for a few weeks..”

“K..keep?” Rarity said

“Yeah, like, you're still alive so you won't spoil or anything like the normal meat we keep lying around. You'll probably stay perfectly ripe as long as I feed you enough.” Ember answered matter-of-factly.

As sensible as it sounded, the words still felt strange to Rarity's ears and she felt a slight shudder run down her spine as the reality of the situation sunk in a little deeper.

Presently, she looked to the entrance and realised that unlike pony domiciles, it was completely open. No door or anything. “So.. you're just going to leave me here untied while you take a nap? What if I just walk out the cave and run away?”

Ember opened one eye and stared at the white pony. “I mean, you COULD do that but it'd be pretty rude after Princess Twilight gifted you to me so generously...” She rolled onto her back and put her hands behind her head, closing her eyes again. “Just relax, it's probably gonna be a couple weeks before I eat you, and until then you can just hang around here” Her words slowed as she yawned and grew more drowsy “No more responsibilities...” she continued “No more relationships to worry about.. just worry about being a... tasty.... snack....” she began snoring loudly as she fell asleep.

*Well that's just great* Rarity fumed *It's bad enough that I'm being killed for no reason other than some blue dragon's fleeting pleasure, but now I must endure in this hell-whole for who knows how long!* She lifted the burlap sack she had arrived in and folded it into a neat little parcel before placing it on the floor and sitting down on it, slightly preferring the itchy material to the cold stone ground.


A couple of hours later Ember yawned awake and sat up on her make-shift bed. “Wow” she said, glancing at Rarity “I can't believe you're still here...”

Rarity looked up “WHAT?? But you said..”

“I mean yeah, but like.. you're gonna DIE, and probably pretty painfully too judging by the last meal. If I were in your shoes I would have made at least *some* attempt to run away. But I guess that's what separates us dragons from herbivores like you.” She got off the bed and walked over to the cave entrance, crouching down and extending her wings “Well, I gotta run some errands – it's hard work being ruler – see ya later! Apparently...” she shook her head and laughed, thinking about how little preservation instincts ponies seemed to possess, then she jumped up and flew away


For the next few weeks life in the cave continued pretty much the same way. Ember would leave in the morning and return in the evenings looking exhausted. The pair would sometimes chat for a bit or sit in silence as they ate their food before heading off to bed.

On the third night, Ember returned with a bag full of hay and emptied it in the corner, explaining “I figured you'd be more comfortable sleeping on that than a dirty ol' sack.” Rarity was shocked and found herself unsure about what to say in response to the sudden unexpected show of kindness from her new owner. The feeling didn't last long however as Ember continued, “And I guess sleeping on a softer surface will help keep your meat tender”


After a week Ember had noticed that Rarity's normally meticulously well-kept mane and tail had begun to look a little ragged, so that evening she returned carrying a broken comb that she found in the next village and chucked it at Rarity.

“Here you go” she said happily “now you can keep yourself looking perfect for when I eat you”

“Gee, thanks.” Rarity sounded unimpressed, but did start using the comb the very next day while Ember was out. For such a usually prim fashionista such as herself, the lack of any kind of grooming product was actually one of the worse parts of her experience so far!


Then one evening in the third week, while they were chatting, Rarity paused mid conversation, before asking “So.. uh..” she struggled to find the words. Even after taking all this time to acclimatise to the situation, she still couldn't help but feeling like she was more than a lump a meat, an actual pony. “Um..” she pressed on. “This has been going on a while now Ember and, um..” she coughed, feeling awkward “are you really going to...” she closed her eyes and tilted her head down “ me soon?”

Ember just laughed “Haha why, are you eager to get in my belly?”

Rarity's head shot up “N.. no! In fact, I'd still rather *not* be food at all actually, but...” She paused again “If this thing is going to happen to me regardless of my feelings, then I would like to know a time-frame at least...”

Ember looked at her and sighed “Fine, I'll eat you tomorrow how about that?”

“W..wait that soon!?”

“Well you said you wanted a time-frame...” Ember smiled at her “And anyway it's not THAT soon. You will have a whole DAY to prepare yourself for your slow, painful end.” Ember winked at Rarity as the pony's cheeks flushed and she looked down as her hooves again.

“W.. well yes, I suppose I did ask for a time didn't I...” she replied. “And.. and I guess if I'm just going to get ground up into mush it doesn't really matter if it's tomorrow or a month from now.”

“Great” Ember said “I'm looking forward to it already.” She pointedly eyed Rarity's form up-and-down and licked her lips, making the pony shift uncomfortably.

The pair then resumed their previous conversation and chatted for a little longer before going to bed.

Like every day previously, Ember was already gone when Rarity awoke the next morning.

“So this is it” she said to herself. My last day. She briefly wondered what she should do to make her last day special but no idea's came to mind. She found herself wishing Pinkie was there, she'd probably have a hundred ideas about what she could do.

She gave up pretty quickly though, realising it didn't matter. “I'm just food...” she thought “and this is just a day like any other for food...”


