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Flight of Fancy By Kainan -- Report

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Last thing I got from the  ecchipandaa stream a few weeks ago, this time with accompanying writeup by  noisekeeper!


Airi Kitamura sighed as she rested her head in her hands, not even bothering to listen to what her bald geezer of a teacher was droning on about as he lectured the class on whatever equations or literature or whatever they were supposed to be learning about that day.

She idly scratched her bare thigh as she instead focused on chewing her wad of gum, trying to take her mind off of the crushing boredom she was feeling as the minutes passed agonizingly by. Sitting at the back of the class by the window had its benefits, she could more easily slack off without getting noticed, but today was one of those days where she felt the tedium of nothing exciting happening drag her shoulders down. Not even the boy sitting next to her stealing unsubtle glances at her plump thighs was enough to rouse her, the thought of teasing him feeling more like engaging in a bland comedy routine today.

Instead her thoughts drifted elsewhere as she stared listlessly out the window into the school grounds below, her hand now drifting to her stomach as it rubbed her rumbling midsection.

'Man, I could really go for a nice cute boy or two in my tummy instead of listening to annoying ol' gramps here...' Airi thought. As in most cases for the tanned gyaru, whenever she couldn't think of something, her mind drifted to the thoughts of food instead, with her idea of food being her fellow human beings.

'I know I shouldn't tho...Not after that whole Comiket fiasco.'

Now that had been been a whole ordeal on it's own, she remembered. It had taken what felt like ages to work off all that weight, and she felt like garbage the entire time she exercised herself breathless during those calorie burning marathons, feeling like a bloated elephant trying to run the Olympics. It was something she never, ever wanted to go through again.

Still, she couldn't deny everything before that had been quite the pleasant experience. Airi's face broke into a mischievous grin as she nibbled on her pencil, the boy sitting next to her gulping as he watched her instead of boning up on his mathematics.

Having a full stomach was one of Airi's most favorite pleasures, whether it be full of food, or people. And her trip to Comiket had allowed her to binge on quite a number of them.

'It totes must of been like ten of them I ate right? Gawd, I felt like bursting but it was soooo good...' Airi reminisced, trying to hide the small giggle coming out of her mouth. She had been so absurdly stuffed at the time she didn't think she would be able to even fit past the doors to her house when she came back. Then there was the whole digestion thing. She shivered remembering how they all gurgled up that first night, her room being filled with the loud tantrums of those being melted into gyaru gut goop as she laid comfortably under her bed covers, watching that huge swell shift and wobble beneath the sheets.

Again she gazed out the window, now her thoughts being impulsively directed to her stomach rather than her brain.

'I know I shouldn't. But it would be really awesome to eat that many again.'

Pushing the horrible memories of post digestion dieting out of her mind, Airi instead chose to indulge in her daydreams of what it would be like to maybe skip class and wander on over to those students running track and field. Give those boys working up a sweat a lil' tease and lure them into the equipment shed and have her way with them, hungry Airi style. Getting sent to the principal's office after getting caught with a towering stomach full of meaty jocks would be so worth it.

Ah but that wouldn't nearly be enough right? After all, just eating ten or so could be considered just a snack for her now. At least that was her line of thinking. Truthfully, she had no idea what her limit was exactly. She never actually tried to eat more, and didn't think it was possible to do so. How would she go about it exactly? And if she did, what was the maximum amount her stomach could hold without popping like a balloon?

She never gave it much attention before, Airi was more of a do first ask questions later type of gal, but she was found herself flirting with the idea of what if she did go crazy and just, well, ate everyone up.

'Like, what if I go and gobble this entire classroom up, baldy and all...' Airi thought as she bit her lip, looking beside her, again causing the boy next to her to fidget nervously in his seat as she sized him up.

Heart beginning to race, she imagined herself resting an top of a whopper of a belly, a room filling middle that would be swirling with dozens of her fellow classmates all piled on top of each other, trapped inside the gluttonous gyaru as she would orgasmically attempt to gurgle them all down, diet be damned. Starting to lose herself in the delusion, Airi clutched at her grumbling stomach, fantasizing about it being so gorged she would become totally immobile, more belly than girl at that point. Having a mountain of meat churning around would be absolute bliss, wouldn't it? Getting to pig out 'til she could no longer move at all. Yeah, she would really get in trouble for that one. A month of disciplinary probation following the week's worth of digestin' inside of the very classroom she had emptied out... Oh, she'd be a total freakin' tub of flab after that but, eh, whatever. Wouldn't be the first or last time she'd be stuck with the fattening consequences. Besides, after she got mobile enough again she could go on and visit the next tasty classroom, and the next...

“Gehehehe...” Airi drooled as she dorkingly giggled.

“Er, are you okay Kitamura-san?” the boy next to her whispered.

“Huh?! Oh, yeah I'm totally fine haha.” Airi quickly said as she was snapped out of her daydreams. Composing herself, she realized it was just that, a flight of fancy after all. A nice little distraction to have while attempting to beat the day's doldrums. She, after all, really couldn't possibly eat that many. Even for her it was quite beyond her capabilities.


Snapping the gum in her mouth, Airi grinned as she leaned over and whispered back to the boy.

“Hey, you doin' anything later after school?” she alluringly said.

“Y-You're talking to me?” the boy stammered.

“Who else am I talkin' to, handsome?” Airi teased. “If you aren't busy, maybe you can invite some friends so we call all hang out at a karaoke bar. That is, if you don't mind...”

“S-S-Sure!” the boy squeaked a little too loudly, almost attracting the attention of the elderly teacher.

“It's a date then.” Airi winked, causing the boy to gulp.

With her issue of boredom now solved, Airi felt energized enough to pay (half) attention to the lesson, eager with the prospect of the upcoming events she was beginning to plan for herself.

'Maybe it's time for an Airi training arc. Good thing I have plenty of partners that can help me out...' chuckled Airi as she gave her eager sounding stomach a reassuring pat.

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 7 months ago Report

Fuck yeah, Airi pred! It's awesome to see the site's best gyru at it once again! Noisekeeper also did amazing with that description!


Posted by Spider8Fiend 7 months ago Report

She's just... so into it XD And that is a fantastic story, really love it!


Posted by carlj 7 months ago Report

That's one hungry thought ^^


Posted by SerenaBlaze 7 months ago Report

AAAAAA Airi-chan!!!! More yet another good art of our lovable gyru lady right there. *Heart*


Posted by algog8 7 months ago Report

Thought she ate the whole comiket