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Escape from the Belly of the Cow By Indighost -- Report

Escape from the Belly of the Cow
Written by Indighost, 2021 [email protected]
All characters © Indighost, 2021

* * *

Carmen reached down to her toolbelt and took out her flashlight, switching it on and looking around inside the cow’s stuffed stomach.
Quivering arches of puffy pink flesh presided over a vast swamp of messy food , constantly being squeezed and churned.
“…Holy shit, this bitch is FULL,” Carmen swore.

* * *

As you know I've always loved the idea of a diverse society of animal-people of varying sizes. And in such a society , naturally, sometimes, people and things--quite accidentally--get eaten. It happens! So, how would they deal with it? Here it one story about one such thing. I had so much fun writing this, I had to stop myself at some point--I felt the story could go on forever :D

♥ Much love and be well.

* This is a maximally obscene, fictional, furry fetish fantasy story.
* Setting: Cartoonish Modern Furry.

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Posted by Dragon808tr 3 months ago Report

Nice read! Rather long but great for cow digestion!


Posted by Indighost 3 months ago Report

I know, right. My friends that I play D&D with also tell me I need to improve the dramatic pacing XD

Thanks for checking it out!


Posted by Pharo 3 months ago Report

Well done!


Posted by Indighost 3 months ago Report

Thank you for checking it out!


Posted by somedude601 3 months ago Report

I liked it! However, I feel like it could have been split into multiple parts. It's a bit long for a fetish story.


Posted by Indighost 3 months ago Report

I know, right. My friends that I play D&D with also tell me I need to improve the dramatic pacing XD

Thanks for checking it out!


Posted by Gussiekins 3 months ago Report

I think what matters most is that Chester escaped unharmed~


Posted by Indighost 3 months ago Report

Thanks for checking it out, and yes! Since it's always requested i thought it was quite fair that a little mouse might escape :)


Posted by hungryvulpine 3 months ago Report

Excellent story! Glad to see new content from you. I enjoyed the length myself.


Posted by Indighost 3 months ago Report

Thanks a lot! And yeah I could write nonstop about a sexy lady character just eating stuff day after day...! Sometimes coming up with a plot and end-points is the tough part.


Posted by herosterious 3 months ago Report

Great story! Your descriptions of the internals are fantastic, love cow girls too.


Posted by Indighost 3 months ago Report

Thanks, much appreciated! Your stories inspired me here as well :) I love the idea that people are bigger on the inside than they look on the outside.


Posted by LightDragon 3 months ago Report

Yeah! Finally finished reading it!
So here are my thoughts :

"The bear handed her a big binder labeled “DIGESTIVE SYSTEM DIAGRAMS BY SPECIES” and she blinked and struggled to flip to the page labeled “COW”"
That's where I realize that I like to add humor to my stories a lot. In that case, I would totally have written :
- Shouldn't take more than 15 minutes.
Then Carmen has a look at the overcomplicated diagram of the cow digestive system, with the four stomachs and the very long intestine.
- Okay, forget it, this will take at least an hour.

"Kate turned and the rabbit held up her tool-belt, pointing to a little spray-bottle labeled ‘EMETIC’."
Well... okay, that's a bit radical isn't it? In this world if you happen to be suspicious on the metal detector, they make you vomit even if you had a good meal before. Ah, that's the police I guess. Straight to the point, no consideration for the well being of the citizens XD

"placing her gloved paws on Kate’s plump left breast. "
I wasn't expecting a cow to have breasts, since... they have udder for this exact function. On the other hand this cow is speaking english right now so I shouldn't ask too many questions :p

You are much more imaginative than me when it comes to describing the swallowing, that's a neat thing!
I also have trouble using the onomatopoieas but you're using them right, that's very interesting.

"as the plane taxied forward and prepared for takeoff."
Wow this really is the worst airport ever! They had suspicion of a passenger smuggling merchandise, they don't have the result from the officers doing the verification, and they authorize the takeoff XD
I don't know if it's pulled off for humor but I find their incompetence very funny.

"The dog’s nose, then head was shoved back up through the tightest part of the sphincter, before it tightened around the creature’s neck."
Well that's fortunate. Having to retrieve the emetic bottle and Chester from the meat stomach would have been quite dangerous. Not sure if that was her plan all along.

I'm not a fan of the sexual stuff (not just gay, just sexual in general) so I didn't really read this part.

“I’m so stupid…I really should chew my food more…”
I find this sentence very humorous too since the cow digestive system is designed especially to chew things several times. Is it pulled for humor?

"Surgery" "Endoscopy"
I'm almost shocked to see someone competent after how spectacularly the airport staffed messed everything up XD

"-Looks like there was a mix-up with the pregnant cow in room 234"
Okay, okay, forget what I said above

Come to think of it, this ending was quite a let down. You prepared this hospital as much more competent than the airport staff, and Kate as much more aware of the risks of having doctors inside her, and in fact, no they are just as incompetent as the others.
I would say the brutal change of context is a bit anticlimactic because it was not prepared in advance. Sudden changes of context can be awesome during climax when they result from something the characters have done previously in the story, but they can feel like let downs if they are not introduced.

That being said you are doing a very good job at descriptions. I also like a lot the general "ambiance", with this cow who never stops eating, including junk and live animals.

The build-up is very good too. You spend lots of time building up the bad effects of Kate's diet on her and that's very good.