Rarity stood up as she saw Ember land outside the cave and walk in. Now that the final event was so close she couldn't control her nerves and felt a shiver run down her body.

“Soooo, Rarity...” Ember said seductively as she walked over to the unicorn and placed a hand on her head, pushing her hair down over one of her eyes. “Tonight's the night...” she smiled

Rarity gulped despite herself, but managed to force herself to look up into the eye's of her soon-to-be-killer “Yes, I'm... I'm...”

“Food?” Ember cut in “Yeah that's right.” She laughed “I didn't bring home any food for myself tonight, obviously...” She looked at Rarity suggestively and licked her lips “... but would you like something to eat before you slide into here?” She rubbed her belly and Rarity's eye's widened a little as she heard it grumble softly.

“We dragons can control our metabolisms really well, for when times are hard 'n' stuff.” Rarity looked up from Ember's belly, unsure what the reason behind this sudden biology lesson was. “As such, we can control how fast we digest and absorb our meals” Rarity was starting to get an idea.. “I'm planning to digest you much slower than that previous meal, so you'll probably be alive for a few days at least.

“Anyway, the reason I'm telling you this is because you might want to eat something now so you don't have to deal with hunger pains on top of the... 'melty' pains. Up to you though”

“Why are you going to digest me slower?” Rarity asked, curious both about this newly discovered quirk of dragon anatomy, but also about what implications it might have for her.

“No real reason I guess, I just really want to feel you *squirm* and scream for as long a possible inside me.” she closed her eyes, clearly imagining it.

“Will it...” Rarity felt another shiver as she asked her follow up question “will it... hurt more?”

“Of course it will, that's the point!” Ember laughed “I want you to really FEEL it as your flesh melts off your body”

Rarity looked down at the floor again. *This really doesn't change anything,* she thought, trying to calm herself. *I knew getting digested was going to be painful, of course it would be... but I'm just meat now, what matters the most is that this dragon has a good time with me*

On the basis that her own discomfort didn't matter any more, she decided to forgo the “last meal” on offer and invited Ember to begin

The blue dragon beamed as she grabbed Rarity by the shoulders and lifted her up into the air until their eyes were level. “For some reason I still thought you'd try to run away today, knowing this would be your last day, and knowing what's about to happen. Ponies really are strange” She smiled and lifted Rarity higher, re-positioning her hands to grip Rarity's soft thighs, so that Rarity was basically 'sitting' on her hands.

Ember stared at the tender white flesh in front of her, as if seeing it for the first time. Drool started to form around the corner of her mouth and she licked her lips greedily. “You really do look delicious” she said “I'm glad Twilight gave you to me”

She lifted Rarity a little higher still and slowly opened her maw, wider and wider. Letting strings of saliva drip off the roof of her mouth. Slowly, she brought one of Rarity's hind-hooves to her mouth and placed it on her tongue. She closed her mouth around it and sucked on it for a bit before swallowing.

Rarity immediately felt the tightness of the dragons throat as it closed around her hoof and lower leg.

Since both of Ember's hands were occupied, she had no way to reach Rarity's other hoof that was dangling below. She opened her eyes and caught Rarity's gaze. Rarity looked confused for a moment and then Ember nodded her head down slightly, gesturing at Rarity's foot.

*Really..?* Rarity thought *She's expecting me to... oh what's the point anymore. One way or another she's going to stuff me into her stomach. At least she's being gentle...* Rarity lifted her foot and pushed it against Embers mouth. The dragon smiled and stared up at Rarity mischievously, but her mouth wasn't opening.

Rarity knew what the game was immediately. *She expects me to force my way in, like I'm begging to be eaten!* she sighed. At this point, despite how much she still wanted to live, she almost just wanted the whole thing to be over as soon as possible. So she pushed harder.

Eventually she managed to squeeze her foot into Ember's relatively small maw and the dragon gave another gulp, swallowing both of Rarity's legs up to the knees.

Rarity gasped as Ember began to squeeze her soft, marshmellowy thighs between her claws, pushing the tender flesh into her ballooning cheeks and beginning to moan softly.

Before long, Rarity's hips were lodged in the dragons mouth, who was chewing and kneading them between her pointy teeth, savouring the flavour.

Rarity felt strange feelings run up her spine. The sensation of her legs being pummelled on all sides by the hot damp throat muscles while the toothy maw worked her mid section was making her increasingly flushed, and she closed her eyes as Ember lurched and finally swallowed her hips, moving up to her stomach and chest.

Over the next several minutes, Ember slowly moved up the remainder of Rarity's body, until Rarity's shoulders and neck were inside. Rarity looked up as she felt the warm maw of the dragon move around her head and face, framing her vision with rows of sharp teeth.

Finally, Ember closed her mouth and gulped, sealing Rarity in complete darkness and sending her whole body plunging into her tight stomach.

“Ahhhhhhhh you tasted AMAZING!” Ember sighed as she smacked her round belly and sat down. “Much better than that last pony”

“Um.. thanks, I guess?” came Rarity's muffled response.

