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A blue portal opened up and two women were spat out from it. A kitsune girl named Ahri and a huntress named Nidalle. The pair of women rubbed their heads and found themselves in unfamiliar territory.
 "Where the blazes are we" said Ahri
 "I'm not really sure my mind went blank after we went through the portal" said Nidalee
 It seems they were on an island and they found bullets and weird items lying around. It was surrounded by water and giant wildlife that seemed dangerous but they weren't sure. Ahri picked up a gun and looked at it not really sure what to make of the weird looking gun.
 "What peasant kinda things are these...hmph if someone comes at is I'll just eat em" said Ahri
 Ahri tossed the weapon behind her and looked back at Nidalee. Nidalee laughed and then her instincts kicked in hearing some bushes rustle. Nidalee sensed a carnivorous creature in the bushes and Ahri noticed Nidalee seemed off. Ahri hoped it was some person so she could fill her stomach.
 "Something is near but it's not human" said Nidalee
 "Then who cares let it come out perhaps I'll feed myself to it" said Ahri
 The creature known as a Prowler came out and it seemed like it should be aggressive but did not attack the girls. Ahri and Nidalee found they were really attracted to the creature but were not sure why. It came close and then went between them ignoring both of them. Ahri bit her lip and looked over at Nidalee.
 "Call it over and let's find a hole to go inside" said Ahri
 "I can't believe we want the same thing but no problem" said Nidalee
 Nidalee went over to the creature and led it over and had it stand still. Nidalee considered being orally eaten and being disposed but that seemed too simple for her. Nidalee looked behind and saw its asshole and liked the idea of being up its ass and then disposed but then she saw it was indeed a female. Nidalee has seen people get churned into cum before and imagined it would feel even better than just being regularly digested. Nidalee liked the idea and looked up at Ahri to ask her.
 "Hey Ahri would you enjoy being this creatures fem cum it probably feels good" said Nidalee
 Ahri blushed and touched her cheek.
 "Ara ara I would love to melt down and become a puddle of white body fluid" said Ahri
 Nidalee was happy they were on the same page and looked back at its pussy. 
 "Here goes nothing" said Nidalee
 Nidalee put her hands together and then touched the entrance to the Prowler's pussy and then pushed her hands all the way in as it wrapped around her wrists. The Prowler cried out and Ahri became wet. Nidalee giggled and kept putting her arms in more and more. The insides were wet and tight and even pulled Nidalee in further. The smell got closer to her and finally her nose touched the entrance and it opened up more. Ahri walked behind Nidalee and wanted a better view.
 "Oh my how hot it is to see a comrade going into a beast" said Ahri
 Nidalee's muffled voice could barely be heard but Ahri still heard her. It seems she was having a grand time as the walls rubbed her body and soaked her in body fluids. The pussy opened up further and wrapped around her shoulders and went further down. Nidalee pushed with her feet. The pussy squelched and Ahri crouched behind Nidalee. She pushed Nidalee's breasts up and squished them down so the pussy could have no trouble with them. The noises of the Prowler's wet pussy turned Ahri on more than Nidalee's soft moans from the inside. The pussy took in the toned stomach of Nidalee sucking in the abs. The Prowler's colored belly started to push out and have a vague outline of Nidalee. Ahri saw it and could imagine herself inside with Nidalee all curled up churning into cum. Ahri laughed and watched as Nidalee's belly button went inside.
 "Halfway there pretty much I'll join you soon" said Ahri
 A soft moan answered her back and Nidalee's wide hips were gobbled by the greedy pussy. Ahri took initiative and put her hands on Nidalee's hips and pushed them forward aiding the Prowler with its pussy snack. Nidalee found herself in a tight sack surrounded by squishy walls and a sticky fluid.
 "Oh so this must be Ahri and my final resting place seems good enough" said Nidalee
 Nidalee liked Ahri's hands burying into her fat ass until the walls wrapped around the buns. Nidalee's thighs started to get slurped up and they jiggled a little bit. Ahri sat on her ass and watched the pussy twitch and suck. Ahri could no longer help herself and started to touch herself through her clothes. Ahri put a hand to her face and moaned. The thighs were sucked in and only a bit remained of the warrior. The walls hugged her curling body tightly as more of her came inside. It really seemed hopeless if someone who didn't want to be inside were to get sucked in. They would never be able to escape the slick tight walls. Nidalee giggled and felt the last bit of herself go inside the Prowler and travel through its insides and end up fully curled in its belly.
 "It's really perfect in here...Ahri please join me soon before I'm just cum" said Nidalee
 Ahri was eager to join Nidalee and brought her face to the entrance. The Prowler felt its belly sagging down and wanted to leave but felt some hand grab its behind and drag it back. The Prowler roared feeling its pussy open up again. Ahri felt the walls wrapped around face and soon enough her entire head was enveloped. The tight walls dragged her neck and expanded over her shoulders. The slick walls felt so good and moist making Ahri dripping wet. Ahri was just on her knees letting the snatch bring her in instead of pushing herself inside. Pussy fluids ran down Ahri's arms and started to pool on the ground. Ahri's large breasts went inside of the Prowler and the destination was getting closer. She could hear Nidalee moaning close by and desperately wanted to join in the slimy fun. Ahri was so close to the entrance was just at this point teasing her. 
