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Sash's Snack 6 (Riley) By SummerSun -- Report

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Riley awakens to find herself still in the menagerie and Peyton has been up to no good and needs to be taught a lesson with the help of a new friend.

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Posted by ribs 1 year ago Report

I've been waiting for this for some time but the shift in tone is jarring


Posted by SummerSun 1 year ago Report

Riley felt like a jilted lover and lashed out. I wanted to make it darker so I felt that Sunny had to be forceful to aid Riley in coming back. I also have something for Peyton in the works.


Posted by TCC 1 year ago Report

Huh, not quite the turn I was expecting the story to take after the last installment.
I was under the impression Riley chose to let herself be eaten for her crush's enjoyment.
That and killing off the titular tiger feels kinda bad..


Posted by SummerSun 1 year ago Report

I originally wanted Sasha to endure a little longer but no matter how I tried I could't make a happy version of Riley as long as she was reminded of what happaned. As far as Peyton goes, there might be a series based on her in the works. Might even be a certain tiger or perhaps his offspring to keep her company. I'm also planning a series with Riley as well.


Posted by Anastasia_Frostbite 1 year ago Report

Yes Riley did consent to it but not because she really wanted to but because Peyton had emotionally manipulated her into doing so, something that likely would have contributed to the amount of anger she felt, and something that Peyton has obviously had a lot of practice at given the trophy room that was revealed.

As for killing Sasha, it does kind of suck but there was no way of really getting Riley back out if they couldn't get the tiger to barf her up willingly.


Posted by Cruich 1 year ago Report

Well, this is quite an interesting world you've developed here, with the queen, princess, duke, a shapeshifting dragon, and a computer-controlled animatronic tiger and DVDs!

I was surprised about the death of Sasha, but I think Sunny and the worms have just as much potential, so I'll follow wherever this leads, presumably under a new title since Sasha's dead.


Posted by SummerSun 1 year ago Report

I am currently working on a continuation for Riley and possibly more. I also plan to toy with the robo tiger as well. I may even have a new predator or two that I am playing with.


Posted by MisterBad 1 year ago Report

I sure am going to miss that big, dopey tame tiger that lazily accepted all those tasty human meals that kept offering themselves to him. He was so kind and gentle to the ones he ate, never so much as putting a scratch on them as he approached, licked, and guzzled them down his throat, while tasting, burping, and lounging around regally afterward. Never was devious. Never had an agenda. RIP Sasha. You had style. You had the life of a king.