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Taking a Dip By Gershwin -- Report

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A woodland ranger stumbles across an unlikely bathing spot, unfortunatly the owner might not be so happy about it.

My side of an art trade.

If you know my writing style and preferences you know what to expect.

I originally didn’t fully tag it to avoid spoilers but that apparently didn’t go down well so I’ve tagged it all. I guess... don’t read the tags if you want to have some surprises?

I’ll come up with a fun icon later.

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Posted by shortprey20 1 month ago Report

Yay! Love the new story and glad to see more of your work! I loved the kinks saga so glad to see more stories from you :D


Posted by Gershwin 1 month ago Report

Always happy to hear someone enjoys my writing :) hopefully I’ll get more done sooner than later.


Posted by CakePisces 1 month ago Report Now this is an example of a good, damn, story! Lol gave me tonikaku kawaii vibes with day one marriage and all XD


Posted by Gershwin 1 month ago Report

Glad you enjoyed it! Hah yes the whole nature bond thing is a little marriage like I guess :D


Posted by hersnack 1 month ago Report

Don't mean to be critical, But I wish you would specify if a story involves Anal Vore. Frankly I would never read such a story. I actually thought it was pretty good until the Anal vore came in.


Posted by Gershwin 1 month ago Report

I understand, though the reason for the missing tags is that they would immediately telegraph what happens between the characters, which is supposed to be an unknown in the story. I’ll try and find a way to indicate content somewhere that doesn’t reveal it to anyone who wants a surprise. Maybe a forum link or a separate upload with the tags in.

I deleted my original comment as I was a bit hasty in my response. I don’t understand your approach to reading fetish literature and how a single paragraph or two can make you not want to read something you otherwise say you liked. However that’s your choice and I shouldn’t bash it, I just don’t agree or understand.


Posted by Altimos 1 month ago Report

Vore varies pretty wide, there are certainly areas of vore that people would rather not associate with, especially when it involves fatal/non-fatal.

You're actually loosing exposure if you don't tag everything. And I get it, you like to give your stories some sort of anonymity, surprising the reader in the end. I'm only here because I saw your comment to Hersnack from "latest updates" and to be honest, seems still like your bashing Hersnack, and they weren't hostile to you at all, really.

Otherwise, I would have passed on your story from the lack of tags. I've been duped in the past many times from those that don't tag correctly (as I'm sure many have also been), especially on if it's a male or female pred. So, I can see where Hersnack's is coming from.

People have their niches, it's hard... I understand, but your comment will also lose you fans/clients, especially when you're in the commission game.

I'm just saying, try and keep a level head about it... for me, now that I see that it's anal vore, I'll go ahead and give your story a read. My advice, is to tag everything... more exposure for those that are exactly looking for your type of story, mostly so through tag searching.


Posted by Gershwin 1 month ago Report

Your right, of course. I am perhaps a little over defensive about the “story” when really, it is just fetish smut with a thin layer of character over it.

I didn’t mean to bash Hersnack, not really. I guess coming off the back of writing 10k words I reacted negatively to what seemed like an unreasonable comment at the time, but I understand. I get frustrated when violence isn’t tagged or underage, so yeah.

There isn’t any anal vore. There is a very brief anal insertion scene. So in some ways given it’s about 4% of the overall story, it feels misleading tagging at it! But I will.


Posted by Altimos 1 month ago Report

Well, I did read it and after commenting regarding the comments towards Hersnack, I should make it a critique about the actual story...

So, my assessment of your story from my opinion was def on point. In some regards, it did drag on and felt it could be trimmed a little. But it did not detract from the overall telling of the story, it just made it seem longer than it should have.

I will say that the nature between Carlisle and the fairy was a little contrived... meaning it feels artificially created/forced versus flowed naturally, during the leadup to the actual vore. I mean, it's kind of given since you had to give some lore regarding the difference between human magic and nature magic...

But after the vore (which could have had a little more detail), was WOW, it flowed so well... especially towards the relationship the fairy was starting to have with Carlisle. The connection they started to form (I won't go into detail since it's a spoiler), and how it played out well.

Let's just say the ending was very intuitive and I feel this is something that could actually happen given if the world/universe was real.

As far as what Hersnack was talking about, I really hate to break it to you, yes... this is anal vore. Insertion would be if someone where to be used as a buttplug, but she even screamed "deeper" even after his feet went all up inside there, and that he was pushing the the intestinal wall which is way past the colon. I think it was a fitting end though :3


Posted by Gershwin 1 month ago Report

Thanks for the feedback, useful stuff there.

The start was a little longer than I planned, and I did actually trim it down, so it could have been worse!

The vore part... I went back to add detail, but found somehow it didn't work for me, I guess because Iona is treating it as just "eating"?

While it was a oneoff for an art trade, I'm tempted to write another part. One day maybe.

I guess many people have a different definition of AV. A fair few people I know would say it's about intent and result, which is how I see it. I some people see it your way too. I doubt there's a dictionary definition!