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Eep! (CM) By JackHereTheRealOne -- Report

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Commissioned by one of my dc bois.

This one one though, also comes with a story, expertly made once again by my main man  pactborn . Check out the full story here, and give the man your bidness if you're looking for writing related content. Oh and this one contains clean disposal (mainly bones and armor fragments) in the last bits for those who don't like that. So while I do think you should read it anyway, I'd say stop after she falls asleep if you don't want the rest.

“Kulia! Elspeth! Dimir! Uhh, Callie?” The voice was soft, feminine and fraught with worry. Each word plucked out of the stranger’s vocal chords like gentle notes from a lyre. Lillia’s long floppy ears perked up and she sat up from where she rested. Gulororrppppp.. Her stomach was not happy to be disturbed but already the pangs of hunger were hitting Lillia in waves. Surely what she did was righteous, so why shouldn’t she feel a bit of relief, even satisfaction at guiding her forest while helping others into her fluorescent domain? The steps got closer and standing up to her unsteady feet, her stance fearful, her trots quick as the Guardian positioned herself behind the looming shape of the mighty trunk. Her eyes scanned the treeline but in her post-meal bliss it was hard to focus on where exactly the sound was coming from. “Where are you? What is a captain without her unit hmm?”

Perched from behind the lofty trunk, her body glorrshing and grrouurrumbbling from her perch, Lillia pushing her deer gut further behind the tree while leaning out and letting her human gut settle, hanging from her waistline as she pondered the armor of this troop, this captain. Gleaming gold and laid in the style of a shogun with mighty horns of iron breaching her helmet, the figure was imposing and already withdrew her razor-sharp sword from her scabbard as she gingerly approached the tree. “What in the world is this glowing trickery?” But of course, Lillia’s ‘passengers’ couldn’t keep quiet for long- BLOORSH-SLORRPPPP…

The captain raised her sword up high, pointing towards where she heard the aberrant sound. “Come out slowly, whoever or whatever is there. Make any sudden moves and I will impale you against the trunk of this odd tree in a heartbeat!” She barked, her voice tense with authority and a sprinkle of confusion amidst the disappearance of her underlings.Thinking quick, the fawn grasped at a nearby branch, her fingers tingling as she picked up a handful of dream-dust from an over-burdened fruit and stepped out into the open, moving slowly and letting her guts jiggle and slorrshshhh while the captain now aimed her blade at her....
Again, you can read the rest over on their page. It's a good one.

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Posted by Robotdocter 1 year ago Report

ILLIA!!! i love her, very nice job :)

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Posted by Furanz 1 year ago Report

Absolutely baffled how much Lillia vore is coming out but I'm SO glad you're one of the ones who added to it! Great work!

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Posted by kibroman 1 year ago Report

good woork

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