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Part of the Show [Vore Day 2021 Animation] By GooInABox -- Report

Oh look, it's the double number day, I guess that means I need to post something. I'm still sort of new at creating animations from scratch, so parts of this might look a little rough.

I swear I'll get chapter one of the game finished before the next vore day comes and goes.

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Posted by ThatBrassyGuy 2 months ago Report

Oooo, damn that's good.


Posted by doomed 2 months ago Report

ok but imagine the bartender eating characters like this in the game lmao


Posted by MetaKitsune 2 months ago Report

How does one do this in honey select?


Posted by GooInABox 2 months ago Report

This was all done in StudioNEO.

The main thing you need is the Timeline plugin from Joan6694:

Also on that page, I used (off the top of my head) is the NodeConstraints for the breast expansion (you can't directly scale up certain body parts but you can link them to another object such as a sphere and scale the sphere up) and the VideoExport to render the smooth 60fps animation (took about 20 minutes for 10 seconds, I think). The other plugins on that website are also useful.


Posted by Slayerhero90 2 months ago Report

Holy good goddamn, that was amazing! The stumble from the gain, holy shit that was so good!


Posted by RandomInjury 2 months ago Report

Wow! Incredible job dude!


Posted by poorfarmer 2 months ago Report

amazing o7


Posted by folomo 6 days ago Report

This is a great animation!!