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A young girl sat alone in the dark depths of the town’s sewers, her clothes ragged and body scratched up from her hunt, but she securely grasped her prize with glee as it struggled, not wanting to lose her first meal in days. It was what normal folks would call a monster and not exactly appetizing in looks, it being a spider the size of a cat, but she was too hungry to care about the meal or consequences, she began chowing down on the still living creature, pulling its legs off while being cautious of its still dangerous fangs. They crunched the carapace between her teeth, and slurped the meat as if she was eating delicious crab legs, the spider finally stopped moving as she ravenously worked on the fourth leg.
Minutes pass, and her feeding frenzy ends, the only remains of the spider are the scraps of its broken carapace as the girl relaxes, enjoying the feeling of fullness for the first time in a long while. Her peace was soon broken however, as a sudden pain assaults her body. Long, arachnid legs suddenly grew from her back, tearing more holes in her already ruined shirt, fangs growing in the roof of her mouth. Despite the girl collapsing down in pain, she grinned as new knowledge flowed into her mind as her body transformed, a way to finally pull herself out of the slums.
After a few moments of pain, the girl got up, and drew her mutations back into her body, eager to hunt for more prey.
Cassandra sat at her desk in the adventurer’s guild, her beautiful golden fluffy tails swishing about as she looked at the crowd in the main foyer. Her adorable, fox-like ears on her blonde head wiggling as she thought about recent events, especially the new rising star of the local guild.
Lia definitely roused out a ruckus when she first entered the guild. Despite her thin but attractive body, and clear lack of any muscle, she had carried back a cleanly slain Bulwark Bear, which was easily thrice her size, and a dangerous, highly defensive and territorial beast. What’s more, the beast was slain with a clean slice to the throat, and Lia curiously had no visible weapons on her person, nor any armor either. Her skills were without question, however, as she then demonstrated perfect dismantling of the creature, not a cut out of place as she broke the monster into workable ingredients. The woman was covered in blood by the end of it as she took the meat, selling the rest to the guild. It was later found that Lia had cooked all the meat, and distributed it all to those living in the slums.
Lia herself was a strange case, even ignoring her bombastic appearance in the guild. The woman was twenty years of age, or so she thinks as she has no idea when she was born. She had short black hair that she usually covers her eyes with, hiding her beautiful yellow irises. Her body was surprisingly shapely, despite her apparent years growing up in the slums. Her skillset was unknown, and refused to work with a group, completing dangerous missions alone. Her bringing back only the proof of subjugation and sometimes the meat for the people of the slums is quite alright, though questions are starting to arise about the woman’s monetary sense, as the other parts of the creatures she hunts could be sold for a sizable sum. Yet despite that, she continues to live in a rundown house within the slums, away from most common folks as she cooks up meals for the homeless.
Cassandra was more curious about Lia’s abilities however, although it is part of her job, she was also interested in the woman herself, finding her quite attractive. Her eyes wandered towards Lia’s direction as the woman looked through today’s quests, watching as Lia ignored the gathering quests, and the bandit subjugation quests. The woman predictably took a dangerous monster subjugation quest: a strange pair of monsters, a bombardier turtle and a Psyharpy, had come from a far away land, and was terrorising the local citizens. Luckily they seem to be targeting only cattle, but either one of them could destroy a whole town, and for some reason the duo are working together. They were last seen far from civilization, but their elimination was needed as a precaution, and a party of strong, experienced members was recommended.
Despite the clerk’s warnings, Lia took the quest, and left. Cassandra placed her quill back in its holder as she watched Lia leave, and informed her co-workers of her intention to tail Lia, and did just that, leaving the guild via a window to tail Lia.
Despite looking like an office clerk, Cassandra was the head information gatherer, using divination and her own skills of stealth to find information. The woman in question is a kitsune, a half fox woman. Like the rest of her race she is skilled in illusion magic but has also trained herself in stealth so she can partake in her favorite pastime of watching monsters in their natural habitat. Cassandra was actually the one who discovered the Psyharpy and Bombardier turtle combo.
