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“Stop! Thief!” Alma heard coming from behind her as she climbed up to the rooftops, pausing for a moment to check her loot before resuming her escape. Running along the edge of the rooftops, she leaps to an adjacent roof as she sees more guards coming up ahead. Despite her attempts at shaking her pursuers though, she soon finds herself cornered. In a desperate attempt to keep her loot, she takes it out, a small pretty purple gem. It originally was contained in a golden box, that was surprisingly heavy for its small size, and had to be left behind. The gem itself was a rather curious thing, floating in its container before she snagged it. On closer inspection, it seems to be two similar crystal hexagon pyramids, kept together by a thin band of gold in the center and only coming to around the size of a small coin, quite similar to an eight sided dice her gambler friend showed her once. Having already lost the rest of her loot in her escape, she wanted to keep at least this from the authorities, and after steeling her nerve, she placed the crystal into her mouth and swallowed. The sound of the guards approaching starts to lessen as the crystal slides down her throat, and as she feels it land in her stomach, a sudden pain rocks her body, the thief losing her footing on the tiles from the shock. Alma’s vision fades as she sees the hard cobblestone ground approaching rapidly, the last through thankful that she lost consciousness before the impact.
Alma woke with a gasp, jolting upright and looking around to find herself within a rather fortified dark iron cage,surrounded by guards who were alarmed by her awakening. Afterwards, they stood quite far away, whispering amongst themselves as they escorted the cage to its destination, who was driven by a familiar hooded figure, the mark of her latest theft. With little else to do, she looked at herself, finding most of her equipment gone, likely removed while she was unconscious, only wearing her underwear and her chest bindings and her short blonde hair matted with dried blood. After checking that she is untouched with no visible wounds, she tried calling the guards, but they seem to ignore her completely, a big difference from her past imprisonments. The cage was also unusual, as she was usually trialed in the very town she was caught in anyway. Unable to strike up a conversation, she just sat and listened, hearing talks about necromancy, much to the annoyance of the driver who constantly yelled about his work not involving necromancy at all. The sun slowly set, and the guards, confident that the cage’s integrity, only had marginal men on the night watch. Luckily for Alma, the guards didn’t strip her completely, else they would have found her prized possession nestled between her bosom. She carefully pulled it out, looking at it in the moonlight, a dark iron key with a skull at the end, her enchanted skeleton key. Sliding it into the lock, the key did its thing, and the lock silently opened, the well lubricated hinges making nary a sound as she pushed it open. Sneaking up to an asleep guard, she stole his pack, and made off into the woods, guessing what road she was on and heading in the direction of civilization… or so she thought, unknowingly heading deep into the monster filled forest.
Alma ran through the night, losing track of time. By the time she sees the sun’s light filtering through the leaves, exhaustion was starting to hit. Deciding she got far enough away, she decided to rest and recover, staying under a massive tree whose top is blocked by the vast canopy. Climbing up to the lowest branch, she decided to lay down to recover. Her short rest was soon interrupted, however, as the loud sound of buzzing wings soon filled the air, unseen creatures flying out of their home from above where she was resting. Alma clung tightly to the branch, praying the creatures don’t find her as she stayed as quiet as possible, even her thoughts drowned out by the buzzing. Eventually, the sounds die down, and Alma lets out a sigh of relief, unaware of the woman staring her down right by her side, kept afloat by two pairs of buzzing wings. “My, what a delicious looking grub just hanging out under our home~” The woman mocks with venom in her voice, causing Alma to yelp in surprise, pushing off the branch instinctively and falling off. The woman charged forwards, grabbing the falling thief with her four arms.
Now in her arms, Alma got a good look at her assailant. She was a bee woman for the better lack of a word, a head taller than the thief and covered in yellow and black chitin and staring at her with deep black eyes. The woman’s silver hair tied in a braid bun on her head, with big, unblinking eyes at each side forming a pair. Four strong arms grasp Alma’’s body, covered in black chitin that ends in gauntlet looking claws. Her shapely body has sizable breasts, also covered in chitin, and on her butt has a bulbous abdomen, tipped with a dangerous looking stinger. However, all those are all overshadowed by the thick rod between the bee girl’s legs, a heavy sac continuing her twin orbs hanging from the base, identifying her as a rare drone bee girl, one that rarely leaves the hive only for specific