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Cam Unbirth 2 Aftershow By LemonBarb -- Report

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This would have been a nice, brief extra, under the lens of an “optional” ending. But notes wise, it grew from there. So, for people not wanting things to be ‘as’ fatal compared to the last ‘show’... Here’s a more optimistic outcome. Even if there might be ‘some’ complications, an excuse of hacked health care as a narrative excuse. And the “camera mini” from last ‘snippet’ forever marking this down as the worst camera recording day of her career, for the long term implications, complications and consequences on herself, for an “easy” job.

Oh, especially the complications. A lens of ‘passive’ hints on potential future takes on this. Alongside a looming excuse on how a cam whore can get so much miniatures, for her ‘props’. Don’t worry, at least a couple of clone’s (maybe) won't die (this episode.) But, it’s at the looming expense, of clone horror, really. And in that light, there has certainly been no kidnappings involved, just unwitting DNA collections. Which honestly, leads to a lack of investigations, which can outright spiral to more or less, that “cam whore” getting away on an arbitrary adult content site. Or, as much as what can be chanced/pushed in content…

As for the ‘failed’ batches... Well, at least you get vore out of this. That said, if I expanded long enough. Maybe I could write a narrative excuse for “non-fatal” ovary absorption here. But alas, that’s assuming the cam girl’s ovaries are ‘excited’, more than repulsed over the instinct of it. That said, would have written a bit more 'extra extra' notes on the whore herself. But alas, the notes were so brief, it can be pretty much summed up as "considering a spinoff", alongside doing 'testing' with a 'patrons' mad science, before she 'might', consider doing 'same size' vore in the future. (Especially, if it won't lead to dying through being beyond 'painfully full'.)

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Posted by Groblek 6 days ago Report

Ooh, that’s a very intriguing take on a universe where this might be an allowed thing.


Posted by LemonBarb 5 days ago Report

To be fair, I did it under a part 'less fatal' lens, part justification that could easily spiral into dark territory, fast. In a sort of let's call if I went "pseudo-names" for calling everyone by titles/role, to the tune of some Hellsing Manga's "Police Girl" (before she got a name.) Then I can arbitrary do the same for the country everyone's in. In a sense of "could be America, Europe, or even Japan" for all I care. ;)

Speaking of police, if I go by implications of 'avoided absorption', might consider going a take on a whole "Police Girl" unbirth snippet. But that's more or less, thinking on turning her biology, into a super Alcatraz like 'prison', where every prisoner is stuck in her ovaries, for an implied eternity (or, until their 'sentence' is served, in which case, induced ovulation.) I'd ramble more on it, but suffice to say. It'd likely expand on the "implied non-fatal" by accident here. Or heck, for all I know this 'happy accident' could be a pre-cursor for allowing that sort of thing to happen, in this setting. If an implied Mad Scientists discoveries becomes 'breaking technology' for prison security.