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Zoologist vore comic By SpaghettiCultists -- Report

I'm not a furry, I just have a crush on this 2d fox girl who sells me whips and cute fluffy bunnies!

I put my all into this and I mean it. Terraria has been one of my favorite games since I was in middle school back when the v1.1 update was THE final update. But ofcourse that's full of crap since we're now in 1.4, which is just phenomenal.

Now for the question: Who's your favorite NPC in Terraria? Doesn't matter if they're male or female, just one that's got great character.

Also would you like to see a continuation of this? I really loved drawing the zoologist and would like to draw more vore of her.

Now if you excuse me I'm gonna grind bosses so I can get my Zenith and do something from the suggestions blog I posted a while ago.

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Posted by sadlyknight 4 months ago Report

This is a good picture. I find it kind of funny that terreria has next to vore fanart at all. I've been playing modded terraria since tmoder came out on steam. Its been really enjoyable and I have played terraria since 1.1(my cosizen has been playing since 1.0) i have always liked playing it just never did any of the 1.3 content and i do love the game's lore. And how the player is trying to stop the corruption and the Hallow(I love that biome) from taking over. I have been playing expert over the past few weeks and it has been fun so far. I have seen the new bosses and they look like fun. I hope you have been enjoying the game. Now if you excuse i have to contune to prep my world for hardmode.


Posted by NitroButter 4 months ago Report

Amazing!very well done m8.


Posted by SpaghettiCultists 4 months ago Report

Thanks, dude! I always try my best.


Posted by cooltacoguy12 4 months ago Report

Great work. Hope to see more of her!


Posted by GonzaII1313 4 months ago Report

My favorite is the witch doctor he is my favorite becuase im a summoner XD


Posted by ToxicRoses 4 months ago Report

Idk, those whips are pretty damn good for summoners


Posted by SmithyWarb 4 months ago Report

My favorite is a tie between the Stylist and Party Girl


Posted by Whereaminow27 4 months ago Report

I would like to see a F/F continuation of this :) Excellent Work by the way.


Posted by dpZ1234 4 months ago Report

I like the steampunker because I can fight do damage to the corruption. Probably my favourite game since it was released


Posted by NotMax 4 months ago Report

According to the official furry scale (you know the one), zoologist is in the safe zone. Not a furry confirmed.

Bad jokes aside, great work! You're getting much better at drawing faces.


Posted by Bright 4 months ago Report

Love that tailwagging.


Posted by ThotPrime 4 months ago Report

Amazing work! My favs are a tie of the nurse and zoologist


Posted by CakePisces 4 months ago Report



Posted by HildaVGoneril 4 months ago Report

I wish this was in the game fr


Posted by SpaghettiCultists 4 months ago Report

Well there is vore mod for terraria somewhere in the forums.


Posted by Robotdocter 4 months ago Report

been playing since way before we even knew about 1.3. whatever being the final one. calamity has always been fun and 1.4 is amazing. my favorite npc has to be traveling due to the winter cape being my go to vanity item


Posted by Thefuckisthis 4 months ago Report



Posted by Nnaerie 4 months ago Report

Another great piece,i like the little things like the blue box for talking, the demon eye in the back and the addition of the status effect. I also like how you did the Swallowing scene in a more simplistic design and her excited tail wag.

For my favourite npc it would probably be between the arms dealer and the guide this is mostly due to them helping me so much, the guide helped me so much when crafting and the arms dealer had some great wepons i remember replacing my broomstick with the shotgun and beating the wall of flesh the first time using the star cannon.


Posted by nope01 4 months ago Report

can you do a part 2 or color the comic in black and white under the third panel


Posted by KraGo 4 months ago Report

I like it!


Posted by S1nZ 4 months ago Report

I want to hug her... before snuggling in her belly~


Posted by BlueIce 4 months ago Report

Blender noises are my favorite when a pred swallows xD


Posted by Eyeball44 4 months ago Report

Im honestly quite suprised there isnt too much vore of her


Posted by Desertfox78 4 months ago Report

This is amazing! The zoologist is my favourite as well, please do more like this!


Posted by Desertfox78 4 months ago Report

More of this too* I would love to see a continuation!


Posted by bbooooooooyyaaaaA 3 months ago Report

She's so CUTE!!! She's my favorite Terriea pred.


Posted by nope01 3 months ago Report

Will you do more of her?


Posted by SpaghettiCultists 3 months ago Report

Yes, but I'm busy drawing other things at the moment. Sorry. :(


Posted by nope01 3 months ago Report

You art is great


Posted by nope01 3 months ago Report



Posted by SherlokKiril 3 months ago Report

She is so cute ! I like how her tail starts wriggling.


Posted by Carmoose101 3 months ago Report

I mostly lurk around here but this warranted a comment.

The amount if effort to all the small details is so so SO amazing, I'll be looking forward to any sequel pieces. As for my favorite NPCs i'd probably go with the Witch Doctor and Goblin Tinkerer for male and then Steam Punker, Mechanic, Party Girl, and Zoologist.


Posted by RedNastyFoxy 3 months ago Report

My gosh, I would definitely ask her for the same and then come again and again to get eaten by this precious fox lady... ^__^


Posted by Aizen 2 months ago Report

I would like to see the second part, how she will after digestion, I hope she has a big ass and tits ~


Posted by StarSpectre 11 days ago Report

I personally like the guide. Simple, yeah, but he's rather chill, and cool, in my book. Just kinda sucks that he's what's needed to be sacrificed to fight the Wall, though. Great art, by the way!