 "That's it...suck me in further I'm just fuel now" said Ahri
 She laughed a little before having her head get pushed in to find a cum soaked Nidalee rubbing her pussy aggressively. 
 "Finally I can have you touch me instead" said Nidalee
 Ahri smiled at her comment as she felt her bare midsection get sucked in. The Prowler was feeling very heavy and was starting to get lower to the ground. All the weight going inside of it was too much for the creature to handle. It roared and barely stood as Ahri's hips went inside. Ahri was able to rub her head against Nidalee and was being soaked in cum. The large jiggly ass of Ahri slurped in and was assaulted by the slick inner walls. The wet pussy of The Prowler gradually dragged in Ahri's legs and tails. The feet went in first before the tail tips did. As soon as the last bit of Ahri was sucked in the Prowler growled and lost its footing. It flopped down on its belly and started to squish the pair curled inside. The Prowler breathed heavily and found the only way out of the situation was too rid of the girls. Of course Nidalee and Ahri weren't planning on leaving till they were melted into fem cum. The girls were in a sixty nine position with Ahri eating Nidalee out and Nidalee was being extra with eating Ahri out and sticking her fingers in Ahri's asshole. Ahri moaned while her tongue touched the clit.
 "Oh my god Nidalee whatever you do don't stop" moaned Ahri
 Nidalee moaned something out but it was muffled with Ahri's pussy up in her face. Of course even though they were passionately eating each other out cum was seeping around them covering their bodies and turning them into more of it. Their clothes melted away and ran down their bodies in clumps of sticky fluid. The walls pressed tighter and tighter pushing the girls even closer.
 "I can feel your body becoming so soft what about mine" said Nidalee
 "So soft and this rate we probably won't last another hour in here" said Ahri
 Ahri said that and then climaxed all over Nidalee's face moaning loudly. Nidalee licked up all of the fluids that just sprayed out of Ahri and smiled brightly and then licked Ahri's asshole. Ahri moaned and felt stuff coming out of Nidalee's pussy. Nidalee was about to burst and Ahir took care of that final part and made Nidalee screamed in pleasure before taking Nidalee up on her anus challenge. The Prowler's belly moved and jiggled around with loud moans coming from within it. It tried to push the girls out but it didn't work and it just was forced to sit there and wait. But its belly was losing its form of the girls in a sixty nine position. The insides were easily melting them into cum that was filling the belly up. Nidalee was in the pussy longer than Ahri so she was very soft and was starting to mix in with the slurry under them.
 "It..feels so be churned..up like this" said Nidalee
 Ahri was feeling her play thing being less solid and got a mouth of cum when she tried to eat the ass out. Ahri swallowed the cum and saw that Nidalee was almost finished being melted. Her body was even starting to melt on top of Ahri trying to get the pool of cum filling the sack. Nidalee could no longer speak or move and she started to lose any form. Her bones and everything melted into cum and large heaps of it splashed into the slurry surrounding Ahri. Ahri was really covered in cum that used to be her fuck buddy but now only she remained. Ahri smiled as she lifted her hand out of the cum and saw her hand melt off and add to the cum.
 "Looks like my time is here...I truly enjoyed this experience" said Ahri
 The cum sloshed around and Ahri shut her eyes as her melted body sank down further into the cum. Her body distorting and losing its form as only a sticky liquid remained. As her face sat out of the cum a smile spread across it even wider than before as she went down under and melted fully. The Prowler felt its midsection become fully squishy and went lower to the ground. With it squishing its belly the cum was overflowing and started to pump through the pussy back out the world. The sticky substance leaked out of the Prowler as a skinny streak at first but soon it got wider and even some squirted out. The belly got smaller and smaller as more and more cum pumped out and made a large puddle. No bones, hair or fabric remained of Ahri and Nidalee. They sack fully turned the strong powerful women into cum. 
The cum just went and continued to be squirted out until it was back to normal. All the weight that held the Prowler was gone and squirted out enabling it to stand up again. The Prowler stood back up and shook its head. It turned to see the large puddle of cum on the ground and didn't even understand why the girls decided to go inside of its pussy. But it didn't care and just walked off forgetting the whole thing leaving the puddle of cum for someone to slip on.
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Ahri and Nidalee's Melting Pleasure By Coolwoman -- Report

A commission done for F3tish
Word Count: 2000

Art by Yabby

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Posted by F3t1sh 3 days ago Report

This is amazing.. thanks alot!