purposes that would not bode well for her. Alma struggled against her grasp as the bee continued to monologue. “You know, I was just looking for a human to fuel the hive, and you seem to be absolutely delectable~.” She teases, letting go of one hand to reach down at her meat, gently massaging her member, making it slowly grow as the bee lands, pinning Alma against a tree. With her feet on the ground, Alma tried kicking the drone in the balls, but the drone only bit her lips in a mix of arousal and pain, her grip unwavering. “My, feisty aren’t you. Don’t worry, you will continue on in the hive~.” With that, she grabbed the offending limb with her lower arm, and with a moan began feeding Alma’s foot into her cock. The thief struggled against the hungry member, but the strong grip of the predator prevented her from squirming much, her other leg soon joining the first, sliding down the bee girl’s cock.
The bee drone continued to moan as Alma struggled in her arms, already seeing her feet bulge out the drone’s sac. She tried calling for help, but so deep in the forest and muffled by the buzzing of wings made her cries go unanswered. Slowly but surely, she slid deeper into the drone’s cock. “”Mmm, so much spirit~. You feel amazing~” The drone moans, as only her head is left outside. “Well, enjoy your life as part of the hive, if you even remember this~” The drone chuckles, pushing Alma’s head into her cock, sealing her fate as she relaxes on the ground, massaging her massive sac with her thighs and hands, kneading her softening prey. Alma had already lost feeling in her feet as she dropped down into the sac, struggling against the warm soft walls as the seed sloshed around her. It was a fruitless struggle, as slowly, more and more of her body melted down, the drone expertly holding back her orgasm to prevent her escape. With her head barely over the surface of seed, she lets out one last weak cry before she slides under, holding her breath for as long as she can, before she felt something snap within her, the shock making her gasp, the entering seed pushing out the air in her half melted lungs. Unable to even struggle now, Alma accepted her fate, closing her eyes as what remains of her melts into seed, thankful that despite the horrifying state of her remains, her death was painless, even slightly pleasurable.
Reina moaned as she felt the struggling in her balls slow, and eventually stop. “Ahhh, I hope you had as much fun as I did, adorable one~.” She coos, still massaging her balls, feeling the melted down mass compact within her hefty balls, Alma’s genes compiling into a potent and thick batch of seed. When her beach ball sized balls shrink down to a more manageable size, Reina stands and buzzers her wings, returning to the hive with her bounty, feeling whatever undigested contents that remained of Alma bouncing pleasantly within her balls. She flew past the many workers who were busy managing the hive, through the maze-like halls of the hive, and past the knights guarding the queen’s chamber, who nod knowingly upon seeing her package. Reina enters the queen’s chambers, seeing the queen relaxing on her throne, looking like one of her kind, but big enough that a drone like Reina comes up to only her chest and having a massive abdomen laden with eggs attached to her rear. “Welcome back~. You were fast, and I see you already processed one. What was it?” The queen coos, ignoring the workers entering and leaving the chamber, carrying freshly laid eggs to the nursery. “It was a human, hiding right under our hive. Cute little thing, and I could feel some strong magic in her. She will definitely advance the hive~” Reina coos, as she crawled up to the queen, sliding her still hard cock into the queen’s eager slit.
Their moans of pleasure echo through the chamber as they fuck, and only a bit later does Reina cum, shooting out all her pent up lust into her beloved queen. The queen cries in pleasure as her womb is filled, sealing shut after the seed enters to ensure that all the potent seed isn’t wasted for the coming year’s worth of new children. Reina enjoyed the queen's now round belly as she rode out her peak, though a bit annoyed that there seems to be something still stuck within her balls, bulging the now egg sized orbs rather pleasurably. With her duties done, she gave the queen a kiss before leaving for her own personal quarters to get whatever was stuck in her balls out. She eventually arrived at her own room, a sizable dwelling with a simple bed, end table and shelf all made of wax. She glances at the shelf, filled with mementos of her previous hunts, amulets and small charms for the most part, whatever remained like that in her balls right now. After reminiscing a bit, Reina sat on the edge of her bed and felt her orbs, feeling a long, stick-like object within, as well as something small and loose. It took a bit of pleasurable effort of massaging her balls before the end of the stick finally found the exit, sliding out of her cock with a spurt of cum, a black metal key clattering on the floor. With the obstruction out of the way, the second item came out with the next splurt, landing next to the key. After recovering from her second orgasm of the day, Reina leant down to pick up her spoils. She found Alma’s skeleton key to be quite beautiful, and much more unique than those chams she had acquired, but what really caught her eye was the second item. It was a mesmerising, pyramid shaped crystal that swirled with strange magics. Reina was pleased with her new acquisitions, and decided to place them down on the end table beside her bed, wanting to stare at the swirling magic of the crystal as she fell asleep, which she did soon after as her duties were done.
