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Suffocating Seat By doomfister -- Report

He had not known what to expect, but with Pondonia’s finest plot pushing down on you with passionate presses, Dummy was not disappointed. The small stallion imprisoned in the intimacy of Athena’s alluring arse, as the heavenly haunches weighed heavy on Dummy’s flustered face. The dominating derrière divine as the glutes of a goddess ground down on him in warm waves. The chubby cheeks carnal caress erotically eroding any resistance from Athena’s pinned partner, as he could do little to protect himself from the buttery bum buffeting against his stammering snout.

His opinion drowned out by the velvety flesh, as in seconds his entire world was enveloped by the enviable equine’s round rump recklessly rubbing against his meeping muzzle in a salacious stroke. Athena’s taint twitching with every touch, as the mare mashed over the meeker male with perfervid pumps of her gyrating pelvis. The head soldier and protector of the three kingdoms fast to flex her appealing assets, as years of adventuring had accentuated Athena’s curves to the peak of the female form. Her body both dainty, and elegant, a combination that even a goddess might take notice of, and Dummy was set to experience the ambrosia of such a ravishing rump in full.

Athena teasing him all the way as she tensed her thick thighs against his head in a choking cuddle, that threatened to pop his brainbox like a ripe melon. Her soothing dock dabbling against his forehead with blissful taps, like a finger disturbing the surface of a lethargic lake, disrupting its mirror-like surface with deviant distortions. Every facet of her Filled-out flanks overbearing and in a single whiff, his sinuses were steaming with the sweet stench of her sweat as he suffocated in the cosy cradle of her crack. Any fight in the struggling stallion floundering under the forceful face sitting, though to his credit Dummy did initially try to push back once his body began begging for breath, though it did little to help his stifling situation.

Dummy’s hooves coming to Athena’s hips in an attempt to push back the tide of tooshie, only for his hapless hooves to sink into the doughy buns like fresh butter. He couldn’t stop it, and in an instant, he was smothered in a silky screen of supple flanks that snuggly slotted over his snout like a feminine frame. His first breath rustling a raspberry against her inner thigh as he let out a startled snort from the punishing pressure compressing his cranium, causing the mare to murmur a moan through a bitten lip. Athena easing off the pressure just enough to allow him a shallow breath, giving him a lungful of her cleft’s cologne, which he took in like a musky honey nectar that reeked of flirting fertility, and deviant desires of the flesh.

Her arousal palpable, as a small stream began to seep from her slit leaving a sticky snail trail upon Dummy’s nestled nose. The pent-up passion drizzling out in a lustful leak that was only exacerbated by the little motions from Athena’s needy honeypot caked the smaller stallion’s facial features in a groin glazing. Athena’s puckered ponut practically kissing him as the winking rear ring added another threat to Dummy’s already longing libido. the stallion shirking any semblance of a survival instinct, as the stallion’s shivering shaft won out over common sense and he capitulated to the carnal clenches.

Athena exploiting this lapse in agency and gave no parley as she pushed on with her punishing posterior. There was simply no reprieve as his vice-like view grew ever tighter from the bubbly buttocks binding his brainbox against her throbbing hedonism holes. Both bodies bobbing in tandem, Athena used the bed rest for leverage and practically burrowed her mate into the groaning mattress below them. Her wings flaring in arousal at her feeble friend fumbling against her flanks, and her sizable breasts jiggling against her chest with cushioned claps. The mare smiling at the sensual stimulation shuddering through her hourglass figure, before she glanced back at her squirming seat, as the mare was curious how far she could push it before he passed out, It wasn't like they had a safe word…


Poor Dummy, introduces himself to the new mare on the block and by the end of the night, he is being used as a chair...

Commission lemon to go with the amazing image done by my boi Crazy Water ( ) in the mad scramble to lewd the new mare XD

Hope you guys enjoy it, and I also now have a patreon, if you would like to support me, it can be found here:

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Posted by ShinMegamiDerpy 4 months ago Report

That was fast!


Posted by doomfister 4 months ago Report

Would have been faster, but i was on death shift so didnt have time to write it day one ;)


Posted by ShinMegamiDerpy 4 months ago Report

No I mean that was fast as in; this might be the first of the new pony series drawn in a vore scenario.


Posted by doomfister 4 months ago Report

Well as said i aim to please ;)


Posted by Pokeman 4 months ago Report

and even if they had a safe word, it isn't like he has his mouth free to say it.


Posted by doomfister 4 months ago Report

Indeed, such failsafes are redundant when being smothered by such a desirable rump XD


Posted by allquiettoday 4 months ago Report

Love the pic, love the story. Really like the style you wrote that in. It was alot of fun.


Posted by doomfister 4 months ago Report

Glad you liked it bud :)


Posted by sevensix 4 months ago Report

Skimming over this, it doesn't look like vore. Are Anthro Pred, Earth Pony Prey, Female Pred, Male Prey, Mare Predator, Mare prey, pegasus pred, pegasus predator, Pony Predator, Pony Prey, Teasing Pred and Unwilling Prey applicable?

It also looks more like unwilling-to-willing than straight unwilling.