She knew from personal experience of their power, having checked them out to confirm her divination, and was shot at by the turtle as the harpy ignored her stealth spells, finding her location by her brainwaves and informing its companion of the threat. Knowing about the dangers made Cassandra more concerned about Lia’s well being, as such rare beasts were rarely taught to novice adventurers, especially an even rarer combination of the two.
Cassandra continued tailing Lia to the last seen location of the duo, and Lia expertly avoiding monsters on the way, unknowingly impressing Cassandra. However, closer to the site, Lia did something weird. She began stripping, removing her simple robe and placing it in her small knapsack and hanging it in a tree.
Cassandra’s eyes widened at Lia’s arousing form, and then wider still as the woman’s body morphed before her eyes, as multiple long legs grew from her back, while her body was swiftly covered in strange black scales.
She recognised the source of the scales, the Ilusanade hunter, a small, lizard-like creature that was commonly hunted for its scales, which are used in the creation of anti-psychic equipment. Then, massive, thin wings belonging to a giant dragonfly sprouted from the woman’s back. Cassandra watched on in utter shock as the woman tested her wings a bit, before taking to the air.
When the shock wore off, Cassandra quickly took out her spy glass and searched for Lia, finding her already having engaged the Psyharpy above the walking artillery that is the bombardier turtle, grasping the half bird woman with her strange spindly legs with clearly practiced ease, gouging out one of the harpy’s eyes, taking it as the proof of subjugation, before unhinging her mouth, and gulping down the still struggling bird woman whole.
The turtle tried firing at the attacker of her companion, but with deft movements, Lia dodged the shots, countering once the harpy’s legs disappeared down her maw. Lia attacked the bombardier turtle, spewing thick webbing from her mouth that locks the singular, cannon-like growth on the turtle’s back in place, parallel to the ground. With its main weapon disabled, Lia then went down to fully immobilize the turtle in her webs before slitting the panicking turtle’s exposed throat with her claws.
Cassandra finally took a breath when the battle concluded, amazed at the skill and proficiency Lia displayed with her unique and strange powers. She also understood why Lia didn’t want to join a party, nor would she wear armor. Judging by her grand entrance to the guild, Lia could enhance her human form with the strength of the monsters, and seeing her eat the harpy like that explains why most of her quarry only had their subjugation proof submitted. She continued to watch Lia relax as she pats her massive belly, the harpy still squirming within. Deciding to just confront the woman about it, Cassandra left her hiding spot, and approached Lia, trying to be as unthreatening as possible.
As Cassandra approached Lia, however, her mind was suddenly hit with the harpy’s desperate struggles, randomly shooting off mental images of its own demise, the crushing tightness of Lia’s guts as it continued to be digested. Cassandra was undeterred but not unaffected by the mental attack however, continuing on as she waves at Lia. The images of being within a predator's stomach entices the researcher side of her, acting instead like a siren's song that made her almost want to be consumed. Lia was surprised at Cassandra’s appearance, not expected to be found by anyone but seeing her strangely friendly stance, decided to not stand, continuing to pat the struggling bulge. As Cassandra got closer, Lia rose her eyes, wondering what the adventurer guild’s clerk was doing here.
“Miss Lia, I’ve been meaning to inquire about your skills. Do not worry, what we discuss right now will be kept confidential.” Cassandra says with a smile
“How do you know it’s me? I’m barely human like this” Lia questions.
“I saw you transform, and your fight. I have never seen such proficient use of one’s abilities. And you needn’t be so defensive. Do you need help with that?” Cassandra replies, giggling as she points to Lia’s squirming belly. When Lia meekly nods, Cassandra cuddles up against her, blushing hard as she massages the squirming bulges. “So, as you might not know, I am the researcher in charge of the local adventurer's guild. I am tasked with locating dangerous monsters and putting up quests for their subjugation." Cassandra informs, chuckling as she feels Lia shiver nervously, seeing her starting to break out in a fearful sweat. "Had you tried to attack me when you first saw me, or fled, I would have put one out for you too, but for strictly your capture. With your strengths, you would be a dangerous foe… but you won't randomly slaughter innocents, right?"
