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Sebille 2/2 By JackHereTheRealOne -- Report

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And here is the follow-up
“Haha, you weak spineless Lizard! She pushed right into the centre of the gut where it felt the most bloated until the massive gas bubble rose up her throat to explode out in an echoey GRURUUUUUUARR-mmMMRMRRMRRRPPPPPPPP! The two-tiered belch horked up a single saliva and acid-soaked scale that bounced off the rocks before skidding into the blue ocean. The Red Prince was not the same man he was a while ago- little more than a sloshy stew contained inside the much rounder gut. While before it spanned across the entirety of Sebille’s legs while she was sat down, it had become the size of a pigskin beach ball while still maintaining its noisy and gargling exterior- bloorsshhh - GuuuoORORGGggggle… She sighed and felt her body already enhanced by quite a bit. Her breasts had begun to swell and her bra felt tight around her heaving breasts.

“This’ll make it harder for me to sneak around…” She grumbled, the Red Prince having his posthumous revenge. If he was still whole and able to move, he’d no doubt be chuckling at the elf’s misfortune but for now he was still heading through her intestines to be absorbed and eventually forgotten about. Grroooowowwowllll… Sebille looked down at her own stomach in astonishment. “I’m not already hungry again am I?” She asked in disbelief at the non-answering potbelly, giving it an authoritative poke and feeling the Prince slosh around in her innards for her trouble: BLuurruuRROOOooppp… “As much as I hate those inbred dragon bastards, they sure taste nice. Didn’t he mention a Stingtail a while ago? A Dreamer…” Her mouth began to water and she hefted her new weight up from her position on the rock- sporting a rounder ass from the continued digestion of her filling meal. “I bet they taste even nicer- all those trippy oranges they eat have to rub off on them eventually right?” She asked rhetorically. Giving her once streamlined body a good old stretch, the vengeful assassin groped over her new bodily additions and sighed. “Fine, fine, I’ll fill up this gut again…”
There is a whole second half of the story that has not art (yet). So check it out on over yandere >

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JackHereTheRealOne: I might look fly, but I want to die (⌐■_■)


Posted by BoobsButtBelly 1 month ago Report

Ooh, nice. Any chance of the second half of the story getting art at some point?

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