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Savaging Skyline (3/3) By doomfister -- Report

With the fight from the female fading to nothing, the worm just savoured the spry flesh shivering around its probing length. The mare clenching one final time before being reduced to a few ticking twitches as nerves nickered in isolation within the mindless mare’s failing frame. All her hopes and dreams gone in the flash it took to reduce her brain to just a few greasy globules of grey matter floating in the rapidly growing crimson puddle below her. The equine’s existence extinguished in the meagre time it took to paint the walls the rich red that blossomed forth when she burst in a drenching blood mist.

The worm barely batting an eye as it felt Skyline’s functions flatline, as it had more primal pursuits to conduct with the hefty hunk of horse meat left in the Pegasus’s passing. The mare making a pretty corpse and the annelid anticipated that her marbled meats would prove the perfect receptacle to deposit its bountiful brood. The creature not wasting any time as with a powerful pulse of its hydrostatic skeleton it began to cram its clutch of caviar into Skyline’s waiting womb. The pony in no position to complain, and soon her stomach began to swell with spawn, visibly distorting her midriff as she was stuffed to the seams with the soggy seed.

Her body groaning as it was forced to accommodate the gushing flood of gametes, as it intended to fill the female way past her biological capacity. The building pressure in her bloated belly forcing a few spurts of blood from her mangled neck hole in a seeping shower of scarlet slaughter. The mare’s discarded carcass just erratically vellicating on the floor, as the claret fountain drained from the nasty stump where her head had once sat. Skyline’s wings feebly fluttering, as though some innate flight response had triggered within the headless chicken during the savage shagging. The mare’s motions meaningless though, as in the aftermath of such a dirty decapitation, the meek movements just a delayed death throe, and after a few frail flaps, they ran out of steam and relaxed.

The worm just ignoring the wriggle, as the mare was in no state to struggle against its whims, leaving her body to jostle against the beast’s guttural gyrations. A mare rubbed raw as a grotty gel began to leak from her soiled sex adding clammy claps to the creature’s coital collisions. Each egg clearly visibly as it seeped down the tentacle at a late pace before it was lost in the twat to transition to the ever-growing mass in the mare’s middle. Soon enough she would be full, well that or she would rupture, the invertebrate indifferent to either outcome, as it would only add to the puddle Skyline’s discarded body would wallow in once the worm was spent.

The mare nothing to it, just a component in its convoluted lifecycle, a mammalian vessel for its young to gestate in. The callous creature giving in to biological imperative, as it continuing to relentlessly stow its spawn in the ballooning pegamare with a single-minded urgency. The invasive impregnation serving a simple purpose for the predator, as it used the Pegasus as a surrogate egg sac, and sure enough Skyline’s would reach her limit and it would need to find another female to incubate its remaining young…


With the mare subdued the worm is now free to have its fun with her curvy cadaver...

Part three a three-part lemon commission for a set of images done by my friend Crazy Water ( )
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