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Tickets Please By DrakentheBlack -- Report

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In spite of regulations, Empire Theater remained in business throughout 2020, and as such, made excessive amounts of money. People were literally lining up around the block when it came time to see their shows, but some people were less pleased with the lines than others.

"Oh my goddess, I can't believe these lines!" Samantha complained, rattling her tail. "This is why we should have shown up 30 minutes early, but you just had to watch another episode of anime." Tia stated, though she too was tapping several of her feet with annoyance.

Seeing how this was clearly going to take a while, and their film would be starting in ten minutes, Samantha thought about a solution for a bit. She soon came up with something, and told her friend, "Follow my lead." Without another word, the lamia grabbed the girl in front of her, and enveloped her head in her mouth. The girl's screams were muffled as the snake-woman ripped off her clothes and swallowed her whole body as quickly as possible.

"I get what you're doing." Tia said as she watched a pair of - in her opinion - chubby and stubby legs slip down her companion's gullet. The drider grabbed the next girl in line, got a good grip on her, and began spinning her around while spraying her with sticky silk.

Very rapidly, the line began to disappear. Seeing the fate that was befalling those who were ahead of the yokai girls, one boy stepped aside and gestured with his hand, while saying, "Right this way ladies. Go ahead of me, I insist."

"My, what a gentleman." The spider-girl purred as she walked past, giving him a flirty smile that showed off one of her venom-filled fangs.

When they reached the desk to buy their tickets, the wolf-girl working there said, "Welcome to Empire Theater. What will you be watching tonight?"

"We'd like two tickets to the live-action Nausicaa movie." Samantha replied.

"Oh, that one... It's one of my favorites..." The okami stated through gritted teeth and with no real conviction.

"Is it that bad?"

"No... no... Two tickets you say? You know, as creative a way of smuggling people into a theater as that is..." She gestured to Samantha's bloated and wiggling snake-body, "I am going to have to charge you for every one of them."

Samantha realized the problem she caused for herself, but before she could protest, Tia stepped forward with numerous purses in her arms and took money from them to pay for the tickets.

The okami smiled, gave out several tickets, and said, "Enjoy the show!"

With their tickets bought, the pair of yokai entered the main lobby, and went to get some popcorn. Only problem, they were stopped by yet another line.

Tia offered, "So, do you want to do what we did before?"

The suggestion had merit, but feeling how full her gut already was, Samantha figured consuming a line of people to reach the refreshments would rather defeat the purpose...

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Posted by Fischie 1 year ago Report

I love that naga's problem solving and how people simply let her digest them.


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 year ago Report

What are they gonna do? Say no? XD


Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

Haha, great picture and I love the short story you wrote for it, the story filled out the picture quite good and gave it another dimension^^
Samantha had a very creative way of getting past the line with her friend, what a way to go XD
Too bad it became a little more expencive than anticipated, and I think I must agree that snacking ON the line to the snack-bar, would be a good idea.
However, I woner if the "gentleman" they passed, would end up sitting beside Samntha or Tia once inside.

If I went, I think I would like to see "The Dragon's Deal" or "The Monster from Planet X"


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 year ago Report

Thank you very much!
It was more pricy, but at least they were given a donation by those who no longer needed the money XD
I think the guy tried to get into any other movie, but they were all sold out, so he'll probably wind up next to them ;)

One of those is a reference to our roleplay, the other is a legitimate story I wrote up, but the forum I uploaded it on has long since shut down.


Posted by Nalzindar 1 year ago Report

I see^^
Is it the Monster from Planet X that is referring to our picture rp? (Or is it the Dragon's deal? Our dragons seems to make (and break) a lot of them)
And may I ask which reference you got for the old story you uploaded?


Posted by DrakentheBlack 1 year ago Report

Actually it's Monster from Planet X in reference to our Dragon's Summer Camp RP; one of the girls brings it up just before they get eaten, particularly their fantasy to be one of the girls in the film.

The Dragon's Deal used to be on, but that shut down. It got a new site, but I haven't been on it. I also haven't decided if I'll reupload it in the future; 127 pages of character developement with 1 paragraph of vore does not seem like something that would appeal to most people on this site.