Alma awoke from her slumber, stretching silently as she always did, feeling around with her eyes closed and noticing the waxy surface she was on. Confusion swam in her mind for just a moment, before a wave of dread and realisation hit her. She should be dead, but she was still moving. Getting up quickly and almost slipping on the waxy floor in the process, she examined her body, finding herself still human, but completely nude. With her body still in order, she then brought her sights to her surroundings, immediately looking at the bed she was so dangerously close to, the drone that consumed her sleeping soundly atop it. The thought of revenge came for just a moment, but even she knows she can’t face such a creature unarmed, in what seems to be the very depths of their hive. Looking around some more, she saw her skeleton key next to the bed, and the shelf full of broken charms and talismans, clearly having failed to protect their former owners. Behind her, she saw an open doorway, with the near deafening buzzing of bees going about their work coming from that direction.
Stealth seems the best option for her escape, so she quietly moved towards the end table, wanting to take the last of her belongings before escaping. However, Alma was too focused on the key, she didn’t notice the bee drone faking her slumber as it looked at her with its constantly open eyes. As she reached for the key, the drone made her move, grasping her hand. “My, my. You’re back~. That is the first time we saw someone like you~” The bee coos, standing up from the bed and lifting her off the ground by her arm.
“W-what did you do to me, monster!” Alma grunts in reply, getting a confused look in return.
“I only needed your body to enhance my seed, the magic you were giving off was too delectable to resist. But now that I did, you are free to go~.” The drone replies, causing Alma to look confused this time.
“Y-you aren’t going to eat me? Or kill me for finding your hive?”
The drone laughs at her remark. “Why would I? We have enough honey to feed on that we don’t need to hunt, though you humans are a delectable treat. We only eat those who attack us, you were just unfortunate enough to have a target painted on your back, wrong time, wrong place, and a delicious taste to boot. But enough of that, I’ll send you on your way~.”
Alma was stunned at the reply, and lets out a yelp as she is slung over the drone’s shoulder, and carried out. She watched in awe as the drone walked through the halls, even courteous enough to not use her wings that would surely slap her face repeatedly in this position. Realising quite soon after that she had no say in the matter, she just let the drone go about her business, watching the sight of the inner workings of a bee hive that few would see and live to tell the tale. A few minutes passed, however, before she felt a strange pressure welling up within her, slowly increasing with each step the drone takes. Alma looks around and sees the entrance of the hive, but the pressure continues to build, feeling like a rope tied to something inside her, slowly getting tighter as she was moved away from its anchor point.
Reina, meanwhile, was oblivious to the feelings of the captive, Alma, thinking she was doing a good deed by letting her go. She soon got to the entrance, and wanted to leap off with the human in tow, so she could be set free. Alma was literally at the end of her rope, however, feeling the pressure and pain digging into her organs. “S-stop, p-please….” She tried to cough out, but Reina didn’t hear her words. With a grand leap, Reina launches herself from the entrance, and hears the gruesome sound of ripping flesh and snapping bone, feeling blood dribble down on her wings. She looks to the side to find Alma having literally exploded, the top half of her body ripped open from within, head completely gone. “W-what in the world…” She mutters, landing and examining the body she is carrying, a bit sad her good deed ended up like this. But she was curious about the cause, hoping it won’t happen again. Calling one of the workers to bring the body to the queen for examination, Reina examined the scene, and soon found the strange pyramid shaped crystal thanks to her magic sight, teetering precariously off the edge of the entrance of the hive. Reina had wondered where the crystal went, having not seen signs of it when she awoke from Alma’s shuffling. Picking it up, she found that it seems to be unwilling to move past a certain point outside the hive. Finding it extremely weird, she decides to bring the crystal back, to show the queen along with the body.
