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Yo it's me, Slayer. I'm a writer, occasional artist, and on-and-off Space Station 13 roleplayer.

I don't put as much oviposition as I'd like in my works.

My erotic fictions' tumblr

"Hail the blest atomic sea,
Its mouth in Oak Ridge, Tennessee
Whose lips untouched with blasphemy
Our glowing eyes attend"

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Chapter 1: Choke and Cope



was possessed of the most righteous desire to


’ sleep she ever did have.

She had been possessed of this desire for about two days now, b

Chapter 10: --,


Dues Have Yet to Be Paid


For much of the time spent tinkering with the plumbing, Koi occupied herself with just reconciling, justifying, reasoning. None of it was particularly successful. She’d fallen into a tight loop of query and assessment--

Chapter 9: Koi




squatted inside the slain Saint’s garden,


out the murderer’s bones and nibbling on a freshly-picked tomato. It tasted overwhelmingly bitter and sour but di

1: Making Ends Meet
plucked her jian from its scabbard and twirled it in her calloused,
avocado hand. Her tongue slunk from tooth to tooth and tusk to tusk,
doubtlessly intimidating all of the zero little goblin shitheads
watching her from the shadowed entrance of the limestone cave, hewn
into the hillside before her.
as her employer had indicated, the Dacese character for stolen goods
had been etched into the stone at her feet, something the
presumably-Nazhducirien thieves

4: Restless
Lharsine decided to wait until afterwards to expel Yuzu. It was a
hell of a fight, but Serro managed to successfully purge the
amazonian-sized alien from her womb. Her snatch throbbed and gaped
for a couple hours thereafter and she was practically bed-bound, but
at least she was victorious.
following days were considerably more peaceful than those prior.
Storing everything in her hyperspace belly, Lharsine brought back
enough assorted jungle fruits to stuff a

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i been wicked afflicted with writer's block and a general lack of arousal so bear with me while everything's on hold

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