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Barriss Offee's eyes flickered open to find herself in an unfamiliar room that was not her own.
 "What the where am I" said Barriss
 She looked around and her eyes widened seeing her friend Ahsoka Tano completely naked looking down on her. Ahsoka's small breasts were bare and her skinny naked body was all out for show. Barriss had no words and ended up finding herself naked as well which now she started to feel in danger. Barriss heard Ahsoka laugh and looked back up at her.
 "You won't believe what I'm going to do to you" said Ahsoka
 Barriss felt the immediate danger and tried to get up and attack but Ahsoka had already had this entire thing planned out. Ahsoka quickly turns her ass into Barriss's face and sends out a smelly fart.
Ahsoka's ass expanded a little because of it but it also made Barriss go unconscious again from then nasty smell. Ahsoka smirked as her plan was going well so far. Ahsoka sat her orange asshole onto Barriss's face and immediately her asshole opened up and started to take Barriss in. Ahsoka moaned as her asshole pulled in Barriss's head and the asshole wrapped around the girls neck. Ahsoka loved the feeling of her asshole expanding and sucking an entire person in. The slick walls moved apart as Barriss's shoulders were sucked in and her small breasts rubbed against the inside of Ahsoka's ass. Ahsoka could feel her insides shifting around trying to pull the girl through her guts.
 "Oh fuck it feels so good" said Ahsoka
 Ahsoka moaned as her anus sucked in the former jedi's flat stomach and wrapped around her hips. Ahsoka watched as her friends legs disappeared under her squatting stance and were sucked up into her asshole. Barriss's legs dangled out for a minute before a quick hard slurp from the asshole pulled in the last part and Ahsoka's orange tight asshole closed. The girl went through her intestines and made it into her stomach where it nicely wrapped around the jedi.
 "So nice and full...I'm going to enjoy this" said Ahsoka
 Ahsoka took a pill before eating Barriss that would make her stomach digest something so big like a person faster.
Ahsoka belched and moaned, rubbing her orange gurgling tummy. The bulge didn't move as digestion started to work on Barriss. The stomach acids poured in and drenched the girl as it ate away at her body. Ahsoka the entire time rubbed her loud groaning belly feeling as her friend became softer and softer. Barriss woke up about half way through to find herself halfway in stomach acids and a body that was barely even intact. She screamed and weakly struggled inside of Ahsoka's gut only to make her moan.
The wet noises of digestion was music to Ahsoka's ears and she watched as the bulges were losing shape and rounding out. The pill was working like a charm and Barriss wasn't even going to last an entire hour. All Barriss could do now is be squished by the stomach painfully until a snap came from the inside of Ahsoka's stomach. The soft body of Barriss was broken down and squished down into a lump of soft meat melting inside of Ahsoka's gut. Ahsoka licked her lips and slapped her orange belly watching it ripple and slosh around the melted contents. A few bones poked around at Ahsoka's belly but that only added to her pleasure.
A final belch basically sealed the deal as her stomach groaned loudly and started to push the mushy remains through her guts. Ahsoka moaned, feeling her body being enhanced. A nice round fat ass, thighs and a nice big ol pair of tits were added to Ahsoka.
 "One down..two to go" muttered Ahsoka
 Ahsoka poked her breast and then went into the bathroom to dump Barriss. Ahsoka sat on her toilet and grunted feeling a torrent of wet sloppy logs pour out of her tight asshole. Ahsoka moaned, feeling large bones push her anus out and plop into the toilet. Shitting out felt as good as sucking in making Ahsoka smile.
The brown creamy remains of Bariss filled up Ahsoka's toilet and a nice unbroken skull came out of her asshole and another mound of wet shit buried it under. Ahsoka filled her entire toilet but she finished up and wiped her ass. Ahsoka gave her little round pot belly a pat before opening the air vent with the force and jumped into it. Even though her assets were added to she could still somewhat easily get through the vents. Her tits squished into the vents but for the most part it was fine. Either way Ahsoka made her way through to Luminara Unduli's room as she was next in line to become orange ass fat. Ahsoka gets out of the vents and jumps into the room of Luminara. Luminara was naked in her bed and Ahsoka smiled. She stood over Luminara carefully and then whispered.
