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The Shortcut
It was a damp, humid May afternoon as the two girls made their way home from their posh private high school. Brittney Berk, a stunning seventeen year old junior and her friend April Harris, sixteen were fixated on planning a hiking trip for the upcoming weekend as the hurried along between spring thunderstorms. April groaned as she glanced up at the once more darkening sky. “Britt, we’re not going to make it to your house before the heavens open up again.” As if

Riley’s eyes popped open but she saw nothing. Beneath her she felt cold damp stone chilling her bare flesh. She blinked twice before she realized two things, one was that she was still very much alive and the second, she was in pitch darkness. Slowly she sat up and let her hands trail down her body, her fingers sliding over her bare belly before they came to rest in her lap amidst the remains of her panties and tights. Suddenly her mind flashed back to how her underwear had gotte

Snack 5
Riley, and Amy
years had passed since Sasha had been moved from his royal menagerie
to the homestead of the English duke where he was the happy pet of
the duke’s daughter Peyton who was now in the late stages of her
fifteenth year. Sasha simply adored his mistress who had defended
him after the disappearance of her older sister Kendall, who was
widely believed to have been devoured by one of the many creatures in
her father’s formidable collection perhaps e

Sasha's Snack 4

A New Home

A few days after the disappearances of the queen, princess and servant girl the grand council voted that the only common factor in all three, Sasha was to be removed from the palace. He was sold at auction to a visiting duke with a penchant for exotic animals. He was taken from Avia to England a gift to the oldest of his new owner's daughters. Upon arrival the big cat was placed in the duke's private menagerie along with all of his other rare and in most ca

Ashlynn ends it all

Slowly Ashlynn moved through the forest her eyes streaked with tears, he mind set on finding the perfect way to end her miserable life. At the ripe your age of 16 she had been betrothed to marry a brat of a prince in an attempt to gain prosperity for her family name, but Ashlynn was in love with the shoemaker's son. When the prince found out about this he had the boy arrested and put to death on a false charge. Ashlynn was heart broken and she ran from her home and the h

Sasha's Snack 3

Cassie Meets Sasha

Cassie finished her rounds for the day and smiled to herself as she moved quietly through the now silent halls of the Palace towards Princess Aspen's room to check on her friend after she missed dinner. She smiled to herself as she reached to door to her friends room and knocked gently and waited to be granted entrance. After standing there for a few minutes of waiting she shook her head and knocked again before resting her hand on t

Aspen's Choice

(Sasha's Snack 2)

Aspen Stayed curled up beside his distended belly, one hand resting in his soft fur so she could feel his belly rumble. She sighed softly and adjusted herself, letting her head rest against the big cat's belly so she could listen to the soft almost rhythmic gurgling as the bulge that had at one time been her mother slowly melted away. Deep down inside Aspen wondered if Sasha was still hungry and if perhaps he might enjoy her as a second course to his mea

Sasha's Snack

Part 1 Catherine and her daughter Aspen slowly ascended the main stairs of the palace, both tired out from the ball earlier that evening. Catherine smiles to her daughter as they enter the royal chamber casting a glance to her pet Siberian tiger Sasha as he perks his head up form his place on the end of the bed upon hearing them enter, his sleek tail swishing about lazily as he yawns and settles back down. Catherine

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SummerSun's Blog - New Story Posted 9 months ago

Just a quick update to announce a new story series. New story is posted in my plants folder under The Shortcut. It is a departure from Sasha but I've had it floating around in my head for quite awhile now and I figured I would see anyone likes it.

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Posted by PerilStories2020 7 months ago Report

Thank you for watching! Hope you'll like the stories. Checking out yours and enjoying them so far!


Posted by FelixJoestar 11 months ago Report

Thank you for the watch ^^

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Heyo thanks a ton for the watch :D

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Hey! Thanks a bunch for the watch and the fav! Much appreciated!

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Posted by rugli 5 years ago Report

So is the Sasha series dead?


Posted by rugli 7 years ago Report

Are you planning on continue your Sasha series?


Posted by Choco0 9 years ago Report

Sasha's Snack, the best vore tiger story ! I will love read more like this


Posted by SummerSun 10 years ago Report

I've been gone for a bit due to personal issues but I'm happy to say that I am back and I have several new stories in the works that I hope to get posted here asap. I might even have a new Sasha story coming.


Posted by HungrySuccubus 11 years ago Report

Thank you so much for watching me!

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Posted by cartoon_oracle 11 years ago Report

i love your work cant wait for more

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