Returning to the queen’s chambers, she finds the queen examining the body. After recounting the events, the queen looked at her puzzled, examining the crystal. She could no longer see any magic on the body, which is now swirling around the crystal, gathering in weight. Both Reina and the queen were now doubly curious what the crystal would do, seeing as it seems to be an automated process. Leaving the corpse alone, they waited around as the crystal gathered more and more ambient mana from its surroundings. After an hour from Alma’s sudden death, the crystal shone brightly, and a body seemed to form around it, first made out of mana, then slowly solidifying into a living breathing person.
This time, Alma awoke screaming, checking herself quickly, before crying in alarm as she sees the Bee queen and the drone near her, along with the mangled remains of her own body. “So, that pretty crystal brings you back... “ The drone remarks, looking at the queen. “You said she exploded when she left the hive, do you think it will happen again if we tried?” The queen asks.
“N-no, p-please… not t-that again!” Alma pleaded, getting a chuckle from the queen in reply. “I care not for what happens to you, human. Only what you will do for my hive. Become a problem, and we shall bring you out. We already know your trinket brings you back, but how many times will it take for it to break, I wonder?” Alma, meanwhile, was confused. She had no idea what was going on, but decided she didn’t want to risk whatever that tortuous pain was again. She nodded meekly in reply, and was dismissed by the queen.
“Reina, dear. Take care of your new pet~. Since she can’t leave, teach her the ways of the hive. If she can’t learn... deal with her however you see fit.” The queen ordered. With a bow, Reina scooped Alma up in a princess carry, the queen taking the corpse and gulping it down herself as they left, as if to show Alma her place in the hive.
Returning back to her room, Reina set Alma down gently. “I feel we got off on the wrong foot here, so I’m sorry about eating you with my cock and melting you down into seed for the hive~.” Reina coos, seeing the human still looking at her with fear in her eyes. “You know…” Reina continues, sitting beside Alma on the bed. “This is the first time I talked with a human like this. I rarely leave the nest… what I know about humans are just fragments of memory from someone like you… Someone unfortunate enough to run into a bee girl at the wrong time.”
“M-memory? Y-you mean, you knew what you were… before you were attacked?” Alma asks, curious.
“Sort of, I remember fear, anger, happiness. Learning the language to spite someone… an escape… and ultimately melting down, before becoming what I am today. Reina replies. “But ya, what is your name? I am not going to treat you like a slave.” She adds, spitting the last words, clearly disgusted by the thought.
“M-my name is A-alma… I was a thief… I don’t know how I can revive… but I think I should be dead three times over by now… yet here I am…” Alma replies meekly.
“Don’t worry, the queen already ordered you to not be troubled, as long as you pull your weight. I know you can’t fly, or make wax. But I’m sure cleaning the floors is good enough to please her, maybe even taking care of the young born from the seed you became.” Reina encourages, her words causing Alma to blush at the thought, realising she kinda indirectly fathered children.
After a bit more talking, Alma warmed up to her unusual situation. Of course, she was still a bit angry at her death at the hands of Reina, but thinking back to it… she found herself a bit aroused at the way she went. She swept that thought out of her head, however, deciding to roll with the punches. Royals would pay a massive sum to feast on the nutritious honey daily, after all, and yet she was given it for free so long as she worked. Food and shelter was all she ever desired when she lived on the streets, and despite how she got here, she was honestly happy. Sure, the company was unique, but she could adapt. Eventually, she got comfortable in her new life, cleaning out the floor of loose wax, informing the workers of holes that appear, and tending to the strangely adorable grubs in the nursery with proper breaks in between too. She ended up having a room connected to Reina’s. Not as big, but sizable enough for her own uses.
Months passed, and Alma was retiring to bed after another day’s work. She laid down on the soft bed, and closed her eyes to slumber. Her dreams lately have been a curious one, of her just floating aimlessly within a container of sorts. However, today was different, she could feel it. It was time for her to leave, and with some squirming effort, she eventually cracked the shell around her, gasping for breath. She looked around the narrow chamber, and immediately wiggled her way to freedom, finding her arms and legs either bound, or completely useless. Undeterred, she wiggled forwards, eventually dropping out onto a familiar waxy floor, though only the faint buzzing of the night guards was heard in the distance. She could feel something pulling her, and she wormed her way towards it, passing hallways that were familiar, yet not from her lower perspective. Eventually, she found where she was being drawn towards, her human body, lying asleep on the bed. Sensing a connection, she climbed atop the bed with some effort, using her jaws to grip on the wax, eventually making it up to her body, and cuddled with it, wanting to return to where she was before.
