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Gaige's Busy Day By TarenGe -- Report

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Often it's the busy days at the auto-shop when people want to start something. Rich boy wolf Zeke and his two friends thought they could barge into Gaige's office to flash some cash to skip the queue, and have a few of her workers as a snack. Gaige just stared down at the idiots in front of her and said "You will wait in line like everybody else, and if you so much as look at my employees I will personally give you a "Lesson" and trust me you won't like it". "Come on, don't be like that" Zeke said, trying to sound suave and failing. He leaned closer to her and said "If cash isn't gonna work maybe me and the boys can offer something else?". His offer was immediately clear when he grabbed her ass. In an instant Gaige's facial expression went from a disgusted rage to a sinister grin. "You know what? Lets do this" the hyena said as she went over to lock to her office door, not wanting any more interruptions. When she turned around she noticed Zeke had the biggest grin on his face, and the one friend of his that wasn't staring at her ass was already starting to strip. "These idiots have no idea" she thought, "perfect". Zeke yelled out "I call first!", practically panting at this point. "Oh don't worry" Gaige said, drool running down her chin, "I can take all three of you at once".

Alvin was sorting stock when he noticed a crashing sound coming from Gaige's office. The rabbit knew his boss could take care of herself, but those wolves looked like they might try something. As he watched the door, the knob started shaking violently like somebody was trying to open it. Then the door started shaking as somebody was beating on it, desperate to get out. Then everything went quiet, the terrified rabbit just standing there for what seemed like an eternity. As curiosity replaced fear, Alvin grabbed his office keys and unlocked the door. As he slowly peered in he asked "Boss, you OK?". He was greeted to the sight of a terrified wolf's face imprint poking out of the satisfied hyena's belly before it was pulled back in. "I'm URF, fine sweetie, these goons thought they had a deal worked out, instead I gave them someplace to "work" through." Gaige said with a grin to her wide eyed employee, "What do you want?" she added. When he could tear his eyes away from her squirming, gurgling belly Alvin said "I heard a crash and was just checking on you". The rabbit almost jumped out of his skin when her belly screamed "HELLMMMFF", the imprint of a hand reaching for him. His boss just pushed the distressed bulge back in and said "They just knocked over the shelf" pointing at the mess, "Can't imagine why?" she added jokingly. The hyena then leaned down to grab Zeke's pants, squishing her squirming belly. After some effort she got them and grabbed his keys from the pocket. Tossing the keys to the rabbit she said "They drove a red Chevrolet Corvette, bring it around to the back lot. I'd do it myself but as you can see I have a very busy day ahead of me". She patted her belly to make her point, trying not to laugh as the rabbit bolted out the door. As she closed the door again she said to her belly "I hope your happy scaring my employee like that, poor guy looked like he was going to piss himself, guess i just need to add better sound proofing". The hyena then sat on the floor while leaning against the wall for support, deciding the rest of her day should be spent hugging, kneading, squeezing, and rubbing her bloated stomach as she churned the wolves into mush. Playing with her gut she snarked "Thanks for the car snack, it should sell for a decent price". Sighing jokingly she added "I might have to spend most of that cash on Alvin's therapy, you boys really did a number on him". with a small belch she added "But its nowhere near as bad as what I'm going to do to you". Her belly answered with a muffled scream that sounded like "Let Me Out!". With a crass grin Gaige said "Oh I will, you just won't look like wolves when I'm done with you". With that last taunt of their future fate out of the way she ignored the frightened pleadings of her canine snack pack as they were replaced by wet glorps and groans. Often it's the busy days at the auto-shop when people want to start something. Those days are Gaige's favorite.

I'm not the best writer, but I thought I would try writing something longer. I would like to do more but before I do that I would like to hear peoples thoughts and criticisms (good and bad). I want to know if its too wordy or too adult or not adult enough, that kind of thing. And if you really want to tear into it, I'm pretty thick skinned, so its fine. Nothing said will hurt me, just help me moving forward. any comments will be extremely appreciated.

Ych from oncenium over on FA

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Posted by Novalori 2 months ago Report

Once again- loving Gaige. Very cute


Posted by threk 2 months ago Report

Loving Gaige, quite like the writing too. Some minor grammatical errors like not starting a new paragraph when a new different character starts speaking, but honestly a good short story to go with this picture.


Posted by TarenGe 2 months ago Report

Thank You! I appreciate your feedback, it will be very helpful moving forward. :)


Posted by wolfSnack 1 month ago Report

Your writing is great, and I love Gaige as a pred here!