"Of course not, I only eat to grow stronger. People are too weak to have any worth. But that doesn't mean I won't retaliate in self defence." Lia replies, annoyance clear in her voice as she felt Cassandra was painting her as a mindless beast caring only to satisfy their hunger.
"Just the answer I was hoping for~." Cassandra giggles in reply. "Am I at least allowed to inform the guild master of your talents? So as to better protect you should others feel that your rise in the ranks is undeserved."
"And what do you get out of it? Why did a member of the guild single me out for observation?" Lia asks defensively, confused by Cassandra’s laugh.
"You really are oblivious to the impact you made. From day one, you were already marked as a person of interest. No novice could kill a Bulwark Bear that cleanly and without injuries, not to mention lift its corpse back to town. You just seem so focused on getting on with the initiation that you didn't notice the stares. Not to mention, quest after quest, against monsters that could easily wipe out even experienced parties, and with no weapon or proper equipment to boot. If not for your tag, you could easily be mistaken for a regular civilian." Cassandra cackled, slapping the bulging belly as she felt the struggles get weaker. "I am assuming this is what happened to the rest of your hunts? And you are inflicted with insatiable gluttony, or is the consumption for something else?"
“It’s how I get stronger. I gain the powers of those I consume, learn how to use every organ as how the monsters themselves use them, and also how to morph my body to make use of such power…and before you ask, I had already tried eating humans; bandits, specifically. I couldn’t learn any spells that one bandit mage had, so I can’t take up magic casting. So you don’t have to worry about me going on a rampage; humans are of no interest to me. And I actually prefer eating monsters anyway, they taste better and fill me up more than any human would.” Lia replies, deciding to come clean with the kitsune. “I also have to eat their organs in question. I can’t gain a dragon’s stomach or fire breath if I only eat their meat, for example.”
“Ah ok. Well, that’s good to hear then. Now, can I ask about how it feels? Your body feels really nice, and it is rare to find a creature that can swallow others whole, without being at risk of being consumed oneself.” Cassandra asks.
“It f-feels… pleasant. Sure, it is monstrous like the Boa I stole the ability from... but I feel dominant against those fiends that ruin innocent lives; plus, any meat I don’t eat goes to those in need.” Lia replies. “Speaking of, I am excited to eat this turtle, it is the biggest thing I have eaten so far~.”
Cassandra giggles at her remark. “Quick question, can you control your body? Like, prevent your stomach from digesting something while digesting another…. I want to see you break down the turtle.” The foxkin asks, making Lia look at her with morbidly aroused confusion.
“Umm… maybe… If I change how my stomach works, sure… Why do you ask such a specific question..?” Lia asks as a heavy blush forms on her face.
“Because I want to see it happen, for research purposes of course.” Cassandra replies excitedly, as she continues to feel Lia’s belly, the squirming having completely stopped as the harpy finally expires within her. “So, can I crawl in you?” She asked, her tails wagging with glee as she looked at Lia with big soulful eyes.
Not expecting such assertiveness to being consumed, Lia caved in to Cassandra’s pressure.
“Alright, I’ll do it. I have a form that can do just that. Granted, I didn’t eat the monster for this specific purpose…” Lia remarked, feeling a bit embarrassed at Cassandra’s elated giggles.
Wanting to test out her new acquisitions from her latest prey, Lia ended up blushing hard like a virgin as she uses her newly acquired psychic powers to read Cassandra’s mind, finding her secretly lusting over Lia as she professionally removes the proof of subjugation from the bombardier turtle, that being part of its trademark blasting organ. She giggled to herself, wondering why the fox-kin was so enamored with the thought of being her prey, but smiled at the thought. Cassandra was the very first person she opened up to like that, coupled with the calm air the fox-kin gives off, makes Lia glad that things had turned out like this, despite how nervous it made her feel.
