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One Moment Please By DrakentheBlack -- Report

Another story starring Emerald the Demi-dragon. This time she finds that though she may not enjoy the label, there are some pleasures to playing the role of monster.

My Emerald stories have been rather out of order, so I'll list them chronologically here:

Half-Breen Emerald
One Moment Please
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Princess Emerald

Now, onto the story!


Rodrick rode a horse down a dirt road. It wasn’t an expensive pure bred, and he was not one-hundred percent sure it was even a horse, but it was within his budget.

It was a peaceful walk. No bandits, no minstrel, no commotion, until “Excuse me?” His horse breyed, bucking and throwing him from the saddle before it bolted down the road. “Ow…” Rodrick groaned as he laid on his back.

In his daze, he saw a raven-haired girl standing over him, looking down saying, “Oh my… I’m so sorry! Are you hurt?”

“No… fair maiden… I am quite alright.” He got back to his feet, keeping his armor from falling apart in the process, and then turned to look her in the eye. Only he was actually looking at her ankle, her very scaly ankle. He looked up the leg to the female figure it supported, partially concealed by ragged clothing and green scales. The dragon-girl fluttered her wings and blushed, “Fair maiden!? Thank you so much!”

“Emerald!?” Rodrick exclaimed, taking off his helmet.

“Hello Rodrick!” She sounded very pleased to see him.

“I’m sorry, I mistook you for… Doesn’t matter, what are you doing here?” His compliment clearly meant a lot to her, and he didn’t want to spoil her day by making the half-dragon feel ugly.

“I’m patrolling the roads, looking for anyone who I can get money or food from. Do you have anything?” She sat like a cat as she spoke to him.

“I’m afraid I barely have enough to get by myself. What little I managed to save up I used to buy the horse… which I no longer have.”

“I’m sorry. I can give you a ride to town if you’d like!” She spread her wings wide and flapped them slowly, but still enough to cause a gale of wind around the up-and-coming merc.

Rodrick had to turn down the offer – in spite of how much time it would save him – and informed, “I’m sorry, but I’m trying to be a hero to the people, and they’d be unlikely to consider my intentions true if I came to town riding… well a…” He couldn’t find the words he wanted to avoid hurting her feelings, but as her wings drooped, she finished for him, “A monster?”

“Yeah…” He sighed, “It’s hard enough trying to get people to take me seriously as it is.”

Someone else inserted himself into the conversation then, announcing, “Hear ye, foul beast! You stand in the presence of Sir Horris! Prepare to be vanquished by…”

“Sir! I am talking to my friend!” Emerald snapped at the hulking man in shining armor just down the road.

“Oh, Sir Horris apologizes… Hey wait!”

Emerald had already returned her attention to Rodrick, and said, “I’m sorry the whole hero business isn’t going well. I wish I could do something to help.”

“Well… maybe you can. How’s the dragon business going?” Rodrick asked her, scheming up something.

The knight demanded, “Sir Horris will not be ignored! Prepare yourself for *Oof*!” A heavy tail fell upon his helmet, caving the top of it in and causing him to stumble over. Emerald stated sternly, “Sir, I will fight you in a minute.” By the way blood pooled around his head, it was safe to assume he wouldn’t be coming back for the fight.

With that distraction dealt with, Emerald regarded Rodrick curiously as she asked, “What did you have in mind?”

“Well, what if the two of us had a fight in the presence of the public. Something that would prove I am a man who gets results. I want you to send word to the nearest town that you are very unhappy, and demand a maiden sacrifice to be satisfied.”

“I can’t do that! I’ve been trying very hard not to bother anybody. I don’t want to be some rampaging monster!”

“You won’t be going on a rampage, just behave like a dragon for a little bit. You be the ferocious monster, I be the valiant hero who saves the day and gets the girl, and then we carry on with our lives.” He was speaking to her in such a friendly and casual tone that one would think he was discussing the rules of a game with her.

Emerald sighed, but resigned herself to her designated role as she asked, “What’s a maiden sacrifice anyway?”

“You really don’t know? It’s when people tie a girl to a post in a dragon’s hunting ground, and the dragon comes to eat her.”

“Is that all? I can do that.”

“Great! But don’t eat her right away, wait until I get there! I have to fight you off afterall.”

