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This is an account for uploading the vore I write for a certain discord group. I write under a different name elsewhere for non-vore stuff, so keeping that stuff separate.

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When you have a lot of friends, there is no such thing as an unneeded gift - you are effectively just being gifted something to gift somepony else.. That was how Twilight saw it anyway. One day she was going to make that a full saying and everything, when she finally got around to writing that book. Twilight wasn’t lazy or anything, far from it, but she always felt like she had more to learn before sitting down to write things out. That book had to be

had changed a lot. The last time Fleetfoot had flown through the
city, the princesses were still drawing breath and the whole city was
full of life and love. With the princesses gone, all that vibrant
energy had evaporated. Fleetfoot found some humor in how drastic the
difference was. Nopony had paid her any mind as she glided into the
city. The guards were seen less frequently now that there were no
more princesses to protect. The only post still heavily guarded was
Canterlot Castle,

The maid knocked on the door of the royal bedchamber, and when she heard her princess speak, she opened it wide and smiled at the alicorn.
"She's here! Trixie the Devourer's train has arrived!" she announced breathlessly. Before her, reclining on her bed, Princess Cadance smiled at her servant.
"Ah, that's wonderful to hear. I'll be right down to greet her. Does Flurry know?"
"Oh, the news is spreading fast." It was true- the Crystal Ponies were excited to see the one who had not only devoured t

Sweet Apple Acres was gleaming bright cherry-red atop its farm hill, glistening on a lovely cloudless day. Pinkie Pie’s hooves bounced in the dirt as she approached, flanked on either side by rows of apple saplings. Many were sprouting leaves already, others had barely pierced through the dirt. One mound in particular was freshly planted within a day or so and hadn’t even begun to grow. The saplings’ trunks and leaves sported a prismatic array of every color Pinkie could name.

It was scheduled to rain today, but it wasn’t. Scootaloo wasn’t really sure what was going on there, but it made riding her scooter through town a whole lot easier, so she was thankful. She weaved past ponies as she went, the town centre quiet for now. It was just before noon, with Celestia’s sun- Trixie’s sun- wobbling uncertainly in the sky. Was that why the local weather team had messed up their schedule? Scoots made a mental note to see if Rainbow knew any better. No

Yawning awake, Trixie rubbed her eyes, finding the light of dawn outside of her window. Her body was covered in jewellery and gold chains, laid out in intricate patterns across her mane, horn, hooves, and especially around her belly. Gems glittered and gleaming gold circled around the two cutie marks of Celestia and Luna that rested atop her blue pudgy abdomen. Trixie clopped her hooves together twice, and then the door opened, revealing one of her royal guards. After Celestia and Luna's demise

With the wind flowing through her mane, Rainbow dash beat her wings and burst through a cloud, popping it into vapour and leaving the sky a clear blue. Her weather maintenance duties were done for the day, and it was mid-afternoon, early by her standards. Her wings were tucked in close to her sides as she dove nose-first towards the trees of Sweet Apple Acres that were tethered to the ground below. Before crash-landing, Rainbow Dash extended her wings to glide, weaving left and spinning right, a

The Grand Galloping Gala was in full swing, but the mood had a different air to it this year. This wasn't that surprising of course, given the advertised main event of the evening. Celestia had attended to her duties as usual, being her gracious self to her many guests. Luna roamed the halls at her leisure. Both of them had, for now, repressed the natural sense of excitement, leaving any introspection behind. They were committed now. The only way for them was forwards. And then sharply down a th

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Your username sounds very steamedhamm-ish


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Thanks. I enjoy it too. >\w/<


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Egads! My roast Pinkie is ruined! *Spots RD from the window* But what if... I were to capture fast food and disguise it as my own cooking... ohohohoho, delightfully devilish, FT!


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...for Steamed Hams?


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np, you're an amazing writer. "Happy Voreday Apple Bloom" was the best story I've read in ages! I don't know why I haven't found your stuff before... Also, thanks for the watch, glad you like my mlp stuffs too ^_^


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You're welcome!


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Casual vore and disposal scratch an itch that this site needs so badly! <3


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Stay tuned, an upcoming but far off commission is that to a T. Prey being required to make legal statements that they want to be consumed.

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