When her body finally and completely processed the harpy, Lia shifts her body to a vaguely human form, keeping her arachnid legs on her back to support her body. She morphs her stomach to the one belonging to a caster snail once the harpy was digested. The caster snail is a strange and horrific creature that captures other creatures that can use magic, trapping their bodies alive within them to use them as conduits for their spells and eventually frying their brains out from mana overload, keeping their brain dead bodies alive still to continue using their powers like a novice mage channeling through a spell wand. Despite that, the caster snail stomach was the only one she had that would allow her to keep someone alive within her.
However, the actual flesh of the stomach, as well as the flesh of her torso is shifted to the almost transparent flesh of the sky jelly, a creature that is considered a pest despite its size. It floats high in the sky, and consumes all that its tentacles touch, but is so fragile to attack, it can easily be brought down by a single arrow shot by an inexperienced archer. To protect her now very vulnerable belly, she covers her body in Bulwark Bear fur, fur that is tougher than iron, especially if one channels mana through it, making the fur prized for creating highly resistant armor.
Cassandra watches in awe as Lia’s body changes before her eyes, asking for permission before feeling Lia’s flesh shift, feeling the psychic resistant scales sink into human skin, before Lia’s body turns rubbery, then covered with thick fur. The more she sees, the more she wants to know, wondering what else the strange shapeshifter could do. She continues to observe as Lia stands up, and while supported by the legs on her back, goes to the dead, and somewhat carved up, bombardier turtle, opening her maw wider than anything she seen and begin engulding the turtle’s head, which is as wide as a person is tall. Lia struggles slowly with her titanic meal, but with great effort, eventually sends the massive beast into her stomach.
Cassandra, a bit disappointed she can’t see her stomach go to work because of the fur blocking her view, climbs up the massive gut, eventually getting to Lia’s content face, who looks up at her with a dazed look. “A-are you sure you want to do this?” Lia asks, trying to focus on the kitsune, and not her feet kneading her belly.
Cassandra nods, as she begins stripping for her predator. “This shouldn’t be that hard for you, right? Not after this big meal.” She teases, giggling as she notices Lia’s blushing cheeks.
“I-it’s not that… Y-you seem nice… I am a bit afraid I would lose control and hurt you… or even worse…” Lia replies, looking down at her gut, before feeling Cassandra’s hand come under her chin, lifting her head up to kiss her on the lips.
“Don’t worry about that, all you need to do is to believe in yourself. You have bodily expertise that no one else has with their body. With the skills you demonstrated, I’m sure I’ll be fine in your care.” Cassandra urges, smiling when she sees Lia nod
“O-ok… I just hope you don’t regret this…” Lia sighs, before opening her mouth.
Cassandra expected to climb right in, when suddenly a second maw shoots out of Lia’s mouth, catching Cassandra right on the mouth, feeling tendrils come from within it, wiggling down her throat as the main maw starts to envelope her body, her form stretching out the flesh and making it semi transparent. Seeing the shock in Cassandra’s face, Lia uses her psychic powers to communicate with her telepathically. “Sorry, this is how they catch others. I’m just following the safest way to consume you.”
Cassandra lets out a mental sigh, and lets it happen, feeling two of the tendrils enter her lungs while the last one goes to her stomach, likely as life support for the prey, as her body is dragged closer towards Lia’s maw. “I can’t believe I’m really doing this… getting eaten alive by her…” She thought to herself, her tails wagging excitedly and slit moist with anticipation.
She watched helplessly as the second maw dragged her into Lia’s mouth, her head entering Lia’s mouth as the second maw fully entraps her, forming a protective yet see-through cocoon around her as she is swallowed. Lia decides to savour the moment, with this being the first time she ate someone without any struggles, and them still alive. She moaned as she tasted Cassandra’s salty fur, and had a bit of fun gnawing on the foxkin’s breasts when they reached her teeth, inciting a moan from her prey.
