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Sebille 1/2 By JackHereTheRealOne -- Report

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Somethin I made for a story made a while ago by big chief  pactborn I commission. When available, I recommend you do too.
“Take no pause here you ungrateful pointy-eared freak, I will find a way out of here before your, guhh, your acids even lay a scratch on me! Then you’ll have no meal OR information on your former master!” He shouted whilst delivering a bevy of precise and hard kicks that he had worked on ever since he had been marooned on this island. “I won’t go down without a fight you great lummox, so unless you want to risk the worst indigestion of your life, spit me up now or suffer the consequences!” But Sebille, hefting her gut with her hands beneath its creaking weight, simply pushed out a wet and ornery GGUUUUUUUUUUUARRPPPPPP! This got the liquids inside fizzling even more against the Lizard’s body- fiiizrrrlllee…

“You can bitch and kick, and whine all you want Red- currently you’re just my lunch.” Sebille sighed with delight when the occasional lashing spray of water would cool down her tired body. It had been a long morning tracking this asshole down, learning about his weaknesses and personality until finally, she felt sated albeit a bit bloated. “Think of it this way cur: You no longer have to worry about your kingdom or great standing.” This got an irritated pause from her meal while the elf simply smacked her gut to hear it gUURurgrgrgrgllle around his body intimidatingly.

“Repeat yourself. This instance.” Red growled. Though he wasn’t as magically proficient as some of the Sourcerers on this island, he still had the fiery breath inherent to his draconic heritage. “You had best silence yourself or else I’ll-” He was cut off by a particularly rowdy rumble of the gastric walls, squeezing him in a tight clench while exuding fresh stinging acids over his body: buuuorrbble . “Gahhh! And stop with that intrusion of my form, I know you can control your innards- all of you foul wretches show quite the proficiency for such stomach-turning tricks!” Sebille smirked and laid back, letting her massive gut bob around in the air, its apex hanging neatly over the edge of the rock as to allow the cooling waters to lap at it without interruption.
Parts of the image may not be true to the story (like how she should be sitting on a rock, but I kinda forgot...Anyway, if you want to read the whole thing, check it all out here >
============================ Come on down. I don't know what i'm doing with this thing yet, and I had it for a few years now. Fun times assured probably.

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