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Drawlloween 2020 - #29 ...Professor Pumpkin By Aesir -- Report

The final contest winner piece!  UptNcro wanted to have a slot with Jane-o-Lantern this year...She's helping her test some strange equipment she doesn't understand.

Short Story by  Jermayan >

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 11 months ago Report

It appears to work exactly as intended! But this is just one test, as any good scientist would I'm sure Jane will be happy to do many, many more to ensure that it continues to function as expected.

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Posted by Firstfate 11 months ago Report

Gotta admit, those glasses look great on Jane O'Lantern :)
I'm pretty certain Jane will have plenty of test subjects to help her learn what to do with all of the strange equipment she no doubt has to experiment with... FOR SCIENCE!!! xD

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Posted by Catvs 11 months ago Report

This one has to be the most interesting so far.
Love it~

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Posted by whatisthissheet 11 months ago Report

The scenario is so cool, looks awesome.

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Posted by DanceOfWinds 11 months ago Report

Sarah ga shinda. Again.

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Posted by kibroman 11 months ago Report


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Posted by Bright 9 months ago Report

I really like the x-ray view on this one.

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