In the evening a few days later, the unfortunate virgin chosen to quell Emerald’s fury was brought out to an open field, a couple miles outside of town. The young woman wore only a white dress, which was so thin that it was practically see through. The blond maiden was strapped to a post set atop a hill, and once her bondage was secure, her escorts ran away as quickly as they could, not wanting to come between a hungry dragon and its meal.

When the sun fell below the horizon, Emerald arrived. Knowing she would be behaving as a dragon, she was bare naked, and she crawled up to the maiden on all fours to appear as draconic as possible. The young woman did look rather appetizing, and the demi-dragon’s mouth was watering with desire to consume human flesh. She had to hold back the urge though, as she had to give Rodrick time to arrive.

She decided to strike up conversation, “Hello, I’m Emerald. What is your name?” The blond did not answer, and instead screamed and pulled on her bondage even harder. That was disappointing, but then again, with how vigorously the girl was squirming, the demi-dragon wondered how it would feel in a very special place.

It was hero time! And Rodrick eagerly rushed out to the fields as fast he could, sword and shield in hand. He could see the giant humanoid form of Emerald at the designated location, and knew his time to enter had come.

The moment he reached the destination though, he found himself staring at something he did not expect. The dragon-girl was bouncing up and down, her jiggling breasts being squeezed in her talons, and she was panting and moaning with pleasure. The reason was evident, as the sacrificial post was deep inside her pussy. The dragoness was using the post, and the unfortunate girl tied to it, as a dildo! Love juice leaked out of the pussy, dripping along the post and sticking to the girl strapped to it. No doubt the offering was drowning in the fluid while being crushed by contractions.

Emerald noticed Rodrick’s arrival, and she purred, “Hello… Rodrick… I will… fight you… in a minute!” Rodrick had to look away, and he said, “By all means, take your time.”

Emerald continued to fuck the post, loving the feeling of the girl’s struggles within her pussy. Her claws had never felt this good! Every thrust brought her closer and closer to climax, until she finally exclaimed with pleasure and gushed her fluids all over the hill. Satisfied, she pulled off the pole, and then ripped it out of the ground along with the barely conscious woman. Her tongue licking and tasting her while coiling around her naked body began to resuscitate her though, and she did not like her new position any better.

“Are you done yet?” Rodrick asked, his back turned so he didn’t have to watch the dragon-girl play with herself. “Almost!” Emerald purred. “Alright, well just let me know when you’re ready to do this.”

The moment he finished those words, the heavy post clunked on the ground beside him, rolling down the hill. It was covered with slime, but no rope, and no woman. Rodrick turned around, just in time to see kicking legs and wiggling feet slip between Emerald’s lips a moment before the dragon-girl swallowed the maiden.

“Mmm! That was so good!” Emerald exclaimed, quite pleased with her first maiden sacrifice.

Rodrick felt very differently about the matter, as he shouted, “You weren’t supposed to eat her!”

“What? But you said I was supposed to wait for you to get here before I ate her?”

“Yes! But I was supposed to stop you! I can’t rescue her from your stomach!”

Emerald could see the man’s anger, and felt bad for it, “I’m sorry.”

“Sorry!? I was supposed to be the hero! Now I’m a failure and it’s because you couldn’t do your job as the monster!”

At this point, Emerald was starting to get upset. She had tears in her eyes, and heat in her chest. Her chest began to glow as she shouted, “I don’t want to be the monster!” At the end of her shout, fire spewed from her mouth, and Rodrick had to duck behind his shield as the flame streamed over his head.

When the torrent ended, Emerald’s internal heat returned to normal, and she saw what she had nearly done. So close to killing the man who’d been nice to her, she thought maybe she really was a monster. Tears began to pour from her eyes, and she cried, “I’m sorry!” Then she flew away as fast as she could.

Rodrick returned to town, and entered a bar to drink away the last of his coppers. A handsome knight with long fair-hair joined Rodrick at the bar, and asked him, “So, you’ve returned? I take it you dealt with the dragon?”

“Obviously, Sir Pricen, I’m still here aren’t I?”

“A lot of people are still here by running from the fight.”

“The dragon was the one who ran away. She took one look at me and flew from the hills.”

“More like she already had her dinner and you were too boring to be worth her time. If it had been me out there, I would have returned with the dragon’s head, and the fair maiden in my arms. Don’t worry boy, there are plenty of real men to deal with the problems in the kingdom.” With Pricen’s goading, the whole room burst into laughter at Rodrick’s expense. The young man just slammed his head on the counter and cursed, “Damn that dragon!”