Sadly, her fun gnawing on Cassandra would quickly come to an end, as her stomach insisted on sending her down. Lia let out a playful burp when Cassandra finally slid past her lips, feeling the woman squirm gleefully within her stomach. “L-let me know when you want to come out… Though after I digest the turtle… It will take a while..” Lia informs Cassandra as she adds a bit of bioluminescence to her stomach, so the researcher could easily see all that is happening. She more than happily accepts the terms of her stay, before thanking Lia for the lights.
Cassandra squirmed as she felt Lia’s stomach walls churn around her, sloshing digestive fluids around the fleshy chamber. She watches intently as the dead turtle before her is slowly melted down, from its cannon-touting shell to its bone marrow, into a nutritious soup that filters down into Lia’s intestines, thankful for the protective membrane surrounding her. If she was being honest, without the threat of death, being within another creature like this isn’t so bad, and was also curious how Lia would utilise her new acquisitions from the bombardier turtle.
Unfortunately for Cassandra, however, her stay within Lia was a long one, as the turtle’s sheer size forced her to take a whole week to fully digest. She was sure that if not for the strange life support that Lia hooked her up to, she would have surely died from suffocation or starvation by now. She spent most of her time a bit bored, once the awe of the scene before her fades, and ends up enjoying the warm, soft confines by masturbuating against the walls. Lia, of course, could feel all of that, and reading Cassandra’s thoughts made her blush, embarrassed that the fox-kin loves her stomach that much.
Lia also learnt a strange, but potentially extremely useful combination, as she was slowly able to learn illusion magic from Cassandra with a combination of the caster snail's entrapment and mana manipulation with the Psyharpy's mental reading powers. Meanwhile, she is keeping them both safe from would-be opportunists by coating the surroundings in webs, while also dissuading bigger monsters with mental strikes.
Cassandra let out a gasp as the tendrils that were keeping her alive suddenly disconnected from her body, retracting into the fleshy walls as the protective membrane around her just popped as Lia couldn’t figure out how to safely release Cassandra with that mutation still in place. Cassandra expected to be bathed in digestive fluids the moment it popped, but was surprised as Lia neutralised her digestive fluids with another mutation, one derived from a starvation parasite, a type of tapeworm-like creature that lives inside monsters, stopping their stomach from working as they make their host starve, forcing more food in their inactive stomach till they burst from the parasite’s new young. Certainly a thing that could have killed Lia had she not had a mutation to counter it’s devastating biology.
With Cassandra now squirming safely within her stomach, Lia started regurgitating, tasting bile and Cassandra’s accumulated love juices as the fox kin in question begins sliding out of her maw in a wet heap. “A-ahh.. T-that took me b-by surprise~. But fun~” Cassandra cooed, as she tried getting on her shaky feet, having spent a whole week without using them.
Lia sighed as she helped her. “Are you ok? I’m sorry that turtle took so long.” She apologises, slinging the foxkin’s arm over her shoulder, and blushes hard as she kisses her cheek.
“It was amazing. C-can we do that some more next time?” Cassandra coos, smiling at Lia. “Oh ya, what can you make with that turtle’s powers?”
“S-sure… I j-just hope others don’t find out… “Lia mutters in reply, not exactly against the idea of having the delicious fox-kin in her again. “And I can do this now.” She adds, holding up her free arm, shifting a miniature version of the bombardier turtle’s cannon above her wrist, and shooting it off into a tree.
Cassandra was in awe once more, and squirmed happily and weakly against Lia as she brought her towards their belongings, thankfully untouched despite the days they were not there. It takes a bit, but eventually Cassandra got herself cleaned up and her legs finally decide to work properly, with the two making their way back to the town to inform them that the threat has been eliminated.
Cassandra of course, told the guild master what happened… though leaving out the parts of her in-depth analysis of the new adventurer. Her mind continues to swim with thoughts of improving her new companion’s abilities… wondering what the future has in store for them both.
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Cassandra have been curious about the latest rising star of the adventurer guild, but she finds out a lot more than she expected when she tails her on her latest, most dangerous hunt.

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