 "Your padawan came out nice and smooth...I wonder how you'll come out" said Ahsoka
 Ahsoka went to start sucking the girl in but Luminara's eyes shot open and she pulled herself out from under Ahsoka and jumped in the air now a good distance away from her. Luminara smiled at Ahsoka.
 "I know what you prepare for the same fate" said Luminara
 Luminara turned her ass to Ahsoka and spread her ass cheeks. Ahsoka didn't know what she was doing but then all of sudden the sound of a vacuum came and Ahsoka felt the pull of Luminara's anus. Ahsoka was in trouble as the automatic ass was going to get her at this rate. Ahsoka loses her balance and is being quickly sucked to the tight green asshole. She thought it was over but Ahsoka was able to touch the ground for half a second and jumped over Luminara and pushed her to the ground.
 "Shit" said Luminara
 Luminara looked up to see the fat orange butt land on her face and she struggled under Ahsoka trying to push her off but she was smothered into submitting and passed out.
Ahsoka farted for extra measure making her ass expand again.
 "Finally I can suck this bitch up" said Ahsoka
 Ahsoka's asshole opened up once again and it greedily took in Luminara's head and the limp woman was sucked into the tight orange asshole. Her shoulders were sucked inside and Ahsoka threw her head back and moaned feeling her midsection expand and move around. Luminara's fat breasts were pushed down and squeezed into the asshole. The ring of Ahsoka's ass inched down Luminara's body sucking in the jedi master as if she was nothing. Ahsoka held her bulging midsection as it grew larger with her second butt snack. Luminara was effectively sucked all the way up Ahsoka's ass and she wound up inside of Ahsoka's stomach just like Barriss. Ahsoka once again felt nice and stuffed with her jedi meal and she flopped on her back.
Ahsoka belched and rubbed her large orange belly and this time it was even bigger since Luminara was a bit bigger than Barriss. Ahsoka rubbed her curvy belly as the gurgles started and the acids were drenching the jedi master slowly but surely turning her into stomach paste.
 "What a pain you were...I almost ended up as your shit which would have sucked...glad I'm the one stuffed with you though" said Ahsoka
 Ahsoka smirked and rubbed the top of her belly patting Luminara's head bulge.
Ahsoka's stomach loudly digested Luminara but this time only after ten minutes Luminara woke up. She was much more intact than when Barriss woke up. Luminara grit her teeth and tried getting out by using the force. Ahsoka felt something coming up and tried to seal her mouth but her cheeks puffed up.
Just a giant belch escaped from her lips and Ahsoka felt a bit better as that basically emptied her stomach of air leaving Luminara barely able to breath. Luminara slowed her breath and started to feel the stomach really closing in on her and melting her down.
 "Damn it" muttered Luminara
 Luminara knew any chance of escape was snuffed out after that burp so she went limp and let the stomach have it's way with her.
Ahsoka's stomach did what it wanted and Luminara was melted down into jedi stomach mush and bones. Ahsoka has a nice round belly with a few bones bulging against the sides.
 "Good...nice and sloshy" said Ahsoka
 Her stomach groaned and the mush washed through her guts and once again a massive amount of fat was gained to her body. Her tits doubled in size, her ass became even fatter along with her thighs. Ahsoka was actually worried if she could even fit in the vents. But that was a problem for later as Ahsoka felt Luminara begging to come out. Ahsoka went into Luminara's private bathroom and sat on the toilet and her ass was so soft making a perfect seat. Ahsoka felt as her bowels relaxed and a flood of wet logs poured out into the toilet splashing and filling it up.
 "Wow shes coming out even smoother than Barriss" said Ahsoka
 Ahsoka didn't even have to squeeze as the dark brown shit just snaked out and plopped down into the toilet.