At dawn’s light, an alarm bell woke Rodrick. Curious and concerned, he dawned his armor and stepped outside to see what was happening. As he walked out onto the street, a shadow passed overhead. It couldn’t be!

“Dragon!” The man in the bell tower called, trying to get everyone to wake up and come out of their homes. The ground shook, and a shadow covered him. Turning around, he found himself looking into a pair of green eyes with slit pupils. “Boo.” The dragon-girl said, and the man screamed as he backed away, fell over the railing of the bell tower, and crashed through the roof of a nearby building.

Emerald grabbed the tower and shook it until it fell over onto the street. Her chest was glowing red, and her ribs were silhouetted within her breast as she hissed, “Run! Run for your lives!” The people obeyed and ran as far away from the dragon-girl as they could while she spat fire on the buildings behind them.

Rodrick could not believe this was the same girl he’d encountered before. She seemed so fearsome, so monstrous, as if she would truly murder every person in this town just for the fun of it. Whether he believed it or not, it was the scene that stood before him, and he put on his helmet and drew his sword. It was hero time!

Emerald ripped the roof off a house, and then reached inside to pull out a pair of women clad in nightgowns. A man came out of the building and exclaimed with grief.

“Aw, are these your daughters?” Emerald mocked before she opened her mouth wide and slipped one of the girls inside. Her mouth closed, and her cheeks ballooned while her jaw made very distinct and determined motions. After a brief period of wet squelching sounds, Emerald spat a soaked night gown onto the ground, and then an hourglass figure bulged out the scutes on her neck.

“Delicious!” The dragoness chimed, then looked hungrily at her first meal’s sister, “I think I’ll unwrap you first.” Her claw hooked into the neckline of the nightgown, and ripped it off to expose the girl’s heaving breasts. Emerald gave the cleavage a lick, loving the taste as the girl screamed for help.

At last, that help came. “Put her down Emerald!” Rodrick shouted. Emerald looked down at him, wiping the drool from her mouth before she said, “Well, well, if it isn’t Rodrick, my nemesis!”

“Emerald, I don’t know what’s gotten into you, but let the girl go at once, and leave these people in peace!”

“Oh Rodrick, you should know what a monster I am. You want me to leave these people alone, then come over here and teach me a lesson!” She set her hand on her hip, posing somewhat seductively rather than in a true intimidating manner, but maybe it only appeared that way when a giant naked woman attacks a city rather than a feral dragon.

Regardless, Rodrick ran forward with his sword in hand. Emerald took a swing with her hand, and he ducked out of her reach. He was slow and sloppy, and realized he should have been an easy target. Did she miss on purpose? He did not think on it as he ran straight for her ankle and swung his sword as hard as he could.

The blade clanged against scale, sending vibrations through his whole body, but to his credit, he drew blood. Emerald cried out with pain, dropping the girl in her talon so she could hop around and hold her injured foot. The girl screamed as she fell from the dragon’s grasp, and Rodrick dropped his weapon and timed out the fall so he could catch her. He accomplished the task, but the impact caused him to fall onto his back with the girl on top of him.

She hugged him tightly, and exclaimed, “You saved me! Thank you!” “Don’t thank me yet.” Rodrick told her, convincing her to flee the scene while he continued to battle the dragon. Emerald looked down at him angrily, then kicked him so hard that he was thrown into a nearby building. The impact was quite rough, and she got on all fours to look into the building to see if she had killed the man.

As she searched, a man on horseback rode up behind her. It was Sir Pricen. The handsome man took a deep sniff of a rose before tossing it to a nearby assemblage of fan-girls. He then drew a bow as he called, “Face me dragon! Today you have the honor of being struck down by a true knight!”

Emerald rolled her eyes in annoyance as she growled, “Could you give me a second… *KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*” Emerald screamed as an arrow bullseyed a place no arrow should ever go.

Angered, she swung her tail, and slapped the knight off his horse. Pricen was dazed by the impact, and as he came to, he found Emerald standing over him. Her tail was lifted, and her cheeks were spread as she growled, “Take out that arrow on your way up!”

Pricen’s body was never recovered, and when bards sing songs of his heroic legacy, they make punchlines out of his passing.

With a painful splinter removed, Emerald returned her attention to the town she was destroying. That was until she heard, “Hey Emerald!” Rodrick stumbled in front of the building she’d kicked him into, holding a bow in hand, and he said, “It will take more than that to beat me.”

