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Big Djeets Eats By Kainan -- Report

wait that's not how that's supposed to work hol up-


Hyooj Doctor Djeeta done as part of a trade with  StygianRook!

Go check out their piece, which features a rather embiggened Ilsa over at:

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Posted by StygianRook 1 year ago Report

The world needs more pregpreds. :9 GG WP


Posted by Kainan 1 year ago Report



Posted by Renael 1 year ago Report

BIG mommy Djeeta


Posted by Jumbojips 1 year ago Report

No joke, It's incredibly niche and extremely difficult to find, I've gone all over the place trying to find stuff like that. But despite this, it remains virtually unheard of as far as kinks go.

Good thing you're here to fill some of the void right?


Posted by noisekeeper 1 year ago Report

Damn, ultrasound use in mass vore :sweats:


Posted by pbysteria 1 year ago Report

from being that stacked looks like she's had a couple pregnancies


Posted by HangryDemon 1 year ago Report

Now this is an interesting scenario!


Posted by carlj 1 year ago Report

Oh my! I don't think the "birth" will be a normal one ^^


Posted by HiddenIke 4 months ago Report

Can't believe I forgot to comment on this when I first saw it, but it's like the only pic of Djeeta at this size, and it's marvelous. Lovely.


Posted by Kainan 4 months ago Report

Huh there are only like three jita pics on the site even, dang