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Little Splash, Big Gulp! By Frakass -- Report

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"...and this is after these incidents-ridden holidays I decided that I needed an assitant, and this is why I created you, Vobo!
Thanks to you, I don't have to stop my work to go pick the Digestive Help Stuff anymore!"

Author's note : This one is a very quickly made short comic I did because I really wanted to do something with this idea, and it was also an opportunity to introduce a charatcter that only existed "Off-Camera" until now, Lysa Curry, Merry's Mom ^^

PS : Don't worry, you are not crazy or in a parallel universe : I indeed changed the tittle 4 hours after I uploaded it!

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Posted by vikara 1 year ago Report

Gosh...Merry's mother is quite a lovely looking woman if you ask me, an absolute adorable sight~! >v<

Though, personally, Merry will still be a favorite of mine here, but I'm glad merry got her adorable (though sometimes dangerous, haha...) looks from such a lovely lookin' woman ^^


Posted by Frakass 1 year ago Report

And you have maybe already guessed that I was motivated in -at last- drawing Merry's Mom by your work ;-)


Posted by Bionicman 1 year ago Report

Is there alternative where the cruise chip is regular size and the girl shrinks back to normal?


Posted by Frakass 1 year ago Report

This is a good idea, but there is no alternative version of this comic... But I'll remember it for another time ;-)


Posted by Savagerush012 1 year ago Report

The mom just ate 3000ish people without even knowing it.


Posted by Frakass 1 year ago Report

Yup... Fortunately (for her), she can (unknowingly) count on her daughter genius to not put on too much weight from all those unlucky calories :-P


Posted by Savagerush012 1 year ago Report

Haha! I don't think that's how calories works but I wish her the best of luck regardless.


Posted by testuser 1 year ago Report

Hmm is Lysa unaware of her daughters work or does she just go ong with it?


Posted by Frakass 1 year ago Report

Well, she knows her daughter is a genius, and she's quite intelligent herself (she is an hospital director), so she understand that Merry is doing some impressive things, but she's unaware of the whole mass-destruction part of them, and Merry put a lot of effort in hidding it to her ^^


Posted by Indighost 1 year ago Report

That is so fun! Imagine accidentalyl causing your mother to have all sorts of digestive troubles <3


Posted by ParanoidPrivate 1 year ago Report

Maybe I'm crazy and in meme mode, but does anyone else think that ship she ate resembled the one that got stuck in the Suez Canal?


Posted by Zalzas 1 year ago Report

Aww, I love this scenario. Innocent Lysa has know idea what she just did, such an unfortunate accident ;)


Posted by doomed 1 year ago Report

i need more of mama curry!!!!


Posted by carlj 1 year ago Report

She's great!
I don't know if she can be as stretchy as her daughter, but it's good that the ship shrinked with her. Otherwise she would had need a lot more of those digestive aids ^^


Posted by iwillnomu 1 year ago Report

Hehe, it's probably best Merry doesn't tell her she just racked up a big kill count. I love how unaware she is of all the people she's digesting, very fun.