Emerald smiled, and got on all fours as she roared at the man. Then she charged him. Rodrick raised the weapon, drew it, took aim, and then loosed. Emerald ducked out of the way just in time, and then mocked, “You missed.”

“I wasn’t aiming to kill.” Rodrick replied, getting her to raise a brow. It was then that she noticed the arrow had a rope tied to it, and the end of the rope was fastened to a horse. Rodrick slapped the horse on the rear and shouted, “Ya!” The horse breyed before galloping away full sprint, and the rope wrapped around Emerald’s arm and yanked her down the street from the momentum.

With the dragon-girl in the dirt, her chest lost its red glow, and she laid on the ground defeated. Rodrick grabbed his sword and approached her head to finish a job he wished he’d never started.

As he neared, she opened her eyes, and she whispered to him in her normal innocent tone, “Are you a hero now?”

Rodrick paused, and looked around at all of the people who were out in the open, looking amazed by what he’d done. He then turned back to the dragon-girl and replied, “Yes, I think I am.” His response caused her to smile, and he realized then she did all of this just to make him the hero he always wanted to be. His gratitude was beyond words.

He held the tip of his sword to her neck, and announced in as commanding a voice as he could muster, “If you ever lay a finger on these people again, you shall know the coldness of my steel!”

“Yes good knight! Never again!” she begged timidly.

“Go! And hope our paths do not cross again!” He pulled the weapon away, and she got up to fly away from the town.

With the dragon gone, the townspeople came out of hiding to praise and embrace Rodrick, calling him a true hero to the people. The girl he’d rescued from Emerald’s clutches even gave him a very passionate kiss to thank him.

It was clear the rest of his time here would be spent very pleasantly.

Sometime later, Rodrick rode his new horse down the road. Word was spreading of his deeds, and that was getting him invitations. Along the way, he found a very familiar dragon-girl laying on the side of the road, looking to be in some combination of posing for a magazine, and sunning herself. She asked him, “Are you leaving already?”

“I am.” He answered, careful to keep his steed under control, “A Count has requested I aid him with a giant bat problem. I’m on my way there now.”

“Well, I certainly hope those bats are willing to throw the fight for you.” She teased him, getting him to frown. He asked her, “What are you going to do? Terrorize the roads and rob more people of their horses?”

“I don’t know,” she answered, “but I’m sure we’ll see each other around. You are my nemesis afterall.” She gave him a wink, then departed from his path. With the dragoness gone, Rodrick got his horse moving again.

A smile crossed his lips, as he looked forward to their next encounter.

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Posted by Nalzindar 7 months ago Report

This was, in my opinion, the absolute best "moment" of Emerald so far :D
The picture is plain sexy and fun, it is fun to see that your demi-dragon isn't entirely sure about this sacrifice-a-maiden-to-a-dragon-business, is about yet XD

Your story does also include in best Emerald-comment. It was pure entertainment from start to finish, I loved all the good, sexy, naughty and vorish moments you included in this one. From the poor maiden sacrifice to Emerald's other unfortunate victim (loved the way she spat out the gown and swallowed her), I hope she got the taste of it from this experience ; )
What more, the humor was worthy a slapstick comedy. I laughed out loud several times while reading this, you should include the humor tag for this story!

It was nice to see you come up with a list for Emerald's chronology, it certainly helps when you want to read about the demi-dragon and her knight.


Posted by DrakentheBlack 7 months ago Report

Thank you very much :)

What was this best Emerald comment in your opinion?


Posted by Nalzindar 7 months ago Report

Sorry, it was meant to be "moment". I was trying to say that your story was just as good as the picture you made^^
This was just the kind of light hearten story that truly appeals to me. Humorous moments, unfortunate accidents and misunderstandings, vore, friendship and more humor : )


Posted by PrinnyDood 6 months ago Report

This was a pure delight: The picture is great, and the story was short and sweet and fun from start to finish. Love this kind of lighthearted shenanigans mixed with vore. :D

Emerald & Rodrick's interactions were great fun and frequently hilarious. Emerald's sexy (mis)treatment of the sacrifice, not to mention the unlucky follow-up maiden, were delightful as well, from the voreish angle.

Good work!


Posted by DrakentheBlack 6 months ago Report

Thank you ^^

I have a lot of fun writing up these vore scenarios and character interactions, so I'm glad they're enjoyable