Feeling something touch her, however, she slowly opened her eyes, and felt a strange sensation as she was looking through two sets of eyes at the same time, one belonging to her own vision, while the other, was of the big bee grub cuddling up against her, slightly longer than her torso. It was then she realised, that this grub was the reason why she couldn’t escape the hive, the crystal that held part of her soul was within it. Deciding to leave further investigations to tomorrow, Alma laid back down, and crawled onto herself, feeling it weird to control two bodies at the same time, she then hugged herself, enjoying the soft warmth of her grub body.
There was a bit of a commotion when the hive awoke, but it was soon solved as the panicking bees came into Alma’s room, finding the adorable scene of the human cuddling with the grub they were searching for. After she awoke, Alma was informed by Reina that the grub is actually supposed to be the next queen, finding it weird that the grub crawled all on its own to her bed. Alma decided to not tell her why, instead saying that perhaps her memories made her want to be with her human body. Accepting the answer, Reina and the queen both decided that Alma is to be one of those who will take care of the grub, feeding it royal jelly which became part of her diet from then on as well.
As Alma continued to take care of her other half, her thoughts went towards escape. She now knew of what she was bound to, and hearing what the bees were discussing made it seem that the grub would be sent from the hive after she was ready, leading to her joining the new queen. As her thoughts continue to revolve around the grub, she was also quite curious about something herself. Ever since she was consumed, she wanted to experience it again, but was hesitant to ask Reina for the pleasure. The thought of maybe being consumed by her other half floated to mind, and one that enticed her grub half quite a bit, it would continue to stew in her mind, slowly and eventually bubbling to the surface.
A few more weeks would pass, Alma keeping her strange lust in check as she watches her grub half grow. It was already bigger than she was, soft, squishy and very huggable. Reina herself teased Alma a few times as she was lost in thought massaging the grub, enjoying the feeling on both bodies. Finally, she would take the plunge, her minds ready to be consumed by herself. Night was falling, and Alma brought her grub half to her room as per usual, her cuddling it to sleep a common sight these days. Her bed had also been upgraded to fit her massive hug pillow, the queen finding the grub’s unusual activeness a positive, and allows whatever Alma wanted to do with the grub, noticing how in tune the human is with her quarry.
The grub rested on the bed as Alma massaged its soft body, enjoying the rippling, strong muscles of the massive grub. There were no words, as she was being one with herself, enjoying the moment, slowly moving her hands closer and closer towards the armored head of the grub. When her human body got close to the maw, Alma opened her maw, the smell of sweet honey that was the grub’s only diet washed over her. Seeing the soft maw before her, Alma felt aroused as she slid her hands in, massaging the insides as she slowly went deeper, moaning in pleasure as she felt her own hands giving her pleasure of her first solid meal. Alma gently massaged deeper, ducking her head into the grub’s maw, and slowly sliding her whole body in. She stuck out her grub tongue, licking the moisture off her crotch, and decided to slide it in further, tongue fucking her human body as she begins gulping. Alma moaned as she slid deeper and deeper into the grub, expertly pleasuring both her bodies, cumming on the long tongue that is sliding into her pussy, before her legs slid down her own hungry maw. She let out a strange, pleased sound as her grub form relaxed on the bed, feeling her human half lovingly massage her insides. Unlike the first time she was in another being, the process seems much, much slower, but just as pleasant. After a long while of massaging, Alma eventually tired herself out, and laid back in the stew of royal jelly, masturbuating till she passed out from pleasure.
The next day, there was a bit of alarm as the bees found the grub in the bed, with no Alma in sight. Trying to move the massive grub, however, the workers found something hard within, and their insistent massages woke both Almas up. Still quite whole, Alma decided to gently crawl her way deeper into herself, eventually letting her human half out of the other end, much to the surprise of those gathered around her. “Hey, if you wanted someone to eat you, you could have just asked~” Reina joked as she saw the sight. Alma blushing but shaking her head. “I’ll only feed myself to the new queen~” She coos in reply, the rest nodding in understanding. The days would pass, Alma feeding her human body to her grub body many more times, slowly increasing the duration of her stay.