Bones mixed in and embedded in the brown turds and a nice skull popped out of Ahsoka's anus and was swiftly buried by the oncoming mound of crap. Ahsoka filled the entire toilet with shit and wiped her ass clean before standing up and smirking.
 "You felt nice coming out...just one more" said Ahsoka
 Ahsoka got into the vents and went around again. It was much harder to get through her massive ass getting stuck once in a while but she ended up at the women's room. She heard a toilet flush and Aayla Secura came out of a stall. Ahsoka smiled and quickly got out of the vent. Before Aayla could get out the door Ahsoka jumps in front of her and sits on Aayla's face knocking her down. She screams but it's muffled as the ass was too fat and it was right on her head. Aayla was about to use the force and get Ahsoka off her but then it happened.
A disgusting fart that expanded Ahsoka's ass even more erupted from her rear and knocked out Aayla immediately. It was the most fierce fart yet and Ahsoka smirked.
 "All mine now" said Ahsoka
 For a third time her asshole was completely used to it and it expanded over Aayla's head and sucked into the slimy dirty ass. Ahsoka moaned, even poked at her final meal's thighs teasing the unconscious girl. Aayla's slim frame sucked up into the asshole and her medium sized blue tits pushed up against the slimy colon. Ahsoka moaned as it just felt amazing having a person move around inside her. Aayla's bare slim stomach folded as the top half went in and was followed by the belly button. Ahsoka's anus wrapped around the hips and hands of Aayla and it took no time to suck in Aayla's squishy fat ass. Ahsoka moaned as the soft thighs were slurped inside of her anus and only the legs were left. But they didn't last long and Ahsoka officially secured her final meal. But even faster than Luminara, Aayla was able to wake up and squirmed inside of the guts making Ahsoka stumble into a stall and sit down. Her stomach filled up as Aayla curled inside of her and for a third time she was stuffed silly.
Ahsoka belched filled with a fat assed jedi master struggling inside of her stomach. Ahsoka wished she would have stayed knocked out but there wasn't anything she could do now other than melt her into ass fat.
 "Well whatever I'll push you out in a torrent of logs like I did with Barriss and Luminara anyway so squirm away" said Ahsoka
 Aayla was stunned to hear the fate of the two former jedi and wondered if she could even escape this girl's stomach. Digestion was already working hard melting off her little bit of clothes she had on letting her naked blue body free. The acid had drenched her and she could feel it making her softer by the second. Aayla though was not one to give up so she fought and fought.
Ahsoka had a tummy ache from Aayla fighting back so much and groaned wanting her stomach to hurry up and finish up the final meal. Aayla felt her strength weakening as time went on and she was slowly sinking down into the mix of acid and herself that had already melted. All she could really do is hope somehow someone comes at the right moment to save her. Of course that didn't happen and a wet squelch from inside of Ahsoka's stomach was the end of Aayla Secura. Ahsoka's stomach rounded out and she hugged her big orange sloshy belly feeling the bones inside snap.
Ahsoka smiled, rubbing her soft belly and could feel as the slop was thrown into her intestines. Aayla ended up in all the right places making Ahsoka grow another cup and the ass and thighs were even bigger now. At this point the vent was no longer a viable option. Ahsoka's belly was reduced to a small pot belly and she smiled. Her bowels filled up and Ahsoka smirked as she arched her back and squeezed this time and just a waterfall of scat blew out of her anus. Instant moans escaped her mouth as the bone filled shit exited her rear end. The wet noises of the smooth shit splashed in the toilet and slowly filled the toilet up like the last two. Destroyed bones shot out of her ass.
A fart escaped her butt once again expanding it and the fart also released another giant mound of scat. The toilet filled up bones and shit and one skull of Aayla Secura popped out of the orange asshole and was promptly buried by another load of shit. All finished Ahsoka wiped her ass clean and left the full toilet. She licked her lips and left the bathroom groping her new tits.
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A request made for Evbro22
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Art by junior1234

Man I love writing about Ahsoka Tano, honestly practically any request with her as pred would probably get accepted. She is just one of my favorites to make stories about

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