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Dragon Appreciation Day By Shyguy9 -- Report

Yesterday was "Appreciate A Dragon Day" (16th January).

As always, be careful which dragons you appreciate. This message is brought to you courtesy of Sophie the Dragon Girl.

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Posted by SenpaiVore 1 month ago Report

To be honest, that's the best response I could ask from giving someone a card.


Posted by Badfurson 1 month ago Report

Hope it was worth it~


Posted by Humbug 1 month ago Report

I mean, we can still appreciate her from a distance, right?


Posted by Shyguy9 1 month ago Report

Oh yes, preferably. Unless you're into that shit.


Posted by Humbug 1 month ago Report

True. I'm not, but I'd happily set someone up to meet with 'em and watch.


Posted by HungryLion812 1 month ago Report

Wait that's a thing? I hate I missed it! I'll just have double down for her next year.


Posted by LightSpeed 1 month ago Report

*huggles Sophie* We all appreciate you! ^.^


Posted by Doughnutz2000 1 month ago Report

Damn, feel like I miss all the important days of the year! Also love it <3


Posted by Sempai13 1 month ago Report

<3 my favorite dragon lady still to this day.


Posted by gigaredpanther 1 month ago Report

I reject this holiday idea, as it implies the existence of days where you *don't* appreciate dragons! And that's just unacceptable.


Posted by cedricc666 1 month ago Report

For me, it's every day of the year that I appreciate dragons! (Especially the dragonesses!)
I wouldn't be against meeting Sophie! (Even if I know how it would end with her! In flushing the toilet! XD)
I'm not doing too badly at massage! (That includes feet!) ^^


Posted by DrPerve 1 month ago Report

Best predator deserves the appreciation!


Posted by Jaku 1 month ago Report

The shading on this is really interesting! I really like it!


Posted by NaughtyMaggcat 1 month ago Report

Who wants to make bets that Belinda is in there?


Posted by Shyguy9 1 month ago Report

I'll take that bet.


Posted by carlj 1 month ago Report

I didn't even know this was a thing, good for her at least ^^


Posted by thesilentpickle2 1 month ago Report

That belly is awesomely drawn.


Posted by KattFox 1 month ago Report

So hot


Posted by kibroman 1 month ago Report

very nice


Posted by JodyBreezy 1 month ago Report

sophie just get cuter and cuter every year huh.