However, it soon came for the grub to pupate. Alma, refusing to be away from herself, decided to fully feed herself to the grub one last time right in front of all the workers, letting herself crawl down the lethargic and massive grub’s maw once maw, now too weak to properly swallow. She still enjoyed it though, but it was clear her grub body’s energy reserves were being put towards its next stage in life. After gulping herself down one last time, Alma relaxed in her stomach, letting her body slowly digest, occasionally feeling royal jelly get fed down her maw. She felt at peace with her adventure, finally joining back with what she feels is her main body of her new form, and let digestion take its slow work on her body, focusing on controlling her grub form as it slothed the last few days it had as a grub in absolute pleasure.
Alma could feel herself becoming whole once more, as she rested within her cell, which was capped off for her protection as she turned into a pupa. She could feel the two crystals within her slowly draw closer, eventually fusing into one. Despite being whole, however, she came upon a realisation. She could, if she wished, draw on the power of the stones that contain her soul, and split it off again, returning to her separated state despite her soul now being whole. She tried it out, and found herself partially awakening in her human body, outside the sealed cell. Of course, the bees were quite surprised by her sudden reappearance, but she paid it no mind, returning to her work as if nothing had happened, though she could still feel the pressure of the bond between her human form, and her bee body, but it felt a lot more… flexible, as it were.
A month passes, and Alma could feel her bee form solidifying, her body almost ready to break free from its cell. She squirmed in anticipation as she felt the strength of her main body grow, and soon, she felt she had enough strength to break free. With precise stabs from her four sets of claws, Alma cut herself free, climbing out of her cell and spreading her new wings open to dry and solidify, all the while her human form was gawking at the grand sight. She was an impressive specimen, ahead taller than the old queen, and with four strong arms. Despite being a queen, she felt she could take on knights alone, but shook such thoughts of violent conquest out of her head. She wanted to be free from this place, and explore the world. The first thing she did, however, was procquire herself a meal, grabbing her human half, and eagerly gulping herself down, missing the feeling of consuming herself, enjoying the taste of human infused with honey. With a sudden thought, she decided to pull herself out of the body in her stomach, and create another body, quickly gulping that one down too. Alma could see her own lifeless eyes look back at her as she landed in her stomach, but paid it no mind as she massaged all over, causing her main body to let out a pleased burp. Alma massaged her now bulging belly, enjoying the feeling of her double meal, and curious what kind of magic it is that can turn pure mana into living flesh, then realizing that with this, she wouldn’t go hungry again.
Of course, the rest of the hive was surprised at the sight, having seen their own queen consume others before, but not with such magics that remade the prey, only to have them be consumed to join the other body. “My, what a gluttonous daughter I have~” The old queen chuckles, peeking from her chambers. “Come over, my child. Though I feel you already know what your task is~.”
Alma nods, and with her hands still massaging her round gut, she makes her way to the queen to get her mission for the hive. She is to start a new home, far away to spread their numbers, one she was eager to begin. She was a bit sad when she was informed that Reina was not to be joining her in the journey, but instead a group of bee knights along with soldiers, workers and a few drones that were born from the seed that came from Reina’s loins and her sacrifice. Before she left, Alma decided to take her skeleton key from Reina, giving her thanks for giving her this new body, and heading off into the world, searching for somewhere with strong ambient mana, so she can gorge herself on her human copies.
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Alma wouldn't call herself the best thief, especially after her last hit. But now she has her work cut out for her as she tries to get her life together, literally.

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Posted by TheMysteriousSadSack 2 months ago Report

some pretty cool concepts here that I really dig. Also the part about her exploding was morbidly cool.


Posted by S1nZ 2 months ago Report

Glad you liked it. I had fun writing her exploding. Was initially wanting her to have a heart attack or something, but I felt the exploding would be a lot more impactful


Posted by Brenden1k 2 months ago Report

I get a imagine of her dealing with a hostile hive suicide bomb style.


Posted by S1nZ 2 months ago Report

Or, make a peace treaty where she just feeds them all till they can't live without the taste of her flesh~


Posted by Bookie 2 months ago Report

Holy shit Alma totally won the vore prey lottery here


Posted by S1nZ 2 months ago Report

Indeed. And being a pred at the same time too~. I do wonder how it feels when you eat your own clone like that.