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always enjoyed rum. Didn't matter what flavor, label, or how it was
made. If it said rum in the title, Janet liked it. This particular
party that she now found herself at however, did not have rum. It
barely had any alcohol at all, or food, or even people she found
attractive. In short, it was a dull affair all together.
you were to look at Janet you would see an average, albeit, pretty
girl. She wore her hair to her shoulders, a dirty blond mix that was
wavy and thick enough to be a n

day had started off relatively well for Mike. It was a Friday, he had
slept well, and he was on his way home from his morning run. He had
taken the day off work, wishing to spend this beautiful Fall day with
his girlfriend watching movies and sipping cocoa. It had taken him by
surprise when on his way home he passed a house with a woman in her
pajamas staring up at the blue sky. She wore a loose grey crop top
and black athletic shorts, leaving little to the imaganiation. Her
features were st

one looked like a bunny.
one had the appearance of a woman playing a guitar.
one..... that just looked like a cloud....should she really do it
always watched the clouds when she was nervous and had a difficult
decision to make, and this quandry was one she had dealt with before.
No matter what choice she had made last time she faced this puzzle
she would inevitably have to come up with a new judgement. The past
four instances of this dilemma she listened to what her

for the bus is truly a dull affair. Sure, one could be forgiven for
thinking that waiting at a bus stop bench might mean chance
encounters with strange and unique individuals likewise needing to
traverse across the city, but often than not the bench, like the bus,
would be fairly empty. This suited Alyson just fine. She liked the
feeling of solitude while passer-bys scurried about thier singular
lives, content to enjoy the bench alone. Here she could think, ponder
her life and its direct

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Well hello there fellow deviants!

So the good news, I got a job in my field! The bad new is that moving is super stressful and I have like zero time to do much of anything. To be actually quite honest I'm excited and super nervous where I'm sick to my stomach. I have the job, that was the hard part, but the count down of trying to get an apartment in a location hours away from where I live plus all the things I think I have to do to be ready and all packed up and ready to go are weighing down on me heavily. I'm too stressed where even when I do have spare time I'm not able to relax with writing or games like I normally can which has led to a back up of stories I want to release but just don't have the time/ mental strength to do currently. I apologize dear readers for this drought and...
[ Continued ... ]

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Posted by Hawkeye7 6 days ago Report

Thanks for the favorite, sorry if its taken awhile for me to respond!. I'm still getting to grips with the site. I hope you enjoyed the stories... more to come - watch for updates.


Posted by TheMouthsOfBabes 1 month ago Report

Thanks for watching!

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Posted by VoidInVoid 3 months ago Report

Thanks for another favorite.


Posted by Paradox 3 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch and fav^^


Posted by muslone 3 months ago Report

<< Reply To shortprey20

You are welcome


Posted by VoidInVoid 4 months ago Report

And thank you for the watch.


Posted by kimeria87 4 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch!

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Posted by VoidInVoid 5 months ago Report

<< Reply To shortprey20

Thanks. I guess five months is enough to still be considered new on a fourteen-year-old site. It may just be your wording, but have you checked out my previous series, too? Sloshing Depths is the fourth series in a story, and context might be missing for some story elements.


Posted by VoidInVoid 5 months ago Report

Thank you for favoriting.


Posted by BunnyWrites 5 months ago Report

<< Reply To shortprey20

I'll be looking forward to reading them! I hope I can continue to entertain you with Elly's descent into ever greater domination~ I'm having fun thinking up things she can do with Amy's tiny friends.


Posted by BunnyWrites 5 months ago Report

Thanks for the watch, that reminds me I need to watch you too as I've loved the stories of yours I've read, especially that one with the F/M stuff about the runner, and then the pred denying it to the prey's girlfriend. The domination angle there was so delicious, I loved it <3


Posted by Entity 6 months ago Report

Thanks for another fav ^^

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