The inside of Embers belly was incredibly hot and tight, squeezing Rarity's delicate body on all sides and covering her in liquid. As she felt her body abused she couldn't help but let out a sigh of pleasure. It was like having a warm bath and full body massage as the same time. Almost subconsciously, she started to writhe and undulate, moaning. Softly at first, but getting louder as she began to scream and thrash in pleasure.

Ember just laughed as she stroked her belly. “Having fun in there?”

But Rarity couldn't respond, she was too caught up in the moment.


WARNING: GRAPHIC DIGESTION AHEAD!!! - Turn back now if you don't like :P

Not much changed for Rarity over the next 24 hours, the acids were really weak and hadn't started to burn properly yet, but Rarity did notice that all off her fur below the acid had been burnt away, and her completely smooth white skin had started to turn pink and red as it cooked and bubbled.

The day after that, the acids really started working and burning her flesh though and she began to whimper in pain as the skin of her juicy hips and lower back started peeling away

The digestion process picked up speed after that since Rarity's protective layers had been dissolved and the acids could now work on her muscles and fat

The third day was the worst yet, and Rarity screamed and thrashed in pain as the flesh of her thighs started to slough off into the bubbling liquid, leaving Rarity to stare down at the partially exposed bone.

Sometime on the forth day, Rarity's right lower leg became detached as her thighs and knees had dissolved to the point where there was nothing left keeping it connected.

Rarity watched as she saw her limb float on the surface of the acid in front of her. Despite everything that was happening, Rarity had managed to keep her arms above the acid and now used her fore-hooves to push it down into the acids so it could begin digesting too. She then pulled at her left foot until it also broke free from her body and did the same with that.

By the fifth day, her legs and lower back were completely dissolved, and she lay on a bed of her own melted flesh. She didn't know how she was still alive, but every moment was agony. It wasn't just the physical pain of being melted, but the emotional turmoil of knowing she was actually going to die soon.

By the sixth day, her voice had finally given out from screaming and she could only watch on as more of her lower stomach and torso melted away, and she slowly slid deeper in the the pool.

On the seventh day, she finally, mercifully lost consciousness as her shoulder and head finally dipped below the surface and acids swelled to fill the entire stomach.

The whole week had been a wild ride for Ember, who had been in almost constant Ecstasy at the sounds of screams of pain coming from within herself. Just knowing there was a living, sentient being inside her getting slowly churned into mush for nothing but her own amusement was almost too much to bare and she was racked with continuous orgasms.

Now though, as she felt Rarity finally stop moving and whimpering, she knew that her meal was finished, and ramped up the digestions, finishing her off in just a couple of hours.

She then went to find a quiet place in the woods outside and deposited Rarity's remains in a huge brown pile by a tree. Aside from a few tufts of purple hair, there was nothing left to indicate that the pile of feces was the former popular fashionista Rarity.

Ember threw the comb she had given her on the pile of poop before turning and waving “Nice knowing you” she laughed, before leaping into the air and flying back to her village to continue her normal duties.


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Posted by lunchymunchies 3 months ago Report

You forgot Fluttershy!


Posted by VoraciousShapeshift 3 months ago Report

This...was...AMAZING!!!! I don't care about Ember as a proper character, and know pretty much next to nothing about her, but this was awesome, with or without the disposal at the end! You are just full of surprises hunnter, keep on going, and stay safe out there.


Posted by hunnter 3 months ago Report

Thanks I'm glad you liked it :D

Yeah I don't really know much about Ember either tbh but I like her design. I tried looking up details for the story but couldn't find much so I decided to just make everything up. (Although it turns out she DOES literally live in a place just called the "Dragon Lands"... xD)


Posted by Estee 3 months ago Report

Love Ember's sadism here."Imma digest you deliberately slowly to prolong the process for us both."


Posted by unicorn 3 months ago Report

Clicked for the image but stayed for the story! It was quite good. I always thought Rarity would be one of the tastiest to eat, and i think this just proves it :D


Posted by AlbanyExpression 3 months ago Report

“Well, not right now no. I've just flown a long way carrying you and I'm pooped!

... but not as pooped as Rarity gets. Ohoho.

Anyway yes, tremendous work.


Posted by hunnter 3 months ago Report

lol xD I nearly had Ember make a similar pun but I managed to resist

Thanks ^_^


Posted by Slimshod 3 months ago Report

Oh wow that was awesome! The story had quite a nice mix of things and to have painful digestion back like your older stories was even better. Great work!


Posted by whitpey 3 months ago Report

Loved every bit of this. The art and the story are awesome and I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us


Posted by comandmaster 3 months ago Report

great story! i almost thought that when spike spoke up he would have gone with for a fun good bye


Posted by abzde 3 months ago Report

Wow that was a really sexy story and picture to go along with it! hunnter no one makes stories quite like yours. They really are amazing! Thanks for putting this together and sharing it with all of us.