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Where Thieves Belong By TarenGe -- Report

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Gaige sighed as she sat back against some tires. The creep of the sunsets orange light on her face was a gentle reminder that her shift was ending soon.
"All in all not that bad of a day." The hyena said with a grin. "Wouldn't you agree?" she added while rubbing her squirming belly. Gaige's prey didn't seem to agree with her much to her amusement.
The poor guy thought he was being so clever walking into the garage in mechanics coveralls and pretending to work on a hatchback. The husky's plan might have even worked if she didn't hire each mechanic personally. She even walked up and asked him if the hatchback's axle was aligned yet just to make him sweat out a lie before she went back to her office to keep from laughing in front of him. In her office Gaige noticed how he kept glancing at the convertible facing rearward right in front of the garage door which gave Gaige an idea.
It didn't take long for the husky to find the key locker. He even found the keys quickly too, he'd obviously did this before. Looking to make sure the coast was clear the husky slipped inside the convertible and started the engine. He didn't even get in reverse when he looked in the rear-view and saw a drooling, toothy hyena maw staring back at him.
A sudden squirming fit pulled Gaige out of her memories. It seemed like the acid was kicking in judging by the husky's desperate attempts to escape his caustic prison. Patting the bulges of her belly Gaige asked "What made you think you could steal a car from my shop?"
The only reply she got from the husky was "MMPH...!" As the husky pushed his face and hands out in panic.
"That's what I thought." Was all she added as she started pushing the husky's face back into the center of her belly. He wasn't getting out of there, as far as Gaige was concerned he was where thieves belong.

An amazing piece I got from KellerKangaroo

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Posted by ChaoskampfNunc 6 months ago Report

Well they only belong there for a few hours, after that the only place for them is the sewers :3c


Posted by TarenGe 6 months ago Report

That's true. XD


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 6 months ago Report

She's a good ~3~


Posted by TarenGe 6 months ago Report

I'm glad you like her! XD


Posted by CarnivorousVixen 6 months ago Report

Let's just say I wanna try stealing something from her haha



Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 6 months ago Report

Great pic and awesome description. Well done on the latter!


Posted by TarenGe 6 months ago Report

Thank you so much!


Posted by Novalori 6 months ago Report

Missed seeing Gaige~


Posted by TarenGe 6 months ago Report

Expect to see more of her soon. ;)